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pgadmin4-4.30-2.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: pgadmin4 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.30 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.3 Build date: Fri Dec 31 14:21:25 2021
Group: Productivity/Databases/Tools Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 542048 Source RPM: pgadmin4-4.30-2.3.src.rpm
Summary: Management tool for PostgreSQL
pgAdmin 4 is a rewrite of the pgAdmin3 management tool for the
PostgreSQL database. It is written as a web application in Python,
using jQuery and Bootstrap for the client side processing and UI. On
the server side, Flask is being utilised.

This variant is a Qt-based runtime application intended to allow the
standalone use on a workstation - it is essentially a browser and
Python interpretor in one package which will be capable of hosting
the Python application and presenting it to the user as a desktop






* Wed Jun 09 2021 Ralf Habacker <>
  - Add 0001-Fix-bug-ValueError-unsupported-format-character-D.patch
    to fix bug reported at
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Fix typos (chmod being used instead of chown in %postun web and
    pgadmin4 used in the service file for User/Group keys instead of
* Mon Feb 01 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - the system wide service does not need to run as root. switch to
    user/group pgadmin
* Sat Jan 30 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.30
    - Features:
    - ERD Tool (Beta): The Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) tool
      is a database design tool that provides a graphical
      representation of database tables, columns, and
      inter-relationships. You can use the ERD tool to design a new
      schema and generate the SQL required to create it, or to
      reverse engineer and diagram an existing database schema.
    - Kerberos support is added in pgAdmin 4 using SPNEGO for
      logging into pgAdmin, similar to the existing LDAP and
      "internal" options. Note that support for logging into
      database servers using Kerberos is not included in this
      release, but will be added in a future version.
    - Add a container option (PGADMIN_DISABLE_POSTFIX) to disable
      the Postfix server: Postfix (like other MTAs) must start as
      user 'root', and the pgAdmin container achieves this using
      'sudo'. Whilst that works well in most environments, it can
      cause problems in some. This option allows you to completely
      disable Postfix to avoid these issues, though you will need
      to configure an external mail server to be used to send
      password reset emails.
    - Bugs/Housekeeping:
    - Improve the explain plan details by showing a popup instead
      of a tooltip when clicking on plan nodes.
    - Ensure that verbose logs are visible for Utility (Backup,
      Maintenance etc.) jobs.
    - Added support for expressions in exclusion constraints.
    - Ensure that the 'template1' database is not visible after
    - Added appropriate help message and a placeholder for letting
      users know about the account password expiry for Login/Group
    - Updated Flask-BabelEx to the latest version.
    - Fixed extra parentheses issue around joins for Views.
    - Ensure that the current value of sequences is ignored while
      comparing using Schema Diff.
    - Fixed an issue when the user tries to delete multiple records
      in the data grid.
    - Fixed TypeError exception in schema diff when selecting two
      identical objects.
    - Include PostgreSQL 13 utilities in the container
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Fix the desktop application by removing the overriding of
    SERVER_MODE in and which were
    forcing SERVER_MODE to always have a specific value instead
    of letting the runtime choose so there's no need to force it.
  - Rename pgadmin4.conf to,
    pgadmin4.uwsgi to and
    README.SUSE.uwsgi to and make them also
    replace PYTHONSITELIB  with the python version used at build time
  - Replace all variables from config files in %prep instead of
  - Include README.SUSE.uwsgi in the web-uwsgi subpackage
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add BuildRequires for python-cryptography and replace dependency for
    python-Flask-Babel with python-Flask-BabelEx
* Fri Dec 11 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Add BuildRequires for python modules
* Fri Dec 11 2020 ecsos <>
  - Update to 4.29:
    - Ensure that folder rename should work properly in Storage
    - Fixed an issue where the debugger's custom tab title not
      applied when opened in the new browser tab
    - Fixed an issue where dynamic tab title has not applied the
      first time for debugger panel
    - Fixed an issue where schema diff doesn't show the result of
      compare if source schema has tables with RLS
    - Fixed an issue where the process watcher dialog throws an error
      for the database server which is already removed
    - Ensure that code coverage should cover class and function
    - Ensure that dirty indicator (*) should not be visible when
      renaming the tabs
    - Fixed an issue where shared servers import is failing
    - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Foreign Tables,
      Debugger, Views and Materialized Views
  - Fix some requirement versions.
* Wed Nov 18 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.28:
    - Added support to download utility files at the client-side.
    - Added support to rename query tool and debugger tabs title.
    - Added support for dynamic tab size.
    - Added tab title placeholder for Query Tool, View/Edit Data, and
    - Added support to compare schemas and databases in schema diff.
    - Ensure that non-superuser should be able to debug the function.
    - Ensure that query history should be listed by date/time in
      descending order.
    - Ensure that Grant Wizard should include foreign tables.
    - Ensure that search object functionality works with case
      insensitive string.
* Sat Oct 17 2020 ecsos <>
  - Update to 4.27:
    - Added Macro support.
    - Added support to view trigger function under the respective
      trigger node.
    - Allow user to change the database connection from an open query
      tool tab.
    - Added support to ignore the owner while comparing objects in
      the Schema Diff tool.
    - Merged the latest code of 'pgcli' used for the autocomplete
    - Fixed invalid literal issue when fetching dependencies for
      Materialized View.
    - Fixed an issue where schema diff is showing identical table as
      different due to default vacuum settings.
    - Ensure that the user should be able to change the start value
      of the existing sequence.
    - Fixed an issue where the query tool is not fetching more than
      1000 rows for the table does not have any primary key.
    - Fixed an issue where 'Rows X' column values were not visible
      properly for Explain Analyze in Dark theme.
    - Fixed an issue where file extension is stripped on renaming a
* Mon Sep 21 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Specify path for pg_dump and pg_restore
  - Disable update check (if you're on leap or other you wont be able
    to upgrade to a newer version anyway)
* Sun Sep 20 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.26:
    - Added SQL Formatter support in Query Tool.
    - Added a new button to the query tool toolbar to open a new
      query tool window.
    - Added shared server support for admin users.
    - Warn the user when connecting to a server that is older than
      pgAdmin supports.
    - Ensure that schema names starting with 'pg' should be visible
      in browser tree when standard_conforming_strings is set to off.
    - Fixed an issue where --load-server does not allow loading
      connections that use pg_services.
    - Fixed string indices must be integers issue for PostgreSQL <
    - Fixed an issue where the application ignores the fixed port
      configuration value.
    - Remove illegal argument from trigger function in trigger DDL
    - Ensure that '' should work in Debian 10.
    - Fixed excessive CPU usage by stopping the indefinite growth of
      the graph dataset.
* Fri Sep 11 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Create a pgadmin user and group
  - Add uwsgi configuration (fast, user privileges and apparmor support)
* Thu Sep 10 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Only activate the pgadmin4 apache config if the PGADMIN4 flag is set.
    For mod_wsgi you should use `a2enmod wsgi`
  - Create /etc/pgadmin/ with server mode for web
    Run /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pgadmin4-web/ to create
    the admin user
  - Remove with outdated options
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 4.25:
    - Modified schema diff tool to compare two databases instead of
      two schemas
    - Resolve schema diff dependencies by selecting the appropriate
      node automatically and maintain the order in the
      generated script.
    - Replace charting library Flotr2 with ChartJS using React.
    - Upgrade font-awesome from v4 to v5.
    - Fixed an issue where debugger doesn't work if the search path
      is set other than 'public'.
    - Fixed ssh tunnel hang issue when the user tries to disconnect
      the server.
    - Fixed an issue where conversion of bytea to the binary string
      results in an error.
    - Fixed an issue where the entire logs are in red text when the
      user runs backup and restore.
    - Ensure that the user will be able to modify the start value
      of the Identity column.
    - Fixed an issue where 'ALTER VIEW' statement is missing when
      the user sets the default value of a column for View.
* Tue Aug 04 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.24
    - New features
    - Issue #5235 - Support configuration files that are external
      to the application installation.
    - Issue #5484 - Added support for LDAP authentication with
      different DN by setting the dedicated user for the LDAP
    - Issue #5583 - Added support for schema level restriction.
    - Issue #5601 - Added RLS Policy support in Schema Diff.
    - Issue #5622 - Added support for permissive/restricted policy
      type while creating RLS Policy.
    - Issue #5650 - Added support for LDAP anonymous binding.
    - Issue #5653 - Added High Contrast theme support.
    - Housekeeping
    - Issue #5323 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for
      Foreign Data Wrapper.
    - Issue #5326 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for
      Domain and Domain Constraints.
    - Issue #5329 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for
      FTS Configuration, FTS Parser, FTS Dictionaries, and FTS
    - Bug fixes
    - Issue #3814 - Fixed issue of error message not getting
      displayed when filename is empty for backup, restore, and
    - Issue #3851 - Add proper indentation to the code while
      generating functions, procedures, and trigger functions.
    - Issue #4235 - Fixed tab indent issue on a selection of lines
      is deleting the content when ‘use spaces == true’ in the
    - Issue #5137 - Fixed save button enable issue when focusing in
      and out of numeric input field.
    - Issue #5287 - Fixed dark theme-related CSS and modify the
      color codes.
    - Issue #5414 - Use QStandardPaths::AppLocalDataLocation in the
      runtime to determine where to store runtime logs.
    - Issue #5463 - Fixed an issue where CSV download quotes
      numeric columns.
    - Issue #5470 - Fixed backgrid row hover issue where on hover
      background color is set for edit and delete cell only.
    - Issue #5530 - Ensure that the referenced table should be
      displayed on foreign key constraints.
    - Issue #5554 - Replace the runtime themes with ones that don’t
      have sizing issues.
    - Issue #5569 - Fixed reverse engineered SQL for partitions
      when storage parameters are specified.
    - Issue #5577 - Include LICENSE and DEPENDENCIES [inventory]
      files in official packages.
    - Issue #5621 - Remove extra brackets from reverse engineering
      SQL of RLS Policy.
    - Issue #5629 - Fixed an issue where the user is able to edit
      properties when some of the collection nodes are selected.
    - Issue #5630 - Fixed an issue where installation of pgadmin4
      not working on 32-bit Windows.
    - Issue #5631 - Fixed ‘cant execute empty query’ issue when
      remove the value of ‘USING’ or ‘WITH CHECK’ option of RLS
    - Issue #5633 - Ensure that create RLS Policy menu should not
      be visible for catalog objects.
    - Issue #5647 - Fixed an issue where difference DDL is showing
      the wrong SQL when changing the policy owner.
    - Issue #5662 - Fixed accessibility issue where few dialogs are
      not rendering properly when we zoomed in browser window 200%
      and screen resolution is low.
    - Issue #5666 - Added missing dependencies/dependent and
      corrected some wrongly identified.
    - Issue #5673 - Fixed an issue where fetching the schema throws
      an error if the database is not connected in Schema Diff.
    - Issue #5675 - Fixed CSRF errors when pgAdmin opened in an
      iframe on safari browser.
    - Issue #5677 - Fixed text color issue in explain analyze for
      the Dark theme.
    - Issue #5686 - Fixed issue where the user was not able to
      update policy if the policy is created with space.
  - update requires to match requirements.txt
* Tue Jul 14 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.23
    - New features
    - Issue #5468 - Added option to ignore the whitespaces while
      comparing objects in schema diff.
    - Issue #5500 - Added server group name while selecting servers
      in schema diff.
    - Issue #5516 - Added support of Row Security Policies.
    - Issue #5576 - Improve error messaging if the storage and log
      directories cannot be created.
    - Housekeeping
    - Issue #5325 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for
    - Issue #5574 - Cleanup Windows build scripts and ensure
      Windows x64 builds will work.
    - Issue #5581 - Documentation of Row Level Security Policies.
    - Bug fixes
    - Issue #3591 - Ensure that the query tool should display the
      proper error message while terminating the active session.
    - Issue #3669 - Ensure that proper error should be displayed
      for the deleted node.
    - Issue #3787 - Disabled the Stop process button after clicking
      it and added a message ‘Terminating the process…’ to notify
      the user.
    - Issue #4226 - Fixed an issue where select all checkbox only
      selects the first 50 tables.
    - Issue #5416 - Ensure that the query tool panel gets closed
      when clicking on the ‘Don’t Save’ button.
    - Issue #5465 - Fixed an issue where the Edge browser version
      is showing wrong and warning message gets displayed.
    - Issue #5492 - Fixed an issue where the search object is
      unable to locate inherited tables and constraint filters are
      not working.
    - Issue #5507 - Fixed connection and version number detection
      issue when the database server is upgraded.
    - Issue #5521 - Fixed an issue when dumping servers from a
      desktop pgAdmin app by providing an option ‘–sqlite-path’.
    - Issue #5539 - Fixed typo in exception keyword.
    - Issue #5584 - Fixed an issue where two identical tables
      showing different by schema diff tool.
    - Issue #5592 - Ensure that pgadmin should be able to connect
      to the server which has password more than 1000 characters.
* Mon Jun 15 2020 Michal Vyskocil <>
  - Update to 4.22
    - New features
    * Added connected pgAdmin user and connection name in the log file.
    * Show the startup log as well as the server log in the runtime's log
    - Bugfixes
    * Gracefully informed the user that the database is already connected when
    they click on "Connect Database...".
    * Fixed an issue where clicking on the cross button of the alert box on
    the login page is not working.
    * Fixed the SQL help issue for EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
    * Ensure that maintenance job should be worked properly for indexes under
    a materialized view.
    * Ensure that file browse "home" button should point to $HOME rather than /.
    * Ensure that 'With OID' option should be disabled while taking backup of
    database server version 12 and above.
    * Fixed invalid literal issue when removing the connection limit for the
    existing role.
    * Fixed internal server error when clicking on Triggers -> 'Enable All'
    for partitions.
    * Fixed generated SQL issue for auto vacuum options.
    * Ensure that the dependencies tab shows correct information for Synonyms.
    * Fixed an issue where the newly added table is not alphabetically added
    to the tree.
    * Fixed list sorting issue in the schema diff tool.
    * Fixed an issue while comparing the two identical schemas using the
    schema diff tool.
    * Fixed an issue when renaming the column not added in the proper order.
    * Correct ipv4 "all interfaces" address in the container docs, per Frank
    * Fixed an issue where select2 hover is inconsistent for the SSL field in
    create server dialog.
    * Fixed post-login redirect location when running in server mode under a
    non-default root.
    * Fixed an issue where the background job creation fails if there is only
    a version-specific python binary available in PATH.
    * Fixed data truncation issue when updating the data of type character
      with length.
    * Fixed an issue where if LDAP_SEARCH_BASE_DN is not set then, the value
      for LDAP_BASE_DN will be considered.
    * Fixed an issue where clicking on Select All button, not selecting all
      the options in pgAgent job scheduler.
    * Clarify and correct the docs on enabling the pl/debugger plugin on the
    * Fixed Unicode decode error 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte.
  - Packaging:
    * refresh fix-python-lib.patch
    * add keyring e8697e2eef76c02d3a6332778881b2a8210976f2 enabling
      GPG source tarballs verification
* Thu May 14 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Decrease requirements to build in SLE/Leap:
    * Werkzeug from 0.15.0 to 0.14.1
    * passlib from 1.7.2 to 1.7.1
    * psycopg from 2.8 to 2.7.4
    * python-dateutil from 2.8.0 to 2.7.3
    * simplejson from 3.16.0 to 3.13.2
    * pytz from 2018.9 to 2018.3
    pgadmin has this tendency to just follow the latest versions
    instead of properly specify required versions.
* Wed May 13 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 4.21
    - New features
    * Added search object functionality.
    * Added LDAP authentication support.
    * Added support for parameter toast_tuple_target and parallel_workers
      of the table.
    * Added support of Packages, Sequences and Synonyms to the
      Schema Diff.
    * Added an option to prevent a browser tab being opened at startup.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure that the start and end date should be deleted when clear
      the selection for pgAgent Job.
    * Fixed calendar opening issue on the exception tab inside the
      schedules tab of pgAgent.
    * Fixed an issue where the autovacuum_enabled parameter is added
      automatically in the RE-SQL when the table has been created
      using the WITH clause.
    * Fixed generated SQL when any token in FTS Configuration or any
      option in FTS Dictionary is changed.
    * Fixed tab key navigation issue for parameters in table dialog.
    * Ensure that switch cell is in sync with switch control for
    * Fixed compilation warnings while building pgAdmin.
  - Update to 4.20
    - New features
    * Added support of Collation, FTS Configuration, FTS Dictionary,
      FTS Parser and FTS Template to the Schema Diff.
    * Added support of Domain, Domain Constraints and Types to the
      Schema Diff.
    - Housekeeping
    * Enhance the color of switch control for both light and dark theme.
    * Added and fixed gettext usage for better translation coverage.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix an issue where the user can not change the value of DateTime
      picker control using keyboard.
    * Fixed some accessibility issues in the dialogs.
    * Fixed chrome driver download utility issue for Ubuntu.
    * Change some colors and opacity to comply with WCAG color
      contrast standards.
    * Fix an accessibility issue to maximize the panel for all
      alertify dialog.
    * Improve logic to get the DDL statements as a part of the
    * Fixed tab key navigation issue for Grant Wizard.
    * Fixed Unicode character issue causing error on Python2 environment.
    * Fixed focus color issue for Alertify dialog buttons.
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update dependencies versions and replace python-Flask-Security
    with python-Flask-Security-Too (fixes boo#1166991)
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to 4.19 (boo#1166681)
    - New features
    * Added accessibility support in AlertifyJS.
    * Added Czech language support.
    * Added Python 3.8 support.
    - Housekeeping
    * Improve code coverage and API test cases for the Event Trigger module.
    * Improvements in the UI for both default and dark themes.
    * Enhance logging by tracking stdout and stderr of subprocess when
      log level set to DEBUG.
    * Added option to override the class name of a label tag for select2
    - Bug fixes
    * Changed the color of selected and hovered item for Select2 dropdown.
    * Improve the style of the highlighted code after query execution for
      Dark mode.
    * Ensure that AlertifyJS should not be visible as a title for alert
    * Changed background pattern for geometry viewer to use #fff for all
    * Fix an issue where debugger not showing all arguments anymore after
      hitting SQL error while debugging.
    * Set proper focus on tab navigation for file manager dialog.
    * Fix an issue where command and statements were parsed incorrectly
      for Rules.
    * Ensure that all the transactions should be canceled before closing
      the connections when a server is disconnected using pgAdmin.
    * Fixed Firefox monospaced issue by updating the font to the latest
    * Update Flask-SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy package which is not working
      on Windows with Python 3.8.
    * Fix syntax error when changing the event type for the existing rule.
  - Update to 4.18
    - New features
    * Added support for a multi-level partitioned table.
    * Added a Schema Diff tool to compare two schemas and generate a diff
    * Allow screen-reader to read label & description of non-textable
    * Allow screen-reader to identify the alert errors.
    * Added labels and titles after parsing and validating all the pgAdmin4
      web pages for accessibility.
    * Set input controls as read-only instead of disabled will allow tab
      navigation in the properties tab and also allow screen readers to
      read it.
    - Housekeeping
    * Improve code coverage and API test cases for the CAST module.
    * Improve code coverage and API test cases for the LANGUAGE module.
    * Improve the test framework to run for multiple classes defined in a
      single file.
    * Updated wcDocker package which includes aria-label accessibility
    * Replace node-sass with sass for SCSS compilation.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure that path file name should not disappear when changing ext from
      the dropdown in file explorer dialog.
    * Fixed an issue while editing char[] or character varying[] column from
      View/Edit data throwing an error.
    * Fixed an issue where Grant wizard unable to handle multiple objects when
      the query string parameter exceeds its limit.
    * Added tab navigation on close buttons for all the panels and
      create/properties dialog.
    * Fix column resizable issue in the file explorer dialog.
    * Logout the pgAdmin session when no user activity of mouse move, click
      or keypress.
    * Fix an issue where setting STORAGE_DIR to empty should show all
      the volumes on Windows in server mode.
    * Updated the incorrect icon used for the cast node on refresh.
    * Fix an issue where refreshing a package results in the change in
      the object completely.
    * Fix an issue where select, insert and update scripts on tables throwing
      an error.
    * Ensure Postfix starts in the container, now it runs as non-root
      by default.
    * Fixed an issue where Save Password control disappears after clicking
      on it while creating a server.
  - Update to 4.17
    - New features
    * Allow screen-reader to read relationship attributes in nested elements.
    * Ensure all binaries are securely signed and linked with the hardened
      runtime in the macOS bundle
    - Housekeeping
    * Refactored SQL of Table’s and it’s child nodes.
    * Refactored SQL of Views and Materialized Views.
    * Refactored SQL of Functions and Procedures.
    * Added support for on-demand loading of items in Select2.
    * Added code coverage tool for pgAdmin.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix syntax highlighting in code mirror for backslash and escape constant.
    * Fix an issue where clicking on an empty textbox like fill factor or
      comments, considers it as change and enabled the save button.
    * Added support to view multilevel partitioned tables.
    * Ensure that constraints, indexes, rules, triggers, and compound triggers
      should be created on partitions.
    * Added more information to the ‘Database connected/disconnected’ message.
    * Ensure that the user should be able to select/modify tablespace for the
      partitioned table on v12 and above.
    * Rename some internal environment variables that could conflict with
    * Fix vulnerability issues reported by ‘yarn audit’. Replace the
      deprecated uglifyjs-webpack-plugin with a terser-webpack-plugin.
    * Ensure that the error message should not be displayed if Tablespace is
      not selected while creating the index.
    * Fix an issue where operator, access method and operator class is
      not visible for exclusion constraints.
    * Add a note to the documentation about the use of non-privileged ports
      on filesystems that don’t support extended attributes when running
      the container.
    * Added tab navigation for tabs under explain panel in query tool.
    * Fix an issue where the table is not created with autovacuum_enabled
      and toast.autovacuum_enabled for PG/EPAS 12.
  - Update to 4.16
    - New features
    * Warn the user on changing the definition of Materialized View about
      the loss of data and its dependent objects.
    * Allow drag and drop functionality for all the nodes under the database
      node, excluding collection nodes.
    * Use a ‘play’ icon for the Execute Query button in the Query Tool for
      greater consistency with other applications.
    * Added aria-label to provide an invisible label where a visible label
      cannot be used.
    * Added role=”status” attribute to all the status messages for
    * Run pgAdmin in the container as a non-root user (pgadmin, UID: 5050)
    * Allow Gunicorn logs in the container to be directed to a file specified
    * Changed the open query tool and data filter icons.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Materialized Views.
    * Refactored code of table and it’s child nodes.
    * Refactored code of columns node.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix issue where the Reset button does not get enabled till all
      the mandatory fields are provided in the dialog.
    * Fix scrolling issue in ‘Users’ dialog.
    * Remove the sorting of table headers with no labels.
    * Updated documentation for default privileges to clarify more on the
    * Fix query tool launch error if user name contains HTML characters.
      It’s a regression.
    * Fix network disconnect issue while establishing the connection via
      SSH Tunnel and it impossible to expand the Servers node.
    * Fix an issue where the wrong type is displayed when changing the
      datatype from timestamp with time zone to timestamp without time zone.
    * Ensure that the superuser should be able to create database, as the
      superuser overrides all the access restrictions.
    * Fix server connection drops out issue in query tool.
    * Updated the json file name from ‘servers.json’ to
      ‘pgadmin4/servers.json’ in the container deployment section of
      the documentation.
    * Ensure that the superuser should be able to create role, as the
      superuser overrides all the access restrictions.
    * Fix reverse engineering SQL issue for partitions when specifying
      digits as comments.
    * Enhance the logic to change the label from ‘Delete/Drop’ to
      ‘Remove’ for the server and server group node.
    * Shown some text on process watcher till the initial logs are loaded.
    * Fix VPN network disconnect issue where pgAdmin4 hangs on expanding
      the Servers node.
    * Fix main window tab navigation accessibility issue.
    * Ensure that the Servers collection node should expand independently
      of server connections.
    * Fix the help button link on the User Management dialog.
    * Fix accessibility issues.
    * Fix XSS issue in explain and explain analyze for table and type which
      contain HTML.
    * Fix an issue of retrieving properties for Compound Triggers.
      It’s a regression.
    * Fix an issue where pgAdmin4 unable to retrieve table node if the
      trigger is already disabled and the user clicks on Enable All.
    * Fix reverse engineering SQL issue for triggers when passed a single
      argument to trigger function.
    * Fix an issue where length and precision are not removed from
      table/column dialog.
    * Fix an issue where the Interval data type is not displayed in the
      properties dialog of table/column.
    * Fix ‘Could not find the object on the server.’ error while
      refreshing the check constraint.
    * Fix issue where the user can not switch the UI language. It’s a
    * Fix reverse engineering SQL issue where when clause is not visible
      for PG/EPAS 12.
    * Fix pgAdmin4 failed to start issue after upgrading to version 4.15.
    * Added statistics and storage information in reverse engineering SQL
      of table/column.
    * Fix an issue where the inherited table name with quotes did not escape
    * Fix an issue where context menu is open along with submenu and
      the focus is not on context menu or submenu.
  - Update to 4.15
    - New features
    * Added encrypted password in reverse engineered SQL for roles.
    * Added Dark(Beta) UI Theme option.
    * Support Enable Always and Enable Replica on triggers.
    * Add an option to request confirmation before cancelling/resetting
      changes on a Properties dialog.
    * Added support for custom theme creation and selection.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure create new object dialog should be opened when alt+shift+n key
      is pressed on the collection node.
    * Fixed issue where Drop and Disconnect connection menu points are
      too close to each other.
    * Ensure context menus never get hidden below the menu bar.
    * Rename the context menu from ‘Drop Server’ to ‘Remove Server’.
    * Ensure the correct “running at” agent is shown when a pgAgent job
      is executing.
    * Fix an issue in the Query Tool where shortcut keys could be ignored
      following a query error.
    * Fix the toggle case shortcut key combination.
    * Fix an issue where a black arrow-kind image is displaying at the
      background of browser tree images.
    * Ensure comments are shown in reverse engineered SQL for table
    * Handle NULL values appropriately when sorting backgrid tables.
    * Give appropriate error messages when the user tries to use an
      blank master password.
    * Remove arbitrary (and incorrect) requirement that composite types
      must have at least two members.
    * Don’t quote bigints when copying them from the Query Tool results
    * Ensure compression level is passed to pg_dump when backing up in
      directory format.
    * Ensure the number of jobs can be specified when backing up in
      directory format.
    * Ensure Javascript errors during Query Tool execution are reported
      as such and not as Ajax errors.
    * Suppress Enter key presses in Alertify dialogues when the come from
      Select2 controls to allow item selection with Enter.
    * Ensure that units are respected when sorting by file size in the
      File dialog.
    * Ensure all messages are retained in the Query Tool from long running
    * Updated documentation for the delete row button that only strikeout
      the row instead of deleting it.
    * Updated documentation for the query tool toolbar buttons.
    * Fixed an issue where psql of v12 throwing “symbol not found” error
      while running Maintenance and Import/Export.
    * Fixed potential error in the properties dialog for the Code tab.
    * Fixed an issue where Datetimepicker control opens when clicking on
      the label.
    * Fixed potential issue in reset function for nested objects.
    * Fixed an issue where escape key not working to close the open/save
      file dialog.
    * Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcut for context menu is not working
      when using Firefox on CentOS7.
    * Fixed docker container exit issue occurs due to change in Gunicorn’s
      latest version.
  - Rebase patches:
    * use-os-makedirs.patch
  - Add patch to fix command to link to the python library
    * fix-python-lib.patch
* Wed Oct 23 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - refresh use-os-makedirs.patch to apply cleanly again
* Wed Oct 23 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - add back defattr to fix sle12 build
* Mon Oct 21 2019
  - Update to 4.14
    - New features
    * Added Copy with headers functionality when copy data from
      Query Tool/View Data.
    * Implemeted the Query Plan Analyser.
    * Include PostgreSQL 12 binaries in the container.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Synonyms.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Unique
  - Optimize Webpack to improve overall performance.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure backup a partition table should not backup the whole
    * Ensure that ‘ENTER’ key in the data filter should not run the
    * Fix issue where backup fails for schema name that needs
    * Highlighted the color of closing or opening parenthesis when
      user select them in CodeMirror.
    * Fix issue where export job fails when deselecting all the
    * Fix an error where ‘false’ string is displayed when we add
      a new parameter in the Parameters tab, also clear the old
      value when the user changes the parameter name.
    * Ensure that pgAdmin should work behind reverse proxy if the
      inbuilt server is used as it is.
    * Fix issue where pgAdmin does not load completely if loaded in
      an iframe.
    * Ensure the search path should not be quoted for Database.
    * Ensure pgAdmin should work behind reverse proxy on a non
      standard port.
    * Fix query tool open issue on Internet Explorer.
    * Fix issue where query history is not visible in the query
      history tab.
    * Ensure the search path should not be quoted for Function,
      Procedure and Trigger Function.
    * Fix issue where VALID foreign keys show as NOT VALID in the
      SQL tab for tables.
    * Ensure the MAC OSX app should be notarized for Catalina.
  - Changes from 4.13
    - New features
    * Added Gather Merge, Named Tuple Store Scan and Table Function
      Scan icon for explain module.
    * Don’t wait for the database connection before rendering the
      Query Tool UI, for improved UX.
    * Allow configuration options to be set from the environment in
      the container distribution.
    * Ensure editable and read-only columns in Query Tool should be
      identified by icons and tooltips in the column header.
    * Add an Italian translation.
    * Refactor Dockerfile to avoid needing to run supporting
      scripts (i.e. ‘docker build .’ will work) and minimise layers.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Schemas.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Views.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Rules.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Foreign Keys.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Foreign Servers.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Foreign Tables.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for FTS Templates.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Indexes.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for Primary Keys.
    * Add Reverse Engineered and Modified SQL tests for User Mappings.
    * Add Modified SQL tests for Resource Group.
    - Bug fixes
    * Added ProjectSet icon for explain module.
    * Ensure Boolean columns should be editable using keyboard keys.
    * Further code refactoring to stabilise the Feature Tests.
    * Fix an issue where oid column should not be pasted when
      copy/paste row is used on query output containing the oid
    * Fix display of validation error message in SlickGrid cells.
    * Fix issue where Validated switch option is inverted for the
      Foreign Key.
    * Fix a debugger error when using Python 2.7.
    * Fix error while importing data to a table using Import/Export
      dialog and providing “Not null columns” option.
    * Ensure View should be created with special characters.
    * Ensure Boolean columns should be editable in View/Edit data
      and Query Tool.
    * Fix an error that could be seen when click on any system
      column of a table.
    * Unescape HTML entities in database names in the Query Tool
      title bar.
    * Add editor options for plain text mode and to disable block
      folding to workaround rendering speed issues in CodeMirror
      with very large scripts.
    * Ensure port and username should not be mandatory when
      a service is provided.
    * Fix Truncate option deselect issue for compound triggers.
    * Fix length and precision enable/disable issue when changing
      the data type for Domain node.
    * Fix SQL tab issue for Views. It’s a regression of compound
    * Fix PGADMIN_SERVER_JSON_FILE environment variable support in
      the container.
    * Fix exception in query history for python 2.7.
    * Fix query tool launch error if user name contain html
    * Increase cache control max age for static files to improve
      performance over longer run.
    * Fix SQL issue of length and precision when changing the data
      type of Column.
    * Fix modified SQL for Index when reset the value of Fill
      factor and Clustered?.
    * Fix reversed engineered SQL for btree Index when provided
      sort order and NULLs.
    * Ensure sequence with negative value should be created.
    * Fix issue where EXEC script doesn’t write the complete script
      for Procedures.
    * Fix query tool and view data issue with the Italian language.
    * Ensure Primary Key should be created with Index.
    * Fix query history exception for Python 3.6.
* Sat Sep 07 2019
  - Update to 4.12
    - New features
    * Add support of Compound Triggers for EPAS 12+.
    * Add support for planner support functions in PostgreSQL 12+
    * Add support for generated columns in Postgres 12+.
    * Use the full tab space for CodeMirror instances on dialogues
      where appropriate.
    * Allow a banner to be displayed on the login and other related
      pages showing custom text.
    * Allow enhanced cookie protection to be disabled for
      compatibility with dynamically addressed hosting environments.
    * Add an optimisation to the internal code responsible for
      searching for treeview nodes.
    * Display the row count in the popup message when counting
      table rows, not just in the properties list.
    * Add support in query history to show internal queries
      generated by pgAdmin during save data operations.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Columns.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Trigger Functions.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Exclusion Constraint.
    * Add a –modules option to the RE-SQL test suite to allow
      testing of specific object types.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix issue where Deleting N number of rows makes first N
      number of rows disable.
    * Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for tables with
      Greenplum 5.x.
    * Update wcDocker to allow the browser’s context menu to be
      used except in tab strips and panel headers.
    * Ensure type names are properly encoded in the results grid.
    * Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for partition table,
      partitions were shown as a child of indexes.
    * Update wcDocker to prevent window state loading creating
      blank dialogues.
    * Fix accessibility issue for checkbox in IE11.
    * Ensure the Query Tool doesn’t throw an error when viewing the
      contents of a table with no columns.
    * Ensure columns can be created when they are IDENTITY fields
      with the CYCLE option enabled.
    * Ensure purely numeric comments can be saved on new columns.
    * Fix accessibility issue for Datetime cell in backgrid.
    * Ensure the query tool will work with older versions of
      psycopg2 than we officially support, albeit without updatable
    * Ensure command tags are shown in the messages tab of the
      Query Tool.
    * Fix load on demand in View/Edit data mode.
    * Fix some errors thrown on the JS console when dragging text
      in the Query Tool.
    * Ensure triggers should be updated properly for EPAS server.
    * Fix the reverse engineered SQL for trigger functions with the
      WINDOW option selected.
    * Ensure enable trigger menu should be visible when trigger is
    * Ensure the comment on a Primary Key constraint can be edited
      under the Table node.
    * Fix console error when changing kind(SQL/BATCH) for pgAgent
      job step.
    * Fix double click issue to expand the contents of a cell if
      the resultset was not editable.
    * Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for Rules.
    * Ensure compound triggers for event should be updated
    * Ensure compound triggers should be displayed under Views.
    * Ensure Truncate option should be available for Compound
  - Changes from 4.11
    - New features
    * Add support for editing of resultsets in the Query Tool,
      if the data can be identified as updatable.
    * Set the mouse cursor appropriately based on the layout lock
    * Add EXPLAIN options for SETTINGS and SUMMARY.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Roles and Resource
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for FDWs.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Languages.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Extensions.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for FTS Configurations.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Packages.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for FTS Dictionaries.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Domains.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Collations.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Types.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Sequences.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for FTS Parsers.
    * Add Reverse Engineered SQL tests for Constraints.
    - Bug fixes
    * Allow keyboard navigation of all controls on subnode grids.
    * Fix dropping of pgAgent schedules through the Job properties.
    * Prevent flickering of large tooltips on the Graphical EXPLAIN
    * Fix an error that could be seen when editing column
    * Ensure parameter values are quoted when needed when editing
    * EXPLAIN options should be Query Tool instance-specific.
    * Fix an error while retrieving json data from the table.
    * Fix ‘malformed array literal’ error when updating a pgAgent
    * Ensure drag/drop from the treeview works as expected on
    * Fix table icon issue when updating any existing field.
    * Ensure browser should not be started by Selenium when feature
      tests are excluded from a test run.
    * Use ROLE consistently when generating RE-SQL for roles,
      not USER.
    * Fix an error seen when updating a connection string in
      a pgAgent job step.
    * Fix reverse engineered sql for Foreign Data Wrapper created
      on EPAS server in redwood mode.
    * Fix some minor UI issues on IE11.
    * Fix sequence reverse engineered SQL generation with quoted
      names on PG/EPAS 10+.
    * Fix an issue where Explain and Explain Analyze are not
      working, it’s regression of #1760.
    * Fix an issue where Filter toolbar button is not working in
      view/edit data, it’s regression of keyboard navigation.
  - Changes from 4.10
    - New features
    * Allow some objects to be dragged/dropped into the Query Tool
      to insert their signature into the query text.
    * Allow the path to /pgadmin4/servers.json to be overridden in
      the container distribution.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure the browser close confirmation is only shown when
      closing a Query Tool which is running in a separate browser
    * Prevent an error that may occur when editing data with an
      integer primary key.
    * Fix a quoting issue that caused a blank UI to be displayed
      when running in French.
    * Ensure the version comparision should be correct for windows
  - Changes from 4.9
    - New features
    * Visually distinguish simple tables from tables that are
      inherited and from which other tables are inherited.
    - Housekeeping
    * Add a framework for testing reversed engineered SQL and
      CRUD API endpoints.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix issue where the dependencies tab for inherited
      tables/foreign keys shows partial text.
    * Allow editing of data where a primary key column includes
      a % sign in the value.
    * Fix issue where reverse engineered SQL was failing for
      foreign tables, if it had “=” in the options.
    * Fix keyboard navigation in “inner” tabsets such as the
      Query Tool and Debugger.
    * Ensure the correct label is used in panel headers when
      viewing filtered rows.
    * Fix issue where new column should be created with Default
    * Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
    * Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
    * Initial support for PostgreSQL 12.
    * Prevent the geometry viewer grabbing key presses when not in
      focus under Firefox, IE and Edge.
    * Prevent the “Please login to access this page” message
      displaying multiple times.
    * Ensure that the Return key can be used to submit the Master
      Password dialogue.
    * Ensure that browser auto-fill doesn’t cause Help pages to be
      opened unexpectedly.
    * Fix issue where SSH tunnel connection using password is
      failing, it’s regression of Master Password.
    * Fix an initialisation error when two functions with
      parameters are debugged in parallel.
    * Fix issue where property dialog of column should open
      properly for EPAS v12.
    * Capitalize the word ‘export’ used in Import/Export module.
    * Ensure strings are properly encoded in the Query History.
    * Ensure we include the CSRF token when uploading files.
    * Fix connection restoration issue when pgAdmin server is
      restarted and the page is refreshed.
    * Ensure the debugger control buttons are only enabled once
      initialisation is complete.
    * Remove additional “SETOF” included when generating CREATE
      scripts for trigger functions.
    * Fix help links for backup globals and backup server.
    * Fix an XSS issue seen in View/Edit data mode if a column name
      includes HTML.
    * Ensure Python escaping matched JS escaping and fix a
      minor XSS issue in the Query Tool that required superuser
      access to trigger.
    * Ensure that both columns and partitions can be edited at the
      same time in the table dialog.
    * Fix an XSS issue when username contains XSS vulnerable text.
* Tue Jun 04 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.8
    - New features
    * Feature #2653 - Allow the UI layout to be fully locked or to
      prevent docking changes.
    - Bug fixes
    * Omit the geometry viewer in the Query Tool from layout
    * Improve the performance of explain plan by embedding the
      images only when downloading it.
    * Fix the issue of accessing the SQL for Views and Materialized
      Views. Regression of pluralisation of folder names.
* Sun Jun 02 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.7
    - Bug fixes
    * In server mode, update all the saved server credentials when
      user password is changed.
    * Fix the responsive layout of the main menu bar.
    * Fix syntax error when adding more than one column to the
      existing table.
    * Fix file browser path issue which occurs when client is on
      Windows and server is on Mac/Linux.
    * Added Master Password to increase the security of saved
    * Fix accessibility issue for menu navigation.
    * Update the UI logo.
    * Fixed CSRF security vulnerability issue, per Alvin Lindstam
    * Properly assign dropdownParent in Select2 controls.
    * Ensure popper.js is installed when needed.
    * Fixed Tab key navigation for Maintenance dialog.
    * Fix Tab key issue for Toggle switch controls and button on
      the dialog footer in Safari browser.
    * Ensure that element should get highlighted when they get
      focus on using Tab key.
    * Fixed console error when subnode control is used in panels.
    * Stop using application/x-javascript as a mime type and use
      the RFC-compliant application/javascript instead.
    * Fixed error on displaying table properties of a table
      partitioned by list having a default partition.
    * Fix handling of JSON in the Query Tool with NULL elements.
    * Fix navigation of switch cells in grids.
    * Clarify wording for the NO INHERIT option on constraints,
      per Michel Feinstein.
    * Relax the permission check on the directory containing the
      config database, as it may fail in some environments such as
    * Prevent Backgrid Password cells from losing focus if the
      browser opens an autocomplete list.
    * Fix syntax error when creating a table with a serial column.
* Tue May 21 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.6
    - Features
    * Feature #4165 - Depend on psycopg2-binary in the Python
      wheel, rather than psycopg2.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure that on clicking Delete button should not delete rows
      immediately from the database server, it should be deleted
      when Save button will be clicked.
    * Ensure that newly added row in backgrid should be visible.
    * Ensure that JSON strings as comments should be added properly
      for all the objects.
    * Fix an issue where Deleting N number of rows makes
      first N number of rows disable.
    * Added support for Default Partition.
    * Fix an issue where ‘GRANT UPDATE’ sql should be displayed
      for default sequence privileges.
    * Ensure that confirmation dialog should be popped up before
      reload of query tool or debugger if it is opened in a new
      browser tab.
    * Ensure that record should be add/edited for root partition
      table with primary keys.
    * Fixed alignment issue of columns in definition section of
      Index node.
    * Fixed ‘Location cannot be empty’ error when open Tablespace
    * Fix an issue where the dropdown becomes misaligned/displaced.
    * Ensure the treeview shows all sequences except those used to
      implement IDENTITY columns (which can be edited as part of
      the column). Show all if Show System Objects is enabled.
    * Fixed ‘Increment value cannot be empty’ error for existing
    * Ensure that parameters of procedures for EPAS server 10 and
      below should be set/reset properly.
    * Prevent duplicate columns being included in reverse
      engineered SQL for tables.
    * Ensure sanity of the permissions on the storage and session
      directories and the config database.
* Mon Apr 15 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.5
    - Bug fixes
    * Fixed ‘Change Password’ issue for SCRAM authentication.
    * Ensure that two consecutive SELECT statements should work
    * Relabel the Save button on the datagrid text editor to avoid
      confusion with the actual Save button that updates the
    * Added recommended ESLinter checks.
    * Ensure that pgAdmin4 should work properly with psycopg2 v2.8
  - Changes from pgadmin4 4.4
    This release includes a bug fix (Bug #3887) which will rename the
    per-user storage directories for existing users when running in
    server mode. Previously, saved SQL queries were stored under the
    STORAGE_DIR in a sub-directory named after the username part of
    the user’s email address. From this version onwards, the full
    email address is used, with the @ replaced with an underscore.
    For example, in v.4.3 with STORAGE_DIR set to /var/lib/pgadmin4
    user files may be stored in:
    With the fix, that directory will be renamed (or created for new
    users) as:
    - Features
    * Add support for reverse proxied setups with Gunicorn,
      and document Gunicorn, uWSGI & NGINX configurations.
    * Make the Query Tool history persistent across sessions.
    * Remove the large and unnecessary dependency on React
      and 87 other related libraries.
    * Add support for IDENTITY columns.
    * Add an ePub doc build target.
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix naming inconsistency for the column and FTS parser
    * Include inherited column comments and defaults in reverse
      engineered table SQL.
    * Improve a couple of German translations.
    * Use the user’s full email address (not just the username
      part) as the basis for the storage directory name.
    * Update wcDocker to fix the issue where the Scratch Pad grows
      in size if the results panel is resized.
    * Avoid ‘bogus varno’ message from Postgres when viewing the
      SQL for a table with triggers.
    * Update all Python and JavaScript dependencies.
    * Include comment SQL for inherited columns in reverse
      engineered table SQL.
    * Make the WHEN field a CodeMirror control on the Event Trigger
    * Fix the online help button on the resource group dialogue.
    * Enable the online help button on the index dialogue.
    * Handle resultsets with zero columns correctly in the Query
    * Include inherited columns in SELECT scripts.
    * Fix the latexpdf doc build.
    * Fix handling of numeric arrays in View/Edit Data.
    * Enlarge the grab handles for resizing dialogs etc.
    * Append the file suffix to filenames when needed in the File
      Create dialogue.
    * Ensure that Firefox prompts for a filename/location when
      downloading query results as a CSV file.
    * Change the CodeMirror active line background colour to
      $color-danger-lighter so it doesn’t conflict with the
      selection colour.
    * Fix the RE-SQL syntax for roles with a VALID UNTIL clause.
    * Prevent an empty error message being shown when “downloading”
      a CREATE script using the CSV download.
    * Overhaul the layout saving code so it includes the Query Tool
      and Debugger, and stores the layout when change events are
      detected rather than (unreliably) on exit.
    * Display errors during CSV download from the Query Tool in the
      UI rather than putting them in the CSV file.
    * Improve the German translation for Backup Server.
    * Ensure the toolbar buttons are properly reset following
      a CSV download in the Query Tool.
    * Fix SQL help for EPAS 10+, and refactor the URL generation
      code into a testable function.
    * Ensure sequences can be created with increment, start,
      minimum and maximum options set.
    * Fix an issue where JSON data would not be rendered in the
      Query Tool.
    * Ensure View/Materialized View node should be visible after
      updating any property.
    * Fix custom autovacuum configuration for Materialized Views.
* Thu Mar 07 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.3
    - Features
    * Install a script to start pgAdmin (pgadmin4) from the command
      line when installed from the Python wheel.
    * Add a “scratch pad” to the Query Tool to hold text snippets
      whilst editing.
    * Add Commit and Rollback buttons to the Query Tool.
    * Allow X-FRAME-OPTIONS to be set for security. Default to
    * Automatically expand child nodes as well as the selected node
      on the treeview if there is only one.
    * Include multiple versions of the PG utilties in containers.
    * Update Alpine Linux version in the docker container.
    * Support double-click on Query Tool result grid column resize
      handles to auto-size to the content.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure size stats are prettified on the statistics tab when
      the UI language is not English.
    * Handle display of roles with expiration set to infinity
    * Allow editing of values in columns with the oid datatype
      which are not an actual row OID.
    * Make the Query Tool tab titles more concise and useful.
    * Fix support for bigint’s in JSONB data.
    * Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with
    * Ensure JSON data isn’t modified in-flight by psycopg2 when
      using View/Edit data.
    * Modify the Download as CSV option to use the same connection
      as the Query Tool its running in so temporary tables etc.
      can be used.
    * Fix context sub-menu alignment on Safari.
    * Update documentation screenshots as per new design.
    * Fix alignment of Close and Maximize button of Grant Wizard.
    * Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
    * Fix editing of table data with a JSON primary key.
    * Ignore exceptions in the logger.
    * Close connections gracefully when the user logs out of
    * Fix alignment of checkbox to drop multiple schedules of
      pgAgent job.
    * Don’t exclude SELECT statements from transaction management
      in the Query Tool in case they call data-modifying functions.
    * Optimise display of Dependencies and Dependents, and use
      on-demand loading of rows in batches of 100.
    * Fix alignment of import/export toggle switch.
    * Prevent an error when closing the Sort/Filter dialogue with
      an empty filter string.
    * Fix alignment of Connection type toggle switch of pgagent.
    * Fix the query to set bytea_output so that read-only standbys
      don’t consider it a write query.
    * Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
    * Don’t embed docs and external sites in iframes, to allow the
      external sites to set X-FRAME-OPTIONS = DENY for security.
    * Add full support and testsfor all PG server side encodings.
    * Custom-encode forward slashes in URL parameters as Apache
      HTTPD doesn’t allow them in some cases.
    * Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with tab indent
      with use spaces enabled.
    * Ensure long queries don’t cause errors when downloading CSV
      in the Query Tool.
    * Disable the editor and execute functions whilst queries are
    * Fix an issue where importing servers fails if a group already
      exists for a different user.
* Tue Mar 05 2019
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.2
    - Bug fixes
    * Replace Bootstrap switch with Bootstrap4 toggle to improve
      the performance.
    * Replace the PyCrypto module with the cryptography module.
    * Fixed SQL for foreign table options.
    * Fixed execution time to show Hours part for long running
      queries in Query Tool.
    * Messages tab of query tool should be clear on subsequent
      execution of table/view using View/Edit Data.
    * Clear drop-down menu should be disabled for View/Edit Data.
    * Fixed Statistics panel hang issue for 1000+ tables.
    * Proper error should be thrown when server group is created
      with existing name.
    * Ensure long string should be wrap in alertify dialogs.
    * Ensure that output of the query should be displayed even if
      Data Output window is detached from the Query Tool.
    * Inline edbspl trigger functions should not be visible in
      Grant Wizard.
    * Proper SQL should be generated when create function with
      return type as custom type argument.
    * Ensure that database restriction of server dialog should work
      with special characters.
    * Ensure that Backup/Restore button should work on single
    * Fixed SQL for when clause while creating Trigger.
    * Proper SQL should be generated when creating/changing column
      with custom type argument.
    * Ensure that file format combo box value should be retained
      when hidden files checkbox is toggled.
    * Proper SQL should be generated when create procedure with
      custom type arguments.
    * Ensure that browser should warn before close or refresh.
    * Fixed EXEC script for procedures.
    * Proper SQL should be generated when create domain of type
      interval with precision.
    * Drop-down should be closed when click on any other toolbar
    * Fixed keyboard navigation for dialog tabs.
    * Increase frames splitter mouse hover area to make it easier
      to resize.
    * Fixed alignment of tree arrow icons for Internet Explorer.
    * Ensure object names in external process dialogues are
      properly escaped.
    * Correct order of Save and Cancel button for json/jsonb
    * Data should be updated properly for FTS Configurations,
      FTS Dictionaries, FTS Parsers and FTS Templates.
    * Fixed unable to drop multiple Rules and Foreign Tables from
      properties tab.
    * Fixed Query Tool Initialization Error.
    * Fixed keyboard navigation for Select2 and Privilege cell in
    * Correct schema should be displayed in Materialized View
    * Fixed debugger issue for procedure inside package for EPAS
    * Fix alignment of help messages in properties panels.
    * Fix alignment of submenu for Internet Explorer.
    * Ensure that grant wizard should list down functions for EPAS
      server running with no-redwood-compat mode.
    * Dashboard graph optimization.
    * Remove Python 2.6 code that’s now obsolete.
    * Expose the bind address in the Docker container via
    * Exclude HTTPExceptions from the all_exception_handler as they
      should be returned as-is.
  - Rebase fix-python3-crypto-call.patch
* Tue Jan 15 2019 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.1
    - Bug fixes
    * Fix SQL generated for tables with inherited columns.
    * Ensure the context menu works after a server is renamed.
    * Fix ordering of VACUUM options which changed in PG11.
    * Don’t show system catalogs in the schemas property list unless
      show system objects is enabled.
    * Fix help for the backup/restore dialogues.
    * Ensure that last row of table data should be visible and user
      will be able to add new row.
    * Make the browser more robust in the face of multibyte characters
      in SQL_ASCII databases.
  - Update to pgadmin4 4.0
    - Features
    * Allow query plans to be downloaded as an SVG file.
    * New UI design.
    * Allow servers to be pre-loaded into container deployments.
    - Bug fixes
    * Increase the size of the resize handle of the edit grid text
    * Fix handling of array types as inputs to the debugger.
    * Fix an issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to render.
    * Display event trigger functions correctly on EPAS.
    * Further improvements to treeview restoration.
    * Run Postfix in the container build so passwords can be reset etc.
    * Add titles to the code areas of the Query Tool and Debugger to
      ensure that panels can be re-docked within them.
    * Fix a webpack issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to
    * Ensure we display the relation name (and not the OID) in the
      locks table wherever possible.
    * Fix an encoding issue in the query tool.
    * Include the WHERE clause on EXCLUDE constraints in RE-SQL.
    * Fix an issue when user define Cast from smallint->text is created.
    * Hide Radio buttons that should not be shown on the maintenance
    * Ensure that null values handled properly in CSV download.
    * Tweak the wording on the Grant Wizard.
    * Prevent attempts to bulk-drop schema objects.
    * Ensure the browser toolbar buttons work in languages other than
    * Allow horizontal sizing of the edit grid text pop-out.
    * Ensure auto complete should works when first identifier in the
      FROM clause needs quoting.
    * Ensure auto complete should works for columns from a
      schema-qualified table.
    * Ensure identifiers are properly displayed in the plan viewer.
    * Make the setup process more robust against aborted executions.
    * Fixed an issue while creating export job.
  - Make pgadmin4-web suggest the pgadmin4-doc package instead of
    requiring it.
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to pgadmin4 3.6
    - Features
    * Add support for dropping multiple objects at once from the
      collection Properties panel.
    * Add the ability to import and export server definitions from
      a config database
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure previous notices are not removed from the Messages tab in
      the Query Tool if an error occurs during query execution.
    * Allow the selection order to be preserved in the Select2 control
      to fix column ordering in data Import/Export.
    * Allow use of 0 (integer) and empty strings as parameters in the debugger.
    * Properly report errors when debugging cannot be started.
    * Prevent the debugger controls being pressed again before previous
      processing is complete.
    * Fix toggle breakpoints buttons in the debugger.
    * Fix changes to the NOT NULL and default value options in the
      Table Dialogue.
    * Fix dropping of multiple functions/procedures at once.
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Compact description and trim first-person grammar.
  - Rename pgadmin4-docs to pgadmin4-doc to be in line with
    the naming of other packages in openSUSE.
  - Safeguard fdupes to not run over partition boundaries.
* Wed Nov 07 2018 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to pgadmin4 3.5
    - Features
    * Save the treeview state periodically, and restore it automatically when
    * Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure that Utilities(Backup/Restore/Maintenence/Import-Export) should
      not be started if binary path is wrong and also added ‘Stop Process’ button
      to cancel the process.
    * Fix syntax error when creating new pgAgent schedules with a start date/time
      and exception.
    * Cleanup session files periodically.
    * Rename the ‘SQL Editor’ section of the Preferences to ‘Query Tool’ as it
      applies to the whole tool, not just the editor.
    * Fix CREATE Script functionality for EDB-Wrapped functions.
    * Fix connection garbage collector.
    * Purge connections from the cache on logout.
    * Ensure that utility existence check should work for schema and other child
      objects while taking Backup/Restore.
    * Fixed fatal error while launching the pgAdmin4 3.5. Update the version of
      the Flask to 0.12.4 for release.
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.4
  - Update to pgadmin4 3.4
    - Features
    * Move all CSS into SCSS files for consistency and ease of colour maintenance etc.
    * Add optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display values on graphs.
    * Add shortcuts for View Data and the Query tool to the Browser header bar.
    - Bug fixes
    * Ensure the runtime can startup properly if there are wide characters in the logfile path on Windows.
    * Fix handling of backslashes in the edit grid.
    * Ensure queries are no longer executed when dashboards are closed.
    * Fix support for the CLOB datatype in EPAS.
    * Fix logic around validation and highlighting of Sort/Filter in the Query Tool.
    * Ensure auto-complete works for objects in schemas other than public and pg_catalog.
    * Ensure changes to Query Tool settings from the Preferences dialogue are applied before executing queries.
    * Swap the Schema and Schemas icons and Catalog and Catalogs icons that had been used the wrong way around.
* Wed Oct 03 2018 Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.3
  - Update to pgadmin4 3.3
    - Features
    * Add a geometry viewer that can render PostGIS data on a blank canvas or various map sources.
    * Added new backup/restore options for PostgreSQL 11. Added dump options for 'pg_dumpall'.
    * Add a Spanish translation.
    - Bug fixes
    * Stabilise feature tests for continuous running on CI systems.
    * Fixed debugger execution issues.
    * Ensure 'select all' and 'unselect all' working properly for pgAgent schedule.
    * Fix sort/filter dialog issue where it incorrectly requires ASC/DESC.
    * Ensure backup should work with '--data-only' and '--schema-only' for any format.
    * Fix keyboard shortcuts layout in the preferences panel.
    * Merge pgcli code with version 1.10.3, which is used for auto complete feature.
    * Ensure that refreshing a node also updates the Property list.
    * Ensure that refresh button on dashboard should refresh the table.
    * Handle connection errors properly in the query tool.
    * Make session implementation thread safe
    * Ensure external table node should be visible only for GPDB.
    * Fix auto scrolling issue in debugger on step in and step out.
    * Fix sort/filter dialog editing issue.
    * Ensure sort/filter dialog should display proper message after losing database connection.
    * Ensure sql for Role should be visible in SQL panel for GPDB.
    * When building the Windows installer, copy system Python packages before installing dependencies to ensure we don't end up with older versions than intended.
    * Correct the documentation of View/Edit data.
* Tue Aug 21 2018 Antonio Larrosa <> - 3.2
  - Initial release of pgadmin4 3.2



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