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diffstat-1.64-1.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: diffstat Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.64 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Thu May 27 13:01:35 2021
Group: Productivity/Text/Utilities Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 62597 Source RPM: diffstat-1.64-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Utility That Provides Statistics Based on the Output of diff
diffstat reads the output of the diff command and displays a histogram
of the insertions, deletions, and modifications in each file.






* Sun Jan 24 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.64:
    + recognize binary files mentioned in "git diff --binary", and
    "git log -p --binary" formatted files (report by Faheem Mitha).
* Thu Dec 19 2019
  - version update to 1.63
    + eliminate fixed buffer when decoding range.
    + use locale in computing filename column-width.
    + improve parsing for git diffs.
    + use terminal-width as default for -w to tty.
    + minor fix in do_merging (Miloslaw Smyk).
    + improve relative-pathname matching in count_lines()
    + add a parsing-case for svn diff.
    + quote filenames in -t/-T output.
    + fix cppcheck warnings about sscanf.
    + update configure macros
    + update config.guess, config.sub
* Mon Dec 31 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - Update to 1.62
    + improve checks for unmodified files when -S and -D options are
    + improve test-packages, to check warning-options.
    + minor fixes for manpage (Debian #895963)
    + minor fixes for prefix-stripping with -S option.
* Sun Feb 07 2016
  - Update to 1.61
    * add -T option to show amount of changes next to histogram.
    * if -S option is given, check for unmodified files and add those
      to the report.
    * update configure macros
    * update config.guess, config.sub
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Update to 1.60
    * add configure option --with-man2html
    * update configure macros
    * update config.guess, config.sub
* Sun Apr 19 2015
  - Update source url
  - Add gpg signature
* Mon Jun 09 2014
  - updated to 1.59:
    + add -E option to filter escape-sequences, e.g., from colordiff
      (Ubuntu #1304262).
    + merge/adapt improvments to makefile and configure script from (forwarded by Ross Burton).
      + remove unused $(libdir) from makefile "installdirs" target
      + amend definition in CF_POPEN_TEST to permit use of autoheader.
      + workaround for gratuitous renaming of AC_ACVERSION in 2.69
    + added "docs" rule to makefile
    + improvements to configure macros:
      + added check for -Wlogical-op to gcc warnings
      + suppress check for defining _XOPEN_SOURCE on Solaris
      + trim an unwanted -no-gcc option for Intel compiler
    + update config.guess, config.sub
* Wed Oct 30 2013
  - updated to 1.58:
      + add COPYING file (request by Dagobert Michelsen).
      + improved portability for cross-compiling, by supplying missing
      getopt function as well as improving checks for popen/pclose
* Tue Apr 16 2013
  - updated to 1.57:
    * improve treatment of binary files in ambiguous message introduced in
      diffutils 2.8.4, and finally corrected in 3.0
    * use mkdtemp instead of the insecure mktemp
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - updated to 1.56:
    + add -K option which attempts to improve the annotation of "only"
      files by looking for a match in the resulting set of files and
      inferring whether the file was added or removed (request by Marc
    + add check of command-line options for valid numbers.
    + improve merging of patches for the same filename (report/testcase by
      Paul E McKenney).
    + document -d option in manpage.
    + document -b, -C, -s option in usage (patch by Tim Waugh, Red Hat
    + modify configure script as done for byacc in 2012/10/03, making the
      2.52-patches the prerequisite and adding support for --datarootdir
    + update config.guess, config.sub
    + add logic to handle SVN diffs when the pathnames contain spaces
      (patch by Stuart Prescott, Debian #675475).
    + fix typo in package/debian/control



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