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kraft-0.97-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: kraft Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.97 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Aug 18 10:31:19 2021
Group: Productivity/Office/Other Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 2418343 Source RPM: kraft-0.97-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: KDE software to manage office documents in the office
Kraft is KDE software to help to create and manage office documents such as
offers and invoices in the small enterprise.

It supports easy document creation, templates with calculation, customer management
through the KDE addressbook, highly configurable PDF output and more.

See the website for more information.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Sun Aug 15 2021 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to upstream version 0.97.
    Version 0.97 is a bugfix release and fixes a few bugs.
  - Remove patch keepemptyparts.patch which went upstream.
* Sun Feb 28 2021 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Add patch keepemptyparts.patch to fix build with older qt versions.
* Sat Feb 27 2021 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to upstream version 0.96
    * Found new MIT licensed icons to avoid uncertainess with CC license.
    * Allow to use the "add new" button in the doc editor to add new
      catalog templates. It presets the correct chapter.
    * Fix: Use the xmlArchivePath correctly (#80)
    * Fix: Handling of Cancel button in template to doc dialog.
    * Fix: Convert newlines in the items to <br> for the weasyprint doc
    * Fix: In Followup document: If the standard text for pre and post
      text of the target document type is empty, the one from the
      source document is copied over instead. (#91)
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to upstream version 0.95
    * New document render engine based on Weasyprint
    * New template library grantlee used
    * User manual added
    * Many other improvements
  - Removed patch
  - Removed patch
* Thu May 07 2020 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Add upstream patches to port to Python 3:
  - Switch python2 package requirements to python3
* Sat Dec 14 2019 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to stable release 0.90
    * Reworked follow up and copy document
    set the correct header- and footer-texts according to the doc type
    Added a checkbox if items should be copied or not
    * New feature: partial invoices that are substracted in the final
    * Use an XML based migration system for document types
    * Added the first unit tests to Kraft
    * Made the document templates not containing any language specific
    strings any more. There is only one doc now for all languages,
    set by localized strings as template variables.
    * Removed KeepTogether flag for tables to avoid that a long list
    of items only starts on the next page. Might have impact on
    some docs.
    * Fixed formatting of the amount number in the XML output
    * More Less-KDE: Removed more mandatory dependencies on KDE.
    * Added 'About Kraft' information to Krafts system view.
    * Added document type 'Offer without price tags', which does not
    print price tags on the PDF (issue #58).
    * Internationalization: Added dutch translation
  - Removed the patches fix_install_appdata.patch,
    fix_nullptr_warning.patch fix_sql_qt12.patch as those went into
    upstream code.
* Sat Dec 07 2019 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to v0.90 RC 3
  - Removed patch rcfixes.patch, went into the release
* Sun Dec 01 2019 Klaas Freitag <>
  Update to Kraft v0.90 RC 2:
  - Add patch rcfixes.patch that fixes a few glitches in the RC.
  - Remove patch fix_install_appdata.patch, gone upstream
  - Remove patch fix_sql_qt12.patch, gone upstream
  - Remove patch fix_nullptr_warning.patch, gone upstream
* Wed Dec 26 2018 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Add patch fix_nullptr_warning.patch: Reduce noise when compiling
    by disabling the nullptr initialization warning
  - Add patch fix_sql_qt12.patch: Make Kraft build with Qt 5.12 again
* Wed Oct 17 2018 Klaas Freitag <>
  - Update to v0.82:
    * Fix send document by email
    * Allow emailing through xdg-email and not only through thunderbird
      To enable, set mailUA=xdg in the config file in the system section.
    * Fixed wrong usage of i18n command which caused a lot of error
      messages on the console. (#37)
    * Time calculation: Add a time unit to the form, allow to calculate
      times in hours, minutes and seconds (#43)
    * Refactored the calculation dialog, fixed using margin. (#42)
    * Properly ask to waste changes if user hits cancel in Calc dialog.
    * Fix some glitches in the setup code path, ie. db update.
    * Relaxed the document layout a bit by choosing a smaller font and
      adjusting the table column settings a bit.
    * More minor bug fixes and improvements
* Fri Jun 15 2018
  - Update to v0.81:
    * Fix to build with Qt 5.11
    * CMake fixes: Installation directories
    * Use QProcess instead of system call
    * Fix appstream XML data
    * Fix display of individual tax block on documents
  - Add fix_install_appdata.patch: Fixes the installation of appdata.xml
  - Add use_qpdfview.patch: Open PDFs in qpdfviewer, used only for
    appimage build in home:kfreitag builds, enabled through OBS prjconf
* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - Update to v0.81rc1
* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - Use conditional build flags to switch on akonadi usage and the
    qpdfviewer. This way, the package is reuseable in a project where
    an appimage is built.
    Added the patch use_qpdfview.patch that is only used for the
    Also removed some currently unused Fedora cruft
* Sun Apr 01 2018
  - Update to stable version 0.80, based on Qt5/KF5
    * Port to Qt5/KDE Frameworks 5
    * Reduction of build and runtime dependencies, especially
    of KDE Frameworks, replacing old KDE classes with their
    Qt equivalents
    * Dropped Webkit. Use QTextbrowser instead. Ported html
    generating code and CSS accordingly
    * Dependency on Akonadi is now optional, so builds without
    Akonadi are possible
    * Address management in Kraft was abstracted to work with or
    without Akonadi, other address backends could be implemented
    much easier now
    * Refresh of the GUI plus new icons, easier.
    * Refactored time line models completely
    * Show summaries for month and year items: Amount of doc types
    and added sums for each document type
    * GUI: New filter combo to limit to docs of last week or last
    * Use templates for system view (contributed by Andy Wuest)
    * Ship an AppImage for easy testing of Kraft
    * Updated ReportLab based PDF generation script (erml2pdf)
    * countless bug fixes and improvements
  - Removed patch fix_dup_custom_targets.diff, not longer needed.



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