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btrfsprogs-5.14.1-1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: btrfsprogs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.14.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Oct 5 22:37:48 2021
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 3932508 Source RPM: btrfsprogs-5.14.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for the Btrfs filesystem
Utilities needed to create and maintain btrfs file systems under Linux.






* Wed Sep 22 2021
  - Update to 5.14.1
    * fixes:
    * defrag: fix parsing of compression (option -c)
    * add workaround for old kernels when reading zone sizes
    * let only check and restore open the fs with transid failures, namely
      preventing btrfstune to do so
    * convert: --uuid copy does not fail on duplicate uuids
* Mon Sep 13 2021
  - Update to 5.14
    * convert:
    * new option --uuid to copy, generate or set a given uuid
    * improve output
    * mkfs:
    * allow to create degenerate raid0 (on 1 device) and raid10 (on 2 devices)
    * image:
    * improved error messages
    * fix some alignment of restored image
    * subvol delete: allow to delete by id when path is not resolvable
    * check:
    * require alignment of nodesize for 64k page systems
    * detect and fix invalid block groups
    * libbtrfs (deprecated):
    * remove most exported symbols, leave only a few that are used by snapper
    * no version change (still 0.1)
    * remove btrfs-list.h, btrfsck.h
    * fixes:
    * reset generation of space v1 if v2 is used
    * fi us: don't wrongly report missing device size when partition is not readable
    * other:
    * build: experimental features
    * build: better detection of 64bit timestamp support for ext4
    * corrupt-block: block group items
    * new and updated tests
    * refactoring
    * experimental features:
    * new image dump format, with data
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Goldwyn Rodrigues <>
  - Update to 5.13.1
    * build: fix build on musl libc due to missing definition of NAME_MAX
    * check:
    * batch more work into one transaction when clearing v1 free space inodes
    * detect directoris with wrong number of links
    * libbtrfsutil: fix race between subvolume iterator and deletion
    * mkfs: be more specific about supported profiles for zoned device
    * other:
    * documentation updates
* Tue Jul 13 2021
  - Update to 5.13
    * restore: remove loop checks for extent count and directory scan
    * inspect dump-tree: new options to print node (--csum-headers) and data
      checksums (--csum-items)
    * fi usage:
    * print stripe count for striped profiles
    * print zoned information: size, total unusable
    * mkfs: print note about sha256 accelerated module loading issue
    * check: ability to reset dev_item::bytes_used
    * fixes
    * detect zoned kernel support at run time too
    * exclusive op running check return value
    * fi resize: support cancel (kernel 5.14)
    * device remove: support cancel (kernel 5.14)
    * documentation about general topics
    * compression
    * zoned mode
    * storage model
    * hardware considerations
    * other
    * libbtrfsutil API overview
    * help text fixes and updates
    * hash speedtest measure time, cycles using perf and print throughput
* Wed Jun 16 2021 Cameron Rapp <>
  - Add --disable-zoned for leap
* Wed Jun 16 2021
  - revert previous change, unintentionally disables zstd on tumbleweed
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Cameron Rapp <>
  - Fix build for leap
    * --disable-zstd if leap < 42.3
    * --disable-zoned for leap
* Thu May 13 2021
  - Update to 5.12.1
    * build: fix missing symbols in libbtrfs
    * mkfs: check for minimal number of zones
    * check: fix warning about cache generation when free space tree is enabled
    * fix superblock write in zoned mode on 16K pages
* Mon May 10 2021
  - Update to 5.12
    * libbtrfsutil: relicensed to LGPL v2.1+
    * mkfs: zoned mode support (kernel 5.12+)
    * fi df: show zone_unusable per profile type in zoned mode
    * fi usage: show total amount of zone_unusable
    * fi resize: fix message for exact size
    * image: fix warning and enlarge output file if necessary
    * core
    * refactor chunk allocator for more modes
    * implement zoned mode support: allocation and writes, sb log
    * crypto/hash refactoring and cleanups
    * refactoring and cleanups
    * other
    * test updates
    * CI updates
    * travis-ci integration disabled
    * docker images updated, more coverage
    * incomplete build support for Android removed
    * doc updates
    * chattr mode m for 'NOCOMPRESS"
    * swapfile used from fstab
    * how to add a new export to libbtrfsutil
    * update status of mount options since 5.9
  - Update to 5.11.1
    * properly format checksums when a mismatch is reported
    * check: fix false alert on tree block crossing 64K page boundary
    * convert:
    * refuse to convert filesystem with 'needs_recovery'
    * update documentation to require fsck before conversion
    * balance convert: fix raid56 warning when converting other profiles
    * fi resize: improved summary
    * other
    * build: fix checks and autoconf defines
    * fix symlink paths for CI support scripts
    * updated tests
* Mon Mar 08 2021
  - Update to 5.11
    * fix device path canonicalization for device mapper devices
    * receive: remove workaround for setting capabilities, all stable kernels
      have been patched
    * receive: fix duplicate mount path detection
    * rescue: new subcommand create-control-device
    * device stats: minor fix for plain text format output
    * build: detect if e2fsprogs support 64bit timestamps
    * build: drop libmount, required functionality has been reimplemented
    * mkfs: warn when raid56 is used
    * balance convert: warn when raid56 is used
    * other
    * new and updated tests
    * documentation updates
    * seeding device
    * raid56 status
    * CI updates
    * docker images for various distros
  - Update to 5.10.1
    * static build works again
    * other:
    * add a way to test static binaries with the testsuite
    * clarify scrub docs
    * update dependencies, minimum version for libmount is 2.24, this may
      change in the future
  - Update to 5.10
    * scrub status:
    * print percentage of progress
    * add size unit options
    * fi usage: also print free space from statfs
    * convert: copy full 64 bit timestamp from ext4 if availalble
    * check:
    * add ability to repair extent item generation
    * new option to remove leftovers from inode number cache (-o inode_cache)
    * check for already running exclusive operation (balance, device add/...)
      when starting one
    * preliminary json output support for 'device stats'
    * fixes:
    * subvolume set-default: id 0 correctly falls back to toplevel
    * receive: align internal buffer to allow fast CRC calculation
    * logical-resolve: distinguish -o subvol and bind mounts
    * build: new dependency libmount
    * other
    * doc fixes and updates
    * new tests
    * ci on gitlab temporarily disabled
    * debugging output enhancements
* Wed Nov 04 2020 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Mon Oct 26 2020
  - Update to 5.9:
    * mkfs:
    * switch default to single profile for multi-device filesystem, up to
      now it was raid0 that may not be simple to convert to some other profile
      as raid0 needs a workspace on all device for that
    * new option -R for run-time options (eg. mount time enabled), now
      understands free-space-tree
    * subvolume delete:
    * refuse to delete the default subvolume (kernel will not allow that but
      the error reason is not obvious)
    * warn on EPERM, eg. if send is on progress on the subvolume
    * convert:
    * fix 32bit overflows on large filesystems
    * improved error handling and error messages
    * check free space taking fragmentation into account
    * check:
    * detect and repair wrong inode generation
    * minor improvement in error reporting on roots
    * libbtrfsutils: follow main package versioning (5.9)
    * add pkg-config file definitions
    * python-btrfsutil: follow main package versioning (5.9)
    * inspect tree-stats: print node counts for each level, fanout
    * other:
    * docs:
    * remove obsolete mount options (alloc_start, subvolrootid)
    * deleting default subvolume is not permitted
    * updated or fixed tests
    * .editorconfig updates
    * move files to kernel-shared/
    * CI:
    * updated to use zstd 1.4.5
    * fix reiserfs build
    * more builds with asan, ubsan
    * sb-mod updates
    * build:
    * print .so versions of libraries in configure summary
* Tue Jul 07 2020
  - Update to 5.7:
    * mkfs:
    * new option to enable features otherwise enabled at runtime, now
      implemented for quotas, 'mkfs.btrfs -R quota'
    * fix space accounting for small image, DUP and --rootdir
    * option -A removed
    * check: detect ranges with overlapping csum items
    * fi usage: report correct numbers when plain RAID56 profiles are used
    * convert: ensure the data chunks size never exceed device size
    * libbtrfsutil: update documentation regarding subvolume deletion
    * build: support libkcapi as implementation backend for cryptographic
    * core: global options for verbosity (-v, -q), subcommands -v or -q are
      aliases and will continue to work but are considered deprecated,
      current command output is preserved to keep scripts working
    * other:
    * build warning fixes
    * btrfs-debugfs ported to python 3
* Thu May 14 2020
  - Update to 5.6.1:
    * print warning when multiple block group profiles exist, update 'fi usage'
      summary, add docs to maual page explaining the situation
    * build: optional support for libgcrypt or libsodium, providing hash
    * updated docs
* Wed Apr 29 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix content of _dracutmodulesdir variable: this definitively does
    not belong to libexecdir.
* Mon Apr 06 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 5.6:
    * inspect logical-resolve: support LOGICAL_INO_V2 as new option '-o',
      helps advanced dedupe tools
    * inspect: user larger buffer (64K) for results
    * subvol delete: support deletion by id (requires kernel 5.7+)
    * dump-tree: new option --hide-names, replace any names
      (file, directory, subvolume, xattr) in the output with stubs
    * various fixes
* Mon Feb 17 2020
  - Update to 5.4.1
    * build: fix docbook5 build
    * check: do extra verification of extent items, inode items and chunks
    * qgroup: return ENOTCONN if quotas not running (needs updated kernel)
    * other: various test fixups
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(udev) instead of udev: Allow OBS to
    shortcut through the -mini flavor.
  - Use pkg-config --modversion udev to identify the current udev
    version. This is more portable and supports the -mini flavors.
* Wed Dec 04 2019
  - Update to 5.4
    * support new hash algorithms (kernel 5.5):
    * mkfs.btrfs and btrfs-convert with --csum, crc32c, xxhash, sha256, blake2
    * mkfs: support new raid1c3 and raid1c4 block group profiles (kernel 5.5)
    * check:
    * --repair delays start with a warning, can be skipped using --force
    * enhanced detetion of inode types from partial data, more options for
    * receive: fix quiet option
    * image: speed up chunk loading
    * fi usage:
    * sort devices by id
    * print ratio of used/total per block group type
    * rescue zero-log: reset the log pointers directly, avoid reading some other
      potentially damaged structures
    * new make target install-static to install only static binaries/libraries
    * other
    * docs updates
    * new tests
    * cleanups and refactoring
* Tue Nov 12 2019
  - Update to 5.3.1:
    * libbtrfs: fix link breakage due to missing symbols
  - Updaet to 5.3:
    * mkfs:
    * new option to specify checksum algorithm (only crc32c)
    * fix xattr enumeration
    * dump-tree: BFS (breadth-first) traversal now default
    * libbtrfsutil: remove stale BTRFS_DEV_REPLACE_ITEM_STATE_x defines
    * ci: add support for gitlab
    * other:
    * preparatory work for more checksum algorithms
    * docs update
    * switch to docbook5 backend for asciidoc
    * fix build on uClibc due to missing backtrace()
    * lots of printf format fixups
* Tue Oct 15 2019 Johannes Thumshirn <>
  - Enable build of python-bindings for libbtrfsutil
* Tue Sep 17 2019 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Update to 5.2.2:
    * check:
    * fix false report of wrong byte count for orphan inodes
    * option -E was not handled correctly
    * new check and repair for root item generation
    * balance: check for full-balance before background fork
    * mkfs: check that total device size does not overflow 16EiB
    * dump-tree: print DEV_STATS key type
    * other:
    * new and updated tests
    * doc fixups and updates
* Wed Jul 31 2019
  - update to 5.2.1
    * scrub status: fix ETA calculation after resume
    * check: fix crash when using -Q
    * restore: fix symlink owner restoration
    * mkfs: fix regression with mixed block groups
    * core: fix commit to process all delayed refs
    * other:
    * minor cleanups
    * test updates
  - update to 5.2
    * subvol show: print qgroup information when available
    * scrub:
    * status: show ETA, revamp the whole output
    * fix reading/writing of last position on resume/cancel, potentially
      skipping part of the filesystem on next resume
    * dump-tree: add new option --noscan to use only devices given on the
    * all-in-one binary (busybox style) with mkfs.btrfs, btrfs-image,
      btrfs-convert, btrfstune
    * image: fix hang when there are more than 32 cpus online and compression is
    * convert: fix some false ENOSPC errors when --rootdir is used
    * build: fix gcc9 warnings
    * core changes
    * command handling cleanups
    * dead code removal
    * cmds-* files moved to cmds/
    * other shared userspace files moved to common/
    * utils.c split into more files
    * preparatory work for more output formats
    * libbtrfsutil: fix unaligned access
    * other
    * new and updated tests
    * fix tests so CI passes again
    * sb-mod can modify more superblock items
* Sun May 19 2019
  - update to version 5.1
    * repair: flush/FUA support to avoid breaking metadata COW
    * file extents repair no longer relies on data in extent tree
    * lowmem: fix false error reports about gaps between extents
    * add inode mode check and repair for various objects
    * add check for invalid combination of nocow/compressed extents
    * device scan option to forget scanned devices [new]
    * mkfs: use same chunk size as kernel for initial creation
    * dev-repace: better report when other exclusive operation runs
    * help for sntax errors on command lines, print relevant msgs
    * defrag: able to open files in RO mode
    * dump-tree: --block can be specified multiple times
* Sat Apr 06 2019 Stefan Seifert <>
  - update to version 4.20.2
    * dump-super: minor output fixup
    * revert fix for prefix detection of receive path, this is temporary and
    unbreaks existing user setups
* Thu Mar 28 2019 Mark Fasheh <>
  - Use correct path for dracut-fsck-help.txt in (bsc#1122539)
    * Remove
    * Add
* Thu Jan 24 2019
  - Advise user of fs recovery options when we fail to mount (fate#320443,
    * Add dracut-fsck-help.txt
    * Add
* Wed Jan 23 2019
  - update to version 4.20.1
    * libbtrfs: fix build of external tools due to missing symbols
    * ci: enable library test
* Sat Jan 19 2019 Avindra Goolcharan <>
  - update to version 4.20
    * new feature: metadata uuid
    * lightweight change of UUID without rewriting all metadata
      (incompatible change)
    * done by btrfstune -m/-M, needs kernel support, 5.0+
    * image:
    * fix block groups when restoring from multi-device image
    * only enlarge result image if it's a regular file
    * check
    * more device extent checks and fixes
    * can repair dir item with mismatched hash
    * mkfs: uuid tree created with proper contents
    * fix mount point detection due to partial prefix match
    * other:
    * new tests, build fixes, doc updates
    * libbtrfsutil: fix tests if kernel lacks support for new
      subvolume ioctls
  - partial cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - drop 0001-btrfs-progs-Add-support-for-metadata_uuid-field.patch
  - drop 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfstune-Add-support-for-changing-the-u.patch
  - drop 0003-btrfs-progs-Remove-fsid-metdata_uuid-fields-from-fs_.patch
  - drop 0004-btrfs-progs-Remove-btrfs_fs_info-new_fsid.patch
  - drop 0005-btrfs-progs-Directly-pass-root-to-change_devices_uui.patch
* Thu Jan 17 2019
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Thu Jan 17 2019
  - Implement fate#325871
    * Added 0001-btrfs-progs-Add-support-for-metadata_uuid-field.patch
    * Added 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfstune-Add-support-for-changing-the-u.patch
    * Added 0003-btrfs-progs-Remove-fsid-metdata_uuid-fields-from-fs_.patch
    * Added 0004-btrfs-progs-Remove-btrfs_fs_info-new_fsid.patch
    * Added 0005-btrfs-progs-Directly-pass-root-to-change_devices_uui.patch
* Thu Dec 06 2018
  - update to version 4.19.1
    * check
    * many lowmem mode improvements
    * properly report qgroup mismatch errors
    * check symlinks with append/immutable flags
    * fi usage
    * correctly calculate allocated/unallocated for raid10
    * minor output updates
    * mkfs
    * detect ENOSPC on thinly provisioned devices
    * fix spurious EEXIST during directory traversal
    * restore: fix relative path for restore target
    * dump-tree: print symbolic tree names for backrefs
    * send: fix regression preventing send -p with subvolumes mounted on "/"
    * corrupt-tree: refactoring and command line updates
    * build
    * make it work with e2fsprogs < 1.42 again
    * restore support for autoconf 2.63
    * detect if -std=gnu90 is supported
    * other
    * new tests
    * cleanups
* Mon Nov 12 2018
  - update to version 4.19
    * check: support repair of fs with free-space-tree feature
    * core:
    * port delayed ref infrastructure from kernel
    * support write to free space tree
    * dump-tree: new options for BFS and DFS enumeration of b-trees
    * quota: rescan is now done automatically after 'assign'
    * btrfstune: incomplete fix to uuid change
    * subvol: fix 255 char limit checks
    * completion: complete block devices and now regular files too
    * docs:
    * ship uncompressed manual pages
    * btrfsck uses a manual page link instead of symlink
    * other
    * improved error handling
    * docs
    * new tests
* Mon Aug 06 2018
  - update to version 4.17.1
    * check:
    * add ability to fix wrong ram_bytes for compressed inline files
    * beautify progress output
    * btrfstune: allow to continue uuid change after unclean interruption
    * several fuzz fixes:
    * detect overalpping chunks
    * chunk loading error handling
    * don't crash with unexpected root refs to extents
    * relax option parsing again to allow mixing options and non-options
    * fix qgroup rescan status reporting
    * build:
    * drop obsolete dir-test
    * new configure option to disable building of tools
    * add compatibility options --disable-static and --disable-shared
    * other:
    * cleanups and preparatory work
    * new test images
  - spec cleanup
* Fri Jun 22 2018
  - update to version 4.17
    * check
    * many lowmem mode improvements
    * properly report qgroup mismatch errors
    * check symlinks with append/immutable flags
    * fi usage
    * correctly calculate allocated/unallocated for raid10
    * minor output updates
    * mkfs
    * detect ENOSPC on thinly provisioned devices
    * fix spurious EEXIST during directory traversal
    * restore: fix relative path for restore target
    * dump-tree: print symbolic tree names for backrefs
    * send: fix regression preventing send -p with subvolumes mounted on "/"
    * corrupt-tree: refactoring and command line updates
    * build
    * make it work with e2fsprogs < 1.42 again
    * restore support for autoconf 2.63
    * detect if -std=gnu90 is supported
  - Removed patches (upstreamed):
    * 0001-btrfs-progs-convert-fix-support-for-e2fsprogs-1.42.patch
    * 0002-btrfs-progs-build-autoconf-2.63-compatibility.patch
    * 0003-btrfs-progs-build-detect-whether-std-gnu90-is-suppor.patch
* Mon Jun 11 2018
  - Don't require libzstd-devel-static on builds that don't use it.
* Fri May 04 2018
  - fix installation of btrfs.5.gz
* Mon Apr 30 2018
  - Fix building on SLE11:
    * btrfs-progs: convert: fix support for e2fsprogs < 1.42
    * btrfs-progs: build: detect whether -std=gnu90 is supported
    * btrfs-progs: build: autoconf 2.63 compatibility
    * Fixed mismerged addition of libbtrfsutil1 package description
  - Added patches:
    * 0001-btrfs-progs-convert-fix-support-for-e2fsprogs-1.42.patch
    * 0002-btrfs-progs-build-autoconf-2.63-compatibility.patch
    * 0003-btrfs-progs-build-detect-whether-std-gnu90-is-suppor.patch
* Tue Apr 24 2018
  - update to version 4.16.1
    * remove obsolete tools: btrfs-debug-tree, btrfs-zero-log, btrfs-show-super,
    * sb-mod: new debugging tool to edit superblock items
    * mkfs: detect if thin-provisioned device does not have enough space
    * check: don't try to verify checksums on metadata dump images
    * build: fail documentation build if xmlto is not found
    * build: fix build of btrfs.static
  - Remove patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-build-fix-static-build.patch (upstream)
  - Update initrd script
* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - update to version 4.16
    * libbtrfsutil - new LGPL library to wrap userspace functionality
    * several 'btrfs' commands converted to use it:
    * properties
    * filesystem sync
    * subvolume set-default/get-default/delete/show/sync
    * python bindings, tests
    * build
    * use configured pkg-config path
    * CI: add python, musl/clang, built dependencies caching
    * convert: build fix for e2fsprogs 1.44+
    * don't install library links with wrong permissions
    * fixes
    * prevent incorrect use of subvol_strip_mountpoint
    * dump-super: don't verify csum for unknown type
    * convert: fix inline extent creation condition
    * check:
    * lowmem: fix false alert for 'data extent backref lost for snapshot'
    * lowmem: fix false alert for orphan inode
    * lowmem: fix false alert for shared prealloc extents
    * mkfs:
    * add UUID and otime to root of FS_TREE - with the uuid, snapshots will
      be now linked to the toplevel subvol by the parent UUID
    * don't follow symlinks when calculating size
    * pre-create the UUID tree
    * fix --rootdir with selinux enabled
    * dump-tree: add option to print only children nodes of a given block
    * image: handle missing device for RAID1
    * other
    * new tests
    * test script cleanups (quoting, helpers)
    * tool to edit superblocks
    * updated docs
  - Add patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-build-fix-static-build.patch
  - Add new library packages: libbtrfsutil
* Sat Feb 17 2018
  - use documentation shipped by upstream tar, reduce dependencies
* Wed Feb 14 2018
  - enable static build again, zstd now has static version
* Fri Feb 02 2018
  - update to version 4.15
    * mkfs --rootdir reworked, does not minimize the final image but can be still
      done using a new option --shrink
    * fix allocation of system chunk, don't allocate from the reserved area
    * other
    * new and updated tests
    * cleanups, refactoring
    * doc updates
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - spec: fix distro version condition
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - update to version 4.14.1
    * dump-tree: print times of root items
    * check: fix several lowmem mode bugs
    * convert: fix rollback after balance
    * other
    * new and updated tests, enabled lowmem mode in CI
    * docs updates
    * fix travis CI build
    * build fixes
    * cleanups
  - update to version 4.14
    * build: libzstd now required by default
    * check: more lowmem mode repair enhancements
    * subvol set-default: also accept path
    * prop set: compression accepts no/none, same as ""
    * filesystem usage: enable for filesystem on top of a seed device
    * rescue: new command fix-device-size
    * other
    * new tests
    * cleanups and refactoring
    * doc updates
  - Removed patches:
    - rollback-regression-fix.patch - upstreamed
  - spec: disable static build, missing libzstd-devel-static
  - spec: disable zstd support for non-Tumbleweed distros



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