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rasdaemon- RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: rasdaemon Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Sep 1 21:41:46 2021
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 320232 Source RPM: rasdaemon-
Summary: Utility to receive RAS error tracings
rasdaemon is a RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) logging tool.
It currently records memory errors, using the EDAC tracing events.
EDAC is drivers in the Linux kernel that handle detection of ECC errors
from memory controllers for most chipsets on i386 and x86_64 architectures.
EDAC drivers for other architectures like arm also exists.
This userspace component consists of an init script which makes sure
EDAC drivers and DIMM labels are loaded at system startup, as well as
an utility for reporting current error counts from the EDAC sysfs files.






* Tue Aug 31 2021
  - Update to version
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro X11SCW
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro X10DRL, X11SPM
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro X11SCA(-F)
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro B1DRi
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro X11DDW-NT(-L)
    * labels/supermicro: added Supermicro X10DRI(-T)
    * labels/supermicro: supermicro db syntax
    * labels/supermicro: added x11dph-i labels
    * rasdaemon: Support MCE for AMD CPU family 19h
    * rasdaemon: Enumerate memory on noncpu nodes
    * rasdaemon: set SMCA maximum number of banks to 64
    * rasdaemon: Add new SMCA bank types with error decoding
    * fix SYSCONFDEFDIR default value
    * Add error handling for Ampere-specific errors.
  - Make git hash in version better visable .git+<githash>
* Wed Aug 11 2021 Thomas Renninger <>
  - Use %{?systemd_ordering} instead of %{?systemd_requires}
* Fri Jul 09 2021
  - Enable ppc64le build
  - Enhance _service magic
  - Update to version
    * Add support for multi-arch builds
    * don't install _sharedstatedir
    * rasdaemon: Add Ice Lake and Sapphire Rapids MSCOD values
    * rasdaemon: fix build error in register_ns_ev_decoder if the sqlite3 is not enabled
    * rasdaemon: Modify for Hisilicon Kunpeng errors
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Add support for HiSilicon Kunpeng9xx common errors
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Add support for HiSilicon Kunpeng920 errors
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Add support for the vendor-specific errors
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Add memory failure events
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Modify ARM processor error summary log
    * rasdaemon: add support for memory_failure events
    * ras-record: Create RASSTATEDIR at runtime instead of install time
    * add labels for A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F
    * Added label for ASUS PRIME X570-PRO
    * Add code to decode Ampere specific error
    * rasdaemon: fix memory leak in parse_ras_data
    * Fix ras-mc-ctl script.
    * add Supermicro X10SRA-F and H8DGU.
    * ras-page-isolation: page which is PAGE_OFFLINE_FAILED can be offlined again
    * ras-page-isolation: do_page_offline always considers page offline was successful
    * Fix problem from make dist-rpm
    * rasdaemon: Add 8 channel decoding for SMCA systems
    * rasdaemon: Fix error print
    * Create SYSCONFDEFDIR configure parameter
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: Add ARM processor error information
    * rasdaemon: add support for hisilicon common section decoder
    * rasdaemon: Add error decoding for new SMCA Load Store bank type
    * rasdaemon: Fix "ignoring return value" build warning.
    * Match rankX in ras-mc-ctl
    * added label for A2SDi-8C-HLN4F
    * ras-mc-ctl: PCIe AER: display PCIe dev name
    * rasdaemon: add support for memory Corrected Error predictive failure analysis
    * rasdaemon: add rbtree support for page record
    * rasdaemon: fix the issue that non standard decoder can't work in pthread way
    * rasdaemon: add support of l3tag and l3data in hip08 OEM format2
* Wed Apr 29 2020 Thomas Renninger <>
  - Let squlite create devlink_event and other tables via configure option
    bsc#1170016, bsc#1170014
* Thu Feb 06 2020
  - Update to version 0.6.5+git20200205.3dca35f
  - bsc#1162524
    Mainline commits:
    which are required for bsc#1162524:
    rasdaemon update with support for AMD scalable MCA and cnamburu-naples-support
* Thu Aug 23 2018
  - Update to version 0.6.2:
    * Bump to version 0.6.2
    * INSTALL: update it from auto-generated data
    * ChangeLog: Reorder to place new stuff at the beginning
    * rasdaemon: ras-mc-ctl: add option to show error counts
    * mce-amd-k8: be sure to not go past error_msg buffer
    * ras-report: avoid copying after addr.sun_path
    * mce-intel-*: fix a warning when using FIELD(<num>, NULL)
    * rasdaemon: use separate string array for error status
    * rasdaemon: fix PCIe AER error type
* Fri Jun 15 2018
  - Update to version 0.6.1:
    * Bump version to 0.6.1
    * rasdaemon: Update DIMM labels for 2-socket servers
    * rasdaemon: Add Skylake Xeon MSCOD values
    * rasdaemon: ARM: fully initialize ras_arm_event
    * Update my email
    * mce-intel-p4-p6: prevent build errors with -Werror=format-security
* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - Enabled arm and non-standard.
    [bsc#1086520, FATE#323658]
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Do not require dmidecode on s390x and ppc64le, it does not
    exist there!
* Tue Nov 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.6.0:
    * rasdaemon: Update DIMM labels for Intel Skylake servers
    * rasdaemon:add support for non-standard error decoder
    * rasdaemon:add support for Hisilicon non-standard error decoder
    * show if Hisilicon error report are enabled
    * rasdaemon: add support for ARM events
    * display if ARM error report is enabled
    * rasdaemon: update bugs report information
    * Makefile: add new rasdaemon headers
    * rasdaemon.spec: add other --enable options
    * Bump to version 0.6.0



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