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openttd-1.11.2-1.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: openttd Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.11.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Fri May 28 23:27:33 2021
Group: Amusements/Games/Strategy/Other Build host: armbuild01
Size: 6384129 Source RPM: openttd-1.11.2-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: A clone of Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe
OpenTTD is a reimplementation of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" with lots of new features and enhancements. To play the game, you need either the original proprietary data set from the game, or install the recommend subpackages OpenGFX, OpenSFX and OpenMSX for an alternate, free set of graphics, sounds and music, respectively.

Use package openttd-dedicated for systems without SDL.






* Mon May 03 2021 Jan Baier <>
  - update to 1.11.2:
    - Change: More improvements to the GUI at different scales (#9075, #9102, #9107, #9133, #9174, #9183)
    - Fix: Query windows could be partially drawn (#9184)
    - Fix #9113: Crash when removing an airport that exists in an aircraft's orders (#9182)
    - Fix #9117: [Fluidsynth] Hang when changing song (#9181)
    - Fix: String validation could leave invalid UTF-8 encoded strings (#9096)
    - Fix: [Network] Out-of-bounds memory access with modified servers sending too short password salts (#9176)
    - Fix: Crash when extra viewport with zero height has sign in view (#9175)
    - Fix #9147: Crash when taking screenshots (#9169)
    - Fix #6598: [Network] Prevent crashes when (re)joining network game by falling back to main menu first (#9163)
    - Fix #9152: Screenshot success popup window was treated as an error (#9159)
    - Fix: Fast-forward stuttering when vsync is enabled (#9140)
    - Fix: [Network] Savegame transfer could stall in rare cases (#9106)
    - Fix #9097: [NewGRF] Cargo initial payment variable was being truncated (#9098)
    - Fix: [NewGRF] Industry variable 66 and object variable 46 erroneously truncated the distance (#9088)
    - Fix: [NewGRF] Industry variables 65 and 66 ignored the parameter, and always used the north tile (#9088)
    - Fix: Do not include regression test AI in bundle (#9068, #9164)
* Wed Apr 21 2021 Jan Baier <>
  - update to 1.11.1:
    - Feature: Toggle to enable/disable vsync (#8997)
    - Feature: Volume controls in the Game Options window, and better defaults (#8943)
    - Add: Hotkey to focus object and rail filters (#8908)
    - Add: Better plural support for Romanian (#8936)
    - Change: Improve layout and spacing of several windows at different GUI scales (#9041, #9042, #9044, #9050)
    - Change: Make effect volume scale more intuitively (#8945, #8950)
    - Change: Improve padding of Object & Rail station windows (#8929)
    - Fix #6322: [Script] Crash when script allocates too much memory, now kills script instead (#9047)
    - Fix #7513: [Script] Crash on garbage collection with misbehaving script (#9040)
    - Fix #9028: [OpenGL] Crash when changing max sprite zoom level (#9032)
    - Fix #8874: show a warning when a NewGRF scan is requested multiple times (#9022)
    - Fix: Desync when GS unlocks railtype with wagon unlock (#9021)
    - Fix #9008: Validate starting year given on the command line (-t) (#9014)
    - Fix #8878: [Network] Slow DNS queries could block the server and disconnect clients (#9013)
    - Fix: Improve validation of OpenGL video driver to avoid crashes (#9007)
    - Fix: Credits scrolled too slowly with larger font sizes (#8994)
    - Fix #8977: Crash when altering max sprite resolution (#8993)
    - Fix #8956: Industry disaster news messages showed the wrong location (#8992)
    - Fix: [Network] Potential stale client entries in client list (#8959)
    - Fix: Graphical issues when dragging measurement tooltips (#8951)
    - Fix: [Fluidsynth] Use provided default soundfont if available (#8948, #8953)
    - Fix #8935: [macOS] Crash on save (#8944)
    - Fix #8922: Crash when selling shared vehicles with shared vehicle window open (#8926)
    - Fix: Compiling on armhf (Raspberry Pi) (#8924)
* Mon Apr 12 2021 Jan Baier <>
  - update to 1.11.0:
    - Feature: Allow setting a custom terrain type to define highest peak (#8891)
    - Feature: Auto-detect map height limit based on generated map (#8891)
    - Feature: Setting to indicate desert coverage for tropic climate and snow coverage for arctic climate (replaces snow line height) (#8891)
    - Add: Allow setting the highest mountain for heightmaps (#8891)
    - Change: Scale exported heightmaps to highest peak and inform the user of this value (#8891)
    - Change: Remove "maximum map height" from the New Game GUI (#8891)
    - Fix #8803: Only auto-remove signals when rail can be built (#8904)
    - Fix #8565: Stopped road vehicle displays a speed different than 0 (#8901)
    - Fix #8886: Don't try to resolve folders within tars named '.' (#8893)
    - Fix: Placing random trees in SE crashes the game (#8892)
    - Fix #8875: Filter string in station window breaks flow in user interface (#8885)
    - Fix #8871: [OpenGL] Initialize all buffers after resize and clear back buffer (#8877)
    - Fix: OpenGL performance with some AMD GPUs (#8876)
    - Fix: Recompute road/railtype availability after disabling the engine (#8872)
    - Fix: OSK layout not scaled for 2x or 4x GUI scale (#8868)
    1.11.0-RC1 (2021-03-14)
    - Feature: Option to (dis-)allow hardware accelerated video drivers (#8819)
    - Feature: Option to set display refresh rate (#8813)
    - Feature: Allow custom width/height of screenshot and making heightmap screenshots via console (#8804)
    - Feature: Allow filtering on name in rail station window (#8706)
    - Feature: Setting for highest resolution of sprites to use (#8604)
    - Add: Make NewGRF Scanner / World Generation update smoother and make aborting it react faster (#8830)
    - Add: Malaysia Ringgit as Currency (#8783)
    - Add: "Engines only" filter in build train window (#8733)
    - Change: De-limit framerate window's framerate (#8772)
    - Change: Clarify what effect town interactions have (#8744)
    - Change: Don't show global goals in company goal windows (#8709)
    - Change: Recolour graph windows to brown (#8700)
    - Fix #8855: Bootstrap could result in an empty screen when bootstrap fails (#8856)
    - Fix #8851: Don't allow infinite "exec" depth in script, but limit to 10 deep (#8852)
    - Fix #8647: Incorrect drawing order of tram catenary sprites (#8843)
    - Fix #8711: Having gui_zoom lower than zoom_min causes a crash (#8835)
    - Fix #8810: "aircraft out of fuel" news shows the wrong place (#8832)
    - Fix #8833: Don't reload NewGRFs when we are shutting down (#8830)
    - Fix: Scale padding between elements the same as other padding (#8829)
    - Fix #8808: [OSX, OpenGL] Crash on switching blitters due to double-mapping the video buffer (#8822)
    - Fix #8784: Using Alt+Enter doesn't update the fullscreen toggle visibly (#8820)
    - Fix #8817: Keep NewGRF order for object class sorting (#8818)
    - Fix #8809: Crash when removing airport when hangar window open (#8815)
    - Fix #8799: Crash when Search Internet in Multiplayer (#8801)
    - Fix #8774: Black screenshots when using 40bpp-blitter (#8791)
    - Fix: [OSX] Hide dock when entering fullscreen (#8789)
    - Fix: Bootstrap fails to start on clean install (#8788)
    - Fix: Terraform limit acts random when maxing out per_64k_frames setting (#8782)
    - Fix: Max-value of fast-forward-speed-limit can be outside its storage size (#8769)
    1.11.0-beta2 (2021-02-28)
    - Feature: Add setting to limit fast-forward speed (#8766)
    - Feature: Significant performance improvements to all video drivers (#8605, #8652, #8660, #8685, #8702, #8703, #8707, #8726, #8740)
    - Feature: Configurable display refresh-rate, default to 60fps (#8680)
    - Feature: Automatically upload releases to Steam (#8644)
    - Feature: Generic Linux builds (#8641)
    - Feature: [GS] Allow non-question type windows to have no buttons (#8638)
    - Feature: [macOS] ZIP build (#8614)
    - Feature: Object class selection string filtering (#8603)
    - Feature: 'Remove all industries' button in scenario editor (#8550)
    - Feature: Automatic UI and font zoom levels when supported by the OS (#8537)
    - Feature: [macOS] Render screen at native resolution by default for HiDPI screens (#8519)
    - Feature: OpenGL video driver (#7744)
    - Add: Indonesia Rupiah currency (#8616)
    - Change: Improve graph period markings (#8732)
    - Change: Make pathfinder account for maximum order speed, if set (#8722)
    - Change: Darken graph grid lines for legibility (#8690)
    - Change: Make order window hotkeys toggle for load & unload variants (#8669)
    - Change: Use a more specific error message when attempting to bulldoze your own HQ (#8667)
    - Change: Convert .md to .rtf for Windows/Mac packages (#8617)
    - Change: Move the 'tree placer algorithm' & 'road drive side' settings to the Settings window (#8566)
    - Change: Move town name generator selection to mapgen GUI (#8566)
    - Change: [macOS] Native font rendering (#8518)
    - Fix: Display of network lobby windows for different GUI sizes (#8765)
    - Fix: Don't desync if client leaves before you finish downloading map (#8755)
    - Fix: Allow estimating vehicle clone cost even if short on money (#8748)
    - Fix: Don't notify twice that a client left because of a timeout (#8746)
    - Fix: Vehicle cursor size did not account for the interface zoom level (#8739)
    - Fix #8123: Trams on half-tiles couldn't find depots (#8738)
    - Fix #8276: [NewGRF] Crash when an object's size was not set (#8719)
    - Fix #8349: Close depot vehicle list windows when closing the depot window (#8717)
    - Fix #8594: [NRT] Road pathfinder did not account for roadtype speed limits or lengths of tunnels/bridges (#8710)
    - Fix: Whole status bar instead of money widget refreshed on money change (#8692)
    - Fix: Unnecessary status bar redraws when there is no news to show (#8691)
    - Fix: New orders are non-stop by default (#8689)
    - Fix: Framerate window showed a slightly higher rate than actually measured (#8682)
    - Fix: Autorenew failure advice due to bad refit being shown to all companies (#8681)
    - Fix #8625: Wrong ending year was displayed in highscore table (#8672)
    - Fix #8620: Scale spacing between date & news in history window according to font scaling (#8671)
    - Fix: Mention our websites with https:// (instead of http://) (#8657)
    - Fix: [Emscripten] Open links in browser (#8655)
    - Fix: Don't crash when towns upgrade road tiles during expansion (#8651)
    - Fix #8029: [SDL2] Blank display when under Wayland (#8648)
    - Fix: Default Network Server List sorter put compatible servers in wrong order (#8626)
    - Fix: Use non-pulsating red highlight for coverage (#8622)
    - Fix: Center text and image in vehicle statusbar vertically (#8602)
    - Fix: Don't walk out of the map when trying to build tunnels (#8600)
    - Fix: Off-by-one error in desert/rainforest positioning at world gen (#8588)
    - Fix #8037: Crash when restarting AI that is controlling the same company as the player (#8587)
    - Fix: Stopped ships shouldn't block depots (#8578)
    1.11.0-beta1 (2021-01-22)
    - Feature: [GS] Ability to set some extra text in the industry window (#8576)
    - Feature: Show rainforest under vegetation on smallmap (#8562)
    - Feature: Automatically determine window size on new install (#8536)
    - Feature: Towns can build tunnels (#8473)
    - Feature: Make maximum length of town bridges depend on population (with a minimum limit of 4) (#8439)
    - Feature: New icons for renaming and go-to-location on GUI windows, and improve consistency of usage (#8455)
    - Feature: Support for ARM64 on Apple Silicon and Windows (#8340, #8577, #8583)
    - Feature: Add an option to disable tree growth completely (#8415)
    - Feature: Support for Emscripten (play-OpenTTD-in-the-browser!) (#8355)
    - Feature: Show group name as part of the default vehicle name (#8307)
    - Feature: "Frozen" economy setting that stops production changes and industry closures (#8282)
    - Feature: New velocity unit "tiles/day" (#8278)
    - Feature: Option to automatically remove signals when placing rail (#8274)
    - Feature: Increase max possible distance from border for oil refineries and rigs (#8237)
    - Feature: Improve tree planting window, and allow planting 'clumps' of trees by dragging in the scenario editor (#8234)
    - Feature: Indian Rupee (INR) currency (#8136)
    - Feature: [GS] Ability to give a company exclusive access to an industry (#8115)
    - Feature: Hotkeys for Land Info window, News window & close error window (#8053, #8266)
    - Feature: Improve rendering of large viewports (#7962)
    - Feature: [GS] Influence industry production changes from GameScript (#7912)
    - Feature: [GS] Push-buttons on storybook pages (#7896)
    - Feature: Option to group vehicle lists by shared orders (#7028)
    - Feature: Drag-and-drop vehicles in group GUI for shared order groups (#7028)
    - Add: [GS] A tile parameter to GSCompany::ChangeBankBalance for showing changes more visually (#8573)
    - Add: [NewGRF] Allow NewGRF vehicles to query the current rail/road/tram type (#8554)
    - Add: [Script] ScriptCargo::GetName for the human readable name of cargoes (#8544)
    - Add: "reload" console command to reload the current scenario or heightmap (#8527)
    - Add: [NewGRF] Flag to test if inflation is on or off (#8427)
    - Add: [Script] Native priority queue (useful for things like pathfinders) (#8091)
    - Add: [NewGRF] Industry behaviour flag to override second cargo production clamping for water industries when using smooth economy (#8079)
    - Change: [SDL2] Start game on the screen where the cursor is (#8572)
    - Change: Use a dark background for all profit graphs to increase contrast (#8557)
    - Change: Reword warning in cheat window (#8538)
    - Change: Enable the toolbar for road/rail/dock/airport, regardless of vehicle availability (#8521)
    - Change: For arctic and tropical climates, make sure at least a few hills are generated (#8513)
    - Change: Destroying a tunnel/bridge now sells the tracks before destroying the tunnel/bridge (#8508)
    - Change: Move "give money" from client-list to company window (#8500)
    - Change: [MacOS] Hide Dock and menu when in fullscreen mode (#8487)
    - Change: Improve performance for complex vehicle chains by resolving sprites less frequently (#8485)
    - Change: Make engine reliability independent of introduction date (#8470)
    - Change: Some default settings to improve gameplay for new players - default non-stop orders on, disable inflation, quick goto orders, show track reservations, and more (#8463)
    - Change: Converting town-owned road types now requires a positive town rating (#8457)
    - Change: Rework server list buttons for searching LAN/internet servers (#8426)
    - Change: Add some styling to GS question windows depending on the type (#8422)
    - Change: [Linkgraph] Speed up game exit by allowing job threads to be aborted early (#8416)
    - Change: Prevent towns from building dead-end road bridges (#8401)
    - Change: Send network error to the server before making an emergency save (#8387)
    - Change: Extend the allowed range for max loan setting up to £2 billion (#8386)
    - Change: Don't display OS name when exiting the game (#8366)
    - Change: Save openttd.cfg immediately on changing a setting (#8358)
    - Change: Autorenew now defaults to on (#8352)
    - Change: [NewGRF] Also use aircraft property 12 for helicopters (#8347)
    - Change: Service at depot also resets breakdown chance (#8317)
    - Change: Use key names instead of characters in hotkey.cfg (#8291)
    - Change: Allow command cost-estimation while paused (#8222)
    - Change: Always apply inflation from 1920 to 2090, no matter the game start year (#7589)
    - Change: Use CMake for build system (#7270)
    - Change: [Linkgraph] Pause the game when linkgraph jobs lag (#7081)
    - Change: Place "Group by" above "Sort by" in station window for consistency (#7028)
    - Fix #8589: Prevent desyncs with vehicle motion counters and NewGRFs (#8591)
    - Fix #7670: Improve pathfinder performance when lost vehicles are blocked from moving (#8568)
    - Fix: Inform user if a custom font failed to load due to missing glyphs (#8559)
    - Fix: Don't allow wagon chains (without an engine) to exceed maximum train length (#8533)
    - Fix #7619: Super fast NewGRF aircraft could be unable to land (#8531)
    - Fix: Improve connection retries for the content server in cases of broken networking (#8530)
    - Fix #7972: Show invalid orders to stations that don't accept the vehicle (#8516)
    - Fix: Error when trying to clone a vehicle with invalid orders (#8515)
    - Fix #8050: Various off-by-one errors in how the end-year of the game was used (#8512)
    - Fix #8332: Aborting vehicle group drag & drop could cause crashes (#8511)
    - Fix #8168: Allow relocating HQ partially over an existing HQ (#8510)
    - Fix #8068: Allow selling tram track regardless of bank balance (#8509)
    - Fix #7604: Prevent houses from wandering away from roads (#8507)
    - Fix: Make the "password" button the same size as the other buttons in the Company window (#8500)
    - Fix #7611: Keep news about vehicle accidents around after the vehicle is cleaned up (#8497)
    - Fix: [MacOS] Full animation in fullscreen mode was reducing the height of the window (#8491)
    - Fix: [MacOS] Loading custom fonts (#8484)
    - Fix: Network client makes emergency saves twice if the server is disconnected (#8477)
    - Fix #8462: Stop towns from trying to build roads on water (#8471)
    - Fix: [NewGRF] GetCurveSpeedLimit should use the railtype from the current tile (#8466)
    - Fix #8437: Crash when using certain heliports with certain rotated airports (#8458)
    - Fix #8437: Planes would land at the wrong height if the top corner of the airport was lowered (#8458)
    - Fix #8297: Infrastructure counters for road tunnels, bridges & depots (#8454)
    - Fix #6468: Don't store the version of AIs that are started via console (#8430)
    - Fix: Don't lower tree density if spreading is not enabled (#8413)
    - Fix: Prevent savegame version conflicts with certain old patchpacks (#8411)
    - Fix: [NewGRF] Variable 0x44 was always HZB_TOWN_EDGE for road stops (#8400)
    - Fix #8313: Use correct capitalization for TTO / DOS music files in the baseset metadata (#8385)
    - Fix: [NewGRF] Action 7/9 conditions 0x0F to 0x12 failed, if 'param' was 0x88 (#8382)
    - Fix: Change the working-dir searchpath when using '-c' (#8367)
    - Fix: Useless warning with -snull and no BaseSounds available (#8361)
    - Fix: Crash trying to load TTO/TTD savegames. (#8356)
    - Fix: [Script] Don't echo script exceptions to console (#8331)
    - Fix: Slovak ownname was using the wrong form (#8326)
    - Fix #8311: [NewGRF] Industry probability at map generation was scaled differently when set via property or callback (#8312)
    - Fix: Only check houses for cargo when generating subsidies with towns (#8305)
    - Fix: Sprite preview in sprite aligner was too small with scaled UI (#8288)
    - Fix: Spell 'Viewport' consistently (#8260)
    - Fix #7772: Show vehicle destination on mouseover when vehicle stopped (#8236, #8543)
    - Fix #8232: Huge screenshot warning was shown incorrectly (#8224)
    - Fix #8153: Report incompatible cargo/order when autoreplace fails (#8169)
    - Fix: [Script] ScriptMarine::AreWaterTilesConnected did not work for aqueducts (#8074)
    - Fix #7645: Add cost of clearing the sloped tile to the price of a dock (#7947)
    - Fix #6452: Reset only editable and visible settings from GUI (#7890)
    - Fix: Original terrain generator did not keep a single gap of water at the borders (#7883)
    - Remove: In-game console command "content select all" (#8363)
    - Remove: [OSX] Support for OSX older than 10.7, including QuickTime music driver (#8078)
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.10.3:
    Fix: Center text and icons in the status bar vertically (#8273)
    Fix: [NRT] Set invalid road and tram types for rail tunnel ends (#8269)
    Fix #7980: Properly invalidate mouse-over station coverage highlight (#8263)
    Fix #8250: [NRT] Company infrastructure window always omits last road/tramtype (#8251)
    Fix #8162: [NRT] Improve error message when converting town owned road (#8247)
    Fix #8216: Don't show floating text on autoreplace if cost is 0 (#8244)
    Fix #8129: Crash if a news message expires while viewing the endgame screen (#8243)
    Fix #8221: Use more specific error message when a bridge is too long (#8240)
    Fix #8230: Resolve ".." when opening files in .tar (#8231)
    Fix: A few race conditions in netcode (#8227, #8228, #8229)
    Fix #7838: Crash relating to group creation and renaming (#8223)
    Fix #8104: [SDL2] Fix window resizability when going from fullscreen to windowed mode (#8211)
    Fix: Display banlist's indexes correctly (#8209)
    Fix: Possible desync with subsidy creation (#8159)
    Fix #8131: Draw small bridges pillars in more places (#8149)
    Fix: [OSX] Possible crash on failure to set colourspace (#8181)
    Fix #8166: Prevent crash from a NewGRF with an invalid RoadType (#8180)
    Fix #8024: Make Online Content GUI more responsive while loading (#8179)
    Fix #7970: Disable event loop when generating crash dump (#8176)
    Fix: [Build] Compatibility with modern Visual Studio (#8170)
    Fix: Trees would disappear completely after a few years if tree spread was disabled (#8160)
    Fix #8155: Roadtype speed limit in scenario editor toolbar dropdown was doubled (#8156)
    Fix: Desync after house replacement (#8151)
    Fix #8137: New clients can't join (desync) after funding an industry (#8140)
    Fix #8132: Corrupted savegame with station with multiple owners caused a crash (#8134, #8142)
    Fix: Stop gamelog when recovering from a savegame load error (#8133)
    Fix: Exceptionally unlikely issue when reading MIDI files (#8125)
    Fix #8119: Docking areas were not properly updated when clearing, causing desyncs (#8124, #8130)
    Fix #8117: Memory leak for incoming admin port packets (#8122)
    Fix: Non-roadbridges potentially had roadtype information set (#8111)
    Fix #8108: Possible crash on loading TTD savegames with phantom oil rigs (#8109, #8110)
    Fix #8093: Build & refit test run changed game state and could cause desyncs (#8103)
    Fix: [Script] AreWaterTilesConnected did not handle aqueducts properly (#8074)
* Sat Apr 11 2020
  - Update to 1.10.0
    - Change: Open company window when clicking on a company goal (#8033)
    - Change: [SDL2] Support pasting from clipboard on Linux (#8004)
    - Fix: Station with multiple docks had the wrong tile area (#8014)
    - Fix #7958: Custom catenary missing on road bridges (#7991)
    1.10.0-RC1 (2020-02-09)
    - Feature: Allow server to supply a reason to kicked/banned clients (#7859)
    - Feature: [NewGRF] Station variable 6A, querying GRFID of nearby station tiles (#7956)
    - Feature: Improved logic of sharing industry production between 3 or more stations (#7922)
    - Feature: Highlight the item under mouse cursor in file browser (#7900)
    - Feature: [GS] Methods to change town rating of companies (#7898)
    - Feature: [NewGRF] Callback profiling command (#7868)
    - Feature: Add a setting to show the name of the NewGRF of a vehicle in the build window (#7852)
    - Feature: Ability to filter industry directory window by cargo (#7843)
    - Feature: Minimap screenshot type (#7817)
    - Feature: [GS] Methods to control engine availability of a specific company (#7791)
    - Feature: Configurable game ending year (#7747)
    - Feature: Separate window for taking screenshots (#7550)
    - Change: Move autorenew setting to basic category (#7984)
    - Change: Improved algorithm for transfer feeder payments (#7935)
    1.10.0-beta2 (2019-12-25)
    - Feature: Ctrl+Click on a vehicle in the vehicle group window selects and scrolls to the vehicle's group (#7800)
    - Feature: Ctrl+Click on the vehicle details button in the vehicle view window opens the vehicle group window focused on the vehicle (#7800)
    - Feature: Add a button to the vehicle advisory news window to open the vehicle's group window (#7800)
    - Feature: Ctrl+Click on a vehicle in the vehicle list window opens the vehicle group window focused on the vehicle's group (#7800)
    1.10.0-beta1 (2019-10-29)
    - Feature: Configurable minimum age for companies before allowing share trading (#7780)
    - Feature: Filter on town list window (#7621)
    - Feature: Ability to show Newspaper and Ticker messages in parallel (#7612)
    - Feature: Show coverage area for stations and towns (#7446)
    - Feature: Collapsible vehicle groups (#7417)
    - Feature: More flexible docks - can now have multiple per station, ships can use any part of dock (#7380)
    - Feature: [NewGRF] Railtype flags to allow/disallow 90 degree curves (#7352)
    - Feature/Change: Non-rectangular catchment area for sparse stations (#7235)
    - Feature: Improved performance for road vehicle pathfinding (#7261)
    - Feature: Option to show local authority boundary of towns (#7025)
    - Feature: Experimental method of town cargo generation that scales linearly with population (#6965)
    - Feature: [NewGRF] RoadTypes (NRT) (#6811)
    - Add: 'getsysdate' console command (#7658)
    - Add: Currencies NTD, CNY, HKD (#7596)
    - Add: Icons to vehicle construction drop down lists (#7358, #7485)
    - Add: Security warning to players that company passwords are not truly secure (#7351)
    - Add: [Script] Various API functions for managing vehicle groups (#7225, #7336, #7716)
    - Add: SDL2 video driver (#7086)
    - Change: Inactive industries do not make sound effects (#7752)
    - Change: Scale oil refinery edge distance limit by map size (#7514)
    - Change: Do not display a news message about old vehicles when a replacement for it is activated (#7401)
    - Change: When filtering purchase list by cargo type, buy button now performs a refit if required (#7301)
    - Change: Don't apply forbid 90 deg turn settings to ships, and make penalties for turns configurable (#7289, #7372)
    - Change: Make the chance of an aeroplane crashing at an airport with a short runway independent of plane crash setting (#7302)
    - Change: Keep town growth rate in sync with house count (#6777)
* Sat Nov 02 2019 Sebastien CHAVAUX <>
  - Update to 1.9.3
    * Change: Use natural sort when sorting the file list
    * Fix: Don't close construction windows when changing client name
  - Update to 1.9.3-RC1
    * Add: Can now click industries to make orders to their neutral
      station (e.g. oil rig)
    * Fix: Highscore screen UI scaling
    * Fix: [AI] Possible crash when reloading an AI in multiplayer games
    * Fix: RemoveAirport function now returns 'Aircraft in the way'
      error message when occupied
    * Fix: Spelling in running costs setting help text
    * Fix: 'Decrease' buttons in cheat window not working properly with
      UI scaling
    * Fix: [GS] Could not create elements on Storybook pages with ID > 255
    * Fix: Allow building road stops over town-owned one-way roads,
      instead of crashing
* Mon May 27 2019 Jon Brightwell <>
  - removed old ICU patch ( fix_issue6690_compilation_with_icu61.patch ). Bugtracker MIA (#6690) and no longer is needed
  - Update to 1.9.1
    1.9.1 (2019-04-08)
  - Fix #6564: Enforce types of arguments for station name strings (#7419)
  - Fix #7433: Don't use AirportSpec substitute if it's not enabled (#7435)
  - Fix #7447, #7466, #7476: Missing NewGRF strings due to Action 4 feature check skipping pseudo-feature 48 (#7449)
  - Fix #6222: Advanced sprite layout sometimes showed incorrect railtype ground tile. (#7460)
  - Fix #7439: CompanyRemoveReason overwritten by ClientID (#7465)
  - Fix: [Windows] Incorrect error handling could lead to cascading error windows (#7482)
  - Fix #7478: Don't remove NewGRF objects on company take-over. (#7483)
    1.9.0 (2019-04-01)
  - Fix #7411: Use industry production callback (if used) on initial industry cargo generation (#7412)
    1.9.0-RC2 (2019-03-24)
  - Fix #7400: WaterClass for tree tiles was not converted for old saves preventing industry creation (#7405)
  - Fix: Filtered file list did not scroll properly (#7402)
  - Fix #7391: Don't invalidate go to depot orders of non-aircraft when invalidating hangar orders that happen to share IDs (#7392)
  - Fix #7386: Measurement tooltip for tunnels, aqueducts & docks did not display or flickered (#7389)
  - Fix: Wrong company performance rating when money exceeds INT_MAX (#7382)
  - Fix: Permit loading of industry production callback with invalid cargo type (#7364)
  - Fix: Spelling for a few real town names (#7338)
  - Fix: Runway too short for large aircraft message should not depend on plane crashes setting (#7325)
  - Fix #7334: Ship lost after crossing bridge due to path cache not being consumed while on final bridge end (#7335)
    1.9.0-RC1 (2019-03-03)
  - Add: Various AI/GS functions for vehicle groups (#7225)
  - Change: Synchronise introduction date and reliability randomness across vehicles with the same base introduction date (#7147)
  - Change: Allow towns to build bridges over rails and one-way roads (#7291)
  - Fix: Detection of coast tiles with trees on them (#7309)
  - Fix: Emergency netsave saved the title game instead of the broken game in question (#7298)
  - Fix: Company livery window showed incorrect groups when opened in multiplayer (#7288)
  - Fix: Unable to select last group in open livery window (#7283)
  - Fix: Goto hangar orders were not invalidated when rebuilding airports (#7100)
    1.9.0-beta3 (2019-02-24)
  - Feature: Option to adjust font size separately from GUI size (#7003)
  - Feature: Increase maximum number of orders from 64000 to ~16.7m (#7220)
  - Add: Show performance of AI and GS in framerate window
  - Add: News menu entry and shortcut for deleting all messages (#7240)
  - Change: [OSX] Improved scrolling behaviour when using touchpads
  - Change: Add scrollbar to cargo legend in cargo payment rates window
  - Change: Owner of vehicle with exclusive transport rights may now load cargo from neutral stations (#7256)
  - Change: Improved UI behaviour when dragging sound volume sliders with the mouse (#7227)
  - Change: Use selected vehicle group as parent when creating a new group (#7224)
  - Change: Use SlErrorCorrupt() on pool index error when loading a savegame, instead of terminating (#7219)
  - Change: Skip reliability decay if servicing is disabled
  - Fix: Remove desert around lakes upon generation
  - Fix: Re-sorting file list did not update filtered rows
  - Fix #7159: Waiting time at red one-way signals was too short
  - Fix #7189: Fluidsynth volume gain too high
  - Fix #7004: Cargo flow legend was not properly refreshed after zooming (#7265)
  - Fix: Possibility to modify wrong AI/GS settings when switching AI/GS scripts around (#7090, #7091)
  - Fix: Use more descriptive "spectator" strings for story book and goal dropdown menus
  - Fix #6599: Disable build and rename button in build vehicle window when no vehicle is selected
  - Fix: Do not mangle tagged revision strings for network revision strings
  - Fix #7151: AI start date deviation was still applied when not set to a random AI (#7223)
  - Fix #7197: Invalidate depot buttons when necessary (#7212)
  - Doc: [AI] UnshareOrders empties the orders list of the vehicle
    1.9.0-beta2 (2019-02-09)
  - Fix: Non-Windows builds did not get correct git hash
    1.9.0-beta1 (2019-02-09)
    Note: OpenTTD was migrated to GitHub for 1.9, so SVN revision and FlySpray numbers have been replaced with Pull Requests and Issue numbers
  - Feature: Group liveries, and livery window usability enhancements (#7108)
  - Feature: Overhaul of music system, support MPSMIDI music files (TTD DOS/TTO) (#6839)
  - Feature: [Linux] New Fluidsynth music driver
  - Feature: Framerate display window (#6822)
  - Feature: [NewGRF] Ability for industries & houses to produce and/or accept up to 16 different cargoes
  - Feature #6610: Allow towns to build houses on road turns (#6758)
  - Feature: Replace independent map scrolling GUI settings with single option, and add choice to not lock cursor position when scrolling (#6756)
  - Feature #6459: API for querying network clients from GS (#6736)
  - Feature: New Russian Ruble & Mexican Peso as currencies (#6678, #7035)
  - Feature #4186: Append '(City)' after city names in the town directory
  - Feature #986: Automatic save when losing connection to a network game
  - Add: [NewGRF] Flag to hide rail types from construction (#7118)
  - Add: [NewGRF] Airport animation trigger for plane landing (#6334)
  - Add #4115: Default starting company colour setting (#6998)
  - Add: Mixer feature for streaming sampled music
  - Add #6460: [AI] start_date parameter for Random AIs on new game
  - Add: BACKSPACE can be mapped as a hotkey
  - Add: 32bpp SSE2 blitter palette animator (#6795)
  - Change: Make ships turn slowly when changing direction and stop when going up or down a lock (#7065, #7150)
  - Change: Improve ship pathfinder performance
  - Change: Decouple GUI timing from game ticks (#6780)
  - Change: Desert tiles are now half-desert if a neighboured tile is non-desert or sea/coast (#4754)
  - Change: Gradually slow down aircraft speed on breakdown (#6932)
  - Change: [NewGRF] Increase rail type & cargo type limits to 64
  - Change: [NewGRF] Increase size of persistent storage to 256
  - Change: [NewGRF] Use last OpenTTD SVN revision in NewGRF version number (#6843)
  - Change: Clone tool in depot window now behaves like clone button in vehicle window (#6754)
  - Change #6397: Keep town growth rate in sync with house count
  - Change: Scale default FreeType font size selection by UI zoom level
  - Change: [OSX] Reversed pinch to zoom behaviour
  - Change: Switch town growth rate and counter to actual game ticks (#6763)
  - Change: Non-tag revisions are now named '<commitdate>-<branch>-g<shorthash><modified>'
  - Change: Rewrite several bits of documentation in markdown
  - Fix: Reinitialise graph GUI on game restart (#7191)
  - Fix: Potential crash during shutdown after unpacking downloaded content (#7185)
  - Fix #6584: Text layout in engine preview dialogue
  - Fix #6636: Airplanes could be sent to helicopter station depots
  - Fix: Deadlock when launched with -n switch (#7103)
  - Fix: Various corrections to town names in non-English languages (#7038, 7141)
  - Fix: Only consider airport tiles when placing (for non-rectangular airports) (#6613)
  - Fix: Spelling fixes on some Latin American town names
  - Fix #7001: Pathfinders should see standard road stations as tiles where to reverse
  - Fix #6676: Prevent helicopters from stopping in midair during some kinds of landing
  - Fix: Remove need to use Ctrl+Click when building stations next to competitors (#6906)
  - Fix: [NewGRF] Make VA2 operator 11 (ror) behave well-defined when rotating by 0 bits
  - Fix #4109: Add more water checks to the Oil Rig layout
  - Fix #6938: Incorrect value for "Cost to Clear" was displayed for Company Headquarters in tile inspector (#6939)
  - Fix #6920: Make 9.8m/s^2 a common constant for TE-calculation
  - Fix #6892: [Script] CONFIG_RANDOM did not use the full parameter range (#6902)
  - Fix #6622: News message when GS constructs a town had empty company name
  - Fix: [NewGRF] Action7 variable 0x85 had no bounds checks
  - Fix #6875: Depot building cost did not include foundation build cost (#6883)
  - Fix: Some pixels in ship autoreplace icon (sprite 106) were transparent
  - Fix: Poor contrast in cargo dest flow legend window cargo labels
  - Fix #6553: Make viewport button text unambiguous
  - Fix: [OSX] Setting mouse-wheel to scroll the map does not disable pinch to zoom
  - Fix #6969: Account for BOM when reading script files
  - Fix #6898: Ability to use seeds above INT_MAX (#6936)
  - Fix #6659: Bus stations could be demolished when not in demolish mode (#6815)
  - Fix: One-way roads could be over-built by road stops regardless of road owner
  - Fix: Use name of cargo instead of Passengers/Mail in town statistics (#6801)
  - Fix: Prevent ships moving into docks after finishing (un)loading (#6791)
  - Fix: Tractive effort was slightly too high as per NewGRF spec (#6785)
  - Fix #6465: Add {NORMAL_FONT} and {MONO_FONT} control codes to GS strings (#6726)
  - Fix: Four group action icons were misplaced and cropped
  - Remove: PSP, WinCE support
* Fri May 18 2018
  - Fix compilation with ICU61 (#6690)
    Add fix_issue6690_compilation_with_icu61.patch
  - Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH as build date, instead of "openSUSE BuildService"
* Mon Apr 02 2018
  - update to new release 1.8.0
    * Feature:
    - [GFX] Climate-specific Action5 extra airport sprites
    - Draw vertical separators at tile distance in the train depot GUI
    - [Build] Project file generator for kdevelop 4/5
    - Add option to close windows with right click
    - Vehicle Group Info: Add profits and occupancy display to group vehicle list
    - Display aircraft type in vehicle preview/purchase/detail windows
    * Change:
    - [NewGRF] Various performance improvements to resolving VA2
    - [NewGRF] Increase maximum allowed vehicle sprite size to reduce
      clipping of ships
    - Check companies for bankruptcy before subtracting reoccuring monthly costs
    - [GFX] Replace the office building sprite on various toyland airports
      with a better fitting sprite
    - [GFX] The switch-toolbar icon contained pixels from the fire cycle.
      Replace the whole icon with a new version
    - Reword texts in industry view, when stockpiling is used
    - Remove the gap between windows when positioning them after opening
    - [Build] Preserve PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR environment
      variables in config.cache file
    - Do not cancel headquarter construction and engine-preview-query
      when shift-clicking
    - Parse extmidi command string for parameters to pass on
    - Draw images in centre of buttons
    * Fix:
    - Store the map variety setting in the savegame like the other mapgen
      settings, so restarting maps considers it
    - Hair selection was missing one option
    - Avoid tile operations outside map border when building lock
    - Catenary sprites got mixed up for depots
    - Make automatic window-positioning RTL-aware
    - Automatic window-positioning now uses GUI-scale/style dependent
      sizes/distances instead of fixed pixel values
    - [NewGRF] While executing random triggers, var 5F should include
      the new triggers
    - [NewGRF] Reset used random triggers only after all A123 chains have
      been resolved, so that all RA2 in all chains can test the shared triggers
    - [NewGRF] Industry random triggers are stored per tile, even when
      randomising the shared random bits of the parent industry
    - [NPF] Reserved track bits were not accounted for when trying to find
      any safe position
    - Do not modify argv[0]
    - Do not search directories when opening ini files as we already have
      their full path
    - Road tunnel/bridge heads have no trackbits wrt. catenary drawing
* Tue Dec 26 2017
  - update to new release 1.7.2
    * Change: When train depots have a horizontal scrollbar, allow
      scrolling 1 tile beyond the longest train, so you can actually
      attach a wagon at the end
    * Fixes:
    - When moving wagons in the depot, the drag highlight did not
      exactly match the length of the dragged wagon chain (r27936)
    - Forest, candyfloss forest and battery farm skipped the first
      animation frame
    - Glyphs in range U+0020 to U+00FF may only be defined in
      orig_extra.grf, not in openttd.grf
    - 'unban' console command was not handling IPv6 adresses properly
    - Keep the 'link' between industry chain and smallmap windows
      whenever possible
    - When the last vehicle is removed from a shared orders group,
      hide the 'Stop sharing' button in the vehicle orders window
    - Tooltip of 'increase service interval' said 'decrease'
    - Console command parser passed invalid strings to the debug
      output, if command lines had many parameters



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