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RPM of Group System/YaST

live-add-yast-repos-1.0-5.1 A script to add the repos from control.xml to the system linux/armv7hl
live-net-installer-1.0-20.1 Makes the installation available from a running system linux/armv7hlNew
numlockx-1.2-181.15 Switch on/off or toggle numlock linux/armv7hl
update-test-32bit-pkg-5.1-1.5 Test update that contains a 32bit package linux/armv7hl
update-test-affects-package-manager-5.1-1.5 Test update that requires a software stack restart linux/armv7hl
update-test-broken-5.1-1.5 Test update which should not be installable linux/armv7hl
update-test-feature-5.1-1.5 Test update that includes new features linux/armv7hl
update-test-interactive-5.1-1.5 Test update that requires confirmation linux/armv7hl
update-test-optional-5.1-1.5 Test update that is not mandatory linux/armv7hl
update-test-reboot-needed-5.1-1.5 Test update that requires a system reboot linux/armv7hl
update-test-relogin-suggested-5.1-1.5 Test update that requires a session restart linux/armv7hl
update-test-retracted-5.1-1.5 Test update that should be marked as retracted linux/armv7hl
update-test-security-5.1-1.5 Test update that includes security fixes linux/armv7hl
update-test-trivial-5.1-1.5 Package for testing the update stack during product development linux/armv7hl
yast2-4.4.20-1.1 YaST2 Main Package linux/armv7hl
yast2-alternatives-4.4.0-1.1 YaST2 - Manage Update-alternatives switching linux/armv7hlNew
yast2-bootloader-4.4.7-1.1 YaST2 - Bootloader Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-control-center-4.4.3-1.1 YaST2 - Control Center linux/armv7hl
yast2-control-center-qt-4.4.3-1.1 YaST2 - Control Center (Qt Version) linux/armv7hl
yast2-core-4.4.0-1.3 YaST2 - Core Libraries linux/armv7hl
yast2-country-4.4.6-1.1 YaST2 - Country Settings (Language, Keyboard, and Timezone) linux/armv7hl
yast2-country-data-4.4.6-1.1 YaST2 - Data files for Country settings linux/armv7hl
yast2-drbd-4.4.2-1.1 YaST2 - DRBD Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-fonts-4.2.1-1.14 YaST2 - Fonts Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-hardware-detection-4.4.0-1.2 YaST2 - Hardware Detection Interface linux/armv7hl
yast2-kdump-4.4.1-1.1 Configuration of kdump linux/armv7hl
yast2-ldap-4.4.1-1.2 YaST2 - LDAP Agent linux/armv7hl
yast2-logs-4.4.20-1.1 Scripts for handling YAST logs linux/armv7hl
yast2-nis-client-4.4.1-1.3 YaST2 - Network Information Services (NIS, YP) Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-packager-4.4.6-1.1 YaST2 - Package Library linux/armv7hl
yast2-perl-bindings-4.4.0-1.3 YaST2 - Perl Bindings linux/armv7hl
yast2-pkg-bindings-4.4.2-1.2 YaST2 - Package Manager Access linux/armv7hl
yast2-printer-4.4.1-1.2 YaST2 - Printer Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-python3-bindings-4.4.1-1.1 Python3 bindings for the YaST platform linux/armv7hl
yast2-ruby-bindings-4.4.4-1.1 Ruby bindings for the YaST platform linux/armv7hl
yast2-scanner-4.4.1-1.2 YaST2 - Scanner Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-schema-4.4.3-1.1 YaST2 - AutoYaST Schema linux/armv7hl
yast2-slp-4.4.0-1.2 YaST2 - SLP Agent and Library linux/armv7hl
yast2-snapper-4.4.1-1.1 YaST - file system snapshots review linux/armv7hl
yast2-sound-4.4.0-1.3 YaST2 - Sound Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-squid-4.4.1-1.3 Configuration of squid linux/armv7hl
yast2-storage-ng-4.4.8-1.1 YaST2 - Storage Configuration linux/armv7hlNew
yast2-transfer-4.4.1-1.2 YaST2 - Agent for Various Transfer Protocols linux/armv7hl
yast2-tune-4.4.1-1.1 YaST2 - Hardware Tuning linux/armv7hl
yast2-update-4.4.3-1.1 YaST2 - Update linux/armv7hl
yast2-update-FACTORY-4.4.3-1.1 YaST2 - Update linux/armv7hl
yast2-users-4.4.6-1.1 YaST2 - User and Group Configuration linux/armv7hl
yast2-vm-4.4.1-1.1 Configure Hypervisor and Tools for Xen and KVM linux/armv7hl
yast2-x11-4.4.1-1.2 YaST2 - X11 support linux/armv7hl
yast2-xml-4.4.0-1.2 YaST2 - XML Agent linux/armv7hl
yast2-ycp-ui-bindings-4.4.0-1.2 YaST2 - YCP Bindings for the YaST2 User Interface Engine linux/armv7hl

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