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libnozzle1-devel-1.21-1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: libnozzle1-devel Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.21 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Fri May 28 00:05:00 2021
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: armbuild25
Size: 63061 Source RPM: kronosnet-1.21-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Simple userland wrapper around kernel tap devices (developer files)
This is an over-engineered commodity library to manage a pool
of tap devices and provides the basic
pre-up.d/up.d/down.d/post-down.d infrastructure.




GPL-2.0+ AND LGPL-2.1+


* Sat May 08 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.21
    * [rx] fix per link stats for data packets
    * [rx] fix data stats on RX to match TX model
    * [crypto] add support for openssl 3.0
    * [sctp] fix ifup/ifdown handling for connected sockets
    * [sctp] make sure outgoing connections are bound to a specific
      IP address
    * [PMTUd] invalidate MTU for a link if the value is lower than
    * A lot of other bugfixes and documentation improvements
* Fri Oct 11 2019 Yuan Ren <>
  - kronosnet-1.12
      changes sicne 1.11
    * Default compression level use
    * Fix a lot of converity errors
    * Fix lock, buffer overrun and memory release bugs
    * Retry locking in case of failure in SCTP
    * Stabilize latency calculation when nodes are not responsive
      changes since 1.10
    * Log information about detected kernel MTU
    * Fix MTU calculation when using crypto and add docs
    * Rework the whole math to calculate MTU
    * Add dynamic pong timeout when using crypto
    * Add ability to manually override MTU and disable PMTUd
      changes since 1.9
    * automatically add and remove point to point access lists
    * allow knet_bench to enable/disable access lists
    * enable access lists for GENERIC_ACL protocols (udp for example)
    * add access lists support to sctp
    * Do some function rename and code cleanup
    * Add documentation for enable_access_list
    * add external API calls to manage access lists
    * add support for libzstd
    * fix openssl1.0 initialization code
      changes since 1.8
    * remove libnss 3des support
    * improve error message decoding from ICMP errors
      changes since 1.7
    * fix libnozzle man page generation target
    * donĀ“t specify destination address for connection oriented protocols
    * increase log level for currently used links
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Yuan Ren <>
  - kronosnet-1.7
      changes since 1.6
    * Fix minor issues with libnozzle man pages
    * SCTP: support more kernel versions
    * Better debugging information of internal threads status
    * Fix build with gcc9
    * [developers] expose API version in libknet.h and enable
      all compiler warnings at build time
      changes since 1.5
    * [IMPORTANT] Fix a PMTUd packet size issue when using
      crypto communications
    * Fix build with older versions of openssl
    * Fix a CPU spinning issue when iptables are set incorrectly
    * Fix a SCTP kernel <-> userland compatibility issue
    * Minor other fixes across the code and build infrastructure
    * libnozzle hits the first GA release.
* Thu Oct 25 2018
  - kronosnet-1.5
      changes since 1.4
    * [IMPORTANT] fix internal loopback link handling
    * Improved internal threads information for debugging purposes
      changes since 1.3
    * Reduced amount of locking around non-performance critical areas
    * Optimized threads startup and shutdown timer
  - Removed: add-version.patch
* Tue Apr 24 2018
  - kronosnet-1.3 is available now(bsc#1090641)
      changes since 1.2
    * Fix potential crashes in the crypto code
      changes since 1.1
    * Fix a potential crash when using external destination handlers
    * Improve compression level validation by delegating the validation to
      the external compression library
    * Improve the build system to accommodate repeatable builds
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - kronosnet-1.0 is available now(bsc#1077702)
      kronosnet-1.1 released, so upgrade to 1.1
    * Fix plugins loader by switching from RPATH to RUNPATH
    * Man pages are now automatically generated at build time
    * Better error reporting from crypto plugins
    * Fix and improve the whole build system
    * Add support for some older lz4 versions
    * Fix issue with UDP sockets that could cause knet to spin
    * Add new API call to run knet unprivileged
      Added: kronosnet-1.1.tar.gz
      Removed: kronosnet-1.0.tar.gz
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Fix almost-empty SRPM description.
  - Fix faulty leading whitespace in descriptions.
  - Reduce size of %if..%endif blocks to minimum.
  - Remove pkgconfig requires that are already automatically detected.
* Fri Jan 26 2018
  - kronosnet-1.0 is available now(bsc#1077702)
      Added: kronosnet-1.0.tar.gz



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