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lvm2-2.03.12-3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: lvm2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.03.12 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Mon Aug 16 10:35:00 2021
Group: System/Base Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 3886843 Source RPM: lvm2-2.03.12-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Logical Volume Manager Tools
Programs and man pages for configuring and using the LVM2 Logical
Volume Manager.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Wed Aug 11 2021 Martin Liška <>
  - Add lvm2-rpmlintrc where we skip all rpmlint issue for lvm2-testsuite package
* Tue Jul 13 2021
  - lvm2: double free or corruption with invalid LVM_SYSTEM_DIR breaks guestfs-tools (bsc#1188141)
    + bug-1188141_toolcontext-fix-double-free-core-dumped-issue.patch
  - replace exist patch with bug fixed patches
    - (remove) fate-31841_fsadm-add-support-for-btrfs.patch
    + (add) fate-31841-01_fsadm-add-support-to-resize-check-btrfs-filesystem.patch
    + (add) fate-31841-02_man-add-support-for-btrfs.patch
    + (add) fate-31841-03_tests-new-test-suite-of-fsadm-for-btrfs.patch
* Tue Jun 08 2021
  - update lvm2 from LVM2.03.10 to LVM2.2.03.12 (bsc#1187010)
    * ** WHATS_NEW from 2.03.11 to 2.03.12 ***
    Version 2.03.12 - 07th May 2021
      Allow attaching cache to thin data volume.
      Fix memleak when generating list of outdated pvs.
      Better hyphenation usage in man pages.
      Replace use of deprecated security_context_t with char*.
      Configure supports AIO_LIBS and AIO_CFLAGS.
      Improve build process for static builds.
      New --setautoactivation option to modify LV or VG auto activation.
      New metadata based autoactivation property for LVs and VGs.
      Improve signal handling with lvmpolld.
      Signal handler can interrupt command also for SIGTERM.
      Lvreduce --yes support.
      Add configure option --with/out-symvers for non-glibc builds.
      Report error when the filesystem is missing on fsadm resized volume.
      Handle better blockdev with --getsize64 support for fsadm.
      Do not include editline/history.h when using editline library.
      Support error and zero segtype for thin-pool data for testing.
      Support mixed extension for striped, error and zero segtypes.
      Support resize also for stacked virtual volumes.
      Skip dm-zero devices just like with dm-error target.
      Reduce ioctl() calls when checking target status.
      Merge polling does not fail, when LV is found to be already merged.
      Poll volumes with at least 100ms delays.
      Do not flush dm cache when cached LV is going to be removed.
      New lvmlockctl_kill_command configuration option.
      Support interruption while waiting on device close before deactivation.
      Flush thin-pool messages before removing more thin volumes.
      Improve hash function with less collisions and make it faster.
      Reduce ioctl count when deactivating volumes.
      Reduce number of metadata parsing.
      Enhance performance of lvremove and vgremove commands.
      Support interruption when taking archive and backup.
      Accelerate large lvremoves.
      Speedup search for cached device nodes.
      Speedup command initialization.
      Add devices file feature, off by default for now.
      Support extension of writecached volumes.
      Fix problem with unbound variable usage within fsadm.
      Fix IMSM MD RAID detection on 4k devices.
      Check for presence of VDO target before starting any conversion.
      Support metatadata profiles with volume VDO pool conversions.
      Support -Zn for conversion of already formated VDO pools.
      Avoid removing LVs on error path of lvconvert during creation volumes.
      Fix crashing lvdisplay when thin volume was waiting for merge.
      Support option --errorwhenfull when converting volume to thin-pool.
      Improve thin-performance profile support conversion to thin-pool.
      Add workaround to avoid read of internal 'converted' devices.
      Prohibit merging snapshot into the read-only thick snapshot origin.
      Restore support for flipping rw/r permissions for thin snapshot origin.
      Support resize of cached volumes.
      Disable autoactivation with global/event_activation=0.
      Check if lvcreate passes read_only_volume_list with tags and skips zeroing.
      Allocation prints better error when metadata cannot fit on a single PV.
      Pvmove can better resolve full thin-pool tree move.
      Limit pool metadata spare to 16GiB.
      Improves conversion and allocation of pool metadata.
      Support thin pool metadata 15.88GiB, adds 64MiB, thin_pool_crop_metadata=0.
      Enhance lvdisplay to report raid available/partial.
      Support online rename of VDO pools.
      Improve removal of pmspare when last pool is removed.
      Fix problem with wiping of converted LVs.
      Fix memleak in scanning  (2.03.11).
      Fix corner case allocation for thin-pools.
    Version 2.03.11 - 08th January 2021
      Fix pvck handling MDA at offset different from 4096.
      Partial or degraded activation of writecache is not allowed.
      Enhance error handling for fsadm and handle correct fsck result.
      Dmeventd lvm plugin ignores higher reserved_stack lvm.conf values.
      Support using BLKZEROOUT for clearing devices.
      Support interruption when wipping LVs.
      Support interruption for bcache waiting.
      Fix bcache when device has too many failing writes.
      Fix bcache waiting for IO completion with failing disks.
      Configure use own python path name order to prefer using python3.
      Add configure --enable-editline support as an alternative to readline.
      Enhance reporting and error handling when creating thin volumes.
      Enable vgsplit for VDO volumes.
      Lvextend of vdo pool volumes ensure at least 1 new VDO slab is added.
      Use revert_lv() on reload error path after vg_revert().
      Configure --with-integrity enabled.
      Restore lost signal blocking while VG lock is held.
      Improve estimation of needed extents when creating thin-pool.
      Use extra 1% when resizing thin-pool metadata LV with --use-policy.
      Enhance --use-policy percentage rounding.
      Configure --with-vdo and --with-writecache as internal segments.
      Improving VDO man page examples.
      Allow pvmove of writecache origin.
      Report integrity fields.
      Integrity volumes defaults to journal mode.
      Switch code base to use flexible array syntax.
      Fix 64bit math when calculation cachevol size.
      Preserve uint32_t for seqno handling.
      Switch from mmap to plain read when loading regular files.
      Update lvmvdo man page and better explain DISCARD usage.
    * ** WHATS_NEW_DM from 1.02.175 to 1.02.177 ***
    Version 1.02.177 - 07th May 2021
      Configure proceeds without libaio to allow build of device-mapper only.
      Fix symbol versioning build with -O2 -flto.
      Add dm_tree_node_add_thin_pool_target_v1 with crop_metadata support.
  - Drop patches that have been merged into upstream
    - bug-1175565_01-tools-move-struct-element-before-variable-lenght-lis.patch
    - bug-1175565_02-gcc-change-zero-sized-array-to-fexlible-array.patch
    - bug-1175565_03-gcc-zero-sized-array-to-fexlible-array-C99.patch
    - bug-1178680_add-metadata-based-autoactivation-property-for-VG-an.patch
    - bug-1185190_01-pvscan-support-disabled-event_activation.patch
    - bug-1185190_02-config-improve-description-for-event_activation.patch
  - Add patch
    + 0001-lvmlockd-idm-Introduce-new-locking-scheme.patch
    + 0002-lvmlockd-idm-Hook-Seagate-IDM-wrapper-APIs.patch
    + 0003-lib-locking-Add-new-type-idm.patch
    + 0004-lib-locking-Parse-PV-list-for-IDM-locking.patch
    + 0005-tools-Add-support-for-idm-lock-type.patch
    + 0006-configure-Add-macro-LOCKDIDM_SUPPORT.patch
    + 0007-enable-command-syntax-for-thin-and-writecache.patch
    + 0008-lvremove-fix-removing-thin-pool-with-writecache-on-d.patch
    + 0009-vdo-fix-preload-of-kvdo.patch
    + 0010-writecache-fix-lv_on_pmem.patch
    + 0011-writecache-don-t-pvmove-device-used-by-writecache.patch
    + 0012-pvchange-fix-file-locking-deadlock.patch
    + 0013-tests-Enable-the-testing-for-IDM-locking-scheme.patch
    + 0014-tests-Support-multiple-backing-devices.patch
    + 0015-tests-Cleanup-idm-context-when-prepare-devices.patch
    + 0016-tests-Add-checking-for-lvmlockd-log.patch
    + 0017-tests-stress-Add-single-thread-stress-testing.patch
    + 0018-tests-stress-Add-multi-threads-stress-testing-for-VG.patch
    + 0019-tests-stress-Add-multi-threads-stress-testing-for-PV.patch
    + 0020-tests-Support-idm-failure-injection.patch
    + 0021-tests-Add-testing-for-lvmlockd-failure.patch
    + 0022-tests-idm-Add-testing-for-the-fabric-failure.patch
    + 0023-tests-idm-Add-testing-for-the-fabric-failure-and-tim.patch
    + 0024-tests-idm-Add-testing-for-the-fabric-s-half-brain-fa.patch
    + 0025-tests-idm-Add-testing-for-IDM-lock-manager-failure.patch
    + 0026-tests-multi-hosts-Add-VG-testing.patch
    + 0027-tests-multi-hosts-Add-LV-testing.patch
    + 0028-tests-multi-hosts-Test-lease-timeout-with-LV-exclusi.patch
    + 0029-tests-multi-hosts-Test-lease-timeout-with-LV-shareab.patch
    + 0030-fix-empty-mem-pool-leak.patch
    + 0031-tests-writecache-blocksize-add-dm-cache-tests.patch
    + 0032-tests-rename-test.patch
    + 0033-tests-add-writecache-cache-blocksize-2.patch
    + 0034-lvmlockd-Fix-the-compilation-warning.patch
    + 0035-devices-don-t-use-deleted-loop-backing-file-for-devi.patch
    + 0036-man-help-fix-common-option-listing.patch
    + 0037-archiving-take-archive-automatically.patch
    + 0038-backup-automatically-store-data-on-vg_unlock.patch
    + 0039-archive-avoid-abuse-of-internal-flag.patch
    + 0040-pvck-add-lock_global-before-clean_hint_file.patch
    + 0041-lvmdevices-add-deviceidtype-option.patch
  - Update patch
    - bug-1184687_Add-nolvm-for-kernel-cmdline.patch
    - fate-31841_fsadm-add-support-for-btrfs.patch
  - lvm.conf
    - trim tail space
    - fix typo
    - [new item] devices/use_devicesfile
    - [new item] devices/devicesfile
    - [new item] devices/search_for_devnames
    - [new item] allocation/thin_pool_crop_metadata
    - [new item] global/lvmlockctl_kill_command
    - [new item] global/vdo_disabled_features
* Tue May 25 2021 Wolfgang Frisch <>
  - Link test as position independent executable (bsc#1184124).
    + bug-1184124-link-tests-as-PIE.patch
* Fri Apr 23 2021
  - Honor lvm.conf event_activation=0 on "pvscan --cache -aay" (bsc#1185190)
    + bug-1185190_01-pvscan-support-disabled-event_activation.patch
    + bug-1185190_02-config-improve-description-for-event_activation.patch
* Wed Apr 21 2021
  - LVM cannot be disabled on boot (bsc#1184687)
    + bug-1184687_Add-nolvm-for-kernel-cmdline.patch
  - Update patch for avoiding apply warning message
    + bug-1012973_simplify-special-case-for-md-in-69-dm-lvm-metadata.patch
* Mon Apr 19 2021
  - Add metadata-based autoactivation property for VG and LV (bsc#1178680)
    + bug-1178680_add-metadata-based-autoactivation-property-for-VG-an.patch
* Tue Feb 02 2021
  - lvm2 should use 'external_device_info_source="udev"' by default (bsc#1179691)
    - add SUSE special patch to void issues in non udev env
      + bug-1179691_config-set-external_device_info_source-none.patch
* Wed Dec 09 2020
  - lvm2 should use 'external_device_info_source="udev"' by default (bsc#1179691)
    - change external_device_info_source from none to udev
  - comment out lvm.conf item preferred_names by default (bsc#1179738)
    - comment out preferred_names
  - Update lvm.conf, make it closely to upstream's setting (bsc#1179739)
    - change lvm.conf, follow upstream 7b41ea61b2e33dbfad754fd4c6e7851faf7ca5ef
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Wed Nov 25 2020
  - Update lvm2.spec file (bsc#1177533)
    - in %postun, disable restart blk-availability.service & lvm2-monitor.service
* Mon Oct 12 2020
  - Update lvm2.spec file (bsc#1174336)
    - enable lvmlockd remote refresh using libdlmcontrol
    - update libdlm dependency relationship
* Thu Sep 03 2020
  - lvm can't pass build with gcc option Wstringop-overflow (bsc#1175565)
    - remove suse speical patch
    - bug-1175565_lvm-cant-pass-build-with-gcc-option-Wstringop-overflow.patch
    - add upstream patch
      + bug-1175565_01-tools-move-struct-element-before-variable-lenght-lis.patch
      + bug-1175565_02-gcc-change-zero-sized-array-to-fexlible-array.patch
      + bug-1175565_03-gcc-zero-sized-array-to-fexlible-array-C99.patch
* Thu Aug 20 2020
  - lvm can't pass build with gcc option Wstringop-overflow (bsc#1175565)
    + bug-1175565_lvm-cant-pass-build-with-gcc-option-Wstringop-overflow.patch
  - lvm2.spec
    + add obsoletes version for passing build
    + remove config item '--with-cluster=internal' for lvmlockd package
* Mon Aug 10 2020
  - Update to LVM2.2.03.10
    WHATS_NEW from 2.03.06 to 2.03.10:
    Version 2.03.10 - 09th August 2020
      Add writecache and integrity support to lvmdbusd.
      Generate unique cachevol name when default required from lvcreate.
      Converting RAID1 volume to one with same number of legs now succeeds with a
      Fix conversion to raid from striped lagging type.
      Fix conversion to 'mirrored' mirror log with larger regionsize.
      Zero pool metadata on allocation (disable with allocation/zero_metadata=0).
      Failure in zeroing or wiping will fail command (bypass with -Zn, -Wn).
      Add lvcreate of new cache or writecache lv with single command.
      Fix running out of free buffers for async writing for larger writes.
      Add integrity with raid capability.
      Fix support for lvconvert --repair used by foreign apps (i.e. Docker).
    Version 2.03.09 - 26th March 2020
      Fix formating of vdopool (vdo_slab_size_mb was smaller by 2 bits).
      Fix showing of a dm kernel error when uncaching a volume with cachevol.
    Version 2.03.08 - 11th February 2020
      Prevent problematic snapshots of writecache volumes.
      Add error handling for failing allocation in _reserve_area().
      Fix memleak in syncing of internal cache.
      Fix pvck dump_current_text memleak.
      Fix lvmlockd result code on error path for _query_lock_lv().
      Update pvck man page and help output.
      Reject invalid writecache high/low_watermark setting.
      Report writecache status.
      Accept more output lines from vdo_format.
      Prohibit reshaping of stacked raid LVs.
      Avoid running cache input arg validation when creating vdo pool.
      Prevent raid reshaping of stacked volumes.
      Added VDO lvmdbusd methods for enable/disable compression & dedupe.
      Added VDO lvmdbusd method for converting LV to VDO pool.
    Version 2.03.07 - 30th November 2019
      Subcommand in vgck for repairing headers and metadata.
      Ensure minimum required region size on striped RaidLV creation.
      Fix resize of thin-pool with data and metadata of different segtype.
      Improve mirror type leg splitting.
      Improve error path handling in daemons on shutdown.
      Fix activation order when removing merged snapshot.
      Experimental VDO support for lvmdbusd.
    Version 2.03.06 - 23rd October 2019
      Add _cpool suffix to cache-pool LV name when used by caching LV.
      No longer store extra UUID for cmeta and cdata cachevol layer.
      Enhance activation of cache devices with cachevols.
      Add _cvol in list of protected suffixes and start use it with DM UUID.
      Rename LV converted to cachevol to use _cvol suffix.
      Use normal LVs for wiping of cachevols.
      Reload cleanered cache DM only with cleaner policy.
      Fix cmd return when zeroing of cachevol fails.
      Extend lvs to show all VDO properties.
      Preserve VDO write policy with vdopool.
      Increase default vdo bio threads to 4.
      Continue report when cache_status fails.
      Add support for DM_DEVICE_GET_TARGET_VERSION into device_mapper.
      Fix cmirrord usage of header files from device_mapper subdir.
      Allow standalone activation of VDO pool just like for thin-pools.
      Activate thin-pool layered volume as 'read-only' device.
      Ignore crypto devices with UUID signature CRYPT-SUBDEV.
      Enhance validation for thin and cache pool conversion and swapping.
      Improve internal removal of cached devices.
      Synchronize with udev when dropping snapshot.
      Add missing device synchronization point before removing pvmove node.
      Correctly set read_ahead for LVs when pvmove is finished.
      Remove unsupported OPTIONS+="event_timeout" udev rule from 11-dm-lvm.rules.
      Prevent creating VGs with PVs with different logical block sizes.
      Fix metadata writes from corrupting with large physical block size.
    WHATS_NEW_DM from 1.02.164 to 1.02.173:
    Version 1.02.173 - 09th August 2020
      Add support for VDO in blkdeactivate script.
    Version 1.02.171 - 26th March 2020
      Fix dm_list interators with gcc 10 optimization (-ftree-pta).
      Dmeventd handles timer without looping on short intervals.
    Version 1.02.169 - 11th February 2020
      Enhance error messages for device creation.
    Version 1.02.167 - 30th November 2019
    Version 1.02.165 - 23rd October 2019
      Add support for DM_DEVICE_GET_TARGET_VERSION.
      Add debug of dmsetup udevcomplete with hexa print DM_COOKIE_COMPLETED.
      Fix versioning of dm_stats_create_region and dm_stats_create_region.
  - Drop patches that have been merged into upstream
    - bug-1122666_devices-drop-open-error-message.patch
    - bug-1150021_01-scanning-open-devs-rw-when-rescanning-for-write.patch
    - bug-1149408_Fix-rounding-writes-up-to-sector-size.patch
    - bug-1149408_vgcreate-vgextend-restrict-PVs-with-mixed-block-size.patch
    - bug-1152378-md-component-detection-for-differing-PV-and-device-s.patch
    - bug-1152378-pvscan-fix-PV-online-when-device-has-a-different-siz.patch
    - jcs-SLE5498_pvscan-allow-use-of-noudevsync-option.patch
    - bug-1154655_udev-remove-unsupported-OPTIONS-event_timeout-rule.patch
    - bug-1158628_01-tests-replaces-grep-q-usage.patch
    - bug-1158628_02-tests-fix-ra-checking.patch
    - bug-1158628_03-tests-simplify-some-var-settings.patch
    - bug-1158628_04-pvmove-correcting-read_ahead-setting.patch
    - bug-1158628_05-activation-add-synchronization-point.patch
    - bug-1158628_06-pvmove-add-missing-synchronization.patch
    - bug-1158628_07-activation-extend-handling-of-pending_delete.patch
    - bug-1158628_08-lv_manip-add-synchronizations.patch
    - bug-1158628_09-lvconvert-improve-validation-thin-and-cache-pool-con.patch
    - bug-1158628_10-thin-activate-layer-pool-aas-read-only-LV.patch
    - bug-1158628_11-tests-mdadm-stop-in-test-cleanup.patch
    - bug-1158628_12-test-increase-size-of-raid10-LV-allowing-tests-to-su.patch
    - bug-1158628_13-lvconvert-fix-return-value-when-zeroing-fails.patch
    - bug-1158628_14-tests-add-extra-settle.patch
    - bug-1158628_15-test-Fix-handling-leftovers-from-previous-tests.patch
    - bug-1158861_01-config-remove-filter-typo.patch
    - bug-1158861_02-config-Fix-default-option-which-makes-no-sense.patch
    - bug-1158861_03-vgchange-don-t-fail-monitor-command-if-vg-is-exporte.patch
    - bug-1158861_04-fix-duplicate-pv-size-check.patch
    - bug-1158861_05-hints-fix-copy-of-filter.patch
    - bug-1158861_06-fix-segfault-for-invalid-characters-in-vg-name.patch
    - bug-1158861_07-vgck-let-updatemetadata-repair-mismatched-metadata.patch
    - bug-1158861_08-hints-fix-mem-leaking-buffers.patch
    - bug-1158861_09-pvcreate-pvremove-fix-reacquiring-global-lock-after.patch
    - bug-1150021_02-bcache-add-bcache_abort.patch
    - bug-1150021_03-label-Use-bcache_abort_fd-to-ensure-blocks-are-no-lo.patch
    - bug-1150021_04-bcache-add-unit-test.patch
    - bug-1150021_05-bcache-bcache_invalidate_fd-only-remove-prefixes-on.patch
    - bug-1150021_06-fix-dev_unset_last_byte-after-write-error.patch
    - bug-1157736-add-suggestion-message-for-mirror-LVs.patch
    - bug-1171907-lvremove-remove-attached-cachevol-with-removed-LV.patch
    - bug-1172566_cachevol-use-cachepool-code-for-metadata-size.patch
  - lvm2.spec
    + Correct lvm2.spec 'Source' & 'Source42' URL
    + enable feature --with-writecache=internal
* Fri Jun 12 2020
  - problem with LVM cache (data loss) (bsc#1172566)
    + bug-1172566_cachevol-use-cachepool-code-for-metadata-size.patch
* Wed May 27 2020
  - removing LVM cache with cache volume does not remove the cache volume (bsc#1171907)
    + bug-1171907-lvremove-remove-attached-cachevol-with-removed-LV.patch
* Wed May 13 2020
  - Add missing patch, which mistakenly removed in lvm2 update
    + bug-998893_make_pvscan_service_after_multipathd.patch
  - Change lvm2.spec for fixing build error
    + lvm2.spec
* Thu Mar 12 2020
  - fix patch name typo
    - bug-1158628-04-pvmove-correcting-read_ahead-setting.patch
    + bug-1158628_04-pvmove-correcting-read_ahead-setting.patch
* Thu Feb 27 2020
  - vgreduce --removemissing with cache devices will remove lvs (bsc#1157736)
    + bug-1157736-add-suggestion-message-for-mirror-LVs.patch
* Thu Jan 09 2020
  - Update lvm.conf file (bsc#1159238)
    - enable issue_discards by default
* Mon Dec 23 2019
  - LVM Metadata Error: Error writing device at 4096 length 512 (bsc#1150021)
    + bug-1150021_01-scanning-open-devs-rw-when-rescanning-for-write.patch
    + bug-1150021_02-bcache-add-bcache_abort.patch
    + bug-1150021_03-label-Use-bcache_abort_fd-to-ensure-blocks-are-no-lo.patch
    + bug-1150021_04-bcache-add-unit-test.patch
    + bug-1150021_05-bcache-bcache_invalidate_fd-only-remove-prefixes-on.patch
    + bug-1150021_06-fix-dev_unset_last_byte-after-write-error.patch
  - Update patch, according to bug-1150021_01-scanning-xxx.patch
    + bug-1158861_06-fix-segfault-for-invalid-characters-in-vg-name.patch
* Tue Dec 10 2019
  - backport patches for lvm2 to avoid software abnormal work (bsc#1158861)
    + bug-1158861_01-config-remove-filter-typo.patch
    + bug-1158861_02-config-Fix-default-option-which-makes-no-sense.patch
    + bug-1158861_03-vgchange-don-t-fail-monitor-command-if-vg-is-exporte.patch
    + bug-1158861_04-fix-duplicate-pv-size-check.patch
    + bug-1158861_05-hints-fix-copy-of-filter.patch
    + bug-1158861_06-fix-segfault-for-invalid-characters-in-vg-name.patch
    + bug-1158861_07-vgck-let-updatemetadata-repair-mismatched-metadata.patch
    + bug-1158861_08-hints-fix-mem-leaking-buffers.patch
    + bug-1158861_09-pvcreate-pvremove-fix-reacquiring-global-lock-after.patch
* Tue Dec 10 2019
  - backport upstream patches for passing lvm2 testsuite (bsc#1158628)
    + bug-1158628_01-tests-replaces-grep-q-usage.patch
    + bug-1158628_02-tests-fix-ra-checking.patch
    + bug-1158628_03-tests-simplify-some-var-settings.patch
    + bug-1158628-04-pvmove-correcting-read_ahead-setting.patch
    + bug-1158628_05-activation-add-synchronization-point.patch
    + bug-1158628_06-pvmove-add-missing-synchronization.patch
    + bug-1158628_07-activation-extend-handling-of-pending_delete.patch
    + bug-1158628_08-lv_manip-add-synchronizations.patch
    + bug-1158628_09-lvconvert-improve-validation-thin-and-cache-pool-con.patch
    + bug-1158628_10-thin-activate-layer-pool-aas-read-only-LV.patch
    + bug-1158628_11-tests-mdadm-stop-in-test-cleanup.patch
    + bug-1158628_12-test-increase-size-of-raid10-LV-allowing-tests-to-su.patch
    + bug-1158628_13-lvconvert-fix-return-value-when-zeroing-fails.patch
    + bug-1158628_14-tests-add-extra-settle.patch
    + bug-1158628_15-test-Fix-handling-leftovers-from-previous-tests.patch
    - bug-1043040_test-fix-read-ahead-issues-in-test-scripts.patch
* Wed Oct 23 2019
  - Fix udev rules issue (bsc#1154655)
    + bug-1154655_udev-remove-unsupported-OPTIONS-event_timeout-rule.patch
* Mon Oct 21 2019
  - lvm2-pvscan needs process speed improvement on a large scale PVs (jcs#SLE-5498)
    + jcs-SLE5498_pvscan-allow-use-of-noudevsync-option.patch
* Wed Oct 02 2019 Martin Wilck <>
  - Fix LV activation issues (boo#1152378, rh#1727270)
    + bug-1152378-md-component-detection-for-differing-PV-and-device-s.patch
    + bug-1152378-pvscan-fix-PV-online-when-device-has-a-different-siz.patch
* Mon Sep 09 2019
  - Update lvm2.spec: make baselibs.conf to a common source.
* Mon Sep 09 2019
  - Avoid creation of mixed-blocksize PV on LVM volume groups (bsc#1149408)
    + bug-1149408_Fix-rounding-writes-up-to-sector-size.patch
    + bug-1149408_vgcreate-vgextend-restrict-PVs-with-mixed-block-size.patch
  - Update lvm.conf files
    - add devices/allow_mixed_block_sizes item
* Mon Sep 02 2019
  - Update to LVM2.2.03.05
    - To drop lvm2-clvm and lvm2-cmirrord rpms (jsc#PM-1324)
    - Fix Out of date package (bsc#1111734)
    - Fix occasional slow shutdowns with kernel 5.0.0 and up (bsc#1137648)
    - Remove clvmd
    - Remove lvmlib (api)
    - Remove lvmetad
  - Drop patches that have been merged into upstream
    - bug-1114113_metadata-prevent-writing-beyond-metadata-area.patch
    - bug-1137296_pvremove-vgextend-fix-using-device-aliases-with-lvmetad.patch
    - bug-1135984_cache-support-no_discard_passdown.patch
  - Drop patches that have been nonexist/unsupport in upstream
    - bsc1080299-detect-clvm-properly.patch
    - bug-998893_make_pvscan_service_after_multipathd.patch
    - bug-978055_clvmd-try-to-refresh-device-cache-on-the-first-failu.patch
    - bug-950089_test-fix-lvm2-testsuite-build-error.patch
    - bug-1072624_test-lvmetad_dump-always-timed-out-when-using-nc.patch
    - tests-specify-python3-as-the-script-interpreter.patch
  - Update spec files
    - merge device-mapper, lvm2-lockd, lvm2 into one spec file
    - clvmd/lvmlib (api)/lvmetad had been removed, so delete related context in spec file
  - Update lvm.conf files
    - remove all lvmetad lines/keywords
    - add event_activation
    - remove fallback_to_lvm1 & related items
    - remove locking_type/fallback_to_clustered_locking/fallback_to_local_locking items
    - remove locking_library item
    - remove all special filter rules
* Tue Jul 09 2019
  - Fix unknown feature in status message (bsc#1135984)
    + bug-1135984_cache-support-no_discard_passdown.patch
* Thu Jun 27 2019
  - Fix using device aliases with lvmetad (bsc#1137296)
    + bug-1137296_pvremove-vgextend-fix-using-device-aliases-with-lvmetad.patch
* Tue Apr 30 2019
  - Fix devices drop open error message (bsc#1122666)
    + bug-1122666_devices-drop-open-error-message.patch
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use %make_build in order to provide verbose output.
* Fri Feb 01 2019
  - Disable the LVM lock daemon using sanlock, in order to avoid the
    dependence on sanlock related packages (bsc#1121382)
* Mon Jan 14 2019
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Mon Nov 05 2018
  - Prevent writing beyond metadata area (bsc#1114113)
    + bug-1114113_metadata-prevent-writing-beyond-metadata-area.patch
* Wed Aug 29 2018
  - Fix lvm2 activation issue when used on top of multipath
    + bug-998893_make_pvscan_service_after_multipathd.patch
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - Update to LVM2.2.02.180
    Never send any discard ioctl with test mode.
    Fix thin-pool alloc which needs same PV for data and metadata.
    Extend list of non-memlocked areas with newly linked libs.
    Enhance vgcfgrestore to check for active LVs in restored VG.
    lvconvert: provide possible layouts between linear and striped/raid
    Fix unmonitoring of merging snapshots.
    Add missing -l description in fsadm man page.
    Cache can uses metadata format 2 with cleaner policy.
    Avoid showing internal error in lvs output or pvmoved LVs.
    Fix check if resized PV can also fit metadata area.
    Reopen devices RDWR only before writing to avoid udev issues.
    Change pvresize output confusing when no resize took place.
    Fix lvmetad hanging on shutdown.
    Fix mem leak in clvmd and more coverity issues.
    Fix that pvmove does not work (bsc#1080299)
  - Drop patches that have been merged upstream
    - fate-323203_lvmlockd-add-lockopt-values-for-skipping-selected-lo.patch
    - lvm2-69-dm-lvm-metad.rules-explicit-pvscan-rule.patch
    - lvm2-69-dm-lvm-metad.rules-set-systemd-vars-on-chang.patch
    - bug-1095960_dev_io-no-discard-in-testmode.patch
  - Refresh patches
    + bsc1080299-detect-clvm-properly.patch
    + bug-950089_test-fix-lvm2-testsuite-build-error.patch
  - Update spec files
    Fix BuildRequires package name for modprobe (bsc#1102668)
    Fix cmirrord LV creation/activation failure (bsc#1091863)
  - Fix building error in OBS due to the script interpreter
    + tests-specify-python3-as-the-script-interpreter.patch
* Wed Jul 18 2018
  - Fix issuing discard in test mode (bsc#1095960)
    + bug-1095960_dev_io-no-discard-in-testmode.patch
* Tue May 29 2018
  - Fix the wrong filter for the cdrom device in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Fix handling of udev CHANGE events with systemd (bsc#1067312)
    + lvm2-69-dm-lvm-metad.rules-explicit-pvscan-rule.patch
    + lvm2-69-dm-lvm-metad.rules-set-systemd-vars-on-chang.patch
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Fix detection of clvm that happens on compile time based on
    CLVM_PIDFILE, as we determine these features on runtime
    + bsc1080299-detect-clvm-properly.patch
* Tue Jan 16 2018
  - clvmd: try to refresh device cache on the first failure
    (bsc#978055, bsc#1076042)
    + bug-978055_clvmd-try-to-refresh-device-cache-on-the-first-failu.patch
* Wed Jan 10 2018
  - lvmlockd: add lockopt values for skipping selected locks (fate#323203)
    + fate-323203_lvmlockd-add-lockopt-values-for-skipping-selected-lo.patch



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