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libav-tools-12.3-1.16 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: libav-tools Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 12.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.16 Build date: Sat May 29 12:41:34 2021
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Video/Editors and Convertors Build host: armbuild22
Size: 383253 Source RPM: libav-12.3-1.16.src.rpm
Summary: Tools for multimedia access
Various tools providing access to multimedia metadata and similar things.

This build of libav-tools is modified to use the ffmpeg libraries






* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - Remove the without-ffmpeg path in the spec file. We just support
    building libav-tools with libraries from ffmpeg (in fact, we remove
    the code of the libav libraries in the %setup section). So now
    use-ffmpeg-libs.patch is applied unconditionally. Also removed
    unused configure options.
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Disable the building of libav* libraries and use the ones
    from ffmpeg instead. As a result, only the libav-tools package
    is built. To go back to building libav "as intended by upstream"
    (generating all packages) just use --without-ffmpeg . Add patch to
    change the Makefiles accordingly:
    * use-ffmpeg-libs.patch
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Recreate package from Leap 42.1's package.
  - Update to 12.3
    * See
  - Increase soversions to follow upstream's soversions
  - Drop patches already provided by upstream:
    * CVE-2015-5479.patch
    * CVE-2016-3062.patch
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - Add fix for CVE-2016-3062 (boo#984487)
    * CVE-2016-3062.patch
* Fri Oct 09 2015
  - Add fix for CVE-2015-5479 (boo#949760)
    * CVE-2015-5479.patch
* Tue Jun 16 2015
  - Update to 11.4
    * h264: Make sure reinit failures mark the context as not
      initialized (CVE-2015-3417)
    * msrle: Use FFABS to determine the frame size in
      msrle_decode_pal4 (CVE-2015-3395)
    * cavs: Remove an unneeded scratch buffer
    * configure: Disable i686 for i586 and lower CPUs (debian/783082)
    * mjpegenc: Fix JFIF header byte ordering (bug/808)
    * nut: Make sure to clean up on read_header failure
    * png: Set the color range as full range
    * avi: Validate sample_size
    * nut: Check chapter creation in decode_info_header
    * alac: Reject rice_limit 0 if compression is used
    * ape: Support _0000 files with nblock smaller than 64
    * mux: Do not leave stale side data pointers in
    * avresample: Reallocate the internal buffer to the correct size
    * mpegts: Update the PSI/SI table only if the version change
    * rtsp: Make sure we don't write too many transport entries into
      a fixed-size array
    * rtpenc_jpeg: Handle case of picture dimensions not dividing
      by 8
    * mov: Fix little endian audio detection
    * x86: Put COPY3_IF_LT under HAVE_6REGS (gentoo/541930)
    * roqvideoenc: set enc->avctx in roq_encode_init
    * mp3: Properly use AVCodecContext API
    * libvpx: Fix mixed use of av_malloc() and av_reallocp()
    * Revert "lavfi: always check av_expr_parse_and_eval() return
    * alsdec: only adapt order for positive max_order
    * alsdec: check sample pointer range in
    * aacpsy: correct calculation of minath in psy_3gpp_init
    * alsdec: limit avctx->bits_per_raw_sample to 32
    * aasc: return correct buffer size from aasc_decode_frame
    * matroskadec: fix crash when parsing invalid mkv
    * avconv: do not overwrite the stream codec context for
    * webp: ensure that each transform is only used once
    * h264_ps: properly check cropping parameters against overflow
    * hevc: zero the correct variables on invalid crop parameters
    * hevc: make the crop sizes unsigned
* Mon Apr 20 2015
  - Update to 11.3
    * utvideodec: Handle slice_height being zero (CVE-2014-9604)
    * adxdec: set avctx->channels in adx_read_header
    * rmenc: limit packet size
    * webp: validate the distance prefix code
    * rv10: check size of s->mb_width * s->mb_height
    * eamad: check for out of bounds read (CID/1257500)
    * mdec: check for out of bounds read (CID/1257501)
    * configure: Properly fail when libcdio/cdparanoia is not found
    * tiff: Check that there is no aliasing in pixel format selection
    * aic: Fix decoding files with odd dimensions
    * vorbis: Check the vlc value in setup_classifs
    * arm: Suppress tags about used cpu arch and extensions
    * prores: Extend the padding check to 16bit
    * icecast: Do not use chunked post, allows feeding to icecast
    * img2dec: correctly use the parsed value from -start_number
    * h264_cabac: Break infinite loops
    * hevc_deblock: Fix compilation with nasm (libav #795)
    * h264: initialize H264Context.avctx in init_thread_copy
    * h264: Do not share rbsp_buffer across threads
    * h264: only ref cur_pic in update_thread_context if it is
    * matroskadec: Fix read-after-free in matroska_read_seek()
      (chromium #427266)
    * log: Unbreak no-tty support on 256color terminals
  - Swith to pkgconfig style dependencies
* Mon Mar 16 2015
  - Add conflict with libswscale-devel
* Wed Mar 11 2015
  - Update to 11.2
    * A number of additional APIs have been introduced and some
      existing functionshave been deprecated and are scheduled for
      removal in the next release. Significant API changes include:
    + Added the avcodec_copy_context() function that must from now
      on be used for freeing codec contexts.
    + Added a new VDA hardware acceleration API, since the old one
      was broken and not fixable in a compatible way. Deprecated the
      old VDA API.
    + Added support for exporting stream-global (as opposed to
      per-packet) side data. This feature is now used by some
      demuxers to export ReplayGain or display transformation matrix
      (aka rotation) or stereoscopic 3D mode.
    + Added an API for live metadata updates through event flags.
    + Changed the way to provide a hint about the desired timebase
      to muxers. Previously it was done by setting
      AVStream.codec.time_base. Now callers should set
    + Added an API for working with AVFrames.
* Sun Jan 04 2015
  - Rename libav*.so.N to libav* (similar to what Debian
    did) to make room for original ffmpeg libav*.so.N files.
* Mon Dec 08 2014
  - Spec-cleaner run
* Sat Dec 06 2014
  - Slight spec-file cleanups
  - Version bump to 11.1:
    * Small cleanups
    * Various bugfixes
* Sun Oct 12 2014
  - Version bump to 11:
    * Next api compatible branch
    * Various small improvements all around
    +  Added the avcodec_copy_context() function that must from now on be used for
      freeing codec contexts.
    +- Added a new VDA hardware acceleration API, since the old one was broken and
      not fixable in a compatible way. Deprecated the old VDA API.
    +  Added support for exporting stream-global (as opposed to per-packet) side
      data. This feature is now used by some demuxers to export ReplayGain or
      display transformation matrix (aka rotation) or stereoscopic 3D mode.
    +  Added an API for live metadata updates through event flags.
    +- Changed the way to provide a hint about the desired timebase to muxers.
      Previously it was done by setting AVStream.codec.time_base. Now callers
      should set AVStream.time_base.
    + Added an API for working with AVFrames.
* Tue Sep 09 2014
  - Version bump to 10.3:
    - huffyuv: Check and propagate function return values (CVE-2013-0868)
    - h264: prevent theoretical infinite loop in SEI parsing (CVE-2011-3946)
    - pgssubdec: Check RLE size before copying (CVE-2013-0852)
    - video4linux2: Avoid a floating point exception
    - vf_select: Drop a debug av_log with an unchecked double to enum conversion
    - librtmp: Don't free the temp url at the end of rtmp_open
    - arm: Avoid using the 'setend' instruction on ARMv7 and newer
    - avplay: Handle pixel aspect ratio properly
    - eamad: use the bytestream2 API instead of AV_RL (CVE-2013-0851)
    - pg2meet: allow size changes within original sizes
    - af_compand: make sure request_frame always outputs at least one frame
* Sat Jul 12 2014
  - Version bump to 10.2:
    - adpcm: Write the proper predictor in trellis mode in IMA QT
    - adpcm: Avoid reading out of bounds in the IMA QT trellis encoder
    - oggenc: Set the right AVOption size for the pref_duration option
    - avpacket: fix copying side data in av_packet_copy_props()
    - jpeg2000: fix dereferencing invalid pointers during cleanup
    - Check mp3 header before calling avpriv_mpegaudio_decode_header() (bug/705)
    - Check if an mp3 header is using a reserved sample rate
    - lzo: Handle integer overflow (bug/704)
    - avconv: make -shortest work with streamcopy
    - ppc: Fix compilation for ppc64le (ELFv2) (ubuntu/1263802)
    - aarch64: Use the correct syntax for relocations (debian/751856, ubuntu/1323144)
* Tue May 13 2014
  - Version bump to 10.1:
    - pcm-dvd: Fix 20bit decoding (bug/592)
    - avi: Improve non-interleaved detection (bug/666)
    - arm: hpeldsp: fix put_pixels8_y2_{,no_rnd_}armv6
    - arm: hpeldsp: prevent overreads in armv6 asm (bug/646)
    - avfilter: Add missing emms_c when needed
    - rtmpproto: Check the buffer sizes when copying app/playpath strings
    - swscale: Fix an undefined behaviour
    - vp9: Read the frame size as unsigned
    - dcadec: Use correct channel count in stereo downmix check
    - dcadec: Do not decode the XCh extension when downmixing to stereo
    - matroska: add the Opus mapping
    - matroskadec: read the CodecDelay element
    - rtmpproto: Make sure to pass on the error code if read_connect failed
    - lavr: allocate the resampling buffer with a positive size
    - mp3enc: Properly write bitrate value in XING header (debian/736088)
    - golomb: Fix the implementation of get_se_golomb_long
* Thu Apr 17 2014
  - Version bump to 10:
    - compand audio filter
    - av_strnstr
    - support ID3v2 tags in ASF files
    - reference-counting for AVFrame and AVPacket data
    - avconv now fails when input options are used for output file
      or vice versa
    - avconv options -filter_script and -filter_complex_script, which allow a
      filtergraph description to be read from a file
    - uniform options syntax across all filters
    - interlace filter
    - JPEG 2000 decoder
    - asetpts filter (same as setpts, but for audio)
    - trim and atrim filters
    - avconv -t and -ss (output-only) options are now sample-accurate when
      transcoding audio
    - Matroska muxer can now put the index at the beginning of the file.
    - avconv -deinterlace option removed, the yadif filter should be used instead
    - Apple Intermediate Codec decoder
    - Escape 130 video decoder
    - support for slice multithreading in libavfilter
    - VC-1 interlaced B-frame support
    - support for WavPack muxing (raw and in Matroska)
    - Go2Webinar decoder
    - WavPack encoding through libwavpack
    - Added the -n parameter to avconv
    - RTMP seek support
    - when transcoding with avconv (i.e. not streamcopying), -ss is now accurate
      even when used as an input option. Previous behavior can be restored with
      the -noaccurate_seek option.
    - avconv -t option can now be used for inputs, to limit the duration of
      data read from an input file
    - Voxware MetaSound decoder
    - WebP decoder
    - Error Resilient AAC syntax (ER AAC LC) decoding
    - Low Delay AAC (ER AAC LD) decoding
    - mux chapters in ASF files
    - Opus in Ogg demuxing
    - Enhanced Low Delay AAC (ER AAC ELD) decoding (no LD SBR support)
    - F4V muxer
    - HNM version 4 demuxer and video decoder
    - HEVC decoder
    - raw HEVC, HEVC in MOV/MP4, HEVC in Matroska, HEVC in MPEG-TS demuxing
    - remove avplay -vismv option, which has not worked for a long time
    - Live HDS muxer
    - setsar/setdar filters now support variables in ratio expressions
    - dar variable in the scale filter now returns the actual DAR (i.e. a * sar)
    - VP9 decoder
    - support for decoding through VDPAU in avconv (the -hwaccel option)
    - remove mp3_header_(de)compress bitstream filters
    - stereoscopic 3d metadata handling
    - png standalone parser
    - WebP encoding via libwebp
    - ATRAC3+ decoder
    - framepack filter
    - Mirillis FIC video decoder
    - Support DNx444
* Fri Mar 14 2014
  - Version bump to 9.12:
    - configure: Update freetype check to follow upstream
    - drawtext: Drop pointless header
    - configure: Support preprocessor macros as header names
    - arm: hpeldsp: fix put_pixels8_y2_{,no_rnd_}armv6
    - qt-faststart: Check offset_count before reading from the moov_atom buffer
    - arm: hpeldsp: prevent overreads in armv6 asm
    - configure: enable PIC on s390(x)
    - ituh263: reject b-frame with pp_time = 0
    - lagarith: reallocate rgb_planes when needed
    - truemotion1: check the header size
    - shorten: pad the internal bitstream buffer
    - samplefmt: avoid integer overflow in av_samples_get_buffer_size()
    - h264: Fix a typo from the previous commit
    - h264: Lower bound check for slice offsets
    - Add missing header to fix compilation after d2a0654
    - configure: Add missing dependency of Snow decoder on videodsp
    - rpza: limit the number of blocks to the total remaining blocks in the frame
    - oggparseogm: check timing variables
    - mathematics: remove asserts from av_rescale_rnd()
    - vc1: Always reset numref when parsing a new frame header.
    - h264: reset num_reorder_frames if it is invalid
    - h264: check that an IDR NAL only contains I slices
    - mov: Free an earlier allocated array if allocating a new one
    - mov: Free intermediate arrays in the normal cleanup function
    - segafilm: fix leaks if reading the header fails
    - h264_cavlc: check the size of the intra PCM data.
    - h263: Check init_get_bits return value
    - cavsdec: check ff_get_buffer() return value
    - cavs: Check for negative cbp
    - avi: DV in AVI must be considered single stream
    - vmnc: Check the cursor dimensions
    - vmnc: Port to bytestream2
    - vmnc: K&R formatting cosmetics
    - flashsv: Check diff_start diff_height values
    - dsputil/pngdsp: fix signed/unsigned type in end comparison (CVE-2013-7010, CVE-2013-7014)
    - lavf: make av_probe_input_buffer more robust (CVE-2012-6618)
    - lavf: use a fixed width type
    - lavf: simplify handling of offset in av_probe_input_buffer()
    - prores: Error out only on surely incomplete ac_coeffs
    - shorten: Fix out-of-array read
    - prores: Add a codepath for decoding errors
    - nut: Fix unchecked allocations
    - avi: directly resync on DV in AVI read failure
    - mov: Don't allocate arrays with av_malloc that will be realloced
    - shorten: Extend fixed_coeffs to properly support pred_order 0
  - Remove libav-use-recommended-freetype-include.patch:
    * included upstream
* Sun Jan 19 2014
  - Added libav-use-recommended-freetype-include.patch:
    Freetype upstream recommends using their macros together with
    ft2build include. Positive sideeffect is that this patch makes it
    build with both freetype2 2.5.1, and older versions
* Sat Oct 12 2013
  - Provide also devels from other ffmpeg names for compat.
* Sat Oct 12 2013
  - Version 9.10:
    - alac: Do bounds checking of lpc_order read from the bitstream
    - ape: Don't allow the seektable to be omitted
    - asfdec: Check the return value of asf_read_stream_properties
    - asvdec: Verify the amount of extradata
    - avidec: Make sure a packet is large enough before reading its data
    - bfi: Add some very basic sanity checks for input packet sizes
    - bfi: Avoid divisions by zero
    - cavsdec: Make sure a sequence header has been decoded before decoding pictures
    - dcadec: Validate the lfe parameter
    - dsicin: Add some basic sanity checks for fields read from the file
    - eacmv: Make sure a reference frame exists before referencing it
    - electronicarts: Add more sanity checking for the number of channels
    - electronicarts: Check packet sizes before reading
    - ffv1: Make sure at least one slice context is initialized
    - fraps: Make the input buffer size checks more strict
    - h263dec: Remove a hack that can cause infinite loops
    - idroqdec: Make sure a video stream has been allocated before returning packets
    - ivi_common: Make sure color planes have been initialized
    - lavf: Avoid setting avg_frame_rate if delta_dts is negative
    - mace: Make sure that the channel count is set to a valid value
    - matroskadec: Verify realaudio codec parameters
    - mov: Don't use a negative duration for setting other fields
    - mov: Make sure the read sample count is nonnegative
    - mpc8: Check the seek table size parsed from the bitstream
    - mpc8: Make sure the first stream exists before parsing the seek table
    - mpeg4videodec: Check the width/height in mpeg4_decode_sprite_trajectory
    - mpegaudiodec: Validate that the number of channels fits at the given offset
    - mpegvideo: Initialize chroma_*_shift and codec_tag even if the size is 0
    - mvi: Add sanity checking for the audio frame size
    - mxfdec: set audio timebase to 1/samplerate
    - oggparseogm: Convert to use bytestream2
    - omadec: Properly check lengths before incrementing the position
    - pcx: Check the packet size before assuming it fits a palette
    - pcx: Consume the whole packet if giving up due to missing palette
    - pngdec: Stop trying to decode once inflate returns Z_STREAM_END
    - qpeg: Add checks for running out of rows in qpeg_decode_inter
    - r3d: Add more input value validation
    - riffdec: Add sanity checks for the sample rate
    - rl2: Avoid a division by zero
    - rmdec: Validate the fps value
    - rpza: Fix a buffer size check
    - rv10: Validate the dimensions set from the container
    - rv34: Check the return value from ff_rv34_decode_init
    - segafilm: Validate the number of audio channels
    - shorten: Break out of loop looking for fmt chunk if none is found
    - shorten: Use a checked bytestream reader for the wave header
    - sierravmd: Do sanity checking of frame sizes
    - smacker: Avoid integer overflow when allocating packets
    - smacker: Don't return packets in unallocated streams
    - smacker: Make sure we don't fill in huffman codes out of range
    - svq3: Avoid a division by zero
    - svq3: Check for any negative return value from ff_h264_check_intra_pred_mode
    - truemotion2: Use av_freep properly in an error path
    - twinvqdec: Check the ibps parameter separately
    - vc1dec: Don't decode slices when the latest slice header failed to decode
    - vc1dec: Fix leaks in ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables on errors
    - vc1dec: Make sure last_picture is initialized in vc1_decode_skip_blocks
    - vc1dec: Undo mpegvideo initialization if unable to allocate tables
    - vocdec: Don't update codec parameters mid-stream
    - vp3: Check the framerate for validity
    - vqf: Make sure sample_rate is set to a valid value
    - vqf: Make sure the bitrate is in the valid range
    - wnv1: Make sure the input packet is large enough
    - wtv: Add more sanity checks for a length read from the file
    - xan: Only read within the data that actually was initialized
    - xan: Use bytestream2 to limit reading to within the buffer
    - xmv: Add more sanity checks for parameters read from the bitstream
    - xwma: Avoid division by zero
    - xxan: Disallow odd width
    - zmbvdec: Check the buffer size for uncompressed data
  - version 9.9:
    - 4xm: check that bits per sample is strictly positive
    - 4xm: Check that the read track value is non-negative
    - 4xm: Reject not a multiple of 16 dimension
    - 8bps: Bound-check the input buffer
    - aac: Check init_get_bits return value
    - aac: return meaningful errors
    - ac3: Clean up the error paths
    - ac3dec: Don't consume more data than the actual input packet size
    - ac3dec: Increment channel pointers only once per channel
    - ac3: Do not clash with normal AVERROR
    - ac3: Return proper error codes
    - adpcm: Write the correct number of samples for ima-dk4
    - alac: Check that the channels fit at the given offset
    - alac: Limit max_samples_per_frame
    - alsdec: Clean up error paths
    - alsdec: Fix the clipping range
    - ape demuxer: check for EOF in potentially long loops
    - atrac3: Error on impossible encoding/channel combinations
    - atrac3: fix error handling
    - atrac3: set the getbits context the right buffer_end
    - avconv: do not use lavfi direct rendering with -deinterlace
    - avidec: Let the inner dv demuxer take care of discarding
    - avio: Handle AVERROR_EOF in the same way as the return value 0
    - bink: Bound check the quantization matrix.
    - dca: Error out on missing DSYNC
    - dca: Respect the current limits in the downmixing capabilities
    - dsicinav: Bound-check the source buffer when needed
    - dsicinav: Clip the source size to the expected maximum
    - dv: Add a guard to not overread the ppcm array
    - dxa: Make sure the reference frame exists
    - h261: check the mtype index
    - iff: Do not read over the source buffer
    - imc: Catch a division by zero
    - indeo4: Check the quantization matrix index
    - indeo4: Do not access missing reference MV
    - indeo4: Validate scantable dimension
    - indeo5: return proper error codes
    - indeo: Bound-check before applying motion compensation
    - indeo: Bound-check before applying transform
    - indeo: Do not reference mismatched tiles
    - indeo: Reject impossible FRAMETYPE_NULL
    - indeo: Sanitize ff_ivi_init_planes fail paths
    - lavf: avoid integer overflow when estimating bitrate
    - lavf: Make sure avg_frame_rate can be calculated without integer overflow
    - matroskadec: Check that .lang was allocated and set before reading it
    - mjpegb: Detect changing number of planes in interlaced video
    - mlpdec: Do not set invalid context in read_restart_header
    - mov: Do not allow updating the time scale after it has been set
    - mov: Seek back if overreading an individual atom
    - mpegvideo: Avoid 32-bit wrapping of linesize multiplications
    - nuv: check ff_rtjpeg_decode_frame_yuv420 return value
    - nuv: Do not ignore lzo decompression failures
    - nuv: Pad the lzo outbuf
    - nuv: Reset the frame on resize
    - nuv: return meaningful error codes.
    - nuv: Use av_fast_realloc
    - ogg: Always alloc the private context in vorbis_header
    - ogg: Fix potential infinite discard loop
    - oma: check geob tag boundary
    - oma: correctly mark and decrypt partial packets
    - oma: refactor seek function
    - pcm: always use codec->id instead of codec_id
    - pcx: Do not overread source buffer in pcx_rle_decode
    - pictordec: break out of both decoding loops when y drops below 0
    - pictordec: pass correct context to avpriv_request_sample
    - qdm2: check and reset dithering index per channel
    - qdm2: Conceal broken samples
    - qdm2: refactor joined stereo support
    - qdm2: use init_static_data
    - rmdec: Use the AVIOContext given as parameter in rm_read_metadata()
    - rtjpeg: Use init_get_bits8
    - rtmp: Do not misuse memcmp
    - rtmp: rename data_size to size
    - segafilm: Error out on impossible packet size
    - vc1: check mb_height validity.
    - vc1: check the source buffer in vc1_mc functions
    - vcr1: add sanity checks
    - vqavideo: check the version
    - westwood_vqa: do not free extradata on error in read_header
    - wmavoice: conceal clearly corrupted blocks
    - wtv: Mark attachment with a negative stream id
    - xl: Make sure the width is valid
* Mon Jul 29 2013
  - enable gif an jpeg
  - sort enabled stuff alphabetically
* Sat Jul 27 2013
  - version 9.8:
    - kmvc: Clip pixel position to valid range
    - kmvc: Use fixed sized arrays in the context
    - indeo: Reject negative array indexes
    - indeo: Check for reference when inheriting motion vectors
    - indeo: Properly forward the error codes
    - mjpeg: Check the unescaped size for overflows
    - wmapro: Error out on impossible scale factor offsets
    - wmapro: Check the min_samples_per_subframe
    - wmapro: Return early on unsupported condition
    - wmapro: Check num_vec_coeffs against the actual available buffer
    - wmapro: Make sure there is room to store the current packet
    - lavc: Move put_bits_left in put_bits.h
    - 4xm: Do not overread the source buffer in decode_p_block
    - 4xm: Check bitstream_size boundary before using it
* Thu Jul 04 2013
  - Enable pic
* Thu Jul 04 2013
  - Use the date sed same way like on other pkgs.
* Thu Jul 04 2013
  - Enable opus as it is used in chromium.
* Mon Jun 17 2013
  - Version bump to 9.7:
    - 4xm: fix several programming errors to avoid crashes, etc.
    - apetag: use int64_t for filesize
    - jpegls: Fix invalid writes to memory
    - ljpeg: use the correct number of components in YUV
    - mjpeg: Validate sampling factors
    - mjpegdec: properly report unsupported disabled features
    - mjpegdec: validate parameters in mjpeg_decode_scan_progressive_ac
    - mpegvideo: allocate sufficiently large scratch buffer for interlaced vid
    - pixdesc: mark gray8 as pseudopal
    - smacker: fix several programming errors to avoid crashes, etc.
    - tiff: do not overread the source buffer
    - vmd: drop incomplete chunks and spurious samples
    - vmdav: convert to bytestream2 to avoid invalid reads and writes
    - wavpack: check packet size early
    - wavpack: use bytestream2 in wavpack_decode_block
    - wavpack: validate samples size parsed in wavpack_decode_block
    - aac: check the maximum number of channels to avoid invalid writes
    - indeo3: fix off by one in MV validity check
    - id3v2: check for end of file while unescaping tags to avoid invalid
    writes, reported by Google Security Team
    - afifo: fix request_samples on the last frame in certain cases
    - hls, segment: fix splitting for audio-only streams
    - wav: Always seek to an even offset, Bug #500, LP: #1174737
    - swscale: Use alpha from the right row in yuva2rgba_c, Bug #504
    - indeo3: use unaligned reads on reference blocks, Bug #503
    - oma: properly forward errors in oma_read_packet
    - af_asyncts: fix offset calculation
    - proresdec: support mixed interlaced/non-interlaced content
* Mon Apr 22 2013
  - Version bump to 9.5.
    - remove patch applied upstream.
    - Following fixes by upstream:
  - af_channelmap: sanity check input channel indices in all cases
  - avfiltergraph: check for sws opts being non-NULL before using them
  - bmv: check for len being valid in bmv_decode_frame()
  - configure: Enable hwaccels without external dependencies by default
  - dfa: check for invalid access in decode_wdlt()
  - id3v2: pad the APIC packets as required by lavc
  - indeo3: check motion vectors
  - indeo3: fix data size check
  - indeo3: switch parsing the header to bytestream2
  - lavf: make sure stream probe data gets freed
  - matroska: Update the available size after lace parsing
  - matroska: fix a corner case in ebml-lace parsing
  - matroska: pass the lace size to the matroska_parse_rm_audio
  - mp3dec: fallback to generic seeking when a TOC is not present
  - oggdec: fix faulty cleanup prototype
  - oma: Validate sample rates
  - qdm2: check that the FFT size is a power of 2
  - riff: check for eof if chunk size and code are 0 to prevent an infinite loop
  - rv10: check that extradata is large enough
  - svq1dec: check that the reference frame has the same dimensions as the current one
  - svq1dec: clip motion vectors to the frame size
  - xmv: check audio track parameters validity
  - xmv: do not leak memory in the error paths in xmv_read_header()
* Sat Apr 20 2013
  - Freetype2 is requred, not freetype1.
* Sat Apr 20 2013
  - Adjust few options as recommended by upstream.
  - Do not enable gpl3 as we do not link to such libs.
  - Remove default options from configure.
* Sat Apr 20 2013
  - Update url to use macros and update patch comment.
* Fri Apr 12 2013
  - Try to silence date/time warning from rpmlint.
* Fri Apr 12 2013
  - Fix rpmlint code error. Upstream notified.
* Fri Apr 12 2013
  - Format the spec file with the hook.
* Fri Apr 12 2013
  - Initial package. Needs muxers cleanup to match SUSE reqs.



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