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gnome-color-manager-3.36.0-1.7 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: gnome-color-manager Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.36.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.7 Build date: Fri May 28 23:49:24 2021
Group: System/GUI/GNOME Build host: armbuild01
Size: 969486 Source RPM: gnome-color-manager-3.36.0-1.7.src.rpm
Summary: Color management tools for GNOME
GNOME Color Manager is a session framework that makes it easy to manage,
install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop.






* Wed Apr 01 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.36.0:
    + Update
  - Drop gnome-color-manager-update-potfiles.patch: Fixed upstream.
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add gnome-color-manager-update-potfiles.patch: Update
  - Following the patch above, enable t-u-u again.
* Fri Mar 13 2020
  - Update to version 3.35.90:
    + This is a test release for GNOME 3.36 which updates several
      translations and fixes some build issues.
    + The calibration wizard has been removed as the ArgyllCMS
      integration has been broken for a long time.
  - Drop gcc-c++, pkgconfig(colord-gtk), pkgconfig(exiv2),
    pkgconfig(libexif) and pkgconfig(vte-2.91) BuildRequires and
    argyllcms Requires: No longer needed.
  - Disable t-u-u, currently breaks build.
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Replace docbook-utils with docbook-utils-minimal BuildRequires
    for manpage generation, avoids texlive dependency.
* Fri Mar 08 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.32.0:
    + Use newer meson features to fix a build warning.
    + Fix build with Exiv2 0.27.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop Fix-build-with-Exiv2-027.patch: Fixed upstream.
  - Update URL to gitlab home. Old URL is no longer available.
* Fri Jan 18 2019
  - Add Fix-build-with-Exiv2-027.patch: Fix build with Exiv2 0.27
* Sat Sep 08 2018
  - Update to version 3.30.0:
    + Updated translations.
  - Remove lang package from recommended packages as it already
    supplements main package (same effect, it's redundant).
* Mon Mar 12 2018
  - Update to version 3.28.0:
    + Fix the build system to be more standard conformant.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop 0001-build-Set-PKGDATADIR-to-gnome-color-manager.patch and
    gnome-color-manager-meson.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Mon Jan 29 2018
  - Add 0001-build-Set-PKGDATADIR-to-gnome-color-manager.patch:
    data files where looked up in the wrong directory



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