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RPM of Group Hardware/Other

bladeRF-udev-2021.09-13.1 Udev rules for bladeRF linux/armv7hl
bluedevil5-5.22.5-1.1 Bluetooth Manager for KDE Plasma linux/armv7hl
btcflash-2021.09.01-44.1 Firmware flash utility for BTC DRW1008 DVD±RW recorder linux/armv7hl
bumblebee-3.2.1-14.5 NVidia Optimus support for GNU/Linux aimed at stability linux/armv7hl
canutils-2021.08.0-1.1 Utilities for Controller Area Networks from the Linux-CAN project linux/armv7hl
canutils-pengutronix-4.0.6.g26-1.4 Utilities for Controller Area Networks from the Pengutronix project linux/armv7hl
cc-tool-0.26-1.18 Programmer for Texas Instruments 8051-based System-On-Chip devices linux/armv7hl
ckb-next-0.4.4-4.1 RGB driver for Corsair keyboard and mice linux/armv7hl
ddccontrol-0.4.2+20140105+git9d89d8c-4.6 A tool to configure monitor settings via DDC/CI linux/armv7hl
ddccontrol-gtk-0.4.2+20140105+git9d89d8c-4.6 A GTK+2 front-end for ddccontrol linux/armv7hl
devmem2-1.0-11.16 Simple program to read/write from/to any location in memory linux/armv7hl
dfu-util-0.11-1.1 DFU firmware upgrade utility linux/armv7hl
diskmonitor-0.3.4-2.1 Tools to monitor SMART devices and MDRaid health status linux/armv7hl
diskscan-0.20-3.2 Scan disk for bad or near failure sectors linux/armv7hl
dm-zoned-tools-2.2.0-1.1 "dm-zoned" device-mapper target manager linux/armv7hl
dsp-tools-2.0-10.15 Utilities for TI OMAP3 DSP linux/armv7hl
eciadsl-usermode-0.11-154.21 A Beta-Quality Usermode Driver for the ECI ADSL USB Modem linux/armv7hl
evemu-2.7.0-3.6 Input Event Device Emulation Library linux/armv7hl
evtest-1.34-1.4 Input device event monitor and query tool linux/armv7hl
f3-8.0-1.4 Fight Flash Fraud / Fight Fake Flash linux/armv7hl
freesrp-udev-0.3.0-1.19 Udev rules for FreeSRP linux/armv7hl
g810-led-0.4.2-2.1 Controller for Logitech LED keyboards linux/armv7hl
gnome-disk-utility-41.0-1.1 Disks application for dealing with storage devices linux/armv7hlNew
gpsbabel-1.7.0-1.1 Converts GPS waypoint, route and track data from one format type to another linux/armv7hl
gpsd-3.23-1.1 Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS linux/armv7hl
gpsd-clients-3.23-1.1 Example clients for gpsd linux/armv7hl
grail-3.1.1-1.15 Gesture recognition library linux/armv7hl
gsmartcontrol-1.1.3-1.19 Hard Disk Health Inspection Tool linux/armv7hl
gypsy-0.9-11.16 GPS multiplexing daemon linux/armv7hl
hackrf-udev-2021.03.1-1.2 Udev rules for HackRF linux/armv7hl
hactool-1.4.0-1.4 Tool to view/extract information about Nintendo Switch Archives linux/armv7hl
hdparm-9.62-1.2 A Program to get and set hard disk parameters linux/armv7hl
hwinfo-21.76-1.1 Hardware Library linux/armv7hl
imageburner-1.0.2-1.9 Image burner linux/armv7hl
imagewriter-1.10.1432200249.1d253d9-2.5 Utility for writing disk images to USB keys linux/armv7hl
imwheel-1.0.0pre12-6.19 Mouse Event to Key Event Mapper Daemon linux/armv7hl
imx-usb-loader-0.2~git20180504-1.13 Vybrid/i.MX recovery utility linux/armv7hl
irda-0.9.18-232.1 Necessary Tools for Using the Infrared Port linux/armv7hl
kbdsniffd-0.6-27.1 Keyboard Grabber Daemon linux/armv7hl
ledmon-0.95-1.1 Enclosure LED Utilities linux/armv7hl
libatasmart-utils-0.19-10.6 ATA S.M.A.R.T. Disk Health Monitoring Library - Utilities linux/armv7hl
libavc1394-tools-0.5.4-19.7 Utilities for AV/C 1394 linux/armv7hl
libchipcard-5.1.6-1.1 Library That Allows Access to Smart Cards (Chipcards) linux/armv7hl
libddccontrol0-0.4.2+20140105+git9d89d8c-4.6 Back-end library for ddccontrol linux/armv7hl
libfido2-utils-1.8.0-1.1 Utility programs making use of libfido2, a library for FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.0 linux/armv7hl
libfreefare-tools-0.4.0-4.23 Tools for Mifare cards linux/armv7hl
libhackrf0-2021.03.1-1.2 Driver for HackRF linux/armv7hl
libiec61883-tools-1.2.0-8.20 Command-line utilities for IEC 61883 devices linux/armv7hl
libinput-debug-gui-1.19.1-1.1 Graphical libinput debug tool linux/armv7hlNew
libinput-tools-1.19.1-1.1 Utilities to display libinput configuration linux/armv7hlNew
libinput-udev-1.19.1-1.1 Input device and event processing library integration into udev linux/armv7hlNew
libirrecord0-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC record library linux/armv7hl
liblirc0-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC driver library linux/armv7hl
liblirc_client0-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC client library linux/armv7hl
liblirc_driver0-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC driver library linux/armv7hl
libnfc-tools-1.8.0-1.5 Tools for Near Field Communication linux/armv7hl
libperseus-sdr-udev-0.8.1-1.11 Udev rules for Perseus SDR linux/armv7hl
libratbag-tools-0.16-1.1 Utilities for configuring gaming mice linux/armv7hl
libraw1394-tools-2.1.2-1.5 Command-line utilties to manipulate IEEE1394 devices linux/armv7hl
libspnav0-0.2.3-2.11 Library for accessing 3D connexion devices linux/armv7hl
libuhd4_1_0- The UHD driver linux/armv7hlNew
libwacom-tools-1.10-1.2 Library to identify wacom tablets -- Tools linux/armv7hl
libzbc-gui-5.12.0-1.1 Graphical frontend for ZBC tools linux/armv7hl
libzbc-tools-5.12.0-1.1 Command line utilities for ZBC/ZAC disk manipulation linux/armv7hl
limesuite-udev-20.10.0-2.1 Udev rules for LimeSDR linux/armv7hl
lirc-core-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC core, always needed to run LIRC linux/armv7hl
lirc-disable-kernel-rc-0.10.1-4.2 Disable kernel ir device handling in favor of lirc linux/armv7hl
lirc-drv-ftdi-0.10.1-4.2 Ftdi LIRC User-Space Driver linux/armv7hl
lirc-tools-gui-0.10.1-4.2 LIRC GUI tools linux/armv7hl
littleb-examples-0.1.2-1.16 Examples for littleb linux/armv7hl
lomoco-1.0-127.15 Tool for setting the special features of some Logitech mice linux/armv7hl
lshw-B.02.19.2+git.20210619-1.1 HardWare LiSter linux/armv7hl
lshw-gui-B.02.19.2+git.20210619-1.1 HardWare LiSter (GUI Frontend) linux/armv7hl
lsscsi-0.30-1.10 List all SCSI devices in the system linux/armv7hl
mbpoll-1.4.11-1.3 Command line utility to communicate with ModBus slave (RTU or TCP) linux/armv7hl
mfoc-0.10.7+git38-1.7 Mifare Classic Offline Cracker: key recovery tool for MC cards linux/armv7hl
mirisdr-udev-0.0.0+git.20130608-1.18 Udev rules for Mirics MRi2500 based DVB dongles linux/armv7hl
mksusecd-1.78-1.2 Tool to create SUSE Linux installation ISOs linux/armv7hl
mmc-utils-0.1+git.20210824-1.1 Tools for MMC/SD devices linux/armv7hl
mpt-status-1.2.0-194.6 Program Showing the Status of LSI 1030 RAID Controller linux/armv7hl
mraa-2.2.0-2.3 Low Level Skeleton Library for IO Communication linux/armv7hl
mraa-examples-2.2.0-2.3 Examples for mraa linux/armv7hl
mtx-1.3.12-23.16 A Program for Controlling the Robotic Mechanism in DDS Auto Loaders linux/armv7hl
nfc-eventd-0.1.7-5.22 NFC event daemon linux/armv7hl
nfcutils-0.3.2-5.22 Near Field Communication (NFC) utilities linux/armv7hl
ntp-dcf77-tools-4.2.8p15-7.1 DCF77 related tools linux/armv7hl
nvme-cli-1.15-1.1 NVM Express user space tools linux/armv7hl
nvme-cli-regress-script-1.15-1.1 A small script to test the nvme binary for regressions linux/armv7hl
osmo-fl2k-udev-0.1.1+git.20200602-1.5 Udev rules for osmo-fl2k linux/armv7hl
pam_p11-0.3.1-1.1 PAM Authentication Module for Using Cryptographic Tokens linux/armv7hl
parti-1.20-1.3 Show partition table information linux/armv7hl
pciutils-3.7.0-4.1 PCI utilities for the Linux Kernel linux/armv7hl
pcmciautils-018-2.1 Utilities for PC-Cards linux/armv7hl
perseus-sdr-tools-0.8.1-1.11 Tools for Perseus SDR linux/armv7hl
pps-tools-0.0.0+git.20181203-5.2 Userspace tools for the Linux Pulse Per Second subsystem linux/armv7hl
pps-tools-devel-0.0.0+git.20181203-5.2 Development files for the LinuxPPS API linux/armv7hl
pps-udev-0.0.0+git.20181203-5.2 Udev rules for Linux Kernel PPS linux/armv7hl
primus-0+git20150328.d1afbf6-3.15 Faster OpenGL offloading for Bumblebee linux/armv7hl
python3-uhd- Python bindings for uhd linux/armv7hlNew
qmodbus-0.3.0-1.5 QT ModBus tools linux/armv7hl
rasdaemon- Utility to receive RAS error tracings linux/armv7hl
ratbagd-0.16-1.1 Service granting access to the configuration options of gaming mice linux/armv7hl
ratslap-0.4.1-1.4 Linux configuration tool for Logitech mice linux/armv7hl
razercfg-0.42-1.2 A Razer device configuration tool linux/armv7hl
rbutil-1.4.1-1.10 Rockbox Firmware Manager linux/armv7hl
rpi-imager-1.6.2-1.1 Raspberry Pi Imaging Utility linux/armv7hl
rtl-sdr-udev-0.6.0-2.1 Udev rules for RTL2832 linux/armv7hl
sbl- Screen reader for the Linux console linux/armv7hl
scsirastools-1.6.4-27.9 Serviceability for SCSI Disks and Arrays linux/armv7hl
sdparm-1.12-1.1 List or change SCSI disk parameters linux/armv7hl
setserial-2.17-743.20 A utility for configuring serial ports linux/armv7hl
sg3_utils-1.46-1.2 A collection of tools that send SCSI commands to devices linux/armv7hl
smartmontools-7.2-3.1 Monitor for SMART devices linux/armv7hl
smp_utils-0.99-2.3 Utilities for the SAS Management Protocol (SMP) linux/armv7hl
spacenavd-0.8-1.2 Daemon for 3Dconnexion devices linux/armv7hl
srm-1.2.15-1.19 A secure replacement for rm linux/armv7hl
statserial-1.1-742.19 Helps to Debug Serial Lines linux/armv7hl
stm32flash-0.6-1.1 Flash Program for the STM32 Bootloader linux/armv7hl
switcheroo-control-2.4-1.4 D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU linux/armv7hl
tidsp-binaries-23.i3.8-9.11 The TI OMAP3 DSP algorithms linux/armv7hl
touchegg-2.0.10-1.1 A multitouch gesture recogniser for GNU/Linux linux/armv7hl
tslib-1.22-1.3 Abstraction layer for touchscreen linux/armv7hl
tslib-plugins-1.22-1.3 Driver plugins for tslib, an abstraction layer for touchscreens linux/armv7hl
u3-tool-1.0+svn60-1.17 Tool for Controlling the Special Features of an U3 USB Flash disk linux/armv7hl
ufiformat-0.9.9-12.6 Low-level format tool for USB floppy drives under Linux linux/armv7hl
uhd-udev- UHD udev rules linux/armv7hlNew
uhd-utils- Utility programs for USRP hardware linux/armv7hlNew
usbutils-014-1.1 Tools and libraries for USB devices linux/armv7hl
usbview-2.0-5.22 USB Topology and Device Viewer linux/armv7hl
usrp-tools-3.4.4+git.20190808-1.10 Tools for the URSP1 SDR linux/armv7hl
wxEDID-0.0.25-1.3 Extended Display Identification Data editor linux/armv7hl
xtrxll-tools-0.0.0+git.20201202-1.3 Low level tools for XTRX linux/armv7hl

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