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linstor-1.6.1-1.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: linstor Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.6.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Mon Jun 28 13:02:31 2021
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: armbuild17
Size: 1310 Source RPM: linstor-client-1.6.1-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Binaries of linstor client
Binaries of linstor client






* Tue Jan 26 2021 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1181397, update to 1.6.1
    * Fix reconnect on timeout error in interactive mode
    * Fix incorrect resource toggle-disk short option -dflt -> --dflt
    * Toggle disk storage pool options are now optional
    * node list now shows DELETING and EVICTED nodes
    * Added diskless placement and additional placement count for auto-place
    * Added node restore command for evicted nodes
    * depend on python-linstor v1.6.0
    * migrate: remove unused AllowLargerVolumeSize property
    * fix incorrect use of argparse.ArgumentTypeError
    * drbd-options: add units to error message
    * Allow setting options via environment variables, prefix is `LS_CLIENT_`
    * Added error-report delete command
    * Commandline choices(enums) are now mostly case insensitive
* Tue Sep 22 2020 nick wang <>
  - bsc#1176790, update to 1.3.0
    * Added snapshot shipping list command
    * correctly show inactive resources
* Mon Jun 01 2020 nick wang <>
  - Update to 1.1.2
    * api: support storage-pool list argument for auto select filters
    * rsc-create: fix storage pool argument
    * snapshot list: add resources and nodes filter
    * use gitlab-ci and update tests to use a pre started controller
    * crypt-create-pass: let the user enter passphrase twice
    * property filter support
    * main: remove unused format argument
    * node-list: add option to show aux properties for node
    * drbd-opts: correctly show drbd unit
    * resource-list: add --faulty option, to only show faulty resources
    * node-describe: fix locale/utf8 check
    * add auto-select test and improve diskless on remaining description
    * rsc-grp-spawn: support external name
    * resource-groups: fix missing completers
    * node: improve node ip resolving
    * node: only show satellite nodes info
    * improve: table column headers
    * Add drbd-connection info to resource and volume list output
    * add openflex node create and storage pool create
    * tests: fix suite not returning correct exit code
    * use new ConnectionStatus enum const
    * Fix set property if key with '=' is given
    * rsc-dfn: add auto-place command
    * tests: fix client unittests
    * dm-migrate: fix py2/3 input()
    * dm-migrate: 0-pad current GI
    * dm-migrate: fix overindentation
    * write interactive errors to stderr
    * vlm_dfn: show gross size in list
    * vlm_grp: support gross sizes
    * rsc/vlm-list: do not show unused if state is unknown
    * Added support for SPDK in Physical Storage commands
    * commands: unhide physical storage commands
    * physical-storage: allow storage pool creation
    * commands: remove swordfish support
    * unittest: fix test execution in py3.6 >=
    * packaging: use python3 per default
    * prepare py2/3 pkg split
    - Update to 0.9.9-1
    * controller/version: fix --curl mode
    * add linstor authentication arguments
    * add allow-insecure-auth to global args filter
    * tests: better assert for api success
    * Add file and filethin providers
    * Make argument 'ip' of 'n i m' optional
    * Add new conn status for node without stlt conn
    * Allow node to set active stlt conn on netIf crt or mod
    * node_cmds: display only active ip in 'n l'
* Tue May 28 2019
  - Update to 0.9.5
    - linstor-client/python-linstor 0.9.5
    * Fixed: combined query filters are incorrectly concatenated
    * Fixed: keep-alive (interactive) mode
    * High-Level API: Resource class now works with external names
    - linstor-client/python-linstor 0.9.4
    * API/Client now uses REST-API
    * Added curl command output mode
    * Updated to latest drbd options
    * DRBDManage migrate generator now uses resource transactions
    * Package support for RHEL8
    - linstor-client/python-linstor 0.9.3
    * Support nvme layers
* Tue Apr 09 2019
  - Update to 0.9.2
    * Create node IP address will be resolved if not given
    * Removed all name checks, they are checked by the controller anyway
    * Resource definition peer-slots can now be modified
    * DRBD-handlers can now be specified for controller and resource-definition
* Thu Apr 04 2019
  - Update to 0.9.1
    * Global compatibility machine readable output
    * Resource definition can now store an unrestricted user name
    * Client fixes to work with py3
    * Improvements on the higher level API Resource object
* Wed Oct 31 2018
  - Update to new release 0.7.0
    * Added Proxy configuration commands
    * Synchronous auto-place and storage-pool create commands
    * Resource connection commands (list, props, drbd options)
    * Improved table rendering
    * error list --since allows now hours to be specified
* Wed Sep 26 2018
  - bsc#1095668. First version, 0.6.2
    Add patch change-location-of-bash-completion.patch for rpmlint
      warning suse-filelist-forbidden-bashcomp-userdirs



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