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deepin-start-5.8.22-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: deepin-start Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.8.22 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Aug 16 11:02:24 2021
Group: System/Daemons Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 21566713 Source RPM: deepin-start-5.8.22-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Starter of deepin desktop
deepin-start is used for launching DDE components and invoking user's
custom applications which compliant with xdg autostart specification.






* Sat Jul 24 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.8.22
    * Change go-dbus-factory struct as interface
    * Disable touchscreen when associated output disabled
    * Fix bugs
* Sat May 22 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Keep golang version on 1.15 on Tumbleweed, the project does not support
    golang 1.16+
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.8.7
    * Fix crash bugs
    * Fix double screen bugs
* Wed Mar 10 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.8.4
    * Fix bugs
    * New GetExportedMethods method
* Sun Feb 21 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to
    * feat: control qt program infos level
    * Fix bugs
    * add print_gopath in Makefile
* Mon Jan 27 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 5.0.1
    * remove depends libgnome2-bin
    * change the dpms off order
    * Fix black screen when suspend/hibernate
    * set dpms off before reboot/shutdown
    * support loginctl lock/unlock-session
    * add task for dde-shutdown
* Thu Jul 18 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 3.14.7
    * feat: handle deepin-greeter missing qt-theme.ini
    * chore: do not set DEEPIN_WINE_SCALE in ~/.dde_env
    * feat(xsettings): set scale factor for deepin wine apps
    * fix(xsettings): send notification the first time auto set scale
    * feat: set ScaleLogicalDpi in qt-theme.ini
    * feat(xsettings): set Xft.dpi in x resources for wps
    * chore(xsettings): do not set Xft.dpi in RESOURCE_MANAGER
    * fix: kwin is not affected by the choice of dde-wm-chooser
* Sun May 05 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Move lightdm.conf to lightdm-deepin-greeter
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Rewrite spec with golang-packaging
  - Update version to 3.14.2
    * fix: do not set recommended scale factor for qt app
    * chore: waiting for kwin after launch it
    * fix: not send SetScaleFactorDone signal
    * chore: update depends for wm
    * feat: set kwin compositing with com.deepin.wm
    * feat(watchdog): add task for kwin
    * feat: set screenScaleFactors to a number
    * feat: set scale factor for qt in a new way
    * chore: update build depends
    * fix(display): rotate the screen for the first time, then reset, but failed
    * feat: add wm_kwin.WMSwitcher for control kwin compositor
    * fix: bamfdaemon.service start request repeated too quickly
    * fix(display): cancel rotation, but the rotation of the touchpad is not restored
    * chore: `auto_launch/chinese.json` add dde-shutdown
    * feat: add check uid for lannch app and run cmd
    * fix: root window cursor is not `left_ptr` when use kwin as wm
    * fix: panic if getSavedBrightnessTable return nil map
    * feat: run kwin as wm if install package dde-kwin
    * feat: support monitor-dependent scaling
    * fix(display): connect an external monitor, give incorrect brightness value
    * feat: play login sound only when login automatically
    * change(api): session manager add method RunCommandWithOptions
    * feat(watchdog): SetLocked reset dde-lock task
    * chore(deb): remove dde-go-dbus-factory from build depends
    * chore: use go-dbus-factory
    * chore: use
    * fix(display): monitors config lost
    * feat: app proxy support google chrome
    * chore: set LANG and LANGUAGE for dbus daemon
    * feat(watchdog): add task for dde-lock
    * feat: limit ~/.dde-env only for deepin session
    * fix: can not play shutdown music
    * feat: do not save env in .pam_environment
    * feat: no use sys config allow switch
    * fix: modify the recommended scale factor calc
    * fix: if the speaker is muted, still play the logout music
    * feat(wm): Switcher add method AllowSwitch
    * fix: Qt double click not working well on hiDPI devices
    * feat: CanSuspend check file `/sys/power/mem_sleep` existence
    * chore: compile with sw arch no longer needs to use gccgo
    * fix: improve double clicks on touchscreen for Qt-based applications
    * feat(fix-xauthority-perm): create .Xauthority if not exist
    * feat: modify the meaning of allow switch
    * fix(xsettings): gtk window cursor size wrong
    * fix(display): the disconnected output still on
    * feat(display): add touchscreen rotation supported
    * fix(display): brightness setter auto is not good
    * fix(display): no listen xrandr event
    * chore: update changelog
    * fix: typo in `auto_launch/chinese.json`
    * chore: update changelog
    * chore: do not call gtk init
    * chore: `auto_launch/chinese.json` remove dde-control-center
    * chore: update changelog
    * fix: add booster-dtkwidget in auto launch chinese json
    * refactor: fix multiple typos
    * feat: run dde-welcome if deepin version changed
    * feat(wm): check wait for launcher wm
    * fix: typo in `auto_launch/chinese.json`
    * chore: do not call gtk init
    * chore: `auto_launch/chinese.json` remove dde-control-center
    * feat: run dde-welcome if deepin version changed
    * fix: add booster-dtkwidget in auto launch chinese json
    * refactor: fix multiple typos
    * fix(display): auto set scale factor to 2 in virtualbox
    * feat: allow session daemon run after dde-session-daemon part2 started
    * chore(debian): update build depends
    * fix: test failed in the pbuilder environment
    * feat: auto set scale factor
    * chore(display): rename setGammaSize to setOutputCrtcGamma
    * chore(display): err message include stderr
    * feat: support dde-session-daemon 2 step start
    * feat: launch dde-welcome by exec
    * feat: setup environment in startdde
    * fix(display): set brightness error typo
    * chore: no import lib xgb/proto
    * chore: use go-x11-client
    * chore: do not auto launch dde-file-manager on x86 arch
    * perf(swapsched): use less cpu when swapsched is not really enabled
    * feat(display): set default brightness of output to 1
    * fix(wm): select wm in dde-wm-chooser but it doesn't work
    * feat: add bin fix-xauthority-perm
    * chore: update build-depends
    * feat(wm): show osd after receive wm StartupReady signal
    * fix: can't log into session because of .Xauthority
    * feat(swapsched): check cgexec existence
    * chore: update makefile
    * chore: update makefile for arch `sw_64`
    * fix(keyring): `check_login` infinite loop
    * fix(swapsched): data race problem
    * fix(wm): fix genCardConfig when not found any video card
    * fix(watchdog): dde-polkit-agent running state check wrong
    * adjust `auto_launch.json`
    * fix: launch group
    * feat: wait wm launch
    * refactor: fix a typo
    * fix(debian): miss depends on libpam-gnome-keyring
    * refactor: refactor memchecker and memanalyzer
    * feat(swapsched): remove hard limit on DE group
    * feat: auto launch dde-control-center under mips64el
    * fix(wm): CurrentWM() return `unknown` if config file not found
    * feat(startManager): add method LaunchAppWithOptions
    * feat: add features switch for iowait and memchecker
    * fix(swapsched): cannot use sysStat.Dev (type uint32) as type uint64
    * fix: launchWait insufficient log information
    * feat(swapsched): use config of memchecker to configure swap sched dispatcher
    * chore: update memchecher min avail mem default value
    * refactor: improve memchecker debug
    * feat: add memanalyzer
    * fix: return nil if mem insufficient
    * fix: correct the action name
    * chore: fix config install path wrong
    * fix(memchecker): fix needed memory sum wrong
    * fix(memchecker): improve mem sufficient detect rule
    * refactor: refactor memchecker
    * fix(memchecker): fix warning dialog not showing again after close
    * refactor(memchecker): change the config path
    * feat: add memchecker for app launch
    * feat(watchdog): launch wm earlier after finding it dead
    * refactor: fix a typo
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Update version to 3.1.26
    * fix: env var SSH_AUTH_SOCK not exported
    * fix: optimize channel statements
    * feat(swapsched): set blkio read write limit for apps supported
    * chore: update license
    * fix: make gnome-keyring-daemon no hang
    * fix(keyring): fix crash because of dbus no replies
    * fix(watchdog): update dde polkit agent determine methods
    * fix: make keyring inited on goroutinue
    * fix(display): fix refresh rate set wrong
    * fix: improve launch failed messages
    * chore: fix gccgo compile failure
    * feat: add keyring to init login
    * chore: optimize launch config
    * feat: use new lib gsettings
    * refactor: add auto launch config
    * feat: setup environment in script deepin-session
    * add deepin-session
    * feat: initialize gnome keyring daemon and components
    * feat: add iowait to indicate cpu status
* Thu Mar 01 2018
  - Update version to 3.1.24
    * fix: Adapt lintian
    * play logout sound via ALSA
    * startManager: launched hook supported
    * remove dde-readahead
    * update depends
    * refactor sound theme player call
    * add DE Component processes to DE cgroup
    * startManager: desktop key X-Deepin-MaximumRAM supported
    * improve calculating limit of InActiveApps
    * limit ActiveApp's minimum rss limit
    * consider ActiveApp's swap usage and reversing kernel cache
    * limit maximum limit for reversing more cache RAM
    * startManager: launch DE app in DE cgroup
    * add wm switcher
    * startManager: add method GetApps
    * update links in README
    * fix radeon detect failure
    * remove the depend 'deepin-wm-switcher'
    * use lib cgroup
    * simplify cgroups check
    * swapsched: turn limits on or off dynamically
    * improve description of uiapp opened with RunCommand
    * modify ldflags args, fix debug version not work
    * add wm watcher in watchdog
    * fix compile failed using gccgo
    * wm: fix wm switch not work if config incomplete
    * swapsched: do not set soft limit for DE group
    * make xsettings as a package
    * add swap sched
    * launch app no scaling supported
    * startManager: fix method launch no files arg
    * refactor code about autostart
    * update makefile GOLDFLAGS
    * swap sched can control whether it is enabled in gsettings



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