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RPM of Group Productivity/Hamradio/Other

acars-examples-1.3.1-1.8 Example applications for libacars linux/armv7hl
acars2-examples-2.1.3-1.2 Example applications for libacars linux/armv7hl
bladeRF-2021.09-13.1 SDR radio receiver linux/armv7hl
cwstudio-0.9.6-1.8 Fast, portable and lightweight Morse code signals generator linux/armv7hl
dump1090-fa-3.8.1-1.5 An ADS-B Mode S decoder for RTLSDR devices (Flightaware fork) linux/armv7hl
dumpvdl2-2.1.1-1.2 A VDL Mode 2 message decoder and protocol analyzer linux/armv7hl
flarq-4.1.20-1.1 Transmitting and receiving frames of ARQ data (hamradio) linux/armv7hl
fldigi-4.1.20-1.1 Digital modem program (hamradio) linux/armv7hl
gnuradio- GNU software radio linux/armv7hl
gnuradio-examples- GNU Radio examples linux/armv7hl
gpredict-2.2.1-2.7 Realtime satellite tracking and orbit prediction application linux/armv7hl
gr-fcdproplus-3.8~git.20200811-2.6 Fcdproplus Linux addon for gnuradio linux/armv7hl
hackrf-2021.03.1-1.2 Support programs for the open source SDR hardware linux/armv7hl
hamlib-4.3.1-1.2 Run-time library to control radio transcievers and receivers linux/armv7hl
inspectrum-0.2.3-1.1 A tool for analysing captured signals from SDRs linux/armv7hl
jaero- A SatCom ACARS demodulator and decoder for the Aero standard linux/armv7hl
kochmorse-3.5.0-1.9 A simple morse tutor using the Koch method linux/armv7hl
libasync-1.4.0-4.3 SvxLink Async libs linux/armv7hl
libecholib1_3-1.3.2-4.3 EchoLink library linux/armv7hl
limesuite-20.10.0-2.1 Collection of software supporting LMS7-based hardware linux/armv7hl
minimodem-0.24-1.15 General-purpose software audio FSK modem linux/armv7hl
mirisdr-0.0.0+git.20130608-1.18 Support programs for MRi2500 linux/armv7hl
multimon-ng-1.1.9-1.5 A fork of multimon that decodes multiple digital transmission modes linux/armv7hl
osmo-fl2k-0.1.1+git.20200602-1.5 SDR driver for FL2000 based USB 3.0 to VGA adapters linux/armv7hl
osmosdr-0.1+git.20151211-1.17 SDR (Software Defined Radio) project linux/armv7hl
qtel-1.2.2-4.3 The QT EchoLink Client linux/armv7hl
redsea-0.20-1.2 An RDS decoder linux/armv7hl
rtl-sdr-0.6.0-2.1 Support programs for RTL2832 linux/armv7hl
rtl_433-21.05-1.3 Application turning the RTL2832 dongle into a 433.92MHz generic data receiver linux/armv7hl
svxlink-server-1.5.0-4.3 SvxLink - A general purpose voice services system linux/armv7hl
urh-2.9.2-1.3 Tool for investigating unknown wireless protocols linux/armv7hl
xtrx-tools-0.0.0+git.20201202-2.1 Tools for XTRX linux/armv7hl
xtrxdsp-tests-0.0.0+git.20190830-1.3 Test tools for the XTRX DSP library linux/armv7hl

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