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pv-1.6.6-2.4 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: pv Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.6.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.4 Build date: Fri May 28 04:48:21 2021
Group: System/Base Build host: armbuild21
Size: 109099 Source RPM: pv-1.6.6-2.4.src.rpm
Summary: PipeViewer - Monitor the Progress of Data through Pipes
PV ("Pipe Viewer") is a tool for monitoring the progress of data through a
pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes
to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long
it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it
will be until completion.






* Tue Sep 08 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim old specfile constructs.
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.6
    * Fix target buffer size (-B) being ignored
    * Cap read/write sizes, and check elapsed time during read/write
      cycle to avoid display hangs with large buffers or slow media.
    * Report error in "-d" if process fd directory is unreadable, or
      if process disappears before we start the main loop.
* Fri Mar 27 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 1.6.0
    * new option "-D" / "--delay-start" to only show bar after
    N seconds
    * new option "--fineta" / "-I" to show ETA as time of day rather
    than time remaining
    * change ETA (--eta / -e) so that days are given if the hours
    remaining are 24 or more
    * repeat read and write attempts on partial buffer fill/empty to
    work around post-signal transfer rate drop
    * output errors on a new line to avoid overwriting transfer bar
* Mon Dec 08 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 1.5.7
    * show KiB instead of incorrect kiB
    * work around awk bug in tests/016-numeric-timer in decimal ","
* Mon May 05 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 1.5.3
    * Added new display options --buffer-percent, --last-written
    * New transfer option --no-splice
    * New option --watchfd to monitor file descriptor status of another
    process, rather than moving data from stdin to stdout.
* Mon Aug 12 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 1.4.12
    * A fix for splice() not using stdin was implemented
    * A new -0/--null option has been added to count NUL-terminated
* Wed Jun 05 2013
  - Add explicit BuildRequires for usleep
* Fri Jan 25 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 1.4.6
    * updated manual page to show known problem with "-R" on Cygwin
    * added patch from Pawel Piatek to omit O_NOFOLLOW in AIX
* Mon Dec 24 2012
  - Update to new upstream release 1.4.4
    * fix crash when progress is displayed with too-small terminal
    * new option --skip-errors
    * new option --stop-at-size to stop after --size bytes
    * autodetermine size if stdout is a block device
    * fix a use-after-free bug
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - Update to new upstream release 1.3.9
    * new --pidfile option to save process ID to a file
    * integrated patch for --numeric with --timer and --bytes
    * removed signalling from --remote to prevent accidental process kills
    * new --format option and allow --format parameters to be sent
    with --remote



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