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protobuf-java-3.17.3-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: protobuf-java Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.17.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Mon Aug 2 16:21:33 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/Java Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 1131635 Source RPM: protobuf-3.17.3-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Java Bindings for Google Protocol Buffers
This package contains the Java bindings for Google Protocol Buffers.






* Wed Jul 28 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Remove two build requires that are not needed
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 3.17.3:
    * Introduce FieldAccessListener.
    * Stop emitting boilerplate {Copy/Merge}From in each ProtoBuf class
    * Provide stable versions of SortAndUnique().
    * Make sure to cache proto3 optional message fields when they are cleared.
    * Expose UnsafeArena methods to Reflection.
    * Use std::string::empty() rather than std::string::size() > 0.
    * [Protoc] C++ Resolved an issue where NO_DESTROY and CONSTINIT are in incorrect order (#8296)
    * Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#8323)
    * Delete StringPiecePod (#8353)
    * Create a CMake option to control whether or not RTTI is enabled (#8347)
    * Make util::Status more similar to absl::Status (#8405)
    * The ::pb namespace is no longer exposed due to conflicts.
    * Allow MessageDifferencer::TreatAsSet() (and friends) to override previous
    calls instead of crashing.
    * Reduce the size of generated proto headers for protos with string or
    bytes fields.
    * Move arena() operation on uncommon path to out-of-line routine
    * For iterator-pair function parameter types, take both iterators by value.
    * Code-space savings and perhaps some modest performance improvements in
    * RepeatedPtrField.
    * Eliminate nullptr check from every tag parse.
    * Remove unused _$name$cached_byte_size fields.
    * Serialize extension ranges together when not broken by a proto field in the
    * Do out-of-line allocation and deallocation of string object in ArenaString.
    * Streamline ParseContext::ParseMessage to avoid code bloat and improve
    * New member functions RepeatedField::Assign, RepeatedPtrField::{Add, Assign}.
    on an error path.
    * util::DefaultFieldComparator will be final in a future version of protobuf.
    * Subclasses should inherit from SimpleFieldComparator instead.
    * Introduce support for Kotlin protos (#8272)
    * Restrict extension setter and getter operators to non-nullable T.
    * Fixed parser to check that we are at a proper limit when a sub-message has
    finished parsing.
    * updating GSON and Guava to more recent versions (#8524)
    * Reduce the time spent evaluating isExtensionNumber by storing the extension
    ranges in a TreeMap for faster queries. This is particularly relevant for
    protos which define a large number of extension ranges, for example when
    each tag is defined as an extension.
    * Fix java bytecode estimation logic for optional fields.
    * Optimize Descriptor.isExtensionNumber.
    * deps: update JUnit and Truth (#8319)
    * Detect invalid overflow of byteLimit and return InvalidProtocolBufferException as documented.
    * Exceptions thrown while reading from an InputStream in parseFrom are now
    included as causes.
    * Support potentially more efficient proto parsing from RopeByteStrings.
    * Clarify runtime of ByteString.Output.toStringBuffer().
    * Added UnsafeByteOperations to protobuf-lite (#8426)
    * Add MethodDescriptor.CopyToProto() (#8327)
    * Remove unused python_protobuf.{cc,h} (#8513)
    * Start publishing python aarch64 manylinux wheels normally (#8530)
    * Fix constness issue detected by MSVC standard conforming mode (#8568)
    * Make JSON parsing match C++ and Java when multiple fields from the same
    oneof are present and all but one is null.
    * Fix some constness / char literal issues being found by MSVC standard conforming mode (#8344)
    * Switch on "new" buffer API (#8339)
    * Enable crosscompiling aarch64 python wheels under dockcross manylinux docker image (#8280)
    * Fixed a bug in text format where a trailing colon was printed for repeated field.
    * When TextFormat encounters a duplicate message map key, replace the current
    one instead of merging.
    * Add support for proto3 json_name in compiler and field definitions (#8356)
    * Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects. (#8461)
    * Fix source gem compilation (#8471)
    * Fix various exceptions in Ruby on 64-bit Windows (#8563)
    * Fix crash when calculating Message hash values on 64-bit Windows (#8565)
    * Support M1 (#8557)
* Sun Apr 18 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - Update to 3.15.8:
    - Fixed memory leak of Ruby arena objects (#8461)
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.15.7:
    * Remove the ::pb namespace (alias) (#8423)
    * Fix unbounded memory growth for Ruby <2.7 (#8429)
    * Fixed message equality in cases where the message type is different (#8434)
* Thu Mar 25 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Can't assume non-existence of python38 macros in Leap.
    Test for suse_version instead. Only Tumbleweed has and needs the
    python_subpackage_only support.
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.15.6:
    * Fixed bug in string comparison logic (#8386)
    * Fixed quadratic memory use in array append (#8379)
    * Fixed SEGV when users pass nil messages (#8363)
    * Fixed quadratic memory usage when appending to arrays (#8364)
    * Ruby <2.7 now uses WeakMap too, which prevents memory leaks. (#8341)
    * Fix for FieldDescriptor.get(msg) (#8330)
    * Bugfix for Message.[] for repeated or map fields (#8313)
    * read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#8362)
    Protocol Compiler
    * Optional fields for proto3 are enabled by default, and no longer require
      the --experimental_allow_proto3_optional flag.
    * Do not disable RTTI by default in the CMake build (#8377)
    * Create a CMake option to control whether or not RTTI is enabled (#8361)
    * Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#8323)
    * MessageDifferencer: fixed bug when using custom ignore with multiple
      unknown fields
    * Use init_seg in MSVC to push initialization to an earlier phase.
    * Runtime no longer triggers -Wsign-compare warnings.
    * Fixed -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare warning.
    * DynamicCastToGenerated works for nullptr input for even if RTTI is disabled
    * Arena is refactored and optimized.
    * Clarified/specified that the exact value of Arena::SpaceAllocated() is an
      implementation detail users must not rely on. It should not be used in
      unit tests.
    * Change the signature of Any::PackFrom() to return false on error.
    * Add fast reflection getter API for strings.
    * Constant initialize the global message instances
    * Avoid potential for missed wakeup in UnknownFieldSet
    * Now Proto3 Oneof fields have "has" methods for checking their presence in
    * Bugfix for NVCC
    * Return early in _InternalSerialize for empty maps.
    * Adding functionality for outputting map key values in proto path logging
      output (does not affect comparison logic) and stop printing 'value' in the
      path. The modified print functionality is in the
    * Fixed
    * Ensure that null char symbol, package and file names do not result in a
    * Constant initialize the global message instances
    * Pretty print 'max' instead of numeric values in reserved ranges.
    * Removed remaining instances of std::is_pod, which is deprecated in C++20.
    * Changes to reduce code size for unknown field handling by making uncommon
      cases out of line.
    * Fix std::is_pod deprecated in C++20 (#7180)
    * Fix some -Wunused-parameter warnings (#8053)
    * Fix detecting file as directory on zOS issue #8051 (#8052)
    * Don't include sys/param.h for _BYTE_ORDER (#8106)
    * remove CMAKE_THREAD_LIBS_INIT from pkgconfig CFLAGS (#8154)
    * Fix TextFormatMapTest.DynamicMessage issue#5136 (#8159)
    * Fix for compiler warning issue#8145 (#8160)
    * fix: support deprecated enums for GCC < 6 (#8164)
    * Fix some warning when compiling with Visual Studio 2019 on x64 target (#8125)
    * Provided an override for the reverse() method that will reverse the internal
      collection directly instead of using the other methods of the BaseContainer.
    * MessageFactory.CreateProtoype can be overridden to customize class creation.
    * Fix PyUnknownFields memory leak (#7928)
    * Add macOS big sur compatibility (#8126)
    * Generate `getDescriptor` methods with `*` as their `this` type.
    * Enforce `let/const` for generated messages.
    * js/binary/utils.js: Fix jspb.utils.joinUnsignedDecimalString to work with
      negative bitsLow and low but non-zero bitsHigh parameter. (#8170)
    * Added support for PHP 8. (#8105)
    * unregister INI entries and fix invalid read on shutdown (#8042)
    * Fix PhpDoc comments for message accessors to include "|null". (#8136)
    * fix: convert native PHP floats to single precision (#8187)
    * Fixed PHP to support field numbers >=2**28. (#8235)
    * feat: add support for deprecated fields to PHP compiler (#8223)
    * Protect against stack overflow if the user derives from Message. (#8248)
    * Fixed clone for Message, RepeatedField, and MapField. (#8245)
    * Updated upb to allow nonzero offset minutes in JSON timestamps. (#8258)
    * Added support for Ruby 3. (#8184)
    * Rewrote the data storage layer to be based on upb_msg objects from the
      upb library. This should lead to much better parsing performance,
      particularly for large messages. (#8184).
    * Fill out JRuby support (#7923)
    * [Ruby] Fix: (SIGSEGV) gRPC-Ruby issue on Windows. memory alloc infinite
      recursion/run out of memory (#8195)
    * Fix jruby support to handle messages nested more than 1 level deep (#8194)
    * Avoid possible UnsupportedOperationException when using CodedInputSteam
      with a direct ByteBuffer.
    * Make Durations.comparator() and Timestamps.comparator() Serializable.
    * Add more detailed error information for dynamic message field type
      validation failure
    * Removed declarations of functions declared in java_names.h from
    * Now Proto3 Oneof fields have "has" methods for checking their presence in
    * Annotates Java proto generated *_FIELD_NUMBER constants.
    * Add -assumevalues to remove JvmMemoryAccessor on Android.
    * Fix parsing negative Int32Value that crosses segment boundary (#8035)
    * Change ByteString to use memory and support unsafe create without copy (#7645)
    * Optimize MapField serialization by removing MessageAdapter (#8143)
    * Allow FileDescriptors to be parsed with extension registries (#8220)
    * Optimize writing small strings (#8149)
* Sun Nov 22 2020 John Vandenberg <>
  - Updated URL to
  - Update to v3.14.0
    Protocol Compiler
    * The proto compiler no longer requires a .proto filename when it is not
      generating code.
    * Added flag `--deterministic_output` to `protoc --encode=...`.
    * Fixed deadlock when using google.protobuf.Any embedded in aggregate options.
    * Arenas are now unconditionally enabled. cc_enable_arenas no longer has
      any effect.
    * Removed inlined string support, which is incompatible with arenas.
    * Fix a memory corruption bug in reflection when mixing optional and
      non-optional fields.
    * Make SpaceUsed() calculation more thorough for map fields.
    * Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown field values.
    * FieldPath::FollowAll() now returns a bool to signal if an out-of-bounds
      error was encountered.
    * Performance improvements for Map.
    * Minor formatting fix when dumping a descriptor to .proto format with
    * UBSAN fix in RepeatedField
    * When running under ASAN, skip a test that makes huge allocations.
    * Fixed a crash that could happen when creating more than 256 extensions in
      a single message.
    * Fix a crash in BuildFile when passing in invalid descriptor proto.
    * Parser security fix when operating with CodedInputStream.
    * Warn against the use of AllowUnknownExtension.
    * Migrated to C++11 for-range loops instead of index-based loops where
      possible. This fixes a lot of warnings when compiling with -Wsign-compare.
    * Fix segment fault for proto3 optional
    * Adds a CMake option to build `libprotoc` separately
    * Bugfix in mergeFrom() when a oneof has multiple message fields.
    * Fix returning -1 when told to read
      0 bytes when not at EOF.
    * Redefine remove(Object) on primitive repeated field Lists to avoid
    * Support "\u" escapes in textformat string literals.
    * Trailing empty spaces are no longer ignored for FieldMask.
    * Fix FieldMaskUtil.subtract to recursively remove mask.
    * Mark enums with `@java.lang.Deprecated` if the proto enum has option
      `deprecated = true;`.
    * Adding forgotten duration.proto to the lite library
    * Print google.protobuf.NullValue as null instead of "NULL_VALUE" when it is
      used outside WKT Value/Struct.
    * Fix bug occurring when attempting to deep copy an enum type in python 3.
    * Add a setuptools extension for generating Python protobufs
    * Remove uses of pkg_resources in non-namespace packages
    * [bazel/py] Omit google/ from the Protobuf runtime
    * Removed the unnecessary setuptools package dependency for Python package
    * Fix PyUnknownFields memory leak
    * Added support for "==" to the PHP C extension
    * Added `==` operators for Map and Array
    * Native C well-known types
    * Optimized away hex2bin() call in generated code
    * New version of upb, and a new hash function wyhash in third_party
    * add missing hasOneof method to check presence of oneof fields
    * Update go_package options to reference module.
    * annotate ByteString.CopyFrom(ReadOnlySpan<byte>) as SecuritySafeCritical
    * Fix C# optional field reflection when there are regular fields too
    * Fix parsing negative Int32Value that crosses segment boundary
    * JS: parse (un)packed fields conditionally
  - from version 3.13.0
    * The C extension is completely rewritten. The new C extension has significantly
      better parsing performance and fixes a handful of conformance issues. It will
      also make it easier to add support for more features like proto2 and proto3 presence.
    * The new C extension does not support PHP 5.x. PHP 5.x users can still use pure-PHP.
    * Removed deprecated unsafe arena string accessors
    * Enabled heterogeneous lookup for std::string keys in maps.
    * Removed implicit conversion from StringPiece to std::string
    * Fix use-after-destroy bug when the Map is allocated in the arena.
    * Improved the randomness of map ordering
    * Added stack overflow protection for text format with unknown fields
    * Use std::hash for proto maps to help with portability.
    * Added more Windows macros to proto whitelist.
    * Arena constructors for map entry messages are now marked "explicit"
      (for regular messages they were already explicit).
    * Fix subtle aliasing bug in RepeatedField::Add
    * Fix mismatch between MapEntry ByteSize and Serialize with respect to unset
    * JSON format conformance fixes:
    * Reject lowercase t for Timestamp json format.
    * Print full_name directly for extensions (no camelCase).
    * Reject boolean values for integer fields.
    * Reject NaN, Infinity, -Infinity that is not quoted.
    * Base64 fixes for bytes fields: accept URL-safe base64 and missing padding.
    * Bugfix for fields/files named "async" or "await".
    * Improved the error message when AttributeError is returned from __getattr__
      in EnumTypeWrapper.
    * Fixed a bug where setting optional proto3 enums with setFooValue() would
      not mark the value as present.
    * Add Subtract function to FieldMaskUtil.
    * Dropped support for netstandard1.0 (replaced by support for netstandard1.1).
      This was required to modernize the parsing stack to use the `Span<byte>`
      type internally
    * Add `ParseFrom(ReadOnlySequence<byte>)` method to enable GC friendly
      parsing with reduced allocations and buffer copies
    * Add support for serialization directly to a `IBufferWriter<byte>` or
      to a `Span<byte>` to enable GC friendly serialization.
      The new API is available as extension methods on the `IMessage` type
      generated code compatible with old C# compilers (pre-roslyn compilers
      from .NET framework and old versions of mono) that do not support
      ref structs. Users that are still on a legacy stack that does
      not support C# 7.2 compiler might need to use the new define
      in their projects to be able to build the newly generated code
    * Due to the major overhaul of parsing and serialization internals,
      it is recommended to regenerate your generated code to achieve the best
      performance (the legacy generated code will still work, but might incur
      a slight performance penalty).
* Sun Nov 22 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Fix the python subpackage generation
* Sat Nov 14 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Support multiple python3 flavors gh#openSUSE/python-rpm-macros#66
* Tue Jun 30 2020 marec <>
  - Update to version 3.12.3; notable changes since 3.11.4:
    Protocol Compiler
    * [experimental] Singular, non-message typed fields in proto3 now support
      presence tracking. This is enabled by adding the "optional" field label and
      passing the --experimental_allow_proto3_optional flag to protoc.
    * For usage info, see docs/
    * During this experimental phase, code generators should update to support
      proto3 presence, see docs/ for instructions.
    * Allow duplicate symbol names when multiple descriptor sets are passed on
      the command-line, to match the behavior when multiple .proto files are passed.
    * Deterministic `protoc --descriptor_set_out` (#7175)
    * Tweak the union used for Extensions to support old generated code. #7573
    * Fix for the :protobuf_objc target in the Bazel BUILD file. (#7538)
    * [experimental] ObjC Proto3 optional support (#7421)
    * Block subclassing of generated classes (#7124)
    * Use references to Obj C classes instead of names in descriptors. (#7026)
    * Revisit how the WKTs are bundled with ObjC. (#7173)
    * Simplified the template export macros to fix the build for mingw32. (#7539)
    * [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
    * New descriptor APIs to support proto3 presence.
    * Enable Arenas by default on all .proto files.
    * Documented that users are not allowed to subclass Message or MessageLite.
    * Mark generated classes as final; inheriting from protos is strongly discouraged.
    * Add stack overflow protection for text format with unknown fields.
    * Add accessors for map key and value FieldDescriptors.
    * Add FieldMaskUtil::FromFieldNumbers().
    * MessageDifferencer: use ParsePartial() on Any fields so the diff does not
      fail when there are missing required fields.
    * ReflectionOps::Merge(): lookup messages in the right factory, if it can.
    * Added Descriptor::WellKnownTypes enum and Descriptor::well_known_type()
      accessor as an easier way of determining if a message is a Well-Known Type.
    * Optimized RepeatedField::Add() when it is used in a loop.
    * Made proto move/swap more efficient.
    * De-virtualize the GetArena() method in MessageLite.
    * Improves performance of by factor 1000 (#7230)
    * bug: #7076 undefine Windows OUT and OPTIONAL macros (#7087)
    * Fixed a bug in FieldDescriptor::DebugString() that would erroneously print
      an "optional" label for a field in a oneof.
    * Fix bug in parsing bool extensions that assumed they are always 1 byte.
    * Fix off-by-one error in FieldOptions::ByteSize() when extensions are present.
    * Clarified the comments to show an example of the difference between
      Descriptor::extension and DescriptorPool::FindAllExtensions.
    * Add a compiler option 'code_size' to force optimize_for=code_size on all
      protos where this is possible.
    * Re-add binary gems for Ruby 2.3 and 2.4. These are EOL upstream, however
      many people still use them and dropping support will require more
    * [experimental] Implemented proto3 presence for Ruby. (#7406)
    * Stop building binary gems for ruby <2.5 (#7453)
    * Fix for wrappers with a zero value (#7195)
    * Fix for JSON serialization of 0/empty-valued wrapper types (#7198)
    * Call "Class#new" over rb_class_new_instance in decoding (#7352)
    * Build extensions for Ruby 2.7 (#7027)
    * assigning 'nil' to submessage should clear the field. (#7397)
    * [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
    * Mark java enum _VALUE constants as @Deprecated if the enum field is deprecated
    * reduce <clinit> size for enums with allow_alias set to true.
    * Sort map fields alphabetically by the field's key when printing textproto.
    * Fixed a bug in map sorting that appeared in -rc1 and -rc2 (#7508).
    * TextFormat.merge() handles Any as top level type.
    * Throw a descriptive IllegalArgumentException when calling
      getValueDescriptor() on enum special value UNRECOGNIZED instead of
    * Fixed an issue with JsonFormat.printer() where setting printingEnumsAsInts()
      would override the configuration passed into includingDefaultValueFields().
    * Implement overrides of indexOf() and contains() on primitive lists returned
      for repeated fields to avoid autoboxing the list contents.
    * Add overload to FieldMaskUtil.fromStringList that accepts a descriptor.
    * [bazel] Move Java runtime/toolchains into //java (#7190)
    * [experimental] Added proto3 presence support.
    * [experimental] fast import protobuf module, only works with cpp generated code linked in.
    * Truncate 'float' fields to 4 bytes of precision in setters for pure-Python
      implementation (C++ extension was already doing this).
    * Fixed a memory leak in C++ bindings.
    * Added a deprecation warning when code tries to create Descriptor objects
    * Fix unintended comparison between bytes and string in
    * Avoid printing excess digits for float fields in TextFormat.
    * Remove Python 2.5 syntax compatibility from the proto compiler generated module code.
    * Drop 3.3, 3.4 and use single version docker images for all python tests (#7396)
    * Fix js message pivot selection (#6813)
    * Persistent Descriptor Pool (#6899)
    * Implement lazy loading of php class for proto messages (#6911)
    * Correct @return in Any.unpack docblock (#7089)
    * Ignore unknown enum value when ignore_unknown specified (#7455)
    * [experimental] Add support for proto3 presence fields in C# (#7382)
    * Mark GetOption API as obsolete and expose the "GetOptions()" method on descriptors instead (#7491)
    * Remove Has/Clear members for C# message fields in proto2 (#7429)
    * Enforce recursion depth checking for unknown fields (#7132)
    * Fix conformance test failures for Google.Protobuf (#6910)
    * Cleanup various bits of Google.Protobuf (#6674)
    * Fix latest ArgumentException for C# extensions (#6938)
    * Remove unnecessary branch from ReadTag (#7289)
    * Add a proto_lang_toolchain for javalite (#6882)
    * [bazel] Update gtest and deprecate //external:{gtest,gtest_main} (#7237)
    * Add application note for explicit presence tracking. (#7390)
    * Howto doc for implementing proto3 presence in a code generator. (#7407)
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Rolf Krahl <>
  - Python: Add requirement on python-six
* Fri Mar 06 2020 Nico Kruber <>
  - Update to version 3.11.4; notable changes since 3.9.2:
    * C++: Make serialization method naming consistent
    * C++: Moved ShutdownProtobufLibrary() to message_lite.h. For
      backward compatibility a declaration is still available
      in stubs/common.h, but users should prefer message_lite.h
    * C++: Removed non-namespace macro EXPECT_OK()
    * C++: Removed mathlimits.h from stubs in favor of using
      std::numeric_limits from C++11
    * C++: Support direct pickling of nested messages
    * C++: Disable extension code gen for C#
    * C++: Switch the proto parser to the faster MOMI parser
    * C++: Unused imports of files defining descriptor extensions
      will now be reported
    * C++: Add proto2::util::RemoveSubranges to remove multiple
      subranges in linear time
    * C++: Support 32 bit values for ProtoStreamObjectWriter to Struct
    * C++: Removed the internal-only header coded_stream_inl.h and
      the internal-only methods defined there
    * C++: Enforced no SWIG wrapping of descriptor_database.h
      (other headers already had this restriction)
    * C++: Implementation of the equivalent of the MOMI parser for
      serialization. This removes one of the two serialization
      routines, by making the fast array serialization routine
      completely general. SerializeToCodedStream can now be
      implemented in terms of the much much faster array
      serialization. The array serialization regresses slightly,
      but when array serialization is not possible this wins big
    * C++: Add move constructor for Reflection's SetString
    * Java: Remove the usage of MethodHandle, so that Android users
      prior to API version 26 can use protobuf-java
    * Java: Publish ProGuard config for javalite
    * Java: Include unknown fields when merging proto3 messages in
      Java lite builders
    * Java: Have oneof enums implement a separate interface (other
      than EnumLite) for clarity
    * Java: Opensource Android Memory Accessors
    * Java: Change ProtobufArrayList to use Object[] instead of
      ArrayList for 5-10% faster parsing
    * Java: Make a copy of JsonFormat.TypeRegistry at the protobuf
      top level package. This will eventually replace
    * Java: Add Automatic-Module-Name entries to the Manifest
    * Python: Add float_precision option in json format printer
    * Python: Optionally print bytes fields as messages in unknown
      fields, if possible
    * Python: Experimental code gen (fast import protobuf module)
      which only work with cpp generated code linked in
    * Python: Add descriptor methods in descriptor_pool are deprecated
    * Python: Added delitem for Python extension dict
    * JavaScript: Remove guard for Symbol iterator for jspb.Map
    * JavaScript: Remove deprecated boolean option to getResultBase64String()
    * JavaScript: Change the parameter types of binaryReaderFn in
      ExtensionFieldBinaryInfo to (number, ?, ?)
    * JavaScript: Create dates.ts and time_of_days.ts to mirror Java
      versions. This is a near-identical conversion of
      c.g.type.util.{Dates,TimeOfDays} respectively
    * JavaScript: Migrate moneys to TypeScript
    * PHP: Increase php7.4 compatibility
    * PHP: Implement lazy loading of php class for proto messages
    * Ruby: Support hashes for struct initializers
    * C#: Experimental proto2 support is now officially available
    * C#: Change _Extensions property to normal body rather than expression
    * Objective C: Remove OSReadLittle* due to alignment requirements
    * Other: Override CocoaPods module to lowercase
    * further bugfixes and optimisations
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Use tarball provided by upstream
  - Small package cleanup
* Thu Dec 19 2019 Madhu Mohan Nelemane <>
  - Updated to version 3.9.2 (bsc#1162343)
    * Remove OSReadLittle* due to alignment requirements. (#6678)
    * Don't use unions and instead use memcpy for the type swaps. (#6672)
* Fri Sep 27 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Package also the protobuf-bom pom file
* Thu Aug 22 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 3.9.1
    * Optimized the implementation of RepeatedPtrFieldBase.
    * Added delimited parse and serialize util.
    * Added FieldDescriptor::PrintableNameForExtension() and
      DescriptorPool::FindExtensionByPrintableName(). The latter
      will replace Reflection::FindKnownExtensionByName().
    * Created a new Add method in repeated field that allows adding
      a range of elements all at once.
    * Drop building wheel for Python 3.4.
* Sat Jun 08 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Specify java source and target levels in order to build
    compatible protobuf-java binaries
* Wed Jun 05 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 3.8.0
    * Introduced new MOMI (maybe-outside-memory-interval) parser.
    * Added use of C++ override keyword where appropriate.
    * Always declare enums to be int-sized.
    * Append '_' to C++ reserved keywords for message, enum, extension.
  - Remove 0001-remove-PACKAGE_NAME-and-REPOSITORY_NAME-deprecated.patch
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133277).
* Wed Feb 20 2019 Michał Rostecki <>
  - Add upstream patch which fixes build with Bazel 0.22.0.
    * 0001-remove-PACKAGE_NAME-and-REPOSITORY_NAME-deprecated.patch
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Michał Rostecki <>
  - Add protobuf-source package - some programs using gRPC and
    protobuf need protobuf definitions which are included inside the
    source code, but are not included in the devel package.
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Add maven pom files to the protobuf-java package
* Wed Sep 12 2018 Thomas Bechtold <>
  - update to version v3.6.1:
    * PHP namespaces for nested messages and enums (#4536)
    * Allows the json marshaller to be passed json marshal options (#4252)
    * Make sure to delete temporary maps used by FileDescriptorTables
    * fix python cpp kokoro build
    * Change C# reflection to avoid using expression trees
    * Updated checked-in generated code
    * Removed unused variables in
    * Removed unused code pertaining to shared_ptr
    * Include no_package.proto in Python test
    * Only check filenames when end with .py in _CalledFromGeneratedFile() (#4262)
    * Convert descriptortype to type for upb_msgval_sizeof (#4357)
    * Removed duplicate using statement from ReflectionUtil.cs
    * Add support for power ppc64le
    * Cat the test-suite.log on errors for presubits
    * Address review comments
    * Add third-party RPC implementation: raster - a network framework supports pbrpc by 'service' keyword.
    * Delete javanano kokoro build configs.
    * Updated Ruby conformance test failure list
    * Removed use of some type traits
    * Adopt php_metadata_namespace in php code generator (#4622)
    * Move to Xcode 9.3 which also means a High Sierra image.
    * Add protoc release script for Linux build.
    * protoc-artifacts: Avoid storing temporary files and use fewer layers
    * Rewrite go_benchmark
    * Add files to build ruby artifact for mac on kokoro (#4814)
    * Remove javanano.
    * Comment out unused command from release script.
    * Avoid direct check of class name (#4601)
    * The JsonParseOptions::ignore_unknown_fields option behavior treats
    * Fix php memory leak test (#4692)
    * Fix benchmark build
    * Add VS2017 optional component dependency details to the C# readme (#4128)
    * Fix initialization with Visual Studio
    * For windows, all python version should use /MT (#4468)
    * use brew install instead of easy_install in OSX (#4537)
    * Sync upb change (#4373)
    * Always add -std=c++11 for mac (#4684)
    * Add kokoro build status badges.
    * Removed unrecognized option from no_package.proto
    * Fixed up
    * Update Xcode settings
    * Cleanup LICENSE file.
    * Remove js_embed binary. (#4709)
    * Fixed JS parsing of unspecified map keys
    * Update version number to 3.6.0
    * Deliberately call simple code to avoid Unity linker pruning
    * Revert "Move `compiler/` to libprotobuf with the other WKT sources."
    * protoc-artifacts: Use ENTRYPOINT to enable devtoolset-1.1
    * MinGW build failed
    * Support using MSVC intrinsics in Log2FloorNonZero
    * Fix array constructor in c extension for compatibility (#4667)
    * Add space between class name and concat message (#4577)
    * fix python
    * Add and add instruction for linking tcmalloc
    * Add script for run and upload the benchmark result to bq
    * Add test for failing write of raw pointer to output stream
    * [objectivec] Fix memory leak of exceptions raised by RaiseException() (#4556)
    * Remove stray indent on normal imports.
    * Fix python ext build on kokoro (#4527)
    * Add compile test sources for to test include order.
    * Fixed a Visual Studio 2017 build error. (#4488)
    * fix linux kokoro build in docker
    * Fixes MSVC compiler warning C4800 "Forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false'" (#4350)
    * Updated Docker setup to use GCC 4.8
    * Remove broken build status icons.
    * Run in release script.
    * Output * when use_grpc_plugin=True
    * Adopt ruby_package in ruby generated code. (#4627)
    * Cygwin build failed
    * Work around an "old runtime" issue with reflection
    * Added Kokoro protoc release build for OS X (#4770)
    * Updated change log for 3.6.1 release
    * Move methods out of class (#4697)
    * Fix to allow AOT compilers to play nicely with reflection
    * Update for Java lite files.
    * Added map_lite_test.proto to fix LiteTest
    * Introduce a compatiblity shim to support .NET 3.5 delegate creation
    * Revert "Removed mention of Buffer in byteSourceToUint8Array"
    * Add gogo benchmark
    * Set ext.no_native = true for non mac platform
    * Removed atomicops.h since it is no longer used
    * Rename a shadowed variable.
    * Add kokoro bazel configs for 3.6.x branch.
    * Deleted scoped_ptr.h
    * Check the message to be encoded is the wrong type. (#4885) (#4949)
    * protoc-artifacts: Avoid checking out protobuf code
    * Add conformance test for null value in list JSON
    * Build ruby gem on kokoro (#4819)
    * Try using a new version of Visual Studio on AppVeyor
    * Make ruby release configs consistent with protoc.
    * fix for API change in PHP 7.3 (#4898)
    * Add .proto files to extract_includes.bat
    * Update protoc build scripts.
    * Blacklist all WELL_KNOWN_PROTOS from Bazel C++ code generation.
    * Additional support for building and deploying ppcle_64 artifacts
    * Fix php tests
    * Cleanup + documentation for Java Lite runtime.
    * Added Kokoro Windows release build config for protoc (#4766)
    * typo
    * fix golang kokoro linux build
    * Fix spelling error of __GNUC_MINOR__
    * Update code to work for Xcode 10b1 (#4729)
    * Added pyext/thread_unsafe_shared_ptr.h
    * Added missing .inc files to BUILD
    * js message support for jstype string on integers (#4332)
    * Improve error message when googletest is missing.
    * Make assertEquals pass for message (#4947)
    * Sync internal benchmark changes
    * Removed some unused C++ source files
    * Fix missing LIBPROTOC_EXPORT.
    * Added new test source files to
    * Update php version to 3.6.0 (#4736)
    * Fix RepeatedField#delete_if (#4292)
    * Merge branch (#4466)
    * Implement array constructor in php c extension.
    * protoc-artifacts: Update centos base from 6.6 to 6.9
    * PHP array constructors for protobuf messages (#4530)
    * Fix problem: cmake build failed in c++11  by clang
    * Don't assume Windows builds use MSVC.
    * Use legacy name in php runtime (#4741)
    * Add file option php_metadata_namespace and ruby_package (#4609)
    * Fix cpp benchmark dependency on mac
    * Use the first enum value instead of 0 in DefaultValueObjectWriter::FindEnumDefault
    * Check return value on write of raw pointer
    * Delete unused directories.
    * Replace //:protoc and similar default macro arguments with
    * Add extra C# file to
    * includes the expected class in the exception, otherwise the error is harder to track down (#3371)
    * Update instructions about getting protobuf source.
    * Add cpp tests under release docker image.
    * fix java benchmark, fix dashboard build
    * `` depends on Bash features, thus needs Bash sebang.
    * Rename build_artifacts.cfg to release.cfg (#4818)
    * Fix bug: whether always_print_enums_as_ints is true or false, it always print the default value of enums as strings
    * source code info for interpreted options; fix source code info for extension range options (#4342)
    * Updated version numbers to 3.6.1
    * Trim imports for bundled generated protos.
    * Require C++11 and pass -std=c++11
    * Remove the iOS Test App.
    * fix duplicate mkdir in
    * Updated csharp/ to reflect testing changes
    * Fix bazel build of examples.
    * Add missing ruby/tests/test_ruby_package.proto
    * Fix cpp_distcheck
    * Updated the change log with changes for 3.6.0
    * some fix
    * CMake: Update CXX Standard management
    * Add the files added in #4485.
    * Change to deal all messages in one loop
    * Fix php conformance test.
    * Add files to compiler and util subpackages (#4117)
    * Updated .gitignore to exclude downloaded gmock/ directory
    * Fix error in Clang UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer
    * Work around MSVC issue with std::atomic initialization (#4777)
    * Updated conformance failure lists
    * Add back GeneratedClassName to public (#4686)
    * Add continuous test for ruby 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 (#4829)
    * Throw error if user want to access message properties (#4603)
    * fix json_decode call parameters (#4381)
    * Move `compiler/` to libprotobuf with the other WKT sources.
    * PHP: fixed typo in message.c
    * Add go benchmark
    * Allow list values to be null when parsing
    * Added instruction for existing ZLIB configuration
    * Fix 32bit php tests
    * Removed javanano from
    * Don't generate imports for the WKTs unless generating the WKTs.
    * For encoding upb needs descriptor type instead of type. (#4354)
    * Include googletest as a submodule (#3993)
    * Write messages to backing field in generated C# cloning code (#4440)
    * Integrated internal changes from Google
  - Drop adding-Release_CompareAndSwap-64-bit-variant.patch . Applied
  - bump soname version
* Mon May 14 2018
  update to version v3.5.2:
    * Update release date
    * Disable pip cache when testing uploaded packages
    * Replace private timelib_update_ts with public date_timestamp_get
    * Remove py2.6 support.
    * Cherrypick for csharp, including:
    * Update changelog
    * Update changelog for 3.5.1
    * Fix uploading binary wheel.
    * Fix memory leak when creating map field via array.
    * Update rake file to build of 2.1.6.
    * Avoid using php_date_get_date_ce() in case date extension is not
    * Update protoc-artfacts
    * Fix string::back() usage in
    * Fix memory leak in php7
    * Support ruby2.5
    * io_win32: support non-ASCII paths
    * Explicitly propagate the status of Flush().
    * Add discard unknown API in ruby. (#3990)
    * Update version for 3.5.0.post1
    * remove nullptr
    * Fix more memory leak for php c extension (#4211)
    * Bumping number to fix ruby 2.1 on mac
    * io_win32_unittest: remove incorrect error check
    * Fix memory leak when creating repeated field via array.
    * Update version number for php c extension (#3896)
    * Fix file permission for python package.
    * Create containing directory before generating
    * Replace C++11 only method std::map::at
    * Recursively clear unknown fields in submessages. (#3982)
    * Update version number to 3.5.1
    * io_win32_unittest: fix condition in GetCwdAsUtf8
    * Add release log
    * io_win32_unittest: use CWD as last tempdir
    * Add PROTOBUF_ENABLE_TIMESTAMP to let user decide whether timestamp util
    * Add support for Windows ARM64 build
    * Add protobuf-all in post release
    * Use fully qualifed name for DescriptorPool in Any.php to avoid name (#3886)
    * Add _file_desc_by_toplevel_extension back
    * Fix for windows build.
    * io_win32_unittest: make //:win32_test run again
    * Provide discardUnknonwnFields API in php (#3976)
    * Update php c extension version number to
    * Fix ruby gc_test in ruby 2.4 (#4011)
    * Remove duplicate typedef. (#3975)
    * Accept DatetimeInterface in fromDatetime
    * io_win32: add more encoding-related tests
    * Bump version number to 3.5.2
    * Bump protoc-artifact version for a patch rebuild
    * Call php method via function name instead of calling directly.
    * Well known types are not initialized properly. (#4139)
    * Use matching enum type for IsPOD.
    * Fix several more memory leak
    * Fix for php5.5
    * Add backslach to make class explict in global namespace
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - Add adding-Release_CompareAndSwap-64-bit-variant.patch
    * Fix compile error undefined reference to
      `google::protobuf::internal::Release_CompareAndSwap(long volatile*, long, long)'
      on s390x
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - Conditionalize python2 and python3 in order to be able to build
    without python2 present in distribution
    * Use singlespec macros to simplify the logic
  - Run fdupes on python modules to avoid duplicates
  - Remove shebangs from import-only code
* Mon Dec 11 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 3.5.0
    * Proto3 messages are now preserving unknown fields by default.
      If you rely on unknowns fields being dropped, use
      DiscardUnknownFields() explicitly.
    * Deprecated the unsafe_arena_release_* and
      unsafe_arena_add_allocated_* methods for string fields.
    * Added move constructor and move assignment to RepeatedField,
      RepeatedPtrField and google::protobuf::Any.
    * Added perfect forwarding in Arena::CreateMessage.
    * In-progress experimental support for implicit weak fields
      with lite protos. This feature allows the linker to strip out
      more unused messages and reduce binary size.
  - Rename %soname to %sover to better reflect its use.
* Fri Jun 16 2017
  - Install LICENSE
* Sun Jun 11 2017
  - Update to 3.3.0 :
    * C++:
    * Fixed map fields serialization of DynamicMessage to correctly serialize
      both key and value regardless of their presence.
    * Parser now rejects field number 0 correctly.
    * New API Message::SpaceUsedLong() that’s equivalent to
      Message::SpaceUsed() but returns the value in size_t.
    * JSON support
    - New flag always_print_enums_as_ints in JsonPrintOptions.
    - New flag preserve_proto_field_names in JsonPrintOptions. It will instruct
      the JSON printer to use the original field name declared in the .proto
      file instead of converting them to lowerCamelCase when printing JSON.
    - JsonPrintOptions.always_print_primtive_fields now works for oneof message
    - Fixed a bug that doesn’t allow different fields to set the same json_name
    - Fixed a performance bug that causes excessive memory copy when printing
      large messages.
    * Various performance optimizations.
    * Java:
    * Map field setters eagerly validate inputs and throw NullPointerExceptions
      as appropriate.
    * Added ByteBuffer overloads to the generated parsing methods and the Parser
    * proto3 enum's getNumber() method now throws on UNRECOGNIZED values.
    * Output of JsonFormat is now locale independent.
    * Python:
    * Added FindServiceByName() in the pure-Python DescriptorPool. This works only
      for descriptors added with DescriptorPool.Add(). Generated descriptor_pool
      does not support this yet.
    * Added a descriptor_pool parameter for parsing Any in text_format.Parse().
    * descriptor_pool.FindFileContainingSymbol() now is able to find nested
    * Extending empty [] to repeated field now sets parent message presence.
  - Update to 3.2.0 :
    * Added protoc version number to protoc plugin protocol. It can be used by
      protoc plugin to detect which version of protoc is used with the plugin and
      mitigate known problems in certain version of protoc.
    * C++:
    * The default parsing byte size limit has been raised from 64MB to 2GB.
    * Added rvalue setters for non-arena string fields.
    * Enabled debug logging for Android.
    * Fixed a double-free problem when using Reflection::SetAllocatedMessage()
      with extension fields.
    * Fixed several deterministic serialization bugs:
    * MessageLite::SerializeAsString() now respects the global deterministic
      serialization flag.
    * Extension fields are serialized deterministically as well.  Fixed protocol
      compiler to correctly report importing-self as an error.
    * Fixed FileDescriptor::DebugString() to print custom options correctly.
    * Various performance/codesize optimizations and cleanups.
    * Java:
    * The default parsing byte size limit has been raised from 64MB to 2GB.
    * Added recursion limit when parsing JSON.
    * Fixed a bug that enumType.getDescriptor().getOptions() doesn't have custom
    * Fixed generated code to support field numbers up to 2^29-1.
    * Python:
    * You can now assign NumPy scalars/arrays (np.int32, np.int64) to protobuf
      fields, and assigning other numeric types has been optimized for
    * Pure-Python: message types are now garbage-collectable.
    * Python/C++: a lot of internal cleanup/refactoring.
  - Increase soname to 13
  - Generate python2-protobuf and python3-protobuf packages in Factory
  - Make the python2-protobuf package provide and obsolete python-protobuf
    to make the transition smooth in Tumbleweed
* Sun Jan 22 2017
  - Fix an issue with where some files are built on the
    first invocation, but only copied on the second. This resulted
    in an incomplete protobuf-python package.
* Sat Jan 07 2017
  - Update to protobuf v3.1.0. Protobuf v3.0.0 introduceced a new
    version of the protocol buffer language, proto3, which supersedes
    The protoc compiler is able to read old proto2 protocol definitions,
    and defaults to the proto2 syntax if a syntax is not specified, thus
    packages can be recompiled to link to the new library. For backwards
    compatibility, the old library version is available from the
    protobuf2 package.
    As the API for proto2 is not compatible to the proto3 API, proto3
    should only be used for new Protocol Buffers, whereas current users
    are advised to keep using proto2. For a detailed list of changes,
  - Drop no longer needed patches:
    * protobuf-setuptools-2.4.1.patch
    * protobuf-return-no-nonvoid.patch
* Fri Dec 16 2016
  - Use py_sitedir for library installation with install
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - Drop protobuf-libs as it is just workaround for rpmlint issue
* Sat Dec 10 2016
  - Cleanup specfile:
    * remove any conditionals for versions predating SLES 12/Leap 42.x
    * add Provides: protobuf-libs to fix rpmlint warning
* Mon Dec 07 2015
  - disable google-apputils usage. They are only used for the testsuite which
    wasn't called anyways. The next upstream version will not use
    apputils anymore anyways. Fixes build on SLE12.
* Thu Nov 12 2015
  - Python bindings require a recent python-google-apputils, so build
    them where it's available (that's anything recent except SLE12)
* Thu Nov 12 2015
  - Fix check so python bindings are not built in SLE12
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - tweak spec to build python bindings for Leap 42.1
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Fix baselibs.conf: last time the sonames were bumped,
    baselibs.conf has not been updated accordingly.
* Sat Feb 28 2015
  - Add protobuf-return-no-nonvoid.patch
  - Do not install examples
  - Remove 0001-Add-generic-GCC-support-for-atomic-operations.patch
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Use current url's
  - Update dependencies
    * python bindings now require recent python-google-apputils
      which are available only in recet (13.1 and higher releases of
  - Update to 2.6.1
    * Added atomicops support for Solaris.
    * Released memory allocated by InitializeDefaultRepeatedFields()
      and GetEmptyString(). Some memory sanitizers reported them
      as memory leaks.
    * Updated DynamicMessage.setField() to handle repeated enum
      values correctly.
    * Fixed a bug that caused NullPointerException to be thrown when
      converting manually constructed FileDescriptorProto to
  - Changes for 2.6.0
    * Added oneofs(unions) feature. Fields in the same oneof will
      share memory and at most one field can be set at the same time.
    * Files, services, enums, messages, methods and enum values
      can be marked as deprecated now.
    * Added Support for list values, including lists of mesaages,
      when parsing text-formatted protos in C++ and Java.
    * Enhanced customization on TestFormat printing.
    * Added SwapFields() in reflection API to swap a subset of
    * Added SetAllocatedMessage() in reflection API.
    * Repeated primitive extensions are now packable. The
      [packed=true] option only affects serializers. Therefore,
      it is possible to switch a repeated extension field to
      packed format without breaking backwards-compatibility.
    * Various speed optimizations.
    * writeTo() method in ByteString can now write a substring to
      an output stream. Added endWith() method for ByteString.
    * ByteString and ByteBuffer are now supported in CodedInputStream
      and CodedOutputStream.
    * java_generate_equals_and_hash can now be used with the
    * A new C++-backed extension module (aka "cpp api v2") that
      replaces the old ("cpp api v1") one. Much faster than the
      pure Python code. This one resolves many bugs and is
      recommended for general use over the pure Python when possible.
* Tue Nov 05 2013
  - fix java flags to build package for SLE_11_SP3
* Fri Jun 07 2013
  - package google/protobuf/stubs/atomicops_internals_generic_gcc.h
    mosh reqires it
* Mon May 27 2013
  - Build on architectures where no specialized code has been written
* Fri Apr 12 2013
  - Upstream update to 2.5.0
    * New construct "import public"
    * New enum option "allow_alias"
    * C++: New generated method set_allocated_foo(Type* foo)
    * C++: Added SetAllocatedExtension() and ReleaseExtension()
      to extensions API
    * Java: Added getters/setters to access the underlying ByteString
      of a string field
    * Java: New operations for substring(), prepend(), and append()
    * Java: New method findInitializationErrors()
    * Python: Support for dynamic message creation
    * Python: Fixed custom options were not correctly populated
    * Python: Added EnumTypeWrapper
    * Python: Added ParseMessage(descriptor, bytes)
    * Various bug fixes and optimazations
  - Drop gtest-1.5, which is now included by the archive from
    the upstream
* Sat May 19 2012
  - BuildRequire zlib-devel otherwise gzip_stream is not built
    thus breaking newer releases of mosh.
* Fri Mar 16 2012
  - Add gtest-1.5.0.tar.bz2: This is the release tarball of gtest 1.5
    which is being used by make check. The included 1.4.0 does not
    work with gcc 4.7, thus replacing the gtest folder with this
  - Wrapped the gtest extraction with a version check... on next
    version the package will fail in order to remember to take this
    out again (next release of protobuf bundles gtest 1.5.0)
  - Add libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf, as gtest 1.5.0
    needs to be bootstrapped.
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - remove %release from requires
* Wed Oct 12 2011
  - Update to Protobuf 2.4.1:
    * Fixed the frendship problem for old compilers to make the library now gcc 3
      compatible again.
    * Fixed vcprojects/extract_includes.bat to extract compiler/plugin.h.
    * Removed usages of JDK 1.6 only features to make the library now JDK 1.5
      compatible again.
    * Fixed a bug about negative enum values.
    * serialVersionUID is now defined in generated messages for java serializing.
    * Fixed protoc to use java.lang.Object, which makes "Object" now a valid
      message name again.
    * Experimental C++ implementation now requires C++ protobuf library installed.
      See the README.txt in the python directory for details.
* Mon Apr 18 2011
  - update baselibs.conf
* Wed Dec 15 2010
  - provide libprotobuf-devel for compatibility
* Mon Apr 26 2010
  - merge features with version from devel:tools:building
    * build java and python versions
    * disable static libraries
* Sat Apr 24 2010
  - new version 2.3.0
* Sat Apr 24 2010
  - separate soname define
* Mon Dec 07 2009
  - new version 2.2.0a
* Tue Mar 31 2009
  - move protoc to devel package
  - split according to library policy
  - install vim syntax file
* Tue Sep 02 2008 Lenz Grimmer <>
  - Update to version 2.0.1
* Tue Aug 12 2008 Lenz Grimmer <>
  - Initial package the openSUSE build service (Version 2.0.0beta)



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