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booth-test-1.0+20210519.bfb2f92-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: booth-test Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.0+20210519.bfb2f92 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri Oct 1 00:07:02 2021
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 104393 Source RPM: booth-1.0+20210519.bfb2f92-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Test scripts for Booth
This package contains automated tests for Booth,
the Cluster Ticket Manager for Pacemaker.






* Tue Sep 28 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - Use Python 3 for -test subpackage.
* Thu May 27 2021
  - Update to version 1.0+20210519.bfb2f92:
    * config: Remove deprecated net functions
    * configure: drop unnecessary check and define
    * configure: move exec_prefix sanitizer closer to prefix
    * configure: drop dead code
    * configure: drop unnecessary macro
    * configure: use PKG_CONFIG to detect pacemaker user/group
    * configure: use resource-agents pkg-config info to determine ocfdir
    * configure: add BOOTH_PKG_CHECK_VAR macro to wrap PKG_CHECK_VAR
    * configure: detect and init pkg-config with proper macro
    * configure: Simplify libqb detection when libqb is not installed in standard paths
    * [build] ship booth.pc with basic booth build information for downstream packages to use
    * booth.spec: Change naming scheme for upgrades
    * Package html files when generated
    * build: Fix building of html docs with asciidoc
    * git-version-gen: Use fallback for git-archive
    * configure: Make sure without-html_man works
    * test: Add compatibility with iproute ss command
    * test: fix the delimiter in the here-string
    * build: Remove bashisms
    * booth.spec: Add fedora compatibility provides
    * build: Add option to enable tests during rpmbuild
    * build: Substitute hauser and haclient in RPM
    * build: Substitute python dependency in RPM
    * build: Substitute glue dependency in RPM
    * build: Substitute asciidoc or asciidoctor for RPM
    * build: Rework build of RPM
    * build: Use git-version-gen
    * configure: Always let automake set python vars
    * build: Delete cov directory on clean
    * build: Make sure tarball contains all needed files
    * build: Remove unneeded OS detection section
    * build: Make generating of HTML man work
  - remove applied patch
* Wed Sep 16 2020
  - Update to version 1.0+20200702.2f043da:
    * transport: Check fcntl return value
    * transport: setsockopt failures are not critical
    * pacemaker: Change rv handling of pcmk_get_attr
    * pacemaker: Express intention about logical or
    * main: mkdir failure is not critical
    * pacemaker: Handle updated exit code of crm_ticket
    * main: Delete lockfile when signal arrive too early
    * main: Accept longer config and lock file names
    * Fix gcc-10 warnings for multiple definition of pcmk_handler
    * Fix gcc-10 warnings for packed struct members
    * Use pkg-config to configure libxml-2.0
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Callum Farmer <>
  - Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec (bsc#1174075)
* Mon Jan 28 2019
  - test: fix read -a <<< issue (bsc#1123313)
    * test-fix-read-a-issue.patch
* Thu Jan 17 2019
  - Update to version 1.0+20190112.497c0b9:
    * fix_asciidoc_build.patch is removed, because the tarball already contains the changes.
    * Low: handler: fix spurious warning on alleged "fall-through" in switch (bsc#1123312)
    * Low: main: fix hypothetical file path double traversal discrepancy (bsc#1123310)
    * Med: attr: fix derefence of unspecified value pointer (bsc#1123308)
    * maint: ocf + script: eliminate some false positives with ShellCheck (bsc#1123303)
    * test: daemon will not stay in foreground with -D anymore (bsc#1123302)
    * test: avoid dangerous mutable/sticky default value (bsc#1123301)
    * test: drop/comment out superfluous imports (bsc#1123300)
    * test: drop underqualified identifier in unittest's 2.6 compat "polyfill" (bsc#1123299)
    * test: remove superfluous shebangs for import-only modules (bsc#1123297)
    * maint: fix typos introduced in 4bb484a (bsc#1123296)
    * maint: fix thinko in .gitignore introduced in 5a457ee (bsc#1123294)
    * Fix malformed man title (bsc#1123290)
    * Handle multi-leader situation for manual tickets. Added manual tickets to Life Tests framework (bsc#1123289)
    * Feature: add manual mode to booth tickets (bsc#1123287)
    * Fix GCC-7 warning on buffer size (bsc#1123285)
* Mon Apr 30 2018
  - Doc: fix the documentation build with asciidoctor (bsc#1075764):
    * fix_asciidoc_build.patch
  - Service: restart arbitrator on failure
  - Upstream version cs: c2389e3020e8a3780b679cf0c9857bd608e99fa1
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Build: replace SuSEFirewall2 by firewalld (fate#320794) in booth.spec
  - Upstream version cs: 80199f9477fb4fbf8809f31986139efe3f4ef790
* Fri Dec 01 2017
  - Tickets: added manual tickets, which allow handling 2-site setup
  - Debug mode: fixed the interaction with resource agents (bsc#1046790)
  - Patch file bug-1045067_booth-fix-booth-grant-cmd.patch has been removed
    after the code being merged to upstream:
    * Clinet commands: fixed local IP addresses for booth grant, list,
      and peers commands (bsc#1045067)
  - Upstream version cs: d4cb8cbdaf87e46f636c3d06730b902b79bdcb9c
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - Clinet commands: fixed local IP addresses for booth grant, list, and peers
    commands (bsc#1045067)
    * bug-1045067_booth-fix-booth-grant-cmd.patch
  - Patch bug-1039727_booth-build.patch merged to upstream:
    * Build: create and set working directory (bsc#1039727)
  - Upstream version cs: 766d61881b2cb576645821322edda0edea04828d
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - Build: create and set working directory (bsc#1039727)
    * bug-1039727_booth-build.patch
  - Configuration: handle hostnames in booth.conf file (bsc#1037422)
  - Upstream version cs: bbddf969550969784b76b743baecdcf72796bdf7
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - spec: fix booth-test containing undesired build sources
  - make log contain source address of unknown site
  - main: initialize Libcrypt properly before the first use (bsc#1025463)
  - extprog: fix race condition on ticket loss (bsc#1025463)
  - attr: fix wrong order for hash free functions (bsc#1025463)
  - attr: set time string to "" when time is not set
  - extprog: fix pid test
  - ticket: reset next state on ticket reset
  - alternative logger (in service-runnable script)
  - allow skipping "coredump nursing" phase
  - alternative "nametag" provider: libsystemd
  - alternative range2random provider: glib
  - alternative logging provider: libqb
  - offer alternatives to libraries from (cluster-)glue
  - setup_tcp_listener: close socket when no longer needed
  - read_client: sizeof(*struct_ptr) instead of sizeof(struct_ptr) (bsc#1025463)
  - get_local_id: denoopize dependent condition (signedness issue) (bsc#1025463)
  - list_ticket: fix a memleak in case of buffer too small (bsc#1025463)
  - do_status: close lock file when no longer needed
  - format_peers: fix a memleak in case of buffer too small (bsc#1025463)
  - read_config: close config file when no longer needed
  - make foreach_* macros use variable refs passed as arguments (bsc#1025463)
  - prevent possible truncation w/ invalid geoattrs in CIB (bsc#1025463)
  - build: add proper zlib build-time check + link flag + spec's BR
  - build: allow requesting no HTML man + use in spec
  - fixup: sanitize true-false logic for "daemonize"
  - Upstream version cs: b270a78130f40e648844671b3652919d86e1aef4
* Wed Jul 13 2016
  - spec: Set the owner of /etc/booth and booth.conf.example to hacluster:haclient (bsc#968865)
* Thu Jun 30 2016
  - Reduce conditionals to only keep the default values
  - Run systemd macros in proper phases
  - Convert to pkgconfig dependencies
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - Update to version v1.0_14_g4d35ac7:
    + main: fix address matching procedure (bsc#994999)
* Wed Mar 23 2016
  - Update to version v1.0_6_g106efdf:
    + Feature: extprog: add capability to run a set of programs
    + Medium: extprog: external tests timeout after renewal interval
* Wed Mar 16 2016
  - Update to release v1.0
    + systemd: add booth-arbitrator.service (bsc#967036)
    + main: improve address matching procedure
* Tue Jan 12 2016
  - Update to release candidate v1.0 rc1
    + main: prevent segfault on no arguments
    + ticket: term 0 is a valid term (bsc#952426)
* Thu Dec 03 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_130_g9c5c19f:
    + test: use SSH_OPTS for rsync too
    + test: fix external/booth ip use
* Wed Dec 02 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_128_g29be3ec:
    + test: create and distribute authfile
    + test: allow alternative ip addresses
    + config: support for comments
* Mon Nov 30 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_126_g2154ade:
    + main: add 'other' as possible site reference
    + attr: GEO attributes OCF RA support (fate#318182)
    + ocf: add geostore sample RA (fate#318182)
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_120_gf3d73a5:
    + arbitrator: mark expired tickets as lost (bsc#956321)
    + attr: better control of election cause
* Fri Nov 20 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_116_g88c3d6a:
    + attr: attribute prerequisites (fate#318182)
    + attr: keep attributes in the CIB (fate#318182)
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_113_gaeef08d:
    + doc: add the geostore(8) man page
    + geo attributes (fate#318182)
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_107_g3e73b68:
    + booth-keygen: older dd don't have status=none option
    + ticket: move election start out of the signal handler (bsc#942346)
    + extprog: handle better multiple children signal delivery
    + client: prevent garbage characters at the end of the list
    + service-runnable: improve error checking
* Mon Aug 03 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_97_gda68360:
    + add booth-keygen (fate#319318)
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_96_g9dae592:
    + ticket: prevent running external program twice
    + ticket: make sure that we're the leader if granting ticket (bsc#940037)
    + docs: add booth operation FSM dot graphs
    + main: add peer statistics
    + main: add booth peers command
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_89_gd9f16ba:
    + main: don't allow zero poll timeout (bsc#938820)
    + pcmk: don't log error when ticket not in CIB
* Sat Jul 18 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_87_gf59231b:
    + auth: add support for libgcrypt (bsc#938403)
* Fri Jul 10 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_86_g62eee28:
    + auth: hmac based authentication (fate#318466)
    + auth: test timestamps in packets (replay attacks defense)
    + doc: describe auth in the README
    + transport: use non-blocking read (fate#318465)
    + clients: free request when removing client
    + extprog: run programs asynchronously (fate#318463)
    + extprog: preserve pclose(2) child exit status
    + pacemaker: report error if crm_ticket fails
    + doc: remove warning about running external program synchronously
    + client: don't allow SIGPIPE to kill the server (if the client leaves too early)
    + extprog: update ticket grant/reacquire procedure
    + client: make sure that the client is still there to be notified
    + extprog: ignore running external program on revoke
    + main: don't comment on successful list
    + client: fix memory growing indefinitely on new client connect
    + client: reference client fd instead of pointer in requests
    + client: fix memory leak in ticket list
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - Update to version v0.2.0_50_g03bdf8a:
    + build: update spec, doc, add AUTHORS
    + doc: add sample pacemaker configuration to the testing README
    + spec: skip the update procedure on new installations
    + use subsecond timers internally
    + ticket: allow finer resolution time in messages
    + test: add sharedrsc OCF test RA
    + raft: better control of term increment
    + raft: ignore messages with invalid term (lower than already committed)
    + booth-site: exit early in start if daemon cannot start
    + raft: handle duplicate ticket release requests
    + ticket: add -C option (wait for commit)
    + ticket: restart elections after last candidate disappears
    + contrib: add geo-cluster.fwd (suse firewall rules)
    + ticket: ignore late MY_INDEX requests
    + timer: round to seconds when converting from timeval
* Wed Feb 18 2015
  - booth-arbitrator: fix exit codes for all actions
  - booth-arbitrator: set the right LSB exit code in status
  - booth-arbitrator: fix stop exit code (bsc#914306)
  - main: use /proc/self/oom_score_adj instead of oom_adj (bsc#914037)
  - upstream version: v0.2.0-6-g9eae45f
* Fri Oct 03 2014
  - doc: clarify the meaning of renewal-freq
  - ra: add restart and reload actions (bnc#899244)
  - upstream version: v0.2.0
* Fri Sep 12 2014
  - doc: add documentation for upgrade from v0.1
  - build: stop arbitrator on update from previous v0.1
  - ra: support the previously released v0.1
  - build: better support for sysv and systemd init files
  - ra: update library location
  - upstream version: 644df54
* Thu Aug 21 2014
  - Doc: update client help
  - upstream version: 063bc2c
* Thu Aug 21 2014
  - doc: man page update
  - upstream version: 1e41e32
* Wed Aug 20 2014
  - service-runnable: test also if the ticket is in standby
  - service-runnable: unset -e, crm_resource fails if the meta
    attribute doesn't exist
  - upstream version: 2928215
* Thu Aug 14 2014
  - ticket: drop expired tickets in elections too (gh#17)
  - upstream version: 5c48dbb
* Mon Aug 04 2014
  - config: prevent segfaults on bad usage
  - config: allow configuring more than one ticket (bnc#889806)
  - upstream version: 58a2b61
* Fri Jul 25 2014
  - raft: be more permissive for elections for valid tickets
  - build: fix doc dir for redhat based distros
  - upstream version: 2ecb536
* Thu Jul 17 2014
  - build: update setting build information
  - doc: update server operation description
  - client: add the -w option
  - upstream version: 49c0f3d
* Thu Jul 17 2014
  - build: fix setting package version in configure
  - build: update booth.spec for redhat platforms
  - client: wait for request outcome (bnc#887689)
  - ticket: add renewal frequency (bnc#887113)
  - ra: simplify process status and removal
  - config: fix copying name from the configuration file name (bnc#886674)
  - upstream version: 3bfdd5b
* Thu Jul 03 2014
  - add git version info and GNUmakefile for easier rpm package building
  - raft: make sure that elections restart if the last candidate disappears
  - use monotonic clock if available (bnc#884746)
  - raft: reset election on rejects too
  - raft: accept OP_UPDATE in candidate and init states too
  - ticket: don't write to CIB if we're in elections
  - upstream version: ff5b114
* Thu Jun 26 2014
  - raft: match the request in acks too (bnc#882209)
  - raft: add the request in reply packets
  - raft: resend ticket updates (bnc#882209)
  - raft: add short delay before election start (bnc#883785)
  - ra: exit with success if validation fails in stop (bnc#883762)
  - raft: make server stepdown more robust
  - raft: remove unused commit_index (bnc#883216)
  - raft: reset ticket leader before elections (bnc#883150)
  - upstream version: 21b3f0
* Sun Jun 15 2014
  - raft: preserve term for status messages
  - raft: ignore VOTE_FOR if we lost the candidate status (bnc#882209)
  - raft: always accept heartbeats and updates from a valid leader (bnc#882209)
  - raft: ack revokes (bnc#882057)
  - config: don't allow too long packet retry period
  - config: don't change ticket defaults in ticket stanzas (use __defaults__)
  - raft: don't ignore duplicate vote_for packets
  - upstream version: 4c1e97
* Fri Jun 06 2014
  - raft: don't reset acks prematurely (bnc#881508)
  - test: add more tests to
  - raft: on server step down reset the ticket state too
  - service-runnable: remove crm_simulate's tmp shadow (bnc#879934)
  - raft: invalidate ticket if the leader wants to step down
  - raft: delay revoke if there's another operation in progress
  - main: enable coredumps
  - upstream version: 465245
* Tue May 27 2014
  - raft: account for slow servers in elections
  - raft: improve ticket update on status message
  - raft: increment term if election ends in tie
  - booth operation testing facility
  - ticket: update status/startup ticket processing
  - upstream version: 63c908
* Mon May 19 2014
  - ticket: delay ticket processing a bit at startup
  - raft: improve reacquire on startup
  - ticket: run new election on ticket reacquire
  - ticket: always reacquire tickets granted here (bnc#878359)
  - config: reacquire ticket granted here always (bnc#877773)
  - improve logging
  - transport: prefer exact address matches (bnc#877669)
  - doc: describe server operation in the README
  - upstream version: 1bcef0c
* Mon May 12 2014
  - build: add the service-still-runnable script
  - raft: set ticket wakeup after MY_INDEX (bnc#877356)
  - ticket: allow enforcing immediate grant (bnc#876191)
  - raft: test for misled lost ticket condition
  - raft: include reason for RPC
  - raft: wait a short delay before starting new elections
  - raft: reduce the election timeout to the ticket timeout
  - doc: add booth description to README
  - raft: delay ticket commit to the CIB on manual grants (bnc#876321)
  - raft: don't update the ticket expiry before leader got elected
  - raft: fix external program handling
  - raft: send heartbeat only on restart (bnc#876516)
  - upstream version: c18e68
* Mon May 05 2014
  - doc: hawk uses booth, not crm_ticket
  - upstream version: 7f10ce
* Mon May 05 2014
  - raft: accept valid heartbeats in the candidate state
  - raft: elections not allowed if the term's still valid (bnc#876300)
  - raft: on vote request reply to sender only
  - upstream version: 8be1aa
* Fri May 02 2014
  - status: test TCP socket bind instead of UDP (bnc#874139)
  - doc: update the man page and add section on booth ticket management
  - raft: always run election before acquiring tickets
  - raft: reset expired tickets on load
  - ticket: query status on startup (bnc#873205)
  - config: use only address for the site id (bnc#875237)
  - raft: update election logic (bnc#872103)
  - ticket: adjust acquire-after use to the manpage
  - doc: clarify the acquire-after use (bnc#874148)
  - transport: use local address for address matching (bnc#875148)
  - ticket: increment lease time only when majority held
  - raft: reduce the default timeout to 5 seconds
  - ticket: allow revoke only on leaders
  - ticket: write ticket to CIB on revoke
  - raft: no vote on revoked tickets (bnc#872918)
  - raft: increment the term on new election when ticket lost (bnc#873643)
  - raft: don't broadcast req_vote twice on ticket grant
  - raft: expire tickets on no heartbeat acks (bnc#873483)
  - ticket: start election if the ticket was granted to us (bnc#873400)
  - transport: reuse port/address on bind (bnc#873382)
  - ticket: write ticket on majority heartbeat acks (bnc#873175)
  - upstream version: 36d94a
* Mon Apr 14 2014
  - transport: reuse port/address on bind (bnc#873382)
  - ticket: write ticket on majority heartbeat acks (bnc#873175)
  - upstream version: 3af8b0
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - init script is not needed in this package (bnc#872063)
  - upstream version: 60de8d
* Wed Apr 02 2014
  - fix building manpages
* Wed Apr 02 2014
  - fix format related warnings
* Mon Mar 31 2014
  - Small fine-tuning changes
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Rewrite, using Raft instead of Paxos.
  - Version 0.2.0
* Wed Mar 05 2014
  - Provided a script to check resource health
  - Replaced "resource_monitor" functionality; now an external
    script is called before the ticket is acquired/renewed.
  - Version 0.1.7
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - Systemd integration
  - Atomic ticket writes (grant/revoke with attributes)
    Automatic fallback for older 'crm_ticket' binaries
  - Autoconf/Configure check for moved log_cib_diff() function
    Make package build again with newer Pacemaker libraries.
  - Small fixes, cleanups, and enhancements for the unit tests.
  - Version 0.1.6
* Mon Feb 17 2014
  - Enhancements to the unit-tests - more data when they fail.
  - A few other fixes
  - Version 0.1.5
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - Tim Serong reported problems, I'd guess because of compiler
    optimizations. Converted a macro to a (less clever) function.
  - Some other fixes for catchup and ticket re-acquiration.
* Mon Feb 10 2014
  - New sub-package that includes all the test scripts and data.
    Doesn't work yet; but available to make testing (the packaging
    problem) easier.
* Fri Jan 24 2014
  - Version 0.1.3
  - New (extended) version of man pages
  - First draft of unit-tests
  - Run as non-root user
  - Transmission retry counter configureable
  - Lots of fixes for the state engine
  - Improve timeout handling mechanism to make booth more robust
  - reconfiguration of boothd while running (fate#316126)
  - Multi-tenancy for booth (fate#316123)
  - booth should support IPv6 in full (fate#316122)
* Fri Jan 10 2014
  - Nearly full rewrite, version number 0.1.2. 7fce594
    - Use UDP for initial catchup, to avoid blocking on simultaneous restarts
    - Automatic ticket renewal after first half of the expire interval
    - Fixed building for OSC (libs in LDADD instead of LDFLAGS)
    - Many cleanups.
    - Daemon restart won't lose information, tickets loaded from CIB
    - Multi-tenancy via multiple config files (FATE 316123)
      Init script starts all instances.
    - Cleaned up config file parsing, is now more user-friendly
    - Type (site/arbitrator) deduced from configuration and local IP addresses
    - Should (might) work with IPv6, too.
  - booth-resource-monitor-build-issue.patch
* Thu Sep 12 2013
  - Fixed resource monitor build issue
    + booth-resource-monitor-build-issue.patch
* Tue Sep 10 2013
  - Update to git version 1a00ea1.
  - Correction of the problem by which booth_resource_monitord
    was not contained in "make rpm".
  - Correction of the problem that is the compilation error when
    combined with the latest Pacemaker.
  - Return the correct daemon state.
  - Add "starting" and "started" to better reflect daemon state
    to the caller.
  - Correction for merging into the sauce tree of booth
  - Implemented the monitoring function of the resource to depend
    on the ticket.
  - Changed a level of the log to tell that the expiration date
    of the ticket expired.
* Thu Mar 28 2013
  - Not setting realtime scheduling (bnc#804707)
* Thu Mar 14 2013
  - Update to git version 5ca725b. (bnc#802289)
  - correction to let existing master do preferential lease
  - modified the 'rcbooth-arbitrator status' that it should only show
    'Running' if a boothd is running in arbitrator mode.
  - Fixed: booth fails in realocating a memory
  - Add function: booth client can use the host name.
  - spec: add file
  - enable matching non-annotated tags
  - Fixed: change return value
  - Check the validity of lease retry and renew operations
* Mon Jul 09 2012
  - Update to git version fa436b4. (bnc#790499)
  - add icon for booth
  - Fix the wrong timer assignment while catching up
  - Fixed: Change initial round
  - Fixed: Acceptor log error mistake
  - Fix the wrong error message when multiple booth daemons being started.
  - Disable the cast-align warnings
  - build: no need to link to glib2
  - build: properly test for libplumb, remove useless -lplumbgpl
  - build: use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDES
  - build: simplify check for glib2
  - build: don't uselessly link against dl and rt libraries
  - Fixed: tcp listener error and trivial fix
  - man pages: invoke help2man with -s 8
  - Correct the return value when running grant/revoke command failed
  - Get the highest ballot when catchup
  - Add lease ownership checking when releasing the lease
  - Add error handling when call ops of p_op
  - Remove reject of paxos_msghdr
  - Add judgment before use acceptor.plv
  - Add support for fast revoke of ticket
  - modify gitignore for ignore cscope and ctags files
  - memory leak of proposer_propose and paxos_propose
  - When a expire was not set on a ticket, made modifications to use the default value
  - Remove "-f" option in grant and revoke commands
  - Code cleanup and trivial fix
  - Fix some usability issues
* Thu Mar 29 2012
  - Require appropriate version of ticket support in pacemaker
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - Update to git version 84b6583b
  - Improve error reporting (bnc#749798)
  - Enhance the ticket information catch-up from other sites
  - Notify pacemaker about the ticket status after catching up
    and fix CIB sign-on error (bnc#753619)
  - Add missing header file "time.h"
  - Add a timeout on TCP connect
  - Invoke the new crm_ticket command in pacemaker
  - Use strerror(3) in more places
  - Add messages warning of expected errors in test output.
  - Add some debug messages during ticket_catchup()
  - Refactor code duplication between do_grant() and do_revoke()
  - Fix tests to deal with addition of ticket_catchup() to setup() phase (f16e6d1a)
* Wed Mar 21 2012
  - Update to git version d158b493
  - Fix building of man page for booth/boothd (bnc#753276)
* Wed Mar 21 2012
  - Update to git version 616d832c
  - Improve output of booth client list to display human-readable
    time not UNIX epoch time (bnc#752815)
  - Before each test, ensure leftover boothd is not running
  - Don't restart/stop booth daemon on rpm update/erase respectively
    to avoid nasty surprises during cluster maintenance
  - Add "--force" option when calling crm_ticket command
* Sun Mar 18 2012
  - Update to git version 0a4f94c
  - Deliver revoke operation to each cluster site
* Tue Mar 13 2012
  - Update to git version ab8f7be
  - Rework catch-up functionality
  - Fix compiling error on some architecture after adding -Werror
  - Correction of the problem that daemon starts in foreground by a value of HA_debug.
  - Fix "warning: ‘addrlen’ may be used uninitialized in this function"
  - Don't try to unlink lockfile if we failed to create one.
  - Rework del_timer function (bnc#751703)
  - Fix paxos lease renew issue (bnc#751485)
  - Fix compiling warnings on x86 architecture
  - Fix compiling warnings on x86_64 architecture
  - Enhance log output in paxos implementation
  - Fix typo when refactoring the code
  - Change default configuration file to /etc/booth/booth.conf
  - Fix "warning: too many arguments for format"
  - Fix "warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type"
  - Fix "warning: no previous prototype for 'safe_copy'"
* Thu Mar 08 2012
  - Move README/COPYING to /usr/share/doc/packages/booth
  - rpmlint fixes
* Thu Mar 08 2012
  - Update to git version 7fa35c
  - Add missing import of 're'.
  - Fix config file parser to cope with trailing whitespace at end of lines (bnc#749551)
  - Fix bug with parsing of files with no final new-line (bnc#749551)
  - Test how config file parser deals with invalid transport protocol value
  - Check transport line is not missing from config file (bnc#749551)
  - Test debug mode (-D)
  - Test how config file parser handles missing quotes (bnc#749551)
  - Test a working configuration file
  - Make daemonization happen later, after setup (bnc#739015)
  - log errors when setup_transport() fails
  - Fix buffer overflows with -s and -t CLI options (bnc#750256)
  - The beginnings of a test suite.
  - config.c: make parser error messages and variable names more useful
  - fix cpu 100%, while using tcp
* Wed Mar 07 2012
  - Update to git version 55b237
  - Refactoring: extract initialization code from loop() into setup()
  - fix type of booth_config->proto
  - Avoid tabs in STDOUT in case terminal doesn't use 8-column tabs.
  - main.c: Fix compile warning and usage output in read_arguments()
  - Fix warning about signedness of boothc_header.len
  - Refactor code duplicated between do_site() and do_arbitrator()
  - Use cl_log for logging
  - Fix error handling problems of function do_arbitrator and do_site
  - Fix ticket automatic failover issue between different sites
  - Get the correct ballot number if the proposer has ever been down
* Fri Mar 02 2012
  - Update to latest version in git
  - Fixes 'gloablly' typo (bnc#746362)
* Wed Feb 29 2012
  - Add rcbooth-arbitrator symlink (bnc#743777)
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - Remove unsupported command line parameter
  - Implement booth client list command
  - Implement ticket revoking functions
  - Revoke the ticket in CIB when ticket expires
  - documentation: build man pages with help2man
* Fri Jan 13 2012
  - Set proposer state to PREPARING at the right place
  - Avoid NULL pointer dereference in paxos lease
  - Fix PIDFile name in lsp startscript
  - Fix pacemaker ticket handling
  - Return EXIT_FAILURE if initialization fails
  - Modify the timer expiration when accepting a new lease
  - Reset proposer state when starting a new paxos round
  - Rework some functions in timer.c
  - Change daemon name and default values in OCF script
  - Fix daemon name in LSB startscript
  - Fix not existing function name in booth-ste OCF script
  - Add semi-colon character to config parser whilelist
  - Rework paxos_propose function
  - Initial autotools support
  - Add COPYING file
* Mon Dec 12 2011
  - Initialize the value before customized proposing.
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Add an example of the booth configuration file.
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Fix uninitialized paxos lease handler.
  - Not to send duplicate propose message when already having quorum.
  - Initialize ticket owner and default expiry.
  - Fix the sending data length in acceptor promise stage.
  - Fix tge uninitialized "ps" pointer which results in a core dump.
  - Fix the improper package length conversion.
  - Set the default "force" option to zero.
* Tue Aug 23 2011
  - Integrate with Pacemaker
  - Fix booth daemon initialization bugs
* Mon Aug 15 2011
  - Implement the Basic-Paxos and Multi-Paxos algorithm.
  - Implement Paoxs Lease algorithm.
* Thu Jul 28 2011
  - version 0.1
  - Initial package check-in



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