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RPM of Group Productivity/Telephony/Utilities

gammu-1.42.0-2.3 Mobile phone management utility linux/armv7hlNew
libilbc0-3951-122.23 Internet Low Bitrate Codec linux/armv7hl
libosmocore-tools-1.5.1-1.2 GSM utilities from the osmocore project linux/armv7hl
mediastreamer2-5.0.35-1.1 Audio/Video real-time streaming linux/armv7hlNew
ofono-1.33-2.1 Mobile telephony application development framework linux/armv7hlNew
ofono-tests-1.33-2.1 Test Scripts for oFono linux/armv7hlNew
openbsc-1.4.0-2.1 Base station controller for a GSM stack linux/armv7hlNew
openbsc-bs11-utils-1.4.0-2.1 Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS linux/armv7hlNew
openbsc-bsc-sccplite-1.4.0-2.1 GSM Base Station Controller linux/armv7hlNew
ortp-5.0.35-1.1 Real-time Transport Protocol Stack linux/armv7hlNew
osmo-bsc-abisip-find-1.6.0-3.1 CLI utility to find ip.access compatible BTS linux/armv7hlNew
osmo-bsc-bs11-utils-1.6.0-3.1 Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS linux/armv7hlNew
osmo-bsc-ipaccess-utils-1.6.0-3.1 Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS linux/armv7hlNew
osmo-bsc-meas-utils-1.6.0-3.1 Command line utilities for OsmoBSC's measurement reports linux/armv7hlNew
osmo-bts-omldummy-1.2.0-2.7 Osmocom CI: Bring up only OML without RSL linux/armv7hl
osmo-bts-virtual-1.2.0-2.7 Virtual Osmocom GSM BTS (no RF hardware; GSMTAP/UDP) linux/armv7hl
osmo-e1d-0.2.1-1.2 Osmocom E1 Daemon linux/armv7hl
simtrace2-0.7.1-1.8 Osmocom SIMtrace host utility linux/armv7hl
sngrep-1.4.9-1.1 Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer linux/armv7hl

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