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nfdump-1.6.23-1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: nfdump Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.6.23 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Fri May 28 04:54:59 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Diagnostic Build host: armbuild02
Size: 1731040 Source RPM: nfdump-1.6.23-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: CLI tools to collect and process netflow data
The nfdump tools collect and process netflow data on the command line.
They are part of the NFSEN project which is explained more detailed at






* Thu May 06 2021 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.23
    * Fix potential FreeNode without valid Node in nfpcapd.
    * Add all non TCP/UDP IP protocols as streams in nfpcapd
    * Add mpls unwrap in nfpcapd. Skip MPLS labels
    * Add ESP to processed protocols in nfpcapd.
    * Some Code cleanup
    * Change spin lock to native C11 lock
    * Cleanup code for issue #283
    * Fix minor nfpcapd issues
    * Add mpls unwrap in sflow code - adds mpls labels if available
    * Update rbtree.
    * Fix potential deadlock in nfpcapd if it terminates.
    * Add packet capture buffer size to nfpcapd
    * Fix sflow code extended field parsing. #262 and #273
    * Fix endless loop of nfexpire, if it does not find files
    * Fix processing deoding error for yaf exporter
    * Zero out tcp flags for non TCP records
    * Add reverse element enterprise ID 29305 for counter values
    * Add biFlow direction element 239
    * Add flow end reason element 136
    * Make -Tall the default for nfcapd to collect extensions
    * Code cleanup and boundary checks in option template processing
    * Implement element 160 (SystemInitTime) in option template
    * Add Element 160 (SystemInitTime) in flow record used by Huawei
    * Fix path handling for -l
    * Fix print plain numbers #263
* Sun Nov 29 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.22
    * Fix nfreplay v5 time shift bug
    * add support for >=, <= comparators.
    * Fix yacc/bison warnings. Cleanup unused tokens
    * Fix syntax error 'flags AS' as AS is a reserved word.
    * Add element 139 for ICMP type/code in IPv6.
    * Fix IPv4/IPv6 statistics representation.
    * Cleanup nip/xip filter syntax. Add filter syntax 'nip in
      [ <iplist>]'.
    * Add nfversion to nfpcapd
    * Add collected netflow/sflow version in nfdump record.
    * Fix GuessDir bug.
    * Re-address issue #231 - remove strict rule rfc 7011.
* Sun Aug 02 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.21
    * Implement rfc 7011 and include sender UDP port into unique
      template identification.
    * Add token 'dir' equivalent to 'flowdir' in filter syntax.
    * Add optional print direction ascending or descending to output
      of statistics -s and ordered printing -O.
    * Avoid use_syslog name clash on certain OS.
    * Honor -n flag when printing sorted flow cache.
    * Fix uninitialized variable printPlain.
    * Fix bug #223 limit matchig flows -c
    * Restore old behaviour unlimiting output flows unless in -s stat
    * Fix ft2nfdump nexthop fields
    * Fix ft2nfdump extension map size
    * internal: put output parameters in a single struct
    * Fix GuessDir bug - issue #215
* Sun Mar 29 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.20
    - More cleanup on plain number printing
    - Fix plain numbers bug #213
    - Fix profiler filer bug
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.19
    * This release is mainly a bug fix release and improves stability.
      Lot's of historical code cleanup - spring cleaning.
    * For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog file:
* Thu Aug 08 2019 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to version 1.6.18
    * This release mainly Improves stability.
    * It adds nfpcapd to generate nfdump netflow records directly
      from interfaces/pcaps.
    * The old COMPAT15 mode has been removed. All old 1.5.x files
      should have been converted so far.
    * For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog file:
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Update to version 1.6.17
    * Fix bug in sorting when guessing flow direction.
    * Update nfdump.1 man page for xsrcport & xdstport aggregations.
    * Fix definition for InfluxDB in
    * Add program exit in nfx.c after panic with correupt data file
    * Add missing size check when reading nfdump 1.5.x common record blocks
    * Add missing option -M in man page.
    * Add Fix processing of influx URL in nfprofile
    * Add missing json output format in nfdump help text
    * Add missing -v option in nfreplay help text
    * Merge pull request #51 Influxdb from Luca. Thx for the patch
    * IPFIX time stamps - Fix elements #21,#22 offset calculation, but
      timestamps not yet evaluated.
    * IPFIX add fwd status tag #89 compatible to v9 (1byte)
    * IPFIX sampling - sampling algorithm no longer required for tag #34
    * IPFIX sampling add tags #305 and #304 - set them identical to #34, #35
    * Add new output format json. Print each record as individual json object
    * Add sampling elements ID 302,304,305. put them identical to ID 48,49,50
    * Add option to label filter terms. syntax: (<filter>) %labelname.
    * Add %lbl option to print flow label in output
    * Update nfdump(1) man page for flowlabels
    * Add ipfix delta timestamp elements 158/159.
    * Update sflow code to commit 7322984 of
    * Cleanup sflow code - uncomment unnecessary code
    * Fix header includes"
    * Fix 64bit fts compat issue in fts_compat.c
    * Add more detailed - softlink bootstrap
    * Fix potential memory leaks in nfpcapd
    * Fix wrong offset calculation if unknown options are found
    * Add x-late src/dst ip aggregation, if compiled with NSEL support
    * Add ipfix sampling. Process option template/record with sampling elements 34 and 35
    * Report updates on existing samplers in v9 only if values change. issue 84
* Sun Nov 05 2017
  - Fix URL
  - Update to version 1.6.16
    * Add support for CISCO IOS 8 bytes timestamps ID 21/22
    * Fix issue #72 - multiple stat output
    * Change -B behaviour as proposed in issue #59.
      Should not impact with previous use, but is more flexible
    * Add bzip compress switch in usage output of nfpcapd
    * Fix compile issues on some platforms
    * nfpcapd improvements - still beta software.
    * Minor bug fixes
  - Version 1.6.15
    * Fix Security issue
    * Fix obyte, opps and obps output records
    * Fix wrong bps type case in cvs output. Fix opbs ipbs typos
  - Version 1.6.14
    * Create libnfdump for dynamic linking
    * Add -R to ModifyCompression
    * Add std sampler ID 4 Bytes and allow random sampler (tag 50)
    * Add BZ2 compression along existing LZ0
    * Add direct write to flowtools converter ft2nfdump
    * Fix CentOS compile issues with flow-tools converter
    * Fix FreeBSD,OpenBSD build problems
    * Fix timestamp overflow in sflow.c
    * Fix IP Fragmentation in sflow collector
    * Fix compile errors on other platforms
    * Fix zero alignment bug, if only half of an extension is sent
    * Fix nfanon time window bug in subsequent files in -R list
    * Fix CommonRecordV0Type conversion bug
    * Fix nfexport bug, if only one single map exists
* Mon Dec 01 2014
  - update to version 1.6.13
    * 2014-11-16 v1.6.13
    - Fix v1 extension size bug
    - Add htonll check for autoconf
    - Fix AddExtensionMap compare bug
    - Fix ipfix templare withdraw problems - free all maps correctly
    - Add minilzo 2.08 - fixes CVE-2014-4607
    - Cleanup some stat code. more needs to be done ..
    - Cleanup man pages for -O -n
    - Remove SunPro test in configure - no longer supported anyway
    - Cleanup NAT/NSEL filter differences
    * 2014-06-15 v1.6.12p1
    - Add pblock compare functions
    - Update extended filter: Allow modification left/right values
  - removed duplicate files BSD-license.txt and NEWS
* Tue Jun 10 2014
  - initial package



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