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influxdb-1.8.6-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: influxdb Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.8.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Wed Sep 29 20:24:59 2021
Group: Productivity/Databases/Servers Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 157659190 Source RPM: influxdb-1.8.6-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics
InfluxDB is an distributed time series database with no external dependencies.
It's useful for recording metrics, events, and performing analytics.






* Wed Sep 22 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_influxdb.service.patch
    * influxdb.service
* Mon May 24 2021 Johannes Kastl <>
  - convert to using the go modules service to create the tarball
    - modify spec to adjust to new vendor.tar.gz being used
    - add _service file
    - remove README.packaging
* Mon May 24 2021 Johannes Kastl <>
  - update to 1.8.6
    * #21290: fix: Anti-Entropy loops endlessly with empty shard
    * #21381: chore(ae): add more logging
    * #21518: fix: FGA enablement
* Mon May 24 2021 Johannes Kastl <>
  - update to 1.8.5
    * #20917: feat(inspect): Add report-disk for disk usage by measurement
    * #20118: feat: Optimize shard lookups in groups containing only one shard. Thanks @StoneYunZhao!
    * #20910: feat: Make meta queries respect QueryTimeout values
    * #20989: feat: influx_inspect export to standard out
    * #21021: feat: Log query text for POST requests
    * #21053: fix: help text for influx_inspect
    * #20101: fix(write): Successful writes increment write error statistics incorrectly.
    * #20276: fix(error): unsupported value: +Inf" error not handled gracefully.
    * #20277: fix(query): Group By queries with offset that crosses a DST boundary can fail.
    * #20295: fix: cp.Mux.Serve() closes all net.Listener instances silently on error.
    * #19832: fix(prometheus): regexp handling should comply with PromQL.
    * #20432: fix(error): SELECT INTO doesn't return error with unsupported value
    * #20033: fix(tsm1): "snapshot in progress" error during backup
    * #20909: fix(tsm1): data race when accessing tombstone stats
    * #20912: fix(tsdb): minimize lock contention when adding new fields or measure
    * #20914: fix: infinite recursion bug (#20862)
* Fri Mar 05 2021 Johannes Kastl <>
  - in preparation for new package for influxdb 2.0.x, add a Conflicts
    statement to not have both installable on the same system
* Wed Feb 10 2021 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Version 1.8.4
    [#19696]: fix(flux): add durations to Flux logging
  - Version 1.8.3
    [#19187]: feat: Collect values written stats.
    [#19611]: feat: Add -lponly flag to export sub-command.
* Mon Nov 30 2020 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Fix build for Factory
* Sun Sep 13 2020 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Version 1.8.2
    [#19253]: fix(tsdb): Revert disable series id set cache size by default.
* Fri Jul 24 2020 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Version 1.8.1
    [#18457]: feat(query): Parallelize field iterator planning.
    [#18886]: feat(http): Allow user supplied HTTP headers.
    [#17319]: fix(flux): buckets call no longer panics.
    [#18212]: fix(tsdb): Defer closing of underlying SeriesIDSetIterators.
    [#18286]: fix(tsdb): Disable series id set cache size by default.
    [#18299]: refactor(http): Simplify Authorizer.
    [#18694]: fix(tsi1): wait deleting epoch before dropping shard.
    [#18687]: perf(tsi1): batch write tombstone entries when dropping/deleting.
    [#18826]: fix: gracefully handle errors when creating snapshots.
    [#18849]: chore(build): remove all of the go1.12 references from build.
* Sat Jul 04 2020 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Version 1.8.0
    [#15952]: Add influx_inspect verify-tombstone tool.
    [#16542]: Add offline series compaction to influx_inspect buildtsi.
    [#16599]: Make influx CLI support custom HTTP endpoint.
    [#16908]: Add support for InfluxDB 2.0 write API.
    [#17621]: Update Flux to v0.65.0.
    [#17188]: Enhance support for bound parameters.
    [#10503]: Delete rebuilds series index when series to be deleted are only found in cache.
    [#10504]: Delete rebuilds series index when series to be deleted are outside timerange.
    [#14485]: Parse Accept header correctly.
    [#16524]: Upgrade compaction error log from Info to Warn.
    [#16525]: Remove double increment of meta index.
    [#16595]: Improve series cardinality limit for inmem index.
    [#16606]: Ensure all block data returned.
    [#16627]: Skip WriteSnapshot during backup if snapshotter is busy.
    [#16709]: Reduce influxd and influx startup time if Flux isn't used.
    [#16762]: Fix bugs in -compact-series-file.
    [#16944]: Update to Go 1.13.8 and Go modules.
    [#17032]: Fix a SIGSEGV when accessing tsi active log.
    [#17656]: Verify precision in write requests.
    [#17698]: Enable configuration of TLS 1.3.
* Sat Mar 07 2020 Uwe Arnold <>
  - update to 1.7.10:
    [#15609]: fix(storage): Renaming corrupt data files fails.
    [#15881]: fix(tsm1): make digest safe for concurrent use.
    [#15863]: fix(tsi1): index defect with negated equality filters.
    [#15970]: Fix compaction logic on infrequent cache snapshots.
    [#16607]: fix(storage): ensure all block data returned.
    [#16714]: feat(storage): Offline series file compaction.
    [#16621]: fix(storage): skip TSM files with block read errors.
* Fri Mar 06 2020 Uwe Arnold <>
  - update to 1.7.9:
    [#15341]: Update golang version to 1.12.10
    [#15397]: chore(build): remove Godeps file.
    [#15524]: Update flux version to v0.50.2
    [#14989]: fix(storage): guard against compaction burst throughput limit.
    [#15182]: fix(tsi1): replace TSI compaction wait group with counter.
    [#15254]: chore(influxdb): Update InfluxQL dependency.
    [#15257]: feat(httpd): Add option to authenticate debug/pprof and ping endpoints.
    [#15386]: fix(http): honor insecure-skip-very even if custom tls config is specified.
* Sat Oct 19 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.7.8:
    * Update flux to 0.36.2
    [#14264]: Fix Prometheus read panic.
    [#14271]: Remove stray fmt.Println in tsm1.StringArrayEncodeAll.
    [#14286]: Fix issue where fields re-appear after DROP MEASUREMENT.
    [#14295]: Remove a dubugging println call.
    [#14307]: Subquery ordering with aggregates in descending mode was wrong.
    [#14402]: Fix the http handler to not mislabel series as partial.
    [#14557]: fix(query): make show series exact cardinality count only distinct series.
    [#14593]: fix(query/compile.go): time range was exceeding min/max bounds under ….
    [#13441]: Fix the sort order for aggregates so that they are sorted by tag and then time.
    [#13459]: Fill resets the previous value when a new series or window is encountered.
    [#13463]: Use the timezone when evaluating time literals in subqueries.
    [#13566]: Fix csv decoder bug where empty tag values cause an array index panic.
    [#13697]: Remove query language from version command.
    [#13837]: Fix open/close race in SeriesFile.
    [#13854]: Fix the ordering for selectors within a subquery with different outer tags.
    [#13860]: Sync series segment after truncate.
    [#14083]: Don't panic when length of source slice is too large.
* Tue Jun 25 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.7.6:
    * Over 200 features, bugfixes and security fixes, see
    Breaking Changes:
    * Chunked query was added into the Go client v2 interface.
    * If math is used with the same selector multiple times, it will now act as a
    selector rather than an aggregate. See #9563 for details.
    * For data received from Prometheus endpoints, every Prometheus measurement is
    now stored in its own InfluxDB measurement rather than storing everything in
    the _ measurement using the Prometheus measurement name as the __name__ label.
    Highlights of the Features:
    * Flux v0.7 technical preview
    * Time Series Index (TSI) query performance and throughputs improvements
    * Support proxy environment variables in the influx client.
    * Implement basic trigonometry functions.
    * Add ability to delete many series with predicate.
    * Implement floor, ceil, and round functions.
    * Add more math functions to InfluxQL.
    * Allow customizing the unix socket group and permissions created by the server.
    * Add suppress-write-log option to disable the write log when the log is enabled.
    * Add additional technical analysis algorithms.
    * Log information about index version during startup.
    * Add key sanitization to deletetsm command in influx_inspect utility.
    * Optimize the spread function to process points iteratively instead of in batch.
    * Allow math functions to be used in the condition.
    * Add HTTP write throttle settings: max-concurrent-write-limit,
    max-enqueued-write-limit, and enqueued-write-timeout.
    * Implement SHOW STATS FOR indexes.
    * Add dumptsmwal command to influx_inspect utility.
    * Improve the number of regex patterns that are optimized to static OR conditions.
* Sat Apr 13 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.5.5:
    * reduce allocations in TSI TagSets implementation.
    * tsdb: Copy return value of IndexSet.MeasurementNamesByExpr
    * Ensure orphaned series cleaned up with shard drop.
    * Fix the derivative and others time ranges for aggregate data.
    * Fix the stream iterator to not ignore errors.
    * Do not panic when a series ID iterator is nil.
    * Fix panic in IndexSet.
    * Pass the query authorizer to subqueries.
    * Fix TSM1 panic on reader error.
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Thomas Bechtold <>
  - Fix permissions and add (noreplace) for /etc/influxdb/config.toml
    The file should be readable by the influxdb group and not readable by
    anybody else. Also it shouldn't be replaced on package upgrades
    when the file was modified.
  - Use %license macro
  - Use %tmpfiles_create macro when systemd is used
  - Use /run instead of /var/run
* Fri Oct 05 2018
  - Don't use double underscored macro
* Thu Sep 20 2018 Matwey Kornilov <>
  - Put README.packaging into Source
* Sun Jul 29 2018
  - Update 1.5.4:
    * [1.5] Fix panic in readTombstoneV4.
    * buildtsi: Do not escape measurement names.
    * Fix the validation for multiple nested distinct calls.
    * Return the correct auxiliary values for top/bottom.
    * backport: check for failure case where backup dir has no manifest files.
    * Fix regression to allow now() to be used as the group by offset again.
    * 1.5: Revert "Use MADV_WILLNEED when loading TSM files".
    * Ignore index size in Engine.DiskSize().
    * [1.5] Fix buildtsi partition key.
    * Ensure that conditions are encoded correctly even if the AST is not properly formed.
    * Allow time variable to be case insensitive again.
    * Support setting the log level through the environment variable.
    * Ensure correct number of tags parsed.
    * Fix panic when checking fieldsets.
    * Fix data race in WAL.
    * Improve CLI connection warnings
    * Backup utility prints a list of backup files.
    * Backup/Restore can produce/consume data in the same format as the enterprise backup/restore tool.
    * Restore runs in online mode, does not delete existing databases
    * Export functionality using start/end to filter exported data by timestamp
    * Handle high cardinality deletes in TSM engine
    * Improve inmem index startup performance for high cardinality.
    * Add further tsi support for streaming/copying shards.
    * Schedule a full compaction after a successful import
    * Add Prometheus /metrics endpoint.
    * Add ability to generate shard digests.
    * Allow setting the node id in the influx cli program.
    * Add logging configuration to the main configuration file.
    * Suppress the InfluxDB banner if the log output is not a TTY.
    * Added option to write HTTP request logs to separate file.
    * Update logging calls to take advantage of structured logging.
    * Generate trace logs for a number of important InfluxDB operations.
    * Improve startup time of inmem index.
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - Include LimitNOFILE=100000 in service file as influxdb suggests
    and crashes with relatively small amounts of data without this.
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Pass version to linker (fix boo#1079997)
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - inxludb 1.4 requires go 1.9



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