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RPM of Group Productivity/Other

XyGrib- A weather visualization package linux/armv7hl
abook-0.6.1-3.6 Text-based addressbook program linux/armv7hl
ark-21.08.2-1.1 KDE Archiver Tool linux/armv7hlNew
calibre-5.30.0-1.1 EBook Management Application linux/armv7hlNew
clinfo- Utility that reports status information for all installed OpenCL ICDs linux/armv7hl
clipit-1.4.2-3.7 A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager linux/armv7hl
enca-1.19-1.16 Detects encoding of text files linux/armv7hl
espeak-1.48.04-6.19 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/armv7hl
espeakedit-1.48.03-2.17 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/armv7hl
fbreader-0.99.4-3.17 E-book reader linux/armv7hl
gnome-recipes-2.0.4-1.8 A recipe app for GNOME linux/armv7hl
gobby-0.5.1+20180826.d16519e-2.3 Collaborative editor (Infinote protocol) linux/armv7hl
hdhomerun_config-20190621-1.8 HDHomeRun Config tool linux/armv7hl
hdhomerun_config_gui-20190621-1.8 HDHomeRun GTK GUI linux/armv7hl
hxtools-20210928-1.1 Collection of day-to-day tools (binaries) linux/armv7hl
kalarm-21.08.2-1.1 Personal Alarm Scheduler linux/armv7hlNew
kcharselect-21.08.2-1.1 KDE Character Selector linux/armv7hlNew
kdesdk-thumbnailers-21.08.2-1.1 Translation file thumbnail generators linux/armv7hlNew
khelpcenter5-21.08.2-1.1 KDE Documentation Application linux/armv7hlNew
knotes-21.08.2-1.1 Popup Notes linux/armv7hlNew
kontact-21.08.2-1.1 Personal Information Manager linux/armv7hlNew
kronometer-2.2.3-2.2 A stopwatch application by KDE linux/armv7hl
ktimer-21.08.2-1.1 Countdown Launcher linux/armv7hlNew
ktimetracker-5.0.1-1.9 Personal Time Tracker linux/armv7hl
latex2rtf-2.3.18a-1.4 LaTeX to RTF Converter linux/armv7hl
libhdhomerun2-20190621-1.8 HDHomeRun library linux/armv7hl
liblouis-tools-3.16.1-1.2 Tools from the liblouis braille translator package linux/armv7hl
libt3highlight-utils-0.5.0-1.7 Utilities for working with libt3highlight linux/armv7hl
liferea-1.13.6-2.1 Linux Feed Reader linux/armv7hl
meteo-0.9.8-1.8 Program to show the weather forecast of the next hours and days linux/armv7hl
minuet-21.08.2-1.1 A KDE Software for Music Education linux/armv7hlNew
parcellite-1.2.1-2.1 A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager linux/armv7hl
pinentry-1.2.0-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/armv7hl
pinentry-efl-1.2.0-1.1 Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialog for EFL linux/armv7hl
pinentry-emacs-1.2.0-1.1 Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialog integrated into Emacs linux/armv7hl
pinentry-fltk-1.2.0-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/armv7hl
pinentry-gnome3-1.2.0-1.1 Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialog for GNOME linux/armv7hl
pinentry-gtk2-1.2.0-1.1 Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialog for GTK2 linux/armv7hl
pinentry-qt5-1.2.0-1.1 Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialog for QT5 linux/armv7hl
rasqal-0.9.33-1.23 RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/armv7hl
rlwrap-0.45.2-1.1 A Readline Wrapper linux/armv7hl
rsibreak-0.12.14-1.1 Repetetive Strain Injury recovery and prevention assistance utility linux/armv7hl
sigil-1.7.0-1.1 WYSIWYG Ebook Editor linux/armv7hl
tealdeer-1.4.1-1.2 An implementation of tldr in Rust linux/armv7hl
tracker-3.2.0-1.1 Object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer linux/armv7hl
tracker-data-files-3.2.0-1.1 Data files for the Tracker Miners linux/armv7hl
wbxml2-tools-0.11.7-1.2 Tools for libwbxml2 linux/armv7hl
workrave-1.10.48-1.5 Recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury program linux/armv7hlNew
wsl-appx-1-13.38 SUSE on Windows application linux/armv7hlNew
yank-1.2.0-1.7 Tool for selecting and copying text from stdin without a mouse linux/armv7hl
zbar-0.23.90-1.3 Bar code reader linux/armv7hl

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