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psqlODBC-13.01.0000-1.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: psqlODBC Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 13.01.0000 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Thu Jan 13 01:40:47 2022
Group: Productivity/Databases/Clients Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 1317581 Source RPM: psqlODBC-13.01.0000-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL
This package contains the ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) driver and
sample configuration files needed for applications to access a
PostgreSQL database using ODBC.






* Wed Jun 30 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 13.01.0000:
    * Fix a bug of CC_send_query_append() when the
      ignore_roundtrip_time flag is on.
    * Add a call for SQLDescribeCol() before SQLExecute() to prepare-test.
    * The diff of the result was reported by Mangold Fabian and will be
      fixed in the later commit.
    * Add a *update returning* test case to insertreturning regression test.
    * The diff of the result was reported by Patrick Cheung and will be
      fixed in the later commit.
    * Let SQLDescribeCol() use parsed result when the current executed
      result is NULL.
    * This change fixes the diff of prepare-test regression test reported
      by Mangold Fabian.
    * Let SQLExecute() destroy the old result first.
    * This change fixes the diff of insertreturning-test regression test
      reported by Patrick Cheung.
    * Forget to apply disable_convert_func flag to VARCHAR and LONGVARCHAR.
    * Prioritize DISABLE_KEEPALIVE checkbox over the disable_keepalive
      bit of ExtraOptions.
    * Format check for ExtraOptions of setup dialog.
* Wed Jun 30 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 13.00.0000:
    * Add support for CONVERT scalar function.
    * Cope with the case that openssl libraries link msvc runtimes
      other than libraries which psqlodbc or libpq links.
    * Call AC_CHECK_SIZEOF() or AC_CHECK_TYPES() macros at earlier
      stage where LIBS variable isn't set yet.
    * These macros compile and run some programs. On some platforms
      (with some linker options like --no-as-needed in Lnux Gnu linker)
      the programs try to link libraries specified by LIBS variable
      at run time. There are some cases that the programs fail due
      to missing library which is actually not needed and
      AC_CHECK_SIZEOF() returns 0.
    * Fix a compilation error with GCC 10 due to conflicting
      variable names.
    * Patch by Paul Wise.
    * Remove curr_param_result property of StatementClass and
      separate parsed result from the exec result.
    * Add support for development with VC16(Visual Studio 2019).
    * MSToolsVersion parameter of BuildAll.ps1 and of regress.ps1
      are deprecated.
    * Hold the first and last result for parametrized SQL statements
      with array of parameters.
    * This would improve the performance of bulk inserts/updates etc.
    * Revise the handling of QResultClass list.
    * Introduce macros QR_concat(), QR_detach() and QR_next().
    * Correct the handling of SQL_ROW_ERROR and SQL_ROW_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.
    * Remove the single table restriction in SC_set_SS_columnkey.
    * Improve error reporting about SC_pos_reload_needed().
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 12.02.0000:
    * Add a new *Display Optional Error Message* option.
      This option allows to display error messages other than primary
      one. Also add documentaition about the option and
    * Numeric as* option.
    * Handle notice messages in libpq_bind_and_exec().
      Sets and resets a notify receiver around PQexecParams() or
    * Ignore PQtransactionStatus PQTRANS_ACTIVE in
      LIBPQ_update_transaction_status(). PQTRANS_ACTIVE isn't a
      transaction status.
    * Improve execution of parameterized SQL statements with arrays
      of parameters by sending chunks of SQL statements.
      If SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE of an statement is
      SQL_CONCUR_READ_ONLY and extended protocol isn't used, the
      batch execution of the statement is possible. A new option
      Batch Size was introduced for such cases.
      Batch Size: Split an array (of parameters) into chunks of
      Batch Size to execute statements. The last chunk may contain
      less than Batch Size elements. Setting 1 to this option forces
      the current one by one execution.
      Also turn off use_server_side_prepare option temporarily when
      batch executuion is possible.
    * Change SC_execute() so that it returns a return code which is
      not affetced by the preceding results. It's necessary for
      batch execution with arrays of parameters.
    * Add a new option IgnoreTimeout.
    * Some tools issue issue SQLSetStmtAttr(.., SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT,,)
      internally and sometimes it's difficult for users to change the
      timeout value. You can disable the timeout by turning on this option.
    * An improvement for psqlodbc developpers.
      Make it possible to call some shell scripts from other directories.
  - Update psqlODBC-internal.patch
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to 12.01.0000:
    * Fix result-conversions regression test.
      + Remove tests for abstime type because the type was removed
      in PG12.
      + Update results for PG12's new floating point output format.
    * Fix the bug that causes Error : A parameter cannot be found
      that matches parameter name´┐Żene'.
      + Check BuildResult(the result of drivers build) before
      building installers.
      + Enclose the command part * Find_VSDir $vc_ver * with
      parentheses so that the subsequent * -ne "" * isn't
      considered to be a parameter.
    * Cope with the removal of pg_class.relhasoids in PG12 correctly
      when retrieving updatable cursors.
  - Changes in 12.00.0000:
    * Fix the bug that SQLGetDescField() for Field SQL_DESC_COUNT
      returns SQLINTEGER value which should be of type SQLSMALLINT.
    * SQLGetTypeInfo() filters SQL_TYPE_DATE, SQL_TYPE_TIME and
      SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP for ODBC 2.x applications.
    * Added support for scalar functions TIMESTAMPADD(),
      TIMESTAMPDIFF() and EXTRACT() functions.
    * The macro IS_NOT_SPACE() is used for not pointers but integers.
    * Fix a crash bug when SQLProcedureColumns() handles
      satisfies_hash_partition(). The proargmodes column of
      satisfies_hash_partition()'s pg_proc entry is not null but the
      proallargtypes column is null.
* Mon May 27 2019
  - Cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - Update to 11.01.0000:
    * Correct the rgbInfoValue returned by
    * Because the field 'relhasoids' was dropped in PG12, psqlodbc
      drivers would have some troubles with PG12 servers.
    * Register drivers {PostgreSQL ANSI} and {PostgreSQL Unicode}
      during installation on 64bit Windows so that users could use
    the same connection strings in both x86 and x64 environments.
    * Correct the rgbInfoValue returned b
    * Fix a typo in SQLForeignKeys-ResultSet-Column. 'deferrablity'
      should be 'DEFERRABILITY'.
    * Correct the rgbInfoValue returned by
    * Bug fix: don't forget to set parameter numbers while handling
      escaped ODBC functions.
    * ix test_connection() in setup.c so that settings of
      conn_settings and pqopt option are reflected properly.
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - Update to version 11.00.0000:
    * Remove obsolete maps pointed out.
    * Remove connSettings option and/or pqopt option from the
      OutConnectionString parameter of SQLDriverConnect() when each
      option doesn't exist in InConnectionString parameter.
    * The parameters should be cast because parameters of concat()
      function are variadic "any".
    * Add an alias DX of *Database* keyword for connection strings
      to aviod the use of "database" keyword which has a special
      meaning in some apps or middlewares.
    * numeric items without precision are unlimited and there's no
      natural map between SQL Data types.
      Add an option *Numeric(without precision) as*
    * Fix a bug that SQLSpecialColumns() returns oid/xmin
      incorrectly when a table does not exist.
  - Fix build with PostgreSQL 11 that does not have pg_config in the
    regular devel package anymore (psqlODBC-internal.patch,
  - Avoid self-obsoletion.
* Wed May 23 2018
  - Update to version 10.03.0000:
    * Put back the handling of lock_CC_for_rb variable. The variable lock_CC_for_rb should be held per connection.
    * Fix SQLGetTypeInfo() so that it filters SQL_TYPE_DATE, SQL_TYPE_TIME or SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP for ODBC 2.x applications.
    * Revise ConfigDSN() so that it handles the 4th parameter(lpszAttribues) correctly.
    * Fix a crash bug when handling error messages. Also modified some error messages.
    * Let SQLTables() or SQLTablePrivileges() show partition tables.
    * Fix build on Solaris defined(__SUNPRO_C) using Solaris Studio
    * Reduce DB access to pg_class or pg_index by caching relhasoids, relhassubclass etc. It would improve the performance of SQLSetPos() or SQLBulkOperations() very much in some cases.
* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - Update to version 10.02.0000:
    * It's safer to call setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "") than calling setlocale(LC_ALL, "")
    * Avoid replacing effective notice messages.
    * Handle MALLOC/REALLOC errors while fetching tuples more effectively.
    * Make SQLSetPos(SQL_DELETE/SQL_REFRESH) more effective. Because queries calling currtid(2) like
      select .. from .. where ctid=currtid2(.., ..) cause Seq Scan, their execution may be very slow.
      It is better to execute queries using subqueries like
    select .. from .. where ctid=(select currtid2(.., ..)) because they cause Tid Scan.
    * Fix a crash bug in AddDeleted().
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - bsc#1062860 / fate#324501: For adding packaging to SLE15
  - Update to version 10.01.0000:
    * Review the handling of @@IDENTITY when a column's default is nextval(a_sequence) but the column isn't a serial. Unfortunately the function pg_get_serial_sequence() doesn't work for sequences which aren't serial type.
    * Add add an option -NoPDB to buildInstallers.ps1. The switch option can be specified so as to exclude PDB files from the installers.
    * Fix a bug in pgdebug_realloc().
    * Free any data at exec params before the statement is executed again or the next set of parameters is processed. If not, then there will be a memory leak when the next SQLParamData/SQLPutData is called.
    * Review the level of MYLOG, QLOG. Divide *level 1(detail)* log into *level 1(tuple level)* log and *level 2(detail)* log.
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - Update to version 10.00.0000:
    * Fix multibyte handling of ansi driver.
    * Handle PG 10 identity columns.
    * For PG10 servers, we will never see "unknown" output columns.
    * Improve @@identty handling.
      Use multibyte-aware eatTableIdentifiers() instead of next_name_token().
      Use identifierEscape() to escape single quotes or double quotes.
    * PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE instead of printf in __attribute__((format(printf, .., ..))) function attribute.
    * Review the use of encoded_nextchar().
      Remove variables which work in conjunction with encstr(encoded_str) so as to avoid misleadingness.
    * Use pg_get_serial_sequence() to get serial sequence of identity columns or serial columns.
      pg_get_serial_sequence() for identity columns became available in PG 10.
    * Preparation for development with VC15(VS 2017).
    * Fix the bug that 'create table T_$001 (\81c)' fails when useServerSidePrepare is turned on.
    Changes from 09.06.0500:
    * Fix a segfault on ResolveOneParam() function while executing a query after
      calling SQLSetStmtAttr(.., SQL_ATTR_APP_PARAM_DESC, an_ARD_for_another_statement, ..).
    * Fix a linkage error when doing installcheck for test/win.mak.
    * Fix a bug when fetching bytea field to SQL_C_BINALY data. It's bad to double count of bytes.
    * Handle '$'s in identifiers correctly. Also take multibyte characters into account in identifiers.
    * Reduce the use of snprintfcat(or SPRINTFCAT_FIXED macro) as much as possible.
      Instead use PQExpBuffer library without having to worry about buffer length.
    * Use macro MYLOG instead of function mylog in preparation for later changes and unify mylog().
    * Implement myprintf() which prints logs according to printf format and make logs a little easier
      to read using the macro MYPRINTF() which calls myprintf().
    * Introduce token control while parsing. Detect *select .. into* or *select ... for update*
      and suppress *declare .. cursor for* clause in declare/fetch mode using the mechanism.
    * Add __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__ to MYLOG.
    * Fix an parameter unmatch error which would cause a crash.
    * Removed some qlogs, changed some qlogs to MYLOG and added some qlogs.
    * Move the implemetation of GetExeName() from psqlodbc.c(psqlsetup.c) to mylog.c.
    * Remove the GssAuthUseGssapi option completely.
    * Fix bug that calls strdup() for NULL pointers.
    * Detect fast shutdown while connecting.
    * Put back the behavior when conversion errors from the current locale to SQLWCHAR occur.
    Simply returns zero length string instead of erroring out.
    * Add level parameter to Commlog/Mylog option of setup program.
    * Add __attribute__((format(printf,3,4))) to the declaration of snprintfcat().
    * Allow PROCCALL in ReadOnly mode.
    Changes from 09.06.0410:
    * Fix buffer truncations. The truncations occured when concatenating 'RELEASE xxxx...;' and 'SAVEPOINT xxxx....'.
    * Correct the behavior of snprintfcat() on Windows using posix_vsnprintf() instead of _vsnprintf().
    * Handle StrLen_or_IndPtr argument of SQLBindParameter() properly when
      StrLen_or_IndPtr doesn't point to SQL_NTS and conversions between SQLWCHAR and SQLCHAR occur.
    * Make quote_table() and ti_quote() thread safe.This change fixes "relation does not exist".
  - Remove psqlodbc-build.patch: don't see why this is needed.
    No mention of why it was added anywhere.



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