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matrix-quaternion- RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: matrix-quaternion Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Oct 8 00:17:45 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Instant Messenger Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 1001232 Source RPM: matrix-quaternion-
Summary: QT Matrix client
Quaternion is a desktop IM client for the Matrix protocol using QT.






* Thu Oct 07 2021 ecsos <>
  - Update to
    - (7e09091, 3219b08) Fixed a few other (less severe though) HTML
      injection discovered since #789 - thanks to nephele for
      spotting those.
    - (410a832) Adjust the #789 fix so that it doesn't over-escape
      HTML when showing and processing clicks on reactions.
    - (#782, #793) Fix bugs in saving the timeline position when
      rooms are switched, and also accurately restoring the timeline
      position afterwards, as well as upon clicking on the "Scroll to
      read marker" button.
    - (775245d) When the event with the read marker is not loaded
      yet, clicking on the "Scroll to read marker" button will load
      more history. Subsequent clicks will either load even more
      history or, once the read marker is found, scroll to it.
    - (#800) Fix user display names actually getting their colours in
      the timeline, instead of being all shown in deep red.
    - (#803) Rich text pasting from programs such as LibreOffice
      actually works now.
    - (#805) Fix a crash upon login with a correct password after
      entering it incorrectly in the previous attempt.
    - Prebuilt binaries at GitHub Releases use libQuotient 0.6.11
      with its own set of fixes.
* Fri Sep 24 2021 ecsos <>
  - Update to 0.0.95
    The complete list is (134 closed issues and 690 commits).
* Fri Jan 15 2021 ecsos <>
  - Update to
    This is a rebuild of exactly the same code as to package
    newer Qt (5.14) and move away from the dependency on no more
    supported OpenSSL 1.0. Users on macOS are not affected, as the
    newer Qt has already been used to build Linux users are
    strongly encouraged to use distributions with Qt 5.12 and newer
    or otherwise ensure they are not sitting on the same outdated
    OpenSSL dependency.
* Wed Apr 01 2020
  - Update to
    - Another quick-fixup release, using libQMatrixClient,
      and fixing an occasional crash upon a successful SSO login
      (described in an issue with a fancy number #666)
* Wed Apr 01 2020
  - Change to needed libqmatrixclient version 0.5.3
* Tue Mar 31 2020
  - Update to
    This is a "sustaining" "rebuild" of the "stable" (that is - users
    know its bugs by now) Quaternion on top of libQMatrixClient Unlike previous rebuilds, this incorporates two major
    changes in Quaternion itself, backported from the master branch:
    - (#653) Single sign-on support, to help Mozilla homeserver users
    - (#663) Interoperability with Pantalaimon, to help practically
      any Matrix user who agrees to use Pantalaimon as an E2EE proxy.
* Wed Jan 29 2020
  - Update to
    - A problem that led to appstream-util validate failure
      preventing correct construction of Flatpaks has been fixed.
  - Run spec-cleaner.
* Thu May 30 2019
  - Add missing requires libqt5-qtquickcontrols and
* Mon Apr 29 2019
  - Update to
    The full lists of (closed issues and commits) are quite long but
    here are the key additions and changes:
    - Feature (#187): native scrollbars can be used instead of
      shuttle dials.
    - Feature (#32, #209): attachments support; an image or other
      file can be posted to a room, with automatic media type
    - Feature (#507): basics of internal navigation
      (still limited, the work is ongoing):
    - rooms (only those in your room list for now) can be opened
      using "Open room" dialog (Ctrl-O) - by their id, alias or URL;
    - direct chats can be opened by entering the user ID or the URL into the same dialog;
    - moreover, middle-clicking on a user id/ link in
      the timeline also opens a direct chat;
    - navigating to event permalinks is not there yet, pending
      support in libQMatrixClient (give your votes in
    - Feature (#437): user list can be searched and filtered
    - Feature: support for room versions: room version can be chosen
      when creating a room (not a direct chat though; will be fixed
      in and is displayed and can be upgraded in the
      settings room.
    - Feature (#484): Quaternion can use Qt Keychain now to securely
      store access tokens (thanks to @ddanilov). Although this works
      on Windows as well, the Windows binaries available from here
      don't have it yet.
    - Feature (#123): Timeline can be scrolled using
      Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown and (if directly focused) Up and Down keys.
      This is a tentative implementation that may work in some edge
      cases; may bring something more robust.
    - Feature (#277): horizontal scrolling for messages with wide
      preformatted parts.
    - Feature (#403 and #476): Quaternion can close to tray and also
      start minimised to tray (thanks to @ddanilov and @krkk).
    - Feature (#509/#535): Configurable message quoting (plain text
      only) is implemented. Replies and rich-text quoting are left
      for a later version.
    - Feature (#455): if the server supports it, room members are
      lazy-loaded; this should greatly improve initial sync times
      while otherwise being almost invisible for end users.
    - Enhancement (#445): local echo can be suppressed
      (UI/suppress_local_echo in config).
    - Enhancement (#451): more actions in right-click menus for the
      room list and the user list (thanks to @krkk).
    - Enhancement (#381): middle-click on a room name in the room
      list opens this room; middle-click on a user name in the user
      list opens a direct chat with the user.
    - Enhancement (#448, #483): timeline scrolling is more responsive.
    - Enhancement (#246): when typing a very long message,
      the message input only increases its height up to a limit,
      and scrolls after that.
    - Enhancement (#338): similarly, longer multiline topics no more
      strut the room header to no limit.
    - Enhancement (#505): Quaternion now warns about attempts to
      login twice into the same account (thanks to @krkk).
    - Enhancement (#491, #471/#478): room creation events and
      withdrawn invitations (thanks to @krkk) are correctly displayed
      in the timeline; also unknown state events got a clearer
      timeline description (even if a bit techy as it uses the state
      event type and key verbatim).
    - Enhancement (#558): better validation of room/user ids in
    - Enhancement (#500): no more scary "unencrypted" word in the
      message placeholder text - the used protocol (HTTP or HTTPS)
      is mentioned instead.
    - Enhancement (#555): /shrug gained an optional text argument.
    - Enhancement: instead of an error message with no clear way out
      expired tokens now lead to a handy re-login dialog.
    - Enhancement: the room settings dialog now shows room id.
    - Enhancement: Ctrl-Q to quit also works on Windows.
    - Bugfix (#546): HTML in author display names is properly
    - Bugfix (#566): fixed crashing upon logout.
    - Bugfix (#524): fixed crashing after changing the tag order.
    - Bugfix (#532): the login dialog is now prefilled with the
      first not-logged-in account, rather than an arbitrary account.
    - Bugfix (#559): fixed not remembering the bottommost timeline
      position after clicking the "Scroll to bottom" button.
    - Bugfix (#564): In the "Add tags" dialog, the Tab key now
      switches focus instead of entering a Tab character.
    - Bugfix (#486/#488): more accurate logic for user name
      highlighting (thanks to @redsky17).
    - Bugfix (#511): ban reason is displayed in the timeline now.
    - Bugfix (#542): the to-be-created alias is displayed correctly
      in the room creation dialog (the actually created alias has
      always been correct).
    - Bugfix (#499): expanded/collapsed state of room groups is
      correctly remembered and restored.
    - Bugfix (#492): tab order in the login dialog is reasonable
    - Bugfix (#490): window title and room caption get updated
      when the room is renamed etc. now.
    - Bugfix: no more visual glitches when animation duration is
      configured to 0.
    - General bug fixing and performance tweaking.
    - Lots of work on i18n and l10n
* Thu Apr 18 2019
  - Update to
    - (#573) Resend and Discard buttons work again
    - (#566) A crash upon logout has been fixed
    - (#577) A confirmation to continue use an unstable version is
      only displayed now to those who can upgrade rooms
    - Zeroing the animations duration no more leads to artifacts from
      incomplete animations
    - (#532) Expired access tokens are now processed gracefully,
      with a prompt to re-login
    - (#564) Hitting Tab in the "Add tags" dialog switches focus as
      proper instead of entering a tab character
* Sat Apr 06 2019
  - Update to
    This Release Candidate fixes two bugs in RC1:
    - Renaming the user no more causes multiple incarnations of it
      in the user list (this one is also fixed in libQMatrixClient but even if you run 0.5.1, it won't happen in
      Quaternion anymore).
    - The correct account is used to complete users/rooms in the
      "Open room" dialog.
  - Change BuildRequire for libqmatrixclient to 0.5.1
* Fri Apr 05 2019
  - Update to
    - Fix (#524): Quaternion no more crashes after changing the order
      of tags.
    - Fix (#546): HTML pieces in display names are correctly escaped
    - Fix: In Add tags dialog, empty lines are no more treated as
      empty tag names, just skipped.
    - Fix (#558): Regular expressions checking arguments of
      slash-commands have been fixed to match the Matrix identifiers
      grammar - thanks to nepugia.
    - Fix (#559): The bottommost scroll position is also remembered
      if the last thing before switching away from the room was
      clicking the Scroll to bottom button.
    - Fix (#500): Instead of scaring people away with the word
      unencrypted, a used protocol is now clearly indicated in the
      message placeholder line (hopefully, most people using
      Quaternion do know what HTTP and HTTPS mean).
    - Fix (#542): If the domainpart used by your homeserver does not
      coincide with the actual domain for connections, Quaternion
      doesn't confuse you anymore with incorrectly constructed room
      aliases in the Room settings dialog (e.g.,
      [#] instead of
      This was just a visual wart; no actual aliases have been hurt.
    - Fix (#568): uploaded images are displayed in the timeline again,
      after being broken for the most time of development
      ( didn't have uploading at all).
    - Enhancement: The room settings dialog now includes the room id.
      A few enhancements have arrived thanks to @krkk:
    - #555: /shrug now accepts optional text after it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    - #557: The text in the users list filter is saved with rooms
      now; when you switch a room, it's flushed/switched as well.
    - #547: Open room dialog now suggests canonical room aliases
      (from the local room list) and user ids (from all known users),
      as you type. Non-canonical aliases need
      QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient#301 to be fixed (unfortunately,
      it will only come in libQMatrixClient 0.6 due to compatibility
* Wed Apr 03 2019
  - Update to
    - This version uses the freshly released libQMatrixClient, fixing issues with upgraded rooms (debug builds no
      more crash upon seeing some of them) and with v3 rooms
      (read receipts and redactions now work with v3 rooms too).
      In case you wonder - has been recently
      upgraded to v3.
    - (#338) The room header no more streches too far on long
      multiline topics; and along the way, it gained swanky
    - Open room dialog fixed when there's just one account.
    - (#530) Quaternion no more crashes upon attempts to search
      a user with no room opened. Actually, it even disables the search box for the avoidance of doubt.
    - (#534) Uploading files with no supplementary text works now.
    - Updated translations.
    - CI builds for all platforms including Windows can now be found
      in one place at bintray.
  - Changes from
    - #484: Qt Keychain support to securely store access tokens
    - #507: Finally, some basics of internal navigation from the
    - rooms can be opened using Open room dialog (Ctrl-O) - by
      their id, alias or URL;
    - moreover, direct chats can be opened by entering the user ID
      or URL into the same dialog;
    - and even more, middle-clicking on a user id/ link
      in the timeline also opens a direct chat.
    - navigating to event permalinks is not there yet, pending
      support in libQMatrixClient (give your votes in
    - #187: Native scrollbars can be used instead of shuttle
    - #448, #483: there's been a bit of working on more responsive
      scrolling. If scrolling still feels unnatural, please leave
      a note in #483.
    - #123: Timeline can be scrolled using Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown and
      (if directly focused) Up and Down keys. This is a tentative
      implementation but is likely to be around at least until
    - #32, #209: Attachments support; an image or other file can be
      posted to a room, with automatic media type detection.
      No support for thumbnailing yet (which causes #518).
    - #437: User list can be searched and filtered
    - #455: If the server supports it, room members are lazy-loaded;
      the full list for the given is requested upon switching to it
      though. Normally this should a no change for end users.
    - #403 and #476: Quaternion can close to tray and also start
      minimised to tray (thanks to @ddanilov and @krkk).
    - #381: middle-click on a room name in the room list opens this
      room; middle-click on a user name in the user list opens
      a direct chat with the user (thanks to @krkk).
    - #517: for those who build from sources: -DUSE_INTREE_LIBQMC is
      ON by default; however, if CMake doesn't find in-tree library
      sources, it will try to look around for an installed library
      development files. Pass -DUSE_INTREE_LIBQMC=OFF to suppress
      the fallback.
* Mon Nov 05 2018
  - update to
    - Feature (#323): rooms are grouped by tag now. This is not
      configurable for now but will be before version 0.1.
    - Feature (#76): Local echo, with buttons to discard and resend
      the message (#390).
    - Feature (#248): Optionally hiding join/leave events and
    - Feature (#324): Quaternion now has the About dialog box
      (thanks to @rushsteve1), with information about Git -commits
      (selectable!) and links to contributors etc.
    - Feature (#372): /ignore and /unignore
    - Feature (#379): /html to send HTML instead of plain text
    - Enhancement (#371): non-members can be /banned too.
    - Enhancement (#370): change the way events are highlighted in
      the timeline (background is tinted instead of text color
    - Change (#239): by default, Quaternion now compiles against
      externally installed libQMatrixClient, rather than a submodule.
      Read to enable the previous way of building
      (with lib as a submodule).
  - Add language file.
  - Need now qt5 >= 5.6 again.
* Tue Oct 16 2018
  - update quaternion to rc0.0.9.3
    - Refresh documentation
    - Need now libqmatrixclient >= 0.4.0 and qt5 >= 5.10
* Mon Aug 20 2018
  - update to
    Another step towards 0.1, this version is based on
    libQMatrixClient and includes the following changes:
    - Enhancement: the "Settings" menu now has most settings that are
      worth exposing to the user.
    - Fix (#312): Date label (and author, if you use the new-Default
      timeline layout) is now correctly hidden when older messages
      get loaded to the timeline.
    - Experimental: Introduced a new compilation flag,
      USE_QQUICKWIDGET, switching the way QML is embedded into
      Quaternion; try to use it if you have problems like #355/#356.
    - Unified reporting about failed network requests;
      show "Consent not given" errors in a user-friendly way.
    - Minor fixes in CI.
  - Remove included libmatrixclient and use package libqmatrixclient
    as BuildRequire.
* Tue May 01 2018
  - update quaternion to 0.0.9
      Files downloading (no uploading yet)
      Room creation and editing room settings (the settings are limited for now)
      Support of editing room tags (see in Room settings) and direct chats (right-click on the user in the userlist); grouping rooms by tag will come in Quaternion 0.1
      Support of authenticating proxy servers
      Proper messages to the user about SSL errors including self-signed certificates (and ability to confirm or reject them on individual basis)
      The scrollbar now visualises the current position among already cached events
      Massive treatment of issues with timeline: fonts aligned, lost images no more lost, stick-to-bottom logic works better, smoother and less CPU-hungry scrolling etc.
      Scroll state is remembered on a per-room basis (not across restarts yet)
      No more splash screen, since Quaternion starts up faster now
      As usual, plenty of work on stability, performance and memory footprint
      Thanks to all who helped! Quaternion 0.1 comes soon!
  - update libmatrixclient to 0.2.1
* Fri Jan 19 2018
  - initial version 0.0.5



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