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liblinphone10-5.0.49-1.1 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: liblinphone10 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.0.49 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Nov 17 02:39:27 2021
Group: Productivity/Telephony/SIP/Clients Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 6072438 Source RPM: linphone-5.0.49-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Web Phone library
Linphone is a Web phone with a Qt interface. It lets you make
two-party calls over IP networks such as the Internet. It uses the IETF
protocols SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and RTP (Realtime TransporT
Protocol) to make calls, so it should be able to communicate with other
SIP-based Web phones. With several codecs available, it can be used
with high speed connections as well as 28k modems.

This package contains a library.






* Mon Nov 08 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 5.0.49
  - Update to 5.0.49:
    * Fix crash when configuring tones while core is not yet started
* Tue Nov 02 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 5.0.47
  - Update to 5.0.47:
    * Fix broken reading of video capture device from config file
    * Fix crash on PUBLISH when SIP-Etag is missing
    * Correctly route sound to speaker after early media and when cancelling call
    * Attempt to make local network permission detection more reliable
* Tue Oct 19 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 5.0.36
  - Update to 5.0.36:
    * Use UTF8 instead of locale in chat message modifiers`
    * Fix bad chat room when creating a call
    * Crash on ec-calibration : Use tone sent callback only on MS_DTMF_GEN_EVENT
    * Added missing conference APIs
    * Play ring tone only if tone indications are enabled
    * Fix tonemanager on infinite rings and wrong ring type
    * fix crash of kickOffConnectivity
    * Add option to deactivate potentially weak digest authentication schemes
    * Fix issue when receiving an INVITE with ICE and rtcp-mux
    * Fix call repair in case of multi account
    * Fix regression with ICE not setting candidates correctly for completed check-lists
    * Improve reliability of account creation by increasing account creation timeout to 30s
    * Change contact address if call in IncomingReceived state is added to conference
    * fix crash when session refresh after BYE received
    * Repair streaming from file feature of AudioStream/VideoStream
    * Fixed error logs showing CoreManager's core being const
    * Logging facility optimization
    * Fix bug with ChatRoomParams::isGroup() erroneously returning true for some basic chatrooms
    * Count unread chat messages in all Chat Rooms with a weak address testing
    * avoid to downgrade chat message participant state and add unitest
    * Stop audio stream when setting new device
      This fix allow changing device on Desktop while ringback
    * Audio : Allow setting NULL device (case of no cards available)
    * Fixed call to content.isFileEncrypted() on a FileTransferContent
    * Fixed mic gain
  - Update to 5.0.0:
    * Support of Capability Negociation framework - RFC5939
      limited to media encryption choice (None, SRTP, DTLS-SRTP, ZRTP)
    * New API to manage SIP accounts: LinphoneAccount and LinphoneAccountParams
      replacing LinphoneProxyConfig which is now deprecated.
      LinphoneProxyConfig remains fully usable for backward compatibility with previous version.
    * New implementation of LinphoneAccountCreator relying on http REST API.
    * Added LDAP contact provider API integrated with LinphoneMagicSearch
    * Added asynchronous API to the LinphoneMagicSearch API (for contact searching).
    * Fixed erroneous ICE ufrag and passwd parameters sent in reINVITE while ICE
      was refused previously.
    * Fixed swift and C# wrappers corner-case usage issues.
  - Build and use Belledonne's version of libldap
  - delete build-liblinphone4-with-mediastreamer5.patch
  - add linphone-build-jsoncpp.patch
  - add BuildRequires:  jsoncpp-devel
* Mon Sep 27 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 4.5.25
  - removed unnecessary baselibs.conf
* Fri Jul 30 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 4.5.25
  - Update to 4.5.25:
    * Fix an issue with ICE ufrag and passwd sent erroneously during reINVITE
    * Fixed crash in message tests suite
    * Prevent crash when receiving non-ephemeral message with linphone cpim namespace
    * Fixed mic gain
  - add build-liblinphone4-with-mediastreamer5.patch
* Sun Jul 04 2021 Giacomo Comes <> - 4.5.21
  - fix several RPMLINT warning
  - Update to 4.5.21:
    * Improved metered active network while in background check,
      update network reachability when background/foreground
      state changes
    * Fix setting output audio device that was based on ringer device
      on specific call state
    * Handle situation where a participant with an invalid address is
      added to a chat room
    * Fix conference server memory leak
  - Update to 4.5.15:
    * Don't play the local ringtone when callkit is used
    * fix memory leak
    * Fix : on incoming call, do not start the ring tone if the
      call's state has been modified by listeners
  - Update to 4.5.10:
    * Fix Callkit audio bug producing only with some old ios devices
    * Stop file player to play a file when stopping tone is requested
  - Update to 4.5.7:
    * Fix bug causing undesired transition from Paused to
      StreamsRunning state in case of incoming UPDATE request
    * Proper CoreManager destruction
    * Abort push notification init on Android if gcm_defaultSenderId
      resource isn't found
    * Fix lime enabled device receiving an INVITE without SDP crash
    * Improved how we detect if firebase is available or not
    * Fixed ringing during early media for Android if native ringing
* Thu Apr 15 2021 Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca <>
  - Update to 4.5.3:
    * CoreService class for Android can make the device vibrate while
      incoming call is ringing.
    * Audio conference API improved: distribution of participant list
      over RFC4575 SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY.
    * enterForeground() and enterBackground() automatically called
      (iOS and Android).
    * auto acquire and release of audio focus for Android.
    * Core.iterate() is being called automatically internally for
      Android, it is no longer needed to create a timer in the
      application to call it.
    * New audio routes API to choose which device use to capture &
      play audio (Android & iOS). The application can manage
    * audio route changes (bluetooth, speaker, earpiece) throug
      liblinphone's API.
    * Added API to play user's ringtone instead of default ringtone
      for Android.
    * Added callback to notify a message is about to be sent.
    * iOS: added linphone_core_configure_audio_session() to be called
      when used with Callkit
    * client-based video conference in active speaker switching mode
      (beta feature).
    * Warning: some function parameters have been renamed for
      consistency, which modified the Swift API (where parameter
      names are part of the ABI). As a result, adjustements in
      applications are expected when migrating a swift app based on
      liblinphone from 4.4 to 4.5.
    * Improved Android network manager.
    * To make it consistent with other liblinphone's object,
      linphone_core_create_publish() now give ownership of the
      returned LinphoneEvent, which means that it is no longer need
      to call linphone_event_ref() after calling these functions. As
      a consequence, an application not using linphone_event_ref()
      should now use linphone_event_unref() when the LinphoneEvent is
      no longer used, otherwise it will create a memory leak.
    * Real time text related function
      linphone_chat_message_get_char() now will always return the
      new line character, which wasn't the case before if the
      get_char() was done after the composing callback was triggered
      for this character.
    * linphone_core_interpret_url() will unescape characters first if
      possible if only a username is given as input parameter.
    * linphone_chat_message_cancel_file_transfer() no longer deletes
      the file for outgoing messages.
    * magic search result created from filter now applies the
      international prefix of the default proxy config if possible.
    * To improve performance file transfer progress callback will be
      at most notified 100 times.
    * Deprecate linphone_core_audio_route_changed() that was
      introduced in 4.4, to fix audio issues
    * when switching audio to some low sample rate Bluetooth devices
      It is now handled internally.
    * Internal refactoring of management of locally played tones, in
      order to fix race conditions.
    * Magic search bar not looking in all friends lists.
    * Error IMDN in LIME chat rooms not properly sent.
    * Chat message lost during attachment auto download if Core
      stopped during the process.
    * Windows tests.
    * Name of MediaCodec encoder and decoder filters in H264Helper
      Java class.
    * Both FileContent and FileTransferContent being present in
      linphone_chat_message_get_contents() list until upload is
  - Move grammar to liblinphone-data
    * boo#1181746
* Tue Oct 06 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Force linking to libsoci_sqlite3
    * boo#1140595 (comment 15)
    * linphone-link-soci-sqlite3.patch
* Wed Jul 29 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 4.4.0:
    * See
* Wed Apr 22 2020 Alexei Sorokin <>
  - Update to version 4.3.1:
    * No changelog available.
  - Update the licence: it is now GPLv3+.
  - Rebase linphone-build-readline.patch,
  - Drop linphone-fix-gtkui-build.patch.
  - Remove outdated elements from the spec file.
* Sun Jun 09 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort file list to make build reproducible
* Tue Aug 14 2018
  - Change the build dependency from udev to libudev-devel.
  - Change the RPM group to the more appropriate and precise
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - Add linphone-build-readline.patch: Add the ability to compile
    with readline to the build system.
  - Build with the readline support.
* Mon Feb 19 2018
  - Revert back to Python2: building with Python3 has regressions
* Fri Jan 19 2018
  - Switch to building with Python3.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
  - Use linphone_gtkui conditionally everywhere
* Mon Oct 30 2017
  - Use build conditional for C++ bindings also in liblinphone-devel
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Add build condtionally for C++ bindings to fix build in Leap
  - Remove build conditionally for ffmpeg
  - Remove build conditionally for ldap
  - Remove unused BuildRequires for disabled rootca download
* Fri Sep 22 2017
  - Provide liblinphone for the liblinphone-lang package.
* Sun Sep 10 2017
  - Fix the licence: there are GPL-3.0 licensed files.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Update to version 3.12.0:
    * C++ and C# bindings.
    * Account Creator plugin API.
    * Xamarin support.
  - Switch from building with autotools to cmake.
  - Add linphone-fix-pkgconfig.patch: Install linphone.pc.
  - Add linphone-fix-gtkui-build.patch: Fix building of GtkUI.
  - Disable the deprecated GTK+ UI for openSUSE Leap 15.x and newer,
    but keep for older as the Qt inteface requires Qt 5.9+.
  - Split libraries, data files and the CLI.
  - Enable building C++ bindings.
  - Add baselibs.conf.
* Wed May 17 2017
  - Update to version 3.11.1 (changes since 3.10.2):
    * Security vulnerability fix concering TLS. The common name of
      certificats delivered by SIP proxies were not compared with
      their host name.
    * Fix a bug in the P2P presence system. Unchecking
      "Allow this contact to see my presence" check box in contact
      editing view had no any effect. Then it was not possible to
      hide presence informations to a contact once it had been
      allowed to see it.
    * Performance improvments of the presence list feature.
    * IM Encription Engine: Abstraction for messaging encription
    * A bug fix in Autotools scripts.
* Wed Feb 22 2017
  - Ensure %icon_theme_cache_* macros are called in post/postun
* Thu Sep 29 2016
  - Update to version 3.10.2 (changes since 3.9.1):
    * Add lime_experimental_feature: set to 1 in .linphonerc [GtkUi]
      to show the Lime menu in the graphical user interface.
      Caution: Experimental.
    * Video conference support through a conference server (SDK only).
    * Disable dummy STUN packets sending when ICE is activated.
    * Signal AVPF support as AVP: Enable rtcp feedback on RTP/AVP by
    * Add linphone daemon.
    * gtk: Show links to files received in chat by file transfer.
    * gtk: Debug window now stores "scroll to end" preference.
    * gtk: Add button to take screenshot of video call.
    * gtk: Fix busy presence not displayed in red.
    * Fix Bad SDP when no audio codec has been enabled.
    * Fix DTMF RFC2833 event always goes up in the same
    * Fix linphone python version compilation - fixing vcards.
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - Use ffmpeg buildconditional also in devel pkg
* Thu Aug 04 2016
  - Build with ffmpeg unconditionally
  - Remove unused gl,glew,vpx,xv
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - require a recent enough libbellesip0 package to run (bnc#957599)
* Thu Nov 19 2015
  - Update to 3.9.1
    * Fix crash when recording video calls with the VP8 codec
    * Fix H.264 codec support in Mac OS X package
    * Fix translation of account assistant
    * Bug fixes
  - Make build more verbose
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Update to 3.9.0:
    * Video recording of calls in MKV format.
    * Clickable URLs in chat view.
    * Add buttons to change the record and playback volumes during a
    * Add button to start chatting without having to create a contact
    * Some icon changes.
    * Call logs now stored in database.
    * Bug fixes.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg to fix build in PMBS
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - Update to 3.8.5 (changes since 3.8.0):
    + Application level improvements:
    * Auto-answer ability.
    * Add support of the StatusNotifierItem standard (modern
      GNU/Linux status icons).
    * Auto-answering can be set through the preferences panel.
    * Fix crash at the end of the audio assistant.
    * Fix crash when configuring a remote provisioning.
    * Fix regretion in the codec view. Codec which are not usable
      because bandwitch limits are to low were not grayed anymore.
    * Bug fixes.
    * Add translation for 'Arabic' and 'Turkish' items in the
      language selection list
    + Liblinphone level improvements:
    * Fix audio bug with OPUS codec.
    * Fix ICE corner case not properly handled and resulting bad
      final ice status.
    * Update shared library ABI version to 7 (it should had been
      done in 3.8.0).
    * Bug fixes.
    * Add a built-in XMLRPC client. Linphone does not depend on
      libsoup anymore.
  - Build with video support outside PMBS for openSUSE Leap 42.1
    and newer (where ffmpeg is available).
* Sun Apr 05 2015
  - Enable ldap support.
* Sat Mar 28 2015
  - Regenerate configure with autotools to solve build problems in
    some cases.
  - Remove redefinition of GenericName in desktopfile.
* Sun Mar 15 2015
  - Update to 3.8.0:
    + Application level improvements:
    * The video window has now controls in order to switch
      fullscreen mode and terminate call.
    * The out of call video preview feature (to test camera) is
      moved into the settings and is no longer linked to the in-call
      video preview feature.
    * Add an assistant to help users to set audio/video parameters.
    * Some ergonomics improvments (checkbox to set random port for
      UDP and TCP, ...).
    * Lots of updated translations. Arabic translation has been
    * Experimental feature: play an MKV file by drag-and-dropping
      it on the video call window.
    + Liblinphone level improvements:
    * Support for RTP/AVPF (RFC4585) for video streams, allowing fast
      transmission error recovery with VP8 codec only.
    * API enhancements, most objects can be ref-counted.
    * Add some getter funtctions to the call information API.
    * Add a function in the API to accept early-media calls.
    * Add a function to set the SIP transport timeout.
    * Add a function to change adaptive rate algorithm at runtime.
    * Add support of file transfer.
    * Call video recording feature, in mkv format (H264 streams only
      for the moment).
    * Call playing feature: play an MKV file and send the audio/video
      stream through a call.
    * Local player API. Play WAV and MKV file and display video on a
      specified window display.
    * A wrapper for Python has been made.
    * Support of multicast IP addresses.
    * Support of incoming UPDATEs within dialog (RFC3311).
    * Support of SRTP by using packages from distributions.
  - Spec cleanup.
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - Update to 3.7.0:
    Application level improvements:
    * It is now possible to configure multiple proxy accounts with different
      transports (UDP, TCP, TLS)
    * can work with IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
    * User can choose video rendering method on Linux
    * Video HD formats support added, leveraging on multiple cores for encoding
      if available
    * Keyboard can be used for DTMF input
    * Faster and higly responsive UI thanks to fully asynchronous operation of
      the liblinphone.
    * Addon of opus codec
    * Possibility to specify a remote provisionning http URI for configuration
    * LDAP search integration for Linux and MacOSX
    * is-composing notification in chat area
    Liblinphone level improvements thanks to new "belle-sip" SIP stack:
    * multiple SIP transports simultaneously now allowed
    * IP dual stack: can use IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
    * fully asynchronous behavior: no more lengthly DNS or connections
    * +sip.instance parameter (RFC5626)
    * alias parameter (RFC5923)
    * better management of network disconnections
    * SIP/TLS handled through lightweighted polarssl library (instead of
    * SIP transaction state machines improved (RFC6026)
    * Privacy API (RFC3323, RFC3325)
    * Full support of rich presence in (RFC4480)
    * Better handling of sips scheme in URIs.
    * Messaging: support of is-composing (RFC3994)
    * Call transfer fixes in error cases
    * Add API for managing SIP SUBSCRIBES/NOTIFY/PUBLISH (linphonecore/event.h)
    * bugfixes
* Tue Feb 11 2014
  - Version pkgconfig(libzrtpcpp) BuildRequires to resolve build for
    13.2 and newer.
* Thu Jun 20 2013
  - Update to 3.6.1:
    * UI:
    * new friend list and chat messaging UI
    * enhanced call history
    * call and conference audio recording
    * persistent chat history
    * DSCP settings for SIP and RTP
    * display of call statistics (when clicking on the quality indicator bar)
    * Core:
    * ICE for efficient RTP exchange
    * fix bug in zRTP support (upgrade required)
    * call recording
    * uPnP
    * call statistics
    * adaptive bitrate control improvements
    * faster call quality indicator feedback
    * DSCP settings for SIP and RTP
    * detailed call statistics feedback API
  - Drop linphone-ffmpeg.patch and linphone-v4l.patch: they were for
    shipped mediastreamer but we're using external one.
  - Spec cleanup.
* Sat Mar 02 2013
  - fix build with automake-1.13.1
* Mon Nov 12 2012
  - add libsrtp and libzrtpcpp as build dependency
* Sat Oct 27 2012
  - use external libortp and mediastreamer2
* Fri Oct 12 2012
  - added video support (disabled by default), to enable need to rebuild "with video"
  - modify patch linphone-v4l (ffmpeg API changed)
  - added linphone-ffmpeg.patch (ffmpeg API changed)
* Mon May 21 2012
  - Use BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gnutls) instead of gnutls-devel for
    Factory in keeping with gnutls package naming changes.
* Tue May 15 2012
  - update to version 3.5.2
    * updated oRTP to 0.20.0
    * updated mediastreamer2 to 2.8.2
    * added ZRTP media encryption
    * added SILK audio codec
  - modify patch linphone-v4l.
  - drop applet sub-package. since no useful data.
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - Remove redundant/unwanted tags/section (cf. specfile guidelines)
* Thu Nov 24 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Sun Jul 24 2011
  - update to version 3.4.3, see NEWS file for detailed changelog,
    obsoletes patches
  - build / packaging improvements:
    - remove build date from binaries, use the tarball's timestamp
    - verbose build for rpmlint checking
    - add AUTHORS, NEWS, COPYING files
    - fix rpm group of devel package
    - add alsa-devel and libgsm-devel buildrequires
    - explicitly enable alsa, ssl, rsvp, ipv6
* Tue Jul 12 2011
  - fixing 11.4 build
* Thu Jul 07 2011
  - Add linphone-v4l-2.6.38.patch: use new v4l interface
* Mon Feb 14 2011
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream.
* Sun Jan 16 2011
  - Patch up to current git state of branch 3.3.x. Unfortunately,
    the git history is not helpful to create a changelog.
    But this fixes bnc#664808.
* Wed Dec 29 2010
  - Run spec file through spec-cleaner.
  - Remove build dependencies on libgnomeprintui-devel and
    libwnck-devel, they are not needed.
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - own parent directory for gnome-panel
* Wed Aug 11 2010
  - update to linphone-3.3.2
    * enhancements made to presence support (SIP/SIMPLE)
    * be nat friendly using OPTIONS request and using received,rport from
    * use stun guessed ports even if symmetric is detected (works with freeboxes)
    * improve bitrate usage of speex codec
    * allow speex to run with vbr (variable bit rate) mode
    * add speex/32000 (ultra wide band speex codec)
    * answer empty SIP INFO requests
    * reverse order of call logs
    * optimize video display
    * manual or automatic network connectivity management (so that REGISTERs
    are only sent when network is up or refreshed when it comes back)
    * new in-call layout
    * new idle view with two buttons
    * ability to dial the number from dialpad
    * improve local IP address detection when having multiple networks (ex: VPNs)
    * use proxy's received and rport params from via in Contact header when possible
    * add an option to ask linphone to place a call, whenever an instance is already running or not:
    should be useful for starting calls from a web browser recognizing the 'sip:' uri scheme.
    * don't show ffmpeg codecs when encoder are disabled in ffmpeg library.
    * update theora default settings to match performance of 1.0 release.
    * linphone can now send large video pictures: up to SVGA, configurable via the user interface
    * automatic rescaling of the video windows to the video size of incoming stream
    * enable lookups of SRV records
    * new 'linphonecsh' program to send commands to a linphonec running as daemon using unix sockets or tcp.
    - tons of bugfixes, please see NEWS file for details
  - update to version 3.0.0
    * new graphical interface based on Glade/Gtk
    * systray icon
    * STUN working for RTP
    * accurate bandwidth management (to let video occupy all remaning bandwidth)
    * new H264 plugin based on x264 (msx264)
    * automatic call hangup upon media transmission faillure
* Wed Dec 02 2009
  - update patch to fix build
* Mon May 25 2009
  - Translations update
* Mon Jan 12 2009 
  - Translations update.
* Sat Dec 06 2008
  - Translations update.
* Wed Oct 22 2008
  - get rid of autoreconf call to make it build again
* Fri Apr 18 2008
  - Hide online help button, we dont have an XML file to pass to
    gnome_help_display so its of no use.
* Thu Apr 03 2008
  - update to version 2.1.1
    * Clean up commands 'nat', 'stun' and 'firewall' to be
      more intuitive
    * Upgrade to newest gettext
  - fix some rpmlint warnings
  - get rid of libtool archives
* Fri Jan 18 2008
  - portate to new libosip version
  - fix typo in linphone-1.3.0.patch
* Wed Jan 16 2008
  - update to version 2.0.1 which
    o use new (eX)osip version
    o Clean ANSI/C vs. ANSI/C++ differences
    o fix a lot of small bugs
* Thu Oct 11 2007
  - Removed bogus dependency on mDNSResponder.
* Tue Sep 04 2007
  - update to versin 1.7.1:
    * arts sound input/output
    * improved sound latency with alsa
    * alsa support works with dmix/dsnoop
    * fix a lot of bugs
* Tue Jun 19 2007
  - disable Werror
* Wed May 16 2007
  - use libosip2-devel in buildrequires
* Thu Mar 08 2007
  - add missing directories
* Tue Feb 13 2007
  - Do not build unusable static libraries (#238552#c17).
* Thu Feb 08 2007
  - fix build problems
* Tue Jan 16 2007
  - Prefix changed to /usr.
  - Spec file cleanup.
* Thu Aug 10 2006
  - update to version 1.3.0 which includes
    o a lots of improvements in linphonec (see strk 's Changelogs below)
    o telephone event problem with sipomatic.
    o updated cz translation.
    o fix bugs around addressbook.
    o video support with H263-1998/RFC2429 nearly clean.
    o added timeout for incoming calls
* Sat Feb 18 2006
  - Update .desktop file for UI team
* Wed Feb 15 2006
  - add GenericName to .desktop file
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Thu Jan 12 2006
  - Update to version 1.2.0
* Fri Nov 11 2005
  - care about return values. Added
    * linphone-returnchecks.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2005
  - update to version 1.1.0 drop
    * linphone-manual.patch
    * linphone-cs_cz.patch
    * linphone-cs_cz-fixes.patch
    * linphone-configure.patch
* Fri Sep 09 2005
  - update cz translation
* Fri Jul 08 2005
  - fix more prototypes
* Tue Jul 05 2005
  - fix unitialized vars
  - fix prototypes
* Wed May 18 2005
  - fix build with current pkgconfig
* Wed Apr 20 2005
  - fix bonobo server file to include an icon
  - fix desktop file to have both Name and GenericName
  - fix return values
* Tue Mar 22 2005
  - Update to final 1.0.0 version, which is more stable (#74253).
* Tue Mar 22 2005
  - Moved applet bonobo server description to linphone-applet.
* Tue Mar 22 2005
  - split the gnome applet into an own package (#74199)
* Thu Mar 17 2005
  - fix desktop file
* Tue Feb 15 2005
  - added czech translations by Klara Cihlarova
* Thu Feb 03 2005
  - add the manual so the manual button works
* Mon Jan 24 2005
  - mark as NoSource (ffmpeg is there but unused).
* Wed Jan 19 2005
  - update to 1.0.0pre6
  - fixed more compiler warnings
* Sun Nov 14 2004
  - fix another compile warning
* Tue Nov 09 2004
  - update to 1.0.0pre4
  - split patch in pieces
* Tue Oct 12 2004
  - Fixed applet broken by bad libdir usage.
  - Fixed libexecdir for bi-arch (#47050).
* Wed Jul 28 2004
  - update to 1.0.0pre1
* Wed May 19 2004
  - update to 0.12.2
  - fix some compiler warnings
* Tue Feb 03 2004
  - use -fno-strict-aliasing
* Wed Jan 21 2004
  - update to 0.12.1
  - make it build
* Mon Oct 20 2003
  - don't build as root
* Sat Aug 23 2003
  - update to 0.12.0
* Tue Jul 29 2003
  - install it all to /opt/gnome
* Thu Jul 17 2003
  - GNOME prefix change to /opt/gnome.
  - Added gnome-panel to neededforbuild.
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - fix desktop file path
* Wed Jun 11 2003
  - libtoolize in osipua subdirectory for proper soname
* Tue Jun 10 2003
  - created package (version 0.11.0)
  - use system speex library



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