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pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2-1.0.7-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.0.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat May 25 15:28:01 2024
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Other Build host: reproducible
Size: 3117938 Source RPM: pipewire-1.0.7-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Plugins For PipeWire SPA
PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines.

Some of its features include:

 * Unlimited input/output ports;
 * Per port format enumeration and negotiation;
 * Enumeration/configuration of per port parameters;
 * Application controlled buffer allocation with option to let the plugin
   Allocate memory;
 * Arbitrary buffer metadata;
 * Buffers are passed around by id which is very fast and avoids the need
   for refcounting;
 * Synchronous and asynchronous processing;
 * All api is designed to work without any allocations;
 * Arbirary input/output behaviour.

This package provides plugins for extending PipeWire SPA's functionality.






* Sat May 25 2024 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 1.0.7:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a potential race/crash.
    - Fix some problems with negotiation of large integers and
    - Fix JACK sysex MIDI event handling.
    - Some more smaller fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a potential race when adding/removing a port to be
    * Modules
    - Fix FFADO default device handling.
    * SPA
    - Fix in integer overflow and float/double compare in POD.
    * JACK
    - Copy larger MIDI events correctly.
* Wed May 15 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Move modules jack-tunnel and jackdbus-detect to the
    pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2-jack since those modules should only
    be used when the real jack server is running. This fixes pipewire
    starting jackdbus on start.
* Fri May 10 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.6:
    * Highlights
    - A bitfield race was fixed that could cause some crashes or
      undefined behaviour when moving nodes between drivers.
    - Fix to some invalid memory access in the pw-mon and pw-dump.
    - A regression in kodi with IEC958 formats playback was fixed.
    - A race in the ALSA plugin was fixed when updating the
    - Improvements and fixes to module-combine-stream.
    - Negotiation was improved in pipewiresrc.
    - Some more small fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Context properties are now set early so that client
      properties can be matched with rules.
    - A bitfield race was fixed that could cause some crashes or
      undefined behaviour when moving nodes between drivers.
    * Tools
    - Fix failure to hide properties in pw-mon. (#3997)
    - Fix some memleaks and a crash in pw-dump. (#4001)
    * Modules
    - The combine-stream module now prevents resampling to avoid
      broken audio because of different samplerates.
    - Fix a potential double free in module-loopback when
      calculating the delay. (#3748)
    - The FFADO module now only starts when ports are negotiated
      to avoid startup races. (#3968)
    - The combine-stream module will now forward tags.
    * SPA
    - Monitor volumes are now also clamped to the min/max volumes.
    - V4l2 and libcamera now encodes the device ids into a JSON
      array. This is part of the deduplication code of devices.
    - A regression in kodi with IEC958 formats playback was fixed.
    * Bluetooth
    - Improved buffer handling and queued data when stopping.
    * ALSA
    - A race was fixed when updating the eventfd. (#3711)
    * GStreamer
    - Handle some errors better instead of crashing. (#3994)
    - Fix a memleak in the stream params handling.
    - Negotiation was improved in pipewiresrc.
* Mon May 06 2024
  - Update to version 1.0.5+git36.60deeb2 to fix several crashes,
    NULL checks, format strings and other issues:
    * spa: libcamera: fix RGB mappings
    * pw-dump: destroy all objects not just those matching the pattern
    * pw-dump: fix string memory leak on error
    * json: fix high surrogate escapes
    * core: handle import errors better
    * gst/src: fix crash when current_caps is NULL
    * gst/src: Avoid unnecessary renegotiations during streaming
    * gst/src: Cleanups for src_negotiate()
    * pw-mon: fix type confusion in core event handler
    * gst: fix stream params memory leak
    * gst: handle some more errors
    * treewide: fix errno assignments
    * alsa-pcm: don't force quantum for iec958 formats
    * journal: prepend code location to messages at debug log levels
    * module-rt: fix compiler warning
    * filter-chain: fix arguments of calloc
    * combine-stream tag forward
    * Add album to tag metadata
    * impl-node: avoid bitfield races
    * treewide: fix some format string issues
    * conf: warn when match actions are missing
    * module-protocol-simple: handle '' property
    * module-ffado: only start after ports are configured
    * context: fill basic properties early
    * combine-stream: fix latency-compensate with resample.disabled=true
    * profiler: remove unused data-loop
    * v4l2: fix printf format
    * spa: v4l2: encode device id into a json array
    * spa: libcamera: encode device ids into a json array
    * impl-port: avoid doing work when the port is destroyed
    * impl-port: use 0 size when clearing IO
    * stream: log a warning when media.class and direction mismatch
    * module-loopback: only enable delay with valid rate and channels
    * alsa: fix race when updating the eventfd
    * audioconvert: also clamp monitor volume to min/max
    * combine-stream: actually make use of resample.disable
* Wed Apr 17 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.5:
    * Highlights
    - pw_stream can now report timestamps on buffers and the
      expected amount of samples for the resampler.
    - The GStreamer element now has more correct timestamps using
      the new pw_stream timestamps as a fallback.
    - The FFADO module now handles suspend and resume better.
    - A regression in v4l2 was fixed when parsing malformed
    - A potential memory/fd leak was fixed in client-node.
    - Many more small bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - pw_stream now reports the expected resampler input or output
      size in the pw_time structure. (#3750)
    - pw_stream now also adds a time field to the buffer, which
      contains the time of the graph when the buffer was received
      in the stream.
    - Fix a compiler error when compiling with -Werror=shadow.
    - The config parser will warn when invalid config is detected.
    * Modules
    - The FFADO module now opens and closes when suspending. This
      fixes some problems when FFADO properties are changed while
      suspended. (#3558)
    - Filter-chain will now warn when invalid config is detected.
    - Echo-cancel will now handle manage the state of the
      echo-cancel plugin better, making sure run() is not called
      after deactivate().
    - Fix some potential memory/fd leaks in client-node.
    * SPA
    - Improve reading the bound ALSA controls.
    - The resampler can now also report the number of expected
      output samples.
    - The ALSA ACP device objects have some more properties like
      the and alsa.components. (#3912)
    - Fix a potential string corruption when parsing JSON strings.
    - V4l2 now sets the latency on the port. (#3910)
    - alsa-udev now has an option to expose the device even if
      busy. (#3914)
    - Improve null-audio-sink channel handling. (#3931)
    - v4l2 will now drop the first frame because it often contains
      wrong timestamps or garbage. (#3910)
    - A regression in v4l2 was fixed where invalid/empty properties
      in the filter would make it error early. (#3959)
    * GStreamer
    - The source now falls back to the new pw_buffer time for the
    * Docs
    - Sync with the master branch.
* Thu Apr 11 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Move the jack spa plugin from the pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2
    package to a new pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2-jack package. This
    allows to not Suggest the pipewire-libjack package from
    pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2 since that's only used to connect
    pipewire as a client to a jack server which is not common at all
* Tue Mar 19 2024 Richard Biener <>
  - Avoid %if %{pkg_vcmp gcc < 8}, instead replicate the condition
    from the BuildRequires section.
* Wed Mar 13 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.4:
    * Highlights
    - Track memfd better to avoid inconsistent memory. Also make
      sure the mixer info is removed correctly in all cases on
      destroyed ports.
    - Correctly handle removed objects in the metadata.
    - Add an option to set the server and client priorities instead
      of using a hardcoded value of 88.
    - The FFADO module has been fixed. Audio and MIDI now works
      with the same latency as the JACK driver. This has now also
      been tested with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14.
    - The JACK library has seen some important fixes. Some ardour
      crackling has been fixed when looping and multiple MIDI ports
      on a client should now work.
    - Small bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Track memfd better to avoid inconsistent memory. Also make
      sure the mixer info is removed correctly in all cases on
      destroyed ports.
    - Fix Props param emission again in pw_stream. (#3833)
    - Add MAPPABLE flag to buffer data to indicate that the fd can
      be mmapped directly. Use this on DMABUF from v4l2. (#3840)
    - Correctly handle removed object in the metadata.
    - FreeBSD build and compatibility fixes.
    - Add an option to set the server and client priorities instead
      of using a hardcoded value of 88.
    - Read config overrides in the right order.
    - Fix PIPEWIRE_QUANTUM rate handling in pw_stream and
    - Fix pw_context_parse_conf_section(), actually use the conf
    - A new pw_stream_get_nsec() and pw_filter_get_nsec() function
      was added to get the current time of the stream/filter
      without having to assume a particular clock.
    - A new default.clock.quantum-floor property was added to
      configure the absolute lowest buffer-size. (#3908)
    * docs
    - Many doc updates.
    * tools
    - Make sure we always quit pw-cli when the server stops.(#3837)
    - pw-top now prints all drivers in batch mode. (#3899)
    * modules
    - Don't destroy the client in protocol-simple on EAGAIN.
    - Handle IPv6 better in the RTP modules. Fix IPv6 SAP header
      parsing. (#3851)
    - The FFADO module has been fixed. Audio and MIDI now works
      with the same latency as the JACK driver. This has now also
      been tested with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14. (#3558)
    * pulse-server
    - Make sure the peer_name is filled to avoid protocol errors.
    * SPA
    - Small resampler tweaks to improve stability of adaptive
    - Add ALSA option to control htimestamp autodisable.
    - Avoid some potential crashes in audioconvert when ports are
    - Improve HDMI jack detection on some SOCs.
    - The audioconvert now has a monitor.passthrough option to pass
      the latency information on the monitor ports. (#3888)
    * GStreamer
    - Don't use timeouts when autoconnect=false in pipewiresrc.
    - pipewiresrc and pipewiresink can now be automatically
      selected as audio source and sink.
    - An invalid memory access was fixed when destroying the device
    * JACK
    - Remove properties correctly with the object id, not serial.
    - Improve sync with the data thread by pausing the core. Also
      improve handling of port io to avoid invalid buffer access.
    - Fix PIPEWIRE_QUANTUM rate handling.
    - Support multiple MIDI input ports per client. (#3901)
    - The output buffer size is now always correctly set. (#3892)
    * ALSA
    - Handle errors from eventfd_create correctly.
* Tue Mar 12 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.3+git51.89d8e8b:
    * module-ffado: make the event buffer per port
    * module-ffado: handle MIDI correctly
    * module-ffado: implement MIDI send and receive
    * module-ffado: various fixes to make things work
    * stream: add pw_stream_get_nsec() to get current time
    * jack: fix multiple midi input ports
    * pw-top: only check terminal size in non-batch mode
    * Specify "Audio" in gstreamer sink/src metadata to fix autodetect
    * Add SOC-style jack names to HDMI audio paths
    * gst: remove timeouts when autoconnect=false
    * audioconvert: handle invalid ports better
    * audioconvert: handle port remove
    * pw_context_parse_conf_section: use the conf argument instead of the context's conf
    * stream: FORCE_RATE should just contain the rate
    * jack: FORCE_RATE should just contain the rate
    * jack: set global_mix safely
    * jack: sync threads by pausing the core
    * alsa: Added handle for controlling htimestamp autodisable
    * And more
  - Remove patch already merged upstream:
    * fix-gst-sink.patch
* Tue Mar 12 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Require pipewire-pulseaudio from pipewire-alsa so when
    pipewire-alsa is installed, pipewire has audio support (or put
    in other words, so pipewire-alsa isn't installed with the real
    pulseaudio). Fixes boo#1221235.
* Wed Mar 06 2024
  - Add patch from upstream submitted at glfo#pipewire/pipewire#1932
    that fixes selecting the pipewire gstreamer plugins by the
    autoaudiosink/autoaudiosrc plugins:
    * fix-gst-sink.patch
* Thu Feb 29 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Wed Feb 21 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Force using doxygen-1_10 in SLE where the default doxygen is too
    old and generates broken docs (boo#1217886)
* Tue Feb 20 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add a conflict in -pulseaudio with
    pipewire-modules-%{apiver} < 1.0.0 since the module was included in
    - modules before 1.0.0 so we should avoid a file conflict.
* Sat Feb 03 2024 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 1.0.3:
    * Highlights
    - Fix ALSA version check. This should allow the alsa plugin to
      work again.
    - Some small fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Escape @DEFAULT_SINK@ in the conf files.
    * Modules
    - Improve logging in module-pipe-tunnel.
    * SPA
    - Always recheck rate matching in ALSA when moving drivers.
      This fixes a potential issue where the adaptive resampler
      would not be activated in some cases.
    * ALSA
    - Fix ALSA version check. This should allow the alsa plugin to
      work again.
* Wed Jan 31 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.2:
    * Highlights
    - Fix v4l2 enumeration with filter. This should fix negotiation
      in some GStreamer pipelines with capsfilter. Also probe for
      EXPBUF support before using it.
    - Fix max-latency property and Buffer param when dealing with
      small ALSA device buffers. This should fix stuttering with
      some AMD based soundcards.
    - More small cleanups an improvements.
    * Modules
    - Improve netjack2 channel positions.
    - Improve RAOP module state after suspend/resume. (#3778)
    - Avoid crash in some LV2 plugins by configuring the Atom
      ports. (#3815)
    * SPA
    - Bump libcamera requirements to 0.2.0.
    - Try to avoid unaligned load exceptions. (#3790)
    - Fix v4l2 enumeration with filter. (#1793)
    - Fix max-latency property and Buffer param when dealing with
      small ALSA device buffers. This should fix stuttering with
      some AMD based soundcards. (#3744,#3622)
    - Add a option to node.driver to make it possible to
      resync fast to clock jumps.
    - Probe for EXPBUF support in v4l2 before using it. (#3821)
    * pulse-server
    - Also emit change events when the port list change.
    * Bluetooth
    - Log a more verbose explanation when other soundservers seem
      to be interfering with bluetooth.
    - Add quirks for Rockbox Brick. (#3786)
    - Add quirks for SoundCore mini2. (#2927)
    * JACK
    - Improve check for the running state of clients. (#3794)
  - Drop patches already included by upstream:
    * 0001-spa-libcamera-use-CameraConfigurationorientation.patch
    * 0002-spa-libcamera-bump-minimum-supported-version-to-0.2.0.patch
* Mon Jan 22 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patches from upstream to fix building the package in Factory
    with libcamera 0.2.0:
    * 0001-spa-libcamera-use-CameraConfigurationorientation.patch
    * 0002-spa-libcamera-bump-minimum-supported-version-to-0.2.0.patch
* Thu Jan 11 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.1:
    * Highlights
    - Work around the buggy ALSA backend in libcanberra by forcing
      the pulse backend in module-x11-bell.
    - Fix a race in the device info updates in pulse-server.
    - Fix timing and rate matching in ALSA sequencer.
    - Improve timing information in JACK and from the ALSA driver.
    - More small fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a build issue when examples where disabled.
    - Avoid some compiler warnings.
    - Avoid some bitfield data races. (#3706)
    * Modules
    - Bump the PTP driver priority. (#3217)
    - Support the previous "allowed" permission in the access
    - Fix filename leak in module-filter-chain.
    - Work around the buggy ALSA backend in libcanberra by forcing
      the pulse backend in module-x11-bell. (#3688)
    - Fix a race in the device info updates in pulse-server.
    - Fix compatibility in RAOP. (#3698)
    * SPA
    - Handle ALSA picth control errors correctly
    - Clamp buffer-frames correctly. (#3000)
    - Fix timing and rate matching in ALSA sequencer. (#3657)
    - Revert a commit that could result in current time in the
      future in the timing updates.
    - Improve adapter state checks.
    - Remove the timer from the ALSA pcm.
    - Fix timeout in freewheel driver.
    * Pulse-server
    - Also handle active ports for monitor sources.
    - Fix zeroconf-publish format properties.
    * JACK
    - Improve timing and transport calculations.
    - Handle -ENOENT from the core and don't error out.
    * GStreamer
    - Handle node port removal in the device provider. (#3708)
    - Improve error handling while connecting.
    - Fix dts_offset.
* Sun Nov 26 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.0.0 (El Presidente):
    * Highlights
    - Fix a memfd/dmabuf leak when uploading buffers while shutting
    - Handle concurrent jack_port_get_buffer() calls because ardour
      seems to be doing this.
    - Improve time reporting (less jitter) in ALSA when using IRQ.
    - Many doc improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Respect PIPEWIRE_DLCLOSE everywhere, remove pw_in_valgrind().
    - Remove a warning when a client tries to change ignored
    * Modules
    - Fix a memfd/dmabuf leak when uploading buffers while shutting
    - Fix a potential segfault when copying mix structures. (#3658)
    - Avoid races in setrlimit in module-rt.
    - Fix a memory leak in filter-chain.
    - Set rtp.ptime on senders, not receivers.
    - The ROC modules were ported to ROC 0.3
    * SPA
    - Improve time reporting (less jitter) in ALSA when using IRQ.
    - Add latency param query in libcamera.
    - Fix some compiler warnings.
    - The EVL plugin was updated.
    * Bluetooth
    - LC3 codec and compatibility improvements.
    * Pulse server
    - Fix emission of events when a sink/source state changes.
    * JACK
    - Improve transport and time handling. Use unique ids to make
      consistent snapshots of the current time and transport.
    - Avoid enumerating port params that we are not going to use.
    - Optimize buffer reuse.
    - Handle concurrent jack_port_get_buffer() calls because ardour
      seems to be doing this. (#3632)
    * Docs
    - Many doc improvements.
    - Add man pages for pw-dump, pw-loopback, modules,
    - Manpages are now made with Doxygen.
    - Add docs for pulse-modules
* Thu Nov 16 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.85 (1.0RC5):
    * Highlights
    - Fix an issue where a link could end up paused while not
    - Fix an infinite recursion issue when finding runnable nodes.
    - Support XDG base directories when loading ACP config.
    - Fix MIDI event recording preview in Ardour.
    - Many more small fixes, cleanups and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix an issue where a link could end up paused while not
      negotiated. (#3619)
    - Fix an infinite recursion issue when finding runnable nodes
      by stopping the scan on feedback links around the driver.
    - The system service now has better socket permissions.
    * Modules
    - Add support for uclamp. This allows the scheduler to make
      better informed decisions about where tasks should be placed,
      and what pstate to set for the CPU it is running on.
    - Emit warnings when applications are not doing the right
      locking instead of crashing.
    - Improve for RAOP sinks. (#3801)
    - Support pause/resume in pipe-tunnel. (#3197)
    - Remove time rlimit when probing for realtime to avoid
    * SPA
    - Fix a bug where the resampler would be activated even when
      there is an ALSA pitch element. (#3628)
    - Improve resume from suspend in ALSA. (#3646)
    - Add option to expose ALSA controls as prop params.
    - Support XDG base directories when loading ACP config. This
      makes it possible to override the ACP config files.
    * Bluetooth
    - Schedule nodes in the same ISO group together.
    - More BAP fixes and cleanups.
    * JACK
    - Fix MIDI events from peer ports. This makes the MIDI event
      recording preview of Ardour work correctly.
    * GStreamer
    - Fix some error handling in the source and sink.
    * ALSA plugin
    - Improve poll descriptor handling. (#3648)
    * Docs
    - Many improvements to the layout and organization.
* Thu Nov 02 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.84 (1.0RC4):
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression with openal because the queued buffers in
      the stream were not reported correctly.
    - Fix a bug in port busy counters that could cause random
      silent links.
    - Fix a regression in echo-cancel because it was not reporting
      its streams as ASYNC.
    - Fix a JACK regression where not all ports were enumerated in
      all cases.
    - Many more fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - pw_stream now reports the queued buffers more accurately.
      This fixes a regression when using openal. (#3592)
    - The port busy counters were not updated correctly in some
      cases. This could lead to negotiation errors and silent
      links. (#3547)
    - Ignore latency maximum when forcing rate/quantum. (#3613)
    - Nodes can now be added to multiple groups and link-groups.
    * Modules
    - The filter-chain now also handles notify port dependencies
      correctly. (#3596)
    - Filter-chain has support for new linear, clamp, recip, exp,
      log, mult, sine builtin plugins.
    - The echo-cancel module now correctly reports its playback and
      capture streams as ASYNC to avoid running out of buffers.
    - It is now possible to specify an array of remote names to
      connect to with the native protocol.
    - module-rtp-sap and module-rtp-sink now try to bind to the
      specified interface.
    * SPA
    - The alsa plugin now removes the runtime properties such as
      period-num, period-size and max-latency when suspended.
    * Bluetooth
    - BAP Locations/Context is now set on endpoints as required by
      new bluez.
    - Improve selection of BAP leader.
    * JACK
    - Add a jack_set_sample_rate() extension function.
    - Make sure we get the info of all nodes/ports before
      completing the jack_client_open() operation so that we can
      enumerate the ports correctly in all cases. (#3618)
    * GStreamer
    - Fix types of metadata in pipewiresink.
    - Also copy metadata in buffers in all cases.
    - Fix size allocation in bufferpool for compressed formats.
    - Don't stop streaming thread when unlinked. (#3620)
    * ALSA
    - The ALSA plugin now handles NULL values from mmap_areas.
* Mon Oct 30 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Disable the WebRTC-based echo canceller in big endian
    architectures since webrtc-audio-processing is not available
* Thu Oct 19 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.83:
    * Highlights
    - A quantum change regression was fixed.
    - Use a 2 socket server now for the manager and the
      applications with (when wireplumber is updated) different
    - Reduce memory usage a little in audioconvert and use fewer
    - Some JACK deadlocks were fixed.
    - More bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix quantum change regression.
    - Use a 2 socket server by default. One for the session-manager
      and one for applications.
    - Fix a potential use-after-free in node and device cleanup.
    * modules
    - Some hardcoded buffer size limits were removed.
    - Fix ASYNC flag on combined-streams.
    - Add support for on-demand combined-streams using metadata.
    * SPA
    - alsa-udev will now ignore PCMs with the ACP_IGNORE udev
      environment variable.
    - The audioadapter now uses at least 2 buffers when the
      follower is async.
    - The number of buffers used by plugins was tweaked a little.
      Most plugins now only ask 1 buffer.
    - Memory usage in audioconvert was reduced.
    - Fix some unaligned reads and writes and undefined left shifts
      reported by ASAN.
    - Rework vulkan dependency checking.
    - Don't try to link ALSA devices when prepare fails. This
      fixes some crashes.
    - Fix a stall when the allowed codecs are changed in ALSA.
    - Improve ALSA rate control for sources to avoid xruns.
    - Try to fix IEC958 TrueHD and DTS playback.
    * Bluetooth
    - Improve fallback SCO mtu when the kernel doesn't tell us.
    * JACK
    - The fixed buffer size limit was removed.
    - Add an option to make input buffers writable (default true).
    - A potential deadlock was fixed when applications lock the
      process function.
    - Use a separate thread to dispatch notifications to avoid
    - Potentially fix silent export in ardour in some cases.
* Fri Oct 13 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.82:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression in some devices when the Pro-Audio profile
      was selected.
      Only enable the IRQ based scheduling and device linking in
      specific safe cases.
    - Improve rate switching. In some cases the graph rate would
      not switch correctly.
    - Fix regression in alsa wakeups that would cause silence in
    - Fix a leak in the SBC codecs for SCO.
    - More improvements to the RAOP module.
    - Other small improvements and fixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Improve client property checks.
    - Allow non-power-of-2 quantums when forced.
    - Improve rate switching. In some cases the graph rate would
      not switch correctly.
    - The PIPEWIRE_QUANTUM env variable now forces the size and
      rate in the graph for the duration of the application.
      The softer PIPEWIRE_LATENCY and PIPEWIRE_RATE can still be
      used to merely suggest a maximum latency and a rate.
    * modules
    - Remove the RTSP FLUSH request in RAOP because it does not
      seem necessary.
    - The RAOP module now uses the common RTP stream functions.
    - Add sockets option to protocol-native to make pipewire listen
      on multiple sockets.
    * SPA
    - Clean up some of the log functions.
    - Add an option in ALSA to disable linking devices together.
    - Only link pcms together when 1 capture and 1 playback pcm.
      For more complex devices we can't be sure which ones can be
    - Disable tsched only when using linked devices.
    - Add some extra checks in ALSA to avoid segfaults.
    - Add Tag support to alsa-sink and alsa-source.
    - Use dynamic pod builder when we can.
    - Set priority.driver on midi-bridge to allow it as a fallback
    - Fix regression in alsa wakeups.
    - The PTP clock can now be found from the interface in
    * pulse-server
    - Some small cleanups and internal improvements.
    - Add some memory debugging messages.
    - Add Tag messages to streams.
    * Bluetooth
    - Fix a leak in the SBC codecs for SCO.
    * JACK
    - Patch up midi events in the destination buffer instead of
      writing to the source buffer.
    - Group all jack clients together to avoid transport issues.
    * ALSA-plugins
    - Add also.deny option to block alsa clients from opening the
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0002-acp-fix-compilation.patch
    * 0003-acp-only-join-and-link-when-1-capture-and-1-playback.patch
    * 0004-acp-only-disable-tsched-when-linking.patch
    * 0001-alsa-dont-check-early-wakeup-when-PCM-stopped.patch
* Fri Oct 13 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patches from upstream that fix pro-audio not producing any
    sound in 0.3.81:
    * 0002-acp-fix-compilation.patch
    * 0003-acp-only-join-and-link-when-1-capture-and-1-playback.patch
    * 0004-acp-only-disable-tsched-when-linking.patch
  - Add patch from upstream that fixes issues when PCM is stopped,
    which includes fixing sound in qemu:
    * 0001-alsa-dont-check-early-wakeup-when-PCM-stopped.patch
* Mon Oct 09 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Pipewire now requires vulkan 1.3, so we have to disable vulkan
    support if this requirement is not fulfilled in order to build
    correctly in Leap.
* Sat Oct 07 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.81:
    * Highlights
    - jackdbus support is now enabled by default.
    - IRQ based scheduling in ALSA was improved and enabled by
      default for Pro-Audio profile. It will also link the pcms
      together to get lower latency. This now matches what JACK
      does and gives equal latency to PipeWire for Pro-Audio
    - Support both old and new versions of webrtc-audio-processing
      to make the transition easier.
    - Forced quantum changes by nodes or metadata will now also
      force a suspend and resume of the graph, like the rate
      changes to make sure all nodes adapt to the new quantum.
      This is important for Pro-Audio nodes that need to
      reconfigure the hardware to a new period in IRQ-based
    - Fix a regression in regex parsing.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - jackdbus is by default enabled now. The idea is that when
      jackdbus is installed, the real is in the path and
      we can become a real JACK client.
    - Forces quantum changes by nodes or metadata will now also
      force a suspend and resume in the graph, like the rate
      changes to make sure all nodes adapt to the new quantum.
      This is important for Pro-Audio nodes that need to
      reconfigure the hardware to a new period.
    - The stream now has an EARLY_PROCESS option that can be used
      to implement custom buffer fill levels.
    - Fix a regression in regex parsing.
    - Fix a bug in position reporting in the driver node.
    - Destroying a link will now recalculate the graph correctly.
    - Fix the rate comparison for finding the best rate in the
    - Use malloc_trim() when available to release memory.
    * Tools
    - pw-cat now supports DFF DSD files.
    - pw-cli avoid some NULL derefs in some cases.
    * Modules
    - The RAOP sink has seen some cleanups and improvements.
      It will now ask for feedback every 2 seconds to keep some
      devices alive.
    - A bug in filter-chain was fixed where it would fail to apply
      the gain when when mixing just one source.
    - The filter-chain can now pass the stream volume to a control
      in the filter-chain graph.
    - Improve volume handling in RAOP sink.
    * Pulse-server
    - Some cleanup in the pending_stream handling.
    - Fix a regression in the event emission code where it failed
      to emit a changed event when a node was linked.
    - Lower the realtime priority of pulseaudio clients.
    - Set on the echo-cancel streams.
    * SPA
    - Support both old and new versions of webrtc-audio-processing
      to make the transition easier.
    - The ALSA driver now does the synch of all followers directly
      from the wakeup event. This results in more stable rate
    - IRQ based scheduling in ALSA was improved and enabled by
      default for Pro-Audio profile. It will also link the pcms
      together to get lower latency. This now matches what JACK
      does and gives equal latency to PipeWire for Pro-Audio
    - GNU/Hurd support was added.
    - Some improvements to passthrough handling.
    * Bluetooth
    - Improvements to the codec handling when PipeWire is used as
      Audio Gateway.
    - Adapt to new Bluez API for BAP devices.
    * JACK
    - When the jack library is set in the default library path,
      avoid using LD_LIBRARY_PATH because this can cause confusion.
    - Handle clearing the latency on a port.
    - jack_property now always manages to actually change the
      metadata because it waits for a roundtrip before exiting.
* Thu Sep 14 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.80:
    * Highlights
    - A new Tag param was added that allows arbitrary metadata to
      be transported out-of-band in the graph.
    - Vulkan DMA buf support was merged.
    - The echo-canceller was ported to webrtc-audio-processing-1.
    - Fix a regression in locating monitor sources by id in
    - Mixer io areas updates are now synchronized correctly with
      the data thread to avoid potential crashes.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Handle driver nodes that refuse to change the quantum or
    - A new Tag param was added that allows arbitrary metadata to
      be transported out-of-band in the graph.
    * Modules
    - The pipe-tunnel source has been reworked to use a ringbuffer
      and rate adaption to keep the latency constant. It can now
      also function as a driver to reduce resampling. (#3478)
    * Tools
    - pw-cat will now place media properties in Tag params.
    - pw-mon can now filter props and params.
    * SPA
    - ALSA refuses to change quantum and rate when in IRQ mode.
    - ALSA will now be smarter in selecting the period size for
      batch devices and will make it depend on the samplerate.
    - Vulkan DMA buf support was merged.
    - ALSA latency will now be reported in the time domain of the
    - Add udev based autodetection for compress-offload devices.
    - The echo-canceller was ported to webrtc-audio-processing-1.
    - The v4l2 inotify code was rewritten to avoid a use-after-free
      and by using a separate watch (but same fd) for each device.
    - The tag and latency handling was improved in audioadpter.
    - Don't use -Ofast on alpha because it can crash on
      denormalized values. (#3489)
    - The mixers now synchronize spa_io_buffers updates with the
      data thread to avoid crashes.
    - Handle NULL param updates. (#3504)
    * Pulse-server
    - Fix a regression in locating monitor sources by id. (#3476)
    - Add support for use_system_clock_for_timing in
    - Add support for checking module arguments.
    - Avoid some useless change events.
    * Bluetooth
    - Ports are now marked as physical, which makes the bluetooth
      devices show up as hardware devices in Ardour and other JACK
      apps. (#3418)
    - Some fixes for LE audio support (#3479)
    * JACK
    - Also emit unregister notify even when suppressed when
      creating the client.
    - The notify callbacks now match JACK2 behaviour more.
    - The mixer io areas are updated and handled safely now to
      avoid crashes. (#3506)
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-pulse-server-allow-monitors-when-selecting-source-by-index.patch
    * 0001-Revert-v4l2-handle-inotify-errors.patch
    * 0002-Revert-v4l2-dont-set-inotify-on-_dev.patch
    * 0003-spa-v4l2-use-a-separate-watch-for-each-device.patch
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix a regression introduced in 0.3.77
    which made it fail to open a monitor device as source:
    * 0001-pulse-server-allow-monitors-when-selecting-source-by-index.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix a bug which caused 100% cpu usage
    under some circumstances:
    * 0001-Revert-v4l2-handle-inotify-errors.patch
    * 0002-Revert-v4l2-dont-set-inotify-on-_dev.patch
    * 0003-spa-v4l2-use-a-separate-watch-for-each-device.patch
* Tue Aug 29 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.79:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression in suspend that could cause silence.
    - Fix a regression in JACK port registration that could cause
      all kinds of JACK problems.
    - Fix a typo in the neon sample conversion functions that could
      cause distortion.
    - Add BAP broadcast source and sink support.
    - pw-top now has a batch mode to dump the output to stdout.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a regression in shutdown where a node might not first
      suspend properly. This cause loss of sound in some cases.
    - Failure to compile a regular expression in the config file
      will now be reported and ! can be used to negate the match.
    - Fix a regression where some nodes might not set running in
      some cases.
    - Nodes are now suspended before the format is cleared, which
      might fix some crashes.
    * Tools
    - pw-top now has a batch mode to dump the output to stdout.
    * SPA
    - The queued samples in audioconvert are now correctly reported
      in the delay.
    - Make it easier to add a custom profile in ACP.
    - Fix a typo in the neon sample conversion functions that could
      cause distortion.
    - is added for pro audio nodes.
    - An xrun counter was added to spa_io_clock to detect and track
      skipped data because of xruns.
    * Pulse-server
    - Add alsa-sink and alsa-source modules.
    * Bluetooth
    - Fix a regression where only the BAP off profile is shown.
    - Add BAP broadcast source and sink support.
    * JACK
    - Also emit a latency notify when the buffer size changes.
    - Fix a regression in JACK port registration.
    - jack_port_tie() is now supported.
    * ALSA
    - Improve property handling, support lists and ranges in
      addition to fixed values.
  - Remove patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-jack-make-sure-we-can-always-find-our-own-ports.patch
    * 0001-audioconvert-fix-typo-in-neon-function.patch
    * 0001-impl-node-improve-suspend.patch
    * 0001-bluez5-fix-BAP-profiles-showing.patch
* Fri Aug 25 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.78:
    * Highlights
    - An old regression was fixed with where some nodes would not
    - A regression was fixed where removed events would not be
      shown in some cases. This would result in duplicate entries
      in audio clients.
    - Fix an off-by-one in the vban audio receiver. Tweak the rate
      adaption a little.
    - ACP will now set a UCM verb before probing the pro-audio
    - More bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - An old regression was fixed with where some nodes would not
      run. (#3405)
    - Suspend was improved a little to avoid races when the session
      manager would suspend right when a driver was starting.
    * Modules
    - module-rtp-sap does not use the deprecated inet_aton anymore.
    - Fix an off-by-one in the vban audio receiver. Tweak the rate
      adaption a little. (#3380)
    * SPA
    - ACP will now set a UCM verb before probing the pro-audio
      devices. (#3407)
    - The mandatory flag will be set now on the video modifiers.
    - EVL was updated to Xenomai4 r46 and xbuf creation was
    - An option was added to force colors in the log even when
      logging to !tty.
    - The return type of spa_pod_builder_control() was fixed.
    - inotify errors are handled better now. (#3439)
    * pulse-server
    - A regression was fixed where removed events would not be
      shown in some cases. (#3414)
    * Bluetooth
    - Improve compatibility with more devices, avoid reusing the
      same transport for different media-sink instances to avoid
      encoder resets.
    - Improve enumeration of codec profiles for BAP and A2DP.
    * JACK
    - Ensure we can't iterate ports from a deactivated client. Also
      make sure the JACK clients with the node.always-process=false
      always show their ports. (#3416)
    * GStreamer
    - A potential crash was fixed in the device provider when
  - Remove patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-context-Dont-stop-setting-runnable-when-meeting-the-driving.patch
    * 0001-gst-Prevent-a-crash-when-stopping-device-provider.patch
    * 0001-jack-ports-become-visible-when-the-registration-is-queued.patch
    * 0002-jack-handle-node.always-process-=-false-jack-nodes.patch
    * 0001-pulse-server-set-all-change_mask-flags-when-removing.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix jack clients:
    * 0001-jack-make-sure-we-can-always-find-our-own-ports.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix typo in neon function that makes
    pipewire produce noise:
    * 0001-audioconvert-fix-typo-in-neon-function.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix (among others) a race when a node
    is suspended at the same time it is started causing silence:
    * 0001-impl-node-improve-suspend.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix BAP only showing off profile:
    * 0001-bluez5-fix-BAP-profiles-showing.patch
* Fri Aug 18 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Fix from upstream to ensure effect and sink nodes are set to
    * 0001-context-Dont-stop-setting-runnable-when-meeting-the-driving.patch
  - Fix from upstream to prevent a crash when stopping a device
    * 0001-gst-Prevent-a-crash-when-stopping-device-provider.patch
  - Fix from upstream to fix a regression that makes plugins/effects
    disappear in Carla Patchbay when there's no playback:
    * 0001-jack-ports-become-visible-when-the-registration-is-queued.patch
    * 0002-jack-handle-node.always-process-=-false-jack-nodes.patch
  - Fix from upstream to fix pavucontrol and plasma-pa showing
    duplicated sinks after resume or switching audio device profiles
    * 0001-pulse-server-set-all-change_mask-flags-when-removing.patch
* Sat Aug 05 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.77:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a bug in ALSA source where the available number of
      samples was miscaluclated and resulted in xruns in some
    - A new L permission was added to make it possible to force a
      link between nodes even when the nodes can't see eachother.
    - The VBAN module now supports midi send and receive as well.
    - Many cleanups and small fixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Global objects now only show permissions that apply to them.
      The permissions required to perform various API calls are
    - A new L permission was added to make it possible to force a
      link between nodes even when the nodes can't see eachother.
    - Config files need to end with .conf.
    - The client.api is added the to global properties of a node.
    * modules
    - The VBAN module now supports midi send and receive as well.
    - Fix module-profiler alignment and make sure we don't overrun
      our buffers with many nodes.
    - Protect libcanberra calls with a mutex because it is not
      thread safe.
    * SPA
    - Support older compilers for spa_clear_ptr().
    - Fix a bug in ALSA source where the available number of
      samples was miscaluclated and resulted in xruns.
    - Don't set inotify on /dev but on the videoX devices directly.
      Setting inotify on /dev would cause a lot of spurious wakeups
      and lock contention in the fsnotify subsystem on some
    - Audioconvert now rate limits the warnings when it runs out of
    * pulse-server
    - Some bugs and inconsistencies were fixed in device lookup.
    - Improve subscribe event emission, detect changes to the sink
      or the monitor and send the right sink/source event.
    * JACK
    - The now has a minor version of 3 and a micro
      version of the pipewire version.
    - JACK clients will now see portregistration from other jack
      clients when they activate/deactivate like real JACK.
    * bluetooth
    - Use some more autoptr cleanups, fix some leaks.
* Fri Jul 28 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.76:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression that would cause the MPV pipewire backend
      to fail because of a spurious thread-loop signal.
    - Fix a crash when DBus is not found.
    - ALSA hires timestamps are now disabled by default.
    - Some more fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - A new option was added to pw-thread-loop to signal when the
      thread starts.
    - This is only used in module-rt to avoid regressions in mpv.
    - Fix a compilation problem.
    - Stream flags now only set the properties when not already
      set. This fixes a regression with node autoconnect. (#3382)
    * Tools
    - pw-cat will now stop when the stream is disconnected. (#2731)
    - Improve the pw-cat man page, mention that stdin/stdout
      handling is only on raw data.
    * modules
    - module-rt will now not crash when dbus is not available but
      error out as before.
    - A new VBAN ( sender and receiver was added.
    * SPA
    - Add an option in audioconvert to disable volume updates.
    - ALSA hires timestamps are disabled by default because many
      drivers seem to give wrong timestamps and cause extra delay.
    * bluetooth
    - LE Audio support is now enabled by default when liblc3 is
      available now that bluez has support for detecting the
      hardware features.
* Tue Jul 25 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add code in the spec file to modify the patch file
    reduce-meson-dependency.patch (used to build in SLE/Leap) so that
    we don't need to rebase it manually for every version update.
  - Use gcc 11 in SLE/Leap since gcc 9 fails to build 0.3.75 with
    ../spa/include/spa/utils/cleanup.h:52:13: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type ‘DIR’ {aka ‘struct __dirstream’}
      52 |  __typeof__(*(ptr)) *_old_value = spa_steal_ptr(ptr); \
* Sun Jul 23 2023 llyyr <>
  - Update to version 0.3.75:
    * Highlights
    - Link permissions between nodes are now enforced. This avoids
      potential portal managed screencast nodes to link to the
      camera even though it was not assigned permissions to do so
      by the session manager (boo#1213682).
    - Libcamera and v4l2 devices now have properties so that
      duplicates can be filtered out by the session manager.
    - A bug with draining was fixed where a buffer would be marked
      EMPTY and would not play when it contained drained samples.
    - Many fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Permissions for links between nodes are now enforced. The
      link will now check that the owner clients of the nodes can
      see each other before allowing the link. This avoids
      screensharing clients to accidentally being linked to the
      camera nodes by the session manager. A side effect is that
      patchbay tools will no longer be able to link portal managed
      screencast nodes to the camera, for this we need a new
      permission for those patchbay clients.
    - The stream.rules/filter.rules are now evaluated when
      connecting the stream/filter so that more properties can be
    - Move some internal events from the context to the nodes to
      better handle per-node threads in the future.
    - The thread-loop will now signal when the thread is started.
    * modules
    - A timestamp workaround in module-raop was reverted because it
      does not work in all cases. Instead latency was increased to
      1.5 seconds, which also makes the problematic device in
      question work.
    - The profiler module was reworked a bit to use the new node
      realtime events. It should now also handle dynamically added
      and removed drivers.
    - The module-rt now does the rtkit calls from a separate thread
      so that it does not block the main thread. This could cause
      deadlocks during startup in some cases.
    * SPA
    - Atomic operation macros were move from internal pipewire API
      to public API.
    - The video-info structure now has a new
      the application to fixate the modifiers. This simplifies some
      logic in applications a lot.
    - The libcamera and v4l2 nodes now have properties to enumerate
      the device id they are using. This can be used to match v4l2
      devices and libcamera devices and filter out duplicates.
    - A bug with draining was fixed where a buffer would be marked
      EMPTY and would not
* Wed Jul 12 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.74:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a critical bug where audio to bluetooth devices would cut
      out randomly.
    - Improve RAOP compatibility.
    - Avoid crashes after an update.
    - Small fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Mix info on port is now created explicitly.
    - Remove the node as a driver peer when stopping. This caused
      some problem with playback on and other remote bluetooth
    - Work on avoiding crashes when loading new modules that use
      internal API with old libpipewire. This is typical after an
      update where the old library is still loaded by an
      application but when a new stream is created, updated modules
      are loaded.
    * Modules
    - The RTP source module now has an option to ignore the SSRC,
      which is useful to continue to receive the stream when the
      sender is restarted.
    - The native protocol will refuse to load twice now instead of
      silently ignoring the error.
    - module-raop is compatible with more devices.
    * SPA
    - plugins will now warn when running out of buffers. This is
      always a bad thing.
    - Merge scope based cleanup macros.
    - Add ratelimit function.
* Sat Jul 08 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.73:
    * Highlights
    - Fixes an ALSA resume after suspend error.
    - Handle and disable seemingly wrong hires timestamps from
    - Filter-chain now has loadable plugin modules. The LV2 and
      sofa plugins are moved to a separate .so file to make things
      more modular.
    - Rate changes in the graph should now be handled more
      gracefully by loopback and filter-chain.
    - A regression in the rtp-sap module was fixed where it would
      in some cases fail to start.
    - A potential crash in the peaks resampler was fixed.
    - Many cleanups and other small bug fixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a potential segfault when no fallback driver was set in
      the config.
    - Improve OPUS detection.
    - Add ASYNC flag to pw-filter and pw-stream when queue/dequeue
      is not called from the process function. This ensure we
      allocate an extra buffer.
    - Discard pending process callbacks when disconnecting.
    - Cleanups and improvements to the debug environment variable
    - The graph rate was tweaked to better handle very low rates
          such as those requested by pavucontrol when it does the
      signal monitoring.
    * Modules
    - An example filter module was added.
    - Filter-chain and loopback now disable the resamplers if no
      rate is specified and will always follow the graph rate.
    - Improve setup of filter-chain. The graph is now created when
      starting because this ensure the target graph rate is known.
    - Filter-chain can now link notify ports to control ports in
      the graph.
    - Filter-chain now has loadable plugin modules. The LV2 and
      sofa plugins are moved to a separate .so file.
    - A regression in the rtp-sap module was fixed where it would
      in some cases fail to start.
    - Module-rt now has options to disable rlimits, portal and
    - module-raop-discover now has an options to set the latency.
    * Tools
    - pw-cat now supports overriding all stream properties.
    * SPA
    - Disable rate negotiation when the resampler is disabled. We
      will always follow the graph rate.
    - Set device.icon property for UCM ports as well.
    - Improve ALSA recover when using hires timestamps. This fixes
      some problems after resume from suspend.
    - ALSA will now warn and disable hires timestamp when they seem
      They can also be disabled manually with a property.
    - V4l2 will now gracefully handle ENOTTY when enumerating frame
      sizes and frame rates.
    - A potential crash in the peaks resampler was fixed.
    * pulse-server
    - A client crash in pavucontrol is avoided by always setting a
      card name.
    - The graph rate is now taken correctly when using the FIX
    - An option was added to ignore the FIX flags of a stream. Also
      the documentation for those options was updated.
    - module-raop-discover now support latency_msec.
    * Bluetooth
    - Remove an assert and issue a warning/recover instead when a
      buffer is too small.
    * GStreamer
    - The device provider does locking when destroying the
* Mon Jun 26 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.72:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a critical bug that would refuse to update the samplerate
      or buffersize in JACK clients.
    - A new module-netjack2-driver and module-netjack2-manager were
      added that are compatible with NETJACK2. This allows PipeWire
      to become a NETJACK2 manager or a driver between JACK2 or
      PipeWire servers.
    - Support was added for firewire devices with FFADO. This is
      untested for now and MIDI is not implemented yet.
    - The node scheduling was optimized some more. External drivers
      are now as efficient as in-server ones. This should improve
      performance of various drivers such as bluetooth and JACK
      based drivers.
    - Many, many bug fixes and a ton of improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - pw-filter can now be used to write sinks and sources.
    - The node activation for drivers was changed. The driver now
      does not need to go to the server to start the processing
      cycle. This makes out-of-server drivers as efficient as
      in-server drivers.
    - Don't try to use drivers with 0 priority as fallback drivers.
      This avoids making the screencast driver a driver for audio.
    - Improve xrun count reporting in pw-top and the profiler. Now
      each node has their own xrun counter updated when it fails to
      complete processing during the cycle.
    - pw-filter now also has support for TRIGGER.
    - A potential fd leak was found when fds were send to a zombie
    - Fix a bug where monitor or capture streams were logged twice
      in the profiler.
    - Remove stream hooks safely.
    - A bug in serialization of container properties was fixed.
      This could result in truncated property values.
    - The PIPEWIRE_AUTOCONNECT environment variable now always
      overrides the autoconnect settings of streams.
    - Node, port and link destroy now avoids some useless work.
    - Port will now try to renegotiate a new format when idle.
    * Modules
    - The module-sap now is more compatible with AES67.
    - A new FFADO driver module was added. This is completely
      untested because of lack of hardware. Please test and report
    - A new NETJACK2 driver and a NETJACK2 manager module were
      added. These should be drop in replacements for the JACK2
    - The RAOP discover module now tries harder to only list
      devices once.
    - The zeroconf discover module now tries harder to only list
      devices once.
    - The RAOP sink module now handles latency better and is
      compatible with some more devices.
    - The loopback and filter-chain modules now always dequeue the
      last input buffer to avoid stuttering in some cases.
    - The SPA node factory module can now also export nodes. This
      is used to export the PTP clock from the AES67 config file.
    - A bug in module-jack-tunnel was fixed that would cause
      stuttering and corrupted output in some cases.
    - The resampler is now disabled in module-loopback and
      filter-chain when the samplerate is set to follow the graph
    - The way the mixer peer is sent to clients was improved. It is
      now also possible to let a remote node know about mixer port
      removes, which can avoid memory leaks and some code
    * SPA
    - Monitor ports now report latency correctly.
    - The ALSA plugin now uses htimestamp to get a more accurate
      ringbuffer position to estimate the clock skew.
    - The channelmixer now has min/max-volume settings to limit or
      fix the volume.
    - The ALSA plugin can now control the playback and capture rate
      of USB gadgets. This can avoid resampling and instead use the
      USB feedback to control the rate.
    - The ALSA output to multiple devices has been improved, some
      lockups are avoided when the device ringbuffer is full.
    - The compress-offload sink has improved negotiation.
    * pulse-server
    - Only try to use GSettings when the schema exists.
      now correctly handled as targets in playback and capture
    - 2 new quirks are added to disable volume updates on
    - The virtual-sink and virtual-source modules were added. These
      are really example modules but actually also work and are
      useful on PulseAudio so implement them as well.
    - Fix initial stream volumes.
    * Bluetooth
    - Only register A2DP or BAP when we have codecs.
    - Include codec into the
    * JACK
    - Fix a critical bug that would refuse to update the samplerate
      or buffersize.
    - Improve updates of samplerate/buffersize, delay the updates
      until the client is activated.
    - Use the new mix-info updates to simplify the mixer setup and
      peer detection.
    * GStreamer
    - Fill default strides instead of 0 on pipewire video buffers.
  - Remove patch already included upstream:
    * 0001-jack-update-bufsize-and-samplerate-when-skipping-not.patch
  - Move libjack* conflicts from package pipewire-libjack-0_3 (which
    has coinstallable libraries) to pipewire-jack (which includes
    the file).
* Wed May 31 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Have pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2 suggest pipewire-libjack-%{apiver_str}:
    this package requires, so we best use our own
* Fri May 19 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix JACK buffersize updates:
    * 0001-jack-update-bufsize-and-samplerate-when-skipping-not.patch
  - Create a pipewire-jack package that provides jack-daemon (and
    conflicts with any other) and requires the pipewire-libjack
    Move the ld configuration from pipewire-libjack, so that only
    pipewire-jack forces PipeWire to be the default JACK.
* Wed May 17 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.71:
    * Highlights
    - A new zero-latency jackdbus bridge was added. This works
      similar to what PulseAudio has to offer and creates a
      sink/source when jackdbus is started. It is however much more
      efficient and runs the complete PipeWire graph as a
      synchronous JACK client with no added latency.
    - Many performance improvements. Activation of remote nodes is
      more efficient, fewer eventfds are required on the clients,
      less callback overhead in performence critical paths and an
      optimized poll function was added. This was mainly driven by
      the jackdbus module to get the lowest possible overhead when
      running the graph.
    - The JACK notify callback implementation was reworked to
      emulate better what JACK does, improving compatibility with
      ardour7 and the JACK stress test.
    - More work on BAP devices. Device latency is now passed on to
      applications also for multi-device headsets, and channel
      allocation is handled better.
    - Many more improvements and bugfixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Remove the hardcoded limit on io_areas. This is used to link
      nodes together and exchange buffers, it was limited to 2048
      but now dynamically scales based on requirements.
    - Rate and quantum changes are now applied correctly in more
      cases. (#3159)
    - Updates to client-node to more efficiently process the
    - The profiler information was improved to be more accurate.
      It should now work better for remote drivers.
    - Some potential memory map errors were fixed in the protocol
      because in some case with large messages, some fds were
      closed too soon.
    - pw-filter now implements the pw_filter_set_active() method.
    - A potential out-of-buffers case was fixed in capture
      pw-streams where buffers were not moved to the recycle queue
      when the node suspended.
    - Nodes are now always woken up with the eventfd. Previously
      there were some optimiztions in the server to directly call
      into the node process function but that optimization is not
      necessary. Without this optimization it is now possible to
      run nodes in different threads.
    - pw-stream trigger is now implemented correctly in all cases.
    - Remote nodes now use one eventfd less because they get
      triggered with the node eventfd directly.
    - Monitor ports are now ignored in latency updates.
    - A potential race when reporting an error to a client was
      fixed. (#3192)
    - Fix a bug where always_process nodes would sometimes IDLE.
    - Optimize peer activation. Nodes are now activated more
      efficiently and independent of the number of links. It also
      reduces the number of eventfds and memory in remote clients.
    - A bug in property serialization was fixed. Values with spaces
      would only serialize the first part of the value.
    * Modules
    - Correctly handle the echo-canceler plugin init method
      fallback. The samplerate was not correctly configured. This
      is only a regression for people that have external
      echo-canceler plugins.
    - RAOP sink now only sets the volume on the remote end when the
      stream is recording. (#3175)
    - RAOP discover now tries to deduplicate entries from the same
    - A new zero-latency jackdbus bridge was added. This works
      similar to what pulseaudio has to offer and creates a
      sink/source when jackdbus is started. It is however much more
      efficient and runs the complete PipeWire graph as a
      synchronous JACK client.
    - The access module uses a more secure way to check the
      application executable.
    - module-combine-stream now has configurable delay and latency
      for each stream. This can be used to align sinks/sources with
      different latencies.
    - A potential crash in module-pulse-tunnel was fixed when
      shutting down. (#3199)
    - Module-rt will now clamp the nice value to the min allowed
      value to avoid errors from rtkit. (#3186)
    - Fix a bug with the session counters in module-rtp-sap. Also
      use the right format for L24. Improve the AES67 example
    - Improve some warning and info messages in module-rt. (#3194)
    - module-rtp-session should now do something when started
      without arguments.
    - A potential crash in module-rtp-session was fixed. (#3217)
    - module-filter-chain has better error reporting when a
      convolver fails to load. (#3223)
    * SPA
    - Move some things around to avoid compiler warnings. (#3171)
    - Increase mixer ports. Reorganize some things and bump mixer
      input ports from 128 to 512.
    - Fix a potential crash when a node is scheduled before it
      completes the setup.
    - The JACK sink and source SPA plugins have seen some
    - Allow the peaks resampler still if we disabled resampling.
    - Perform more cleanup in audioadapter when in error.
    - An optimized non-cancellable loop implementation was added.
    - Callbacks were optimized with a _fast() varsion that doesn't
      check the version and method. When this check is performed
      earlier, it can be skipped in performance critical places.
    - Some of the callbacks and system methods are now using the
      fast function calls in critical paths.
    - A potential division by zero was fixed in the ALSA plugins.
    - Improve rate and quantum when starting audioconvert.
    - Make it possible to override node.driver in the SPA
      null-audio-driver. (#3220)
    * pulse-server
    - The audio info parameter parsing was refactored and improved.
    - Fix some races with clients exiting when playing samples.
    - An option was added to change or disable the dbus name
      registration. (#2987)
    * Bluetooth
    - Implement battery reporting using AT+XEVENT.
    - Disable hardware volume for 3M WorkTunes.
    - Implement BAP audio locations (channel positions) by using
      the new bluez properties.
    * JACK
    - Fix some errors reported by JACK test.cpp. (#2638)
    - Add option to show/hide midi ports.
    - Add jack.max-client-ports option. JACK also has a port limit
      and so PipeWire needs it as well to make the tests happy.
    - Call the shutdown callback only when the server stopped, not
      when there is a random error. (#3070)
    - Avoid registering the same port name twice.
    - Call port registration callbacks in activate/deactivate.
    - Improve jack_port_connected().
    - Improve some error reporting.
    - The JACK headers were updated to a newer version.
    - JACK callbacks are now managed with an event queue to
      simulate more what JACK does. This avoids emiting callbacks
      when a method is blocking for a reply and causing deadlocks.
    - Assign unique names to JACK clients. (#2833)
    - Fix a potential crash when the thread_utils was used after
    - Aliases are now not filled in by default to improve JACK
      compatibility. (#3154)
    * ALSA
    - The ALSA plugin will now wait for negotiation to complete or
      an error before _prepare() completes. This makes more
      applications deal correctly with the potential errors.
    * Docs
    - A new document about how scheduling is implemented was added.
    - Update the pw-cli man page. (#2988)
    - Document the SPA Pod serialization.
    - Document the PipeWire native protocol.
* Tue May 02 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Make pipewire-alsa conflict with alsa-plugins-pulse as both
    provide /etc/alsa/conf.d/99-*-default.conf
  - Replace "ffmpeg-5" with the ffmpeg_pref macro.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-Revert-alsa-mixer-allow-to-re-attach-the-mixer-control.patch
    * 0002-alsa-fix-area-pointers.patch
* Thu Apr 20 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.70:
    * Highlights:
    - Fix a regression in the scheduler that could keep some nodes
    - Fix a regression in the biquad filters in filter-chain.
    - Fix a regression and potential crash in the ALSA mixer
    - Fix a regression in pipewiresrc with timestamps that could
      cause cheese to record video with wrong timestamps.
    - Beamforming support was enabled in the echo-canceler.
    - pulse-tunnel and raop-sink will now proxy local volume
      changes to the remote end.
    - More bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a bug in the graph scheduler where some nodes might stay
      IDLE in some cases (like when connecting the source of the
      echo-canceler to the sink).
    - pw-metadata can now be created from the factory with initial
      values for the metadata. (#3076)
    - Conditions were added to the pipewire config file to make it
      possible to configure the access module and the exec sections.
    - Support was added in pw-stream to intercept and override
      properties for the adapter. This can be used to implement
      custom volume control, for example.
    * Tools
    - pw-metadata can now list all available metadata objects with
      the -l option.
    - A new pw-config tool was added to debug configuration file
      loading and parsing.
    * Modules
    - The webrtc echo canceler now supports beamforming. You can
      provide the coordinates of the microphones and let webrtc
      perform beamforming on the captured samples to improve
      quality and remove noise.
    - Fix a regression in the filter-chain with biquad filters.
      (#3161) and improve error reporting.
    - The pulse-tunnel will now proxy the volume changes to the
      remote end.
    - The RAOP sink will now send volume parameters to control the
      volume remotely. (#2061)
    * SPA
    - One ALSA commit was not correctly reverted and might cause
    - The ALSA sink and source now calculate the ALSA ringbuffer
      memory location more correctly wich might improve
      compatibility with some hardware.
    - v4l2 now sets the values of the controls in the Props param.
    * Pulse-server
    - The echo-canceler aec_args are now parsed like they would be
      under pulseaudio.
    * Bluetooth
    - More work on synchronizing BAP devices.
    * GStreamer
    - The GStreamer source can now renegotiate the format when it
    - The GStreamer source now uses the BaseSrc clocking code to
      implement the clock and timing code.
  - Rebase patch:
    * reduce-meson-dependency.patch
  - Enable the ffmpeg plugin only in TW, since ffmpeg-5-mini doesn't
    seem to be available in Leap/SLE
* Tue Apr 18 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - reenable ffmpeg plugin by building against ffmpeg-5-mini
* Sat Apr 15 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Add patch from upstream for
    * 0001-Revert-alsa-mixer-allow-to-re-attach-the-mixer-control.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix some potentially broken devices:
    * 0002-alsa-fix-area-pointers.patch
* Fri Apr 14 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Only apply reduce-meson-dependency.patch when meson present
    during build is too old.
* Fri Apr 14 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to build pipewire in Leap 15.4:
    * reduce-meson-dependency.patch
* Thu Apr 13 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.69:
    * Highlights:
    - Reverted the UCM changes, they seem to cause regressions
      causing audio to be muted in some cases.
    - Fix a regression in the scheduler where a driver node might
      not be marked as runnable in some cases, like when
      echo-cancel is used.
    - Handle links from the driver to itself. This makes the midi
      bridge work again.
    - ALSA rate matching for sources was fixed. It would previously
      wait too long for rate matching and then cause drift. This
      should reduce crackling and stuttering whan capturing in
      low latency.
    - Fix the GStreamer clock to make cheese video recording work
    - More fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire:
    - Fix a regression in the scheduler where a driver node might
      not be marked as runnable in some cases, like when
      echo-cancel is used.
    - Handle links from the driver to itself. This makes the midi
      bridge work again.
    - Some man pages were improved.
    - Fix a potential crash when thread-loop is destroyed before
      the loop.
    * Modules:
    - A new raw biquad filter was added to filter-chain. You can
      manually set the 6 parameters and you can use this to create
      custom filters per sample rate.
    - The echo-canceller now supports different channels for the
      capture and playback streams.
    * SPA:
    - A SB Audigy specific profile set was added to make better use
      of the controls.
    - More ALSA IRQ based scheduling improvements.
    - ALSA rate matching for sources was fixed. It would previously
      wait too long for rate matching and then cause drift. This
      should reduce crackling and stuttering whan capturing in
      low latency.
    - The echo-cancel plugin API has a new method to make it
      possible to have different channels for capture, source and
    - Reverted the UCM changes, they seem to cause regressions
      causing audio to be muted in some cases.
    * Bluetooth:
    - Many more BAP fixes and improvements. Devices are now
      created as a set and can be combined into one device by the
      session manager.
    * GStreamer:
    - Fix the GStreamer clock to make cheese video recording work
  - Enable gstreamer-device-provider (rh#2183691).
* Thu Apr 06 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.68:
    * Highlights:
    - Symbolic links to the pipewire binary are now used instead of
      recompiling the same binary multiple times.
    - Changes to the graph scheduler related to quantum/rate
      updates and calculation of the node states. Things should
      start and switch between quantums and rates more smoothly now
      and especially virtual devices should now only run when
    - A new RTP session module was added. This uses the Apple MIDI
      protocol to configure low-latency bidirectional MIDI (and
      with a PipeWire specific extension, also audio) between
      machines. OPUS encoding was added to the RTP formats.
      The SAP module was separated from the rtp-sink/source module
      to make it more usable.
    - A new runtime debug property was added to all streams and
      nodes to trigger a save of the raw samples to a wav file.
      Support for this has also been added to the echo-canceler to
      debug potential issues.
    - Module pulse-tunnel has improved rate matching and
      synchronisation support. It should also not drift anymore for
      capture devices.
    - The link-factory now ignores by default the link.passive
      property. This means that tools like pw-link or jack clients
      and wireplumber can't make passive links anymore. The reason
      is that there is now much more advanced logic in PipeWire
      itself to handle passive links based on node and port
    - The RAOP sink was ported to new OpenSSL functions. Digest
      passwords are handled correctly now and support for more
      devices was added.
    - The ACP code was updated with new PulseAudio UCM code:
      "Create multiple profiles per verb for conflicting devices".
      This might change the names of devices, profiles and ports so
      scripts might need to be updated.
    - Upmixing is disabled again by default. We now ship config
      files that distros can install to enable upmixing again. The
      reason being that PipeWire should not apply fancy DSP
      processing to audio by default.
    - Many cleanups and bugfixes, including some crashes and memory
      corruption bugs.
    * PipeWire:
    - Don't crash when calling _connect twice in stream/filter.
    - Links are now installed instead of compiling the pipewire
      binary multiple times.
    - There is now a new core event bound_props that augments the
      bound_id event with the global properties. This can be used
      to get the global.serial among other global properties.
      It also makes it possible in the future to let the server
      allocate unique names or uuids.
    - Fix a bug where the server could go into an infinite
      reconfigure loop when the samplerate of a driver would
    - When a samplerate was forced, restore the previous best
      samplerate when the samplerate is no longer forced.
    - Rework how the states of the nodes in the graph are
      calculated. A more refined algorithm is now used that only
      runs nodes that need to run.
    - Rework how the quantum change is applied to the graph.
      Drivers are now responsible for using the new updated
      rate/quantum before starting a new cycle. This avoids
      starting a cycle with an old quantum first.
    - pw-stream and pw-filter will now ensure that the Trigger
      event is called from the main thread.
    - node.force-rate=0 will now force the node.rate on the graph,
      forcefully switching the hardware into the new rate if
    - Additional checks were added to the thread-loop to check
      locking order.
    - Additional checks were added to pw-stream and pw-filter to
      check if methods are called from the right thread context.
    * modules:
    - A new RTP session module was added. This uses the Apple MIDI
      protocol to configure bidirectional MIDI (or audio) between
    - SAP support was removed from module-rtp-source and
      module-rtp-sink and moved to a separate module. This makes it
      possible to use the RTP modules without SAP support as well.
    - The echo-cancel module now has support to save the signals to
      a wav file for debugging purposes.
    - The RTP modules now have support for the OPUS codec.
    - The RAOP module was ported to new openssl encryption
      functions and handles digest passwords correctly now.
    - module-raop-discover now has match rules to be able to select
      the streams and set properties.
    - Module pulse-tunnel has improved rate matching and
      synchronisation support.
    - Fix potential memory corruption and infinite loops because
      module-pulse-tunnel was unloaded from the wrong thread.
    - The link-factory now ignores by default the link.passive
      property. This means that tools like pw-link or jack clients
      and wireplumber can't make passive links anymore. The reason
      is that there is now much more advanced logic in PipeWire
      itself to handle passive links based on node and port
    - module-echo-cancel will now clear its buffers after a suspend
      to avoid playing stray samples.
    - module-raop-sink will now handle 0 timing_port replies.
    * SPA:
    - The adapter module now has support for saving the raw audio
          to a wav file for debugging purposes.
    - The ACP code was updated with new PulseAudio UCM code:
      "Create multiple profiles per verb for conflicting devices".
      This might change the names of devices, profiles and ports so
      scripts might need to be updated.
    - Upmixing was disabled again by default. We now ship config
      files that distros can install to enable upmixing again.
    - audioadapter and audioconvert have seen improvements in the
      experimental non-DSP/passthrough mode.
    - Fix a potential race where the dummy drivers could fail to
      stop a timer and cause endless warnings in the logs.
    - The ALSA plugin has experimental support for IRQ based
      scheduling. This should decrease latency for some
      (mostly USB) drivers. This should bring latency within JACK
    - Audioconvert now has support for volume ramping.
    - A new loop method was added the check if a thread is
      currently running the loop.
    - channelmix.disable and resample.disable now generate an error
      when true and channelmixing or resampling is required in the
    * Bluetooth:
    - Fix a crash in some cases when a device was disconnected.
    - Support async transport state changes. This avoids some
      lockups when the bluetooth backend is having issues.
    - Align BAP sinks. This improves synchronization between
    * ALSA:
    - Improve properties in pw-top and pavucontrol.
    * pulse-server:
    - Improve error handling from pulse-tunnel.
    - Generate silence correctly for unsigned formats as well.
    - Review buffer params. The streams should now just work with
      1 or 2 buffers.
    - module-rtp-send and module-rtp-recv now have support for the
      OPUS codec.
    * JACK:
    - Make sure we don't call any callbacks anymore when
    * GStreamer:
    - Sort the device by priority in deviceprovider.
* Sun Mar 19 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add pkgconfig(lc3) BuildRequires, and pass
    bluez5-codec-lc3=enabled to meson.
* Thu Mar 09 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.3.67:
    * Highlights:
    - The loopback module and other couples streams will now not
      randomly fail in some cases.
    - The RTP module now has support for sending and receiving MIDI
      as well.
    - The compress offload sink has seen many improvements. It now
      uses ioctls directly to bypass limitations of tinycompress
      (to be able to detect the available codecs, for example).
    - Pulse server compatibility was improved for some apps by
      improving the format parsing and FIX_ stream flag handling.
    - The min quantum in the pulse server was changed from
      256/48000 to 128/48000 to fix some issues with games that
      expect 5ms or less of latency.
    - The Bluetooth plugin has seen many improvements in packet
      scheduling to attempt to reduce stuttering on some devices.
    - The ALSA plugin now handles some impossible cases better.
      This fixes recording in QEMU again.
    * PipeWire:
    - SPDX tags were added to the code for copyright information.
    - The random number functions were made more usable.
    - The port property code was moved from the adapter to the port
      implementation itself to make it more useful and unified for
      the cases where no adapter is used (midi and video).
    - Fix a potential overflow in mixer areas.
    - Improve runnable state calculations of nodes. This is part of
      ongoing work to avoid running nodes that should not need to
    - The stream will now always call the process function when
      using trigger, even if there are no buffers. This avoids
      stalls of the processing graph in some cases.
    - Links are now marked as passive by PipeWire itself so that
      the right thing happens in all cases.
    - Implement the in/out/true values for the node.passive
    - Place a passive state on ports to make passive links on a
      port by port basis.
    * Tools: pw-cat has seen improvements in the encoded file
      playback case.
    * Modules:
    - The rtp module has support for MIDI now.
    - DSCP is now configurable in the RTP module.
    - The loopback module doesn't randomly fail to work anymore.
    * SPA:
    - The null-audio sink can now be given a format and it will
      return this instead of the default float ones. This makes it
      possible to make a null-sink that has a given format.
    - The compress offload sink has seen many improvements. It now
      no longer uses tinycompress to be able to detect the
      available codecs.
    - The ALSA plugin now handles some impossible cases better.
    - Fix compilation on older compilers.
    * Pulse-server:
    - The FIX_ flags are now implemented more correctly by fixating
      the stream to the format of the sink/source they ask to be
      connected to.
    - There is now also an option to override the fixation based on
    - Format parsing was improved and should now support all format
      strings supported by pulseaudio including upper and lower
      case variants and shortcuts.
    - Channelmap parsing was improved and should now reject invalid
      channelmaps as well as support the shortcuts supported by
    - Escape codes in module arguments now work as it does in
    - The min quantum was changed from 256/48000 to 128/48000 to
      fix some issues with games that expect 5ms or less of
    * JACK:
    - jack.passive-links can now be used to have a JACK client make
      passive links and the node.passive property is no longer used
      for this because it has a different function.
    - The qsynth rule was updated to the new node.passive features.
      It is now only passive on the output side.
    * Bluetooth:
    - BAP delay and transport latency are handled now.
    - A2DP and SCO can now use bigger buffers to improve quality
      when the reception is jittery.
    - The AT+BCC command is now implemented.
    - Packet encoding now happens ahead of time when possible to
      avoid delays before sending it.
    - Source should now always produce complete (padded) buffers to
      avoid sync problems.
    - Don't set unnecessary socket options.
    * GStreamer:
    - The pipewiresrc now has an autoconnect argument.
    - The metadata plane count is now handled correctly in more
    - Stream errors are now handled correctly to stop the GStreamer
* Tue Feb 28 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add a suggests on the pipewire-jack packages to avoid the jack
    versions getting picked for dependency resolution
* Thu Feb 16 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.66:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression in the pulseaudio module-combine-stream
      because the new module-combine-stream was not installed.
    - PipeWire can now generate a limits.d config file with our
      recommended settings for priorities and memlock.
    - Modules, exec and objects can now be loaded depending on
      conditions. One example is the X11-bell module that can now
      be disabled with a custom property override.
    - Filter-chain has a new mysofa based spacialiser plugin.
    - Support was added for different clocks that allow the RTP
      modules to work with a PTP clock, for example.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Avoid rate switches when the graph is idle.
    - The rate selection algorithm was improved. This ensures
      minimal performance and quality loss when resampling.
    - The default min.quantum was set to 32 again after it got
      erronously changed to (the too low) 16 in version 0.3.45.
    - Fix compilation issues with rust bindings because of macros
      in defines. Work around it for now.
    - Invalid file mappings are now refused.
    - Modules, exec and objects can now be loaded depending on
      conditions. One example is the X11-bell module that can now
      be disabled with a custom property override.
    - Filter now also supports _trigger_process() to drive the
    - TID is now added to the journald log.
    - PipeWire generates and installs
      `/etc/security/limits.d/25-pw-rlimits.conf` that by default
      contains project's recommended settings. Creation of the
      pipewire group is left to the distro or user
      ( `groupadd -r pipewire` ). See the rlimits-* Meson options
      for controlling this behaviour.
    - Additionally there is now by default disabled Meson option
      that will install
      `/etc/security/limits.d/20-pw-defaults.conf` with the current
      Linux default memlock value. Distros with only kernels >=5.16
      or always using systemd v251 or newer do not need this.
      But all other builds should set the
      `-Dpam-defaults-install=true` Meson option to ensure that the
      memlock value is always large enough.
    * modules
    - Install module-combine-stream.
    - RTP source now has support for custom channel names.
    - RTP source will now stop when inactive.
    - Filter-chain has a new mysofa based spacializer plugin.
    - The RTP modules can now use direct clock timestamps to send
      and receive packets. This makes it possible to synchronise
      sender and receiver with a PTP clock, for example.
    - Filter-chain now has an invert plugin to invert the polarity
      of a signal.
    * SPA
    - There is now an option to set the channels used for probing
      Pro Audio devices. This could unlock more samplerates for
      some devices when they are probed with fewer channels.
    - Support was added for other clocks than the MONOTONIC clock
      in the driver nodes. This can be used to synchronise the
      graph to a PTP clock, for example.
    - The ALSA source has some more headroom when rate matching to
      avoid stuttering when following another driver.
    - libcamera controls are now mapped to standard PipeWire
      property values.
    - The channelmixer has seen some improvements.
      MONO and undefined channel layouts are now upmixed and
      downmixed more correctly.
    * Bluetooth
    - Many BAP support fixes.
    * GStreamer
    - The gstreamer elements now support buffer video metadata so
      that strides are correctly handled.
    - pipewiresrc will now error out correctly in more cases.
    * JACK
    - The frame to/from time functions are improved to also work
      with negative time and frame offsets.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-modules-also-install-module-combine-stream.patch
* Thu Jan 26 2023 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.65:
    * Highlights
    - Add back the deprecated symbols but make sure a deprecated
      warning is emitted for them. This fixes compilation issues in
    - Fix an error in the AVX code that could cause crackling in
      filter-chain when using the mixer.
    - The convolver in filter-chain can now select an IR from a
      list of IRs that best matches the current samplerate. Also
      resampling of the IR  has been improved.
    - A new native module-combine-stream was added. You can use
      this to create a 5.1 device from 3 stereo soundcards, for
      example, or direct the output to multiple sinks at once.
    - Support for Bluetooth MIDI was added. This requires a
      wireplumber addition as well.
    - An ALSA plugin rule was added to tweak the buffer settings in
      Davinci Resolve so that it now runs with acceptable latency.
    - Support for compress offload was added using tinycompress.
      This allows compressed formats to be decoded in hardware
      using ALSA on some devices.
    - Many more buffixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Add back the deprecated symbols but make sure a deprecated
      warning is emitted for them.
    - Fix a regression when running older servers and newer clients
      (such as flatpaks on older server) where the server would run
      clients too soon, causing crashes.
    - Ensure that environment variables override any config values.
    * Tools
    - pw-cli has received some improvements in the output.
    - pw-cat can now use ffmpeg to demux streams for compress
    * modules
    - The convolver IR volume is now preserved after resampling.
    - Adapter ports can now have a custom prefix.
    - module-rt now clamps the realtime priority to the user
      allowed one if it is within an acceptable range. Before it
      would fall back to RTKit immediately.
    - The module-echo-cancel can now have per stream channel
      layouts which makes it possible to link to specific audio
      ports on a device.
    - Fix an error in the AVX code that could cause crackling in
      filter-chain when using the mixer.
    - The convolver in filter-chain can now select an IR from a
      list of IRs that best matches the current sample-rate.
    - module-pipe-* now better matches the pulseaudio properties.
    - A new combine-stream module was added to combine multiple
      sinks into one sink. It is also possible to merge multiple
      sources into one.
    - module-rtp-source now has match rules to select what SAP
      sessions to stream from. There were also improvements to the
      buffering and latency handling.
    - module-rtp-sink now handles multicast loopback correctly.
    - module-rtp-sink implements min-ptime and max-ptime to control
      the send packet latency.
    * SPA
    - A new modifier flag was added to the video format parser
      helper to allow 0 (linear) as a valid modifier.
    - Params includes were reorganized to make it more scalable.
      Many compressed audio formats were added.
    - The alsa pcm plugin now handles invalid values from the
      driver gracefully.
    - Fix some potential stuttering cause by wrong scaling and
      overflow of the output buffers in audioconvert.
    - Debug output is now also sent to the log instead of stdout.
    - A debug context was added to debug macros to implement custom
      debug handling. This is used to redirect the debug of pods to
      the debug log instead of using some custom duplicated code.
    - Fix some warnings for potentially undefined shifts in format
    - Support for compress offload was added using tinycompress.
      This is mostly used on some embedded hardware where decoding
      of audio formats can be done in hardware.
    * Bluetooth
    - Some fixes for LE audio were added.
    - Support for Bluetooth MIDI was added. This requires a
      wireplumber addition as well.
    - Reply OK to empty commands.
    - Improve compatibility with some devices that send stray \n
      such as the Sennheiser HD 350BT.
    * pulse-server
    - Devices with unsupported formats (by the pulseaudio API) are
      now also listed in the pulseaudio API (with invalid formats).
    - The native module-combine-stream is used for
    * JACK
    - Make jack.merge-monitor default to true to better match the
      jack1/2 behaviour. Add an exception for mixxx, which is more
      usable with unmerged monitors.
    * ALSA
    - The property handling in the ALSA plugin was improved. and alsa.rules can now be added to the config
    - A rule was added to tweak the buffer settings in
      Davinci Resolve so that it can run with acceptable latency.
    - ALSA volume will now also use cubic volumes, like pulseaudio.
    - The ALSA ctl plugin now also uses the client-rt.conf file.
    - A new alsa.volume-method was added to configure cubic or
      linear volume.
      This can be set per application using the rules.
    * GStreamer
    - pipewiresrc will now advertise DMABUF support if the pipeline
      supports this.
    - pipewiresrc will now always be a live source unless told
  - Drop reduce-meson-dependency.patch: openSUSE Leap 15.3 is
    no longer supported.
  - Add patch to install module-combine-stream:
    * 0001-modules-also-install-module-combine-stream.patch
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-cpu-arm-Fix-incorrect-free.patch
    * 0001-alsa-guard-against-some-invalid-values.patch
    * 0001-spa-Fix-audioconvert-overflow-when-scaling.patch
* Tue Jan 17 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to avoid division by 0 and other issues
    with invalid values (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2953):
    * 0001-alsa-guard-against-some-invalid-values.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix causing an overflow resulting in
    choppy sound in some cases (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2680):
    * 0001-spa-Fix-audioconvert-overflow-when-scaling.patch
* Mon Jan 16 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix a crash on arm:
    * 0001-cpu-arm-Fix-incorrect-free.patch
* Fri Jan 13 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.64:
    * Highlights
    - Clear old buffer memory on ports to fix some SIGBUS errors.
    - It is now possible to assign custom port names to the ports
      from an adapter. This feature is helpful to those who use a
      multichannel interface with long-term connections. This way
      they can label each port with its designation, such as an
      instrument name or anything else to be displayed in a
      patchbay or DAW.
    - Fix some issues with node suspend and quantum and rate
    - Fix some regressions in pulse-tunnel and RTP-source adaptive
      resampling that could cause synchronization problems.
    - UCM devices now also have a Pro Audio profile.
    - NODE_TARGET (with the is now deprecated, use
      TARGET_OBJECT (with the object.serial, which is not reused
      and can avoid races).
    * PipeWire
    - Clear all peer input port buffers when suspending. This fixes
      some SIGBUS errors when some plugins were using old memory.
    - Fix a case where nodes that were not supposed to be
      suspended, were kept suspended on a rate change.
    - Fix an error in the quantum and rate calculations that could
      cause nodes to run with wrong quantum and rates when multiple
      rates were allowed. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2925)
    * Tools
    - pw-dump will now sort dictionaries to make it easier to
      compare different outputs.
    - Improve output of pw-reserve.
    - pw-loopback uses TARGET_OBJECT so you will need to use the
      serial id (or better the name) as the target instead of the
      object id.
    * modules
    - The filter-chain modules has seen some cleanups, refactoring
      and optimizations in the various DSP functions.
    - The ROC module now supports setting a custom samplerate.
    - ROC 0.2.X is now required.
    - The pulse tunnel and RTP source were not updating the rate
      field correctly which could cause synchronization problems.
    - The filter-chain now supports an arbitrary number of control
      properties. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2933)
    - It is now possible to assign custom port names to the ports
      from an adapter with the PW_KEY_NODE_CHANNELNAMES.
    - Support was added for capture and playback props in
      echo-cancel. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2939)
    * SPA
    - The ACP code now has an option to set the probe samplerate.
    - UCM devices now also have a Pro Audio profile.
    - Filtering of Step ranges is now implemented.
    * Pulse-Server
    - The channel-map is now set correctly on the echo-cancel
    - source_master and sink_master are now correctly handled in
      module echo-cancel.
    - Fix a regression in DRAIN where resuming after a DRAIN would
      fail. This caused problems for espeak.
    - TARGET_OBJECT is now used to make it possible to use the
      indexes as a target.
    - ladspa-source and remap-source can now also link to monitors.
    * ALSA
    - The ALSA plugin now handles the target.object correctly when
      set to -1. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2893)
    * V4L2
    - The v4l2 replacement library now also follows symlinks.
    - Support for getting and setting controls was added.
    - Support for G_PARM was added.
    - The environment variable PIPEWIRE_V4L2_TARGET can be used to
      force an application onto a specific camera.
    * Bluetooth
    - Fix compilation without ldac_abr.
    - Fix a missing brace in CIND reply. This could cause some
      devices to fail.
    - Fix configuration of the initial latency.
    * GStreamer
    - The device provider now supports setting an fd so that it can
      connect to PipeWire sessions from the portal.
    - DMABuf support was re-enabled in gstpipewiresrc.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Remove patches from upstream
    * 0001-pulse-server-add-channel-map-in-echo-cancel-module.patch
    * 0003-bluez5-backend-native-fix-missing-brace-in-CIND-reply.patch
    * 0001-modules-fix-rate-update.patch
    * 0001-alsa-fix-memory-leak-of-properties.patch
    * 0001-module-rt-fix-warning-when-xdg-desktop-portal-isnt-running.patch
    * 0001-midifile-error-won-invalid-track-size.patch
    * 0001-impl-node-move-2-state-variables-to-private.patch
    * 0001-context-rename-a-method.patch
    * 0002-impl-node-restore-running-state-after-reconfigure.patch
    * 0001-context-keep-per-node-quantum-and-rate-settings.patch
    * 0001-fix-use_buffers-checks.patch
    * 0001-pulse-server-clear-the-drained-state-correctly.patch
* Wed Jan 11 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add several patches from upstream to fix several issues
    (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2925, glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2928,
    * 0001-module-rt-fix-warning-when-xdg-desktop-portal-isnt-running.patch
    * 0001-midifile-error-won-invalid-track-size.patch
    * 0001-impl-node-move-2-state-variables-to-private.patch
    * 0001-context-rename-a-method.patch
    * 0002-impl-node-restore-running-state-after-reconfigure.patch
    * 0001-context-keep-per-node-quantum-and-rate-settings.patch
    * 0001-fix-use_buffers-checks.patch
    * 0001-pulse-server-clear-the-drained-state-correctly.patch
* Thu Jan 05 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Disable ffmpeg support, only needed for pw-play and pw-record.
    Break a circular dependency with ffmpeg-5. Do this via disabling
    pkgconfig(libavcodec), pkgconfig(libavfilter) and
    pkgconfig(libavformat) BuildRequires as well as passing
    ffmpeg=disabled to meson.
* Wed Jan 04 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix pulse tunnel getting out of
    sync/overruns (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2891):
    * 0001-modules-fix-rate-update.patch
  - Add patch from upstream to fix memory leak of properties:
    * 0001-alsa-fix-memory-leak-of-properties.patch
* Fri Dec 30 2022 Predrag Ivanović <>
  - Ship only X11 bell module in module-x11 sub-package
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Split the X11 bell implementation into a separate package
    (overlaps with implementations in e.g. Marco).
  - Add patch from upstream to fix a Bluetooth regression
    * 0003-bluez5-backend-native-fix-missing-brace-in-CIND-reply.patch
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to remember last routing after a reboot
* Thu Dec 15 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.63:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a critical bug that causes audio distortion in some cases
      when using AVX2.
    - Fix a crash in mpv caused by deinit of PipeWire.
    - Resample the convolver IR to match the graph samplerate for
      better results.
    - Many more small bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a segfault in the PipeWire deinit code triggered by mpv
      in some cases.
    - Fix docs about SPA_PLUGIN_DIR.
    - Always dlclose by default (even under valgrind). Add an
      option with PIPEWIRE_DLCLOSE to select alternative behaviour.
    - Improve PIPEWIRE_DEBUG category handling.
    * modules
    - Resample the IR for the convolver when the IR samplerate and
      graph rate don't match.
    * SPA
    - Handle spurious reads from timerfd gracefully.
    - Fix potential stack-use-after-scope when starting Audacity.
    - Fix distorted audio when using AVX2.
    - Remove fallback to default channel map in channelmix.
    - Improve sorting of MIDI events, use the same order as Ardour.
    - Enable LFE downmixing by default.
    - Make IEC958/AC3 and IEC958/DTS work better by enforcing a
      fixed minimal buffering for the encoder to avoid stuttering.
    * Pulse-Server
    - Add a new pulse.cmd config section to execute pulse commands,
      currently only for loading modules. This removes the
      dependency on pactl.
    - Improve debug of messages.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Add patch to add channel-map in the echo-cancel module:
    * 0001-pulse-server-add-channel-map-in-echo-cancel-module.patch
* Sat Dec 10 2022 Predrag Ivanović <>
  - Refresh reduce-meson-dependency.patch
* Fri Dec 09 2022 Predrag Ivanović <>
  - Update to version 0.3.62:
    * Highlights
    - A regression in screensharing was fixed. It was caused by a race when
      activating links and driver nodes.
    - Video transform metadata was added so that cameras and screen sharing
      can report the video orientation and transformations.
    - Support for the PulseAudio module-gsettings was added to make paprefs
    - Support for bluetooth offloading was added. This allows for the bluetooth
      reception, decoding and playback to happen completely in hardware.
      This also requires some support in WirePlumber.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - More work on stopping nodes in a more controlled way.
    - Fix a race in starting nodes and drivers. In some cases the driver
      node would already be started while the link to the peer node was not
      ready yet. This caused regressions in screen sharing. The driver is
      now only started after all the followers and links completed.
    - Fix a case where a slow capture stream would not recycle buffers
      anymore and stall. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2874)
    - Fix a subtle bug in pw_loop_invoke that could cause callbacks to be
      delayed and cause crashes in some cases.
    - Fix a case where IPC was done from the data-thread and could cause
    * Tools
    - Silence some expected errors in the pw-top output.
    * modules
    - The filter-chain has seen some optimizations in the copy plugin and
      the convolver.
    - The zeroconf plugin will now only unpublish services from the server
      that was removed.
    - Fix a potential crash when stopping pw-loopback.
    - Some harmless errors were turned into info messages.
    - Fix some cases where pw_stream methods were called from the data-thread
      that could cause segfaults. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2633)
    * SPA
    - There is now a video transform metadata that indicates how a video
      frame was transformed (rotated/flipped). libcamera and the GStreamer
      elements now have support for this metadata.
    - The SPA volume plugin is now disabled from the default build.
    - Handle missing control info in libcamera.
    - Handle errors from loop better, don't call the callbacks on errors.
    - Somewhat improve performance in some audioconvert AVX2 code for format
    - Fix PortConfig and EnumPortConfig params in audioconvert and
      audioadapter to reflect what is actually going on instead of using
      hardcoded values.
    - Pass ignore-dB property correctly in all cases.
    - Probing is now done in 48KHz again. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2857)
    * Pulse-server
    - IPv4 addresses are now added first to the list and exposed first with
      zeroconf discover.
    - module-gsettings was added to make paprefs work.
    - The pulse.idle.timeout option was disabled by default and only enabled
      for selected apps (speech-dispatcher) because it caused some problems
      for other apps. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2880)
    * JACK
    - Only process valid ports. Could fix some crashes. (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2863)
    * Bluetooth
    - Support was added for offloading bluetooth handling. Some hardware can
      receive, decode and play the bluetooth audio directly in hardware.
* Sun Dec 04 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Drop dependency on SDL2; this leads to a build cycle with SDL2
    itself, and is only needed for pipewire example code anyway.
* Thu Nov 24 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.61:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a bug in audioadapter that could cause crashes when
      switching bluetooth profiles.
    - Fix sound in QEMU, deadbeef and openal again.
    - libcamera plugin fixes, dynamic add and remove should now
      work with the next wireplumber version.
    - Fix a regression in pw-midiplay where the first buffer would
      not play and some events would be missing.
    - The network module now doesn't export other network sources
    - pulse-server now detects clients that keep underrunning for a
      long time and will pause them to save power.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Optimise away some useless graph recalculations.
    - Increase alternative sample rates from 16 to 32.
    - Silence some module loading errors when the error can be
    - Fix initial buffer requested size for pw-stream when
      operating in async mode. This also indirectly fixes the first
      buffer in pw-midiplay.
    * Modules
    - Set the network property on pulse-tunnel streams so that they
      are not exported anymore.
    - Filter-chain has optimized mix functions now.
    * SPA
    - Handle some errors in libcamera better.
    - Fix libcamera remove events. Fix the id allocation for
    - Fix a bug in audioadapter where it would not renegotiate
      after a port reconfiguration, leading to crashes, especially
      when automatically switching profiles in bluetooth.
    - Do ALSA probing in 44100Hz again. Some devices seem to fail
      otherwise for some unknown reason.
    - Force playback start when the ALSA buffer is full. This fixes
      sound in QEMU.
    - Support Digital 5.1 AC3 for Asus Xonar SE.
    - Improve format renegotiation in audioadapter. This makes the
      ALSA plugin work again for deadbeef.
    - Fix latency reporting on adapter DSP ports.
    * pulse-server
    - Fix a bug where openal based applications would hang.
    - Improve zeroconf publish. Only publish on the address of the
      first running server. This avoids duplicate entries for IPv4
      and IPv6.
      Add support for republish entries when new servers are
    - Add a pulse.idle.timeout option (default to 5 seconds) to
      pause streams that have been underrunning for this amount of
      time. Badly behaving clients will then not keep the graph and
      device busy so that devices can be suspended to save battery.
      This should give better default behaviour with
    * JACK
    - Add an option to configure the filter character.
    - Fix connect_callbacks. It was only called once for output
    - Add option to set node.passive on jack clients. Make some
      quirks for qsynth to make it suspend and fade out better.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-audioadapter-perform-setup-again-after-a-PortConfig.patch
    * 0001-pulse-server-also-advance-read-pointer-in-underrun.patch
    * 0002-audioconvert-redo-setup-when-format-changes.patch
    * 0003-acp-do-probing-in-44100Hz-again.patch
    * 0004-alsa-force-playback-start-when-buffer-is-full.patch
* Thu Nov 17 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream that fixes audio in qemu where the buffer
    is very small (glfo#pipewire/pipewire#2830):
    * 0004-alsa-force-playback-start-when-buffer-is-full.patch
* Wed Nov 16 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add more patches from upstream to perform setup in more cases:
    * 0001-audioadapter-perform-setup-again-after-a-PortConfig.patch
    * 0002-audioconvert-redo-setup-when-format-changes.patch
  - Renumber patch 0001-acp-do-probing-in-44100Hz-again.patch to
    * 0003-acp-do-probing-in-44100Hz-again.patch
* Wed Nov 16 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix some devices that don't seem to
    work in 48000Hz:
    * 0001-acp-do-probing-in-44100Hz-again.patch
  - Require pulseaudio-utils from pipewire-pulseaudio to have pactl
    available to load modules.
* Thu Nov 10 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.60:
    * Highlights
    - The filter-chain now handles errors better and has fixes for
      many crasher bugs.
    - A new RTP module was added with a sender and receiver.
      It uses SAP to announce and consume RTP streams and is
      compatible with the PulseAudio RTP modules.
    - Many small bluetooth improvements and fixes.
    - The alsa plugin will now only start playback when there is
      data. This results in better synch and lower latency between
      capture and playback.
    - The v4l2 and libcamera plugins have seen a lot of
      improvements. They support control properties now. Also
      pw-v4l2 has seen many improvements and mostly passes the
      v4l2-compliance test now.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Code cleanups, compiler warning fixes.
    - Add some extra checks to avoid scheduling an inactive node.
    - Rework the sequence of events to start and stop nodes.
    - Improve param enumeration.
    - An option was added to give priority to the Buffer params of
      the consumer. This makes it possible to use the default
      values of the consumer (instead of the producer) when
      capturing from a source.
    - The graph rate selection was improved to pick a rate closest
      to the requested one (instead of picking the default).
    * Modules
    - Fix some crashes in filter-chain.
    - X11 Bell module will now be loaded by default when available.
    - A new RTP module was added with a sender and receiver. It
      uses SAP to announce and consume RTP streams and is
      compatible with the PulseAudio RTP modules.
    - Improve RAOP compatibility.
    - The echo-cancel module now uses the resampler prefill option
      to align input and output samples without buffering. Better
      latency control when starting and stopping has been
    - The pulse tunnel will now write aligned samples to pulseaudio
      even when the ringbuffer wraps around. This fixes playback
      issues with multichannel sinks.
    - Add a delay option to module-loopback using a ringbuffer.
    - Implement echo-cancel params.
    - The filter-chain module has better error reporting.
    - The LADSPA search path was extended with some more common
    - The echo-cancel input can now also be a monitor of a sink.
      This improves compatibility with some proton games that
      expect a real sink instead of a virtual one.
    * Tools
    - Better error reporting in pw-link.
    - pw-top now also shows IEC958 passthrough formats and
      JPEG/H264 video formats.
    - pw-top refreshes the screen faster.
    - pw-top now prints the state of the node and shows less info
      for inactive nodes.
    - pw-dump now uses the new seq field in the spa_param_info to
      discard old param updates and avoid duplicate params in the
    * Bluetooth
    - Add ModemManager support in the native backend.
    - Clean up GetManagedObjects handling.
    - Handle QoS from the endpoints in the codec.
    - Increase the socket buffer to have more control over the rate
      and QoS.
    - Simplify the packet flushing code.
    - Stop processing nodes before destroying them.
    - Fix timers when a source switches drivers.
    - Codecs can now share endpoints. This reduces the amount of
      endpoints and avoids problems with devices that can't handle
      a large amount of codec endpoints.
    - Report batery status to UPower for HFP AG.
    - Fix bitpool increase.
    * SPA
    - The audioresampler now avoids clicks and pops between
      activating and deactivating the adaptive resampler when used
      by the stream API.
    - Use default locale to parse float parameters.
    - The upmix functions now have SSE optimisations.
    - Avoid recalculating the complete channelmix setup when only
      the volume changes.
    - The alsa plugin will now only start playback when there is
      data. This results in better synch and lower latency between
      capture and playback.
    - The ALSA MIDI sequencer will now pull data from the graph
      even when it did not output anything. Fixes some graph stalls
      with the sequencer in some cases.
    - v4l2 and libcamera sources now recycle buffers when nothing
      is consuming them. This avoids stalling the graph.
    - libcamera now suggests a more appropriate frame size than the
      smallest poster frame.
    - Improve state changes in audioconvert.
    - A new seq field was added to spa_param_info to keep track of
      pending param updates.
    - Support speaker output only on RealTek ALC4080.
    - The v4l2 source now supports setting controls.
    - The libcamera plugin now supports enumerating and setting
    - A new unit test for 6.1 channel mapping was added.
      More debug info was added to audioconvert for the channel
    - Audioconvert will now also upmix a rear-center channel when
    * pulse-server
    - Add support for the RTP send and recv modules with the new
      native RTP module.
    - Add option to set latency for pulse-tunnel streams and
    - The socket will now be given the same permissions as what
      pulseaudio did (0777).
    - Implement module-loopback latency_msec correctly with the new
      delay parameter.
    - sysfs.path is now filled with the same data as pulseaudio.
    - The manager now uses the new seq field in the spa_param_info.
    - Fix a bug where in some cases the read pointer would get out
      of synch and cause too large requests.
    * ALSA
    - The alsa plugin now reuses the stream in prepare which
      results in better performance.
    - Some deadlocks have been fixed in the ALSA plugin.
    - The ALSA plugin reports more accurate timing information in
      some cases.
    * V4l2
    - The v4l2 compatibility layer has received a lot of updates.
    - Improved node names and format enumeration.
    - Support for multiple /dev/videoX devices, each mapped to a
      unique PipeWire node.
    - Passes the v4l2-compliance test now with both the v4l2 and
      libcamera backend in PipeWire.
    - Improved mmap support for inline buffer memory.
      This makes it possible to consume PipeWire streams.
    - Negotiation works more reliably now.
    * JACK
    - Implement jack_acquire_real_time_scheduling() and
      jack_drop_real_time_scheduling() by keeping the thread utils
      in a global state.
    - Fix jack_client_thread_id() to return NULL when the client is
      not active, just like jack1 and jack2.
    - An option was added to let the jack_set_buffer_size()
      function update the global metadata. A quirk was added so
      that jack_bufsize uses this new feature to make the buffer
      size settings persistent and global, just like jack.
    - jack_port_register() and jack_port_unregister() can be called
      on an active client so make this thread safe.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-filter-chain-iterate-the-port-correctly.patch
    * 0002-spa-support-the-speakers-output-only-case-in-report_.patch
  - Add patch to make Telegram playback work again:
    * 0001-pulse-server-also-advance-read-pointer-in-underrun.patch
* Wed Nov 02 2022 Takashi Iwai <>
  - Fix regression with Dell WD15 Dock and others (bsc#1204719):
* Sat Oct 08 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Add 0001-filter-chain-iterate-the-port-correctly.patch: Fix
    filter-chain convolver segfault at start.
* Sat Oct 01 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.59:
    * Highlights
    - Fix possible wrong samplerate in loopback streams after
      suspend and rate switch.
    - module-filter-chain can now adapt to the graph samplerate.
    - Fix some potential stuttering and crackling in pulse-server.
    - Add Bluetooth LE support. This requires experimental kernel
      and bluez support.
    - The ALSA plugin has more options to control the buffer size.
      This can be used to work around high latency in
      davinci resolve.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Add audio capture example with volume meter.
    - Fix a case where a rate switch would not suspend all the
      nodes of the driver first. This could cause wrong samplerates
      in streams.
    - Fix a case where a node would be Paused while still added to
      the graph, causing potential crashes.
    * Modules
    - module-filter-chain and module-loopback now use the
      resample.prefill option to avoid buffering extra samples and
      causing unwanted latency when resampling is activated.
    - module-filter-chain can now adapt to the graph samplerate.
    - Improve module-raop to support the ALAC codec as raw PCM.
    - Improve RTSP parsing to improve compatibility.
    * Tools
    - Fix 100% CPU in pw-cli monitor mode.
    - spa-acp-tool can now be exited with ctrl-D.
    * SPA
    - Various libcamera fixes and improvements.
    - Set stride on audioconvert output buffers.
    - Make sure we always place the last requested size from the
      resampler on the buffers in pw-stream.
    - Add resample.prefill option in the resampler to fill the
      history with 0 so that we don't have smaller buffers at the
    - Make sure that when an overflow corrupts a POD, that it will
      always stay corrupted.
    - Rate limit some ALSA warnings and reduce some unwanted
    - Don't recalculate the audioconverter state for each
    - Fix some POD parsing inconsistencies and potential overflows.
    - Add support for Asus Xonar SE.
    - Fix Flush command handling. It should not stop playback.
    - Refactor the peaks function and add some unit tests and
    - The channelmix has an optimized nXm converter and new
      unit tests.
    - Normalisation in the channelmixer was fixed.
    * pulse-server
    - The requested latency of record streams was reduced to fix
      some stuttering in Teamspeak.
    - Tweak the max amount of bytes sent to a client.
    - Improve maxlength calculations, this fixes some crackling
      noise with high samplerate and channel counts in some
      players (audacious).
    * Bluetooth
    - Merge Bluetooth LE support.
    - Make sure we are backward compatible with WirePlumber.
    - Fix some HFP and HSP AT command parsing.
    - Use HFP by default over HSP.
    * ALSA
    - Increase max number of periods.
    - The parameters handling was improved. There is now an option
      to set the buffer-bytes of the ALSA plugin.
    - PIPEWIRE_ALSA can now be used as an environment variable to
      restrict the plugin formats and buffer size.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Thu Sep 15 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.58:
    * Highlights
    - Fix a regression that could cause audio crackling.
    - Fix a regression in RTKit because rlimit was not set
    - JAVA sound applications will now alsa work with the
      pulseaudio-alsa plugin.
    - pw-top will now show the negotiated formats of devices
      and streams.
    - Fix some potential crashes when starting streams.
    - The ALSA plugin has had improved timing reporting and poll
      descriptor handling that should improve compatibility.
    - Many more improvements and bugfixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Avoid scheduling nodes before they are added to the graph.
      This could avoid some crashes when scheduling nodes that
      were not completely started yet. (#2677)
    * Tools
    - pw-top now also shows the negotiated formats of streams and
      devices. (#2566)
    - pw-top prints microseconds as "us" now to avoid unicode
    * Modules
    - Fix compilation with newer lv2.
    - Fix setting realtime priority with RTKit, it was not setting
      rlimit correctly and RTKit would refuse to change the
    - Fix some playback problems with RAOP sink. (#2673)
    - Filter chain will now warn when a non-existing control
      property is used in the config file. (#2685)
    - Filter chain can now handle control port names with ":"
      in the name. (#2685)
    - The echo-cancel module and interface now has
      activate/deactivate functions to make it possible for plugins
      to reset their state.
    * SPA
    - Make sure audioconvert uses the given channelmap and channels
      for the volumes, even when not negotiated yet. This makes it
      possible to change the volume before the node has been
    - Refactor the peaks resampler. Fix an error in the SSE code.
    - Fix DSD min/max rates, avoid exposing impossible rates.
    - Set monitor port buffer size correctly. This could cause some
      crackling and hickups. (#2677)
    - Make ALSA sequencer port names unique.
    * Pulse-server
    - Rework the capture buffer attributes to better match
      pulseaudio. This fixes a regression where opening pavucontrol
      could cause crackling. (#2671)
    - Implement TRIGGER and PREBUF methods.
    - Handle clients that send more than the requested amount of
      data. PipeWire will now also keep this as extra buffered data
      like PulseAudio. This fixes JAVA sound applications when they
      are running on top of the PulseAudio ALSA plugin.
    - Update the requested amount of bytes more like PulseAudio.
      Fixes stuttering after resume with the GStreamer pulseaudio
      sink. (#2680)
    * ALSA Plugin
    - More debug info was added. The time reporting was improved.
    - The poll descriptor handling was improved, avoiding some
      spurious wakeups. (#1697)
* Fri Sep 02 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.57:
    * Highlights
    - Support masking of conf.d/ files.
    - Use org.freedesktop.portal.Realtime when available. This does
      the correct PID/TID mappings to make realtime also work from
    - Fix rate adjustement logic in pulse-tunnel. This would cause
      increasing delays and hickups when using tunnels.
    - Add OPUS as a new vendor codec. Add OPUS-A2DP spec.
      PipeWire can now send and reveive OPUS data over bluetooth.
    - An AAC decoder was added so that PipeWire can now also
      function as an A2DP AAC receiver.
    - Fix some issues where the wrong samplerate was used.
    - Fix rate match for sources. This fixes an error where
      follower sources would generate many resync warnings.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Support masking of conf.d/ files.
    - Add some more debug info to memfd.
    - Improve data-loop invoke method. Also flush pending items.
    - Add a filter-chain systemd service file than can be used to
      start custom filters placed in
    - Improve triggered timestamps for remote nodes.
    - Fix some potential cross compilation problems due to wrong
    - Check return values of pw_getrandom().
    * Tools
    - Updates to pw-cli manpages.
    - Remove the pw-cli dump command. It is mostly implemented as
      part of wpctl status, pw-dump, pw-link, pw-top and others.
    - Clean up resource in pw-cat correctly on errors.
    * Modules
    - Fix compilation of AVB on big-endian.
      Enable AVB only on Linux.
    - Use org.freedesktop.portal.Realtime when available. This does
      the correct PID/TID mappings to make realtime also work from
    - Fix compilation of ROC module when headers are missing.
    - Improve some error cleanup paths in protocol-native. Improve
      connect and disconnect.
    - Fix a potential crash in FFT unload in filter-chain.
    - Implement PIPEWIRE_NOTIFICATION_FD for notification when the
      socket is ready.
    - Try to use rtkit if set_nice() fails.
    - Fix rate adjustement logic in pulse-tunnel. This would cause
      increasing delays and hickups when using tunnels.
    - Handle disconnect in pulse-tunnel.
    * Bluetooth
    - Add OPUS as a new vendor codec. Add OPUS-A2DP spec.
      PipeWire can now send and reveive OPUS data over bluetooth.
    - An AAC decoder was added so that PipeWire can now also
      function as an A2DP AAC receiver.
    * SPA
    - Tweak the resampler window function some more.
    - Improve format convert performance in some fallback cases.
    - Fix rounding in format conversion on ARM NEON.
    - Fix libcamera build error.
    - Fix some issues where the wrong samplerate was used.
    - Don't wait for more samples that can fit in the ringbuffer
      in ALSA.
    - Improve buffer size handling in audioconvert, scale the
      buffers based on the rate conversion and make things work
      with really large rate conversions as well.
    - Add more and better debug for ALSA devices.
    - Improve channel mix: Filter FC and LFE when copying from a
      different layout. Implement STEREO from FC. Avoid generating
      REAR from FC in PSD mode.
    - Fix rate match for sources. This fixes an error where
      follower sources would generate many resynch warnings.
    - Improve ALSA format negotiation. If the ALSA node is not
      running and there was a previously configured format, close
      and reopen the device to enumerate and accept all possible
      formats again.
    * ALSA
    - The alsa plugin will now also save the volumes set with the
      control API. This saves the volumes set with alsa-mixer, for
    * Pulse-server
    - Flatpak apps with devices=all (Zoom) will now be granted
      Manager permissions.
    - Small tweaks to the amount of data sent to clients to work
      around an issue in freerdp.
    * JACK
    - Clean up the transport correctly when closing a client.
    - Match context properties in addition to node properties for
      the jack client rules.
    - Make sure to return an error when disconnected from the
    - Fix thread cast problem in jack_client_thread_id().
    - Increase jack_client_name_size() length and make sure we have
      space for the \0 byte.
    - JACK clients from the same application will be added to the
      same group so that they share the quantum and rate.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
    * 0002-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
    * 0003-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
* Mon Aug 01 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Recommend pipewire-alsa (instead of alsa-plugins-pulse) from
    pipewire-pulseaudio (boo#1201409)
* Tue Jul 19 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.56:
    * Highlights
    - A critical bug that could crash JACK applications was fixed.
    - Some more regressions in audiomixer were fixed. This should
      fix crackling and stuttering in some cases as well as some
      channel mapping regressions.
    - A bug in the alsa plugin was fixed that could cause
      stuttering in VMs.
    - Bluetooth sources should have improved latency and rate
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * Modules
    - An experimental AVB module was added. It can expose PipeWire
      as an AVB entity and initiate (broken) streaming between
    - module-loopback now handles the cases where the input and
      output channels are different without crashing or producing
    - The filter-chain module now correctly calculates the output
      size without crashing in some cases. It also skips invalid
      ports instead of crashing.
    - Handle and report pthread errors better.
    * SPA
    - The resampler qualities were tweaked a little.
    - A bug that would sometimes cut off the last part of a buffer
      was fixed in the alsa plugin. This could cause broken audio
      in VMs.
    - Access to the alsa mixer and devices is now checked more
    - The spa-resample tool can now also handle large downsampling
      rates without crashing.
    - Audioconverter now uses rounding for float to int
      conversions, which reduces distortions. Compilation of the C
      subroutines was separated and uses its own optimisation flags
    - Noise shaping was improved in audioconvert. A new Wannamaker
      3 tap shaper was added.
    - Audioconvert now uses a pattern for generating keep alive
      noise. This should have much less energy and be even more
    - A channel mapping bug was fixed in audioconvert.
    - The dsp audio mixer would sometimes not mix enough and cause
    * JACK
    - A critical bug in the mixer was fixed. It would cause most
      JACK applications to segfault at start-up.
    * Bluetooth
    - A new rate control algorithm was implemented for the sources.
    - The media role on HSP/HFP streams is now fixed.
    * Pulse Server
    - Add the resampler delay to delay reporting as well.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-jack-only-mix-when-we-have-input-to-mix.patch
    * 0002-spa-alsa-udev-Check-accessibility-of-pcm-devices-as-well.patch
  - Add patches from upstream to fix compilation on big endian:
    * 0001-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
    * 0002-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
    * 0003-avb-fix-compilation-on-big-endian.patch
* Wed Jul 13 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix audio after tty switching (boo#1201349):
    * 0002-spa-alsa-udev-Check-accessibility-of-pcm-devices-as-well.patch
* Tue Jul 12 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.55:
    * Highlights
    - Fix some more critical bugs in the new audioconvert and the
      queueing in pw-stream that causes stuttering and hickups.
    - HFP hardware volumes are now saved and restored.
    - Format conversions and mixing was improved.
    - Small bug fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - The queueing in pw-stream was improved with support for
      buffer prefetch in asynchronous mode.
    - Add a pw-filter unit test.
    * tools
    - pw-midiplay should now work again after improvements in
    * modules
    - The RAOP module was improved to support auth_setup.
    - The RAOP module should now handle timing packets better.
    - Add some more filter-chain examples.
    - The filter-chain now has a separate config file with the
      boilerplate settings. The examples are now just config
      snippets that can be dropped in .conf.d/ directories, such as
      the filter-chain.conf.d/ one.
    - Start suggesting to use target.object instead of
      in docs and examples.
    * SPA
    - Use the cosh window again for the resampler. It should now
      give better resampler quality.
    - Rework the mixer functions. They were rewritten for higher
      precision and better performance. Add unit tests and
    - Improve format conversion for 32bits for avoid errors in
      clang because of undefined behaviour at extreme ranges.
    - Fix a bug in audioconvert where it would not consume the
      right amount of samples when the resampler was disabled.
      This could cause skipping and hickups.
    - Fix bug in audioconvert where it would try to convert the
      input samples multiple times, causing strange artefacts when
    - Be more strict about valid JSON floats.
    - and should now always show
      up in 0xXXXX format and should not be converted to floats in
      pw-dump anymore.
    - Add triangular dither, add unit tests for noise generation,
      add some more optimisations.
    * Bluetooth
    - HFP and A2DP now expose different routes and thus can have
      different volumes.
    - HW Volumes for HFP are now synchronised better.
      Volume changes from HW buttons are now also saved.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Add 0001-jack-only-mix-when-we-have-input-to-mix.patch: Fix an
    Ardour start-up crash.
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.54:
    * Highlights
    - Some critical bugs in the new audioconvert were fixed. The
      old adapter had internal buffering that was abused in some
    - The bluetooth sources were rewritten using a ringbuffer to
      make them more reliable to jitter and remove old audioconvert
    - Many improvements to the audio converter.
    - Native DSD128 and up is now supported by pw-dsdplay.
    * tools
    - Support DSD128 to DSD512 as well by scaling the amount of
      samples to read per time slice.
    * SPA
    - Format conversion is now generated with macros to remove
      duplication of code.
    - 24bits conversions were rewritten to use the generic
      conversion functions.
    - Temporary buffers in audioconvert are now made large enough
      in all cases.
    - Fix draining in audioconvert. This fixes speaker-test.
    - Fix the channel remapping.
    - Audio conversion constants were tweaked to handle the maximum
      ranges and provide lossless conversion between 24bits and
    - Vector code and C code are aligned and the unit tests are
      activated again. A new lossless conversion test was added.
    - Fix an underrun case where the adapter would not ask for more
    - Fix PROP_INFO for audioconvert.
    - Use the blackman window again for the resampler, the cosh
      window has some bugs that can cause distortion in some cases.
    - Add more unit tests for audioconvert. Add end-to-end
      conversion tests.
    - Don't leak memory in format converter.
    * pulse-server
    - Card properties are now also added to sinks and sources,
      just like in pulseaudio.
    - Increase the maxlength size to at least 4 times the fragsize
      to avoid xruns.
    - Fix a race when setting default devices.
    * Bluetooth
    - The source was rewritten to use a ringbuffer. This avoids
      regressions caused by audioconvert.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-audioconvert-ensure-temp-buffers-are-large-enough.patch
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Fri Jul 01 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Add a patch from upstream to fix segmentation faults in MPV:
    * 0001-audioconvert-ensure-temp-buffers-are-large-enough.patch
* Thu Jun 30 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.53:
    * Highlights
    - The 44.1KHz samplerate was removed again from the defaults,
      it caused all kinds of problems with various hardware.
    - The ALSA plugin should now be able to deal with unsupported
      samplerates and fall back to the nearest supported one.
    - The audioconvert plugin was rewritten to be more maintainable
      and quicker. It also gained support for control ports and
      dithering with optional noise shaping.
    - An impossible buffering situation is avoided in pulse-server
      that would cause some applications (sunshine, ...) to
    * PipeWire
    - 44.1KHz was removed from the allowed rates again. It caused
      all kinds of regressions due to driver bugs and timing issues
      on HDMI.
    * modules
    - filter-chain now does some more error checking and reporting
      to avoid some crashes.
    - filter-chain now supports more channel layouts for input and
      output that does not need to match the plugin layout.
    - Format parsing is now more consistent in the modules.
    * Tools
    - pw-cli can now also work without readline support.
    - pw-cat can now also read multichannel ulaw/alaw/u8/s8.
    * SPA
    - The audioconvert plugin was rewritten. This should make it
      more maintainable. It also fixed some issues such as CPU
      spikes in some cases and crashes in others. The old plugins
      were removed, for a code reduction of some 6000 lines.
    - The audioconvert plugin now supports control ports, which can
      be enabled on nodes in the session manager. This makes it
      possible to control audioconvert properties using timed
      events or midi.
    - NoteOn 0-velocity MIDI events are no longer filtered out.
      This is a valid event, nodes that can't deal with it should
      fix it up themselves. The JACK layer still filters out these
      events by default but this can now be configured with a
      per-client property.
    - The running status on midi events is now disabled to match
      what JACK does.
    - The ALSA plugin will now deal with driver bugs when a driver
      announces support for a samplerate but then refuses to use it
    - The ALSA plugin has been optimized a little for sample IO.
    - V4L2 now doesn't error when there are no controls.
    - Error handling was improved in the audio converter.
    - The audioconvert plugin now supports rectangular dithering
      and noise shaping.
    - The audioconvert plugin can now insert additional inaudible
      noise that can be used to keep some amplifiers alive.
    - The audioconvert format conversion was changed so that it now
      produces the full 32 bits range in the C fallback conversion
      code as well.
    - The resampler window function was changed to a cosh() window
    - Vendor and device id are now in hex.
    * pulse-server
    - Tweak the record buffer attributes some more and make sure
      we don't end up in impossible buffering situations.
      Fixes an issue with distorted sound in sunshine.
    - Fix a potential crash when updating the client property list.
    - Some properties on cards were aligned with pulseaudio.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-settings-remove-44.1KHz-from-allowed-rates-again.patch
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Wed Jun 22 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to remove 44.1kHz from allowed rates.
    This reverts the new behaviour in 0.3.52 which is causing
    problems to too many people (boo#1200760):
    * 0001-settings-remove-44.1KHz-from-allowed-rates-again.patch
* Thu Jun 09 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.52:
    * Highlights
    - Add 44.1KHz to allowed samplerates. The server can now switch
      by default between 48KHz and 44.1KHz.
    - Streams now allocate less resources.
    - Fix some bugs that could make the server crash.
    - Bluetooth now supports the LC3plus vendor codec.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Add 44.1KHz to allowed samplerates.
    - Avoid setting the locale.
    - Avoid use-after-free when destroying a node from
    - Avoid using reallocarray when not available.
    - Set port alias is not otherwise set.
    * Modules
    - Improve filter-chain parsing and error reporting. Handle
      empty nodes.
    - Handle destroy of globals and factory in most modules.
    - Add refcounts to client and resources to handle destroy of
      the protocol.
    - Handle global in filter-chain and loopback again,
      use it to construct unique stream names.
    - Avoid a wrapped pw-node in the adapter. This reduces
      resources allocated for streams.
    - Fix a crash when module-x11-bell was unloaded.
    - Add a new module-pipe-tunnel that can write/read data from a
      UNIX pipe.
    * Tools
    - Fix DSD playback again in pw-cat.
    - Add -n option to pw-loopback to set node names.
    - Add -P option to pw-cat to pass properties to the stream.
    - Support stdin/stdout in pw-cat.
    - pw-dump now also dumps object removal when monitoring
    * SPA
    - Avoid duplicate param results in pw-dump for ports.
    - Avoid endless loops in audioconvert for badly behaving
    - Scale max-error in alsa based on quantum and avoid logging a
      warning when starting.
    - Improve debug of failed format conversion.
    - Handle offset in the audio dsp mixer inputs and clamp to the
      maximum buffer size.
    - Add option to disable locale support for JSON number
    - Add support for Astro A20 Gen2.
    - Fix some of the test sources, the flags were not set
    - Add camera location as property in libcamera and let the
      session manager generate a localised description.
    - Fix some crashes due to wrong vargar types in v4l2 controls.
    - Improve ALSA resync behaviour.
    - Add support for Komplete Audio 6 MK2.
    - Improve loop cancel while iterating.
    - Try not to mix surround channels and AUX channels. Make card
      with many ports look better when not using the Pro Audio
    - Vulkan filters were added.
    * Bluetooth
    - Add LC3plus vendor codec.
    - Handle unsupported indicators better.
    - Ensure multiple devices on an adapter use different codecs
      because one endpoint can only be used by one device at a time.
    - Fix bitpool control as a follower.
    - Handle bluetooth errors better.
    - Speed up bluetooth connection by only waiting for the profiles
      supported by the adapter.
    - The dummy AVRCP player is disabled by default because it seems
      to break more devices than it fixes.
    * pulse-server
    - Add initial stream latency property so that devices can be
      started with a resonably accurate latency.
    - Fix ringbuffer underrun case.
    - module-native-protocol-tcp now has a auth-anonymous option to
      give full access to the clients.
    - Report a node as being moved when it is still moving. This
      improves compatibility with pasystray.
    - Avoid overallocating message memory.
    - Don't export NETWORK nodes in zeroconf.
    - Fix stride for TrueHD and DTSHD passthrough.
    - Make sure we don't send too small audio fragments. Fixes
      capture from multiple tabs in Chromium.
    - Rework module handling some more.
    - Use the new native module-pipe-tunnel for pipe-sink and
    - Implement the STREAM_MOVED message when a stream got moved.
    - Fix a potential segfault when stopping the server and a TCP
      module as still loaded.
    * ALSA
    - Add support for updating sw_params at runtime, mostly the
      min-avail param.
    - Capture and playback nodes are now assumed to use a different
      clock and will activate the adaptive resampler when linked.
      This assumption is removed in Pro Audio mode. This provide a
      better experience out of the box with most devices.
    * JACK
    - Fix setting properties with PIPEWIRE_PROPS again.
    - Don't use 64 bits atomic operations for sync_timeout.
    - Cleanup in error cases was improved, avoiding some crashes.
    * GStreamer
    - Fix pipewiresink in mode=provide.
    - Share memory into a new buffer in pipewiresrc to avoid buffer
    - Fixes to the source and fd use.
    - It is now possible to set client properties as well.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Thu Apr 28 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.51:
    * Highlights
    - Improve graph reconfiguration.
    - Extra configuration options for streams and filters with
      config rules and environment variable.
    - Improve module-pulse-tunnel latency, stability and error
    - pw-top, pw-cli and pw-link improvements.
    - Fix a channelmixer upmixing clipping issue.
    - The ROC module has seen many improvements.
    - Many more bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - The graph reconfiguration code was reworked:
    * Moved nodes will update the new driver quantum correctly.
    * Inactive nodes are ignored more.
    * Nodes that require a driver are now not scheduled anymore
      when they are passive (unused).
    * Improved performance, the graph is reconfigured with a
      minimal amount of changes.
    - Method and event argument names were improved.
    - A linker garbage collection problem was fixed.
    - Properties on threads are now implemented. Use common code to
      set thread name and add an option to set stack-size.
    - Streams and filters always want a driver now. This makes it
      possible to just link a playback stream to a capture stream
      without a driver and have it work.
    - Streams and filters can now also have rules in the config
    - Streams, filters, JACK, ALSA and v4l2 now support
      PIPEWIRE_PROPS environment variable to override node
    - Add config section extensions. This provides a way for modules
      to have specific config to override the default config.
    - Handle realloc errors better.
    - Improve stream and filter property updates.
    * Modules
    - The pulse-tunnel modules has improved latency management and
      should now work a lot better.
    - Module-loopback, module-echo-cancel, module-filter-chain
      unload the module when a stream is destroyed.
    - Biquads in filter-chain now can have more gain (5->20 dB).
    - Filter-chain now has a builtin delay line filter.
    - Filter-chain can now parse the config key correctly in all
    - The ROC sink and source saw many improvements. roc-source is
      now a stream by default that connects to the default sink.
      Both modules will try to set a graph rate. Both modules have
      an option to select the FEC mode.
      The ROC source has lower latency now.
    - Handle realloc errors better.
    * tools
    - pw-cat does not have --list-targets anymore, use one of the
      more advanced and less buggy tools such as wpctl or pw-cli to
      list sinks and sources.
    - pw-top has seen many improvements.
    * It now has some timeouts to reset the node values to their
      default state when unused.
    * The man page was improved.
    * Invalid timings and errors are displayed in a better way.
    - pw-cli and pw-link can now create links between all ports of
      given nodes.
    - pw-cat can now save to other file formats than wav, based on
      the extension of the filename.
    * SPA
    - The resampler now uses a different internal method for
      draining. It can now also handle 0 size buffers as input
      without draining.
    - The channelmixer now uses the front channel averages for FC
      and LFE.
      This avoids clipping and results in much better upmixing.
    - ALSA should now work again on 32 bits. (#2271)
    - The JSON parser now converts escaped unicode correctly to UTF8.
    * bluetooth
    - Codec switch improvements when the device is disconnected.
    * pulse-server
    - There is a new module-roc-sink-input module, the PulseAudio
    - The ROC source and sink-input module now have a much lower
    - The ROC module now has an option to select FEC mode.
    - Playback and record rate adjustements should work now.
    * JACK
    - Remove some useless pthread attributes. This makes JACK work
      in QEMU with sandboxing enabled.
    - The buffer_size callback is now only called when something has
      changed since the last process() callback or get_buffer_size()
      method. This fixes a GStreamer issue and is more in line with
      what JACK does.
    - Fix a potential deadlock when the process thread is doing IPC
      and the IPC thread is blocking on the data thread.
    - Allocation errors in metadata are handled better.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Thu Apr 14 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.50:
    * Highlights
    - pw-stream can now report more timing information and can
      suggest the optimal number of samples to queue for playback.
    - pw-dot now works again.
    - module-pulse-tunnel latency was improved.
    - Wine applications using the JACK backend should no longer
    - The channelmixer defaults are improved and the muffled sound
      when playing back 5.1 and 7.1 material has been fixed.
    - Many fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - pw-stream now places a suggested amount of samples in the
      pw-buffer for playback. This allows you to remove some places
      where spa_io_rate_match was needed to get this information.
    - pw-stream has new API to request a timing update. New fields
      are added in the timing info, such as number of buffered
      samples in the resampler and the number of queued and
      dequeued buffers.
    - pw-stream has support for double controls now. More controls
      are exposed such as the Rate control to do adaptive
    - The thread-utils object was moved to the context to avoid
      some concurrent use cases that caused crashes.
    - Deactivating an exported node/stream will now remove the node
      from the data-thread immediately so that the process function
      will not be called anymore and resources can be safely freed.
      This could fix some of the last remaining crashes when
      streams are stopped.
    - PipeWire will now fail to load a module that tries to
      register the same export type twice instead of silently doing
      the wrong thing.
    * Modules
    - Many modules now use the NODE_WANT_DRIVER instead of the
      pipewire.dummy NODE_GROUP property. This makes it possible to
      use them with any other driver and can avoid resampling in
      some cases.
    - module-pulse-tunnel now uses an adaptive resampler to keep
      the latency under control. Latency should be much better than
      before and stay constant even when there are network delays.
    - There is now an option for packages to disable building the
      RTKit module, which is still built by default for backwards
      compatibility reasons.
    - A leak was fixed in filter-chain.
    - Module node names are now made more unique with the pid.
    * tools
    - pw-cat verbose output has been improved.
    - pw-link now has a man page.
    - pw-reserve now has an -r option to make it issue a
      RequestRelease command on the owner of the device. This makes
      it possible to ask WirePlumber to close and release a device.
    - Fix pw-dot again. It didn't work anymore because of stray
      done events that were emitted to notify the client of object
    * SPA
    - The channelmixer now has PSD upmixing enabled again. We used
      the simple upmixing in the previous release but that just
      sounds too awful to be a good default.
    - The channelmixer will not upmix FC and LFE anymore when
      upmixing is explicitly disabled.
    - The channelmixer will only lowpass filter FC and LFE channels
      when they were upmixed.
    - The defaults of the channelmixer were tweaked a little. There
      is now a little bit more bass in the LFE channel and more
      high fequencies in the FC channel when upmixing. Also the
      channel widening has been disabled by default.
    - Locale independent float parsing now uses a more portable
      solution with uselocale.
    - ALSA will now only allocate a buffer size big enough to hold
      4 times the quantum limit instead of as large as possible.
    * pulse-server
    - Internal cleanups in handling of modules.
    - A quirk to force s16 sample formats for teams-insider has
      been added.
    * JACK
    - The data-loop is now started in activate and stopped in
      This makes the data-loop respect any custom thread functions
      you configure. This also makes Wine apps using the JACK
      backend work.
    - Port sorting was improved/fixed.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Require RealtimeKit.
* Tue Mar 29 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Reorder BuildRequires and space conditions a bit better in the
    spec file.
* Tue Mar 29 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.49:
    * Highlights
    - Sample rate switching should work again.
    - pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph.
    - Bluetooth A2DP streaming was improved that would reduce
      stuttering on some devices.
    - A JACK bug was fixed that would sometimes make it impossible
      to add more tracks in Ardour. (#1714)
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a potential crash when NULL params were configured.
    - Add some simple functional tests to avoid some recent
      regressions. Improve the test framework for this as well.
    - Improvements to the poll loop to avoid some use-after-free
    - Fix samplerate switching again.
    - setlocale is not called anymore from the pipewire library.
      This should be called by the application. (#2223)
    - pw_init() and pw_deinit() can now be nested and called
      multiple times.
    - pw_stream will now report the resampler delay in the
      pw_time.queued field.
    * modules
    - module-filter-chain now supports arbitrary many properties
      and will use property hints to assign them the right type.
    - The ROC modules now accept a sink/source_properties
    - The module-rt can now also be built without RT-Kit support.
    - module-echo-cancel can now use a fraction to specify the
      delay for more precise control.
    * SPA
    - The channelmixer will now do upmixing by default and will not
      use normalization. It will also use a simple upmixing
      algorithm that duplicates channels by default. A more
      interesting upmix method is also available (PSD) but needs to
      be enabled manually. (#861)
    - Add SSE optimized (de)interleave functions for 32 bits
      samples with and without byteswap.
    - JSON parsing of empty strings will now give an invalid number
      instead of 0.
    - JSON numbers are now parsed and serialized in a locale
      independent way so that , and . are not mixed up.
    - The resampler will now report the resample delay and queued
      samples as the extra delay.
    * tools
    - pw-cat will read more dsf files correctly and will not crash
      at the end.
    - pw-top now has a man page.
    - pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph.
    * bluetooth
    - Improve interactions with oFono.
    - Fix recovery with slow connections.
    - Improve frame size of AptX-ll.
    - A2DP can now use any quantum and will flush packets in
      smaller chunks when needed to adapt. This improves stuttering
      in some cases.
    * pulse-server
    - The server configuration can now be placed in section, which also makes it possible to
      have custom overrides.
    - Implement FIX_ flags for capture as well.
    - Small fixes and improvements in module loading.
    * JACK
    - Clear the last error before executing a new action or else we
      could end up with error from a previous action. This causes
      some problems in Ardour where adding a track would fail after
      some time. (#1714)
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Thu Mar 03 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.48:
    * Highlights
    - Fix IEC958 passthrough again.
    - Fix pulse-server crashes when playing a sample.
    - Support for more a more advanced upmixing algorithm.
    - filter-chain now supports arbitrary many ports.
    - Fix multichannel support in WINE (with new WirePlumber).
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - The work queue is now created in the context so we can fail
      early and avoid further error checking in various places.
    - Fix a potential use after free with threaded loops.
    - The protocol now has a message footer. This is used to pass
      around global state such as the last registered object
      serial number. This can be used to detect when a client tries
      to bind to old (but reused) object ids. This avoids some
      races in the session manager but also when binding objects.
    - The zero-denormals CPU flag is now not touched anymore unless
      explicitly selected by the user. Denormals are avoided in
      filter-chain now in software. If the zero-denormals are now
      only configured in the data thread. This should fix issues
      with luajit.
    - Configuration parsing will not actually fail on errors.
    - pw-top now correctly clips unicode characters.
    - Many places now use a dynamic POD builder to support
      arbitrary large property sets.
    - pw-stream now support PropInfo parameters so that they can
      announce custom properties.
    - Serial number are now also set on metadata and
      session-manager objects.
    * SPA
    - audioadapter is now smarter when trying to fixate the format.
      It will use the PortConfig format to fill in any wildcards.
      This results in the least amount of conversions when the
      stream can handle it. It also is part of a fix (also requires
      a session manager fix) for WINE multichannel support.
    - Fix 5.1 to 2 channels mixing. It was using the volume of the
      stereo pair on all channels.
    - Fix some weird volume issues when a source is capturing and
    - Add stereo to 7.1 upmixing.
    - The channelmix parameters can be changed at runtime now.
    - Many improvements to the upmixing algorithms. Rear channels
      are now constructed from the ambient sound and can have delay
      and phase shift applied to them to improve spacialisation.
      The stereo channels can be filtered so that the dialogue is
      more concentrated in the centre channel.
    * modules
    - Module X11 bell received cleanups and improvements.
    - The module now has a private method to schedule unload later.
      This simplifies cleanup in many modules.
    - module-filter-chain now handles arbitrary many ports and
      control ports.
    - Fix a bug in RAOP where it was reading from the wrong port.
    * pulse-server
    - Nodes with the DONT_MOVE property should fail with -EINVAL
      when they are moved.
    - Fix a segfault when playing a sample.
    - The _FIX flags in pulse-server also now ignore the configured
      sample format, just like pulseaudio does.
    - Fix IEC958 passthrough again. It got accidentally broken
      since 0.3.45 with a fix for another issue.
    - Fix module-null-sink device.description.
    * Bluetooth
    - Don't try to connect HSP/HFP when no backend is available.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-revert-loop-remove-destroy-list.patch
    * 0002-pulse-server-free-pending-sample-reply.patch
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
  - Enable pulseaudio-setup use on openSUSE Leap 15.4.
  - Some spec clean-up.
* Mon Feb 21 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Add 0001-revert-loop-remove-destroy-list.patch: fix MPD crash.
  - Add 0002-pulse-server-free-pending-sample-reply.patch: fix
    "fast volume change".
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.47:
    * Fix a bug in pulse-server that caused cached notifications to
      play multiple times.
    * Remove a check and warnings to catch leaked listeners on the
      proxy. This might access invalid memory and cause infinite
      loops in older wireplumber.
  - Rebase reduce-meson-dependency.patch.
* Thu Feb 17 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.46:
    * Highlights:
    - Fix a critical bug in pipewire-pulse buffer size handling
      that made some apps (MuseScore, ... ) stutter.
    - Fix a critical bug where devices would not show when the
      kernel was compiled without VERBOSE_PROCSFS.
    - JACK clients will now use lock-quantum by default. This
      makes sure that all dynamic quantum changes are disabled
      while a JACK app is running. The only way to force a
      quantum chance is through a JACK app or with the metadata.
    - Almost all limits on number of ports, clients and nodes are
    - A Dummy fallback sink is now automatically created when
      there are no other sinks. This avoids stalling browsers.
    - Sound sharing with Zoom should work better. A new WirePlumber
      release might be required.
    - Many more fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Update docs with new config overrides.
    - The rule matching logic was moved to config and code is now
      shared with pulse-server and JACK.
    - Add new Romanian translation.
    - When a quantum is forced with metadata, any node that asked
      to lock-quantum is ignored so that the quantum change can
    - Fix a bug where a mixer was removed twice, leading to
      potential memory corruption.
    - The port limits on nodes and filters are now removed.
      Some code was simplified.
    - Fix a potential leak because listeners where removed while
      they could be emitted.
    - Improve context.exec and avoid zombie processes.
    * Modules
    - The RAOP module now has a default latency of 2 seconds,
      like PulseAudio.
    - The echo-cancel module now uses the plugin loader to load
      the backends. This makes it possible to add custom, out of
      tree, echo cancel plugins.
    * Tools
    - Improve help of pw-link.
    - Output to stdout and error to stderr. Use setlinebuf for
      stdout to improve piping between apps. (#2110)
    * SPA
    - Improve removing sources when dispatching. Also improve
      performance now that a destroy loop can be removed. (#2114)
    - Fix an fd leak in the logger when logging to a file.
    - Improve loop enter/leave checks and support recursive loops.
    * pulse-server
    - Clamp various buffer attributes to the max length. Fixes some
      issues with various applications. (#2100)
    - Module properties are now remapped correctly from their
      pulseaudio variant to the PipeWire ones.
    - Fix module index in introspect. Use the right index when
      loaded from our internal modules. (#2101)
    - Improve argument parsing and node.description. (#2086)
    - The sink-index should now be filled in correctly when playing
      a sample. (#2129)
    - module-always-sink is now implemented and loaded by default.
    - Add support for loading some modules only once.
    - Module load and unload now does extra sync to make it appear
      synchronous, like in PulseAudio. This improves sounds sharing
      in Zoom.
    * ALSA
    - Fix critical bug where alsa devices would not show when the
      kernel was compiled without VERBOSE_PROCFS.
    - Some corner cases were fixed in the ALSA timing code. When
      the capture node is follower, it will now not try to read too
      much data and xrun but it will instead produce a cycle of
    - Various fixes and improvements to make ALSA devices resync to
      the driver more quickly and accurately.
    * JACK
    - Add an option to name the default device as system to improve
      compatibility with some applications,
    - Use lock-quantum by default. This makes sure that all dynamic
      quantum changes are disabled while a JACK app is running. The
      only way to force a quantum chance is through a JACK app or
      with the metadata.
    - It is now possible to do IPC calls from the data thread. Note
      that this is a very bad idea but required for compatibility
      with JACK2.
    * GStreamer
    - GStreamer sink will now set a default channelmap to make it
      possible to remap to the channel layout of the device.
  - Update patch for further uses of "new" meson features used by
    * reduce-meson-dependency.patch
* Tue Feb 15 2022 Alois Wohlschlager <>
  - Run ldconfig for pipewire-libjack-0_3
    * The JACK libraries are made available system-wide using
      /etc/ Hence, ldconfig should be run to make sure
      the dynamic linker picks them up.
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.45:
    * Highlights
    - Zoom, telegram and other apps should be able to play sound
    - Implement a better way to force and lock JACK buffersize.
    - Default sink and source names and properties are improved.
    - The config loader can now load and merge fragments in conf.d
      directories for easier user configuration of config files.
    - Many small bug fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - pw-cli can now also send Commands to nodes. This can be used
      to Suspend a device, for example.
    - The eventfd was removed from loops and invoke is now used to
      stop the loop, this saves an fd.
    - New Alpine CI target to test musl builds, various build
    - Add force-quantum and force-rate properties.
    - The config loader can now load and merge fragments in conf.d
      directories. (#207)
    - resource error methods can be called without a resource and
      then just log an error message.
    - link-factory can now also work from the config. (#2095)
    * modules
    - module-simple-protocol has better argument parsing and can
      handle channelmap now. (#2068) It's also possible to
      configure latency and rate.
    - The native protocol now does extra checks for invalid data.
    * ALSA
    - TI2902 chips as found in various Behringer cards should have
      inputs again.
    - Better handling of busy devices in udev, retry when the
      inotify close event is emited.
    * SPA
    - plugins now handle alignment properly and only expect the max
      alignment required for the CPU. (#2074)
    * Bluetooth
    - SBC-XQ is now enabled for the JBL Endurance RUN BT headset.
    - Support for non-hexadecimal XAPL version strings to improve
    - Use HCI commands again to probe the adapter msbc capability.
      This improves compatibility with some adapters. (#2030)
    - Set the right startup volume.
    - Better A2DP source idle handling.
    - Fix a timer bug in SCO sink that could cause busy looping.
    * pulse-server
    - A playback issue when the tlength > maxlength was fixed.
      (#2069) This affected Zoom and other applications.
    - The STREAM_BUFFER_ATTR command is now implemented.
    - Module names are improved. (#2076)
    - Many small fixes and improvements.
    - Fix a pavucontrol crash with invalid channels. (#1442)
    * JACK
    - Use the new force-quantum and force-rate properties in the
      JACK API to switch quantum and ensure it can't change for
      the lifetime of the JACK app. (#2079)
  - Rebase patch:
    * reduce-meson-dependency.patch
* Tue Feb 01 2022 Dario Faggioli <>
  - pipewire should be a true dependency, not just recommended (e.g.,
    so that any setup that use no-recommends, like MicroOS, also work)
* Thu Jan 27 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to reduce the meson requirement so we can build
    pipewire with Leap 15.3. This will be dropped as soon as
    Leap 15.4 is released or if it becomes too hard to maintain
    (whatever happens before):
    * reduce-meson-dependency.patch
* Thu Jan 27 2022 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 0.3.44:
    * Highlights:
    - It is now possible to run a minimal PipeWire server without a
      session manager, enough to run JACK clients.
    - The maximum buffer size is now configurable and can be larger
      than the previously hardcoded limit of 8192 samples.
      When using high sample rates, the larger buffer size can
      avoid xruns.
    - The default maximum latency was reduced from 170ms to 42ms.
      This should improve overall latency for application that ask
      for a large latency, such as notifications.
    - Better JACK compatibility. Patchbays should now get less
      confused about ports appearing and disappearing.
    - Fix some bluetooth crashes.
    - Fix some races in ALSA device detection.
    - Many bug fixes and improvements all over the place.
    * PipeWire:
    - Bump the meson requirement to 0.59.0.
    - pw-top now reports correct times for filter-chain and
    - max-quantum is now also scaled with the rate. A new
      quantum-limit property was added as a hard limit for the
      quantum. This makes it possible to configure for larger than
      8192 buffer sizes. Note than many JACK applications have a
      hardcoded 8192 limit.
    - The max-quantum was reduced to 2048, This gives a 42ms
      default latency.
    - pw-filter can now return a NULL buffer from _get_dsp_buffer()
    - Add a PIPEWIRE_RATE and PIPEWIRE_QUANTUM env variable to set
      the graph rate and the graph quantum and rate respectively.
    - Fix a potential file descriptor leak in the connection.
    - A new minimal.conf file was added to demonstrate a static
      setup of a daemon that doesn't require a session manager and
      is able to run JACK applicaions.
    - Nice levels are now only changed on the servers, not the
    - Add an option to suspend nodes when idle.
    - Make it possible to avoid quantum and rate changes with
      pw-metadata. This is essential in a locked down system.
    - Handle mixer port errors better and fail to create the link
      instead of silently not working.
    - Nodes that are moved to a driver now have all the linked
      nodes moved as well. This makes it possible to run some
      graphs without a driver, such as paplay -> zita-j2n.
    - pw-cli and pw-dump can now also list objects by name, serial
      and object.path using glob style pattern matching.
    * modules:
    - filter-chain can now also configure parameters by index.
    - Fix the client name of module-protocol-simple.
    - module-rtkit was merged into module-rt. This makes it easier
      to ship a default config that works on more systems by
    - module-adapter can now configure the adapter node from the
      config. Previously, this was a task only performed by the
      session manager.
    - module-metadata can now also create metadata object from the
      config file.
    - The ROC module should now work again.
    - An X11-bell module was added to handle X11 bell events.
    - filter-chain and loopback modules now have better unique
      default names for the streams, which makes it possible to
      save and restore their volumes independently.
    - module-echo-cancel now has properties to control the delay
      and buffer size.
    * ALSA:
    - The monitor names are now correctly parsed.
    - The default period size for batch devices is limited now to
      avoid large latency.
    - The unused min/max-latency properties were removed.
    - Internal latency is now also configurable with params at
    - The udev rule for TI2902 was removed because it causes
    - Fix a race where some devices would sometimes be missing.
    - Add some more timeouts to work around a race in udev device
      permission changes when switching VTs.
    * SPA:
    - Fix potential infinite loop in audioconvert.
    - The spa-resample tools can now also use optimised
    - Fix a potential crash in resampler.
    - audioconvert can now also handle F64 formats.
    - The channelmixer now does normalization by default to avoid
      clipping when downmixing is active.
    - The channelmixer will now generate LFE channels when the
      lfe_cutoff frequency is set, even when upmix is disabled.
    - The channelmixer will now always generate FC when the target
      has it.
    - Adapter now reports latency correctly, even after linking the
      monitor ports.
    - Reduce memory usage and preallocated memory in some of the
      audioconvert nodes.
    - Many properties are now exposed in adapter, such as the
      resample quality.
    - The resampler and channelmixer can now be disabled.
    * V4L2:
    - pw-v4l2 now also works for ffplay.
    - Take product names from udev now that the kernel returns
      generic name.
    * JACK:
    - The jack pkgconfig file now has the
      jack_implementation=pipewire variable to be able to
      distinguish jack implementations.
    - jconvolver now starts correctly again.
    - The object.serial is now used for the port_id. This makes it
      easier to track old objects in the cache.
    - Add a dummy jacknet implementation.
    - A bug in the port allocation was fixed that would make it
      impossible to allocate ports at some point.
    * Bluetooth:
    - Bluetooth profiles are now saved properly by the
      session manager.
    - Improved profile detections, increased timeouts for slow
    - Implement HFP call indicator for improved compatibility.
    - Handle the case where bluez does not set the adapter or
      address properties on the device instead of crashing.
    - Improved support for setting the profile from the
      session manager.
    * pulse-server:
    - Monitor sources now have the device.class=monitor for better
    - Behaviour after seeking is improved. The algorithm for
      requesting bytes from the client was simplified and improved.
    - module-ladspa-sink implements the control argument now.
    - A potential memory leak in the message queue was fixed.
    - Use the object.serial for the pulseaudio object index. The
      index is not supposed to be reused and this would cause
      problems with some clients.
    - Servers should now again be able to listen in IPv4.
    - module-x11-bell was added.
    - There is now support for per-application quirks and
      properties in the pipewire-pulse.conf file. Per-application
      latency and buffering properties can also be configured.
    - Fix a regression in telegram sounds not playing.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-alsa-improve-rate-selection.patch
    * 0001-audioconvert-avoid-infinite-loop.patch
    * 0001-bluez5-dont-create-device-if-adapter-is-missing.patch
    * 0001-bluez5-handle-missing-device-and-adapter-in-quirks.patch
    * 0001-jack-remember-last-return-from-jack_get_buffer_size.patch
    * 0001-loop-invoke-immediately-when-loop-is-not-running.patch
    * 0001-merger-also-reconfigure-when-monitor-changes.patch
    * 0001-pulse-server-show-monitor-sources-with-device_class_monitor.patch
    * 0001-pw-metadata-handle-NULL-props-from-metadata-object.patch
    * 0001-raop-fix-errno-check.patch
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add several more patches from upstream
  - BlueZ may be missing adapter information for devices in some cases.
    Ignore devices without specified adapter:
    * 0001-bluez5-dont-create-device-if-adapter-is-missing.patch
  - Fix a case when pipewwire could never call callbacks or even
    block forever when loop is not running:
    * 0001-loop-invoke-immediately-when-loop-is-not-running.patch
  - Reconfigure when monitor changes
    * 0001-merger-also-reconfigure-when-monitor-changes.patch
  - Handle NULL props from metadata object
    * 0001-pw-metadata-handle-NULL-props-from-metadata-object.patch
  - Improve rate selection so we don't select an invalid rate when
    the default is set or the card is already opened in an
    unsupported rate:
    * 0001-alsa-improve-rate-selection.patch
* Fri Jan 14 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add several patches from upstream
  - Avoid an infinite loop when enumerating params of the converter:
    * 0001-audioconvert-avoid-infinite-loop.patch
  - When the device or adapter is NULL, skip the quirk checks instead
    of crashing:
    * 0001-bluez5-handle-missing-device-and-adapter-in-quirks.patch
  - Remember the last returned value from jack_get_buffer_size and
    only emit a buffersize change event when something new is
    configured. This fixes startup of jconvolver.
    * 0001-jack-remember-last-return-from-jack_get_buffer_size.patch
  - Better emulation of pulseaudio which shows monitor sources with
    device.class=monitor so now pipewire does that too:
    * 0001-pulse-server-show-monitor-sources-with-device_class_monitor.patch
  - Fix an errno check:
    * 0001-raop-fix-errno-check.patch
* Wed Jan 12 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Added more baselibs packages and their dependencies
* Wed Jan 05 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.3.43:
    * Highlights:
    - Flatpak apps such as Ardour can now remove links again.
    - Many fixes to pulse-server. Memory usage should be improved.
      Some crashes are fixed. Underrun handling should work better.
      Better compatibility with GStreamer based applications after
    - Many of the samplerate and quantum changes bugs in previous
      releases were fixed. This fixes some issues where the
      microphone would fail to work.
    - Many more small fixes and improvements all over the place.
* Thu Dec 16 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Revert the merge of spa-plugins and modules into the library
  - Move some of the files between packages where they make more
  - Rename the modules subpackage to modules-%{apiver_str} so
    it can be versioned more easily (there still are some unversioned
    files in the package, but it's a step in the right direction)
* Thu Dec 16 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Remove unneccesary Conflicts with packages that are Obsoleted
* Thu Dec 16 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.42:
    * Highlights
    - Fixes a bug in pulse-server underrun handling that broke qemu
      and orca.
    - A fix was added to pulse-server to handle quantum changes
    - Fix module-echo-cancel again.
    - Fix a bug where the bluetooth headset capture was producing
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Remove the dependency on wireplumber-audio which was pulling in
    pulseaudio. We'll require wireplumber-audio directly from
  - Remove pipewire-rpmlintrc since the filters don't apply anymore
* Wed Dec 15 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Merge the pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2 and pipewire-modules
    packages into the libpipewire package just as the fedora packages
    do and simplify the filelist a bit by using some recursive
    listing instead of explicitly listing all files.
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Use the gcc9-c++ compiler in SLE/Leap so it builds successfully.
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.41:
    * Highlights
    - Improved compatibility for flatpaks. Flatpaks with newer
      PipeWire version can connect to an older server in all cases.
    - A new RAOP module was added to stream to Apple Airplay
    - OBS can now capture from the monitor devices again when using
    - Improved JACK compatibility. Improved stability in Carla and
      Ardour when changing buffer size. Improved latency
      calculations and playback latency in Ardour.
    - Improved pulse-server handling of underruns and buffer size
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - The systemd service files now have better names.
    - client.access permission checks are improved.
    - Fix some memory leaks in error paths.
    - Objects now have a global serial number that is unique for
      the lifetime of the server.
    - Make clock.rate, clock.allowed-rates and clock.quantum
      runtime tunable parameters with the settings metadata.
    - Add some additional memory checks in client-node to avoid
      sending invalid memory to clients. (#1859)
    - Improve buffer memory allocation. If one of the nodes is a
      remote node, ensure we only use memory that can be shared.
    - Version checks when binding to objects is removed. This means
      that newer clients can now bind to older servers, which is a
      typical case for a flatpak.
    - A bug in the latency calculations was fixed where it would in
      some cases report the wrong minumum latency.
    * modules
    - module-echo-cancel has voice-detection enabled now.
    - module-raop-sink and module-raop-discover to stream audio to
      an Apple Airplay device.
    - module-filter-chain now has preliminary support for LV2
    * SPA
    - The audio resampler now has improved buffer size
      calculations. In some cases it was too small and would cause
    - More checks are done when doing volume changes so that the
      channelmap is correct.
    - Audioadapter now exposes most config options with params so
      that they can be adjusted at runtime.
    - The resampler can now calculate the expected input buffer
      size before receiving the first buffer, which avoids some
      confusion when starting streams.
    - Support was added for some 10bit video formats.
    - MONO channel handling was improved.
    - Most plugins now set a clock name and this is configurable
      where it makes sense. The clock.system.monotonic clock name
      is used for most plugins that use the system clock for
    * pulse-server
    - implement module-raop-discover
    - Use STREAM_CAPTURE_SINK property when capturing from a
      monitor source to better inform the session manager. This
      fixes some issues where OBS would capture from the
      microphone instead of the output monitor.
    - Limit the amount of cache messages to 16MB and don't add
      large memory blocks to the cache. This should fix some
      excessive memory usage that people reported.
    - Fix a potential memory leak when cleaning up a client.
    - Do some additional checks to avoid buffer overruns.
    - Improve recovery from underruns better. (#1857) This improves
      seeking in gnome-music.
    - Improve recovery when the quantum is forced larger that the
      stream configured latency.
    - The prebuf state is now handled correctly.
    * JACK
    - A per type object cache is now implemented. This ensures that
      port objects remain valid for a longer time because many JACK
      applications inspect objects after they are destroyed. This
      improves catia/carla compatibility.
    - Recompute the latencies when the buffer-size changes. Fix
      some cases where we would end up with negative latencies.
    - Handle regcomp errors to avoid some crashes later.
    - Latency calculations are improved a lot.
    - More care is taken to not call a process callback while a
      buffer size change is pending. This fixes some crashes in
      Carla, which expect that all clients are paused when one
      handles the buffersize callback.
    - Loopback links to a client are now handled correctly and
      without latency. This fixes playback latency in ardour6
    * ALSA
    - ALSA devices now keep track of the samplerate of the card
      and ensure that all PCM use the same rate. This is a
      workaround for a kernel bug that is fixed in 5.16.
    - Refactor the ALSA plugin a little.
    - The ALSA plugin now reports correct delay for a capture PCM.
    - The ALSA nodes now expose all config options with params
      that can be changed at runtime.
    - The ALSA node has a configurable clock name. Adaptive
      resampling to match clock rates is avoided when the driver
      has the same clock name as the ALSA node. This can be used
      to link alsa devices together with a word clock.
* Sat Dec 11 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Drop server packages from baselibs.conf. Only the client parts
    are needed in there.
* Fri Dec 10 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Minor aesthetic changes in the spec file
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Enable AAC support for Leap 15.4+
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Replace the Recommends wireplumber to a Suggests since there's
    already a Require dependency on a pipewire-session-manager and
    when in doubt the Suggested package is selected.
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Unconditionally enable AAC support now that fdk-aac-free is in
    Factory (adapted from SR 936225 by Neal Gompa
* Fri Dec 03 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Makes sure if we're using wireplumber and pulseaudio that
    we don't enable the audio devices in pipewire by requiring
    wireplumber-audio or pulseaudio if wireplumber is installed
  - Better integration with PulseAudio (bsc#1188516) made by tiwai:
    * Add Requires pulseaudio-setup package for the extra setups
      in the %post section
    * Add the missing Recommends alsa-plugins-pulse to
      pipewire-pulseaudio package
* Fri Nov 12 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.3.40:
    * Highlights:
    - Producers and consumers can now incrementally negotiate a
      format by narrowing down the options. This can be used to
      select an optimal combination of format and modifiers.
    - Driver nodes such as the consumer of a headless compositor
      can now throttle the speed based on a new trigger_done event.
    - Headless compositors can now signal a damage event to
      consumers to start the processing of the graph.
    - Compatibility improvements in JACK.
    - Draining and resuming is now working correctly in pulse and
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire:
    - Many BSD fixes.
    - clang compilation fixes.
    - Fix map implementation on big-endian machines.
    - Improve tracking of param changes in pw-stream.
    - Add support for renegotiation. With this change, producer and
      consumer can incrementally renegotiate a format until it is
      fixed. This will be used to do complex negotiation of DRM
    - Add a trigger-done event in the stream. This can be used to
      know when processing of the complete graph has finished after
      issuing a trigger_process() and it can be used to throttle
    - Add a RequestProcess node event and command. This can be used
      by non-driver nodes to suggest to a driver to start
      processing. One case is where a compositor can emit this
      event as a result of a screen update to let the headless
      compositor start an update.
    - Fix zeroconf sample format.
    - pw-mon outputs to stderr now and has colors.
    * SPA:
    - Fix compilation on ppc and armv7.
    - Fix port type check for ALSA seq midi ports so that they are
      not falsely listed as hardware.
    - Fix crash when running SSE code on unsupported HW.
    - The libcamera plugin was rewritten. It now supports hotplug,
      format enumeration and an easier to read codebase.
    - Fix compatibility some more for cards with 64 channels.
    * pulse-server:
    - Flush data in pause in combine-sink to avoid stray audio
    - Fix a race where not all objects were removed correctly.
    - The latency calculations and setup was improved to more
      closely match pulseaudio behaviour. PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC should
      now resemble pulseaudio more closely.
    - The drained reply is now sent only once and new data will be
      accepted once the drain completes.
    - Fix a potential crasher bug where the stream started
      processing before the setup was completed.
    - The server will now drop the client connections when the
      pipewire connection is lost.
    * JACK:
    - Rework the jack_port_get_buffer() method to return the same
      memory when called multiple times during the process()
      callback. This makes things work on a new Hydrogen.
    - Add an option to disable showing the monitor ports.
    - JACK ports are now sorted per node/client and port_id. This
      should more closely match JACK behaviour and avoid random
      port order.
    * v4l2:
    - Fix v4l2 LD_PRELOAD script.
    - Make sure we destroy the proxy when the global is destroyed.
    * ALSA:
    - _prepare should exit the draining state.
    - Fix the precision of the _delay function by taking into
      account the amount of queued samples are the correct
  - Drop patches fixed upstream:
    * 0001-cpu-fix-compilation-on-some-architectures.patch
    * 0001-map-make-_insert_at-fail-on-a-removed-item.patch
    * 0002-map-use-uintptr_t-for-the-next-pointer.patch
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Recommend wireplumber so it's preferred to pipewire-media-session
* Fri Oct 29 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patches from upstream to fix build in s390x:
    * 0001-map-make-_insert_at-fail-on-a-removed-item.patch
    * 0002-map-use-uintptr_t-for-the-next-pointer.patch
* Fri Oct 29 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Use readline-devel instead of pkgconfig(readline) so it can be
    built in Leap15.3/SLE15-SP3
* Thu Oct 21 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Fix %systemd_user_post using the now separated
* Thu Oct 21 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.39
    * Highlights
    - media-session is now moved into a separate module to speed up
      its deprecation in favour of WirePlumber.
    - There is now an LD_PRELOAD v4l2 emulation library to run some
      existing v4l2 applications on top of PipeWire.
    - Filter-chains should now flush out remaining samples when
      paused. There is now also the option to let a filter-chain
      drain so that long filters
      such as reverbs can fade out properly.
    - Stability and compatibility improvements in JACK apps.
    - Better Bluetooth compatibility with more devices.
    - libcamera plugin improvements.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements all over the map.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix compilation on ARM.
    - Log topics are added to most modules.
    - Documentation updates. Many improvements to the layout.
      Reorganisation of the modules and groups.
    - Share a work queue for all links and nodes. This removes the
      need for a separate eventfd per link and per node.
    - Catch errors in the map implementation.
    - Add option to compile without dbus support.
    - Fix biquad frequency. It was using the wrong sample rate.
    - Fix a potential crash when destroying nodes, in some cases
      the node would not be deactivated properly.
    - Add some more helpers for dealing with properties and their
    - Implement flush and reset on virtual sinks/sources.
    - Make it possible to let virtual sinks/filter-chains run and
      drain after being idle.
    - Fix a bug where the quantum could exceed the maximum because
      it was scaled with the sample rate.
    - Fix channel_map parsing in module-zeroconf-discover so that
      the remote channel map is used.
    - pw-stream errors emitted on the proxy are reported but not
      fatal any more. They are usually used by the session manager
      to signal status to the client but otherwise does not really
      cause an error on the client.
    - Links now also store the output and input node id in the
      global properties so that applications can parse and use them
      regardless of how the link was made. (#1723)
    - pw-stream and pw-filter now have an event to notify commands.
    - The echo-cancel module can now operate on larger quantums.
    - pw-cat now uses the right metadata to find the default
      devices in --list-targets.
    * media-session
    - Don't try to remix unpositioned streams when linking. This
      ensures that linking to Pro-Audio nodes does not remix the
      stream channels but links them as they are, one by one.
    - media-session is now moved to a separate module to accelerate
      its deprecation in favour of WirePlumber.
    * SPA
    - Many libcamera improvements, handle MemFd buffers, handle
      errors gracefully.
    - Small improvements to make interface fall-backs easier to
    - Add support to enable flush-to-zero and denormals-are-zero
      to avoid high CPU usage when dealing with denormals.
    - AUX13 channels are no longer reported as AUX12. (#1727)
    - Devices with more than 32 channels in Pro-Audio mode now only
      uses AUX channels.
    - Improve windowing function of the resampler to reduce
      aliasing and improve the quality.
    * JACK
    - Port connect callbacks will not only be emitted after the
      port has negotiated buffers, which improves compatibility
      with applications that try to use the port right after the
      callback (jack_midi_latency_test).
    - Fix crash when midi ports were removed and being monitored,
      like in Ardour.
    * pulse-server
    - The pulse tunnel will now use the specified
    - Improve lookup of default source and fall back to the
      monitors when no sources are available.
    - Mark some nodes as network nodes so that we can set the
      NETWORK flag correctly.
    * GStreamer
    - The GStreamer element not releases the buffers in the stream
      again in all cases so that they can be reused by other
    * v4l2
    - Add a v4l2 LD_PRELOAD library to emulate v4l2 system calls on
      top of PipeWire. This is tested with firefox and GStreamer
      and is known to not work with Chrome.
    * Bluetooth
    - AAC compatibility improvements.
    - Disable hardware volume for "Tribit MAXSound Plus" and
      "SoundCore mini".
    - Add quirk to disable faststream. Disable faststream on
      "FiiO BTR3".
    - Add a dummy AVRCP player to improve compatibility with some
  - Remove patch:
    * 0001-fix-compilation-on-ARM.patch
  - Add patch from upstream:
    * 0001-cpu-fix-compilation-on-some-architectures.patch
* Wed Oct 13 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to fix compilation on ARM (boo#1191600):
    * 0001-fix-compilation-on-ARM.patch
* Thu Sep 30 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.38:
    * Highlights
    - Topic based logging was added to improve debugging.
    - An off-by-one error was fixed in the audio resampler that could
      cause distortion when downsampling.
    - Various bluetooth compatibility improvements.
    - More fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - module-pulse-tunnel now has better default latency to make it work
      better in more cases. There is also an option to configure the
      desired latency.
    - pw-cli now has readline support.
    - Topic based logging was added. Log lines can now be filtered by
      topic using wildcards. This should improve debugging.
    - The systemd service files should now have better descriptions.
    - Fix a crash in module-zeroconf-discover when unloading.
    - Fix a crash in filter-chain when using unaligned memory.
    * ALSA
    - Sync the udev rules and profiles with pulseaudio.
    - Fix a memory leak.
    * SPA plugins
    - An off-by-one error was fixed in the resampler that could cause
      distortion when downsampling. (#1646)
    * Bluetooth
    - Avoid probing the native backend because it might block for DBus
      activation. This fixes some long startup times.
    - Fix the kernel version check, 5.14.x kernels should also support
    - Fix FastStream microphone support in more cases.
    - Add workaround for Intel AX200.
    - SCO sink should now also work in follower mode.
    * PulseAudio server
    - Make the service file require a session manager.
* Wed Sep 29 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(readline) so pw-cli is built with
    readline support
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.37:
    * Highlights
    - Capture and playback is now avoided even more on unavailable
      devices. This should fix some issues where an unusable
      microphone was selected by default. It should now also again
      be possible to select an unavailable device as the default.
    - Native DSD audio playback is now supported. pw-cat can now
      also play DSF files with the -d option.
    - JACK stability improvements with buffer-size and samplerate
      changes in some apps.
    - Many cleanups and bugfixes all over the place.
    * PipeWire
    - pw-metadata -d does not cause an infinite loop anymore.
    - Increase some plugin buffer sizes to fix some issues with
      many channels. (#1620)
    - Protect the global plugin list with a lock. Make sure
      pw_init() is locked. Fixes some issues with concurrent ALSA
      plugin usage.
    * media-session
    - Unavailable devices can be set as the default again. (#1624)
    - Do a better check if a device has available routes and avoid
      selecting devices with unavailable routes as default.
    - Media-session was moved to its own directory. It used to live
      in examples but it is past the example stage and it
      interferes with the build options for the real examples.
    * Bluetooth
    - The hardware quirk database is now loaded by the plugin
      instead of the session manager. This makes it also work with
    * ALSA
    - The ALSA mixer now handles device removal much better.
    * libcamera
    - Many fixes and improvement to the libcamera plugin. (#1513)
    * pulse-server
    - Improve compatibility with pulseaudio module arguments.
    - Parse channel_map arguments in module-loopback. (#1486)
    * JACK
    - Delay emiting the samplerate and buffersize callbacks until
      the client is active. This fixes some crashes with Carla and
      other JACK apps.
  - Drop patches already included upstream:
    * 0001-media-session-dont-use-after-free-if-linking-node-removed.patch
    * 0002-update-version-number-as-well.patch
* Mon Sep 20 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patches from upstream to fix an "use-after-free" error and
    to set the version number correctly:
    * 0001-media-session-dont-use-after-free-if-linking-node-removed.patch
    * 0002-update-version-number-as-well.patch
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.36:
    * Highlights
    - A quick update with mostly only bugfixes and small
    - Capture and playback is now avoided on unavailable devices.
      This should fix some issues where an unusable microphone was
      selected by default.
    - MIDI output should not stop randomly now.
    - The GStreamer elements are much improved, cheese should work
      a lot better now.
    - Virtual sinks and sources should now always show up
    - JACK processing is now delayed until buffersize and
      samplerate are emited. This should improve stability of many
      JACK apps.
    - JACK transport sync is now implemented correctly so that
      preroll in bitwig works.
    * PipeWire
    - The module dir environment variable can now contain multiple
    - Documentation now contains dot graphs of dependencies.
    - config min/max/default quantum values are now scaled with the
    - A potential crash was fixed where destroyed memory was still
      used by a node. This could cause crashes in cheese.
    * pipewire-media-session
    - Only allow passthrough for passthrough formats (S/PDIF) for
      now. (#1587)
    - Improve bluetooth profile autoswitch.
    - Don't try to route audio to nodes with unavailable routes.
    * ALSA
    - Pass the right AES bits to the alsa device when opening an
      S/PDIF stream.
    - Fix a bug in the MIDI bridge port management logic. When a
      port was added and immediately removed, output would stop.
    * GStreamer
    - The GStreamer source now handles the flushing state
    - All blocking operations now have a 30 seconds timeout, to
      avoid infinite locks.
    * Plugins
    - V4l2 Device formats and controls are now passed on the node,
      just like with audio devices.
    - audioconvert now also exposes the softMute property.
    * JACK
    - Improve stability when changing buffer size and sample rate
      dynamically by pausing the processing until the application
      has handled the callback.
    - Improve handling of timebase master. When the master was
      moved to another driver, it did not attempt to become a new
      timebase master on the new driver. (#1589)
    - Implement transport sync to make preroll in bitwig work.
    * pulse-server
    - Fix an issue where virtual sinks/sources would not show up
      immediately. (#1588)
* Thu Sep 09 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to version 0.3.35:
    * Highlights:
    - S/PDIF passthrough over optical or HDMI is now implemented.
    - Some critical fixes to MIDI, draining of streams and various
    - skypeforlinux should work better now after adding it to the
      quirks database.
    - Bluetooth codecs are now in separate plugins to make it
      easier to ship them.
    * PipeWire:
    - Drain was fixed in pw-stream. In some cases it would not
      clear the drain state correctly. Fixes the issue where
      speaker-test would only play one channel.
    - Loopback connections to a driver will now activate the
      driver. This fixes an issue where MIDI connections between
      devices or some applications (puredata) would not get any
      MIDI messages. (#1559)x.
    - The audiomixer can now mix more formats. Together with the
      passthrough improvements this can be used to avoid
      conversions to/from the DSP format in some cases.
    - Make sure we idle drivers when removing a node from it in all
      cases. JACK clients could keep a driver node busy.
    - Add new methods to accumulate object info. The old one was
      difficult to use when applications need to accumulate
      multiple changes.
    - A new interface to load modules has been added. Plugins can
      use this to ask the host (PipeWire) to load spa plugins.
    - Increase param buffer size to handle larger params. Nodes
      with a large number of channels would sometimes not have
      properties. (#1574)
    - Concurrent link negotiation that caused some links to not
      work, is now avoided. This fixes monitor ports in Ardour6.
    - Small tweaks to how the quantum and rate are handled when
      nodes move between drivers. Make node.lock-quantum work with
    * PipeWire modules:
    - The convolver plugin in filter-chain has been optimized some
    - The echo-cancel stream properties were improved so that it
      actually can remember the streams it links to. (#1557)
    - module-pulse-tunnel had the buffer attributes wrong and would
      cause high latency with older pulseaudio servers. (#1434)
    - module-roc had the properties configured wrongly, which would
      cause it to not work at all in most cases. (#1538)
    - There is now an example of a 7.1 virtual surround sink using
      the hesuvi impulse responses.
    - The convolver now supports dirac pulses as the IR.
    * ALSA:
    - UCM config is now cached per device, using up less memory. It
      also temporarily works around a problem in alsa-lib that is
      now being patched and rolled out. Should stop devices from
      disappearing when logging out and back in. (#1553)
    - Fix the MIDI clock rate matching. It was too sensitive to
      small changes and would spiral out of control and break MIDI
      rather quickly.
    * pipewire-media-session:
    - The media session can now save and restore IEC958 (S/PDIF)
      codecs for the sinks.
    - Passthrough of IEC958 (S/PDIF) content is now possible. If
      the client and the sink contain a compatible set of codecs,
      an exclusive connection can be made between client and sink to pass
      the encoded S/PDIF content directly to the device.
    - Use new introspection info update methods to suspend nodes in
      all cases. Sometimes, nodes would fail to suspend because the
      state info was not evaluated.
    - The media session can now work in non-DSP mode, which will
      try to avoid any audio conversions between client and device
      when possible. But, this will also disable compatibility with
      JACK applications.
    * Bluetooth
    - Bluetooth codecs are now compiled into separate plugins which
      are dynamically loaded. This makes it possible to change the
      plugin implementation or ship plugins separately without
      having to recompile the bluetooth module.
    * PulseAudio server
    - Delay stream create reply until the stream is linked to a
    - The device-restore extension is now implemented. This makes
      it possible to configure the IEC958 (S/PDIF) codecs supported
      by the sink with pavucontrol.
    - skypeforlinux now uses the same quirks as teams to make the
      sinks show up in all cases. This fixes the issue of not being
      able to hear the remote end in skypeforlinux.
    * JACK
    - Improve catia and carla compatibility by caching objects a
      little longer after being removed. (#1531)
    - JACK ports now notify the negotiated format correctly.
    - A potential deadlock was fixed when multiple threads would
      perform a call that would require a roundtrip.
    - Improve bufsize callback, it should not be called right after
      doing activate() but only when the buffersize changes later.
    - Add tweak to disable the process lock. Some older apps might
      not expect it. (#1576)
    * Docs
    - man pages are now generated with rst2man.
    - DMA-BUF docs were updated.
    - Documentation updates.
  - Replace BuildRequires xmltoman with docutils (rst2man)
  - Update libcamera Buildrequires.
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libcap) since it's being searched
    by the build scripts.
  - Replace BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libopenaptx) with libfreeaptx
    since openaptx has a license issue
  - Use bcond_with to enable/disable the usage of libcamera
    (the defaults are not changed: it's disabled in Leap since
    upstream doesn't recommend enabling it yet and enabled in TW
    since we can allow some experimental support there)
  - Changes suggested by darix.
* Thu Aug 26 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.34:
    * Highlights
    - Fixes some critical issues with previous release. Such as
      devices not showing up and default devices being lost.
    - Support for consumer driver streams to make the producer
      v-sync to the consumer monitor in a headless compositor
    - Improvements to routing of streams.
    - Bluetooth battery status support for head-set profile and
      using Apple extensions. aptX-LL and FastStream codec support
      was added.
    - Internal latency of ALSA devices can now be configured.
    - A fast convolver was added to the filter-chain to implement
      virtual surround sinks or reverbs.
    * PipeWire
    - Add support for streams that are driver nodes for the graph.
      This was already possible for source streams but it is now
      also possible for playback streams. This can be used to let
      a producer v-sync to the consumer monitor in a headless
      compositor setup. (#1484)
    - State files are now stored in XDG_STATE_HOME instead of
      XDG_CONFIG_HOME. They will still be loaded from the config
      home if they are not in the new state home, to ease
    - Set a driver on inactive nodes to make transport work in
      xjadeo. (#1491)
    - Fix parsing of filter-chain controls.
    - A new FFT based convolver was added to module-filter-chain.
      It uses a 0-latency 2 stage convolver with small FFT for the
      head and a large FFT for the tail of the convolution. A
      convolution can be used to implement IR based reverbs, HRIR
      surround sound or other convolution based operations. An
      example HRIR virtual surround sound sink has been added as
    - module-filter-chain was reworked a bit to support more config
      options for the plugins.
    - Endian conversion and alaw/ulaw formats are now supported for
    - pw-cat will now suggest a samplerate for the graph.
    - SPA_PLUGIN_DIR can now search in multiple paths separated
      with a ':'.
    - Passthrough mode has been worked on and has been partially
      merged. S/PDIF definitions have been added and ALSA devices
      updated to report and configure S/PDIF formats. The session
      manager changes to fully configure and enable passthrough
      mode will hopefully be merged next time.
    - Fix a race in pw-stream where it would not always emit the
      right events.
    * ALSA
    - Fix volume changed check. It was checking against the wrong
      value and this could cause rounding errors.
    - The ALSA plugin now also uses RT scheduling.
    - Fix the behringer UMC202 usb device id, it was using a
      generic TI chip ID that caused problems.
    - Fix USB devices that don't show up anymore. Use an ALSA
      workaround to fix this. (#1478)
    - Add a rule for the new firmware of Sennheiser GSX 1200.
    - ALSA sink and source can now use ProcessLatency param to
      configure the internal latency. The latencyOffsetNsec
      property is also exposed so that the latency can be adjusted
      in pavucontrol as well.
    * media-session
    - Fix a critical issue where the default device was not
      remembered anymore when it was removed.
    - Fix the issue where some apps need to be restarted when
      nodes go away and reappear.
    - Improve routing of streams. Streams that have a specific
      target set will now be moved to the target when it appears
      instead of staying on the fallback.
    - Small memory leak fixes.
    - Try to switch back to the user selected profile after
      finishing a Bluetooth recording.
    * Bluetooth
    - Add support for HF indicator 2 battery status.
    - Add support for XAPL battery status.
    - Set the Communication intended role for HFP profile.
    - Enable SBC-XQ by default if not disabled by quirks.
    - Fix some potential crashes due to excessive polling.
    - Add aptx-LL codec and enable duplex for aptx-LL devices.
    - Add FastStream codec. This is a codec that can use a
      duplex SBC channel.
    * PulseAudio server
    - Suggests a samplerate for the graph.
    - Support for handling S/PDIF (IEC958) formats was added. This
      will start working when the session manager supports
      configuring streams and nodes in passthrough mode.
    - Be smarter when handling devices without a negotiated format
      yet so that they are visible as well. This makes virtual
      devices show up immediately.
    * ALSA plugin
    - Now suggests a samplerate for the graph.
    * JACK
    - The jack.pc file can only be generated with meson >= 0.59.0.
      When the jack-devel option is enabled, it will generate an
      error with older meson.
    - Small stability improvements when connecting/disconnecting in
* Thu Aug 05 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to version 0.3.33:
    * Highlights
    - Better support for virtual sinks/sources for Pro Audio
    - Better DMA-BUF format modifier negotiation.
    - Support multiple sample rates in the graph. Not enabled
      by default yet.
    - Bluetooth can now automatically switch between headset
      and audio profile.
    - Documentation updates.
    - Many improvements and crasher fixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Make AUX channels an official channel map, use this for the
      PRO audio profile so that we can name the channels. This
      make it possible to define virtual sources and sinks for
      Pro Audio devices in a more reliable way.
    - Fix scheduling of some virtual sinks/sources. (#1407)
    - Fix potential corruption of ringbuffer because of multiple
      concurrent writers. This might be the cause for many reported
      crashes. (#1451)
    - Don't place sockets in $HOME. (#1443)
    - Improve DMA-BUF negotiation. Add a flag to avoid fixation
      of a property so that producers can negotiate more
      efficiently. This is used to negotiate DMA-BUF modifiers,
      which should make more efficient use of the GPU. (#1084)
    - Add support for multipe sample rates. The graph can switch
      when IDLE to one of the supported rates. Add an option to
      lock the rate as well. This is not enabled by default yet
      because of driver bugs that need to be worked around first.
    - Add node.lock-quantum property that can be used to lock the
      quantum in place.
    - Improve latency reporting in the loopback module.
    - Make new client-node method to send the peer port id to the
      mixer. This can be used to know where the buffers entering the
      mixer are coming from. (#1471)
    * Tools
    - pw-top should now also correctly show bluetooth devices.
    * media-session
    - Handle unset of the default node.
    - Added a module that can switch the bluetooth profile to headset
      profile when a stream wants to record from it.
    * JACK
    - Only call the jack callbacks when the client is active. Some
      JACK applications don't expect callbacks before the client is
      active and crash (x42-dpl). (#1461)
    - Emit client unregister event.
    - Add per-client match rules in the config file to set app
      specific configuration and tweaks. (#1456)
    - Use peer_id to implement jack_port_get_buffer() from one of
      our peer ports to get the data before it enters the mixer.
      Makes the capture monitors work in Ardour6.8. (#1471)
    * Bluetooth
    - Add some broken kernel versions to the mSBC blocklist
    - Avoid looping and consuming CPU when we can't write to the
      BT socket.
    - Use libfreeaptx instead of libopenaptx.
    - Fix rounding errors in HW volume conversion.
    * PulseAudio server
    - implement module-switch-on-connect to emulate pulseaudio
      behaviour of new devices. Some desktop environments expect
      this behaviour and break otherwise.
    - Fix stream cleanup, make sure the stream is stopped before
      destroying it. Might be cause for some of the reported
    - Update message API to use the JSON format.
    * Other
    - Many documentation updates.
    - Many cleanups and small improvements.
    - Support the latest libcamera version. (#1435)
  - Drop pipewire-fix-libcamera-build.patch, merged upstream.
* Tue Jul 27 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Move with-{alsa,jack,pulseaudio} from the media-session package
    to the packages that implement each support.
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Add patch pipewire-fix-libcamera-build.patch: fix build with
    latest libcamera.
  - Do no build libcamera support on Leap 15.3 or lower (too old
    libcamera) and change name of BuildRequires from camera to
  - Update minimal version for alsa buildrequires.
* Tue Jul 20 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to 0.3.32:
    * Highlights
    - Real-time priority handling for threads was reworked.
      Freewheeling will now drop RT priorities to avoid being
    - Problems with filter chains and echo-cancel being linked in
      a loop was fixed.
    - alsamixer should now be able to see the mixer controls again.
    - JACK has seen some latency reporting improvements that make
      Ardour report latencies correctly.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Fix a bug in the neon audio resampler code.
    - There is now a property to relate linked
      streams. this can be used to track the dataflow with
      coupled streams.
    - Fix a crash when recalculating latency on a destroyed
      port. (#1371)
    - Filter chains and other modules that create streams can
      now also be added to the daemon config itself. (#1309)
    - Fix some potential deadlocks in timerfd. (#1377)
    - Feedback links are skipped when recalculating latency to
      avoid loops.
    - The dummy driver and null-sink now stop the timerfd when
      following another driver instead of generating useless
      graph wakeups.
    - rt.limit was increased to 2 seconds. Some applications got
      killed because they run lengthy code in the Real-Time
      thread. (#1344)
    - Fix s24_32 to float, it was not sign extending
      properly. (#1393)
    - The performance of the feedback loop check algorithm was
      improved a lot, making complex graphs start much much faster.
    - The zeroconf publish module now doesn't republish nodes
      every time the volume changes. (#1406)
    - A potential memory corruption error has been fixed in the
      loop that could cause random crashes.
    - Mempools can now be created from multiple threads at the
      same time.
    * media-session
    - Loops in coupled streams are now avoided. (#1394)
    - Port changes for inactive profiles are ignored now by
      the default-route module. (#1403)
    * ALSA
    - Make sure tha alibpref is not part of the device node name
      because it is random. (#1362)
    - Fixed an off-by-one that could cause midi events to end up
      with a wrong timestamp and thus being discarded by
      some apps. (#1395)
    - Fix some memory leaks when destroying a card object.
    * JACK
    - Fix some invalid cycle wakeups that could cause JACK
      application to run with a 0 buffer size. (#1386)
    - JACK can now use rtkit to manage realtime priorities
      on threads.
    - The Real-time priority is dropped when entering freewheel
      mode to make sure we don't get killed when using
      too much CPU.
    - jack_recompute_total_latencies() is now implemented, fixing
      the latency reporting in Ardour. (#1388)
    - Fix some overflows in time calculations.
    - Ensure frame_rate in position is never 0.
    - Graph callbacks are now emitted as well.
    * Bluetooth
    - RTP payload type is now set correctly for aptX, LDAC and
      SBC, which should improve compatibility with devices that
      care about this.
    * PulseAudio server
    - There is now a quirks database to deal with bad clients.
      The database is builtin but can be made external later.
      Teams is now lied to and told all sink/sources use
      s16 samples to make it show all sinks/sources.
      Firefox is forced to remove the DONT_MOVE flag on
      capture streams so that you can move firefox streams
      with other tools.
    - The UNDERFLOW warnings are now made into info log messages
      to not spam the log too much. Many application just let
      things underrun and PulseAudio did not warn about this
      either. (#910)
    * ALSA plugin
    - The alsa plugin now uses the right metadata for finding the
      default source and sink, which makes the volume controls
      reappear. (#1384)
    * Other
    - Cleanups in pulse-server and pipewire.
    - Documentation additions.
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Make the jack replacement libraries really replace jack libraries
    just like Fedora does (adding the path to the pipewire
    replacement libraries to and conflicting with jack).
  - Remove the spec code that forced the packages not to provide the
    jack libraries. They seem to be ready to replace jack libraries
  - Add a pipewire-libjack-0_3-devel package with development files
    for pipewire's jack replacement.
  - Enable the libcamera module
* Tue Jun 29 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add %pre and %post sections to the new media-session subpackage.
  - Move the references to the media-session service from the
    workaround in pipewire's %post section to the workaround in the
    new subpackage's %post section.
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to 0.3.31:
    * Highlights
    - Fixes for alsa-lib 1.2.5
    - New pulseaudio modules: module-avahi-zeroconf,
      module-pipe-source, module-roc-sink, module-roc-source
    - JACK has seen massive stability improvements. Locking
      and correctness wrt to callbacks and has been reworked. Also
      thread priorities have improved.
    - Handle various crashes and lockups when running out of file
    - Bluetooth now uses a hardware database to disable
      non-working features on listed devices.
    - Scheduling quantum and rate can now be changed dynamically
      with pw-metadata.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Improve cleanup of context in error cases.
    - There is now a pw-test framework for improved unit tests.
    - Improve property serialization to valid JSON.
    - Fix some macros to work with better with coverity.
    - Metadata permissions are checked now. Clients need the
      M permission on an object to be able to set metadata for
    - The core metadata object will now remove metadata for
      removed objects, the implementor does not need to worry
      about that anymore.
    - Audioadapter will now follow the rate of the graph with
      the resampler adjusting itself dynamically.
    - Core now has a metadata implementation helper. A context
      will expose a metadata with settings that can be changed
      at runtime. This can be used to change the lowlevel or
      graph quantum and samplerate on the fly.
    - An infinite loop was fixed in the audio converter.
    - Handle out-of-fds more gracefully. Handle truncated
      control data by dropping the client connection.
    - Fix profiler crash with many streams.
    - Improve latency handling in pw-filter. There is now a
      default handler and a ProcessLatency parameter to simplify
      latency reporting.
    - Latency reporting was improved in devices and streams.
    - And example sink/source was added.
    * ALSA
    - hardware mute and volume are now properties on the
      Route param to make things easier.
    - More fixes for alsa-ucm 1.2.5.
    * Tools
    - spa-json-dump now properly encodes string and keys
    - pw-dump now shows the correct subject of the metadata.
    * PulseAudio server
    - Ensure the node.description is set, some applications
      crash otherwise (TeamSpeak).
    - Module loading and unloading was improved.
    - module-avahi-zeroconf was implemented.
    - module-pipe-source was implemented
    - module-roc-sink and module-roc-source was implemented
    - The maximum amount of connections has been limited to 64,
      like pulseaudio.
    - Handle out-of-fds more gracefully.
    - Fix overflow of read/write pointers.
    - source and sink state are now decoupled from the monitor
      state and will report IDLE when not playing anything.
    * media-session
    - Port switching should now happen to/from the port that
      actually changed.
    * JACK
    - The locking was reviewed. All callbacks are not emited
      from the PipeWire thread with the lock released and
      the process function will be disabled for the duration
      of the callback. This ensures that no two callbacks are
      called at the same time.
    - Improve internal consistency and try to never call callbacks
      with invalid objects.
    - Monitor port can now be accessed with system:monitor_%d
    - client threads are now created with SCHED_FIFO and module-rt
      is used to create the other RT threads. This should avoid
      SIGKILL from RTKit in some cases.
    * Bluetooth
    - Various bugfixes to improve connections to devices.
    - Handle delayed UUID connection.
    - There is now a hardware database that can disable features
      in listed devices.
    - Use libusb to detect availability of mSBC.
    * ALSA
    - The virtual device name can now also contain a media role.
  - Add BuildRequires(libusb-1.0) to detect mSBC support for Bluetooth.
  - Move media-session to a separate package (similar to Fedora),
    allowing to switch to another session manager.
* Sun Jun 13 2021 Adam Mizerski <>
  - added pipewire-alsa to baselibs.conf
    pipewire-alsa-32bit is needed to run BIT.TRIP Runner 2 from Steam,
    which is a 32bit application and uses ALSA.
* Thu Jun 10 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Move %{_udevrulesdir}/90-pipewire-alsa.rules to the main pipewire
    package (boo#1187108)
* Thu Jun 10 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 0.3.30+git~342ae0b64 (55 commits after 0.3.30) in order
    to include
    to fix building on Leap 15.3
* Wed Jun 09 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 0.3.30
    * This is a quick emergency release to fix some severe
      problems with the previous release.
    * Highlights
    - Recording from a monitor port should work again.
    - JACK applications should now be more stable again.
    - Freewheeling should not lock up anymore.
    - Fix lockups in many pulseaudio apps.
    - module-echo-cancel was implemented in pipewire-pulse
    - Many other stability fixes.
    * PipeWire
    - Improve module path logic.
    - Improve logger formatting
    * PulseAudio server
    - Make sure to pass 64 bits values for time on ARM 32 bits to
      avoid protocol errors.
    - Avoid a crash when unloading module-combine-sink.
    - Avoid overflow in requested bytes, resulting in stalled
    - Implement module-echo-cancel.
    * Bluetooth
    - Handle latency parameters instead of failing.
    * JACK
    - Fix locking in many places to avoid deadlocks and crashes.
    - Fix port rename.
    - Stop freewheeling correctly instead of deadlocking.
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 0.3.29
    * Highlights
    - Latency reporting is now implemented.
    - Many documentation updates and cleanups.
    - module-combine-sink was added to PulseAudio server.
    - Better handling of multichannel input profiles.
    - Fix 100% volume issue when monitor suspends or profile
      changes in some cases.
    - Bugfixes and crashes
    * PipeWire
    - A new module-rt was added to acquire real-time scheduling
      priviledges without using RTKit.
    - Documentation fixes and updates. Docs are now using a
      custom theme.
    - There is now a MANDATORY flag on properties that influence
      how properties are filtered.
    - Filter-chain now parses the LADSPA_PATH correctly when it
      contains a colon separated list.
    - Move `#pipewire` IRC channel to
    - Fix an error where param changes were not emited in all
    - Implement Latency reporting. Latency values are propagated
      through the graph so that each node knows the latency to
      the output/input device. Synchronization in pw-stream has
      been updated to use this.
    - Some more upmix cases are added so that LFE, SIDE and REAR
      can be generated from a mono channel as well.
    - pw-stream and pw-filter will now emit the process event from
      the real-time thread in a safe way, potentially avoiding some
      of the harder to debug crashes.
    - Fix potential stack overflow with serialize_dict.
    - Add PIPEWIRE_NO_CONFIG to run without custom config files.
    - The WebRTC echo canceler was added. Next versions will
      integrate this better.
    * PulseAudio server
    - module-combine-sink was implemented.
    - Fix some segfaults when DBus connections fail.
    - Support for listening on IPv6 was added.
    - Fix a bug where many flushes could result in requests for too
      much data from the client, causing sync, latency and garbled
      sound problems after many seeks.
    * ALSA
    - Also probe input paths for multichannel mappings. This makes
      multichannel input ports show up in more cases.
    - Fix headphones/front volume issue on some cards.
    - Fix max volume issue when profile changes.
    - Fix issue with UCM local config that was not available when
      the device was opened in the server but the UCM was opened by
      the session manager. Fixes alsa 1.2.5 compatibility.
    * JACK
    - Implement latency reporting with the new Latency params.
  - Add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(webrtc-audio-processing)
    which is required by the new WebRTC echo canceler.
  - Remove patch which is already included:
    * 0001-alsa-mixer-only-use-switch-to-mute-Front-in-the-Headphone-path.patch
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to use the independent switch to mute
    Lineout or Speaker instead of setting the volume, which on
    some soundcards might be shared by Headphone and Lineout or
    Headphone and Speaker (fixes boo#1186572):
    * 0001-alsa-mixer-only-use-switch-to-mute-Front-in-the-Headphone-path.patch
* Tue May 25 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Introduce a workaround for systems where %systemd_user_post
    didn't enable the user services correctly due to different
    reasons . This workaround is only executed once, and only if
    it's really needed. In order to execute only once a lock file
    is created in /var/lib/pipewire. The lockfile can be removed
    when the workaround is removed.
    Everyone who upgraded their TW system between (aprox.) the 14th
    of January and the 16th of March and who didn't enable the
    services manually is affected by this. It also happens for
    everyone who installed a new TW system since (aprox.) the 14th
    of January and also for everyone doing a new installation of
    SLE15-SP3 / Leap 15.3 from the iso (new installations using
    online repositories will work fine once the fix in
    systemd-presets-common-SUSE is released).
    Fixes boo#1184852, boo#1183012 and boo#1186561.
* Wed May 19 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 0.3.28
    * Highlights
    - Freewheeling was implemented. This makes it possible to
      export projects in ardour.
    - A new powerful filter-chain module was added that can
      be used to created all kinds of filter-chains from ladspa
      and builtin plugins.
    - Many more pulseaudio modules are now implemented:
      module-ladspa-sink, module-ladspa-source, module-pipe-sink,
      module-tunnel-sink, module-tunnel-source,
    - Fix a bug where devices would not appear after logout/login.
    - Fix a bug where the volume was reset to 0 and devices would
      have no audio.
    - Config files are now installed in the data dir, system
      overrides in /etc/pipewire and $HOME are checked first.
    * PipeWire
    - Implement freewheeling for JACK clients
    - Add filter-chain module that can be used to construct
      arbitrary graphs from ladspa and builtin plugins.
    - Add new property to easily set algorithm params
    - Add module-pulse-tunnel to tunnel audio to and from
      a PulseAudio compatible server.
    - Add a avahi zeroconf discover module, create pulse-tunnel
      when PulseAudio devices are announced.
    - Config files are now installed in the data dir, system
      overrides in /etc/pipewire and $HOME are checked first.
    - Applications now have their monitor ports named with the
      "monitor" prefix to avoid confusion with the output ports.
    - LICENSE clarifications.
    * GStreamer
    - fixes to the pipewiresink plugin.
    * SPA plugins
    - Fix a bug where the volume was reset to 0
    - Add events to dbus plugin. This can be used to detect dbus
    * Media-session
    - Handle dbus disconnect.
    - Handle device reservation errors.
    * PulseAudio server
    - Implement module-ladspa-sink and a new PipeWire-only
    - Implement module-pipe-sink
    - Implement module-tunnel-sink and module-tunnel-source
    - Fix a bug with module argument parsing
    - Implement module-zeroconf-discover
    * ALSA plugin
    - improve error handling
* Thu May 13 2021 Ismail Dönmez <>
  - Add %bcond_with aptx conditional to let 3rd parties to enable
    aptX support.
* Sat May 08 2021 Ismail Dönmez <>
  - Add %bcond_with aac conditional to let 3rd parties to enable
    AAC support.
* Fri May 07 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 0.3.27
    * Highlights
    - Fix bug that caused bluetooth devices to stop working.
    - Fix session-manager crash when switching users caused by
      the DBus plugin cleanup errors.
    - Improve volume handling of monitor ports.
    - Fix GStreamer v4l2 support.
    - Implement module-remap-sink and module-remap-source in
    - More fixes and improvements.
    * PipeWire
    - Move the loopback code into a module. Use this in pw-loopback
      and pipewire-pulse. Fix some cleanup crashes.
    - A dummy echo-cancel module was added. Later versions will
      include the webrtc echo-canceler.
    - State files don't have the X permission anymore.
    - Move i18n core into a private header file.
    - Stream can now advertize properties and receive property
    - Fix an issue where the wrong index was used to address a port.
      It caused Bluetooth devices to stop working.
    * SPA plugins
    - Only do LFE filtering on channels we created.
    - Improve name and description of devices.
    - Improve cleanup in DBus connections and sources to avoid crash
      when destroying.
    - Improved volume handling. Hardware, Software and Monitor
      volumes are now properly separated and handled.
    - Support for S8 and S8P formats was added.
    * Tools
    - pw-cli can now also create Struct from JSON arrays.
    * Session-manager
    - The session manager can now also create passive links. This
      makes is possible to suspend effect chains together with the
      sinks when not in use.
    - Match rules now check the complete property value instead of
      only the start.
    - Handle multiple pending param enumerations, take only last
      result. This fixes some volume update issues.
    * GStreamer plugins
    - GStreamer plugins now advertize handling DMABUF explicitly. This
      is currently the only way to avoid a memcpy for v4l2 devices.
    * Device support
    - sync ACP with pulseaudio, merge upstream patch instead of our
      hack to workaround missing duplex devices.
    - V4l2 devices don't expose their fd anymore. Previously the fd
      and mmap offsets were passed to the client to access the buffer
      memory but that could create security issues.
    * Bluetooth
    - Don't unregister the profiles on shutdown because this can cause
      delay, just close the dbus connection.
    - Bluetooth devices now try to use the global samplerate from the
    * PulseAudio server
    - Implement remap-sink and remap-source modules using the
      new loopback module.
* Mon May 03 2021 Yifan Jiang <>
  - Disable gstreamer device provider by now because the timestamp
    bug makes cheese video record abnormally longer than it should be
  - Replace all tab characters to space.
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add %systemd_ordering so systemd is installed before pipewire
    on fresh installations. This allows to set the service presets
    correctly on new systems since the %systemd_user_* macros don't
    do anything if systemd is not installed (boo#1185459).
* Thu Apr 22 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 0.3.26:
    + Highlights:
    - I18n support, with translations merged from PulseAudio.
    - New pw-link tool.
    - Many Bluetooth improvements, support for hardware volumes.
    - Support for 64 channel devices.
    - Stability fixes and improvements.
    + PipeWire improvements:
    - The link factory can now also make links between nodes and
      ports by name so that it can be used in scripts.
    - Add module-protocol-simple that can stream raw audio on a
    - Added i18n support. Merge PulseAudio translations for the ACP
      library so that we don't cause regressions.
    - Support more than 19 channels in the channel mixer. This
      makes all channels usable on 32 and 64 channel cards.
    - Detect if we're running in a VM and allow for tweaking some
      settings such as the max-quantum to make things work better
      in VMs.
    - Fix a potential crash when connecting a client and updating
    - Fix a potential crash when trying to link incompatible ports.
    - Lingering links in error will now be destroyed automatically.
    + Tools:
    - Added new pw-link tool to list and monitor ports and to list,
      monitor, create and destroy links between them.
    - pw-cli can now also list params by name.
    - pw-dump now outputs Spa:String:JSON types in metadata as
      properly parsed and formatted JSON so that tools can parse
      the metadata values using a JSON parser.
    + Session-manager:
    - Add logind support. The bluetooth monitor can only be started
      for one user at the time, so use logind detect active seats.
    - ALSA icon names were improved to match what PulseAudio does.
    - Improve the bluetooth icon name. Also use the device alias as
      the device description, like PulseAudio.
    + Device support:
    - When devices become inaccessible, they are now removed from
      the PipeWire graph.
    - Fix datatype selection for buffers in v4l2 and libcamera.
    + Bluetooth:
    - Various memory leaks and crashes are fixed.
    - Added support for AVRCP hardware volume.
    - Added support for HSP/HFP hardware volume.
    + PulseAudio server:
    - Fix module-loopback connections to monitor ports.
    - Implement module-native-protocol-tcp.
    - Handle nodes and streams with > 32 channels. The PulseAudio
      API only supports up to 32 channels so only make those 32
      first channels available with the PA API.
    - Implement module-simple-protocol-tcp.
    - Improve events emitted by the server.
    - Improvements to channels and channel_map properties on
      modules. One can imply the other and they should match when
      both given.
    - null-sink will now have their volume work correctly by
    + JACK: JACK developement files can now optionally be installed.
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Michael Ströder <>
  - Update to 0.3.25:
    + This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with
    - previous 0.3.x releases.
    + Highlights
    - Many stability improvements.
    - Plug fd leak in flatpak detection
    - add pw-loopback tool and support module-loopback
    - volume restore for virtual sinks/sources or other sink/sources
      without hardware volume.
    - Fix cracks and pops in audio capture.
    - Many bluetooth improvements and compatibity fixes.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Hex encode invalid SEC_LABEL properties to avoid generating invalid json.
    - Small fixes to how nodes are started to avoid crashes.
    - Make sure ports are only scheduled after being fully negotiated
      to avoid crashes.
    - Implement coverity into CI, fix some bugs detected by coverity.
    - Plug leak in flatpak detection.
    - Fix crash when removing globals in some cases.
    - Fix crash because the mixer info was not removed from a port in all cases.
    - Add PIPEWIRE_AUTOCONNECT environment variable to disable stream autoconnect.
      Also add a config option to disable autoconnect.
    - Improve wildcard in format helpers.
    - Add env variable to disable journald logging.
    + Tools
    - Add a new pw-loopback tool to loop a capture device to a playback device.
    - Display localized strings correctly in pw-top
    - Add some more options to pw-dot
    + Session-manager
    - When a new node is configured and some stream have this as the
      default target, move them to it.
    - Fix some crashes.
    - Implement volume restore on nodes without routes. This makes it
      possible to restore volume on purely software nodes like null-sinks.
    - Also try to suspend errored nodes so that they may leave the
      error state and be reused again.
    - Break endless link loops when something went wrong.
    + Device support
    - Fix monitor volumes, they are now separate from the hardware volume.
    - Fix cracks and pops in alsa capture caused by mismatch between
      resampler and capture source.
    - Add start-delay config option to alsa sink.
    - Ensure the PipeWire midi ports start from a higher number so that the
      lower port numbers are available to apps as before.
    + Bluetooth
    - source devices are now removed when idle
    - Support using pipewire as Audio Gateway.
    - LDAC encoding quality can be configured now
    - Implement codec switching for HFP
    - Implement codec switching with new device property.
    - Improved stability and compatibility
    - Autoconnect device profiles at startup
    - Add AAC bitrate mode configuration
    - Make it possible to use an A2DP source as an input device.
      You can then use your phone as an A2DP microphone, for example.
    - Remove battery reporting when RFCOMM connections is closed.
    + PulseAudio server
    - Add some workarounds for Blueman
    - Set correct errno values, fixes a hang in load-module of a non-existing module
    - Try to not send inconsistent information to clients.
    - Fix some crashes.
    - Add support for the new send-message API, use this to switch bluetooth codecs.
    - Fix draining by making sure we are started.
    - Handle 0 sink and source as the default sink/source.
    - Implement module-loopback
    + JACK
    - Fix some memory leaks when closing a client
    - Add self-connect config option to limit where clients can connect themselves.
    - Don't crash when apps call _port_get_buffer() on a port that is not their
      own but simply return NULL. This fixes a crash in Ardour6.
    - Improve client added/removed callbacks. Sometimes it would emit a client
      remove when there were still ports for the client.
    - make sure midi port names are stable across reboots.
* Fri Mar 19 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Enable or disable the ldac codec depending if ldacBT is available
    or not to fix build in s390x (where it's not available)
  - Add some more information and fix indentation on previous
    changelog entries.
* Fri Mar 19 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - Update to 0.3.24:
    + This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with
      previous 0.3.x releases.
    + Highlights
    - Many JACK midi improvements and device support.
    - Fixes in gnome-control-center default sink/source handling.
    - Many small performance improvements in alsa device handling
      and latency. There should also be less cracks/pops and xruns
    - More bluetooth compatibility improvements.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Implement simple upmixing
    - Disable the resampler when not used. This improves latency
      and CPU usage.
    - Handle max-quantum on devices and try to not make the quantum
      larger than the device buffer size.
    - improvements to how nodes and links are activated. It should
      now result in less xruns and cracks/pops.
    - meson uses the feature options everywhere now
    - Handle volume remap in the channelmixer. This fixes the
      channels on multichannel devices.
    - Try to escape invalid JSON string characters
    - Keep better track of changed parameters in audioconvert.
    - Improve config files, make arrays where needed.
    - Respect NO_COLOR where possible
    - Support in-place config file parsing to avoid allocations and
      improve startup performance.
    - There is no a config option to enable non-power-of-two
    - Preliminary support for upmixing and generating LFE channels.
    + Session-manager
    - default nodes are not stored as JSON in the metadata. This
      is more readable and introspectable.
    - More default-nodes and default-routes improvements. port
      switching should work better now.
    - Wait until all devices are scanned before linking clients.
    - Fixes some crashes
    - Sinks (monitors) can now be set as default sources.
    + Device support
    - Fix startup timers for alsa devices.
    - Improve timers in alsa when quantum changes. It should cause
      less xruns and cracks.
    - Fix UCM setup of capture devices.
    - Only disable IRQ in alsa when not batch. For batch devices
      the hw pointers are updated each IRQ so we need to keep them
      enabled. This massively improves latency on USB batch devices
      to the same level as JACK (with small enough period size).
    + Bluetooth
    - Improvements to profile switches.
    - Improvements to volume handling.
    - Fixes for A2DP sources
    - Add support for battery status when available.
    - Many other small improvements.
    + PulseAudio server
    - handle NULL in set_default_sink/source to clear the default
    - Implement a workaround for gnome-control-center when setting
      the default sink/source. It also sets the target in
      stream-restore to the new default. This fixes moving streams
      in gnome-control-center.
    - Fix some races by replying to some requests after the
      operation completed.
    - Prefer formats of the extended format API.
    - Create a pid file on startup to improve compatibility with
      apps that look for it.
    - Capture streams can now be moved to monitors with pavucontrol
    - Fixes for crashes
    + JACK
    - jack clients can now connect to the 'default' server
    - Move midi ports back to the midi client
    - Only mark midi hardware ports as terminal/physical
    - Use the same midi names as a2jmidid
    - match system ports in get_ports.
    - Improve compatibility with some apps that require a
      fixed latency.
    - Beginnings of the libjackserver implementation.
  - Switch off libopenaptx and fdk-aac (because they are
    patent-encumbered) and libcamera (problems in building).
* Wed Mar 17 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - systemd-rpm-macros doesn't have a consistent versioning between
    distributions, so better assume it's updated enough to support
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add systemd rpm macros for pipewire.service as well as
    pipewire.socket .
  - Use the new %systemd_user_pre macro on %pre to be able to
    recognize when a service was installed for the first time and
    enable it on %systemd_user_post (boo#1183012)
* Tue Mar 09 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to version 0.3.23:
    + Highlights
    - Fixes for some critical bugs in last release.
    - Fix bug where audio was not drained properly at the end of
      playback, causing repeating sound.
    - Profile and route switching was improved and should mimic
      more what pulseaudio did.
    - Various fixes for xruns in capture and playback.
    - Bluetooth now supports delay adjustment and various other
    - The pulseaudio server now correctly identifies AC3 and DTS
      streams and returns a not supported error instead of playing
    - Multichannel support was improved in the alsa plugin and
      the channel mixer. Channels should now play on the right
      speakers in all cases.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Small fixes and improvements in JSON parsing and encoding.
    - Improvements to param handling in audioconverter. It would
      previously not always notify of changes.
    - Avoid updating some properties that we use internally such
      as the object id and the
    - log.level in the config files is now actually used.
    - the PIPEWIRE_LATENCY env variable should always override
      any application settings in filter/stream/jack.
    - The config file can now contain filer and stream properties
      to, for example, control the resampler, mixer and latency.
    - Add sandboxing to the systemd services
    - Various FreeBSD fixes.
    - Improve draining and a way to exit the drain state as well.
    - Many multichannel fixes. Channel remapping should now be
    - Fix bug with repeating audio at the end of playback because
      the drain in the resampler was not draining all channels.
    - RTKit default rt.prio has been increased to 88. This will
      likely still be clamped to 20 until distros increase the
      max priority.
    + Session-manager
    - Don't try to switch to Pro Audio profile, this should be
      a user choice only.
    - Don't crash when metadata was disabled such as when not
      using the audio features of pipewire.
    - Rework the profile and route handling.
    - Add systemd unit files for the media-session
    - Device names should now also have sane names so that tab
      pactl completion works on them.
    + Device support
    - Fix ALSA format enumeration in more cases. Use the channels
      and rate as a filter.
    - Make sure the graph doesn't ever use buffers larger than
      the alsa device buffer size or we get xruns.
    - Tuning of the alsa device timeout handling and dynamic
      resampler. There should now not be any xruns when streams
      appear and disappear or when the quantum changes.
    - Fix bug in alsa device when reassigning to a new driver,
      in some cases the dynamic resampler was not activated and
      things would drift out of sync and fail.
    - Fixes in quantum changes for ALSA capture and how the
      resampler is drained and fed with the new samples.
    + Bluetooth
    - Delay adjustment has been implemented now. Bluetooth
      devices should now be more synchronized with video due
      to proper delay reporting. Because BT delays can be
      large, it can cause hickups in some players.
    - Fix volume in bluetooth devices.
    - Codec switch improvements.
    + PulseAudio server
    - Latency offset adjustment is now implemented and functional
      for bluetooth devices. It is not working for alsa devices
    - Handle unsupported formats. Previously we would accept encoded
      formats and play noise. This fixes AC3 playback in vlc.
    - Move some of the configurable parameters to the config file.
    - Fix a fatal use after free when playing samples
    - Improve module handling. loaded modules now show up in the
      list of modules and can be unloaded. This also prepares the
      core for more module implementations later.
    + ALSA plugin
    - Fix drain with very large buffers, we need to manually start
      the stream before draining.
    - Fix the channel layout handling.
    - Improve compatibility with apps that expect the poll to only
      return when there is activity.
    - Fix drain for capture
    + JACK
    - Add a config option to shorten and filter client names
    - Increase the length of the client name size and make sure
      we don't exceed the allocated size.
    - We now include our own jack header files so we can build
      without depending on another jack-devel package. We don't
      yet install the headers or provide pkgconfig files.
  - Move alsa-card-profiles to modules subpackage, they are always
* Thu Mar 04 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Build/install the `pw-top` tool:
    + Add pkgconfig(ncurses) BuildRequires to satisfy the build deps
      of pw-top.
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Do not provide pulseaudio, but pulseaudio-daemon so we can
    specify in the patterns that we prefer the pulseaudio package
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.22:
    + Highlights
    - Per client config files replace the module-profiles. It's
      now possible to tweak settings and load custom modules.
    - Pro Audio card profile support. You can now select the
      Pro Audio profile and have raw device access with the
      maximum number of channels and no mixer controls. This is
      the usual setup for managing high end Pro Audio cards.
    - Many fixes and improvements in the JACK library to make
      devices look and integrate better.
    - Many bluetooth improvements. Playback should be more
      reliable and better synchronized. Support for the HFP HF
    - Small fixes and improvements all over the map.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Add support for restrictions requested by a client. This
      makes it possible to implement Flatpak policy for emulated
      PulseAudio clients as well.
    - Fix removal of params in objects. Previously they would not
      be removed from the cache.
    - Remove mlock warnings by default. There is an option to
      enable them again if you want to check if your system is
    - Remove LimitMEMLOCK lines from the service files. They can
      only lower the system settings and are thus not useful.
    - Implement per-client config files. Each pipewire client will
      now read a config file that you can use to configure the
      context of the client.
    - Implement state and config load/save in pipewire. This is
      used by the session manager or other apps.
    - Make an option to disable dbus support.
    - Add tool to convert pipewire config to JSON.
    + Session-manager
    - Give all permissions to Manager flatpak apps. In the future
      we will use the Permission store to remember user settings.
    - Improvements to default audio/sink handling.
    - Add option to configure device suspend time.
    - Small fixes in route handling.
    + Device support
    - Complain when ACP profile files are not found and use
      a fallback in order to get something working.
    - Add volume support to monitor ports.
    - Fix resume from suspend for ALSA in more cases.
    - ALSA ACP cards now have a Pro Audio profile that exposes
      the raw card devices.
    + Bluetooth
    - Enable A2DP delay reporting. This improves audio/video sync
      when playing audio over bluetooth.
    - Fix stuttering in A2DP source
    - Tweak buffer size and latency settings to avoid stuttering
    - More work on HSP and HFP support
    - Fix initial profile configuration
    - Add HFP HF support
    + PulseAudio server
    - Small tweaks in capture packet size to avoid crashes in some
    - Detect Flatpak apps and requests the flatpak permissions from
      the session manager. This means that Flatpak pulseaudio apps
      will now run with reduced permissions.
    + ALSA plugin
    - Reduce min buffer size in the plugin for lower possible
    + JACK
    - implement some missing methods to make qjackctl work again.
    - Use the context data thread instead of making our own. This
      fixes the issue where the data thread was not given RT
      priority correctly.
    - Pass extra jack flags around in port properties. This makes
      CV ports in carla work.
    - Many tweaks to the port names and aliases. Unwanted
      characters are filtered out, giving better names to jack
      apps. Default device names are now equal to those seen in
      pulseaudio apps.
    - Add an option to make a separate client for the monitor
      ports of a device. This makes it more usable in apps.
    - add support for system:playback_N and system:capture_N port
      names for apps that hardcode these port names.
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Re-add the Provides: pulseaudio; patterns-base now suggests
    pulseaudio, which should help zypp in doing a smarter decision
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - ldacBT only builds on little endian architectures, so we can't
    buildrequire it on big endian systems like s390, s390x or ppc64.
* Wed Feb 17 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Remove the pulseaudio provides from pipewire-pulseaudio:
    We first need to ensure our KDE patterns (and others) become
    smart enough to favor pulseaudio until we are ready for the
    switch (boo#1182730).
* Wed Feb 03 2021 Dominik Schmidt <>
  - Update to version 0.3.21:
    + Highlights
    - Many PulseAudio compatibility fixes. Handling of corked
      streams, the prebuf setting, seek modes and stream flags
      are now implemented correctly.
    - Ports and Profiles are now managed by the session manager
      and can save and restore previous settings.
      ALSA device handling has been tweaked for maximum
      compatibility at the expense of latency. There are tuning
      options in the config file.
    - Improved Bluetooth support. HSP is disabled by default
      because it is old and deprecated and in some cases causes
      conflicts with the newer HFP profile. Codec switching is
      now implemented as well.
      PipeWire accepts donations with liberapay now.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Improve draining in pw-stream.
      pw-stream now uses busy metadata by default. This makes sure
      that no writer can write to buffers when readers are still
    - Fix handling of empty array/choice instead of failing.
    - Fix crashes when creating properties from empty strings.
    - Make it possible to pass an array to module-access
      access.allowed variables
    - Fix small bug in argument parsing in pw-cat
    + Session-manager
    - Restore route volumes in all cases, also when switching
    - Use a default route volume for unknown routes instead of
      letting the system decide on a default.
      Improve profile handling. Don't try to restore unavailable
      profiles. Implement the profile switching in the session
      manager now.
    - Fix handling of Virtual sources as defaults.
    - Handle port switching in the session manager. Implement
      save and restore of default ports per profile.
    + GStreamer
    - Fix a crash with zero SPA_PARAM_BUFFERS_size
    + Device support
    - v4l2-source will now respect the requested memory types.
    - ALSA buffering has been tweaked. USB devices should have
      less XRuns by default. Parameters can be tweaked to
      decrease the latency on capable devices. Also fix a case
      where a quantum change would cause an xrun.
    - Fix mute in bluetooth devices
      bluetooth devices are not paused in idle anymore for
      improved compatibility.
    - Codec switching for bluetooth is implemented along with
      config options to select the codecs manually.
    - HSP for bluetooth is now disabled by default. Most devices
      support the newer HFP profile and some devices fail when
      both are available.
    - Reduce the amount of events the ALSA plugins emit by bundling
    + PulseAudio server
    - Implement the suspend command
    - Fixes volume in sample info
    - Fix playback of samples, sometimes samples would be clipped
      short. Also implement the target sink for the sample.
    - Use rate match to feed samples. This way the latency can
      be kept to a minimum.
    - Latency has been tuned some more, more closely emulating
      pulseaudio behaviour.
    - Improve default sink/source handling. Make sure all events
      are sent correctly when defaults change.
    - Handle underrun better without causing sync issues. Make sure
      to pause in corked state.
    - Implement rewind due to seeks, fixes GStreamer seeking.
  - Do not remove alsa-card-profiles, they are required
* Wed Feb 03 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Provide pulseaudio by pipewire-pulseaudio: there are various
    packages in the distro that require pulseaudio, but essentially,
    they should be happy with pipewire-pulseaudio as a replacement.
    Do not provide the symbol though, as we do not (yet) want to
    automatically migrate users over.
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add pkgconfig(ldacBT-abr) and pkgconfig(ldacBT-enc)
    BuildRequires: Build bluetooth ldac codec support.
* Wed Jan 20 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 0.3.20:
    + Highlights
    - Latency was reduced in ALSA and PulseAudio and time
      reporting has improved a lot.
    - Bluetooth now has a native HFP backed, SBC XQ and
      mSBC support.
    - Many bugfixes and improvements, improved device
    + PipeWire improvements
    - pw-dump can now dump all objects such as Endpoints
    - pw-dump has a -m option to monitor changes
    - pw-dump can now dump metadata
    - pw-stream can now use the rate-match io to exactly
      produce the required number of samples for the
      current cycle. When using this feature, a stream can
      achieve the same low-latency as pw-filter.
    - spa-acp-tool can now load a custom profile-set and
      correctly parses the volume updates
    - There is now a nofail option when loading modules
    - The connection has been made reentrant to fix some
      strange random problems with metadata.
    - Turn some errors into warnings or simply info.
    - Executables are now built with PIE
    - S24OE formats should work now (MAudio FastTrack Pro)
    - Remove mlock warnings. Add support for mlockall with
      a config option.
    + Session-manager
    - There are now config files for bluez and v4l2 modules
    - Improve ALSA device and node properties
    - Bluetooth devices have better properties now.
    - The default device routing has been improved.
    + Device support
    - Port priorities are updated for UCM devices
    - ACP devices notify change in routes in all cases
    - There is now RW support in ALSA devices to increase
    - Many improvements to Bluetooth. SBC XQ support can now
      be enabled with a config option. mSBC can be enabled
      with an option.
    - Bluetooth devices not expose Routes so that they look
      more like how PulseAudio handles them
    - Gracefully handle missing profile-sets
    - There is now a native HFP backend
    - Improve card names in some cases.
    - pause-on-idle is now disabled for ALSA devices. This can
      reduce pops and clicks when the device is stopped.
    + ALSA plugin
    - Use rate-match to reduce the latency
    - Implement a _delay() function to get smoother timestamps.
    - Fix property parsing. Fixes volume changes in alsamixer.
    + PulseAudio server
    - Use rate-match to reduce the latency. This also reduces
      the buffering in audioconvert and improves timestamp
    - Implement rate changes now that we have rate-match
    - pactl stats will now work
    - Fix excessive memory usage when a capture client doesn't
      read fast enough.
* Wed Jan 13 2021 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to version 0.3.19:
    + Highlights
    - Startup after login should be fixed now with inotify
      used to wait for permissions.
    - Channels should be mapped correctly now.
    - Many bluetooth improvements in LDAC, AptX-HD. AAC was
      also added. Headsets should work better now.
    - pipewire-libpulse was removed. It is now completely
      replaced by pipewire-pulse.
    - Fix a crasher bug in pipewire-pulse and some memory leaks.
    - Fix a bug with feedback loop that would cause 100% CPU.
    - A new pw-top tool to display real-time graph performance.
    - The example session manager now has config files.
    - The config file format was changed to use the SPA JSON
      tokenizer. This makes it more flexible and extensible.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Fix debug of id in format channels
    - Audioconvert should now remap channels correctly in all
    - Feedback loops were not scheduled correctly and would
      cause 100% CPU usage.
    - Small improvements to the profiler to also log incomplete
      graph status.
    - a new tool pw-top was added that prints real-time performance
      stats of the graph.
    - the rtkit module now sets the nice level to -11
    + Session-manager
    - The session manager would sometimes link dont-reconnect
      nodes to another node, which would leak monitor streams in
    - The session manager now has configuration files. Config files
      can also be placed in the user home directory to make custom
    - The session managers now creates unique device and node
      names for alsa and v4l2 devices.
    + Device support
    - Many improvements in Bluetooth codecs, LDAC stuttering,
      AptX-HD negotiation, LDAC ABR support
    - Bluetooth supports AAC audio now.
    - Many fixes to Bluetooth SCO transport used in headsets.
    - inotify support in device monitors
    - ACP was synced with the latest pulseaudio code
    - Fix a bug in enumeration of device ports.
    - PulseAudio server
    - seek flags and offset are now supported, making gstreamer
      pulse elements work better.
    - Fix a crasher bug in pipewire-pulse, we sometimes would
      write too much to the ringbuffer
    - Fix some memory leaks in error cases.
    - Fix handling of NULL string to locate default sink/source
    + JACK layer
    - Ports can also be found with the aliases now, making
      qjackctl work in more cases.
  - Changes from PipeWire 0.3.18:
    + Highlights
    - More work in the PulseAudio server. It should be compatible
      with more applications.
    - Bluetooth now support extra codecs such as AptX/HD and LDAC.
    - Support for virtual sources and sink was improved a lot.
    - Added a new pw-dump tool to dump the objects in JSON formats
      and for filtering them with tools like jq.
    - Many more stability fixes and improvements.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Silence some harmless warnings
    - pw-cli can now be used to set parameters.
    - Streams now perform the correct channel mapping when linked
      to non-standard multichannel devices. Previously channels
      would get swapped.
    - port, node and device params are now cached in the server.
      This avoids opening and closing devices whenever some client
      enumerates formats, which improves performance a lot,
      especially in cases where opening a device is slow.
    - Add a command to keep a device open during negotiation. This
      is used to enumerate and set a format while opening the
      device just once, improving performance.
    - The null-sink scheduling was fixed.
    - A memory corruption bug was fixed in format conversion, this
      could cause crashes, silent channels or other undefined
    - There is now a simple JSON parser.
    + Session-manager
    - Settings files are now stored in JSON. With the json parser
      this is easier to parse and extend
    + Device support
    - Bluetooth now supports additional codecs: LDAC, AptX and
      AptX HD. LDAC is known to not work very well yet.
    - ALSA devices will now default to the max supported channels
      if nothing else is specified. This makes it possible to use
      8+ channel cards with the alsa-pcm module, which is not
      supported with the default alsa-acp module.
    - Enable mSBC support in oFono.
    - Add an option to disable hardware mixers
    - ALSA now improves support for batch devices.
    - The udev rules had references to Pulseaudio removed in order
      to not create conflicts.
    - Fix a potential crash in bluetooth devices when
    - UCM cards now use HW volume when possible.
    + PulseAudio server
    - The id can now be used as the name to locate cards and
    - Report streams with planar formats as well
    - Better error reporting when stream create fails
    - module-null-sink can now handle channels, rate and
      channel_map properties
    - Add support for 3 types of virtual devices: source,
      sink and duplex.
    - set-port was fixed
    - Some buffer parameters were tweaked to improve
      performance, compatibility and stuttering with lower
    - NULL can be used as a name for the device sink/source
    - Support lookup of monitor names
    - Set properties more like pulseaudio so that some
      clients (Teamspeak) don't crash anymore
  - Changes from PipeWire 0.3.17:
    + Highlights
    - Fix crasher bug for kwin when screensharing stopped.
    - Massive improvements and compatibility fixes in the
      PulseAudio server.
    - The session manager now has a config directory in
      /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/ It will look for files there
      to activate session manager modules. Packagers can use
      this to only activate the audio modules when the PulseAudio
      server, or the alsa modules are installed.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - We now clear hooks before adding them. Some application
      did not clear them and had random data for the destroy
    - Return -ENOENT from unknown resources so apps can handle
      this better. It's a common problem when an app tries to
      introspect and object but it disappeared before the message
      reached the server. Apps should ignore this.
    - channelmap information is now passed with the volume
    - DMABuf is not mmapp()ed anymore with the FLAG_MAP_BUFFERS in
      the stream or filter. This is because DMABuf usually
      requires more that just a simple mmap and is better left
      for the application.
    - increase the maximum number of ports for a client-node.
    - adapter and node-factory now support the linger option to
      keep the objects alive after the creating client disconnected.
    + Device support
    - ALSA now handles error in close(), like when unplugging a
      USB device.
    + Session-manager
    - The session manager is now handling DONT_RECONNECT streams
      without a target node. They get connected to a default node
      once and then fail to reconnect.
    - The session manager now exposes the stream setting as
      metadata. This makes it possible for other components, such
      as pulse-server to use this information. Information is stored
      as a json object for easier consumption.
    - The session manager now has a config directory in
      /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/ packagers can use this
    + PulseAudio server
    - Pulse server now acquire the dbus name.
    - Improvements in timing and compatibility with many apps.
    - The stream-restore extension is now implemented so that
      the event volume can be configured.
    - Many stability fixes and improvements.
    - Fix some issues with module-load/unload
  - Changes from PipeWire 0.3.16:
    + Highlights
    - Fix screensharing for old 0.2 clients
    - Many pulse-server improvements. There is now a
      pipewire-pulse binary that is the prefered solution for
      PulseAudio compatibility. The replacement libpulse
      libraries are now deprecated. This also makes audio in
      Flatpak work.
    + PipeWire improvements
    - Fix cleanup of listeners everywhere. Force remove of
      listeners in _destroy to avoid crashes.
    - Add support for a journald logger module.
    - Various memory leak fixes
    - Silence some warnings that spammed the logs.
    - Fix flush in pw_stream. This fixes small glitches when
      switching streams in music players.
    - Various FreeBSD fixes and improvements.
    - Fix some crashes when destroying objects.
    + Device support
    - Reload the ALSA configuration when creating a node so that
      hotplugged devices work in all cases.
    - Fix memory leaks in ACP library. This also fixes issues
      where the mixer device was not closed.
    - Bluetooth now has support for the mSBC codec for SCO
      source and sink.
    + pulse-server
    - Many introspection and compatibility improvements. It should
      now be as good or better than the replacement library.
    - Implement sample cache to make notification events work.
    + JACK layer
    - handle errors when linking, fixes jack_connect hang when
      the ports were already linked.
  - Drop patches do-not-use-snd_pcm_ioplug_hw_avail.patch and
    fix-memfd_create-call.patch, no longer needed on SLE/Leap which
    have updated glibc / alsa.
  - Drop do-not-install-alsa-config-files.patch, remove files at
    install time instead.
  - pw-pulse wrapper is gone, remove all mentions of it.
  - Package pulseaudio replacement in a subpackage and drop
    pipewire-libpulse-0_3 (pipewire will use pulseaudio libraries
  - Create an alsa subpackage and move alsa pipewire plugin to this



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