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joe-4.6-2.10 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: joe Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.10 Build date: Thu May 27 12:51:47 2021
Group: Productivity/Text/Editors Build host: armbuild21
Size: 1803601 Source RPM: joe-4.6-2.10.src.rpm
Summary: A Text Editor
Joe is a powerful, easy to use, modeless text editor. It uses the same
WordStar keybindings used in Borland's development environment.






* Wed Feb 13 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Dropped .desktop files to follow openSUSE guidelines regarding console
  - Dropped obsolete patch joe-4.6-desktop_files.patch
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Small packaging simplifications
  - Lets enable selinux
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Enno Gotthold <>
  - Added patch to fix build on SLe_12_Sp3 and openSUSE_Leap_42.3
    * joe-4.6-nonvoid-functions.patch
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Enno Gotthold <>
  - Fixed broken build: Added patch which was forgotten to add to version control.
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Enno Gotthold <>
  - Add Patch joe-4.6-desktop_files.patch: Desktop Category was wrong.
  - Update to version 4.6
    * Upgrade to Unicode 10.0.0. Add configure environment variable that allows
      you select Unicode 8.0.0, 9.0.0 or 10.0.0.
    * Install Gnome .desktop files for JOE. This allows you to use JOE in GUI
      "Open With" mouse actions.
    * Support strikeout and double-underline attributes for the few terminal
      emulators that support them. Use "stricken" and "dunderline" in the syntax
      files, or \s and \z in help screens and status line.
    * Fix bug where JOE would sometimes crash when editing shell scripts. This
      was due to an obscure bug in the syntax highlighter: 'reset' command (used
      for default state) was incorrectly messing with stack.
    * -highlighter_context was missing from many file types, which negated some
      improvements from the previous version.
    * Fixed signed char overflow with old style mouse events in large windows
    * Fix bug where path restart (//) was being applied to block filter command
      prompt. Strange things would happen if you had adjacent slashes in command
    * Allow ~ expansion but suppress path restart (//) in compiler error parsing.
      Restore default handling of SIGPIPE and SIGINT for shell commands. This
      fixes an issue where SIGPIPE doesn't terminate a process as expected, for
      example by the head -n 10 in: ^K R !sh -c 'while :; do echo y; done' |
      head -n 10. This issue only occurred in read/write to !, JOE already did
      the right thing for shell windows and the filter region through shell
    * Improve screen update algorithm so that spaces at the ends of lines are
      always emitted. This allows them to be preserved when cutting text with
      the mouse from a terminal emulator window.
    * Improve efficiency of screen update algorithm: JOE had been resetting
      attributes such as background color before performing cursor motions
      (probably as work around for bugs in old terminal emulators). This made
      screen update slow when there were many attributes, as with syntax
      highlighting and color schemes. It was also repeatedly emitting ESC [ K.
    * Switch JOE to issue scrolling commands, even at high baud rates (before
      this, JOE issued scrolling commands only at 19200 and below because it
      used to be that simple screen refresh was faster than scrolling in
      terminal emulators. But this is no longer true with complex screens
      involving color schemes, unicode and highlighting).
  - Update to version 4.5
    * New color scheme feature, which can be accessed with ^T S or by setting
    * the -colors option.
    * 24-bit color support can be enabled by setting the COLORTERM environment
      variable to truecolor or 24bit.
    * Several schemes included in-the-box:
    * gruvbox by Pavel Pertsev
    * ir_black by Todd Werth
    * molokai by Tomas Restrepo
    * solarized by Ethan Schoonover
    * wombat by Lars H. Nielsen
    * xoria by Dmitriy Y. Zotikov
    * zenburn by Jani Nurminen
    * The current line can be highlighted by pressing ^T U or by enabling the
    - hiline option.
    * The gutter containing line numbers has a dynamic size based on the length
      of the file, rather than a fixed size of 10.
    * Updated all language syntax files to use comment_todo and string/comment
      contexts where appropriate.
    * Now pass character which invoked a macro to each macro step and call. If a
      macro step happens to be the 'type' command, the character which invoked
      the macro will be typed in. For example, this macro will type three 'X's.
      Before this change you got three NULs.
    * type,type,type X
    * Fix exsave: (^K ^X) should close file when a block is present in the
      window, and the file is unmodified (regression from ^C change in 4.2).
    * Fix regex assertions: they were not working because the character before
      the search position was not being loaded.
    * For jmacs: ^Q^J now again inserts \n in the string replace prompt. This
      broke beginning with JOE 4.0.
    * Don't try to open files for writing to check file access. This behaves
      better on unionfs mounts.
    * Fix stray blocks created after find/replace.
* Mon Jan 23 2017
  - Update to version 4.4:
    * Fix segfault due to buffer overrun.  This happens if a line
    with many backslashes appears in the status line context display.
    * Fix jmacs: ^X ^F and ^X ^B were not working
    * Build fixes for Solaris
    * Improve php highlighter: allow numbers in substitution variable names
    * Unicode tweak: treat private use characters (Co) as printable
    * Dockerfile highlighter: Add Docker new commands from 1.12,
    mark bad strings in arrays
    * Fix loading external charmaps
  - Changes for version 4.3:
    * Improve memory usage by shrinking buffer header size and
    highlighter state size.
    * Improve performance of status line context display (which shows
    the first line of the function that the cursor is currently in).
    This feature was making JOE very slow on extremely large files with
    auto indent enabled (typically JSON or XML data files).  Now
    the syntax highlighter computes the context display (using a new
    syntax named context.jsf).
    * Add a mode 'title' to enable or disable the status line context
    display (previously autoindent mode was overloaded to do this).
    * Disable syntax highlighting and context display in very large
    * Force more appropriate modes when we enter hex dump display:
    enable overtype, disable autoindent, wordwrap, ansi, picture.
    * Handle middle mouse button in "joe -mouse" mode (before it did
    nothing).  It's treated as paste (copy region to mouse) as
    expected.  (patch from Petr Olsak).
    * Do not kill region highlighting during incremental search (patch
    from Petr Olsak).
    * Negative numbers were not being recognized in blocks
    * PgUp/PgDn would try to scroll menu if the window above is a menu
    (it should do this only for completion menus associated with
    * Use 'LC_ALL=C sed' to get JOE to compile in OS X.
    * Forward direction delimiter matching where the delimiters do
    not begin with special characters (for example in Verilog
    "begin" / "end") was not working.
    * Get mouse to work in menus: this broke in 4.1
    * Character classes with ranges were not working for UTF-8 (as in \\[a-z])
    * Apply spec highlighting to .spec files
    * Gracefully handle short terminals: fix segfaults which occur when
    trying to shrink terminal while many windows are on the screen or
    while turning on help with a short terminal.  Fix similar bugs
    involving the skiptop option.  JOE now works even if the terminal
    height is only one line.
  - Refresh patches
  - Small spec file cleanup
* Mon May 02 2016
  - Update to 4.2:
    * New or improved syntax files for the following languages:
    * Dockerfile
    * Usability Enhancements
    * The top Google help searches for JOE include:
    * How do I save and exit?  The startup copyright notice
    has been replaced with basic help for beginners
    * How do I dismiss the region highlighting?
    Changed to Ctrl-C will do it.
    * How do I close all files and exit?  Now Ctrl-K Q does this.
    * Restyle the help screens.
    * Remove time and "Ctrl-K H for help" message from status bar.
    * Add ^KH for help to search and replace prompts.
    * Provide aborthint and helphint options
    * Enable -noxon by default (disable ^S/^Q flow control).
    * Document ESC X (command prompt) in the help screens.
    * "joe --help" now prints all command line options.
    * Other Enhancements
    * Tags search now tries to find the tags file in parent directories
    if it does not exist in the current directory and if the TAGS
    environment variable was not set.
    * Built-in calculator can now print and accept numbers in binary,
    octal and engineering formats:
    __dec__	12_345
    __eng__	12.345_0e3
    __bin__	0b11_0000_0011_1001
    __oct__	0o3_0071
    __hex__	0x3039
    * Built-in calculator now prints and accepts separating underscores
    for clarity.
    * Enhanced calculator statistics functions:
    * __dev__ computes standard deviation with full population
    * __samp__ computes standard deviation with sample of population
    * Linear regression analysis.  Select a region of x
    and y values, then:
    * __lr__(x)   provide estimate of y given x
    * __rlr__(y)  provide estimate of x given y
    * __Lr__, __lR__, __LR__: log, exponential, power regression
    * Calculator region functions now assume the entire buffer if no
    region is set.
    * Tab completion now works at the calculator prompt (and in all
    prompts which allow numeric input, such as ^KL- go to line).
    * Make new regex engine (from JOE 4.1) more compatible with the
    classic engine.  \\y is now shorthand for \\(\\.\\\*\\), so that it does
    what \\\* did in the old engine.  Also:
    * \\. no longer matches newline.
    * \\\* matches shortest match, not longest match.
    * Add -left and -right options to control the amount scrolling when
    the cursor moves past the left or right edge of the screen.
    * Bugs fixed
    * Fix use after free bug which shows up as a crash in OpenBSD
    * Fix bug where indent step value was not shown on ^T menu
    * Fix bug where setting margin doesn't work on big-endian systems
    * Fix issue where highest valued unicode character equivalent was
    not translating to its corresponding 8-bit character.  Effect
    of this was that Delete key was not working in shell windows in
    ASCII character set.
    * Standard deviation calculator function was not producing correct
    * Allow koi8r and koi8-r for KOI8-R in joe_getcodeset (which is only
    used if there is no setlocale).
    * Guess_crlf forced UNIX line endings for new files even though
    crlf was set.  Now crlf is left alone if guess_crlf can not
    determine the line ending.
    * If cursor was at end of a long line and you switched to hex dump
    display mode, then hex dump was scrolled.  Now scroll offset is
    reset when you switch to hex display mode.
  - Resynched patches:
  - Update German translations
* Sun Oct 04 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 4.1
    * JOE can now edit UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE files. It does this by
    converting them to UTF-8 during load and back to UTF-16 during
    * Within JOE, native byte order is called UTF-16 and reversed order
    is called UTF-16R. Changing the encoding (with ^T E) between
    UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-16R will make JOE convert the file to the
    desired encoding on save.
    * New regular expression engine, which is a compiled Thompson NFA
    matcher. Now supports alternatives "X\|Y", grouping and submatch
    "a\(inside\)b", repetition ranges "x\{3,5}" for "xxxx\?x\?".
    * Unicode 8.0 character class support.
  - Use shorter download URL
  - Remove joe-codecleanup.patch (code to replace is no longer there),
    remove joe-3.1-terminate_buffer.patch (code changed to const).
* Sat Sep 19 2015
  - Actually fix download url
* Wed Jul 08 2015
  - Fix source URI.
  - Update and fix german messages.
  - Add a rpmlintrc file to stop rpmlint from complaining about
    files marked as config but not in /etc.



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