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keepalived-2.2.2-5.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: keepalived Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.1 Build date: Fri Oct 1 22:39:57 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Routing Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 1815670 Source RPM: keepalived-2.2.2-5.1.src.rpm
Summary: A keepalive facility for Linux
This project provides facilities for load balancing and high-availability to
Linux system and Linux-based infrastructures. The load-balancing framework
relies on the Linux Virtual Server (IPVS) kernel module providing Layer4 load
balancing.  Keepalived implements a set of checkers to dynamically and
adaptively maintain and manage loadbalanced server pool according their health.
High-availability is achieved by the VRRP protocol, a fundamental brick for
router failover. In addition, Keepalived implements a set of hooks to the VRRP
finite state machine, providing low-level and high-speed protocol interactions.
Keepalived frameworks can be used independently or all together to provide
resilient infrastructures.






* Mon Sep 27 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_keepalived.service.patch
* Wed Jul 21 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - add 1915.patch to fix build on tumbleweed
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - drop linux-4.15.patch: No longer needed as it was a backport from
  - Cleanup configure options after consultation with upstream:
    - --enable-regex-timers is for debugging purposes
    - --enable-snmp-checker and --enable-snmp-vrrp are enabled by
    - -enable-snmp
    - --enable-snmp-rfcv2 and --enable-snmp-rfcv3 anre enabled by
    - -enable-snmp-rfc
    - --enable-stacktrace is definitely a debugging option
  - on systems where we have nftables support we will only ship with
    nftables support (>= 15.0) and use iptables support only on older
* Sun Mar 07 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.2.2
  - change how we install documentation to avoid duplicated files
  - Link all the files for ipset, iptables, libnl instead of dlopen.
    Drop the previous workaround for generating requires for the
    dlopen-ed libaries.
  - remove unsupported configure option: --enable-libiptc
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Make sure we pull in the libraries we need for dlopen, by
    following the symlinks from the .so symlinks with the
    requires_file macro.
* Tue Jan 26 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.2.1
  - enable systemd integration via libsystemd (new BR: libsystemd)
  - switch to systemd_ordering instead of systemd_requires
  - sync configure options with the configure script
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Diego Akechi <>
  - Inclusion into SLE as ACC supported packages
    (bsc#1158280, ECO#223)
* Thu Nov 07 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - new BR pkgconfig(libnftnl) to fix nftables support
* Thu Nov 07 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.19
    Fix minor IPVS features support. Extend BFD to support more than
    one BFD instance with a neighnour. Extend nftable support. Script
    timeout extension. Properly filter IGMP/MLD packets on VMAC
    interface. Refer to ChangeLog for more infos.
  - changes from 2.0.18
    Add support to IPVS new GUE tunnel type. New feature 'weight
    reverse' available in all trackers. Resolve all outstanding
    coverity issues. Some fixes and performance extensions. Refer to
    ChangeLog for more infos.
* Tue Jul 23 2019
  - Update to 2.0.17 (2019-06-25)
  - remove obsolete patch
    * systemd-after-snmp.patch
  - rebase patch
    * linux-4.15.patch
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - added systemd-after-snmp.patch:
    If you want to use the snmp support the masterx socket needs be
    available otherwise the snmp support is broken
    strictly speaking we would need to use BindsTo= here but that
    would require that add a Requires for net-snmp to the keepalived
    package. to be discussed.
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.15
    - Fix uninitialised variable.
    - Fix rpmbuild on CentOS7, and rely on auto-requires.
    - Add option to flush lvs on shutdown.  Currently all known
      virtual servers and their real servers are removed one at a
      time at shutdown. With large configurations on a busy system,
      this can take some time.  Add an option just like the existing
      'lvs_flush' which operates on shutdown. Typical environments
      with a single keepalived instance can take advantage of this
      option to achieve a faster shutdown or restart cycle.
    - Make alpha mode checkers on new real servers start down on
      reload.  Patch #1180 identified that new real servers with
      alpha mode checkers were being added online immediately, and if
      the checker then failed were being removed. This commit makes
      real servers that didn't exist before the reload start in down
      state if they have alpha mode checkers.
    - Remove duplicate config dump entry.
    - Make new real servers at reload start down if have alpha mode
    - Close checker and smtp_alert sockets on reload.  Issue #1177
      identified that sockets were being left open (lost) after a
      reload. It transpired that these were sockets opened by
      checkers, and by smtp_alerts in the process of being sent.
      This commit adds an extra parameter to thread_add_read() and
      thread_add_write() to allow indicating that the scheduler
      should close the socket when destroying threads.
    - Send vrrp group backup notifies at startup.
    - Make inhibit_on_failure be inherited by real server from
      virtual server.
    - Allow real and sorry servers to be configured with port 0 This
      is to maintain backwards compatibility with keepalived prior to
      commit d87f07c - "Ensure always check return from
      inet_stosockaddr when parsing config".  The proper way to
      configure this is to omit the port, which requires the next
    - Don't setup IPVS config with real and virtual servers ports
      different.  If the real server is using DR or TUN, the port of
      the real server must be the same as the port of the virtual
      server. This commit uses the virtual server port for the real
      server when configuring IPVS.
    - Log warnings if real server and virtual server ports don't
      match This commit adds logging warnings if virtual and real
      server ports, when using TUN or DR, don't match.  It also sets
      the real server ports to be the same as the virtual server
      ports. Although listing the IPVS configuration with ipvsadm
      will look different, the kernel ignored the port of a real
      server when using DR or TUN, so the behaviour isn't changed,
      but when looking at the configuration it now shows what is
      actually happening.
    - Fix warning when protocol specified for virtual server with
    - Add log message that nb_get_retry is deprecated.
    - Fix whitespace in
    - Fix configure error when systemd not installed configure was
      trying to execute pkg-config --variable=systemdsystemunitdir
      systemd even if systemd was not available.  This commit makes
      configure only execute the above if it has determined that
      systemd is the correct init package to use.
    - Correct references to RFC6527 (VRRPv3 SNMP RFC).
    - nsure checker->has_run is always set once a checker has run.
    - Fix some indentation in
    - Update fopen_safe() to open temporary file in destination
      directory rename() in fopen_safe() was failing if the file
      being created was not on the same filesystem as /tmp.
    - Add ${_RANDOM} configuration keyword.  It might seem strange to
      introduce random elements to configuration files, but it can be
      useful for testing.
    - Fix using ~SEQ() in multiline configuration definitions.
    - Make blank lines terminate a multiline definition.
    - Minor updates for lvs_flush_on_stop.
    - Add option to skip deleting real servers on shutdown or reload
      If a virtual server is removed, the kernel will remove its real
      servers, so keepalived doesn't explicitly need to do so.  The
      lvs_flush_onstop option removes all LVS configuration, whereas
      this new option will only remove the virtual servers managed by
    - Correct error message re checker_log_all_failures.
    - Fix syntax error in
    - Fix track_process initialisation for processes with PIDs
      starting 9.
    - Remove debugging log message.
    - Remove inappropriate function const attributes They were
      causing iptables/ipsets not to be initialised.
    - Stop warning: function might be candidate for attribute
      "const" Depending on what configure options are selected,
      gcc can output the above warning for
      initialise_debug_options().  This commit ensures that the
      warning is not produced.
    - Enable strict-config-checks option in keepalived.spec RPM file.
    - vrrp: relax attribute 'const' warning at iptables helpers.
    - Propagate libm to KA_LIBS.
    - Fix building on Alpine Linux.  Alpine (musl) doesn't have a
      definition of __GNU_PREREQ, so create a dummy definition.
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - add buildrequires for file-devel
    - used in the checker to verify scripts
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.14
    - Add compiler warning -Wfloat-conversion and fix new warnings.
      It was discovered that passing 0.000001 as a parameter
      specified as uint32_t to a function did not generate any
      warning of type mismatch, or loss of precision.  This commit
      adds -Wfloat-conversion and fixes 3 instances of new warnings
      that were generated.
    - For non systemd enviroment, it occurs syntax error 'fi'.  To
      avoid syntax error, modify
    - When uninstall keepalived with init upstart, stop keepalived
    - Fix type re LOG_INGO should be LOG_INFO - 6git stash --cached.
      The code was actualy in a #ifdef INCLUDE_UNUSED_CODE block, and
      so isn't currently compiled.
    - Register missing thread function for thread debugging.
    - Fix reutrn value of notify_script_compare misusing issue.
    - Fix typo in keepalived.conf man page re BFD min_rx.
    - Fix segfault when bfd process reloads config.  Issue #1145
      reported the bdf process was segfaulting when reloading.  The
      bfd process was freeing and allocating a new thread_master_t
      when reloading, which doesn't work. This commit changes the bfd
      process to clean and reinitialise the thread_master_t.
    - Fix segfault in handle_proc_ev().  On Linux 3.10 the ack bit
      can be set in a connector message, and the CPU number is set to
      UINT32_MAX. This commit skips acks, and also checks that CPU
      number is within range of the number of CPUs on the system.
    - Fix OpenSSL init failure with OpenSSL v1.1.1.  OpenSSL v1.1.1,
      but not v1.1.0h or v1.1.1b failed in SSL_CTX_new() if
      OPENSSL_init_crypto(OPENSSL_INIT_NO_LOAD_CONFIG) had previously
      been called.  This commit doesn't call OPENSSL_init_crypto() if
      doing so causes SSL_CTX_new() to fail.
    - Remove all references to libnfnetlink.  Commit 2899da6 (Stop
      using linbl for mcast group membership and setting rx buf
      sizes) stopped using libnfnetlink, but INSTALL and were not updated accordingly.
    - Fix genhash re OPENSSL_init_crypto bug and improve  Commit fe6d6ac (Fix OpenSSL init failure with
      OpenSSL v1.1.1) didn't update the identical code in
      genhash/ssl.c. Also, an improvement for the test in was suggested.
    - Fix log output when real server removed.  FMT_VS() and FMT_RS()
      both call inet_sockaddrtotrio which uses a static buffer to
      return the formatted string, but since FMT_VS(), wheich simply
      calls format_vs() copies the returned string to its own static
      buffer, if FMT_VS() was called before FMT_RS() then the
      returned strings from both could be used.  The problem occurs
      when both FMT_VS() and FMT_RS() are used as parameters to
      log_message() (or printf etc). It appeared to work fine on
      x86_64, but was writing the same IP address for both the real
      server and virtual server on ARM architectures. This is due to
      the compiler evaluating parameters to the log_message()
      function call in a different order on the different
      architectures.  This commit adds inet_sockaddrtotrio_r() which
      allows the output to be in a buffer specified by the caller,
      and so FMT_VS() and FMT_RS() can now be called in either order
      without one overwriting a buffer used by the other.
    - Streamline some string formatting with FMT_RS() and FMR_VS().
      Following commit 9fe353d (Fix log output when real server
      removed) some code can be streamlined now that the order of
      calling FMT_VS() and FMT_RS() does not matter.
    - Replace FMT_HTTP_RS(), FMT_TCP_RS() and FMT_DNS_RS() with
      FMT_CHK().  They were all simply defined to be FMT_CHK() so
      just replace them with that. This made it much simpler to find
      all used of FMT_CHK().
    - Fix building with gcc 4.4.7 (Centos 6.5).  gcc v4.4.7 doesn't
      support -Wfloat-conversion, so check for it at configure time.
    - Add dumping checker config/status when receive SIGUSR1.
    - Don't put alpha mode checkers into failed state at reload If a
      new checker is added at a reload, unless the real server aleady
      has failed checkers, then ignore the alpha mode of the checker.
      This means that the real server, if up, won't be taken down and
      then brought back up again almost straight away. If the real
      server already has failed checkers, then setting an alpha mode
      checker down initially won't take down the real server, so we
      can allow the alpha mode setting to apply.
    - Handle alpha mode checkers initial failure at startup better.
    - Fix compile failure discovered by Travis-CI.
    - Fix calling syslog when not using signalfd().  Pull request
      [#1149] identified that syslog is AS-Unsafe (see signal-safety
      man page), and that therefore signals should be blocked when
      calling it.  This commit blocks signals when calling
      syslog()/vsyslog() when signalfd() is not being used.
    - Rationalise function attributes.
    - Fix enable-optimise configure option.
    - Use AS_HELP_STRING for all options in
    - Streamline genhash -h option.
    - Make genhash -v version match keepalived.
    - Fix config check of virtual server quorum against weights of
      real servers.
    - Fix some configure tested checks for OPENSSL_init_crypto.
    - Add infrastructure for adding additional compiler warnings.
    - Add standard and extra compiler warnings.
    - Add and resolve missing-declarations and missing-prototypes
      warnings Approximately 16 additional functions are now declared
    - Add and resolve old-style-definitions warnings
    - Add and resolve redundant-decls warnings
    - Add and resolve jump-misses-init warnings
    - Add and resolve shadow warnings
    - Add and resolve unsuffixed-float-constants warnings
    - Add and resolve suggest-attribute=const warnings
    - Add and resolve suggest-attribute=format warnings
    - Add and resolve suggest-attribute=malloc warnings
    - Add and resolve suggest-attribute=noreturn warnings
    - Add and resolve suggest-attribute=pure warnings
    - Add and resolve unused-macros warnings
    - Add and resolve null-dereference warnings
    - Add and resolve float-equal warnings
    - Add and resolve stack-protector warnings
    - Add and resolve strict-overflow=4 warnings
    - Add and resolve pointer-arith warnings This particularly
      includes adding a number of bytes to a void -.
    - Add and resolve cast-qual warnings
    - Resolve additional warnings identified on Centos 6.5/gcc 4.4.7
    - Remove static from zalloc()
    - Fix some compiler warnings on Ubuntu Xenial, and add comments
      re others.
    - Rename LIST parameters to lst in list_head.h to avoid upper
    - Fix real server checkers moving from failed to OK on reload.
    - add rs judgement in migrate_checkers.
    - Detect connection failure in genhash and exit rather than loop.
    - Add another function pure attribute.
    - Fix sending notifies for vrrp instances at startup when in sync
      group Issue #1155 idenfified that notify scripts for vrrp
      instance transition to backup state when keepalived started up
      were not being sent if the vrrp instance was in a sync group.
      It was also the case that SNMP traps, SMTP alerts and FIFO
      notifies were not being sent either.  This commit make
      keepalived send the initial notifies when the vrrp instance is
      in a sync group.
    - Fix building keepalived RPM on Fedora 26.  For some reason
    - fPIC is needed when testing for the presence of setns().
    - Add vrrp_startup_delay configuration option.  Some systems that
      start keepalived at boot time need to delay the startup of the
      vrrp instances, due to network interfaces taking time to
      properly come up. This commit adds a global configuration
      option vrrp_startup_delay that delays the vrrp instances
      starting up, for the specified number of seconds.
    - Handle checkers properly when reload immediately after startup.
    - Streamline some of the SMTP checker code.
    - Create separate checker for each host in SMTP_CHECK block
      Having multiple host entries in an SMTP_CHECK block is
      deprecated.  This commit streamlines the SMTP_CHECK code by
      creating a separate SMTP checker for each host declared in the
      SMTP_CHECK block, so that apart from parsing the configuration,
      the code no longer handles multiple hosts per checker.  The
      support for parsing configuration with multiple hosts is only
      enabled if WITH_HOST_ENTRIES is defined in check_smtp.c. It is
      currently enabled, but when support for multiple hosts in the
      SMTP_CHECK block is finally removed, it will simply be a matter
      of deleting all code in the WITH_HOST_ENTRIES conditional
    - Make checker fail if ENETUNREACH returned by connect().  The
      connect() call can return some immediate errors such as
      ENETUNREACH.  These were not being treated as a failure of the
      checker, since the code used to assume that any non success
      return by connect() meant that the connection was in progress.
      keepalived will now treat ENETUNREACH, EHOSTUNREACH,
      ETIMEDOUT, when returned by connect(), as meaning that the
      checker has failed.
    - Don't set SO_LINGER with a timeout of 0 SO_LINGER with a
      timeout of 0 causes a TCP connection to be reset rather than
      cleanly closed. Instead of specifying a timeout of 0, use 5
      seconds, so that there is an orderly shutdown of the TCP
      connection, but the close socket doesn't remain in TIMED_WAIT
      state for more than a short time.
    - nftables: fix build with kernel lower than 4.1.
    - Remove dead code and cosmectics.  Remove code marked as UNUSED
      where things simply go nowhere even if define is set. We keep
      for the moment UNUSED code related to debug helpers used during
      coding process.
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.13
    - Add BFD build option to keepalived.spec rpm file
      Issue #1114 identified that the keepalived.spec file was not being
      generated to build BFD support even if keepalived had been configured
      to support it.
    - Copy tarball to rpmbuild/SOURCES when building in place
      It seems that even when building in place, rpmbuild expects the
      tarball to be in the rpmbuild/SOURCES directory.
    - Fix configure check for __always_inline
    - Handle interface MAC addresses changing
      When an interface is added to a bond interface, if it is the first
      interface added, the MAC address of the bond interface is changed
      to the MAC address of the added interface. When subsequent interfaces
      are added, their MAC addresses are changed to that of the bond
      Issue #1112 identified that if a bond interface is deleted and
      recreated, the gratuitous ARPs were sent with the wrong source MAC
      This commit now updates interface MAC addresses from the netlink
      RTM_NEWLINK messages, so that the correct MAC address is always
    - Minor tidying up of opening gratuitous ARP socket.
    - Streamline setting SOCK_NONBLOCK on vrrp sockets.
    - Use netlink reported hardware address length for unsolicited NAs
      ETH_ALEN is correct for Ethernet type interaces, but is not right
      for Infiniband interfaces.
    - Minor tidying up of opening gratuitous NA socket.
    - Make gratuitous ARP/NA sockets non blocking
      keepalived shouldn't block when sending gratutious ARP/NA messages.
      It is better to lose the messages than for keepalived to block, so
      set the sockets non blocking.
    - Use netlink provided broadcast address for gratuitous ARP
      If an interface has a non-standard broadcast address, we should
      honour it.
    - Fix building on pre 3.10 kernels re track_process
      Issue #1119 reported that keepalived wouldn't build on CentOS 6.
      Various PROC_EVENT_- declarations were assumed to exist, some of which
      were not introduced until Linux v3.10. Most of them are not needed, but
      PROC_EVENT_COMM is used by the track_process code.
      This commit now checks for the existence of the PROC_EVENT_- declarations,
      but since keepalived uses PROC_EVENT_COMM, track_process is not supported
      prior to Linux v3.2.
    - Make track_process work prior to Linux 3.2, but with limitations
      Prior to Linux 3.2 the PROC_EVENT_COMM event did not exist, which
      means that keepalived is unable to detect changes to process name
      (/proc/PID/comm) prior to Linux 3.2. most processes do not change
      their process name, and so using track_process prior to Linux 3.2
      is safe so long as the monitored processes are known not to change
      their process name.
    - Stop configure failing when nftables is not supported.
    - Streamline socket use with linkbeat.
      Previously the socket used for ioctls was opened and closed twice per
      poll if using MII or ETHTOOL polling, and once per poll if using ioctl
      polling. This commit opens the socket once at startup, uses that socket
      for all linkbeat polls, and closes it on termination.
    - Enable linkbeat polling to work with dynamic interfaces.
    - Add linkbeat_interfaces configuration block
      It was not possible to indicate that an interface that wasn't used
      as the interface of a vrrp instance, but was used either as a track
      interface, or for virtual/static ip addresses or routes should use
      linkbeat. This commit adds that capability.
    - Add ability to specify linkbeat type in linkbeat_interfaces block.
    - Add --disable-linkbeat configure option
      Does anyone use linkbeat anymore? This commit enables keepalived to
      be build without the linkbeat code.
    - Don't remove link local IPv6 address from VMAC that isn't keepalived's
      If IFLA_INET6_ADDR_GEN_MODE isn't supported and a macvlan interface
      already had a (non-default) link local addresss and the link local
      address that matched the interface's MAC address was added, keepalived
      was removing it as soon as it was added. This commit stop keepalived
      removing the address when we shouldn't.
    - Set configure init type correctly in keepalived.spec file.
    - Fix handling of VMACs with multiple reloads
      If a configuration is loaded that has a VRRP instance using a VMAC,
      then the configuration is updated to remove that VRRP instance and
      keepalived reloads its configuration, then the configuration is
      updated again to reinstate the VRRP instance and the configuration
      is again reloaded, keepalived thought the VMAC interface still
      existed, whereas it was deleted following the first reload.
      This commit ensures that keepalived properly detects whether an
      interface exists following a reload.
    - Remember more than one interface local address per interface
      Keepalived needs a local address for each interface it sends adverts
      on. If the address keepalived is using is deleted and another address
      is configured on the interface, then keepalived should start using
      that address. To do this, a list of configured address on each
      interfaces needs to be maintained.
    - Don't consider VIPs as local addresses when restart after crash
      Keepalived maintains a list of addresses per interface that can be
      used as source adddresses for adverts. To build the list, keepalived
      reads the addresses configured on interfaces when it starts. However,
      if keepalived crashed it will have left VIPs configured on interfaces,
      and we don't want to use them as advert source addresses.
      This commit makes keepalived compare the addresses on interfaces
      to VIPs, and ignores any addresses that are VIPs.
    - Fix removing left over VIPs at startup.
    - Use read_timer() when parsing config where appropriate.
    - Allow fractional warmup, delay_loop and delay_before_retry for checkers
      To shorten the real server monitoring interval, make it possible to specify
      decimal value for following items:
    - Update connect_timeout configuration options
      Based on the patch submitted by this patch
      allows setting the connect_timeout to a resolution of micro-seconds.
      The patch also adds the ability to set a default value at the virtual
      server and real server levels.
    - Fix unused variable warning when building only with RFC compliant
    - It enable to set zero value as mintime for delay_loop and connect_timeout.
    - Add option not to check for EINTR if using signalfd()
      If keepalived is using signalfd(), there are no asynchronous signal
      handlers, and therefore EINTR cannot be returned.
      Currently the check for EINTR is enabled by default, and configure
      option --disable-eintr-debug disables the check, while
    - -enable-eintr-debug enables writing log entries if EINTR is returned.
      Once sufficient testing has been performed, the default will be
      changed not to test for EINTR if signalfd() is supported.
    - Make checking for EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK consistent
      The code in some places checked errno for EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK
      and in other places only checked EAGAIN. On Linux EAGAIN == EWOULDBLOCK,
      so the check is not necessary, but EAGAIN is not guaranteed to be the
      same value as EWOULDBLOCK, so define check_EAGAIN that only checks EAGAIN
      if they are the same value, but checks both if they are different.
    - Ensure default connection timeout for smtp checker hosts set.
    - Set default connection timeout if no smtp check host specified.
    - Fix min timer value, zero to 0.000001Sec.
    - Add fixing min time for vs_co_timeout_handler() and rs_co_timeout_handler().
    - Fix parameter of read_timer(), it treat Mintime and Maxtime as microseconds.
    - vrrp: vrrp_dispatcher_read() performance extension
      We took time with Quentin to simulate and rework this code. We introduced
      2 imbricated while loop:
      (1) First one is catching recvfrom EINTR (this code trig
      only on kernel older than 2.6.22 where signalfd was firstly introduced).
      Newer kernel will immediately break the loop (hey guys: if you are running
      older than 2.6.22 it is worth considering upgrading).
      (2) Second loop will continue reading from socket until same VRID advert
      has been received during the same cycle. After simulating, it appears that
      during contention with a lot of VRRP instances (around 1500), this design
      is needed to relax socket recvq from growing. This can be viewed as a
      Poll-Mode activation during contention and fallback to regular I/O MUX
      during normal operations. This loop breaks immediately and re-submit
      opration to I/O MUX when there is no more to be read.
    - Fix conversion from long for double in read_timer().
    - Remove variable timer of unsigned long cast in read_timer().
      When Double type variable timer is cast to long type, it's scale falls.
  - changes from2.0.12
    - Documentation related.
      Remove keepalived.conf.SYNOPSIS content to make a pointer to manpage.
      Update README manifest to reflect actual Keepalived goal and features.
    - Improve error message if process events connector not enabled in
    - Add option to disable track-process functionality
      Issue #1099 reported that their kernel did not support the proc events
      connector, and it would therefore be helpful to have an option to build
      keepalived without the track-process functionality.
      This commit adds the --disable-track-process configure option.
    - Fix vrrp instances going to fault state when have virtual routes
      If an interface going down caused a vrrp instance to go to fault
      state, and the vrrp instance also had virtual routes, the state
      of the vrrp instance would be set to backup when the deletion of
      the virtual route was detected. This commit ensures that the vrrp
      instance stays in fault state until the interface is brought up
    - Remove Red Hat Linux 9 and RH Enterprise Linux 3 from spec file.
      Red Hat Linux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 are both based on
      Linux 2.4, which is no longer supported by keepalived. The options
      in the spec file for Reh Hat Linux 9 have twice caused people to
      specify wrong options to configure when trying to build keepalived,
      so the options are removed to i) avoid confusion and ii) they are
      not longer relevant.
    - Add global option vrrp_min_garp.
      By default keepalived sends 5 gratuitous ARP/NA messages after
      transitioning to master, and 5 more 5 seconds later. This isn't
      necessary with modern switches, and so if the vrrp_min_garp option
      is set, only one gratuitious ARP/NA message is sent after transition
      to master, and no repeat messages are sent 4 seconds later.
    - Standardise definition of _INCLUDE_UNUSED_CODE_
    - Remove out of date comment re VRRP over IPv6.
    - Correct typo in keepalived.conf.5.
    - Directly use structure sizes for packet header lengths.
    - vrrp_state_fault_rx() is not used.
      Wrap the function in conditional compilation so it is not compiled
    - Convert so list loops to use LIST_FOREACH.
    - Don't recalculate vrrp packet header address.
      vrrp_get_header() calculates the address of the vrrp header in a
      received packet, but it was being recalculated in vrrp_in_chk().
      This commit passes the already calculated address to vrrp_in_chk().
    - Ensure a received packet has an AH header if and only if AH auth.
      Ensure that a received packet has an AH header if we expect AH
      authentication, and doesn't have an AH header if we don't expect
      AH authentication.
    - Ensure all protocol headers received before return pointer to vrrp header
      vrrp_get_header() returns a pointer to the vrrp header, but it now returns
      NULL if insufficient data has been received to include all the (IP,
      possibly AH, and VRRP) headers (this does not include the VIPs in the VRRP
      This means that when a pointer to the VRRP header is returned, all fields in
      all protocol headers can safely be accessed.
    - Add check of received IPv6 hop count in multicast adverts
      The VRRP RFC requires that IPv6 hop count MUST be checked to be 255,
      just as the TTL for IPv6 must be 255. Previously that wasn't being
      checked, since IPv6 raw sockets don't provide access to the IPv6
      Using recvmsg() rather than recvfrom(), and setting socket option
      IPV6_RECVHOPLIMIT allows keepalived to receive the hop count as
      ancillary data, and that can now be checked.
    - Improve reading from vrrp receive sockets.
      Previously no check was made of the return value from recvfrom()/
      recvmsg(). This meant than an error could occur (e.g. EINTR), or no
      data might be returned, and keepalived would still attempt to process
      the receive buffer as though data had been received.
    - Enhance and streamline checking of validity of received VRRP packet
      This includes checking that a packet is multicast, unless unicast is
      expected in which case it is checked for unicast, ensuring that if
      AH authentication is used, the next header protocol is VRRP.
      The sequence of some checks is revised to ensure that the fields being
      checked are valid to be accessed prior to accessing them, e.g. check
      that the packet is VRRP version 2 before checking the authentication.
    - Stop clearing receive buffer before receiving VRRP packets.
      This is no longer necessary now that the appropriate checks are
      made of the return status of recvmsg(), and also that the checks
      of received packet length and packet headers now do all necessary
    - Add compile time checks for IPV6_RECVHOPLIMIT/IPV6_RECVPKTINFO
    - Update build-requires.
      The kernel package required for building keepalived is kernel-headers
      not kernel-devel. Also, it is superfluous to have package kernel in
      the build-requires!
    - Add missing file (build.setup) to tarball.
    - Fix calculating print format to rlim_t in
    - Fix compiler warnings on 32 bit systems re HASH_UPDATE.
      Removing all the casts stopped the warnings.
    - Use PRI_rlim_t when printing rlim_t types.
    - Use %zd/%zu for ssize_t/size_t to avoid warnings on 32 bit systems.
    - Fix some space/tab formatting.
    - Stop declaring some timer definitions unsigned to stop compiler
      TIMER_HZ, TIMER_CENTI_HZ, NSEC_PER_SEC were causing some compiler warnings
      on some systems due to being defined with a 'U' unsigned suffix. Removing
      the unsigned specifier stopped the compiler warnings.
    - Fix compiler warning due to incorrect format specifier.
      An int64_t should use % PRIi64 and not %ld
    - Stop an uninitialized variable compiler warning.
    - Fix MEM_CHECK debugging on processors without unaligned memory
    - Don't attempt to use unopened socket for getting ipset version.
    - Tidy up an error message.
    - vrrp: make vrrp_dispatcher_read() async while catching error.
      During investigations we decided to update previous patch to resubmit
      into I/O MUX on read error. It will make read procedure I/O MUX freindly
      by removing potential sync operation potentially leading to a global
      I/O MUX desync. We aggreed, the situation is really and very exceptionnal
      but could happen.
    - vrrp: vrrp_arp_thread split.
      Split the function for maintainability purpose.
* Sat Jan 19 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - fix build on 42.3/sle12 by disabling http regexp check support
  - add nftables to the BR
  - cleanup BR support for sle11, moved almost all BR to pkgconfig
  - disable dbus instance creation support as it is marked as
* Fri Jan 18 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.11
    - Fix segfault while shutting down when SNMP activity occurs.
      Issue #1061 identified that keepalived could segfault when it
      shut down. It appears that this was caused by data being
      received on the file descriptors that the snmp agent requests
      keepalived to monitor with epoll(). Since the read threads
      weren't being processed during a shutdown, the first time an
      snmp fd was ready, keepalived discarded the read thread. The
      second time that fd became ready there was no thread to handle
      the fd, and, since the assert() statement was not compiled in,
      non existant data was queued to the thread ready queue.  This
      commit changes the assert() calls to continue, so that non
      existant data is no longer queued to the thread ready queue.
    - While shutting down, continue to handle snmp agent fds.  Since
      we don't shutdown the snmp connection until the very end of the
      shutdown process (we need to be able to send snmp traps), we
      should continue to handle the snmp fds on behalf of the snmp
      agent while shutting down.
    - Ensure snmp agent is in correct state when initialising/closing
      Make sure the snmp agent is not already initialised before
      initialising it, and make sure it has been initialised before
      closing it.
    - Disable asserts in bfd code by default and add --enable-asserts
      Asserts were enabled by default in the bfd code, which
      shouldn't be the case.  Add --enable-asserts configure option
      so that the asserts tests can be enabled while debugging.
    - Remove debugging log message accidently left in.
    - Update receive buffers when interface is created.  The receive
      buffer size used by keepalived is based on the largest MTU of
      any interface that keepalived uses. If dynamic interfaces are
      being used and an interface is created after keepalived has
      started, the MTU of the new interface may be larger than the
      previous largest, so the receive buffer may need to be
      increased in size.  Further, if vrrp_rx_bufs_policy is MTU,
      then the kernel receive buffers on the receive socket may need
      to be increased.
    - Handle MTU sizes being changed.  Issue #1068 identified that
      the MTU size wasn't being updated in keepalived if it changed.
      This commit now updates the MTU size and adjusts receive buffer
      sizes accordingly.
    - Fix syntax error in
    - Fix double free when global data smtp_helo_name copied from
      local_name Issue #1071 identified a double free fault. It
      occurred when smtp_helo_name was not set, in which case it was
      set to point to the same malloc'd memory as local_name. At
      termination keepalived freed both local_name and
      smtp_helo_name.  If keepalived needs to use local_name for
      smtp_helo_name it now malloc's additional memory to copy the
      string into.
    - Rename TIMER_MAX to TIMER_MAXIMUM.  ulibC defines TIMER_MAX, so
      to avoid naming conflict rename it.  This issue was reported by
      Paul Gildea <> who also provided the patch.
    - Fix segfault when smtp alerts configured.
    - First working version of nftables.
    - Restructed code around how iptables/nftables are called This
      commit also allows building keepalived without iptables
      support, thereby allowing only nftables support.  Adding any
      other mechanism to handle no_accept mode, i.e. blocking
      receiving and sending to/from VIPs should be added to
      vrrp_firewall.c, in a similar way to how nftables/iptables are
    - Update doc files re nftables.
    - Make nftables handle dont_track_primary appropriately.
    - Fix config reload with nftables.
    - Set base chain priorities from configuration.
    - Use iptables by default if neither iptables or nftables
      configured.  But if the build of keepalived does not include
      iptables, then use nftables default.
    - Stop dumping keywords - left turned on after debugging.
    - Make umask configuration apply to created file.
    - Add libmnl and libnftnl to travis file.
    - Fix compilation failure when NFTNL_EXPR_LOOKUP_FLAGS not
    - Fix compilation failure when build with nftables but without
    - Fix order of include files in configure COLLISION test.  Since
      Linux 4.4.11 (commit 1575c09) including linux/if.h after
      net/if.h works, whereas until glibc fix their headers including
      net/if.h after linux/if.h causes compiler redefinition errors.
      Unfortunately the test for the collision was done the wrong way
      round, as identified in issue #1079. The patch included in the
      issue report corrects the order of inclusion of the header
      files.  What we should do is ensure that glibc header files are
      included before Linux header files, so that at least if kernel
      headers from 4.4.11 onwards are used, the conflict will not
    - Set CLOEXEC on netlink sockets.
    - Correct error message for invalid route metric.
    - Add track_process for vrrp to monitor if another process is
      running.  Configurations frequently include a track_script to
      check that a process is running, often haproxy or nginx. Using
      any of pgrep, pkill, killall, pidof, etc, has an overhead of
      reading all /proc/[1-9]*/status and/or /proc/[1-9]*/cmdline
      files. In particular reading the cmdline files has a
      significant overhead on a system that is swapping, since the
      cmdline files provide access to part of the address space of
      each process, which may need to be fetched from the swap space.
      This commit reads the /proc/[1-9]*/stat and/or the
      /proc/[1-9]*/cmdline files only when keepalived starts, and
      after that uses the process events connector to track process
      creation and termination.  keepalived will ignore zombie
      processes, whereas pgrep etc include them.  A minimum number of
      instances of a process can be specified, and also a delay so
      that if a process is restarted, it won't cause monitoring vrrp
      instances to immediately transition to fault state but to wait
      the configured time and it the monitored process starts again
      it won't transition to fault state.  There are potential
      difficulties with the process event connector if a large number
      of process events occur very rapidly, since there can be a
      receive buffer overrun on the netlink socket. This code will
      detect that happening, increase the receive buffer size, and
      reread the processes from /proc.
    - Add missing #include to track_process.c.
    - Fix number of elements of fd_set read for snmp select info.
    - Remove thread_event_t when EPOLL_CTL_DEL fails.  If snmpd
      closes a file descriptor, when keepalived attempts to
      unregister the fd from epoll an error is returned. However, we
      still need to remove the thread_event_t from the io_events
    - Fix connection to snmpd after it has to reconnect.  Issue #1080
      identified that keepalived wasn't handling a connection failure
      and reconnect to snmpd properly. The problem was created when
      the change from select() to epoll() was made.  This commit
      makes keepalived unregister and reregister the snmp file
      descriptors after snmpd reconnects.
    - Fix retry count for SMTP_CHECK checker.  The checker was doing
      one too few retries.
    - Make healthchecker failure reporting consistent Some
      healthcheckers were reporting all failures, and others only
      when the retries expired. This commit by default makes the
      checkers only report failure when the retries expire, unless
      the global keyword checker_log_all_failures or log_all_failures
      on the specific checker is configured.
    - After reload, reinitialise current track processes state.
    - Remove unused variable in track_process.c.
    - Add configure checks re --with-kernel-dir.
    - Convert remaining select() to epoll_wait().  keepalived was
      using select() for handling the termination of child processes,
      but the main scheduling loop now uses epoll_wait(), so convert
      the select() to epoll_wait() from consistency.
    - Stop keepalived leaving zombie child processes.  keepalived
      wasn't reaping the termination of its child processes, so this
      commit adds waitpid() calls once it knows the processes have
    - Fix make distclean and make distcheck.
    - Also skip route not configured with down interface.  Otherwise,
      if keepalived has virtual_routes configured, we create a
      virtual interface and bring it up and down, current code will
      bring VRRP state to FAULT and never return.
    - Stop vrrp process entering infinite loop when track script
      times out Issue #1093 identified that the vrrp process was
      entering an infinite loop after a track script timed out. This
      was due to a child process thread having an RB tree for PIDs as
      well as for the timeout, and if a child process timed out, the
      thread wasn't being removed from the PID RB tree. This commit
      now ensures it is removed.
    - Fix the abbreviation of Shortest Expected Delay.
    - Don't free unallocated memory if not tracking processes.
    - vrrp: Rewrote JSON code Remove dependency to json-c extralib by
      using a simple streaming JSON writter.  Refactored code to make
      it simple to maintain.
    - vrrp: Fix JSON handling for v{route;rule}.
    - autoconf: fix nftables selection We need to inhibit nftable
      compilation if compiling system has kernel header file
      nf_tables.h but not libnftnl nor libmnl.
* Wed Nov 28 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.10
    - Fix compiling on Alpine Linux.
    - Stop printf compiler warning on Alpine Linux due to rlim_t.
    - manpage cosmetic.
    - Fix removing snmpd read threads when snmpd becomes unavailable.
    - Update to support libipset version 7.
    - Use ipset_printf for ipset messages so can go to log.
    - When opening files for write, ensure files can only be read by
      root.  Issue #1048 referred to CVE-2018-19046 regarding files
      used for debugging purposes could potentially be read by non
      root users.  This commit ensures that such log files cannot be
      opened by non root users.
    - Disable fopen_safe() append mode by default If a non privileged
      user creates /tmp/keepalived.log and has it open for read (e.g.
      tail -f), then even though keepalived will change the owner to
      root and remove all read/write permissions from non owners, the
      application which already has the file open will be able to
      read the added log entries.  Accordingly, opening a file in
      append mode is disabled by default, and only enabled if
    - -enable-smtp-alert-debug or --enable-log-file (which are
      debugging options and unset by default) are enabled.  This
      should further alleviate security concerns related to
    - vrrp: add support to constant time memcmp.  Just an update to
      use best practise security design pattern. While comparing
      password or hmac you need to ensure comparison function is time
      constant in order to figth against any timing attacks. We turn
      off potential compiler optimizations for this particular
      function to avoid any short circuit.
    - Make sure a non privileged user cannot read keepalived file
      output Ensure that when a file such as /tmp/ is
      written, no non privileged can have a previous version of that
      file already open, thereby allowing them to read the data.
      This should fully resolve CVE-2018-19046.
  - drop b7a98f9265ffb5927c4d54c9a30726c76e65bb52.patch: included in
* Sat Nov 10 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - added b7a98f9265ffb5927c4d54c9a30726c76e65bb52.patch to fix
    building with libipset >= 7
* Fri Nov 09 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.9
    - Fix updating a timer thread's timeout.  Issue #1042 identified
      that the BFD process could segfault. This was tracked down to a
      timer thread which had already expired having its timeout
      updated by timer_thread_update_timeout().  The sands timer
      should only be updated if the thread is on a waiting queue, and
      not if it has already timed out or it is unused.
    - Don't requeue read thread if it is not waiting.  This update
      matches commit 09a2a37 - Fix updating a timer thread's timeout
    - Allow BFD instance to recover after send error.  If sendto
      failed in bfd_send_packet(), the bfd instance was put into
      admin down state, but there was no means for the bfd instance
      to transition out of admin down state.  This commit makes
      keepalived log the first instance of a sequence of failures to
      send a bfd packet, but does not bring the bfd instance down in
      case the error is a transient error. If the error is longer
      lasting, the remote system will timeout, transition to down
      state, and send a message saying it is down.  Once the bfd
      instance can start sending again the bfd instance can now
      transition again to up state.
    - Make DGB definition use log_message() rather than syslog().
    - Fix building with --enable-debug configure option.
    - Start list of required kernel features in INSTALL file.  Issue
      [#1024] asked what kernel features are needed to support
      keepalived.  The simple answer was that it isn't recorded
      anywhere, so this is a start of making a list of the features
    - Make list_remove() call list free function and add
      list_transfer().  If an element is being removed from a list,
      the free function should be called.  list_transfer() allows a
      list element to be moved from one list to another without
      freeing and reallocating the list element control information.
    - Add mem_check diagnostics re calling functions of list
      functions.  When using mem_check, mallocs and frees were
      recorded against the list functions, and the originating
      functions weren't identified.  This patch adds recording of the
      functions calling the list functions so that the originating
      function is identified.
    - Simplify the processing of comments in configuration files.
      This commit moves the handling (and removal) of comments to a
      single function (called from read_line()) which simplifies the
      processing of config files.
    - Add ~SEQ(start, step, end) config functionality Where a
      configuration has repeated blocks of configuration where the
      only thing that changes is a numeric value (e.g. for VRIDs from
      1 to 255) this allows the block to be defined once, and a
      single line using ~SEQ can then generate all the blocks.
    - Use REALLOC when building a multiline definition.  The code
      used to use MALLOC, strcpy() and FREE, but REALLOC can do all
      this for us.
    - Improve mem-check diagnostics.  When using an allocation list
      of over 50,000 entries, it was quite slow searching thtough all
      the entries to find the matching memory allocation, and to find
      free entries. This commit changes to using malloc() to create
      entries, and a red-black tree to hold the entries. It also has
      a separate list of free entries.  This commit also adds 4 more
      types of memory allocation error, and improves the consistency
      of the entries in the log files.
    - Don't attempt to delete VMAC when underlying interface is
      deleted.  If the underlying interface of one of our vmacs is
      deleted, and we know the vmac has been deleted, don't attempt
      to delete it again.
    - Include master state in determining if vmacs are up or down
      Netlink doesn't send messages for a state change of a macvlan
      when the master device changes state, so we have to track that
      for ourselves.
    - Turn off parser debugging.
    - Make test/mk_if create iptables chains.
    - Handle interfaces not existing when keepalived terminates.  If
      the underlying interface of a vmac we created has been deleted,
      the vmac will not exist so don't attempt to delete it again.
      Also, don't attempt to reset the configuration of the
      underlying interface.
    - Handle the underlying interface of a macvlan interface going
      up/down.  The kernel doesn't send netlink messages for macvlans
      going up or down when the underlying interface transitions (it
      doesn't even update their status to say they are up/down), but
      the interfaces don't work. We need to track the state of the
      underlying interfaces and propagate that to the macvlan
    - Fix duplicate value in track_t enum.
    - Fix check for matching track types.
    - Treat macvtap interfaces in the same way as macvlan interfaces.
    - Improve handling of interfaces not existing when keepalived
    - Fix handling interface deletion and creation of vmacs on
      macvlan i/fs.
    - When interface created, open sockets on it if used by VRRP
      directly If an interface is created that has vrrp instances
      configured on it that don't use VMACs, or use vmac_xmit_base,
      then the raw sockets must be opened.
    - Force seeing a transition to up state when an interface is
    - Fix netlink remnant data error.
    - Add command line and configuration option to set umask.  Issue
      [#1048] identified that files created by keepalived are created
      with mode 0666. This commit changes the default to 0644, and
      also allows the umask to be specified in the configuration or
      as a command line option.
    - Fix compile warning introduced in commit c6247a9.  Commit
      c6247a9 - "Add command line and configuration option to set
      umask" introduced a compile warning, although the code would
      have worked OK.
    - When opening files for write, ensure they aren't symbolic
      links.  Issue #1048 identified that if, for example, a non
      privileged user created a symbolic link from
      /etc/ to /etc/passwd, writing to
      /etc/ (which could be invoked via DBus) would
      cause /etc/passwd to be overwritten.  This commit stops
      keepalived writing to pathnames where the ultimate component is
      a symbolic link, by setting O_NOFOLLOW whenever opening a file
      for writing.  This might break some setups, where, for example,
      /etc/ was a symbolic link to
      /home/fred/ If this was the case, instead
      create a symbolic link from /home/fred/ to
      /tmp/, so that the file is still accessible
      via /home/fred/  There doesn't appear to be a
      way around this backward incompatibility, since even checking
      if the pathname is a symbolic link prior to opening for
      writing would create a race condition.
    - Make netlink error messages more meaningful.
    - Fix compiling without support for macvlans.
    - fix uninitialized structure.  The linkinfo and linkattr
      structures were not initialized, so we should not expect that
      unexistant attributes are set to NULL. Add the missing
    - fix socket allocation with dynamic interfaces.  When there are
      several vrrp instance binding different interfaces that don't
      exist at startup, their ifindex is set to 0 in the sock. The
      function already_exist_sock() that lookup for an existing
      socket will always return the first sock because the ifindex is
      the same.  Later, when an interface appears, the fd will be
      created for one instance, and all instances will wrongly use
      this fd to send the advertisments.  Fix this by using the
      interface structure pointer instead of the ifindex as the key
      for sock lookup.  The problem was identified by Olivier Matz
      who also provided a patch fixing the problem. This patch is a
      slight rework of Olivier's patch, better using the existing
      data structures that keepalived already holds.
    - When creating a macvlan interface, use AF_UNSPEC rather than
    - Stop using libnl for configuring interfaces.  Since there is
      code to configure the interfaces using netlink without using
      libnl, there is no point in having code to do it using libnl.
    - Fix building on Centos 6.5.
    - Stop including some files not needed after libnl removal for
    - Fix some compilation issues when building without vrrp support.
    - Stop using linbl for mcast group membership and setting rx buf
      sizes.  Since there is code to handle multicast group
      membership and setting kernel netlink receive buffer sizes
      without using libnl, there is no point in having code to do it
      using libnl.  This now means that the vrrp functionality no
      longer uses libnl.
    - Add some sanity checking of configure options.  Certain invalid
      combinations of configure options could cause compile errors,
      e.g. --disable-vrrp --enable-vrrp-fd-debug. This commit ensures
      that invalid combinations aren't allowed, in order to stop the
      compile errors.
    - Fix invalid configuration combination caught by previous
    - Use netlink to set/clear rp_filter on interfaces.
    - Fix configure for building without vrrp.
    - Actually update the .travis.yml file to fix the problem.
    - Fix conditional compilation re epoll-thread-dump debugging.
    - Update INSTALL file now no longer use libnl-route-3.
    - Stop cast to incompatible function type warnings from gcc 8.1.
    - Update snapcraft.yaml not to include libnl-route-3.
    - keepalived exit with non-zero exit code if config file not
    - Allow specifying default config file at configure time.
    - Use keepalived define for exit code when malloc failure.
    - Fix configuring fixed interface type.
    - Add configuring keepalived default configuration file.
    - Fix return value in get_time_rtt() error path.
    - Update generation of git-commit.h.
    - snapcraft.yaml: Enable all sensible build options. Preserve
      build time version in the snap version. Expose genhash.
    - snapcraft.yaml: Build keepalived with Linux 3.13 headers.
    - snap: Add an install hook to make sure a keepalived
      configuration exists.
    - snap: Move the hooks to the correct location.
    - snap: Make sure /etc/keepalived exists.
    - Fix building with IP_MULTICAST_ALL in linux/in.h but not
      netinet/in.h Issue #1054 identified that configure was checking
      the definition of IP_MULTICAST_ALL in linux/in.h but including
      netinet/in.h, which also has the definition, but only from
      glibc 2.17.  This commit creates a local definition (in
      lib/config.h) of IP_MULTICAST_ALL if it is defined in
      linux/in.h but not in netinet/in.h. The reason for this is that
      compiles using linux/in.h fail due to conflicting definitions.
    - Fix creating iptables tables in mk_if.
    - Update .travis.yml to use xenial.
    - Update .travis.yml to add --enable-regex option.
    - Tidy up .travis.yml file.
    - snap: Build multiple keepalived binaries.
    - Updated snapcraft builds to support multiple kernel versions.
  - drop patches:
    - 5241e4d7b177d0b6f073cfc9ed5444bf51ec89d6.patch
    - c6247a9ef2c7b33244ab1d3aa5d629ec49f0a067.patch
    - 04f2d32871bb3b11d7dc024039952f2fe2750306.patch
  - refreshed patch: linux-4.15.patch
* Thu Nov 08 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.8
    - Improve identifing interface as macvlan when reading interface
    - Enslave a VMAC to the VRF master of the underlying interface.
    - Use addattr32 rather than addattr_l for if_index.
    - Only include VRF support if kernel headers support it.
    - Fix --enable-timer-debug configure option.
    - Fix some enable option tests.
    - Include stdbool.h in process.c.
    - Fix diagnostic message re ignoring weight of tracked interface.
    - Fix track_bfds with weights.
    - Correct conditional compilation definition name.
    - Fix memory leak in HTTP_GET/SSL_GET.
    - Fix two memory leaks in DNS_CHECK.
    - Don't consider retries for BFD_CHECK. The BFD_CHECKer doesn't
      support retries, and the check was causing the checker not to
      transition to down state.
    - Fix memory leak with BFD_CHECK.
    - Restart global notify FIFO handler after reload.
    - modify @WITH_REGEX@ to @WITH_REGEX_TRUE@
    - Fix compiling without BFD support.
    - Stop bfd process sending double the number of packets.  If a
      bfd process received an initial bfd packet, it scheduled a
      second bfd_sender_thread thereby causing two packets to be sent
      in every interval.
    - Use timerfd for select timeouts rather than select timeout
      parameter This is a precursor to moving to using epoll.
    - Use epoll rather than select.  epoll is both more efficient
      than select and also doesn't have a file descriptor limit of
      1024, which limited the number of vrrp instances that could be
      managed.  This commit also introduces read-black trees and the
      list_head list type.
    - Add --enable-timer-check option for logging calls for getting
      time Calls to update the current time from the kernel are made
      too frequently, and this patch logs when the calls are made,
      and how long since the previous call, so unnecessary calls can
      be removed.
    - Add debug option for monitoring epoll queues.  This is enabled
      by --enable-epoll-debug and replaces --enable-timer-debug.
    - Use system monotonic clock to generate a monotonic clock.
      Rather than have our own code for creating a monotonic clock,
      use the kernel's monotonic clock.
    - Make some functions in timer.c inline.  The functions had one
      line of code so inlining them is more efficient.
    - Fix requeueing read and write threads after read/write
    - Fix initial allocating and final freeing of thread_master
    - When cleaning up threads, also clean up their thread_events.
    - Add thread_close_fd() function to release thread_event_t on
      close When a file descriptor that has been monitored by epoll
      is closed the thread_event_t structure used for managing epoll
      for that fd has to be release. Therefore calls to close() and
      replace by calls to thread_close_fd().
    - Make parent process write log entry when it is reloading.
    - Move checking for thread timeouts to timerfd_handler There is
      no point in checking for thread timeouts if the timerfd isn't
      readable; in other words only check for thread timeouts if the
      timer has expired.
    - Make bfd reschuling timer threads more efficient.
    - Streamline DNS_CHECK code.
    - Fix buffer overrun with track file path names.
    - Add timestamp when writing mem_check entries to file.
    - Ensure thread_event_t released for ready threads at
    - Increase open file limit if large number of VRRP instances.
      Each VRRP instance can use up to 2 file descriptors, and so if
      there are more than 500 ish VRRP instances the number of open
      files can exceed the default per process limit (1024 on my
      system).  The commit allows 2 file descriptors per vrrp
      instance plus a few more, and if the RLIMIT_NOFILE value
      returned by getrlimit isn't high enough, keepalived will
      increase the limit.
    - Ensure that child processes run with standard
      priorities/limits.  When child processes such as notify
      scripts, track_scripts and MISC_CHECK scripts are run, they
      should not inherit any elevated priorities, system limits etc
      from the parent keepalived process.
    - Change multiple spaces to tabs in scheduler.h.
    - Add family to sockpool listing.
    - Fix a multiline definition expansion issue.
    - Free allocated cache when closing/freeing netlink socket.  When
      running on a system with 500+ interfaces configured and adding
      1000 VMAC interfaces, the heap was growing by 340Mb due the
      netlink cahce not being freed after creating each VMAC
      interface. With this patch the heap only grow by 3.7Mb (if
      creating 1000 VMAC interfaces the heap grep by 905Mb now
      reduced to 6.1Mb).
    - Stop using netlink cache when adding and configuring VMAC
      interfaces.  When running on a system with 500+ interfaces
      configured and adding 1000 VMAC interfaces, it was taking 2.3
      seconds to add the interfaces.  Without populating a netlink
      cache each time a VMAC interface is created it now takes 0.38
      seconds to add the interfaces (if creating 1000 VMAC interfaces
      it was taking 6.1 seconds, now reduced to 0.89 seconds, and the
      heap growth is reduced from 6.1Mb to 3.9Mb).
    - Add function rtnk_link_get_kernel for dynamic linking.
    - Fix compiling without JSON support.
    - Add support for recording perf profiling data for vrrp process.
    - Add comment re usage of MAX_ALLOC_LIST.
    - Some streamlining of scheduler.c.
    - Merge --enable-epoll-debug and --enable-dump-threads
    - Let thread_add_unuse() set thread type, and use
      thread_add_unuse() more.
    - Use break rather than return in process_threads().
    - Fix segfault when reloading with HTTP_GET and no regex
    - Merge the next-generation scheduler.
    - Make all debug options need enabling at runtime.  Previously if
      configure enabled a debug option its output was always
      recorded, which meant that if one didn't want the output,
      configure/ compile was needed. This commit adds command line
      options that need to be set in order to turn the debugging on.
    - Remove unwanted debug message.
    - Fix parsing --debug options.
    - Fix rb tree insertion with timers.
    - Add missing functions for thread debugging.
    - Add vrrp instance VMAC flags when dumping configuration.
    - Ensure parent thread terminates if child has permanant config
    - Ensure don't delete VMAC interface if keepalived didn't create
      it.  and sundry fixes.
    - If receive lower priority advert, send GARP messages for sync
      group.  A recent update to issue #542 identified that following
      recovery from a split brain situation, GARP messages weren't
      being sent. It transpired that, if a member of a sync group in
      master state received a lower priority advert and
      vrrp_higher_prio_send_advert is set, a further (lower priority)
      advert is sent, and the instance and all the members of the
      sync group transition to backup (the other members of the sync
      group don't send a further advert since they haven't received a
      higher priority advert). This meant that the other members of
      the sync group on the keepalived instance that remained master
      didn't receive a lower priority advert, and so didn't send
      further GARP messages.  This commit changes keepalived's
      behaviour, so that if a vrrp instance is sending GARP messages
      due to receiving a lower priority advert and it is a member of
      a sync group, keepalived will also send GARP messages for any
      other member of the sync group that have garp_lower_prio_rep
    - Allow and default/default6 for rule/route to/from
    - Check return value of SSL_CTX_new().
    - Check return values of SSL_new() and BIO_new_socket().
    - Only allow subnet masks with routes or virtual IP addresses.
      For example, if specifying a via address or preferred source
      address for a route, it isn't valid to specify a subnet mask.
    - Add inet/inet6 to specify ip route/rule family if ambiguous.
    - Remove superfluous parameter from parse_route().
    - Add "any" and "all" as synonyms for "default".
    - Fix memory leak if route destination address is wrong address
    - Add ttl-propagate route option.
    - Fix checking return status of kill().
    - Fix building with --enable-debug configure option.
    - Stop delay in reload when using network namespaces.  If running
      in a network namespace, getaddrinfo() could take over 30
      seconds before timing out while trying to contact a name
      server. To alleviate this, the hostname is remembered from when
      keepalived started.
    - Fix spelling of propagate in propagate_signal().
    - Fix effective_priority after reload if tracked interface down.
    - Cosmetic grammatical changes.
    - Add debug option for dumping vrrp fd lists.
    - Fix calculation for vrrp fd timers.  Starting or reloading
      keepalived when an interface that was tracked interface was
      failed was stopping other vrrp instances that were on the same
      interface but not using VMACs coming up.
    - Move code for initialising tracking priorities to vrrp_track.c.
    - Don't overwrite track file on reload.
    - Don't attempt to write track file if path not specified.
    - Fix compiling when not using --enable-vrrp-fd-debug.
    - Fix compiling with configure --enable-vrrp-fd-debug.
    - Add sync group track_bfds and track file status to config dump.
    - Move initialisation of track_files.
    - Don't alter effective_priority if track_file take vrrp instance
    - Don't log vrrp instance in fault state at reload if already
    - Fix calculating fd timer if all vrrp sands are set to
    - Don't make all sync groups transition to backup on reload If a
      sync group was in master state, and can still be after a reload
      then allow it to stay in master state.
    - Don't have track_bfd list in vrrp_sgroup_t in BFD not enabled.
    - Fix memory leak re vrrp_sgroup_t track lists.
    - Tidy up some freeing of MALLOC'd memory.  Use FREE_PTR if it is
      not known if the pointer is valid, and don't clear the pointer
      afterr FREE/FREE_PTR since FREE does it anyway.
    - Add memory.c list size definition and move definition from
    - Increase size of checksum value for MEM_CHECK.
    - Don't store checksum of memory allocation block. It can be
      calculated from the size, so do so.
    - Make the checksum for memory allocation blocks unsigned.
    - Use an enum for memory allocation block types.
    - Update comment re debug bit for memory detect error.
    - In memory alloc debug code report free or realloc for not
    - Allow for PIDs up to 2^22 (7 decimal digits).
    - Add function for dumping memory allocation while running.
    - Fix max memory allocation size calculations.
    - Fix reporting original and new file/line/func for realloc.
    - Check matching block for realloc is allocated.  The same memory
      block may have been previously allocated and freed, so we need
      to make sure that the block we find is currently marked as
    - Use a new MEMCHECK struct for realloc overrun detected It was
      marking the allocated block as an overrun block, whereas it
      needs to be an allocated block, so use a new block to mark the
    - Tidy up working of a couple of memory allocation messages.
    - Use for loops rather than while blocks in memory allocation
    - Report number of mallocs and reallocs with MEMCHECK.
    - Attempt to log first free after double free in MEMCHECK.
    - Streamline use of buf/buffer in memory.c.
    - Always use first free entry in alloc_list for MEMCHECK.
    - Define MEMCHECK alloc_list size via configure.
    - Align keepalived_free() and keepalived_realloc().
    - Make char * const where possible for MEMCHECK.
    - Merge MEMCHECK keepalived_free() and keepalived_realloc().
      Most of the code was common between the two (or should have
      been), so it makes sense for them to use common code.
    - Ensure only relevant thread types run during shutdown.
    - Fix building without --enable-mem-check.
    - Use rbtree search for finding child thread on child
      termination.  It was doing a linear search of the rbtree in
      timeout order. This commit adds another rbtree for child
      processes (vrrp track scripts and check_misc scripts), sorted
      by PID, to make the search by PID more efficient.
    - Make rbtree compare function thread_timer_cmp() more efficient.
    - Remove child_remover functionality - it was superfluous.
    - Fix checking that there are no duplicate vrrp instances
      configured The tuple {interface, family, vrid} must be unique.
      The check for this was being made completely incorrectly.
    - Delay creating vrrp notify FIFO.
    - Remove struct sockaddr_storage saddr from sock_t.
    - Use an rbtree for finding vrrp instance for received advert.
      Previously the code search a list of pointers to vrrp instances
      and looked for a matching fd and vrid. In order to optimise
      this, it was implemented using an mlist whose index was a hash
      of the fd and vrid.  This commit changes the approach and uses
      an rbtree for each sock_t.  Since the sock_t that the advert
      was received on is known, the rbtree search is only searching
      for a match on the vrid.  Not only is this more efficient, but
      it is simpler, uses standard code, and reduces the code by
      over 60 lines.
    - Use an rbtree for finding vrrp instance for socket timeout.
      Previously the code search a list of pointers to vrrp instances
      and looked for matching file descriptor and sands < time_now.
      In order to optimise this, it was implemented using an mlist
      whose index was a hash of the fd.  This commit changes the
      approach and uses a second rbtree for each sock_t.  Since the
      sock_t that the timeout occurred on is known, the rbtree search
      is only searching for a match of the sands.  Not only is this
      more efficient, but it is simpler, uses standard code, and
      reduces the code by over 220 lines.
    - Remove superfluous checks of rbtree node != NULL in rb_move().
    - Remove superfluous check of node != NULL in rb_next().
    - Update rbtree code to Linux 4.18.10.
    - Fix debug logging of sands timers before time_now.
    - Update rb_for_each_entry etc and rb_move to use rb_entry_safe.
      With the added definition of rb_entry_safe in the rbtree code
      updated to Linux 4.18.10, the refinition of rb_entry was
      reverted to the kernel definition. That meant that
      rb_for_each_entry, rb_for_eacn_entry_safe and rb_move neded to
      be updated to use rb_entry_safe rather than rb_entry.
    - Add support functions for rbtree rb_root_cached.  This is in
      preparation for the use of rb_root_cached in the next patch.
    - Use cached rbtrees where the key is a timeval_t sands When the
      key of an rbtree is a timeval_t sands keepalived will
      frequently need to access the first node of the tree in order
      to calculate the next timeout. This applies to the read, write,
      child and timer threads queues, and also the vrrp queues on a
      sock_t.  The use of cached rbtrees for these is ideal since it
      gives direct access to the first node of the queue.
    - Add thread_add_read_sands to avoid introducing timer errors.
      When using thread_add_read and the timeout was held as
      timeval_t, it was converted to and offset from time_now, and
      then converted back to a timeval_t, but time_now was updated,
      resulting in a slightly different value being used as the
      timeout. Using thread_add_read_sands() avoids the double
      conversion and results in the timeout being more accurate.
    - Replace NETLINK_TIMER with TIMER_NEVER.  It makes the code
      easier to read, and since NETLINK_TIMER was defined to be
      TIMER_NEVER it doesn't change the functionality.
    - Handle preempt delays not expiring at same time on sync group
      If different vrrp instances in a sync group had preempt delays
      that expired at different times keepalived looped with very
      small to epoll_wait() until all preempt delays had expired,
      causing high CPU utilisation.  Keepalived now reschedules vrrp
      instances with a delay of 3 * advert_int + skew time while
      waiting for all vrrp instances in the sync group to expire
      their preempt delays.
    - Fix segfault when receive netlink message for default route
    - Move vrf_master_index into conditional compilation block.
    - Store interface macvlan type.
    - Make vrp_master_ifp point to self for VRF master interfaces.
    - Log if cannot create a VMAC due to existing interface with same
    - Handle delete/create of macvlan i/fs which aren't keepalived's.
    - Tidying up keepalived_netlink.c.
    - Handle VRFs changing on macvlan i/fs which have VMACs
      configured on them.
    - Fix recreating our VMACs if they are deleted.
    - Fix detecting address add/deletion from underlying i/f of our
    - Don't use configured_ifp or base_ifp if not _HAVE_VRRP_VMAC_.
    - Distinguish between VMAC on real i/f and no VMAC on macvlan i/f
      If keepalived is configured to have a non VMAC interface on a
      macvlan interface, we want to use the macvlan interface rather
      than the underlying interface, whereas if we have a VMAC
      interface on a macvlan interface, we create the VMAC on the
      underlying interface of the macvlan.
    - Update duplicate VRID check where vrrp instance configured on
      macvlan.  If a VRRP instance is configured on a macvlan
      interface, the duplicate VRID check needs to be done on the
      underlying interface.
    - Check for VRID conflicts when changeable interfaces are added
      For example, a vrrp instance could be configured on a macvlan,
      and that macvlan could be deleted and recreated with another
      base interface.  The VRIDs in this case need to be checked for
      duplicates against the base interface, and so the VRID check
      needs to be done dynamically.  In order to allow VRID conflicts
      to produce config errors at startup, by default keepalived
      assumes that there won't be interface movements as described
      above, and will only handle it if the global_defs option
      'dynamic_interfaces' is used along with the option
    - Remove some comments inserted for tracking changes to code.
    - Fix building with --enable-debug configure option.
    - Check that '{'s and '}'s are balanced in the configuration
    - Allow more flexibility re placing of { and }.
    - Improve reporting additional '}'s in configuration.
    - Minor improvements re thread handling and cancellation.
    - Remove unused THREAD_IF_UP and THREAD_IF_DOWN.
    - Replace getpagesize() with sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE).
    - Increase netlink receive buffer for dumps to 16KiB.
    - Dynamically set the netlink receive buffer size.
    - Sort out setting netlink receive buffer size.
  - added patches for changes found during the review of the dbus
    code: (boo#1015141)
    CVE-2018-19044 for
    CVE-2018-19045 for
  - enable dbus support on TW by default (boo#1015141)
  - enable json stats dump support
* Thu Sep 13 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - use %license
* Thu Sep 13 2018 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 2.0.7
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/keepalived/ChangeLog
  - refreshed keepalive-init.patch:
    - reduced patch to minimal changes
    - made sure it actually reads our sysconfig file
  - refreshed linux-4.15.patch
  - enable http regexp support: new BR pcre2-devel
  - update rpmlintrc to actually match the error message: glob vs
* Mon Apr 30 2018
  - Only Require insserv on distributions without systemd.
  - Fix systemd related requires/buildRequires
  - Do not run scriptlets that use insserv when using systemd
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - add linux-4.15.patch
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - update to 1.4.1:
    * Improve and fix use of getopt_long().
      We musn't use a long option val of 1, since getopt_long() can return
      that value.
      getopt_long() also returns longindex == 0 when there is no matching
      long option, and there needs to be careful checking if there is an
      error to work out whether a long or short option was used, which is
      needed for meaningful error messages.
    * Write assert() messages to syslog.
      assert()s are nasty things, but at least let's get the benefit of
      them, and write the messages to syslog, rather than losing them down
    * Enable sorry server at startup if quorum down due to alpha mode
      If alpha mode is configured on sufficient checkers so that a
      virtual server doesn't have a quorum, we need to add the sorry
      server at startup, otherwise it won't be added until a quorum has
      been achieved and subsequently lost again. In the case where some
      of the checkers remain in the down state at startup, this would have
      meant that the sorry server never got added.
    * For virtual servers, ensure quorum <= number of real servers
      If the quorum were gigher than the number of real servers, the
      quorum for the real server to come up could never be achieved, so
      if the quorum is greater than the number of real servers, reduce it
      to the number of real servers.
    * Fix some SNMP keepalived checker integer types and default values.
      Some virtual server and real server values were being sent to SNMP
      with a signed type whereas the value is unsigned, so set the type
      field correctly.
      Some virtual server and real server values that apply to checkers
      are set to nonsense default values in order to determine if a
      value has been specified. Handle these values when reporting them
      to SNMP replying with 0 rather than a nonsense value.
    * Fix some MALLOC/FREE issues with notify FIFOs.
    * Add instance_name/config_id to alert emails' subjects if configured.
      If multiple instances of keepalived are running, either different
      instance_names and/or config_ids, it is useful to know which
      keepalived instance the email relates to.
    * Ensure that email body string isn't unterminated.
      Using strncpy() needs to ensure that there is a nul termination byte,
      so this commits adds always writing a nul byte to the end of the buffer.
    * Remove duplicate fault notification.
    * Fix problem with scripts found via PATH with a '/' in parameters.
      Recent discussions on issue #101 led to discovering that if an
      executable without a fully qualified name was specified as a script
      and there was a '/' character in the parameters, then the path
      resolution would not work.
    * Send SNMP traps when go from backup to fault due to sync group.
      Commit 020a9ab added executing notify_fault for vrrp instances
      transitioning from backup to fault state due to another instance
      in the sync group going to fault state. This commit adds sending
      SNMP traps in the same circumstance.
    * Revert "Add instance_name/config_id to alert emails' subjects if
      configured". This should be handled by setting router_id
    * Add config option to send smtp-alerts to file rather than send emails
      This is useful for debugging purposes.
    * Add additional entry to Travis-CI build matrix.
    * Fix segfault if no sorry server configured for a virtual server.
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - enable json stats and config dump support
    new BR: pkgconfig(json-c)
  - disable dynamic loading of libipset and link it instead
  - enable stacktrace support
  - turn on snmp-rfcv2 and snmp-rfcv3 support
  - do not reference the keepalived.socket in the rpm scriptlets
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - update to 1.4.0
    * Add Linux build and runtime versions to -v output.
    * Log kernel version and build kernel version to log at startup.
    * Don't sleep for 1 send when exiting vrrp process if no vrrp instances.
    * With large configurations the syslog can get flooded and drop output.
      This commit adds options to not log to syslog, and also to log all
      output to files.
    * Add option to only flush log files before forking.
    * Don't poll netlink for all interfaces each time add a VMAC.
      We can poll for the individual interface details which significantly
      reduces what we have to process.
    * Print interface details in output.
    * Add high performace child finder code.
      The code to find the relevant thread to execute afer a child process
      (either a vrrp track script or a misc_check healthchecker) was doing
      a linear search for the matching pid, which if there are a large number
      of child processes running could become time consuming.
      The code now will enable high performance child finding, based on using
      mlists hashed by the pid, if there are 32 or more vrrp track scripts or
      misc check healthcheckers. The size of the mlist is based on the number
      of scripts, with a limit of 256.
    * Improve high performance child termination timeout code.
    * Preserve filename in script path name resolution.
      Some executables change their behaviour depending on the name by
      which they are invoked (e.g. /usr/sbin/pidof when it is a link to
      /usr/sbin/killall5). Using realpath() changes the file name part
      if it is a symbolic link. This commit resolves all symbolic links
      to directories, but leaves the file name part unaltered. It then
      checks the security of both the path to the link and the path to
      the real file.
    * Handle scripts names that are symbolic links properly.
    * Fix some RFC SNMP issues.
    * Fix removing left-over addresses if keepalived aborts.
    * Update openssl use to stop using deprecated functions
      openssl from version 1.1 deprecated certain functions that keepalived
      was using. This commit ceases using those functions if the version
      of openssl is >= 1.1.
    * Allow sync groups with only 1 member, but issue a warning.
    * Add replaceable parameters in configuration files.
    * Add multiline configuration definitions.
    * Fix keepalived.conf(5) man page.
    * Suppress error message when removing leftover addresses at startup.
    => find more changes at /usr/share/doc/packages/keepalived/
  - rebase keepalive-init.patch
  - use upstream systemd service file instead providing an own one
    => removed keepalived.service
  - remove executable bit from samples in docdir
  - check that LVS support is enabled
  - optionally enable dump configuration and stats as JSON (via bcond)
    => BuildRequire libjson-c-devel
  - restrict /etc/keepalived permissions to root



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