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gzip-1.13-3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: gzip Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.13 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Fri Mar 1 23:36:36 2024
Group: Productivity/Archiving/Compression Build host: i02-armsrv2
Size: 352215 Source RPM: gzip-1.13-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU Zip Compression Utilities
Gzip reduces the size of the named files using Lempel-Ziv coding LZ77.
Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension .gz,
while keeping the same ownership modes and access and modification






* Tue Feb 27 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Tue Oct 24 2023 Sarah Kriesch <>
  - Fix s390x build with 'gcc -Dalignas=_Alignas' bug#66709
* Wed Aug 30 2023 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 1.13:
    * zless now diagnoses gzip failures, if using less 623 or later.
    * When SIGPIPE is ignored, gzip now exits with status 2 (warning)
    instead of status 1 (error) when writing to a broken pipe.  This is
    more useful with programs like 'less' that treat gzip exit status 2
    as a non-failure.
    * 'gzip -d' no longer fails to report invalid compressed data
    that uses a dictionary distance outside the input window.
    [bug present since the beginning]
    * Port to C23, which does not allow K&R-style function definitions
    with parameters, and which does not define __alignas_is_defined.
  - Refreshed manpage-no-date.patch
* Wed Aug 16 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - export CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh before running configure: results in
    the shell script (zcat/zgrep/…) to receive a /bin/sh shebang
    instead of requiring bash (the local shell used to build).
  - Use for i in $(seq 1 9) instead of bashism for in in {1..9}, and
    drop buildshell definition to require bash.
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Wed Apr 27 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Rename xz_lzma.patch xz_lzma_zstd.patch and expand the patch to
    supprt zstd compression (boo#1198922).
* Sat Apr 09 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.12 (CVE-2022-1271,bsc#1198062):
    * 'gzip -l' no longer misreports file lengths 4 GiB and larger.
      Previously, 'gzip -l' output the 32-bit value stored in the gzip
      header even though that is the uncompressed length modulo 2**32.
      Now, 'gzip -l' calculates the uncompressed length by decompressing
      the data and counting the resulting bytes.  Although this can take
      much more time, nowadays the correctness pros seem to outweigh the
      performance cons.
    * 'zless' is no longer installed on platforms lacking 'less'.
    * zgrep applied to a crafted file name with two or more newlines
      can no longer overwrite an arbitrary, attacker-selected file.
      [bug introduced in gzip-1.3.10]
    * zgrep now names input file on error instead of mislabeling it as
      "(standard input)", if grep supports the GNU -H and --label options.
    * 'zdiff -C 5' no longer misbehaves by treating '5' as a file name.
    * Configure-time options like --program-prefix now work.
  - refresh zdiff.diff, zgrep.diff, zmore.diff
* Sun Jan 30 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - add conflicts/provides for alternative(gzip)
  - modernize spec file
* Thu Sep 09 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 1.11:
    * Performance improvements
    * Added hardware acceleration for IBM Z
  - Refresh patches:
    * manpage-no-date.patch
    * xz_lzma.patch
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
    * gzip-1.10-fix-DFLTCC-segfault.patch
    * gzip-1.10-fix_count_of_lines_to_skip.patch
    * gzip-1.10-ibm_dfltcc_support.patch
* Wed Jun 23 2021 Franck Bui <>
  - Avoid text relocation on i386 (bsc#1143125)
    Text relocation doesn't cope well with some security hardening which
    consists in prohibiting attempts to change memory mappings to become
    Hence disable the use of assembler code and get rid of text
    relocations especially since the assembler code is slower than the
    code generated by gcc according to Fedora. According to Debian this
    also fixes gzip generating different results on ia64.
* Tue Apr 13 2021
  - fix DFLTCC segfault [bsc#1177047]
  - added patches
    + gzip-1.10-fix-DFLTCC-segfault.patch
* Thu Mar 04 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - gzip.spec: move %patch10 from the ifarch condition (mistake)
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Kristyna Streitova <>
  - add gzip-1.10-fix_count_of_lines_to_skip.patch to fix count
    of lines to skip [bsc#1180713]



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