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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Java

fastjar-0.98-26.1 Java package archiver linux/armv7hl
icedtea-web-1.8.6-1.2 Java Web Start implementation linux/armv7hl
jameica-devel-2.10.0-1.3 SDK for the Jameica framework linux/armv7hl
java-11-openjdk- OpenJDK 11 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 11 accessibility connector linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 11 Demos linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 11 Development Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 11 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 11 linux/armv7hlNew
java-11-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 11 Source Bundle linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk- OpenJDK 13 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 13 accessibility connector linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 13 Demos linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 13 Development Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 13 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 13 linux/armv7hlNew
java-13-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 13 Source Bundle linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk- OpenJDK 15 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 15 accessibility connector linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 15 Demos linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 15 Development Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 15 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 15 linux/armv7hlNew
java-15-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 15 Source Bundle linux/armv7hlNew
java-16-openjdk- OpenJDK 16 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 16 accessibility connector linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 16 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 16 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 16 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 16 linux/armv7hl
java-16-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 16 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-17-openjdk- OpenJDK 17 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 17 accessibility connector linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 17 Demos linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 17 Development Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 17 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-jmods- JMods for OpenJDK 17 linux/armv7hlNew
java-17-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 17 Source Bundle linux/armv7hlNew
java-1_8_0-openjdk- OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1_8_0-openjdk-accessibility- OpenJDK 8 accessibility connector linux/armv7hl
java-1_8_0-openjdk-demo- OpenJDK 8 Demos linux/armv7hl
java-1_8_0-openjdk-devel- OpenJDK 8 Development Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1_8_0-openjdk-headless- OpenJDK 8 Runtime Environment linux/armv7hl
java-1_8_0-openjdk-src- OpenJDK 8 Source Bundle linux/armv7hl
java-binfmt-misc-1.4-9.5 The binfmt_misc support for Java linux/armv7hl
java-libkolabxml1-1.1.6-12.5 Java bindings for libkolabxml linux/armv7hl
java-mraa-2.2.0-2.3 Java bindings for mraa linux/armv7hl
javapackages-filesystem-5.3.1-6.1 Java packages filesystem layout linux/armv7hl
javapackages-tools-5.3.1-6.1 Macros and scripts for Java packaging support linux/armv7hl
jikes-1.22-160.16 IBM Java Compiler linux/armv7hl
libjavamapscript-7.6.3-1.3 Java/Mapscript map making extensions to Java linux/armv7hl
tanukiwrapper-3.5.35-1.12 Java Service Wrapper linux/armv7hl

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