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libstlink1-1.7.0-2.4 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: libstlink1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.7.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.4 Build date: Wed Jun 15 12:11:30 2022
Group: Development/Tools/Debuggers Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 108234 Source RPM: stlink-1.7.0-2.4.src.rpm
Summary: Shared library for stlink
STLINK v1/v2 JTAG/SWD debugging/flashing tool for STM32 microcontrollers.






* Fri Mar 04 2022 Martin Wilck <>
  - Install modprobe.conf files to %_modprobedir (bsc#1196275, jsc#SLE-20639)
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.7.0. Check for the full list of changes
    + New features:
    * Extended set of cmd line arguments for st-info and st-util
    * Extended support for STM32H7 & rework of software reset
    * Added support for STM32H742/743/753
    * Official support for STLINK-V3 programmers
    * Added preliminary support for STM32L5x2
    * Option bytes on the STM32F767 ZIT6 Nucleo-144
    * Increase STM32L0 `option_size` to 20
    * st-util: Add specialized memory map for STM32H7 devices
    * Support for STM32F4 option bytes
    * ITM functionality for STLink/V2 and STM32Fxx chipsets
  - Use the %suse_update_desktop_file macro instead of
  - Drop 0001-Fix-install-path-of-stlink-gui.ui-file.patch
* Sat Aug 29 2020 Dmitry Roshchin <>
  - Fix download link
* Sat Aug 01 2020 Stefan BrĂ¼ns <>
  - Update to 1.6.1:
    + New Features:
    * Basic compatibility for STLink-v3 programmer (#271, #863, #954)
      Added support for JTAG command API v2 & distinguish protocol versions v1 and v2
      Compatibility with the STLink-v3 firmware which dropped support for the previous API v1
      As of firmware version J11 the ST-LINK-V1 programmer supports API v2 commands as well
    * Display programmer serial when no target is connected (#432, #933, #943)
    * Added connect under reset to stlink_open_usb( ) (#577, #963)
    * Support for STM32L1, SM32L4 option bytes write (#596, #844, #847)
    * Added CMAKEFLAGS and install target (#804, #935)
    * Support for STM32G4 (#822)
    * Added aliased SRAM2 region in the L496 memory map (#824)
    * Improved support for STM32G0 (#825, #850, #856, #857)
    * Added postinst script with 'depmod -a' for 'make package' (#845, #931)
    * Calculate checksums for flash operations (#862, #924)
    * Adjust the JTAG/SWD frequency via cmdline option (#893, #953)
    * Added usb PID and udev rules for STlink v2.1 found on Nucleo-L432KC and Nucleo-L552ze boards (#900)
    * STM32G0/G4 improvements (#910)
      Enable mass erase with a flash programming check
      Handle G4 Cat3 devices with configurable dual bank flash by using a helper
    + For more details, see included
  - Rebase change-desktopfile-category.patch
  - Add 0001-Fix-install-path-of-stlink-gui.ui-file.patch
  - Clean up spec file
* Sun Mar 15 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 1.6.0:
      Added O_BINARY option to open file (#753)
      Added preliminary support for some STM32G0 chips (#759, #760)
      Added support for mass erasing second bank on STM32F10x_XL (#767)
      Added call to clear PG bit after writing to flash (#773)
      Added howto for sending NRST signal through GDB (#776)
      Added support to write option bytes for the STM32G0 (#778)
      Added simple read/write support for STM32WB55 chips (#786)
      Added STLink V3SET VID:PIDs to the udev rules (#789)
      Support for "STM32+Audio" v2-1 firmware (#790)
      Initial support for STM32L41X (#799)
      Build for Windows under Debian/Ubuntu (#802)
      Allow for 64 bytes serials (#809)
      Added support to read and write option bytes for STM32F2 series (Orie22)
      Added full support for STLINK CHIP ID L4RX (Brad Natelborg)
      Added support to write option bytes to STM32F4 devices (Davey Struijk)
      Various bug fixes
      Various translations and docs update
  - Remove fix-deprecated-libusb-function.patch
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(udev) instead of udev: allow OBS to
    shortcut through -mini flavors.
* Tue May 08 2018
  - update to release 1.5.0
    * Chip support added for:
      + STM32F72xx73xx support (#1969148)
      + Add support of STM32L496xx/4A6xx devices (#615)
    * Fixes:
      + Fix memory map for stm32l496xx boards (#639)
      + Fix write for microcontroler with RAM size less or equal to 32K (#637)
      + Added LIB_INSTALL_DIR to correct libs install on 64-bit systems (#636)
      + Fix verification of flash error for STM32L496x device (#618)
      + Fix build on Fedora with GCC 8 (#666)
  - Fix failing build due to use of deprecated libusb function:
    Add fix-deprecated-libusb-function.patch
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - update to release 1.4.0
    * Add support for STM32L452 target
    * Initial support to compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
    * Added support for flashing second bank on STM32F10x_XL
    * Add support for STM32L011 target
    * Allow building of debian package with CPack
    * Add preliminary support for STM32L011 to see it after probe
    * Strip full paths to source files in log
    * Add support for STM32F413 target
    * Add support for Semihosting SYS_READC
    * Deprecation of autotools (autoconf, automake)
    * Removal of undocumented st-term utility,
      which is now replaced by st-util ARM semihosting feature
    * Add support for native debian packaging
    * Add intel hex file reading for st-flash
    * Add --reset command to st-flash
    * Support serial numbers argument for st-util
      and st-flash for multi-programmer setups
    * Add kill ('k') command to gdb-server for st-util
    * Add manpages (generated with pandoc from Markdown)
    * Rewrite commandline parsing for st-flash
    * Add support for ARM semihosting to st-util
    * Chip support added for:
      + STM32L432
      + STM32F412
      + STM32F410
      + Add memory map for STM32F401XE
      + L0x Category 5 devices
      + Add L0 Category 2 device
* Sun May 08 2016
  - Update to version 1.2.0
    * Add multiple stlink probing (`st-info --probe`, `st-info --hla-serial`)
      with printing serial in hex and OpenOCD `hla_serial` format
    * Add stlink usb probe API functions
    * Added parameter to specify one stlink v2 of many
    * Chip support added for: STM32L053R8, STM32F7, STM32L4, F446,
      STM32F303 High Density, STM32L1xx Cat.2 devices
    * Board support added for: Nucleo-F303RE, Nucleo-F411RE
    * Minor fixes and updates
* Fri Apr 03 2015
  - Update to version 1.1.0
    * New devices support, see included README file
    * Bugfixes



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