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orthanc-mysql-4.3-1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: orthanc-mysql Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Sat Sep 25 05:25:08 2021
Group: Productivity/Databases/Tools Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 925433 Source RPM: orthanc-mysql-4.3-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Database plugin for Orthanc
MySQL/mariadb Database plugin for Orthanc, replaces SQLite database






* Thu Jul 22 2021 Axel Braun <>
  - version 4.3
    * Fix issue 200 (fields messed up in /changes route)
    * Added missing calls to OrthancPluginDatabaseSignalDeletedResource()
    * Fix serialization of large jobs
* Sun May 09 2021 Axel Braun <>
  - version 4.0 (no changelog)
* Tue Dec 22 2020 Axel Braun <>
  - readme.SUSE fixed and renamed
* Wed Dec 16 2020 Axel Braun <>
  - version 3.0
    * Report issue/solution and prevent the start of Orthanc if the MySQL user is
    not allowed to run the "CREATE TRIGGER" command (missing "SUPER" privilege)
    * Implementation of new extensions: LookupResourceAndParent and GetAllMetadata
    * Added an advisory lock to avoid race conditions during database setup
    * Added "MaximumConnectionRetries" & "ConnectionRetryInterval" to configure
    the retries when connecting to the DB at startup
    * Support of dynamic linking against the system-wide Orthanc framework library
    * Added support for TLS connections: 3 new options:
    - "EnableSsl" (false by default)
    - "SslVerifyServerCertificates" (true by default - inactive if EnableSsl if false)
    - "SslCACertificates" (default value is "HttpsCACertificates" from global
      Orthanc configuration)
    * Uses Orthanc Framework 1.8.1
* Thu Oct 22 2020 Axel Braun <>
  - switch build system to orthanc-framework (static)
* Sat Jan 25 2020 Axel Braun <>
  - OrthancMySQL V2.0 - initial build on OBS



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