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apache-commons-daemon-1.2.4-2.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: apache-commons-daemon Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.2.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Wed Jul 28 19:28:52 2021
Group: System/Daemons Build host: obs-arm-11
Size: 121447 Source RPM: apache-commons-daemon-1.2.4-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Commons Daemon - Controlling of Java Daemons
The Daemon Component contains a set of Java and native code, including
a set of Java interfaces applications must implement and Unix native
code to control a Java daemon from a Unix operating system.






* Tue Jul 27 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Define %%make_build for systems where it is not defined in
    rpm macros
* Wed Feb 03 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.2.4
    * Procrun. Ensure that log messages written to stdout and stderr
      are not lost during start-up.
    * Procrun. Correct a regression introduced in 1.2.3. Enable the
      service to start if the Options value is not present in the
    * jsvc. Don't fail if the CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH capability is not
      available. Fall back to using argv[0] rather than
      /proc/self/exe to determine the path for the current binary.
    * Improved JRE/JDK detection to support increased range of both
      JVM versions and vendors
* Tue Oct 27 2020 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.2.3
    * Fix: Procrun. Correct multiple issues related to enabling a
      service to interact with the desktop. Provide a better error
      message if this option is used with an invalid user, install
      the service with the option enabled if requested and correctly
      save the setting if it is enabled in the GUI.
    * Fix: jsvc. Update the list of paths searched for to
      include the path used by OpenJDK 11.
    * Add: Procrun. Add additional debug logging for Java start mode.
    * Fix: jsvc. Remove incorrect definition 'supported_os' which
      defined in psupport.m4 file to fix jsvc build error on s390,
      arm, aarch64, mipsel and mips.
    * Add: More debug logging in prunsrv.c and javajni.c.
    * Add: Update arguments.c to support Java 11 --enable-preview.
    * Add: jsvc and Procrun. Add support for Java native memory tracking.
    * Add: Procrun. Add a new command, print, that outputs the command to
      (re-)configure the service with the current settings. This is
      intended to be used to save settings such as before an upgrade.
  - Rebase apache-commons-daemon-riscv64.patch
  - Remove apache-commons-daemon-s390x.patch fixed upstream
* Tue Jun 09 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Generate ant build file and customize it in order to be able to
    build this ring package without cycles. Ring packages cannot be
    built using maven.
  - Modified patches:
    * apache-commons-daemon-JAVA_OS.patch
    * apache-commons-daemon-riscv64.patch
    * apache-commons-daemon-s390x.patch
      + Do not patch configure file itself, since we generate it
      during the build
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Update to 1.2.2
    * Release 1.2.2 - 2019-10-04
    - Fix: Procrun. Correct a regression in the fix for DAEMON-401
      that prevented the service from starting unless support for the
      universal C runtime had been installed.
    - Update: Update Commons-Parent to version 49.
    * Release 1.2.1 - 2019-09-09
    - Fix: jsvc. Correct debug log message that reports change in umask.
    - Fix: Procrun. Correct a regression in the previous fix for this
      issue that caused 32-bit services to crash on start-up. Fixes DAEMON-401.
    - Fix: Procrun. Correct a regression in the fix for DAEMON-391
      that caused the GUI to mix-up the WARN and INFO logging levels.
    * Release 1.2.0 - 2019-07-02
    - Fix: Procrun. Only set the global shutdown event if the event is created.
    - Fix: Unable to build with Java 9 using ant; dropped Ant build files.
    - Fix: Procrun. prunsrv stopping with error due to hard-coded timeout.
    - Fix: Update config.guess and config.sub.
    - Fix: Jsvc. Set the system property when starting via jsvc
      so that tools like jconsole show something meaningful for the process name.
    - Fix: Procrun. Correct the level name used in the GUI for WARN so that
      changes made via the GUI are recognised. Order the log levels in the
      drop-down from ERROR to DEBUG.
    - Fix: Procrun. Correct reversed code comments for JRE and JDK locations
      in the registry.
    - Fix: Procrun. Fix a bug that meant a value provided for LibraryPath
      replaced the value of the PATH environment variable rather than prepended to it.
    - Fix: Procrun. Ensure that the java.library.path environment variable is
      correctly configured when running on a JRE that depends on the Universal CRT.
    - Add: Procrun. Log the error code returned if JVM creation fails to aid debugging.
    - Fix: Procrun. Ensure that environment variables set via prunsrv are visible
      to native libraries that depend on the Universal CRT.
    - Fix: Procrun. Remove the code that removed quotes from configured Java and
      Java 9 Options.
    - Add: Procrun. Add an option to configure the service to use the 'Automatic
      (Delayed Start)' startup mode.
    - Add: Procrun. When running in jre mode, if the standard Java registry
      entries for JavaHome and RuntimeLib are not present, attempt to use the
      Procrun JavaHome key to find the runtime library.
    - Add: jsvc. Include the full path to the jsvc executable in the debug log.
    * Release 1.1.0 - 2017-11-15
    - Update: Update the minimum Java requirement from version 5 to 6.
    - Update: Add AArch64 support to src/native/unix/support/apsupport.m4.
    - Fix: Remove calls to explicit garbage collection during daemon start and stop.
    - Fix: Update config.guess and config.sub to add support, amongst others,
      for the 64-bit PowerPC Little-Endian architecture.
    - Update: Update Commons-Parent to version 41.
    - Fix: Update apsupport.m4 add support for 64-bit PowerPC architectures.
    - Fix: Suppress spurious "The data area passed to a system call is too small"
      error message in the log when Procrun fails to stop the service.
    - Fix: Enable jsvc to start when running on Java 9.
    - Fix: Fix a resource leak opening the JVM configuration file.
      _ Fix: Improve the jsvc code that restarts the process if the JVM crashes so
      that if the JVM crashes after a signal has been received to shut down jsvc
      does not attempt to restart the JVM.
    - Fix: Ensure that the child process is started with the correct umask.
    - Fix: Correct conflicting information for the behaviour of Procrun when
      using jvm mode.
    - Fix: Ensure that, when using Procrun in java or exe mode, the service
      process waits for the stop process to complete before starting clean-up
      to avoid a crash in the stop process.
    - Fix: Enable jsvc to find the jvm when running on AIX.
    - Fix: Ensure that Procrun treats JVM crashes as service failures so the
      recovery options will apply.
    - Fix: Ensure that the //MQ command closes the prunmgr process even if
      the configuration dialog is open when the //MQ command is used.
    - Fix: Add support for Java 9 command line arguments to jsvc.
    - Add: Add a restarts options to jsvc to control the number of permitted
      restarts after a system crash.
    - Remove: Remove support for building Procrun for the Itanium platform.
    - Fix: Fix race conditions in PID file handling in jsvc.
  - Remove patches:
    * apache-commons-daemon-ppc64.patch
    * apache-commons-daemon-aarch64.patch
  - Refresh patches:
    * apache-commons-daemon-riscv64.patch
    * apache-commons-daemon-JAVA_OS.patch
  - Update project keyring.
* Mon Mar 25 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Remove pom parent, since we don't use it when not building with
* Thu Jul 12 2018
  - apache-commons-daemon-riscv64.patch: add riscv64 to the list of
    supported cpus
  - Use %license for LICENSE.txt
* Tue May 15 2018
  - Build with source and target 8 to prepare for a possible removal
    of 1.6 compatibility
  - Run fdupes on documentation
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Fix jdk9 build by specifying java source and target 1.6
* Fri May 19 2017
  - New build dependency: javapackages-local



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