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libcacard0-2.8.0-1.4 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: libcacard0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Thu May 27 20:57:55 2021
Group: System/Emulators/PC Build host: armbuild26
Size: 73374 Source RPM: libcacard-2.8.0-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Common Access Card (CAC) emulation
This emulator is designed to provide emulation of actual smart cards to a
virtual card reader running in a guest virtual machine. The emulated smart
cards can be representations of real smart cards, where the necessary functions
such as signing, card removal/insertion, etc. are mapped to real, physical
cards which are shared with the client machine the emulator is running on, or
the cards could be pure software constructs.






* Tue Dec 01 2020 Bruce Rogers <>
  - Update to v2.8.0. Changes include:
    * Improve project documentation
    * Bump minimal glib version to 2.32 and remove old compatibility functions
    * Introduce meson build system in addition to existing autotools
    * Create and run fuzzer drivers to improve stability
    * Introduce a new API vcard_emul_finalize() to clean up allocated resources
    * Remove key caching to avoid issues with some PKCS #11 modules
    * Prevent logging critical errors on unknown instruction
  - Remove empty libcacard package, and also drop the rpm provided
    symbol qemu-tools:/usr/bin/vscclient, both assumed unused by now
* Tue Nov 26 2019 Bruce Rogers <>
  - Update to v2.7.0. Changes include:
    * Improve compatibility with Windows guests, particularly with
    ActivClient Windows drivers.
    * Implement Microsoft PnP applet used by Windows for card detection
    * Fill several structures returned by Global Platform applet to
    mimic behavior of real cards.
    * Implement API for creation of serial number used to uniquely
    identify a emulated card.
    * More verbose debug logs
    * Fix the VERIFY semantics, which can be used for login status
    * Add clang and csbuild CI targets
    * Use ATR from official CAC card to improve card detection under
* Fri May 17 2019 Bruce Rogers <>
  - Update to v2.6.1
    * various bug fixes (memory corruption issues which would cause
    crashes in spice-gtk)
* Wed Aug 15 2018
  - Update to v2.6.0
    * provides implementation of GSC-IS 2.1 (aka CAC version 2) to improve
    interoperability with guest software using the emulated or shared
    smart cards. The previously implemented CACv1 specification is no
    longer supported by any other application so the old code is gone
    and any application depending on this old standard will not work
    * vscclient is no longer installed, as it is not an end-user supported
    * various bug & leak fixes
* Wed May 03 2017
  - Update to v2.5.3
    * Includes fix for host memory leakage while creating new APDU
    (CVE-2017-6414 boo#1027514)
* Tue Jan 19 2016
  - Initial - split out from QEMU



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