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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Building

autobuild-2.11.0-5.3 Multiple configuration build tool linux/armv7hl
autogen-5.18.16-6.6 Automated Text File Generator linux/armv7hl
binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
binutils-gold-2.37-1.1 The gold linker linux/armv7hl
bmake-20200606-2.1 The NetBSD make(1) tool linux/armv7hl
bmkdep-20140112-1.7 The NetBSD version of mkdep(1) tool linux/armv7hl
boost1_77_0-jam-1.77.0-1.1 A Boost Make Replacement linux/armv7hl
brp-check-suse-84.87+git20210706.41c04c1-1.1 Build root policy check scripts linux/armv7hl
buildstream-1.6.1-1.3 A framework for modelling build pipelines in YAML linux/armv7hl
capstone-4.0.2-1.5 A multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework linux/armv7hl
catcodec-1.0.5-7.19 En-/decode OpenTTD sound replacement files linux/armv7hl
chrpath-0.16-5.6 Modifies the dynamic library load path of compiled programs and libraries linux/armv7hl
cross-aarch64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-avr-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-epiphany-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-hppa-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-hppa64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-i386-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-ia64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-m68k-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-mips-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-ppc-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-ppc64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-ppc64le-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-riscv64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-rx-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-s390-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-s390x-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-sparc-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-sparc64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-spu-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-x86_64-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
cross-xtensa-binutils-2.37-1.1 GNU Binutils linux/armv7hl
crosstool-ng-1.24.0-1.7 Toolchain building framework linux/armv7hl
cxref-1.6e-2.17 C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool linux/armv7hl
debuginfod-client-0.185-4.1 Command line client for build-id HTTP ELF/DWARF server linux/armv7hlNew
debuginfod-dummy-client-0.185-4.1 Command line client for build-id HTTP ELF/DWARF server linux/armv7hlNew
devscripts-2.19.5-2.5 Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier linux/armv7hl
disorderfs-0.5.10-1.5 FUSE filesystem that introduces non-determinism linux/armv7hl
distcc-3.4-3.1 A distributed C/C++ compiler linux/armv7hlNew
distcc-gui-3.4-3.1 GUI monitor for distcc server/client linux/armv7hlNew
distcc-server-3.4-3.1 Server for distributed C/C++ compilation linux/armv7hlNew
dwz-0.14-1.8 DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool linux/armv7hl
dwz-testsuite-0.14-1.2 Testsuite results from DWZ linux/armv7hl
elftoaout-2.3-19.20 Utility for converting ELF binaries to a.out linux/armv7hl
elfutils-0.185-4.1 Higher-level library to access ELF files linux/armv7hlNew
elfutils-debuginfod-0.185-4.1 Debuginfod server provided by elfutils linux/armv7hlNew
erlang-rebar-2.6.4+git20180201.b6d3094-3.1 A sophisticated build-tool for Erlang projects that follows OTP principles linux/armv7hl
fakechroot-2.20.1-2.2 Preloadable library for a fake chroot environment linux/armv7hl
flatpak-builder-1.0.14-1.1 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/armv7hl
gaa-1.6.6-15.4 GAA Argument Analyzer and Code Generator linux/armv7hl
grfcodec-6.0.6+39-1.1 A suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files linux/armv7hl
grpc-devel-1.41.0-1.1 Development files for grpc, a HTTP/2 Remote Procedure Call implementation linux/armv7hlNew
hex2bin-2.5-2.5 Converts Motorola and Intel hex files to binary linux/armv7hl
icecream-1.3.1-4.1 Distributed Compilation in the Network linux/armv7hlNew
icecream-clang-wrappers-1.3.1-4.1 Distributed Compile Wrappers for Clang linux/armv7hlNew
icecream-monitor-3.3-1.11 Monitor Program for the icecream Compile Farm linux/armv7hl
icmake-9.03.01-1.2 A program maintenance (make) utility using a C-like grammar linux/armv7hl
imake-1.0.8-2.2 C preprocessor interface to the make utility linux/armv7hl
ioquake3-devel-1.36+git.20210720-1.1 Quake III linux/armv7hl
kbuild-0.1.9998svn3427-1.4 Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks linux/armv7hl
libctf-nobfd0-2.37-1.1 Compact C Type Format library (runtime, no BFD dependency) linux/armv7hl
libctf0-2.37-1.1 Compact C Type Format library (runtime, BFD dependency) linux/armv7hl
libdwarf-tools-20210528-1.1 DWARF-related tools linux/armv7hl
libicecream-devel-1.3.1-4.1 For Distributed Compile in the Network linux/armv7hlNew
libtool-2.4.6-8.18 A Tool to Build Shared Libraries linux/armv7hl
lld-13.0.0-1.1 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
lld10-10.0.1-7.1 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hl
lld11-11.0.1-4.2 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hl
lld12-12.0.1-3.1 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
lld13-13.0.0-1.2 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
lld7-7.0.1-21.2 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
lld9-9.0.1-19.2 Linker for Clang/LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
llvm-gold-13.0.0-1.1 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
llvm10-gold-10.0.1-7.1 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hl
llvm11-gold-11.0.1-4.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hl
llvm12-gold-12.0.1-3.1 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
llvm13-gold-13.0.0-1.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
llvm7-gold-7.0.1-21.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
llvm9-gold-9.0.1-19.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/armv7hlNew
lndir-1.0.3-10.2 Utility to create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree linux/armv7hl
make-4.3-2.19 GNU make linux/armv7hl
makedepend-1.0.6-2.9 Utility to create dependencies in makefiles linux/armv7hl
maven-3.8.1-2.2 Java project management and project comprehension tool linux/armv7hl
maven-lib-3.8.1-2.2 Core part of Maven linux/armv7hl
meson-test-0.59.2-1.1 Python-based build system linux/armv7hlNew
mingw32-cross-pkgconf-1.6.3-2.6 Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit linux/armv7hl
mingw64-cross-pkgconf-1.6.3-2.6 Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit linux/armv7hl
mkelfImage-2.5-217.15 Utility to Create ELF Boot Images from Linux Kernel Images linux/armv7hl
ninja-1.10.2-2.5 A small build system closest in spirit to Make linux/armv7hl
nml-0.5.3-2.2 NewGRF Meta Language linux/armv7hl
peg-0.1.18-1.3 Recursive-Descent parser generators for C linux/armv7hl
pkgconf-1.8.0-1.1 Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit linux/armv7hl
pkgconf-pkg-config-1.8.0-1.1 pkgconf shim to provide /usr/bin/pkg-config linux/armv7hl
premake4-4.4beta4-6.15 Powerfully simple build configuration linux/armv7hl
qactus-2.1.0-2.1 A GUI client for OBS linux/armv7hlNew
qbs-1.20.0-1.1 Modern build tool for software projects linux/armv7hl
qbs-devel-1.20.0-1.1 Development files for qbs linux/armv7hl
qm-2.3-220.15 QMTest--General Purpose Testing Solution linux/armv7hl
qmlpluginexports-qt5-1.0-1.4 Tool to list exports provided by QML plugins linux/armv7hl
qmlpluginexports-qt6-1.0-1.4 Tool to list exports provided by QML plugins linux/armv7hl
qtdeclarative-imports-provides-qt5-1.0-1.3 RPM provides for QML modules from qtdeclarative linux/armv7hl
qtdeclarative-imports-provides-qt6-1.0-1.9 RPM provides for QML modules from qtdeclarative linux/armv7hlNew
remake-4.3_1.5-1.3 A gnu make version including a debuger linux/armv7hl
schily-ctags-2021.09.01-44.1 A program to generate tag files for ex/vi linux/armv7hl
scons-3.1.2-2.6 Replacement for Make linux/armv7hl
site-config-0.2-13.1 Site Paths Configuration for autoconf Based configure Scripts linux/armv7hl
smake-2021.09.01-44.1 The Schily "make" program linux/armv7hl
smatch-20200608+git.e92d9e00-1.5 Static analysis tool for C linux/armv7hl
sparse-0.6.3-1.4 A semantic parser of source files linux/armv7hl
tack-6.2.20210911-26.1 Terminfo action checker linux/armv7hl
ucpp-1.3.5-2.11 A preprocessor compliant to C99 linux/armv7hl
upb-devel-1.41.0-1.1 Developmnt files for upb linux/armv7hlNew
valadoc-0.54.2-1.1 Generator for API documentation from Vala source linux/armv7hlNew
valadoc-doclet-devhelp-0.54.2-1.1 Devhelp plugin for the valadoc generator linux/armv7hlNew
valadoc-doclet-gtkdoc-0.54.2-1.1 Gtkdoc plugin for valadoc linux/armv7hlNew
valadoc-doclet-html-0.54.2-1.1 HTML plugin for valadoc linux/armv7hlNew
wadptr-2.4-13.20 Redundancy compressor for Doom WAD files linux/armv7hl
xmvn-3.1.0-3.2 Local Extensions for Apache Maven linux/armv7hl
xmvn-minimal-3.1.0-3.2 Dependency-reduced version of XMvn linux/armv7hl
zdbsp-1.19-1.17 Nodebuilder for ZDoom linux/armv7hl

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