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msmtp-1.8.16-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: msmtp Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.8.16 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Sep 22 22:25:20 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Utilities Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 217614 Source RPM: msmtp-1.8.16-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Lightweight SMTP Client
msmtp is an SMTP client that can be used as a plug-in for Mutt and
other mail user agents.  It forwards mail to an SMTP server that does
the delivery.  msmtp supports multiple accounts.






* Tue Sep 14 2021 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.16:
    * The 'from' command now accepts patterns (as in shell file name
      matching) so that many envelope from addresses given with
    - -from can match the same account
    * Added support for %H, %C, %M in the domain command
    * msmtpd now supports sysexits.h error codes from the pipe
  - cleanup obsolete suse_version check
* Tue Mar 30 2021 Benoît Monin <>
  - add package conflict with postfix-bdb for msmtp-mta
* Fri Mar 12 2021 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.15:
    * Added support for SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication via GNU SASL
* Thu Dec 24 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.14:
    * Added support for libtls as an alternative to GnuTLS
* Fri Nov 13 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.13:
    * Added support for XOAUTH2, the predecessor of OAUTHBEARER.
    * The passwordeval command can now handle very long input, which
      can be necessary for OAUTHBEARER and XOAUTH2.
    * GnuTLS >= 3.4 is required
  - set the required minimum version for gnutls
* Fri Aug 21 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.12:
    * msmtpd now supports session reuse and improves standards
    * Automatic account matching now supports subaddresses. For
      example, will match account
  - put the translations into a separate sub-package
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.11:
    * Add a new undisclosed_recipients command and
    - -undisclosed-recipients option to replace To, Cc, Bcc with a
      single "To: undisclosed-recipients:;" header.
    * Improved handling of temporary files on Windows systems.
    * Re-enabled support for systems lacking vasprintf(),
      such as IBM i PASE.
  - spec cleaning:
    * drop reference to suse_version 10
    * use make_build and make_install macros
    * remove defattr from %files sections
    * use %license for the license file instead of doc
    * fix the man and info pages extension
* Thu May 14 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - gnu sasl support needs to be enabled with a configure option
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.10:
    * This release fixes the msmtpq script that was accidentally
      broken in 1.8.8.
    * Furthermore, internationalization files are updated and a new
      serbian translation is included. Thanks to the translators at!
    * Note that version 1.8.9 only partially fixed the msmtpq problem
      and was quickly replaced by 1.8.10.
* Sun Apr 12 2020 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.8:
    * Added a new socket command and --socket option to connect via
      local sockets.
    * Added a new tls_host_override command and --tls-host-override
      option to override the host name used for TLS verification.
    * Added a new set_from_header command and --set-from-header
      option with three settings:
      + on: always set a From header, possibly replacing an existing
      + off: never set a From header
      + auto: add a From header if there is none (this is the
      This replaces the add_missing_from_header option (which remains
    * Added a new set_date_header command and --set-date-header
      option with two settings:
      + off: never set a Date header
      + auto: add a Date header if there is none (this is the
      This replaces the add_missing_date_header option (which remains
    * Fixed the handling of empty From headers with
    - -read-recipients/-t.
    * Fixed the source_ip command for proxies.
  - update expired msmtp.keyring
* Tue Dec 24 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.7:
    * Add support for %U,%H,%C,%M in 'from'
      This makes the auto_from and maildomain commands obsolete
    * Do not call gnutls_free() needlessly
* Fri Sep 27 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.6:
    * Aliases are now expanded recursively
    * Minor bug fixes
* Fri Jul 12 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.5:
    * Fixed OAUTHBEARER.
    * Support for TLS client certificates via PKCS11 devices, e.g.
      smart cards.
    * Various small bug fixes and improvements.
  - fix sh scripts shebang, in addition to bash scripts
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.4
    * Added support for the OAUTHBEARER authentication method.
    * Several minor bug fixes.
* Thu Feb 14 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.3 (boo#1125420)
    * CVE-2019-8337
      This version fixes a security problem that affects version
      1.8.2 (older versions are not affected): when the new default
      value system for tls_trust_file is used, the result of
      certificate verification was not properly checked.
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Tomas Cech <>
  - use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Benoît Monin <>
  - update to version 1.8.2:
    * To simplify TLS setup, the tls_trust_file command has a new
      default value 'system' that selects the system default trust.
    * To simplify setup, a new option '--configure <mailaddress>' was
      added that automatically generates a configuration file for a
      given mail address.
  - additional changes from version 1.8.1:
    * Fixed our TLS code to support TLS 1.3 with GnuTLS.
  - additional changes from version 1.8.0:
    * A minimal SMTP server called msmtpd was added that listens on
      the local host and pipes mails to msmtp (or another program).
      It is intended to be used with system services that cannot be
      configured to call msmtp directly. You can disable it with the
      configure option --without-msmtpd.
    * Using OpenSSL is discouraged and may not be supported in the
      future. Please use GnuTLS instead. The reasons are explained
    * As using GNU SASL is most likely unnecessary, it is disabled by
      default now. Since everything uses TLS nowadays and thus can
      use PLAIN authentication, you really only need it for GSSAPI.
    * If your system requires a library for IDN support, libidn2 is
      now used instead of the older libidn.
    * The CRAM-MD5 authentication method is marked as obsolete /
      insecure and will not be chosen automatically anymore.
    * The passwordeval command does not require the password to be
      terminated by a new line character anymore.
    * The new logfile_time_format command allows to customize log
      file time stamps.
    * Builtin default port numbers are now used instead of consulting
    * Support for DJGPP and for systems lacking vasprintf(),
      mkstemp(), or tmpfile() is removed.
  - additional changes from version 1.6.8:
    * Add --source-ip option and source_ip command to bind the
      outgoing connection to a specific source IP address.
    * Enable SNI for TLS
  - additional changes from version 1.6.7:
    * Add support for ~/.config/msmtp/config as configuration file
    * Add network timeout handling on Windows
    * Fix command line handling of SHA256 TLS fingerprints
    * Fix SIGPIPE handling (affects at least Mac OS X)
    * Add french translation, and update german translation
  - update Url and Source to, see:
  - update the keyring, the previous one has been revoked
  - switch to libidn2 to match msmtp requirement
  - configure with openssl as tls library
* Sat Mar 10 2018
  - fix bash scripts shebang



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