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gnu_ddrescue-1.25-1.6 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: gnu_ddrescue Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.25 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.6 Build date: Thu May 27 15:07:33 2021
Group: System/Base Build host: armbuild22
Size: 226106 Source RPM: gnu_ddrescue-1.25-1.6.src.rpm
Summary: I/O error aware data recovery and copying utility
GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or
block device (hard disk, CD-ROM, etc.) to another, trying hard to
rescue data in case of read errors.

It is more memory and time efficient than dd_rescue+dd_rhelp on disks
with more than a few hundred bad sectors.






* Sun Apr 26 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 1.25:
    * Large numbers in messages (like device sizes) are now printed
      in groups of 3 digits separated by underscore '_' characters to
      make them more readable
* Fri Feb 14 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 1.25~rc1
    * In rescue mode, join non-finished subsectors read from mapfile.
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Fix invalid RPM group.
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 1.25~pre1
    * Make use of ftruncate if the output file supports it.
* Fri Mar 08 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update descriptions
* Fri Mar 08 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 1.24:
    * new option '--command-mode'
    * create backup copie of the mapfiles
* Fri Feb 16 2018
  - update to 1.23:
    * A bug has been fixed that sometimes marked the wrong block as
      non-scraped when running in reverse direction>
    * The new option '--same-file' has been added. It allows infile
      and outfile to be the same file or device.
    * The new option '--shift' has been added to ddrescuelog. It
      shifts the positions of all the blocks in 'mapfile' by the
      offset ('--output-position' - '--input-position'), and writes
      the resulting mapfile to standard output.
    * In fill mode, the location data is now written as one line
      without final newline to ease finding it with simple text
      search tools.
    * Fill mode no longer requires a seekable infile. Commands like
      ddrescue -F- <(printf "BAD-SECTOR ") outfile mapfile are now
    * The new chapter "Meaning of ddrescue's screen output" has been
      added to the manual.
* Thu Jul 06 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 1.22
    * The -X option now stands for --max-read-errors instead of
    - -exit-on-error and therefore requires an argument now.
    * New options: --max-slow-reads, --delay-slow, --reset-slow,
    - -log-events, --mapfile-interval, --pause-on-error
    * The option '--pause' has been renamed to '--pause-on-pass'.
    * The option '--max-errors' has been renamed to '--max-bad-areas'.
    * ddrescue now shows the number of read errors, the error rate and
      (if a --min-read-rate is specified) the number of slow reads.
    * The 'current_pass' field has been added to the mapfile. This
      allows the copying phase to resume instead of restart from
      pass 1. It also allows the retrying phase to resume in the
      same direction it was interrupted.
    * (More option changes; see the full changelog in the "NEWS"
      file shipped inside the package.)
* Sat Mar 19 2016
  - Update to 1.21
    * A bug in the alignment of the I/O buffer has been (hopefully)
    * Ddrescue now exits with status 1 in case of unaligned read in
      direct mode (because of a wrong sector size, for example).
    * Short option names '-1' and '-2' have been removed to avoid
      mistakes in the command line.
    * Only regular files are now allowed as arguments of options
      '--log-rates' and '--log-reads'.
    * Option '-D, --odirect' now works also in fill mode.
    * Option '-J, --verify-on-error' now marks blocks as failed on
      any error, and exits with status 1 if a read error happens
      before a good sector is found.
    * Option '-X, --exit-on-error' has been extended to all phases.
    * The short name '-Z' has been assigned to option
    * The mapfile is now "fsync'ed" every 5 minutes because some
      systems seem to never write the mapfile to disc.
    * Ddrescue now shows all sizes in rescue mode; non-tried,
      non-trimmed, non-scraped, bad-sector and finished.
    * Ddrescue now shows the percentage of the domain rescued in
      rescue mode.
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - Update to 1.20
    * "logfile" has been renamed to "mapfile" everywhere, even in long
    option names. ("--domain-logfile" is now "--domain-mapfile",
    * The short name of option "--synchronous" has been changed to "-y".
    * The long name of option "-d" has been changed to "--idirect".
    * The new option "-D, --odirect" has been added. This introduces
    a subtle backward incompatibility because "-D" was the short
    name of option "--synchronous".
    * The new option "-J, --verify-on-error" has been added. It
    verifies, after each read error, that the input device is still
    returning consistent data.
    * The new option "--max-read-rate" has been added.
    * "direct disc access" now can copy arbitrary domains by reading
    whole sectors and writing only the requested part.
    * Accounting change; only bad_sector blocks are now included in
    * The estimated remaining rescue time is now shown on the screen.
    * Times are now shown in days, hours, minutes and seconds, instead
    of as a fraction of the appropriate unit.
    * Fill mode has been extended to write location data into each
    * An emergency save of the mapfile has been added. It can be
    activated in case of ddrescue having trouble writing the mapfile.
    * Device name is now shown with "--ask" or "-vv" on Haiku.
    * Read-only mapfiles, like domain mapfiles or input mapfiles for
    ddrescuelog, can now be read from standard input if a hyphen '-'
    is used as mapfile name.
    * Ddrescuelog can now show the status of more than one mapfile.
    * "ddrescuelog --create-mapfile -" now writes the mapfile to
    standard output.
    * The new chapter "Optical media" has been added to the manual.
    * The configure option "--enable-linux" has been renamed to
    * The targets "install-compress", "install-strip-compress",
    "install-info-compress" and "install-man-compress" have been
    added to the Makefile.
  - Update download url



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