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kernel-debug-6.0.8-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: kernel-debug Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 6.0.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sun Nov 13 00:45:02 2022
Group: System/Kernel Build host: obs-arm-7
Size: 281886486 Source RPM: kernel-debug-6.0.8-1.1.nosrc.rpm
Summary: A Debug Version of the Kernel
This kernel has several debug facilities enabled that hurt performance.
Only use this kernel when investigating problems.

Source Timestamp: 2022-11-11 08:02:50 +0000
GIT Revision: 1579d93a204dab0da2ae1ae638af853b9b6ca66e
GIT Branch: stable






* Fri Nov 11 2022
  - Linux 6.0.8 (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Force sending delayed status during soft
    disconnect (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Don't delay End Transfer on delayed_status
  - RDMA/cma: Use output interface for net_dev check (bsc#1012628).
  - IB/hfi1: Correctly move list in sc_disable() (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/hns: Disable local invalidate operation (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/hns: Fix NULL pointer problem in free_mr_init()
  - docs/process/howto: Replace C89 with C11 (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix mr leak in RESPST_ERR_RNR (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4: Fix a potential state reclaim deadlock (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.1: Handle RECLAIM_COMPLETE trunking errors (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.1: We must always send RECLAIM_COMPLETE after a reboot
  - SUNRPC: Fix null-ptr-deref when xps sysfs alloc failed
  - NFSv4.2: Fixup CLONE dest file size for zero-length count
  - nfs4: Fix kmemleak when allocate slot failed (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: Fix possible memory leaks in dsa_loop_init()
  - RDMA/core: Fix null-ptr-deref in ib_core_cleanup()
  - RDMA/qedr: clean up work queue on failure in
    qedr_alloc_resources() (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/nolibc: Fix missing strlen() definition and infinite
    loop with gcc-12 (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: fall back to default tagger if we can't load the
    one from DT (bsc#1012628).
  - nfc: fdp: Fix potential memory leak in fdp_nci_send()
  - nfc: nxp-nci: Fix potential memory leak in nxp_nci_send()
  - nfc: s3fwrn5: Fix potential memory leak in s3fwrn5_nci_send()
  - nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix potential memory leak in
    nfcmrvl_i2c_nci_send() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fec: fix improper use of NETDEV_TX_BUSY (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: pata_legacy: fix pdc20230_set_piomode() (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: palmld: fix return value check in palmld_pata_probe()
  - net: sched: Fix use after free in red_enqueue() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: tun: fix bugs for oversize packet when napi frags enabled
  - netfilter: nf_tables: netlink notifier might race to release
    objects (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: release flow rule object from commit path
  - sfc: Fix an error handling path in efx_pci_probe()
  - nfsd: fix nfsd_file_unhash_and_dispose (bsc#1012628).
  - nfsd: fix net-namespace logic in __nfsd_file_cache_purge
  - net: lan966x: Fix the MTU calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Adjust maximum frame size when vlan is
    enabled/disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Fix FDMA when MTU is changed (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Fix unmapping of received frames using FDMA
  - ipvs: use explicitly signed chars (bsc#1012628).
  - ipvs: fix WARNING in __ip_vs_cleanup_batch() (bsc#1012628).
  - ipvs: fix WARNING in ip_vs_app_net_cleanup() (bsc#1012628).
  - rose: Fix NULL pointer dereference in rose_send_frame()
  - mISDN: fix possible memory leak in mISDN_register_device()
  - isdn: mISDN: netjet: fix wrong check of device registration
  - btrfs: fix inode list leak during backref walking at
    resolve_indirect_refs() (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix inode list leak during backref walking at
    find_parent_nodes() (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix ulist leaks in error paths of qgroup self tests
  - netfilter: ipset: enforce documented limit to prevent allocating
    huge memory (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix use-after-free caused by
    l2cap_reassemble_sdu (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_conn: Fix CIS connection dst_type handling
  - Bluetooth: virtio_bt: Use skb_put to set length (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix memory leak in vhci_write (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_conn: Fix not restoring ISO buffer count on
    disconnect (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mdio: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for
    __mdiobus_register (bsc#1012628).
  - ibmvnic: Free rwi on reset success (bsc#1012628).
  - stmmac: dwmac-loongson: fix invalid mdio_node (bsc#1012628).
  - net/smc: Fix possible leaked pernet namespace in smc_init()
  - net, neigh: Fix null-ptr-deref in neigh_table_clear()
  - bridge: Fix flushing of dynamic FDB entries (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv6: fix WARNING in ip6_route_net_exit_late() (bsc#1012628).
  - vsock: fix possible infinite sleep in
    vsock_connectible_wait_data() (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix channel sampling time init
  - media: rkisp1: Fix source pad format configuration
  - media: rkisp1: Don't pass the quantization to
    rkisp1_csm_config() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: rkisp1: Initialize color space on resizer sink and
    source pads (bsc#1012628).
  - media: rkisp1: Use correct macro for gradient registers
  - media: rkisp1: Zero v4l2_subdev_format fields in when validating
    links (bsc#1012628).
  - media: s5p_cec: limit msg.len to CEC_MAX_MSG_SIZE (bsc#1012628).
  - media: cros-ec-cec: limit msg.len to CEC_MAX_MSG_SIZE
  - media: dvb-frontends/drxk: initialize err to 0 (bsc#1012628).
  - media: platform: cros-ec: Add Kuldax to the match table
  - media: meson: vdec: fix possible refcount leak in vdec_probe()
  - media: hantro: Store HEVC bit depth in context (bsc#1012628).
  - media: hantro: HEVC: Fix auxilary buffer size calculation
  - media: hantro: HEVC: Fix chroma offset computation
  - media: v4l: subdev: Fail graciously when getting try data for
    NULL state (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Check the HSM rate at runtime_resume
  - ACPI: APEI: Fix integer overflow in ghes_estatus_pool_init()
  - hwrng: bcm2835 - use hwrng_msleep() instead of cpu_relax()
  - io_uring: don't iopoll from io_ring_ctx_wait_and_kill()
  - scsi: core: Restrict legal sdev_state transitions via sysfs
  - HID: saitek: add madcatz variant of MMO7 mouse device ID
  - drm/amdgpu: set vm_update_mode=0 as default for Sienna Cichlid
    in SRIOV case (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: skip loading pptable from driver on secure board
    for smu_v13_0_10 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: Fix type of reset_type parameter in hqd_destroy()
    callback (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Program GC registers through RLCG interface in
    gfx_v11/gmc_v11 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: dequeue mes scheduler during fini (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-pci: disable write zeroes on various Kingston SSD
  - i2c: xiic: Add platform module alias (bsc#1012628).
  - bio: safeguard REQ_ALLOC_CACHE bio put (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: rs9: Fix I2C accessors (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm: Enable CPLD_Dn pull down resistor on
    MX8Menlo (bsc#1012628).
  - efi/tpm: Pass correct address to memblock_reserve (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: renesas: r8a779g0: Fix HSCIF parent clocks (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: Update the force mem core bit for GPU clocks
  - arm64: dts: verdin-imx8mp: fix ctrl_sleep_moci (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm: remove otg1/2 power domain dependency on
    hsio (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm: correct usb power domains (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mn: remove otg1 power domain dependency on hsio
  - arm64: dts: imx8mn: Correct the usb power domain (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-gw59{10,13}: fix user pushbutton GPIO offset
  - arm64: dts: imx8: correct clock order (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx93: add gpio clk (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx93: correct gpio-ranges (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: lx2160a: specify clock frequencies for the MDIO
    controllers (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: ls1088a: specify clock frequencies for the MDIO
    controllers (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: ls208xa: specify clock frequencies for the MDIO
    controllers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: filter regulator -EPROBE_DEFER error
    messages (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: fix fbdev on non-IOMMU devices (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: stop abusing swiotlb_max_segment (bsc#1012628).
  - ublk_drv: return flag of UBLK_F_URING_CMD_COMP_IN_TASK in case
    of module (bsc#1012628).
  - block: Fix possible memory leak for rq_wb on add_disk failure
  - blk-mq: Fix kmemleak in blk_mq_init_allocated_queue
  - ARM: dts: ux500: Add trips to battery thermal zones
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Suppress the driver's bind attributes
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Make Rx chan_setup fail on memory errors
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Fix devres allocation device in virtio
    transport (bsc#1012628).
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Fix deferred_tx_wq release on error paths
  - arm64: dts: juno: Add thermal critical trip points
  - i2c: piix4: Fix adapter not be removed in piix4_remove()
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix accepting connection request for invalid
    SPSM (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix attempting to access uninitialized memory
  - fscrypt: stop using keyrings subsystem for fscrypt_master_key
  - fscrypt: fix keyring memory leak on mount failure (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: renesas: r8a779g0: Add SASYNCPER clocks (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix lost file sync on direct IO write with nowait and
    dsync iocb (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix tree mod log mishandling of reallocated nodes
  - btrfs: fix type of parameter generation in btrfs_get_dentry
  - btrfs: don't use btrfs_chunk::sub_stripes from disk
  - btrfs: fix a memory allocation failure test in
    btrfs_submit_direct (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: NUMA: Add CXL CFMWS 'nodes' to the possible nodes set
  - cxl/pmem: Fix cxl_pmem_region and cxl_memdev leak (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl/region: Fix decoder allocation crash (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl/region: Fix region HPA ordering validation (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl/region: Fix cxl_region leak, cleanup targets at region
    delete (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl/region: Fix 'distance' calculation with passthrough ports
  - ftrace: Fix use-after-free for dynamic ftrace_ops (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/fprobe: Fix to check whether fprobe is registered
    correctly (bsc#1012628).
  - fprobe: Check rethook_alloc() return in rethook initialization
  - tracing: kprobe: Fix memory leak in
    test_gen_kprobe/kretprobe_cmd() (bsc#1012628).
  - kprobe: reverse kp->flags when arm_kprobe failed (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/nolibc/string: Fix memcmp() implementation (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/histogram: Update document for KEYS_MAX size
  - capabilities: fix potential memleak on error path from
    vfs_getxattr_alloc() (bsc#1012628).
  - fuse: add file_modified() to fallocate (bsc#1012628).
  - fuse: fix readdir cache race (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/landlock: Build without static libraries
  - efi: random: reduce seed size to 32 bytes (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: random: Use 'ACPI reclaim' memory for random seed
  - efi: efivars: Fix variable writes with unsupported
    query_variable_store() (bsc#1012628).
  - net/ulp: remove SOCK_SUPPORT_ZC from tls sockets (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: entry: avoid kprobe recursion (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6dl-yapp4: Do not allow PM to switch PU regulator
    off on Q/QP (bsc#1012628).
  - perf/x86/intel: Fix pebs event constraints for ICL
  - perf/x86/intel: Add Cooper Lake stepping to isolation_ucodes[]
  - perf/x86/intel: Fix pebs event constraints for SPR
  - net: remove SOCK_SUPPORT_ZC from sockmap (bsc#1012628).
  - net: also flag accepted sockets supporting msghdr originated
    zerocopy (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Make 8250_gsc driver dependend on CONFIG_PARISC
  - parisc: Export iosapic_serial_irq() symbol for serial port
    driver (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Avoid printing the hardware path twice (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix warning in 'ext4_da_release_space' (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix BUG_ON() when directory entry has invalid rec_len
  - ext4: update the backup superblock's at the end of the online
    resize (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/tdx: Prepare for using "INFO" call for a second purpose
  - x86/tdx: Panic on bad configs that #VE on "private" memory
    access (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/syscall: Include asm/ptrace.h in syscall_wrapper header
  - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.80000006H
  - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.8000001AH
  - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.80000008H
  - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.80000001H
  - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.8000001FH
  - KVM: VMX: Advertise PMU LBRs if and only if perf supports LBRs
  - KVM: VMX: Fold vmx_supported_debugctl() into
    vcpu_supported_debugctl() (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: VMX: Ignore guest CPUID for host userspace writes to
    DEBUGCTL (bsc#1012628).
    unavailable (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: Initialize gfn_to_pfn_cache locks in dedicated helper
  - KVM: Reject attempts to consume or refresh inactive
    gfn_to_pfn_cache (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: arm64: Fix bad dereference on MTE-enabled systems
  - KVM: arm64: Fix SMPRI_EL1/TPIDR2_EL0 trapping on VHE
  - KVM: x86: smm: number of GPRs in the SMRAM image depends on
    the image format (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: emulator: em_sysexit should update ctxt->mode
  - KVM: x86: emulator: update the emulation mode after CR0 write
  - ext4,f2fs: fix readahead of verity data (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: fix regression in very old smb1 mounts (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: dsi: Clean up 'usage_mode' when failing to attach
  - drm/rockchip: dsi: Force synchronous probe (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: disable GFXOFF during compute for GFX11
  - drm/amd/display: Update latencies on DCN321 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Update DSC capabilitie for DCN314
  - drm/i915/sdvo: Filter out invalid outputs more sensibly
  - drm/i915/sdvo: Setup DDC fully before output init (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 1579d93
* Wed Nov 09 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 9a7c768
* Wed Nov 09 2022
  - Delete synaptics touchpad workaround patch (bsc#1194086)
    This was confirmed to be superfluous now
  - commit 4ff425d
* Wed Nov 09 2022
  - Update config files for enabling CONFIG_SECONDARY_TRUSTED_KEYRING
    In some architectures, e.g. ppc64, riscv64, x86_64, we have enabled the
    CONFIG_SECONDARY_TRUSTED_KEYRING and children kernel config. But we didn't
    enable it in other architectures.
    In the future, the CONFIG_SECONDARY_TRUSTED_KEYRING will be used with
    IMA in different architectures. So let's enable it in Tumbleweed in
    all architectures to align with SLE/Leap. Then user can use it for
    preparing IMA functions with secondary trusted keyring. (bsc#1203739)
  - commit c0a1875
* Tue Nov 08 2022
  - Move upstreamed tracing patch into sorted section
  - commit de51707
* Tue Nov 08 2022
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Remove redundant workaround for Roland quirk
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Yet more regression for for the delayed card
    registration (bsc#1205111).
  - commit 0d318d5
* Fri Nov 04 2022
  - Update config files.
  - commit bd8c959
* Fri Nov 04 2022
  - Linux 6.0.7 (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86/amd: pmc: remove CONFIG_DEBUG_FS checks
  - can: j1939: transport: j1939_session_skb_drop_old():
    spin_unlock_irqrestore() before kfree_skb() (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb: Fix possible completions during init_completion
  - can: rcar_canfd: rcar_canfd_handle_global_receive(): fix IRQ
    storm on global FIFO receive (bsc#1012628).
  - can: rcar_canfd: fix channel specific IRQ handling for RZ/G2L
  - ALSA: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing timer (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirks for M-Audio Fast Track C400/600
  - ALSA: control: add snd_ctl_rename() (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Use snd_ctl_rename() to rename a control
  - ALSA: emu10k1: Use snd_ctl_rename() to rename a control
  - ALSA: ac97: Use snd_ctl_rename() to rename a control
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Use snd_ctl_rename() to rename a control
  - ALSA: ca0106: Use snd_ctl_rename() to rename a control
  - ALSA: au88x0: use explicitly signed char (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: rme9652: use explicitly signed char (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: add RESET_RESUME quirk for NVIDIA Jetson devices in RCM
  - usb: gadget: uvc: limit isoc_sg to super speed gadgets
  - Revert "usb: gadget: uvc: limit isoc_sg to super speed gadgets"
  - usb: gadget: uvc: fix dropped frame after missed isoc
  - usb: gadget: uvc: fix sg handling in error case (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: fix sg handling during video encode
  - usb: gadget: aspeed: Fix probe regression (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Stop processing more requests on IMI
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Don't set IMI for no_interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Force sending delayed status during soft
    disconnect (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Don't delay End Transfer on delayed_status
  - usb: typec: ucsi: Check the connection on resume (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: ucsi: acpi: Implement resume callback (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: st: Rely on child's compatible instead of name
  - usb: dwc3: Don't switch OTG -> peripheral if extcon is present
  - usb: bdc: change state when port disconnected (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: xhci: add XHCI_SPURIOUS_SUCCESS to ASM1042 despite being
    a V0.96 controller (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: tegra: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in probe
  - mtd: spi-nor: core: Ignore -ENOTSUPP in spi_nor_init()
  - mtd: parsers: bcm47xxpart: Fix halfblock reads (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: marvell: Use correct logic for nand-keep-config
  - squashfs: fix read regression introduced in readahead code
  - squashfs: fix extending readahead beyond end of file
  - squashfs: fix buffer release race condition in readahead code
  - xhci: Add quirk to reset host back to default state at shutdown
  - xhci-pci: Set runtime PM as default policy on all xHC 1.2 or
    later devices (bsc#1012628).
  - xhci: Remove device endpoints from bandwidth list when freeing
    the device (bsc#1012628).
  - tools: iio: iio_utils: fix digit calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: light: tsl2583: Fix module unloading (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: temperature: ltc2983: allocate iio channels once
  - iio: adxl372: Fix unsafe buffer attributes (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adxl367: Fix unsafe buffer attributes (bsc#1012628).
  - fbdev: stifb: Fall back to cfb_fillrect() on 32-bit HCRX cards
  - fbdev: smscufx: Fix several use-after-free bugs (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: intel_pstate: Read all MSRs on the target CPU
  - cpufreq: intel_pstate: hybrid: Use known scaling factor for
    P-cores (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/binfmt_elf: Fix memory leak in load_elf_binary()
  - exec: Copy oldsighand->action under spin-lock (bsc#1012628).
  - mac802154: Fix LQI recording (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Use transport-defined speed mask for
    supported_speeds (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: Extend Wa_1607297627 to Alderlake-P (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Remove ATC L2 access for MMHUB 2.1.x (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: disallow gfxoff until GC IP blocks complete s2idle
    resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: fix pstate setting issue (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Revert logic for plane modifiers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: update gfx1037 Lx cache setting (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: correct the cache info for gfx1036 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm: fix use-after-free on probe deferral (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dsi: fix memory corruption with too many bridges
  - drm/msm/hdmi: fix memory corruption with too many bridges
  - drm/msm/hdmi: fix IRQ lifetime (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: fix memory corruption with too many bridges
  - drm/msm/dp: fix aux-bus EP lifetime (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: fix IRQ lifetime (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: fix bridge lifetime (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: x86/polyval - Fix crashes when keys are not 16-byte
    aligned (bsc#1012628).
  - random: use arch_get_random*_early() in random_init()
  - coresight: cti: Fix hang in cti_disable_hw() (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci_am654: 'select', not 'depends' REGMAP_MMIO
  - mmc: block: Remove error check of hw_reset on reset
  - mmc: queue: Cancel recovery work on cleanup (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: core: Fix kernel panic when remove non-standard SDIO card
  - mmc: core: Fix WRITE_ZEROES CQE handling (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-pci-core: Disable ES for ASUS BIOS on Jasper Lake
  - mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: Propagate ESDHC_FLAG_HS400* only on 8bit
    bus (bsc#1012628).
  - counter: microchip-tcb-capture: Handle Signal1 read and Synapse
  - counter: 104-quad-8: Fix race getting function mode and
    direction (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/uffd: fix vma check on userfault for wp (bsc#1012628).
  - mm: migrate: fix return value if all subpages of THPs are
    migrated successfully (bsc#1012628).
  - mm,madvise,hugetlb: fix unexpected data loss with MADV_DONTNEED
    on hugetlbfs (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/kmemleak: prevent soft lockup in kmemleak_scan()'s object
    iteration loops (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/huge_memory: do not clobber swp_entry_t during THP split
  - mm: prep_compound_tail() clear page->private (bsc#1012628).
  - kernfs: fix use-after-free in __kernfs_remove (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "dt-bindings: pinctrl-zynqmp: Add output-enable
    configuration" (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: Ingenic: JZ4755 bug fixes (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "pinctrl: pinctrl-zynqmp: Add support for output-enable
    and bias-high-impedance" (bsc#1012628).
  - ARC: mm: fix leakage of memory allocated for PTE (bsc#1012628).
  - perf auxtrace: Fix address filter symbol name match for modules
  - s390/boot: add secure boot trailer (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/cio: fix out-of-bounds access on cio_ignore free
  - s390/uaccess: add missing EX_TABLE entries to __clear_user()
  - s390/futex: add missing EX_TABLE entry to __futex_atomic_op()
  - s390/pci: add missing EX_TABLE entries to
    __pcistg_mio_inuser()/__pcilg_mio_inuser() (bsc#1012628).
  - ethtool: eeprom: fix null-deref on genl_info in dump
  - fbdev/core: Avoid uninitialized read in
    aperture_remove_conflicting_pci_device() (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: PCC: Fix unintentional integer overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/64s/interrupt: Fix clear of PACA_IRQS_HARD_DIS when
    returning to soft-masked context (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ieee802154: fix error return code in dgram_bind()
  - media: amphion: release m2m ctx when releasing vpu instance
  - media: v4l2: Fix v4l2_i2c_subdev_set_name function documentation
  - media: ar0521: fix error return code in ar0521_power_on()
  - media: ar0521: Fix return value check in writing initial
    registers (bsc#1012628).
  - media: ov8865: Fix an error handling path in ov8865_probe()
  - media: sun6i-mipi-csi2: Depend on PHY_SUN6I_MIPI_DPHY
  - media: atomisp: prevent integer overflow in
    sh_css_set_black_frame() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sunxi: Fix some error handling path of
    sun8i_a83t_mipi_csi2_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sunxi: Fix some error handling path of
    sun6i_mipi_csi2_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sun6i-mipi-csi2: Add a Kconfig dependency on
    RESET_CONTROLLER (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sun8i-a83t-mipi-csi2: Add a Kconfig dependency on
    RESET_CONTROLLER (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sun6i-csi: Add a Kconfig dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER
  - media: sun4i-csi: Add a Kconfig dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER
  - media: sun8i-di: Add a Kconfig dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER
  - media: sun8i-rotate: Add a Kconfig dependency on
    RESET_CONTROLLER (bsc#1012628).
  - media: cedrus: Add a Kconfig dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER
  - drm/msm/a6xx: Replace kcalloc() with kvzalloc() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: add atomic_check to bridge ops (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm: Fix return type of mdp4_lvds_connector_mode_valid
  - drm/msm/dp: cleared DP_DOWNSPREAD_CTRL register before start
    link training (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codec: tlv320adc3xxx: add GPIOLIB dependency
  - KVM: selftests: Fix number of pages for memory slot in
    memslot_modification_stress_test (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: qcom: lpass-cpu: mark HDMI TX registers as volatile
  - drm/msm/a6xx: Fix kvzalloc vs state_kcalloc usage (bsc#1012628).
  - erofs: fix illegal unmapped accesses in
    z_erofs_fill_inode_lazy() (bsc#1012628).
  - erofs: fix up inplace decompression success rate (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: qcom: Avoid glitching lines when we first mux to output
  - spi: qup: support using GPIO as chip select line (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/fpu: Configure init_fpstate attributes orderly
  - x86/fpu: Fix the init_fpstate size check with the actual size
  - x86/fpu: Exclude dynamic states from init_fpstate (bsc#1012628).
  - perf: Fix missing SIGTRAPs (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/core: Fix comparison in sched_group_cookie_match()
  - bpf: prevent decl_tag from being referenced in func_proto
  - arc: iounmap() arg is volatile (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: core: add missing of_node_get() in dynamic partitions code
  - mtd: rawnand: intel: Remove unused nand_pa member from
    ebu_nand_cs (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: intel: Use devm_platform_ioremap_resource_byname()
  - mtd: rawnand: intel: Add missing of_node_put() in
    ebu_nand_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: ocelot: Fix incorrect trigger of the interrupt
  - ASoC: codecs: tlv320adc3xxx: Wrap adc3xxx_i2c_remove() in
    __exit_p() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: pci-mtl: fix firmware name (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/ftrace: fix dynamic_events dependency check
  - spi: aspeed: Fix window offset of CE1 (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: qcom: lpass-cpu: Mark HDMI TX parity register as volatile
  - ASoC: Intel: common: add ACPI matching tables for Raptor Lake
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: pci-tgl: use RPL specific firmware definitions
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: pci-tgl: fix ADL-N descriptor (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: ac97: fix possible memory leak in snd_ac97_dev_register()
  - perf/x86/intel/lbr: Use setup_clear_cpu_cap() instead of
    clear_cpu_cap() (bsc#1012628).
  - rcu: Keep synchronize_rcu() from enabling irqs in early boot
  - tipc: fix a null-ptr-deref in tipc_topsrv_accept (bsc#1012628).
  - net: netsec: fix error handling in netsec_register_mdio()
  - net: lan966x: Fix the rx drop counter (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: net: Fix cross-tree inclusion of scripts
  - selftests: net: Fix netdev name mismatch in cleanup
  - net: hinic: fix incorrect assignment issue in
    hinic_set_interrupt_cfg() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hinic: fix memory leak when reading function table
  - net: hinic: fix the issue of CMDQ memory leaks (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hinic: fix the issue of double release MBOX callback of VF
  - net: macb: Specify PHY PM management done by MAC (bsc#1012628).
  - nfc: virtual_ncidev: Fix memory leak in virtual_nci_send()
  - RISC-V: KVM: Provide UAPI for Zicbom block size (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: Fix compilation without RISCV_ISA_ZICBOM (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: KVM: Fix kvm_riscv_vcpu_timer_pending() for Sstc
  - x86/unwind/orc: Fix unreliable stack dump with gcov
  - drm/bridge: ps8640: Add back the 50 ms mystery delay after HPD
  - x86/fpu: Fix copy_xstate_to_uabi() to copy init states correctly
  - amd-xgbe: Yellow carp devices do not need rrc (bsc#1012628).
  - amd-xgbe: fix the SFP compliance codes check for DAC cables
  - amd-xgbe: add the bit rate quirk for Molex cables (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/dgfx: Keep PCI autosuspend control 'on' by default
    on all dGPU (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/dp: Reset frl trained flag before restarting FRL
    training (bsc#1012628).
  - atlantic: fix deadlock at aq_nic_stop (bsc#1012628).
  - kcm: annotate data-races around kcm->rx_psock (bsc#1012628).
  - kcm: annotate data-races around kcm->rx_wait (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fix UAF issue in nfqnl_nf_hook_drop() when ops_init()
    failed (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lantiq_etop: don't free skb when returning NETDEV_TX_BUSY
  - tcp: fix a signed-integer-overflow bug in tcp_add_backlog()
  - tcp: fix indefinite deferral of RTO with SACK reneging
  - net-memcg: avoid stalls when under memory pressure
  - drm/amdkfd: Fix memory leak in kfd_mem_dmamap_userptr()
  - net: lan966x: Stop replacing tx dcbs and dcbs_buf when changing
    MTU (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: set msk local address earlier (bsc#1012628).
  - can: mscan: mpc5xxx: mpc5xxx_can_probe(): add missing
    put_clock() in error path (bsc#1012628).
  - can: mcp251x: mcp251x_can_probe(): add missing
    unregister_candev() in error path (bsc#1012628).
  - PM: hibernate: Allow hybrid sleep to work with s2idle
  - media: vivid: s_fbuf: add more sanity checks (bsc#1012628).
  - media: vivid: dev->bitmap_cap wasn't freed in all cases
  - media: v4l2-dv-timings: add sanity checks for blanking values
  - media: videodev2.h: V4L2_DV_BT_BLANKING_HEIGHT should check
    'interlaced' (bsc#1012628).
  - media: vivid: set num_in/outputs to 0 if not supported
  - perf vendor events power10: Fix hv-24x7 metric events
  - perf list: Fix PMU name pai_crypto in perf list on s390
  - ipv6: ensure sane device mtu in tunnels (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix ethtool rx-flow-hash setting for X722 (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix VF hang when reset is triggered on another VF
  - i40e: Fix flow-type by setting GL_HASH_INSET registers
  - net: ksz884x: fix missing pci_disable_device() on error in
    pcidev_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: jump_label: mark arguments as const to satisfy asm
    constraints (bsc#1012628).
  - PM: domains: Fix handling of unavailable/disabled idle states
  - perf vendor events arm64: Fix incorrect Hisi hip08 L3 metrics
  - net: fec: limit register access on i.MX6UL (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: ave: Fix MAC to be in charge of PHY PM
  - ALSA: aoa: i2sbus: fix possible memory leak in i2sbus_add_dev()
  - ALSA: aoa: Fix I2S device accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - openvswitch: switch from WARN to pr_warn (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ehea: fix possible memory leak in ehea_register_port()
  - net: bcmsysport: Indicate MAC is in charge of PHY PM
  - nh: fix scope used to find saddr when adding non gw nh
  - net: broadcom: bcm4908_enet: update TX stats after actual
    transmission (bsc#1012628).
  - netdevsim: fix memory leak in nsim_bus_dev_new() (bsc#1012628).
  - netdevsim: fix memory leak in nsim_drv_probe() when
    nsim_dev_resources_register() failed (bsc#1012628).
  - netdevsim: remove dir in nsim_dev_debugfs_init() when creating
    ports dir failed (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Do not increment ESN when updating IPsec ESN state
  - net/mlx5: Wait for firmware to enable CRS before
    pci_restore_state (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: DR, Fix matcher disconnect error flow (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Extend SKB room check to include PTP-SQ
  - net/mlx5e: Update restore chain id for slow path packets
  - net/mlx5: ASO, Create the ASO SQ with the correct timestamp
    format (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Fix possible use-after-free in async command interface
  - net/mlx5e: TC, Reject forwarding from internal port to internal
    port (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Update fw fatal reporter state on PCI handlers
    successful recover (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Fix crash during sync firmware reset (bsc#1012628).
  - net: do not sense pfmemalloc status in skb_append_pagefrags()
  - kcm: do not sense pfmemalloc status in kcm_sendpage()
  - net: enetc: survive memory pressure without crashing
  - riscv: mm: add missing memcpy in kasan_init (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: fix detection of toolchain Zicbom support (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: fix detection of toolchain Zihintpause support
  - arm64: Add AMPERE1 to the Spectre-BHB affected list
  - tcp/udp: Fix memory leak in ipv6_renew_options() (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 94ab6c8
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - wifi: brcmfmac: Fix potential buffer overflow in
    brcmf_fweh_event_worker() (CVE-2022-3628 bsc#1204868).
  - commit a020866
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - Drop the previous sound fix for Dell Dock (bsc#1204719)
    The patch turned out to be superfluous, the fix should be on pipewire
  - commit a7f641a
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix regression with Dell Dock jack detection
  - commit 286383c
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - KVM: x86: emulator: update the emulation mode after rsm
  - KVM: x86: emulator: introduce emulator_recalc_and_set_mode
  - commit 28a19ee
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - char: pcmcia: cm4040_cs: Fix use-after-free in reader_fops
    (bsc#1204922 CVE-2022-44033).
  - commit aaed0f2
* Wed Nov 02 2022
  - ring-buffer: Check for NULL cpu_buffer in
    ring_buffer_wake_waiters() (bsc#1204705).
  - commit 57f1f7d
* Tue Nov 01 2022
  - Refresh patches.suse/drm-amdgpu-Fix-for-BO-move-issue.patch.
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 30b9c27
* Tue Nov 01 2022
  - char: pcmcia: scr24x_cs: Fix use-after-free in scr24x_fops
    (bsc#1204901 CVE-2022-44034).
  - char: pcmcia: cm4000_cs: Fix use-after-free in cm4000_fops
    (bsc#1204894 CVE-2022-44032).
  - commit 7d0ff8d
* Tue Nov 01 2022
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit eaa1897
* Sun Oct 30 2022
  - Linux 6.0.6 (bsc#1012628).
  - mm: /proc/pid/smaps_rollup: fix no vma's null-deref
  - ACPI: video: Force backlight native for more TongFang devices
  - ext4: fix potential out of bound read in ext4_fc_replay_scan()
  - ext4: factor out ext4_fc_get_tl() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: introduce EXT4_FC_TAG_BASE_LEN helper (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: don't gate task_work run on TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921e: fix random fw download fail (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/vt-d: Clean up si_domain in the init_dmars() error path
  - iommu/vt-d: Allow NVS regions in arch_rmrr_sanity_check()
  - rv/dot2c: Make automaton definition static (bsc#1012628).
  - drbd: only clone bio if we have a backing device (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: dp83822: disable MDI crossover status change interrupt
  - net: sched: fix race condition in qdisc_graft() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hns: fix possible memory leak in hnae_ae_register()
  - wwan_hwsim: fix possible memory leak in wwan_hwsim_dev_new()
  - sfc: include vport_id in filter spec hash and equal()
  - io_uring/msg_ring: Fix NULL pointer dereference in
    io_msg_send_fd() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix return value of qdisc ingress handling on success
  - net: sched: sfb: fix null pointer access issue when sfb_init()
    fails (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sched: delete duplicate cleanup of backlog and qlen
  - net: sched: cake: fix null pointer access issue when cake_init()
    fails (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet: fix workqueue MEM_RECLAIM flushing dependency
  - nvme-hwmon: kmalloc the NVME SMART log buffer (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-hwmon: consistently ignore errors from nvme_hwmon_init
  - netfilter: nf_tables: relax NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END set flags
    requirements (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: rpfilter/fib: Set ->flowic_uid correctly for user
    namespaces (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: rpfilter/fib: Populate flowic_l3mdev field
  - ionic: catch NULL pointer issue on reconfig (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hsr: avoid possible NULL deref in skb_clone()
  - bnxt_en: fix memory leak in bnxt_nvm_test() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Increase frame size limit for
    display_mode_vba_util_32.o (bsc#1012628).
  - dm: remove unnecessary assignment statement in alloc_dev()
  - cifs: Fix memory leak when build ntlmssp negotiate blob failed
  - cifs: Fix xid leak in cifs_ses_add_channel() (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: Fix xid leak in cifs_flock() (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: Fix xid leak in cifs_copy_file_range() (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: Fix xid leak in cifs_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - ip6mr: fix UAF issue in ip6mr_sk_done() when addrconf_init_net()
    failed (bsc#1012628).
  - udp: Update reuse->has_conns under reuseport_lock (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Fix memory leak in lpfc_create_port() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_wed: add missing of_node_put()
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_wed: add missing put_device() in
    mtk_wed_add_hw() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix possible memory leak in
    mtk_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/rw: remove leftover debug statement (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-mq: fix null pointer dereference in
    blk_mq_clear_rq_mapping() (bsc#1012628).
  - erofs: shouldn't churn the mapping page for duplicated copies
  - skmsg: pass gfp argument to alloc_sk_msg() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: stmmac: Enable mac_managed_pm phylink config (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phylink: add mac_managed_pm in phylink_config structure
  - net/smc: Fix an error code in smc_lgr_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: dp83867: Extend RX strap quirk for SGMII mode
  - net/atm: fix proc_mpc_write incorrect return value
  - sfc: Change VF mac via PF as first preference if available
  - HID: magicmouse: Do not set BTN_MOUSE on double report
  - tls: strp: make sure the TCP skbs do not have overlapping data
  - i40e: Fix DMA mappings leak (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: qca8k: fix ethtool autocast mib for big-endian systems
  - net: dsa: qca8k: fix inband mgmt for big-endian systems
  - tipc: fix an information leak in tipc_topsrv_kern_subscr
  - tipc: Fix recognition of trial period (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: extlog: Handle multiple records (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Enforce the minimum rate at runtime_resume
  - drm/vc4: Add module dependency on hdmi-codec (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix processing of delayed tree block refs during backref
    walking (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix processing of delayed data refs during backref
    walking (bsc#1012628).
  - dm bufio: use the acquire memory barrier when testing for
    B_READING (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86/amd: pmc: Read SMU version during suspend on
    Cezanne systems (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/topology: Fix duplicated core ID within a package
  - x86/topology: Fix multiple packages shown on a single-package
    system (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/Kconfig: Drop check for -mabi=ms for CONFIG_EFI_STUB
  - media: venus: Fix NV12 decoder buffer discovery on
    HFI_VERSION_1XX (bsc#1012628).
  - media: venus: dec: Handle the case where find_format fails
  - media: mceusb: set timeout to at least timeout provided
  - media: ipu3-imgu: Fix NULL pointer dereference in active
    selection access (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: arm64: vgic: Fix exit condition in scan_its_table()
  - KVM: x86: Add compat handler for KVM_X86_SET_MSR_FILTER
  - KVM: x86: Copy filter arg outside kvm_vm_ioctl_set_msr_filter()
  - kvm: Add support for arch compat vm ioctls (bsc#1012628).
  - mm,hugetlb: take hugetlb_lock before decrementing
    h->resv_huge_pages (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: fix sdma doorbell init ordering on APUs
  - cpufreq: qcom: fix memory leak in error path (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/resctrl: Fix min_cbm_bits for AMD (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: ahci: Match EM_MAX_SLOTS with SATA_PMP_MAX_PORTS
  - ata: ahci-imx: Fix MODULE_ALIAS (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon/coretemp: Handle large core ID value (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/microcode/AMD: Apply the patch early on every logical thread
  - cpufreq: tegra194: Fix module loading (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: qcom-cci: Fix ordering of pm_runtime_xx and i2c_add_adapter
  - cpufreq: qcom: fix writes in read-only memory region
  - selinux: enable use of both GFP_KERNEL and GFP_ATOMIC in
    convert_context() (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: interface count displayed incorrectly (bsc#1012628).
  - ocfs2: fix BUG when iput after ocfs2_mknod fails (bsc#1012628).
  - ocfs2: clear dinode links count in case of error (bsc#1012628).
  - video/aperture: Call sysfb_disable() before removing PCI devices
  - commit ba5b066
* Wed Oct 26 2022
  - Linux 6.0.5 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "btrfs: call __btrfs_remove_free_space_cache_locked on
    cache load failure" (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: tegra: Fix Tegra PWM parent clock (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 7359656
* Wed Oct 26 2022
  - Linux 6.0.4 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "ALSA: hda: Fix page fault in snd_hda_codec_shutdown()"
  - fbdev/core: Remove remove_conflicting_pci_framebuffers()
  - io-wq: Fix memory leak in worker creation (bsc#1012628).
  - gcov: support GCC 12.1 and newer compilers (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: ssdt: Don't free memory if ACPI table was loaded
    successfully (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: efivars: Fix variable writes without query_variable_store()
  - dm clone: Fix typo in block_device format specifier
  - drm/amd/pm: update SMU IP v13.0.4 driver interface version
  - drm/amd/pm: fulfill SMU13.0.0 cstate control interface
  - drm/amd/pm: disable cstate feature for gpu reset scenario
  - drm/amd/pm: add SMU IP v13.0.4 IF version define to V7
  - drm/amd/pm: fulfill SMU13.0.7 cstate control interface
  - net: flag sockets supporting msghdr originated zerocopy
  - HID: playstation: add initial DualSense Edge controller support
  - HID: playstation: stop DualSense output work on remove
  - io_uring/net: fail zc send when unsupported by socket
  - thermal: intel_powerclamp: Use first online CPU as control_cpu
  - pinctrl: amd: change dev_warn to dev_dbg for additional feature
    support (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/bios: Use hardcoded fp_timing size for generating
    LFP data pointers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/bios: Validate fp_timing terminator presence
  - commit 12375d5
* Wed Oct 26 2022
  - arm64: Update config files. (bsc#1203558)
    Enable Renesas serial console and earlycon.
  - commit e782884
* Tue Oct 25 2022
  - Revert "ALSA: hda: Fix page fault in snd_hda_codec_shutdown()"
  - commit df34d12
* Mon Oct 24 2022
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: fix use-after-free in l2cap_conn_del()
    (CVE-2022-3640 bsc#1204619).
  - commit c41533c
* Sat Oct 22 2022
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add another HP ZBook G9 model quirks
  - commit a4522e2
* Sat Oct 22 2022
  - Linux 6.0.3 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc8280xp-pmics: Remove reg entry & use
    correct node name for pmc8280c_lpg node (bsc#1012628).
  - Kconfig.debug: add toolchain checks for
  - Kconfig.debug: simplify the dependency of DEBUG_INFO_DWARF4/5
  - io_uring/rw: ensure kiocb_end_write() is always called
  - io_uring: fix fdinfo sqe offsets calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix build breakage with CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=n
  - powerpc/64s/interrupt: Fix lost interrupts when returning to
    soft-masked context (bsc#1012628).
  - net/ieee802154: don't warn zero-sized raw_sendmsg()
  - Revert "net/ieee802154: reject zero-sized raw_sendmsg()"
  - Revert "drm/amd/display: correct hostvm flag" (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: ti: davinci_mdio: fix build for mdio bitbang uses
  - blk-wbt: fix that 'rwb->wc' is always set to 1 in wbt_init()
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix last interface check for registration
  - net: ieee802154: return -EINVAL for unknown addr type
  - mm: hugetlb: fix UAF in hugetlb_handle_userfault (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: fix notif cqe reordering (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: don't skip notifs for failed requests
  - io_uring/net: rename io_sendzc() (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: don't lose partial send_zc on fail (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: use io_sr_msg for sendzc (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: refactor io_sr_msg types (bsc#1012628).
  - perf intel-pt: Fix system_wide dummy event for hybrid
  - perf intel-pt: Fix segfault in intel_pt_print_info() with uClibc
  - perf: Skip and warn on unknown format 'configN' attrs
  - clk: bcm2835: Round UART input clock up (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: ucsi: Don't warn on probe deferral (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: dw-edma: Remove runtime PM support (bsc#1012628).
  - fsi: master-ast-cf: Fix missing of_node_put in
    fsi_master_acf_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - fsi: occ: Prevent use after free (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon (occ): Retry for checksum failure (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-mq: use quiesced elevator switch when reinitializing queues
  - usb: idmouse: fix an uninit-value in idmouse_open (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet-tcp: add bounds check on Transfer Tag (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: copy firmware_rev on each init (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: handle effects after freeing the request (bsc#1012628).
  - ext2: Use kvmalloc() for group descriptor array (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: tracing: Fix compile error in trace_array calls when
    TRACING is disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: rtl8723bs: fix a potential memory leak in
    rtw_init_cmd_priv() (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: rtl8723bs: fix potential memory leak in
    rtw_init_drv_sw() (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix CQE reordering (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "usb: storage: Add quirk for Samsung Fit flash"
  - usb: dwc3: core: Enable GUCTL1 bit 10 for fixing termination
    error after resume bug (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp: Add snps,gfladj-refclk-lpm-sel quirk to
    USB nodes (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: core: add gfladj_refclk_lpm_sel quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: musb: Fix musb_gadget.c rxstate overflow bug (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: host: xhci: Fix potential memory leak in
    xhci_alloc_stream_info() (bsc#1012628).
  - md/raid5: Wait for MD_SB_CHANGE_PENDING in raid5d (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: nintendo: check analog user calibration for plausibility
  - HSI: ssi_protocol: fix potential resource leak in ssip_pn_open()
  - HID: roccat: Fix use-after-free in roccat_read() (bsc#1012628).
  - soundwire: intel: fix error handling on dai registration issues
  - soundwire: cadence: Don't overwrite msg->buf during write
    commands (bsc#1012628).
  - bcache: fix set_at_max_writeback_rate() for multiple attached
    devices (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: libahci_platform: Sanity check the DT child nodes number
  - blk-throttle: prevent overflow while calculating wait time
  - staging: vt6655: fix potential memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - power: supply: adp5061: fix out-of-bounds read in
    adp5061_get_chg_type() (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: increase worker prio to WQ_HIGHPRI
  - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Make default domain type of HiSilicon PTT
    device to identity (bsc#1012628).
  - nbd: Fix hung when signal interrupts nbd_start_device_ioctl()
  - scsi: 3w-9xxx: Avoid disabling device if failing to enable it
  - dmaengine: ti: k3-udma: Reset UDMA_CHAN_RT byte counters to
    prevent overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Fix null ndlp ptr dereference in abnormal exit
    path for GFT_ID (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: host: xhci-plat: suspend/resume clks for brcm
  - usb: host: xhci-plat: suspend and resume clocks (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Delete error messages triggered by incoming Read
    requests (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: zynqmp: pll: rectify rate rounding in zynqmp_pll_round_rate
  - media: platform: fix some double free in meson-ge2d and mtk-jpeg
    and s5p-mfc (bsc#1012628).
  - media: cx88: Fix a null-ptr-deref bug in buffer_prepare()
  - clk: zynqmp: Fix stack-out-of-bounds in strncpy` (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9242/1: kasan: Only map modules if CONFIG_KASAN_VMALLOC=n
  - ARM: 9234/1: stacktrace: Avoid duplicate saving of exception
    PC value (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9233/1: stacktrace: Skip frame pointer boundary check
    for call_with_stack() (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: call __btrfs_remove_free_space_cache_locked on cache
    load failure (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: don't print information about space cache or tree every
    remount (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: scrub: try to fix super block errors (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: scrub: properly report super block errors in system log
  - btrfs: dump extra info if one free space cache has more bitmaps
    than it should (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: orion: fix include path (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mq-librem5: Add bq25895 as max17055's power
    supply (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-kontron: Use the VSELECT signal to switch
    SD card IO voltage (bsc#1012628).
  - kselftest/arm64: Fix validatation termination record after
    EXTRA_CONTEXT (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6sx-udoo-neo: don't use multiple blank lines
  - ARM: dts: imx6sl: use tabs for code indent (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6sx: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6sll: add missing properties for sram
  - ARM: dts: imx6sl: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6qp: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6dl: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6q: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280-idp: correct ADC channel node name
    and unit address (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx7d-sdb: config the max pressure for tsc2046
  - ARM: dts: imx6: delete interrupts property if
    interrupts-extended is set (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: Fix UBSAN shift-out-of-bounds warning (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: polling vid stream status in hpo dp blank
  - drm/amd/display: Remove interface for periodic interrupt 1
  - drm/dp: Don't rewrite link config when setting phy test pattern
  - mmc: sdhci-msm: add compatible string check for sdm670
  - drm/meson: remove drm bridges at aggregate driver unbind time
  - drm/meson: explicitly remove aggregate driver at module unload
    time (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: reorder driver deinit sequence to fix use-after-free
    bug (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: amd: yc: Add Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro X to quirks table
  - ASoC: amd: yc: Add ASUS UM5302TA into DMI table (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: fix initial connector audio value (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: correct hostvm flag (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix urgent latency override for DCN32/DCN321
  - drm/amdgpu: SDMA update use unlocked iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: add quirk to override topology mclk_id (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: sunxi: sun4i-codec: set debugfs_prefix for CPU DAI
    component (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: pci: Change DMI match info to support all Chrome
    platforms (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: intel-dspconfig: add ES8336 support for AlderLake-PS
  - platform/x86: msi-laptop: Change DMI match / alias strings to
    fix module autoloading (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Setting thermal profile fails with 0x06
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec: Notify the PM of wake events during
    resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for Aya Neo Air
  - drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for Anbernic Win600
  - drm/vc4: vec: Fix timings for VEC modes (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Register card at the last interface
  - drm/admgpu: Skip CG/PG on SOC21 under SRIOV VF (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Skip the program of MMMC_VM_AGP_* in SRIOV on
    MMHUB v3_0_0 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix variable dereferenced before check
  - drm: bridge: dw_hdmi: only trigger hotplug event on link change
  - drm/amd: fix potential memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Improve quirk message to be less cryptic
  - udmabuf: Set ubuf->sg = NULL if the creation of sg table fails
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk to enable Avid Mbox 3 support
  - ALSA: hda: Fix page fault in snd_hda_codec_shutdown()
  - drm/amd/display: fix overflow on MIN_I64 definition
  - gpu: lontium-lt9611: Fix NULL pointer dereference in
    lt9611_connector_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/komeda: Fix handling of atomic commits in the
    atomic_commit_tail hook (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: Prevent drm_copy_field() to attempt copying a NULL pointer
  - drm: Use size_t type for len variable in drm_copy_field()
  - drm/nouveau/nouveau_bo: fix potential memory leak in
    nouveau_bo_alloc() (bsc#1012628).
  - r8152: Rate limit overflow messages (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: designware-pci: Group AMD NAVI quirk parts together
  - libbpf: Fix overrun in netlink attribute iteration
  - net: sched: cls_u32: Avoid memcpy() false-positive warning
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix user-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: use bpf_prog_pack for bpf_dispatcher (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Adjust kprobe_multi entry_ip for CONFIG_X86_KERNEL_IBT
  - net: If sock is dead don't access sock's sk_wq in
    sk_stream_wait_memory (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (sht4x) do not overflow clamping operation on 32-bit
    platforms (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rt2x00: correctly set BBP register 86 for MT7620
  - wifi: rt2x00: set SoC wmac clock register (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rt2x00: set VGC gain for both chains of MT7620
  - wifi: rt2x00: set correct TX_SW_CFG1 MAC register for MT7620
  - wifi: rt2x00: don't run Rt5592 IQ calibration on MT7620
  - can: bcm: check the result of can_send() in bcm_can_tx()
  - selftests/bpf: Free the allocated resources after test case
    succeeds (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: replace reset with config timestamps (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_event: Make sure ISO events don't affect non-ISO
    connections (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_sysfs: Fix attempting to call device_add multiple
    times (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: initialize delayed works at
    l2cap_chan_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtw89: fix rx filter after scan (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtw89: free unused skb to prevent memory leak
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921: reset msta->airtime_ac while clearing up
    hw value (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath11k: mhi: fix potential memory leak in
    ath11k_mhi_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - regulator: core: Prevent integer underflow (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: btintel: Mark Intel controller to support LE_STATES
    quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: brcmfmac: fix use-after-free bug in
    brcmf_netdev_start_xmit() (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix race between iavf_close and iavf_reset_task
  - net: ftmac100: fix endianness-related issues from 'sparse'
  - rtw89: ser: leave lps with mutex (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath11k: Register shutdown handler for WCN6750
  - xfrm: Update ipcomp_scratches with NULL when freed
  - net-next: Fix IP_UNICAST_IF option behavior for connected
    sockets (bsc#1012628).
  - net: axienet: Switch to 64-bit RX/TX statistics (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/apic: Don't disable x2APIC if locked (bsc#1012628).
  - thunderbolt: Add back Intel Falcon Ridge end-to-end flow
    control workaround (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath9k: avoid uninit memory read in ath9k_htc_rx_msg()
  - x86/mce: Retrieve poison range from hardware (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: accept STA changes without link changes
  - micrel: ksz8851: fixes struct pointer issue (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: annotate data-race around tcp_md5sig_pool_populated
  - openvswitch: Fix overreporting of drops in dropwatch
  - openvswitch: Fix double reporting of drops in dropwatch
  - net: ethernet: ti: davinci_mdio: Add workaround for errata i2329
  - bpftool: Clear errno after libcap's checks (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: brcmfmac: fix invalid address access when enabling SCAN
    log level (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Do not require executable permission for shared
    libraries (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Ensure functions with always_inline attribute are inline
  - NFSD: fix use-after-free on source server when doing
    inter-server copy (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSD: Return nfserr_serverfault if splice_ok but buf->pages
    have data (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/entry: Work around Clang __bdos() bug (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: x86: Add a quirk for Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 for
    StorageD3Enable (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: decompressor: Include (bsc#1012628).
  - thermal: intel_powerclamp: Use get_cpu() instead of
    smp_processor_id() to avoid crash (bsc#1012628).
  - powercap: intel_rapl: fix UBSAN shift-out-of-bounds issue
  - MIPS: BCM47XX: Cast memcmp() of function to (void *)
  - cpufreq: intel_pstate: Add Tigerlake support in no-HWP mode
  - ACPI: tables: FPDT: Don't call acpi_os_map_memory() on invalid
    phys address (bsc#1012628).
  - fortify: Fix __compiletime_strlen() under UBSAN_BOUNDS_LOCAL
  - ACPI: video: Add Toshiba Satellite/Portege Z830 quirk
  - cpufreq: amd_pstate: fix wrong lowest perf fetch (bsc#1012628).
  - rcu-tasks: Ensure RCU Tasks Trace loops have quiescent states
  - rcu-tasks: Convert RCU_LOCKDEP_WARN() to WARN_ONCE()
  - rcu: Back off upon fill_page_cache_func() allocation failure
  - rcu: Avoid triggering strict-GP irq-work when RCU is idle
  - fs: dlm: fix race in lowcomms (bsc#1012628).
  - module: tracking: Keep a record of tainted unloaded modules only
  - ARM/dma-mapping: don't override ->dma_coherent when set from
    a bus notifier (bsc#1012628).
  - selftest: tpm2: Add Client.__del__() to close /dev/tpm* handle
  - tools/power turbostat: Use standard Energy Unit for SPR Dram
    RAPL domain (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to account FS_CP_DATA_IO correctly (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix race condition on setting FI_NO_EXTENT flag
  - ACPI: APEI: do not add task_work to kernel thread to avoid
    memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - thermal/drivers/qcom/tsens-v0_1: Fix MSM8939 fourth sensor hw_id
  - random: schedule jitter credit for next jiffy, not in two
    jiffies (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: cavium - prevent integer overflow loading firmware
  - crypto: marvell/octeontx - prevent integer overflows
  - kbuild: rpm-pkg: fix breakage when V=1 is used (bsc#1012628).
  - linux/export: use inline assembler to populate symbol CRCs
  - kbuild: remove the target in signal traps when interrupted
  - ftrace: Fix recursive locking direct_mutex in
    ftrace_modify_direct_caller (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/osnoise: Fix possible recursive locking in
    stop_per_cpu_kthreads (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing: kprobe: Make gen test module work in arm and riscv
  - tracing: kprobe: Fix kprobe event gen test module on exit
  - iommu/iova: Fix module config properly (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: return correct error in ->calc_signature() (bsc#1012628).
  - clocksource/drivers/timer-gxp: Add missing error handling in
    gxp_timer_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Fix handling of ARM erratum
    858921 (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - fix DMA transfer direction (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: inside-secure - Change swab to swab32 (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: ccp - Release dma channels before dmaengine unrgister
  - crypto: akcipher - default implementation for setting a private
    key (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/omap: Fix buffer overflow in debugfs (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup/cpuset: Enable update_tasks_cpumask() on top_cpuset
  - crypto: hisilicon/qm - fix missing put dfx access (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - fix default value of WDT timer (bsc#1012628).
  - hwrng: imx-rngc - Moving IRQ handler registering after
    imx_rngc_irq_mask_clear() (bsc#1012628).
  - hwrng: imx-rngc - use devm_clk_get_enabled (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup: Honor caller's cgroup NS when resolving path
  - crypto: ccp - Fail the PSP initialization when writing psp
    data file failed (bsc#1012628).
  - hwrng: arm-smccc-trng - fix NO_ENTROPY handling (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: hisilicon/zip - fix mismatch in get/set sgl_sge_nr
  - crypto: sahara - don't sleep when in softirq (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pseries/vas: Pass hw_cpu_id to node associativity HCALL
  - powerpc/kprobes: Fix null pointer reference in
    arch_prepare_kprobe() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc: Fix SPE Power ISA properties for e500v1 platforms
  - powerpc/64/interrupt: Fix return to masked context after
    hard-mask irq becomes pending (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/64: mark irqs hard disabled in boot paca (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/64/interrupt: Fix false warning in context tracking
    due to idle state (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/64s: Fix GENERIC_CPU build flags for PPC970 / G5
  - x86/hyperv: Fix 'struct hv_enlightened_vmcs' definition
  - powerpc: Fix fallocate and fadvise64_64 compat parameter
    combination (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc: dts: turris1x.dts: Fix labels in DSA cpu port nodes
  - powerpc: dts: turris1x.dts: Fix NOR partitions labels
  - cpuidle: riscv-sbi: Fix CPU_PM_CPU_IDLE_ENTER_xyz() macro usage
  - powerpc/powernv: add missing of_node_put() in
    opal_export_attrs() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pci_dn: Add missing of_node_put() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/sysdev/fsl_msi: Add missing of_node_put() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/math_emu/efp: Include module.h (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/configs: Properly enable PAPR_SCM in pseries_defconfig
  - ipc: mqueue: fix possible memory leak in init_mqueue_fs()
  - mailbox: bcm-ferxrm-mailbox: Fix error check for dma_map_sg
  - mailbox: mpfs: account for mbox offsets while sending
  - mailbox: mpfs: fix handling of the reg property (bsc#1012628).
  - mailbox: imx: fix RST channel support (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: ast2600: BCLK comes from EPLL (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: ti: dra7-atl: Fix reference leak in of_dra7_atl_clk_probe
  - clk: ti: Balance of_node_get() calls for of_find_node_by_name()
  - clk: imx: scu: fix memleak on platform_device_add() fails
  - clk: imx8mp: tune the order of enet_qos_root_clk (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: bcm2835: fix bcm2835_clock_rate_from_divisor declaration
  - clk: bcm2835: Make peripheral PLLC critical (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: baikal-t1: Add SATA internal ref clock buffer
  - clk: baikal-t1: Add shared xGMAC ref/ptp clocks internal parent
  - clk: baikal-t1: Fix invalid xGMAC PTP clock divider
  - clk: vc5: Fix 5P49V6901 outputs disabling when enabling FOD
  - spmi: pmic-arb: correct duplicate APID to PPID mapping logic
  - usb: mtu3: fix failed runtime suspend in host only mode
  - HID: amd_sfh: Handle condition of "no sensors" for SFH1.1
  - dmaengine: ioat: stop mod_timer from resurrecting deleted
    timer in __cleanup() (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/rw: defer fsnotify calls to task context (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: mediatek: Migrate remaining clk_unregister_*() to
    clk_hw_unregister_*() (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: mediatek: fix unregister function in
    mtk_clk_register_dividers cleanup (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: mediatek: clk-mt8195-mfg: Reparent mfg_bg3d and propagate
    rate changes (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: mediatek: mt8183: mfgcfg: Propagate rate changes to parent
  - mfd: da9061: Fix Failed to set Two-Wire Bus Mode (bsc#1012628).
  - mfd: sm501: Add check for platform_driver_register()
  - mfd: fsl-imx25: Fix check for platform_get_irq() errors
  - mfd: lp8788: Fix an error handling path in lp8788_irq_init()
    and lp8788_irq_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - mfd: lp8788: Fix an error handling path in lp8788_probe()
  - mfd: fsl-imx25: Fix an error handling path in
    mx25_tsadc_setup_irq() (bsc#1012628).
  - mfd: intel_soc_pmic: Fix an error handling path in
    intel_soc_pmic_i2c_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - fsi: core: Check error number after calling ida_simple_get
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix resize_finish() in rxe_queue.c (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Set pd early in mr alloc routines (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet-auth: don't try to cancel a non-initialized work_struct
  - clk: qcom: gcc-sm6115: Override default Alpha PLL regs
  - clk: qcom: apss-ipq6018: mark apcs_alias0_core_clk as critical
  - scsi: iscsi: iscsi_tcp: Fix null-ptr-deref while calling
    getpeername() (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: pm8001: Fix running_req for internal abort commands
  - scsi: libsas: Fix use-after-free bug in smp_execute_task_sg()
  - serial: 8250: Fix restoring termios speed after suspend
  - firmware: google: Test spinlock on panic path to avoid lockups
  - slimbus: qcom-ngd: Add error handling in
    of_qcom_slim_ngd_register (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: vt6655: fix some erroneous memory clean-up loops
  - phy: qualcomm: call clk_disable_unprepare in the error handling
  - tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: disable dma rx/tx use flags in
    lpuart_dma_shutdown (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250: Toggle IER bits on only after irq has been set up
  - drivers: serial: jsm: fix some leaks in probe (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: core: fix some leaks in probe (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: anx7411: Use of_get_child_by_name() instead of
    of_find_node_by_name() (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: function: fix dangling pnp_string in f_printer.c
  - xhci: Don't show warning for reinit on known broken suspend
  - IB: Set IOVA/LENGTH on IB_MR in core/uverbs layers
  - RDMA/cm: Use SLID in the work completion as the DLID in
    responder side (bsc#1012628).
  - md: Remove extra mddev_get() in md_seq_start() (bsc#1012628).
  - md/raid5: Remove unnecessary bio_put() in raid5_read_one_chunk()
  - md/raid5: Ensure stripe_fill happens on non-read IO with journal
  - md: Replace snprintf with scnprintf (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/fdinfo: fix sqe dumping for IORING_SETUP_SQE128
  - eventfd: guard wake_up in eventfd fs calls as well
  - block: Fix the enum blk_eh_timer_return documentation
  - mtd: rawnand: meson: fix bit map use in meson_nfc_ecc_correct()
  - ata: fix ata_id_has_dipm() (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: fix ata_id_has_ncq_autosense() (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: fix ata_id_has_devslp() (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: fix ata_id_sense_reporting_enabled() and
    ata_id_has_sense_reporting() (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/siw: Fix QP destroy to wait for all references dropped
  - RDMA/siw: Always consume all skbuf data in sk_data_ready()
    upcall (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/srp: Fix srp_abort() (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Validate udata inlen and outlen (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Align AE id codes to correct flush code and event
  - mtd: rawnand: fsl_elbc: Fix none ECC mode (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: intel: Remove undocumented compatible string
  - mtd: rawnand: intel: Read the chip-select line from the correct
    OF node (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: phy-mtk-tphy: fix the phy type setting issue (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: amlogic: phy-meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog: Hold reference
    returned by of_get_parent() (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: qcom-qmp-usb: disable runtime PM on unbind (bsc#1012628).
  - remoteproc: Harden rproc_handle_vdev() against integer overflow
  - mtd: devices: docg3: check the return value of devm_ioremap()
    in the probe (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Fix various issues reported by tools (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: sm6115: Select QCOM_GDSC (bsc#1012628).
  - dyndbg: drop EXPORTed dynamic_debug_exec_queries (bsc#1012628).
  - dyndbg: let query-modname override actual module name
  - dyndbg: fix module.dyndbg handling (bsc#1012628).
  - dyndbg: fix static_branch manipulation (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: f_fs: stricter integer overflow checks
  - iio: Use per-device lockdep class for mlock (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: hisilicon: Add multi-thread support for a DMA channel
  - dmaengine: hisilicon: Fix CQ head update (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: hisilicon: Disable channels when unregister hisi_dma
  - dmaengine: idxd: avoid deadlock in process_misc_interrupts()
  - phy: rockchip-inno-usb2: Return zero after otg sync
  - fpga: prevent integer overflow in dfl_feature_ioctl_set_irq()
  - fpga: dfl-pci: Add IDs for Intel N6000, N6001 and C6100 cards
  - misc: ocxl: fix possible refcount leak in afu_ioctl()
  - clk: mediatek: mt8195-infra_ao: Set pwrmcu clocks as critical
  - clk: mediatek: clk-mt8195-vdo1: Reparent and set rate on
    vdo1_dpintf's parent (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: mediatek: clk-mt8195-vdo0: Set rate on
    vdo0_dp_intf0_dp_intf's parent (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix the error caused by qp->sk (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix "kernel NULL pointer dereference" error
  - media: xilinx: vipp: Fix refcount leak in xvip_graph_dma_init
  - media: uvcvideo: Use entity get_cur in uvc_ctrl_set
  - media: uvcvideo: Fix memory leak in uvc_gpio_parse
  - media: meson: vdec: add missing clk_disable_unprepare on error
    in vdec_hevc_start() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: amphion: fix a bug that vpu core may not resume after
    suspend (bsc#1012628).
  - media: amphion: don't change the colorspace reported by decoder
  - media: amphion: adjust the encoder's value range of gop size
  - media: amphion: insert picture startcode after seek for vc1g
    format (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: Skip non CBR bitrate mode
  - tty: xilinx_uartps: Fix the ignore_status (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: xilinx_uartps: Check clk_enable return value (bsc#1012628).
  - media: airspy: fix memory leak in airspy probe (bsc#1012628).
  - media: exynos4-is: fimc-is: Add of_node_put() when breaking
    out of loop (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Use floor ops for SDCC1 clock
  - HSI: omap_ssi_port: Fix dma_map_sg error check (bsc#1012628).
  - HSI: omap_ssi: Fix refcount leak in ssi_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: uclogic: Fix warning in uclogic_rdesc_template_apply
  - HID: uclogic: Add missing suffix for digitalizers (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: samsung: exynosautov9: correct register offsets of
    peric0/c1 (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: tegra20: Fix refcount leak in tegra20_clock_init
  - clk: tegra: Fix refcount leak in tegra114_clock_init
  - clk: tegra: Fix refcount leak in tegra210_clock_init
  - coresight: docs: Fix a broken reference (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: sprd: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent()
  - clk: berlin: Add of_node_put() for of_get_parent()
  - clk: qoriq: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent()
  - clk: oxnas: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent()
  - clk: st: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent()
  - clk: meson: Hold reference returned by of_get_parent()
  - usb: common: debug: Check non-standard control requests
  - usb: common: usb-conn-gpio: Simplify some error message
  - RDMA/mlx5: Don't compare mkey tags in DEVX indirect mkey
  - iio: magnetometer: yas530: Change data type of hard_offsets
    to signed (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: ABI: Fix wrong format of differential capacitance channel
    ABI (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: inkern: fix return value in
    devm_of_iio_channel_get_by_name() (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: inkern: only release the device node when done with it
  - iio: adc: at91-sama5d2_adc: disable/prepare buffer on
    suspend/resume (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: at91-sama5d2_adc: lock around oversampling and sample
    freq (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: at91-sama5d2_adc: check return status for pressure
    and touch (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: at91-sama5d2_adc: fix AT91_SAMA5D2_MR_TRACKTIM_MAX
  - selftests/cpu-hotplug: Reserve one cpu online at least
  - selftests/cpu-hotplug: Delete fault injection related code
  - selftests/cpu-hotplug: Use return instead of exit (bsc#1012628).
  - iomap: iomap: fix memory corruption when recording errors
    during writeback (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: exynos: fix polarity of VBUS GPIO of Origen
  - arm64: dts: exynos: fix polarity of "enable" line of NFC chip
    in TM2 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: ftrace: fix module PLTs with mcount (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: don't run ext4lazyinit for read-only filesystems
  - ext4: continue to expand file system when the target size
    doesn't reach (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: Drop CMDLINE_* dependency on ATAGS (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: exynos: correct s5k6a3 reset polarity on Midas family
  - arm64: dts: ti: k3-j7200: fix main pinmux range (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm8450: fix UFS PHY serdes size (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: ipq8074: fix PCIe PHY serdes size
  - soc/tegra: fuse: Drop Kconfig dependency on TEGRA20_APB_DMA
  - soc/tegra: fuse: Add missing of_node_put() in tegra_init_fuse()
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm8350-sagami: correct TS pin property
  - ia64: export memory_add_physaddr_to_nid to fix cxl build error
  - arm64: dts: marvell: 98dx25xx: use correct property for i2c
    gpios (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: kirkwood: lsxl: remove first ethernet port
  - ARM: dts: kirkwood: lsxl: fix serial line (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: turris-omnia: Fix mpp26 pin name and comment
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7180-trogdor: Keep pm6150_adc enabled for TZ
  - arm64: dts: qcom: pm8350c: Drop PWM reg declaration
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sa8295p-adp: disallow regulator mode switches
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc8280xp-lenovo-thinkpad-x13s: disallow
    regulator mode switches (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc8280xp-crd: disallow regulator mode switches
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Update lpasscore node (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Cleanup the lpasscc node
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-xiaomi-polaris: Fix sde_dsi_active
    pinctrl (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: clock: exynosautov9: correct clock numbering of
    peric0/c1 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r9a07g043: Fix SCI{Rx,Tx} interrupt types
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r9a07g054: Fix SCI{Rx,Tx} interrupt types
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r9a07g044: Fix SCI{Rx,Tx} interrupt types
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: hook up DDC i2c bus
  - soc: qcom: smem_state: Add refcounting for the 'state->of_node'
  - soc: qcom: smsm: Fix refcount leak bugs in qcom_smsm_probe()
  - locks: fix TOCTOU race when granting write lease (bsc#1012628).
  - memory: of: Fix refcount leak bug in of_lpddr3_get_ddr_timings()
  - memory: of: Fix refcount leak bug in of_get_ddr_timings()
  - memory: pl353-smc: Fix refcount leak bug in pl353_smc_probe()
  - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Don't skip notification handling during PM
    operation (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rockchip: i2s: use regmap_read_poll_timeout_atomic to
    poll I2S_CLR (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mt6660: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in mt6660_i2c_probe
  - ASoC: wm5102: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm5102_probe
  - ASoC: wm5110: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm5110_probe
  - ASoC: wm8997: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in wm8997_probe
  - ASoC: wcd-mbhc-v2: Revert "ASoC: wcd-mbhc-v2: use
    pm_runtime_resume_and_get()" (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: stm: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in stm32_i2s_probe
  - ASoC: stm32: spdifrx: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
    stm32_spdifrx_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: stm32: dfsdm: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
    stm32_adfsdm_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: wmt-sdmmc: Fix an error handling path in wmt_mci_probe()
  - ALSA: dmaengine: increment buffer pointer atomically
  - ASoC: da7219: Fix an error handling path in
    da7219_register_dai_clks() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: tx-macro: fix kcontrol put (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio-gpu: fix shift wrapping bug in
    virtio_gpu_fence_event_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vmwgfx: Fix memory leak in vmw_mksstat_add_ioctl()
  - ASoC: SOF: ipc4-topology: Free the ida when IPC fails in
    sof_ipc4_widget_setup() (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Properly refcounting clock rate (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/hdmi: Fix the converter allocation for the silent
    stream (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/hdmi: change type for the 'assigned' variable
  - drm/msm/dp: correct 1.62G link rate at
    dp_catalog_ctrl_config_msa() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dpu: index dpu_kms->hw_vbif using vbif_idx
  - drm/msm: lookup the ICC paths in both mdp5/dpu and mdss devices
  - ASoC: eureka-tlv320: Hold reference returned from of_find_xxx
    API (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: au1xmmc: Fix an error handling path in au1xmmc_probe()
  - ASoC: rockchip: i2s: use regmap_read_poll_timeout to poll
    I2S_CLR (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix memory leak in hpd_rx_irq_create_workqueue()
  - drm/omap: dss: Fix refcount leak bugs (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: mediatek: mt8195: Import namespace
    SND_SOC_SOF_MTK_COMMON (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mediatek: mt8195-mt6359: Properly register sound card
    for SOF (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bochs: fix blanking (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/virtio: set fb_modifiers_not_supported (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: beep: Simplify keep-power-at-enable behavior
  - ASoC: wm_adsp: Handle optional legacy support (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rsnd: Add check for rsnd_mod_power_on (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: it6505: Fix the order of DP_SET_POWER commands
  - drm/bridge: megachips: Fix a null pointer dereference bug
  - drm/amdgpu: add missing pci_disable_device() in
    amdgpu_pmops_runtime_resume() (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec_typec: Correct alt mode index
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec_typec: Add bit offset for DP VDO
  - drm: fix drm_mipi_dbi build errors (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/panel: use 'select' for Ili9341 panel driver helpers
  - platform/x86: msi-laptop: Fix resource cleanup (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: msi-laptop: Fix old-ec check for backlight
    registering (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2764: Fix mute/unmute (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2764: Drop conflicting set_bias_level power setting
  - ASoC: tas2764: Allow mono streams (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: soc-pcm.c: call __soc_pcm_close() in soc_pcm_close()
  - drm/virtio: Fix same-context optimization (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/dg2: Bump up CDCLK for DG2 (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/chrome: fix memory corruption in ioctl (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/chrome: fix double-free in chromeos_laptop_prepare()
  - drm/msm: Make .remove and .shutdown HW shutdown consistent
  - ASoC: amd: acp: add missing platform_device_unregister()
    in acp_pci_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mt6359: fix tests for platform_get_irq() failure
  - drm:pl111: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of
    for_each_available_child_of_node() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/dp_mst: fix drm_dp_dpcd_read return value checks
  - drm/format-helper: Fix test on big endian architectures
  - drm/bridge: parade-ps8640: Fix regulator supply order
  - drm/bridge: tc358767: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of
    loop (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: anx7625: Fix refcount bug in anx7625_parse_dt()
  - drm/virtio: Correct drm_gem_shmem_get_sg_table() error handling
  - video/aperture: Disable and unregister sysfb devices via
    aperture helpers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: it6505: Power on downstream device in .atomic_enable
  - drm/vc4: drv: Call component_unbind_all() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mipi-dsi: Detach devices when removing the host
  - drm/bridge: Avoid uninitialized variable warning (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: adv7511: unregister cec i2c device after cec
    adapter (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: adv7511: fix CEC power down control register offset
  - net: mvpp2: fix mvpp2 debugfs leak (bsc#1012628).
  - once: add DO_ONCE_SLOW() for sleepable contexts (bsc#1012628).
  - net/ieee802154: reject zero-sized raw_sendmsg() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: wwan: iosm: Call mutex_init before locking it
  - eth: sp7021: fix use after free bug in
    spl2sw_nvmem_get_mac_address (bsc#1012628).
  - bnx2x: fix potential memory leak in bnx2x_tpa_stop()
  - eth: lan743x: reject extts for non-pci11x1x devices
  - net: prestera: acl: Add check for kmemdup (bsc#1012628).
  - af_unix: Fix memory leaks of the whole sk due to OOB skb
  - net: rds: don't hold sock lock when cancelling work from
    rds_tcp_reset_callbacks() (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (pmbus/mp2888) Fix sensors readouts for MPS Multi-phase
    mp2888 controller (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_sync: Fix not indicating power state
  - spi: Ensure that sg_table won't be used after being freed
  - tcp: fix tcp_cwnd_validate() to not forget is_cwnd_limited
  - sctp: handle the error returned from
    sctp_auth_asoc_init_active_key (bsc#1012628).
  - mISDN: fix use-after-free bugs in l1oip timer handlers
  - eth: alx: take rtnl_lock on resume (bsc#1012628).
  - vhost/vsock: Use kvmalloc/kvfree for larger packets
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: Fix AIFS written to REG_EDCA_*_PARAM
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: gen2: Enable 40 MHz channel width (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: Prevent double register of suspend (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: s3c64xx: Fix large transfers with DMA (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nft_fib: Fix for rpath check with VRF devices
  - xfrm: Reinject transport-mode packets through workqueue
  - Bluetooth: hci_core: Fix not handling link timeouts propertly
  - i2c: mlxbf: support lock mechanism (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Don't require full struct enum64 in UAPI headers
  - cw1200: fix incorrect check to determine if no element is
    found in list (bsc#1012628).
  - skmsg: Schedule psock work if the cached skb exists on the psock
  - spi/omap100k:Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
    omap1_spi100k_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: dw: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in dw_spi_bt1_probe
  - spi: cadence-quadspi: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
    cqspi_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/cpu: Include the header of init_ia32_feat_ctl()'s prototype
  - wifi: ath11k: fix peer addition/deletion error on sta band
    migration (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: restore memory layout of bpf_object_open_opts
  - x86/microcode/AMD: Track patch allocation size explicitly
  - mips: dts: ralink: mt7621: fix external phy on GB-PC2
  - wifi: ath11k: fix number of VHT beamformee spatial streams
  - wifi: ath11k: fix failed to find the peer with peer_id 0 when
    disconnected (bsc#1012628).
  - mwifiex: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by
    dev_coredumpv (bsc#1012628).
  - flow_dissector: Do not count vlan tags inside tunnel payload
  - selftests/bpf: Adapt cgroup effective query uapi change
  - bpftool: Fix wrong cgroup attach flags being assigned to
    effective progs (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf, cgroup: Reject prog_attach_flags array when effective query
  - netfilter: conntrack: revisit the gc initial rescheduling bias
  - netfilter: conntrack: fix the gc rescheduling delay
  - libbpf: Fix NULL pointer exception in API
    btf_dump__dump_type_data (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_{ldisc,serdev}: check percpu_init_rwsem()
    failure (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath11k: Include STA_KEEPALIVE_ARP_RESPONSE TLV header
    by default (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Fix crash if SEC("freplace") programs don't have
    attach_prog_fd set (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Ensure correct locking around vulnerable function
    find_vpid() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fs_enet: Fix wrong check in do_pd_setup (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: RFCOMM: Fix possible deadlock on socket
    shutdown/release (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921e: fix rmmod crash in driver reload test
  - wifi: mt76: mt7915: do not check state before configuring
    implicit beamform (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: fix uninitialized pointer in mt7921_mac_fill_rx
  - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix mcs value in ht mode (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921: fix the firmware version report
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921: add mt7921_mutex_acquire at
    mt7921_sta_set_decap_offload (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921: add mt7921_mutex_acquire at mt7921_[start,
    stop]_ap (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: connac: fix possible unaligned access in
    mt76_connac_mcu_add_nested_tlv (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix possible unaligned access in
    mt7915_mac_add_twt_setup (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7615: add mt7615_mutex_acquire/release in
    mt7615_sta_set_decap_offload (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: sdio: fix transmitting packet hangs (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921: fix use after free in mt7921_acpi_read()
  - wifi: mt76: mt7915: fix an uninitialized variable bug
  - wifi: mt76: sdio: poll sta stat when device transmits data
  - wifi: mt76: sdio: fix the deadlock caused by sdio->stat_work
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921u: fix race issue between reset and
    suspend/resume (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921s: fix race issue between reset and
    suspend/resume (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921e: fix race issue between reset and
    suspend/resume (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: avoid hci_dev_test_and_set_flag() in mgmt_init_hdev()
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: Remove copy-paste leftover in
    gen2_update_rate_mask (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: gen2: Fix mistake in path B IQ calibration
  - bpf: btf: fix truncated last_member_type_id in
    btf_struct_resolve (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: meson-spicc: do not rely on busy flag in pow2 clk ops
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: Fix skb misuse in TX queue selection
  - spi: qup: add missing clk_disable_unprepare on error in
    spi_qup_pm_resume_runtime() (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: qup: add missing clk_disable_unprepare on error in
    spi_qup_resume() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: mlme: assign link address correctly
  - selftests/xsk: Avoid use-after-free on ctx (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtw88: add missing destroy_workqueue() on error path in
    rtw_core_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: wfx: prevent underflow in wfx_send_pds() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtl8xxxu: tighten bounds checking in rtl8xxxu_read_efuse()
  - wifi: rtw89: pci: correct TX resource checking in low power mode
  - wifi: rtw89: pci: fix interrupt stuck after leaving low power
    mode (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Only add BTF IDs for socket security hooks when
    CONFIG_SECURITY_NETWORK is on (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: btusb: mediatek: fix WMT failure during runtime
    suspend (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Use this_cpu_{inc_return|dec} for prog->active
  - bpf: Use this_cpu_{inc|dec|inc_return} for bpf_task_storage_busy
  - wifi: ath11k: Fix incorrect QMI message ID mappings
  - bpf: Propagate error from htab_lock_bucket() to userspace
  - bpf: Disable preemption when increasing per-cpu map_locked
  - selftests/xsk: Add missing close() on netns fd (bsc#1012628).
  - xsk: Fix backpressure mechanism on Tx (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/resctrl: Fix to restore to original value when re-enabling
    hardware prefetch register (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: mt7621: Fix an error message in mt7621_spi_probe()
  - esp: choose the correct inner protocol for GSO on inter address
    family tunnels (bsc#1012628).
  - audit: free audit_proctitle only on task exit (bsc#1012628).
  - audit: explicitly check audit_context->context enum value
  - ice: set tx_tstamps when creating new Tx rings via ethtool
  - bpftool: Fix a wrong type cast in btf_dumper_int (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: allow bw change during channel switch in mesh
  - wifi: mac80211_hwsim: fix link change handling (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: mlme: don't add empty EML capabilities
  - wifi: mac80211: fix use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211: get correct AP link chandef (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: properly set old_links when removing a link
  - bpf: Fix reference state management for synchronous callbacks
  - net: prestera: cache port state for non-phylink ports too
  - tsnep: Fix TSNEP_INFO_TX_TIME register define (bsc#1012628).
  - leds: lm3601x: Don't use mutex after it was destroyed
  - bpf: Fix ref_obj_id for dynptr data slices in verifier
  - bpf: Cleanup check_refcount_ok (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath10k: add peer map clean up for peer delete in
    ath10k_sta_state() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: ath10k: Set tx credit to one for WCN3990 snoc based
    devices (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtlwifi: 8192de: correct checking of IQK reload
  - libbpf: Initialize err in probe_map_create (bsc#1012628).
  - m68k: Process bootinfo records before saving them (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/paravirt: add extra clobbers with ZERO_CALL_USED_REGS
    enabled (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSD: Fix handling of oversized NFSv4 COMPOUND requests
  - NFSD: Protect against send buffer overflow in NFSv2 READDIR
  - SUNRPC: Fix svcxdr_init_encode's buflen calculation
  - SUNRPC: Fix svcxdr_init_decode's end-of-buffer calculation
  - nfsd: Fix a memory leak in an error handling path (bsc#1012628).
  - objtool: Preserve special st_shndx indexes in elf_update_symbol
  - ACPI: PCC: Fix Tx acknowledge in the PCC address space handler
  - ACPI: PCC: replace wait_for_completion() (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: PCC: Release resources on address space setup failure path
  - ARM: 9247/1: mm: set readonly for MT_MEMORY_RO with ARM_LPAE
  - ARM: 9244/1: dump: Fix wrong pg_level in walk_pmd()
  - ARM: 9243/1: riscpc: Unbreak the build (bsc#1012628).
  - erofs: use kill_anon_super() to kill super in fscache mode
  - erofs: fix order >= MAX_ORDER warning due to crafted negative
    i_size (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: SGI-IP27: Fix platform-device leak in
    bridge_platform_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: SGI-IP30: Fix platform-device leak in
    bridge_platform_create() (bsc#1012628).
  - sh: machvec: Use char[] for section boundaries (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: amd-pstate: Fix initial highest_perf value
  - thermal: cpufreq_cooling: Check the policy first in
    cpufreq_cooling_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - acl: return EOPNOTSUPP in posix_acl_fix_xattr_common()
  - ntfs3: rework xattr handlers and switch to POSIX ACL VFS helpers
  - userfaultfd: open userfaultfds with O_RDONLY (bsc#1012628).
  - ima: fix blocking of security.ima xattrs of unsupported
    algorithms (bsc#1012628).
  - selinux: use "grep -E" instead of "egrep" (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: must initialize two ACL struct fields to zero
  - drm/amdgpu: Enable F32_WPTR_POLL_ENABLE in mqd (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Enable VCN PG on GC11_0_1 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: explicitly disable psr_feature_enable
    appropriately (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Add HUBP surface flip interrupt handler
  - drm/amd/display: Fix vblank refcount in vrr transition
  - drm/amd/display: Enable 2 to 1 ODM policy if supported
  - drm/amd/display: Enable dpia support for dcn314 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Validate DSC After Enable All New CRTCs
  - drm/amd/display: zeromem mypipe heap struct before using it
  - drm/amd/display: Update PMFW z-state interface for DCN314
  - drm/amd/display: Fix watermark calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: Fix display problems after resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: Fix watermark calculations for DG2 CCS+CC modifier
  - drm/i915: Fix watermark calculations for DG2 CCS modifiers
  - drm/i915: Fix watermark calculations for gen12+ CCS+CC modifier
  - drm/i915: Fix watermark calculations for gen12+ MC CCS modifier
  - drm/i915: Fix watermark calculations for gen12+ RC CCS modifier
  - drm/i915/guc: Fix revocation of non-persistent contexts
  - drm/i915/gt: Use i915_vm_put on ppgtt_create error paths
  - drm/nouveau: fix a use-after-free in
    nouveau_gem_prime_import_sg_table() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/nouveau/kms/nv140-: Disable interlacing (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: greybus: audio_helper: remove unused and wrong debugfs
    usage (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: VMX: Drop bits 31:16 when shoving exception error code
    into VMCS (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Treat #DBs from the emulator as fault-like (code
    and DR7.GD=1) (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Don't propagate vmcs12's PERF_GLOBAL_CTRL settings
    to vmcs02 (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Unconditionally purge queued/injected events on
    nested "exit" (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/emulator: Fix handing of POP SS to correctly set
    interruptibility (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-wbt: call rq_qos_add() after wb_normal is initialized
  - blk-throttle: fix that io throttle can only work for single bio
  - media: cedrus: Fix endless loop in cedrus_h265_skip_bits()
  - media: cedrus: Set the platform driver data earlier
  - media: cedrus: Fix watchdog race condition (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: libstub: drop pointless get_memory_map() call
  - thunderbolt: Explicitly enable lane adapter hotplug events at
    startup (bsc#1012628).
  - rpmsg: char: Avoid double destroy of default endpoint
  - tracing: Fix reading strings from synthetic events
  - tracing: Add "(fault)" name injection to kernel probes
  - tracing: Move duplicate code of trace_kprobe/eprobe.c into
    header (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing: Do not free snapshot if tracer is on cmdline
  - tracing: Add ioctl() to force ring buffer waiters to wake up
  - tracing: Wake up waiters when tracing is disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing: Wake up ring buffer waiters on closing of the file
  - tracing: Disable interrupt or preemption before acquiring
    arch_spinlock_t (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/eprobe: Fix alloc event dir failed when event name no
    set (bsc#1012628).
  - ring-buffer: Fix race between reset page and reading page
  - ring-buffer: Add ring_buffer_wake_waiters() (bsc#1012628).
  - ring-buffer: Check pending waiters when doing wake ups as well
  - ring-buffer: Have the shortest_full queue be the shortest not
    longest (bsc#1012628).
  - ring-buffer: Allow splice to read previous partially read pages
  - ftrace: Still disable enabled records marked as disabled
  - ftrace: Properly unset FTRACE_HASH_FL_MOD (bsc#1012628).
  - livepatch: fix race between fork and KLP transition
  - ext4: update 'state->fc_regions_size' after successful memory
    allocation (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix potential memory leak in ext4_fc_record_regions()
  - ext4: fix potential memory leak in
    ext4_fc_record_modified_inode() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix miss release buffer head in ext4_fc_write_inode
  - ext4: fix dir corruption when ext4_dx_add_entry() fails
  - ext4: fix i_version handling in ext4 (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: place buffer head allocation before handle start
  - ext4: ext4_read_bh_lock() should submit IO if the buffer isn't
    uptodate (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: unconditionally enable the i_version counter
  - ext4: don't increase iversion counter for ea_inodes
  - ext4: fix check for block being out of directory size
  - ext4: make ext4_lazyinit_thread freezable (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix null-ptr-deref in ext4_write_info (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: avoid crash when inline data creation follows DIO write
  - ext2: Add sanity checks for group and filesystem size
  - jbd2: add miss release buffer head in fc_do_one_pass()
  - jbd2: fix potential use-after-free in jbd2_fc_wait_bufs
  - jbd2: fix potential buffer head reference count leak
  - jbd2: wake up journal waiters in FIFO order, not LIFO
  - f2fs: allow direct read for zoned device (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to do sanity check on summary info (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to do sanity check on destination blkaddr during
    recovery (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: increase the limit for reserve_root (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: flush pending checkpoints when freezing super
  - f2fs: complete checkpoints during remount (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix wrong continue condition in GC (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: set generation before calling btrfs_clean_tree_block
    in btrfs_init_new_buffer (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix missed extent on fsync after dropping extent maps
  - btrfs: fix race between quota enable and quota rescan ioctl
  - btrfs: enhance unsupported compat RO flags handling
  - btrfs: fix alignment of VMA for memory mapped files on THP
  - fs: record I_DIRTY_TIME even if inode already has I_DIRTY_INODE
  - ksmbd: Fix user namespace mapping (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: Fix wrong return value and message length check in
    smb2_ioctl() (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: fix endless loop when encryption for response fails
  - ksmbd: fix incorrect handling of iterate_dir (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: do not log confusing message when server returns no
    network interfaces (bsc#1012628).
  - hwrng: core - let sleep be interrupted when unregistering hwrng
  - fbdev: smscufx: Fix use-after-free in ufx_ops_open()
  - pinctrl: rockchip: add pinmux_ops.gpio_set_direction callback
  - gpio: rockchip: request GPIO mux to pinctrl when setting
    direction (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qedf: Populate sysfs attributes for vport (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Rework MIB Rx Monitor debug info logic
  - slimbus: qcom-ngd: cleanup in probe error path (bsc#1012628).
  - slimbus: qcom-ngd: use correct error in message of
    pdr_add_lookup() failure (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/boot: Explicitly disable usage of SPE instructions
  - powerpc/Kconfig: Fix non existing CONFIG_PPC_FSL_BOOKE
  - powercap: intel_rapl: Use standard Energy Unit for SPR Dram
    RAPL domain (bsc#1012628).
  - LoadPin: Fix Kconfig doc about format of file with verity
    digests (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: qcom-cpufreq-hw: Fix uninitialized throttled_freq
    warning (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSD: Protect against send buffer overflow in NFSv3 READ
  - NFSD: Protect against send buffer overflow in NFSv2 READ
  - NFSD: Protect against send buffer overflow in NFSv3 READDIR
  - serial: 8250: Request full 16550A feature probing for OxSemi
    PCIe devices (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250: Let drivers request full 16550A feature probing
  - serial: ar933x: Deassert Transmit Enable on ->rs485_config()
  - serial: Deassert Transmit Enable on probe in driver-specific
    way (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: stm32: Deassert Transmit Enable on ->rs485_config()
  - serial: cpm_uart: Don't request IRQ too early for console port
  - PCI: Sanitise firmware BAR assignments behind a PCI-PCI bridge
  - xen/gntdev: Accommodate VMA splitting (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/gntdev: Prevent leaking grants (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/mmap: undo ->mmap() when arch_validate_flags() fails
  - mm/uffd: fix warning without PTE_MARKER_UFFD_WP compiled in
  - mm/damon: validate if the pmd entry is present before accessing
  - mm/hugetlb: fix races when looking up a CONT-PTE/PMD size
    hugetlb page (bsc#1012628).
  - clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Fix CNTPCT_LO and CNTVCT_LO
    value (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: mte: Avoid setting PG_mte_tagged if no tags cleared or
    restored (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: mte: move register initialization to C (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/udl: Restore display mode on resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/virtio: Use appropriate atomic state in
    virtio_gpu_plane_cleanup_fb() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/virtio: Unlock reservations on dma_resv_reserve_fences()
    error (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/virtio: Unlock reservations on
    virtio_gpu_object_shmem_init() error (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/virtio: Check whether transferred 2D BO is shmem
  - dmaengine: qcom-adm: fix wrong calling convention for
    prep_slave_sg (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: qcom-adm: fix wrong sizeof config in slave_config
  - dmaengine: mxs: use platform_driver_register (bsc#1012628).
  - dm: verity-loadpin: Only trust verity targets with enforcement
  - Revert "drm/amdgpu: use dirty framebuffer helper" (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-multipath: fix possible hang in live ns resize with ANA
    access (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmem: core: Fix memleak in nvmem_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - UM: cpuinfo: Fix a warning for CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK
  - riscv: Pass -mno-relax only on lld < 15.0.0 (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: always honor the CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE when parsing dtb
  - riscv: Make VM_WRITE imply VM_READ (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: Allow PROT_WRITE-only mmap() (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: vdso: fix NULL deference in vdso_join_timens() when vfork
  - parisc: Fix userspace graphics card breakage due to pgtable
    special bit (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: fbdev/stifb: Align graphics memory size to 4MB
  - RISC-V: Make port I/O string accessors actually work
  - RISC-V: Re-enable counter access from userspace (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: topology: fix default topology reporting (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: topology: move store_cpu_topology() to shared code
  - regulator: qcom_rpm: Fix circular deferral regression
  - net: thunderbolt: Enable DMA paths only after rings are enabled
  - hwmon: (gsc-hwmon) Call of_node_get() before of_find_xxx API
  - ASoC: wcd934x: fix order of Slimbus unprepare/disable
  - ASoC: wcd9335: fix order of Slimbus unprepare/disable
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-mtp: correct ADC settle time
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec_proto: Update version on GET_NEXT_EVENT
    failure (bsc#1012628).
  - quota: Check next/prev free block number after reading from
    quota file (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: multitouch: Add memory barriers (bsc#1012628).
  - mbcache: Avoid nesting of cache->c_list_lock under bit locks
  - btf: Export bpf_dynptr definition (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: dlm: fix invalid derefence of sb_lvbptr (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: dlm: handle -EBUSY first in lock arg validation
  - fs: dlm: fix race between test_bit() and queue_work()
  - i2c: designware: Fix handling of real but unexpected device
    interrupts (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-sprd: Fix minimum clock limit (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-tegra: Use actual clock rate for SW tuning correction
  - mmc: renesas_sdhi: Fix rounding errors (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix CAN state after restart (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix TX queue out of sync after restart
  - can: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix overread with an invalid command
  - can: kvaser_usb: Fix use of uninitialized completion
  - mmc: core: Add SD card quirk for broken discard (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: add quirks for Lenovo OneLink+ Dock (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: Fix argument to sizeof() in
    uvc_register_video() (bsc#1012628).
  - xhci: dbc: Fix memory leak in xhci_alloc_dbc() (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: pressure: dps310: Reset chip after timeout (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: pressure: dps310: Refactor startup procedure (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7923: fix channel readings for some variants
  - iio: ltc2497: Fix reading conversion results (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5593r: Fix i2c read protocol requirements
  - cifs: Fix the error length of VALIDATE_NEGOTIATE_INFO message
  - cifs: destage dirty pages before re-reading them for cache=none
  - hv_netvsc: Fix race between VF offering and VF association
    message from host (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: correct pinned_vm accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/af_unix: defer registered files gc to io_uring release
  - io_uring/net: handle -EINPROGRESS correct for IORING_OP_CONNECT
  - io_uring: limit registration w/ SINGLE_ISSUER (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: don't update msg_name if not provided
  - io_uring/net: fix fast_iov assignment in io_setup_async_msg()
  - io_uring/rw: don't lose short results on io_setup_async_rw()
  - io_uring/rw: fix unexpected link breakage (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/net: don't lose partial send/recv on fail
  - io_uring/rw: don't lose partial IO result on fail (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: add custom opcode hooks on fail (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: atmel: Unmap streaming DMA mappings (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add Intel Reference SSID to support headset
    keys (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GV601R laptop
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Correct pin configs for ASUS G533Z
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: remove ALC289_FIXUP_DUAL_SPK for Dell 5530
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix NULL dererence at error path (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix potential memory leaks (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: rawmidi: Drop register_mutex in snd_rawmidi_free()
  - ALSA: oss: Fix potential deadlock at unregistration
  - commit beade21
* Fri Oct 21 2022
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS Zenbook using CS35L41
  - commit fc9be74
* Fri Oct 21 2022
  - Refresh patches.suse/drm-amdgpu-Fix-for-BO-move-issue.patch.
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 48205db
* Thu Oct 20 2022
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix for BO move issue (bsc#1204160).
  - commit b9e3808
* Thu Oct 20 2022
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix VRAM BO swap issue (bsc#1204160).
  - commit 51f20d5
* Wed Oct 19 2022
  - lib/Kconfig.debug: Add check for non-constant .{s,u}leb128
    support to DWARF5 (bsc#1012628).
  - Update config files.
  - hid: topre: Add driver fixing report descriptor (bsc#1012628).
  - Update config files.
  - arm64: errata: Add Cortex-A55 to the repeat tlbi list
  - Update config files.
  - commit f78cd12
* Mon Oct 17 2022
  - rpm/check-for-config-changes: loosen pattern for AS_HAS_*
    This is needed to handle CONFIG_AS_HAS_NON_CONST_LEB128.
  - commit bdc0bf7
* Mon Oct 17 2022
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1203770 CVE-2022-41674).
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1204051 CVE-2022-42719).
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1204059 CVE-2022-42720).
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1204060 CVE-2022-42721).
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1204125 CVE-2022-42722).
    Add CVE references.
  - commit af756fb
* Sun Oct 16 2022
  - Linux 6.0.2 (bsc#1012628).
  - nilfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference at
    nilfs_bmap_lookup_at_level() (bsc#1012628).
  - nilfs2: fix use-after-free bug of struct nilfs_root
  - nilfs2: fix leak of nilfs_root in case of writer thread creation
    failure (bsc#1012628).
  - nilfs2: replace WARN_ONs by nilfs_error for checkpoint
    acquisition failure (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-pci: set min_align_mask before calculating max_hw_sectors
  - random: restore O_NONBLOCK support (bsc#1012628).
  - random: clamp credited irq bits to maximum mixed (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Fix position reporting on Poulsbo (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: Correct Macmini DMI match in uefi cert quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix response queue
    handler reading stale packets" (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix response queue handler reading stale packets
  - scsi: stex: Properly zero out the passthrough command structure
  - USB: serial: qcserial: add new usb-id for Dell branded EM7455
  - Revert "USB: fixup for merge issue with "usb: dwc3: Don't
    switch OTG -> peripheral if extcon is present"" (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "usb: dwc3: Don't switch OTG -> peripheral if extcon
    is present" (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "powerpc/rtas: Implement reentrant rtas call"
  - Revert "crypto: qat - reduce size of mapped region"
  - random: avoid reading two cache lines on irq randomness
  - random: use expired timer rather than wq for mixing fast pool
  - wifi: cfg80211: fix u8 overflow in
    cfg80211_update_notlisted_nontrans() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211/mac80211: reject bad MBSSID elements
  - wifi: mac80211: fix MBSSID parsing use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211: ensure length byte is present before access
  - wifi: cfg80211: fix BSS refcounting bugs (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211: avoid nontransmitted BSS list corruption
  - wifi: mac80211_hwsim: avoid mac80211 warning on bad rate
  - wifi: mac80211: fix crash in beacon protection for P2P-device
  - wifi: cfg80211: update hidden BSSes to avoid WARN_ON
  - mctp: prevent double key removal and unref (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: xpad - add supported devices as contributed on github
  - Input: xpad - fix wireless 360 controller breaking after suspend
  - misc: pci_endpoint_test: Aggregate params checking for xfer
  - misc: pci_endpoint_test: Fix
    pci_endpoint_test_{copy,write,read}() panic (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 7fb6561
* Fri Oct 14 2022
  - series.conf: cleanup
  - update upstream reference and move into sorted section:
    - patches.suse/watchdog-wdat_wdt-fix-min-max-timer-value.patch
  - commit 64a2b58
* Fri Oct 14 2022
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status. They were merged already.
  - commit 098c340
* Fri Oct 14 2022
  - ACPI: resource: do IRQ override on LENOVO IdeaPad (bsc#1203794).
  - ACPI: resource: Add ASUS model S5402ZA to quirks (bsc#1203794).
  - ACPI: resource: Skip IRQ override on Asus Vivobook
    K3402ZA/K3502ZA (bsc#1203794).
  - commit c7a2f55
* Wed Oct 12 2022
  - Linux 6.0.1 (bsc#1012628).
  - xsk: Inherit need_wakeup flag for shared sockets (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: fix UAF/GPF bug in nilfs_mdt_destroy (bsc#1012628).
  - sparc: Unbreak the build (bsc#1012628).
  - Makefile.extrawarn: Move -Wcast-function-type-strict to W=1
  - hardening: Remove Clang's enable flag for
    - ftrivial-auto-var-init=zero (bsc#1012628).
  - docs: update mediator information in CoC docs (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (aquacomputer_d5next) Fix Quadro fan speed offsets
  - usb: mon: make mmapped memory read only (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix 300 bps rate for SIO (bsc#1012628).
  - gpiolib: acpi: Add support to ignore programming an interrupt
  - gpiolib: acpi: Add a quirk for Asus UM325UAZ (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: Print SSTC in canonical order (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Gate dynptr API behind CAP_BPF (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix state in __mtk_foe_entry_clear
  - bpf: Fix resetting logic for unreferenced kptrs (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: use hdev->workqueue when queuing
    hdev->{cmd,ncmd}_timer works (bsc#1012628).
  - Update config files.
  - commit 0c45fd2
* Mon Oct 10 2022
  - misc: sgi-gru: fix use-after-free error in
    gru_set_context_option, gru_fault and gru_handle_user_call_os
    (CVE-2022-3424 bsc#1204166).
  - commit cf55d04
* Fri Oct 07 2022
  - series.conf: cleanup
  - move upstreamed patches to sorted section:
    - patches.suse/ALSA-hda-realtek-Add-quirk-for-HP-Zbook-Firefly-14-G.patch
    - patches.suse/ALSA-hda-realtek-More-robust-component-matching-for-.patch
  - commit e926c4b
* Thu Oct 06 2022
  - fix coredump breakage (coredump fix).
  - commit 97b0626
* Wed Oct 05 2022
  - Revert "constraints: increase disk space for all architectures"
    This reverts commit 43a9011f904bc7328d38dc340f5e71aecb6b19ca.
  - commit 3d33373
* Tue Oct 04 2022
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: More robust component matching for CS35L41
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for HP Zbook Firefly 14 G9 model
  - commit 25aa080
* Mon Oct 03 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 39efccd
* Sun Oct 02 2022
  - Update to 6.0 final
  - eliminate 1 patch
    - patches.suse/vduse-prevent-uninitialized-memory-accesses.patch
  - refresh configs (headers only)
  - commit a7dafe3
* Wed Sep 28 2022
  - Linux 5.19.12 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: Extract intel_edp_fixup_vbt_bpp() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/pps: Split pps_init_delays() into distinct parts
  - drm/i915/bios: Split parse_driver_features() into two parts
  - drm/i915/bios: Split VBT parsing to global vs. panel specific
    parts (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/bios: Split VBT data into per-panel vs. global parts
  - drm/i915/dsi: filter invalid backlight and CABC ports
  - drm/i915/dsi: fix dual-link DSI backlight and CABC ports for
    display 11+ (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: Move the flush out of smb2_copychunk_range() into its
    callers (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: fix temporary data corruption in collapse range
  - smb3: fix temporary data corruption in insert range
  - usb: add quirks for Lenovo OneLink+ Dock (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: udc-xilinx: replace memcpy with memcpy_toio
  - smb3: use filemap_write_and_wait_range instead of
    filemap_write_and_wait (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "usb: add quirks for Lenovo OneLink+ Dock" (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "usb: gadget: udc-xilinx: replace memcpy with
    memcpy_toio" (bsc#1012628).
  - xfrm: fix XFRMA_LASTUSED comment (bsc#1012628).
  - block: remove QUEUE_FLAG_DEAD (bsc#1012628).
  - block: stop setting the nomerges flags in blk_cleanup_queue
  - block: simplify disk shutdown (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: core: Fix a use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - drivers/base: Fix unsigned comparison to -1 in
    CPUMAP_FILE_MAX_BYTES (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: core: Fix RST error in hub.c (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: option: add Quectel BG95 0x0203 composition
  - USB: serial: option: add Quectel RM520N (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "ALSA: usb-audio: Split endpoint setups for hw_params
    and prepare" (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: core: Fix double-free at snd_card_new() (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/tegra: set depop delay for tegra (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Fix hang at HD-audio codec unbinding due to refcount
    saturation (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Fix Nvidia dp infoframe (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: add Intel 5 Series / 3400 PCI DID (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Huawei WRT-WX9 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable 4-speaker output Dell Precision 5570
    laptop (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Re-arrange quirk table entries (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add pincfg for ASUS G513 HP jack
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add pincfg for ASUS G533Z HP jack
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GA503R laptop
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable 4-speaker output Dell Precision 5530
    laptop (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add a quirk for HP OMEN 16 (8902) mute LED
  - iommu/vt-d: Check correct capability for sagaw determination
  - exfat: fix overflow for large capacity partition (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix hang during unmount when stopping block group
    reclaim worker (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix hang during unmount when stopping a space reclaim
    worker (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: wait for extent buffer IOs before finishing a zone
  - libperf evlist: Fix polling of system-wide events (bsc#1012628).
  - media: flexcop-usb: fix endpoint type check (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: core: leave default DMA if the controller does not
    support 64-bit DMA (bsc#1012628).
  - thunderbolt: Add support for Intel Maple Ridge single port
    controller (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: x86: Wipe setup_data on pure EFI boot (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: libstub: check Shim mode using MokSBStateRT (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mt76: fix reading current per-tid starting sequence
    number for aggregation (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: mockup: fix NULL pointer dereference when removing debugfs
  - gpio: mockup: Fix potential resource leakage when register a
    chip (bsc#1012628).
  - gpiolib: cdev: Set lineevent_state::irq after IRQ register
    successfully (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: fix a nasty sigreturn bug.. (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: fix RISCV_ISA_SVPBMT kconfig dependency warning
  - drm/i915/gem: Flush contexts on driver release (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gem: Really move under ref
    protection (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/xenbus: fix xenbus_setup_ring() (bsc#1012628).
  - kasan: call kasan_malloc() from __kmalloc_*track_caller()
  - can: flexcan: flexcan_mailbox_read() fix return value for drop =
    true (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mana: Add rmb after checking owner bits (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/slub: fix to return errno if kmalloc() fails (bsc#1012628).
  - mm: slub: fix flush_cpu_slab()/__free_slab() invocations in
    task context (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Reinstate kvm_vcpu_arch.guest_supported_xcr0
  - KVM: x86: Always enable legacy FP/SSE in allowed user XFEATURES
  - KVM: x86: Inject #UD on emulated XSETBV if XSAVES isn't enabled
  - perf/arm-cmn: Add more bits to child node address offset field
  - arm64: topology: fix possible overflow in amu_fie_setup()
  - CFI: Reduce alignment of jump-table to function
    alignment (bsc#1012628).
  - batman-adv: Fix hang up with small MTU hard-interface
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Harden accesses to the reset domains
  - firmware: arm_scmi: Fix the asynchronous reset requests
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Lower sd speed on quartz64-b
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Pull up wlan wake# on Gru-Bob
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix typo in lisense text for PX30.Core
  - drm/mediatek: dsi: Add atomic {destroy,duplicate}_state,
    reset callbacks (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm: Reverse CPLD_Dn GPIO label mapping on
    MX8Menlo (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Set RK3399-Gru PCLK_EDP to 24 MHz
  - arm64: dts: imx8mn: remove GPU power domain reset (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8ulp: add #reset-cells for pcc (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: ti: k3-udma-private: Fix refcount leak bug in
    of_xudma_dev_get() (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: fix property for usb2 phy supply on
    rock-3a (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: fix property for usb2 phy supply on
    rk3568-evb1-v10 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Remove 'enable-active-low' from
    rk3399-puma (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: rockchip: Remove 'enable-active-low' from
    rk3566-quartz64-a (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-verdin: extend pmic voltages (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_conntrack_sip: fix ct_sip_walk_headers
  - netfilter: nf_conntrack_irc: Tighten matching on DCC message
  - netfilter: nfnetlink_osf: fix possible bogus match in
    nf_osf_find() (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Don't double unplug aux on peer initiated reset
  - ice: Fix crash by keep old cfg when update TCs more than queues
  - iavf: Fix cached head and tail value for iavf_get_tx_pending
  - ipvlan: Fix out-of-bound bugs caused by unset skb->mac_header
  - net: core: fix flow symmetric hash (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: iwlwifi: Mark IWLMEI as broken (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: tqma8mqml: Include phy-imx8-pcie.h header
  - drm/mediatek: Fix wrong dither settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-venice-gw74xx: fix CAN STBY polarity
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-venice-gw74xx: fix ksz9477 cpu port
  - ARM: dts: lan966x: Fix the interrupt number for internal PHYs
  - net: phy: aquantia: wait for the suspend/resume operations to
    finish (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-venice-gw74xx: fix port/phy validation
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory leak in __qlt_24xx_handle_abts()
  - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix return value check of dma_get_required_mask()
  - net: bonding: Share lacpdu_mcast_addr definition (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bonding: Unsync device addresses on ndo_stop (bsc#1012628).
  - net: team: Unsync device addresses on ndo_stop (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/panel: simple: Fix innolux_g121i1_l01 bus_format
  - mm/slab_common: fix possible double free of kmem_cache
  - MIPS: lantiq: export clk_get_io() for lantiq_wdt.ko
  - MIPS: Loongson32: Fix PHY-mode being left unspecified
  - um: fix default console kernel parameter (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix bad page state (bsc#1012628).
  - mlxbf_gige: clear MDIO gateway lock after read (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix set max MTU size with port VLAN and jumbo frames
  - i40e: Fix VF set max MTU size (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix set max_tx_rate when it is lower than 1 Mbps
  - netdevsim: Fix hwstats debugfs file permissions (bsc#1012628).
  - sfc: fix TX channel offset when using legacy interrupts
  - sfc: fix null pointer dereference in efx_hard_start_xmit
  - bnxt_en: fix flags to check for supported fw version
  - gve: Fix GFP flags when allocing pages (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/hisilicon: Add depends on MMU (bsc#1012628).
  - of: mdio: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of for_each_xx
  - net: ipa: properly limit modem routing table use (bsc#1012628).
  - sfc/siena: fix TX channel offset when using legacy interrupts
  - sfc/siena: fix null pointer dereference in efx_hard_start_xmit
  - wireguard: ratelimiter: disable timings test by default
  - wireguard: netlink: avoid variable-sized memcpy on sockaddr
  - net: enetc: move enetc_set_psfp() out of the common
    enetc_set_features() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: enetc: deny offload of tc-based TSN features on VF
    interfaces (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv6: Fix crash when IPv6 is administratively disabled
  - net/sched: taprio: avoid disabling offload when it was never
    enabled (bsc#1012628).
  - net/sched: taprio: make qdisc_leaf() see the per-netdev-queue
    pfifo child qdiscs (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: config netdev tc before setting queues number
  - ice: Fix interface being down after reset with
    link-down-on-close flag on (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: fix nft_counters_enabled underflow at
    nf_tables_addchain() (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: fix percpu memory leak at
    nf_tables_addchain() (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: ebtables: fix memory leak when blob is malformed
  - netfilter: nf_ct_ftp: fix deadlock when nat rewrite is needed
  - net: ravb: Fix PHY state warning splat during system resume
  - net: sh_eth: Fix PHY state warning splat during system resume
  - gpio: tqmx86: fix uninitialized variable girq (bsc#1012628).
  - can: gs_usb: gs_can_open(): fix race dev->can.state condition
  - perf stat: Fix BPF program section name (bsc#1012628).
  - perf stat: Fix cpu map index in bperf cgroup code (bsc#1012628).
  - perf jit: Include program header in ELF files (bsc#1012628).
  - perf kcore_copy: Do not check /proc/modules is unchanged
  - perf tools: Honor namespace when synthesizing build-ids
  - drm/mediatek: dsi: Move mtk_dsi_stop() call back to
    mtk_dsi_poweroff() (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix ice_xdp_xmit() when XDP TX queue number is not
    sufficient (bsc#1012628).
  - net/smc: Stop the CLC flow if no link to map buffers on
  - net: phy: micrel: fix shared interrupt on LAN8814 (bsc#1012628).
  - bonding: fix NULL deref in bond_rr_gen_slave_id (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sunhme: Fix packet reception for len < RX_COPY_THRESHOLD
  - net: sched: fix possible refcount leak in tc_new_tfilter()
  - bnxt: prevent skb UAF after handing over to PTP worker
  - selftests: forwarding: add shebang for (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: ensure that cached task references are always put
    on exit (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: fsl_lpuart: Reset prior to registration (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: Create uart_xmit_advance() (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: tegra: Use uart_xmit_advance(), fixes icount.tx
    accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: tegra-tcu: Use uart_xmit_advance(), fixes icount.tx
    accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup: cgroup_get_from_id() must check the looked-up kn is
    a directory (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: marvell: phy-mvebu-a3700-comphy: Remove broken reset
    support (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/dasd: fix Oops in dasd_alias_get_start_dev due to missing
    pavgroup (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/display: Fix handling of enable_psr parameter
  - blk-mq: fix error handling in __blk_mq_alloc_disk (bsc#1012628).
  - block: call blk_mq_exit_queue from disk_release for never
    added disks (bsc#1012628).
  - block: Do not call blk_put_queue() if gendisk allocation fails
  - Drivers: hv: Never allocate anything besides framebuffer from
    framebuffer memory region (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/gma500: Fix BUG: sleeping function called from invalid
    context errors (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/gma500: Fix WARN_ON(lock->magic != lock) error
  - drm/gma500: Fix (vblank) IRQs not working after suspend/resume
  - gpio: ixp4xx: Make irqchip immutable (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: disable BACO entry/exit completely on several
    sienna cichlid cards (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: use dirty framebuffer helper (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: change the alignment size of TMR BO to 1M
  - drm/amdgpu: add HDP remap functionality to nbio 7.7
  - drm/amdgpu: Skip reset error status for psp v13_0_0
  - drm/amd/display: Limit user regamma to a valid value
  - drm/amd/display: Reduce number of arguments of dml31's
    CalculateWatermarksAndDRAMSpeedChangeSupport() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Reduce number of arguments of dml31's
    CalculateFlipSchedule() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Mark dml30's UseMinimumDCFCLK() as noinline
    for stack usage (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: Fix return type of cdn_dp_connector_mode_valid
  - gpio: mt7621: Make the irqchip immutable (bsc#1012628).
  - pmem: fix a name collision (bsc#1012628).
  - fsdax: Fix infinite loop in dax_iomap_rw() (bsc#1012628).
  - workqueue: don't skip lockdep work dependency in
    cancel_work_sync() (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: imx: If pm_runtime_get_sync() returned 1 device access
    is possible (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mlxbf: incorrect base address passed during io write
  - i2c: mlxbf: prevent stack overflow in
    mlxbf_i2c_smbus_start_transaction() (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mlxbf: Fix frequency calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mux: harden i2c_mux_alloc() against integer overflows
  - drm/amdgpu: don't register a dirty callback for non-atomic
  - certs: make system keyring depend on built-in x509 parser
  - Makefile.debug: set -g unconditional on CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_SPLIT
  - Makefile.debug: re-enable debug info for .S files (bsc#1012628).
  - devdax: Fix soft-reservation memory description (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix bug in extents parsing when eh_entries == 0 and
    eh_depth > 0 (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: limit the number of retries after discarding
    preallocations blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: make mballoc try target group first even with
    mb_optimize_scan (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: avoid unnecessary spreading of allocations among groups
  - ext4: use locality group preallocation for small closed files
  - ext4: use buckets for cr 1 block scan instead of rbtree
  - ext4: fixup possible uninitialized variable access in
    ext4_mb_choose_next_group_cr1() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: make directory inode spreading reflect flexbg size
  - Update config files.
  - commit 95fa5b8
* Tue Sep 27 2022
  - constraints: increase disk space for all architectures
    References: bsc#1203693
    aarch64 is already suffering. SLE15-SP5 x86_64 stats show that it is
    very close to the limit.
  - commit 43a9011
* Tue Sep 27 2022
  - ACPI: processor idle: Practically limit "Dummy wait" workaround
    to old Intel systems (bsc#1203767).
  - commit 2d94a9f
* Tue Sep 27 2022
  - Refresh
    Update to upstream version.
  - commit b4b8524
* Sun Sep 25 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc7
  - refresh configs
  - commit 74aafe0
* Fri Sep 23 2022
  - Linux 5.19.11 (bsc#1012628).
  - of: fdt: fix off-by-one error in unflatten_dt_nodes()
  - pinctrl: qcom: sc8180x: Fix gpio_wakeirq_map (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: qcom: sc8180x: Fix wrong pin numbers (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: rockchip: Enhance support for IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_BOTH
  - pinctrl: sunxi: Fix name for A100 R_PIO (bsc#1012628).
  - SUNRPC: Fix call completion races with call_decode()
  - NFSv4: Turn off open-by-filehandle and NFS re-export for NFSv4.0
  - gpio: mpc8xxx: Fix support for IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW flow_type
    in mpc85xx (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.2: Update mode bits after ALLOCATE and DEALLOCATE
  - Revert "SUNRPC: Remove unreachable error condition"
  - drm/panel-edp: Fix delays for Innolux N116BCA-EA1 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: Correct OSD1 global alpha value (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: Fix OSD1 RGB to YCbCr coefficient (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: vop2: Fix eDP/HDMI sync polarities (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/vdsc: Set VDSC PIC_HEIGHT before using for DP DSC
  - drm/i915/guc: Don't update engine busyness stats too frequently
  - drm/i915/guc: Cancel GuC engine busyness worker synchronously
  - block: blk_queue_enter() / __bio_queue_enter() must return
    - EAGAIN for nowait (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: ccio-dma: Add missing iounmap in error path in
    ccio_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - of/device: Fix up of_dma_configure_id() stub (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring/msg_ring: check file type before putting (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: revalidate mapping when doing direct writes (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: don't send down the destination address to sendmsg for
    a SOCK_STREAM (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: always initialize struct msghdr smb_msg completely
  - blk-lib: fix blkdev_issue_secure_erase (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Allow CONFIG_64BIT with ARCH=parisc (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/include/uapi: Fix <asm/errno.h> for parisc and xtensa
  - drm/i915/gt: Fix perf limit reasons bit positions (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: Set correct domains values at _i915_vma_move_to_active
  - drm/amdgpu: make sure to init common IP before gmc
  - drm/amdgpu: Don't enable LTR if not supported (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: move nbio ih_doorbell_range() into ih code for vega
  - drm/amdgpu: move nbio sdma_doorbell_range() into sdma code
    for vega (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Find dst with sk's xfrm policy not ctl_sk (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: apple,aic: Fix required item "apple,fiq-index"
    in affinity description (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup: Add missing cpus_read_lock() to cgroup_attach_task_all()
  - ALSA: hda/sigmatel: Keep power up while beep is enabled
  - ALSA: hda/sigmatel: Fix unused variable warning for beep power
    change (bsc#1012628).
  - commit b35e71f
* Fri Sep 23 2022
  - config(arm*): disable CONFIG_PM_AUTOSLEEP and CONFIG_PM_WAKELOCKS (bsc#1189677)
  - commit 1c0b96b
* Thu Sep 22 2022
  - config.conf: reenable armv6hl configs
  - commit cd71399
* Thu Sep 22 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit a267615
* Wed Sep 21 2022
  - media: dvb-core: Fix UAF due to refcount races at releasing
    (CVE-2022-41218 bsc#1202960).
  - commit 66556c1
* Wed Sep 21 2022
  - arm64: enable CONFIG_ARCH_RENESAS (bsc#1203558)
    Also compile everything as modules that isn't debug
    or deprecated that was previously disabled by the
    global RENESAS disablement.
  - commit b1f13b9
* Wed Sep 21 2022
  - config.conf: Reenable arm64 configs
  - Update config files, taken from 6.0-rc1 update from x86_64,
    enabling all new erratas, enabling all new modules
  - commit 9b3cde4
* Wed Sep 21 2022
  - Revert "iommu/vt-d: Fix possible recursive locking in
    intel_iommu_init()" (iommu bug).
  - commit 9392b7d
* Tue Sep 20 2022
  - Linux 5.19.10 (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: goodix - add compatible string for GT1158 (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Use s/g array in post send only when its valid
  - gpio: 104-idio-16: Make irq_chip immutable (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: 104-dio-48e: Make irq_chip immutable (bsc#1012628).
  - LoongArch: Fix arch_remove_memory() undefined build error
  - LoongArch: Fix section mismatch due to acpi_os_ioremap()
  - platform/x86: asus-wmi: Increase FAN_CURVE_BUF_LEN to 32
  - usb: storage: Add ASUS <0x0b05:0x1932> to IGNORE_UAS
  - platform/x86: acer-wmi: Acer Aspire One AOD270/Packard Bell
    Dot keymap fixes (bsc#1012628).
  - perf/arm_pmu_platform: fix tests for platform_get_irq() failure
  - net: dsa: hellcreek: Print warning only once (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/amdgpu: skip ucode loading if ucode_size == 0
  - nvmet-tcp: fix unhandled tcp states in nvmet_tcp_state_change()
  - nvme-pci: add NVME_QUIRK_BOGUS_NID for Lexar NM610
  - drm/amd/pm: use vbios carried pptable for all SMU13.0.7 SKUs
  - drm/amdgpu: disable FRU access on special SIENNA CICHLID card
  - Input: iforce - add support for Boeder Force Feedback Wheel
  - ieee802154: cc2520: add rc code in cc2520_tx() (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: mockup: remove gpio debugfs when remove device
  - r8152: add PID for the Lenovo OneLink+ Dock (bsc#1012628).
  - tg3: Disable tg3 device on system reboot to avoid triggering
    AER (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: MGMT: Fix Get Device Flags (bsc#1012628).
  - hid: intel-ish-hid: ishtp: Fix ishtp client sending disordered
    message (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: ishtp-hid-clientHID: ishtp-hid-client: Fix comment typo
  - dt-bindings: iio: gyroscope: bosch,bmg160: correct number of
    pins (bsc#1012628).
  - kvm: x86: mmu: Always flush TLBs when enabling dirty logging
  - peci: cpu: Fix use-after-free in adev_release() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/rd: Fix FIFO-full deadlock (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/surface: aggregator_registry: Add support for Surface
    Laptop Go 2 (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: goodix - add support for GT1158 (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: resource: skip IRQ override on AMD Zen platforms
  - RDMA/mlx5: Fix UMR cleanup on error flow of driver init
  - RDMA/mlx5: Add a umr recovery flow (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/mlx5: Rely on RoCE fw cap instead of devlink when setting
    profile (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Use software VHCA id when it's supported
  - net/mlx5: Introduce ifc bits for using software vhca id
  - iommu/vt-d: Fix kdump kernels boot failure with scalable mode
  - commit 28d7d4c
* Sun Sep 18 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc6
  - commit 2132e28
* Thu Sep 15 2022
  - Linux 5.19.9 (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: libstub: Disable struct randomization (bsc#1012628).
  - efi: capsule-loader: Fix use-after-free in efi_capsule_write
  - wifi: iwlegacy: 4965: corrected fix for potential off-by-one
    overflow in il4965_rs_fill_link_cmd() (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: only do a memory barrier for the first set_buffer_uptodate()
  - soc: fsl: select FSL_GUTS driver for DPIO (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "mm: kmemleak: take a full lowmem check in
    kmemleak_*_phys()" (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Disable ATIO interrupt coalesce for quad port
    ISP27XX (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: core: Allow the ALUA transitioning state enough time
  - scsi: megaraid_sas: Fix double kfree() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/gem: Fix GEM handle release errors (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Move psp_xgmi_terminate call from
    amdgpu_xgmi_remove_device to psp_hw_fini (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: fix hive reference leak when adding xgmi device
  - drm/amdgpu: Check num_gfx_rings for gfx v9_0 rb setup
  - drm/amdgpu: Remove the additional kfd pre reset call for sriov
  - drm/radeon: add a force flush to delay work when radeon
  - scsi: ufs: core: Reduce the power mode change timeout
  - Revert "parisc: Show error if wrong 32/64-bit compiler is
    being used" (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: ccio-dma: Handle kmalloc failure in
    ccio_init_resources() (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Add runtime check to prevent PA2.0 kernels on PA1.x
    machines (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: errata: add detection for AMEVCNTR01 incrementing
    incorrectly (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: conntrack: work around exceeded receive window
  - thermal/int340x_thermal: handle data_vault when the value is
    ZERO_SIZE_PTR (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: check only freq_table in __resolve_freq()
  - net/core/skbuff: Check the return value of skb_copy_bits()
  - md: Flush workqueue md_rdev_misc_wq in md_alloc() (bsc#1012628).
  - fbdev: omapfb: Fix tests for platform_get_irq() failure
  - fbdev: fbcon: Destroy mutex on freeing struct fb_info
  - fbdev: chipsfb: Add missing pci_disable_device() in
    chipsfb_pci_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/sev: Mark snp_abort() noreturn (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: add sdma instance check for gfx11 CGCG
  - drm/amdgpu: mmVM_L2_CNTL3 register not initialized correctly
  - ALSA: pcm: oss: Fix race at SNDCTL_DSP_SYNC (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: emu10k1: Fix out of bounds access in
    snd_emu10k1_pcm_channel_alloc() (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Once again fix regression of page allocations with
    IOMMU (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: aloop: Fix random zeros in capture data when using
    jiffies timer (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Split endpoint setups for hw_params and prepare
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Clear fixed clock rate at closing EP
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix an out-of-bounds bug in
    __snd_usb_parse_audio_interface() (bsc#1012628).
  - tracefs: Only clobber mode/uid/gid on remount if asked
  - tracing: hold caller_addr to hardirq_{enable,disable}_ip
  - tracing: Fix to check event_mutex is held while accessing
    trigger list (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: set pseudo max append zone limit in zone emulation
    mode (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: fix API misuse of zone finish waiting
  - vfio/type1: Unpin zero pages (bsc#1012628).
  - kprobes: Prohibit probes in gate area (bsc#1012628).
  - perf: RISC-V: fix access beyond allocated array (bsc#1012628).
  - debugfs: add debugfs_lookup_and_remove() (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/debug: fix dentry leak in update_sched_domain_debugfs
  - drm/amd/display: fix memory leak when using debugfs_lookup()
  - driver core: fix driver_set_override() issue with empty strings
  - nvmet: fix a use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/bios: Copy the whole MIPI sequence block (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/slpc: Let's fix the PCODE min freq table setup for SLPC
  - drm/i915: Implement WaEdpLinkRateDataReload (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix use-after-free warning (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Add missing destroy_workqueue() in error path
  - cgroup: Elide write-locking threadgroup_rwsem when updating
    csses on an empty subtree (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup: Fix threadgroup_rwsem <-> cpus_read_lock() deadlock
  - cifs: remove useless parameter 'is_fsctl' from SMB2_ioctl()
  - smb3: missing inode locks in zero range (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: bitbang: Fix lsb-first Rx (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs42l42: Only report button state if there was a button
    interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "soc: imx: imx8m-blk-ctrl: set power device name"
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-verdin: update CAN clock to 40MHz
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-verdin: use level interrupt for mcp251xfd
  - ASoC: qcom: sm8250: add missing module owner (bsc#1012628).
  - regmap: spi: Reserve space for register address/padding
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-venice-gw74xx: fix sai2 pin settings
  - arm64: dts: imx8mq-tqma8mq: Remove superfluous interrupt-names
  - RDMA/rtrs-clt: Use the right sg_cnt after ib_dma_map_sg
  - RDMA/rtrs-srv: Pass the correct number of entries for dma
    mapped SGL (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-vicut1.dtsi: Fix node name backlight_led
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: remove duplicated node
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: fix spi-flash compatible
  - arm64: dts: ls1028a-qds-65bb: don't use in-band autoneg for
    2500base-x (bsc#1012628).
  - soc: imx: gpcv2: Assert reset before ungating clock
  - arm64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: add otg2 pd to usbphy (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-venice-gw7901: fix port/phy validation
  - arm64: dts: freescale: verdin-imx8mm: fix atmel_mxt_ts reset
    polarity (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: freescale: verdin-imx8mp: fix atmel_mxt_ts reset
    polarity (bsc#1012628).
  - regulator: core: Clean up on enable failure (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Kconfig: Make IPC_FLOOD_TEST depend on SND_SOC_SOF
  - ASoC: SOF: Kconfig: Make IPC_MESSAGE_INJECTOR depend on
    SND_SOC_SOF (bsc#1012628).
  - tee: fix compiler warning in tee_shm_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Fix drain SQ hang with no completion (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r8a779g0: Fix HSCIF0 interrupt number
  - RDMA/cma: Fix arguments order in net device validation
  - soc: brcmstb: pm-arm: Fix refcount leak and __iomem leak bugs
  - RDMA/hns: Fix supported page size (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/hns: Fix wrong fixed value of qp->rq.wqe_shift
  - RDMA/hns: Remove the num_qpc_timer variable (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: wilc1000: fix DMA on stack objects (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: at91: pm: fix self-refresh for sama7g5 (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: at91: pm: fix DDR recalibration when resuming from backup
    and self-refresh (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d27_wlsom1: specify proper regulator
    output ranges (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_icp: specify proper regulator output
    ranges (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama7g5ek: specify proper regulator output
    ranges (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d27_wlsom1: don't keep ldo2 enabled all
    the time (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_icp: don't keep vdd_other enabled all
    the time (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: br_netfilter: Drop dst references before setting
  - netfilter: nf_tables: clean up hook list when offload flags
    check fails (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: dts: microchip: use an mpfs specific l2 compatible
  - netfilter: nf_conntrack_irc: Fix forged IP logic (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/srp: Set scmnd->result only when scmnd is not NULL
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Inform the delayed registration more properly
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Register card again for iface over
    delayed_register option (bsc#1012628).
  - rxrpc: Fix ICMP/ICMP6 error handling (bsc#1012628).
  - rxrpc: Fix an insufficiently large sglist in
    rxkad_verify_packet_2() (bsc#1012628).
  - afs: Use the operation issue time instead of the reply time
    for callbacks (bsc#1012628).
  - kunit: fix assert_type for comparison macros (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "net: phy: meson-gxl: improve link-up behavior"
  - sch_sfb: Don't assume the skb is still around after enqueueing
    to child (bsc#1012628).
  - tipc: fix shift wrapping bug in map_get() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: introduce __skb_fill_page_desc_noacc (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: TX zerocopy should not sense pfmemalloc status
  - ice: Fix DMA mappings leak (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: use bitmap_free instead of devm_kfree (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix kernel crash during module removal (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Detach device during reset task (bsc#1012628).
  - xen-netback: only remove 'hotplug-status' when the vif is
    actually destroyed (bsc#1012628).
  - block: don't add partitions if GD_SUPPRESS_PART_SCAN is set
  - RDMA/siw: Pass a pointer to virt_to_page() (bsc#1012628).
  - bonding: use unspecified address if no available link local
    address (bsc#1012628).
  - bonding: add all node mcast address when slave up (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv6: sr: fix out-of-bounds read when setting HMAC data
  - IB/core: Fix a nested dead lock as part of ODP flow
  - RDMA/mlx5: Set local port to one when accessing counters
  - btrfs: zoned: fix mounting with conventional zones
  - erofs: fix error return code in erofs_fscache_{meta_,}read_folio
  - erofs: fix pcluster use-after-free on UP platforms
  - nvme-tcp: fix UAF when detecting digest errors (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-tcp: fix regression that causes sporadic requests to time
    out (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: fix early ETIMEDOUT after spurious non-SACK RTO
  - btrfs: fix the max chunk size and stripe length calculation
  - nvmet: fix mar and mor off-by-one errors (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Report the correct max cqes from query device
  - RDMA/irdma: Return error on MR deregister CQP failure
  - RDMA/irdma: Return correct WC error for bind operation failure
  - RDMA/irdma: Report RNR NAK generation in device caps
  - net: dsa: felix: disable cut-through forwarding for frames
    oversized for tc-taprio (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: felix: access QSYS_TAG_CONFIG under tas_lock in
    vsc9959_sched_speed_set (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix typo in __mtk_foe_entry_clear
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: check max allowed hash in
    mtk_ppe_check_skb (bsc#1012628).
  - net/smc: Fix possible access to freed memory in link clear
  - io_uring: recycle kbuf recycle on tw requeue (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: lan87xx: change interrupt src of link_up to comm_ready
  - sch_sfb: Also store skb len before calling child enqueue
  - libperf evlist: Fix per-thread mmaps for multi-threaded targets
  - perf dlfilter dlfilter-show-cycles: Fix types for print format
  - perf script: Fix Cannot print 'iregs' field for hybrid systems
  - perf record: Fix synthesis failure warnings (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (tps23861) fix byte order in resistance register
  - ASoC: mchp-spdiftx: remove references to mchp_i2s_caps
  - ASoC: mchp-spdiftx: Fix clang -Wbitfield-constant-conversion
  - lsm,io_uring: add LSM hooks for the new uring_cmd file op
  - selinux: implement the security_uring_cmd() LSM hook
  - Smack: Provide read control for io_uring_cmd (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: loongson32: ls1c: Fix hang during startup (bsc#1012628).
  - kbuild: disable header exports for UML in a straightforward way
  - i40e: Refactor tc mqprio checks (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix ADQ rate limiting for PF (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bonding: replace dev_trans_start() with the jiffies of
    the last ARP/NS (bsc#1012628).
  - bonding: accept unsolicited NA message (bsc#1012628).
  - swiotlb: avoid potential left shift overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/amd: use full 64-bit value in build_completion_wait()
  - s390/boot: fix absolute zero lowcore corruption on boot
  - time64.h: consolidate uses of PSEC_PER_NSEC (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: felix: tc-taprio intervals smaller than MTU should
    send at least one packet (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (mr75203) fix VM sensor allocation when "intel,vm-map"
    not defined (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (mr75203) update pvt->v_num and vm_num to the actual
    number of used sensors (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (mr75203) fix voltage equation for negative source input
  - hwmon: (mr75203) fix multi-channel voltage reading
  - hwmon: (mr75203) enable polling for all VM channels
  - iommu/vt-d: Fix possible recursive locking in intel_iommu_init()
  - perf evlist: Always use arch_evlist__add_default_attrs()
  - perf stat: Fix L2 Topdown metrics disappear for raw events
  - Revert "arm64: kasan: Revert "arm64: mte: reset the page tag
    in page->flags"" (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) add support for Strix Z690-a D4
  - hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) add support for Maximus XI Hero
  - hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) add missing sensors for X570-I GAMING
  - hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) add definitions for ROG ZENITH II
    EXTREME (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (asus-ec-sensors) autoload module via DMI data
  - arm64/bti: Disable in kernel BTI when cross section thunks
    are broken (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/vt-d: Correctly calculate sagaw value of IOMMU
  - iommu/virtio: Fix interaction with VFIO (bsc#1012628).
  - Update config files.
  - commit 0312ea1
* Mon Sep 12 2022
  - watchdog: wdat_wdt: Set the min and max timeout values properly
  - commit a5f18a6
* Mon Sep 12 2022
  - iommu: Fix false ownership failure on AMD systems with PASID
    activated (bsc#1202492).
  - commit c4990ab
* Mon Sep 12 2022
  - Drop temporary workaround patch for HD-audio IOMMU bug (bsc#1202492)
    The proper upstream fix will be merged instead
  - commit 23d9d61
* Sun Sep 11 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc5
  - eliminate 5 patches:
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8540-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8821-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8824-Fix-semaphore-unbalance-at-error-paths.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8824-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8825-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
  - refresh configs
  - commit f7dcc92
* Thu Sep 08 2022
  - Linux 5.19.8 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: make eDP panel as the first connected connector
  - drm/msm/dsi: fix the inconsistent indenting (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dpu: populate wb or intf before reset_intf_cfg
  - drm/msm/dp: delete DP_RECOVERED_CLOCK_OUT_EN to fix tps4
  - drm/msm/dsi: Fix number of regulators for msm8996_dsi_cfg
  - drm/msm/dsi: Fix number of regulators for SDM660 (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Fix SLP_TYPx bitfield mask
  - platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Fix broken touchscreen on
    Chuwi Hi8 with Windows BIOS (bsc#1012628).
  - xsk: Fix corrupted packets for XDP_SHARED_UMEM (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/gpu: Drop qos request if devm_devfreq_add_device()
    fails (bsc#1012628).
  - peci: aspeed: fix error check return value of platform_get_irq()
  - iio: adc: mcp3911: make use of the sign bit (bsc#1012628).
  - skmsg: Fix wrong last sg check in sk_msg_recvmsg()
  - bpf: Restrict bpf_sys_bpf to CAP_PERFMON (bsc#1012628).
  - ip_tunnel: Respect tunnel key's "flow_flags" in IP tunnels
  - bpf, cgroup: Fix kernel BUG in purge_effective_progs
  - drm/i915/gvt: Fix Comet Lake (bsc#1012628).
  - ieee802154/adf7242: defer destroy_workqueue call (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Fix a data-race around bpf_jit_limit (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/ttm: fix CCS handling (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/display: avoid warnings when registering dual panel
    backlight (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: intel-nhlt: Correct the handling of fmt_config
    flexible array (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211: debugfs: fix return type in ht40allow_map_read()
  - xhci: Fix null pointer dereference in remove if xHC has only
    one roothub (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "xhci: turn off port power in shutdown" (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Allow helpers to accept pointers with a fixed size
  - bpf: Tidy up verifier check_func_arg() (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Do mark_chain_precision for ARG_CONST_ALLOC_SIZE_OR_ZERO
  - Bluetooth: hci_event: Fix vendor (unknown) opcode status
    handling (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_sync: Fix suspend performance regression
  - Bluetooth: hci_event: Fix checking conn for le_conn_complete_evt
  - Bluetooth: hci_sync: hold hdev->lock when cleanup hci_conn
  - net: sparx5: fix handling uneven length packets in manual
    extraction (bsc#1012628).
  - net: smsc911x: Stop and start PHY during suspend and resume
  - openvswitch: fix memory leak at failed datapath creation
  - nfp: flower: fix ingress police using matchall filter
  - net: dsa: xrs700x: Use irqsave variant for u64 stats update
  - drm/i915: fix null pointer dereference (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sched: tbf: don't call qdisc_put() while holding tree lock
  - net/sched: fix netdevice reference leaks in
    attach_default_qdiscs() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: micrel: Make the GPIO to be non-exclusive
  - net: lan966x: improve error handle in
    lan966x_fdma_rx_get_frame() (bsc#1012628).
  - ethernet: rocker: fix sleep in atomic context bug in
    neigh_timer_handler (bsc#1012628).
  - cachefiles: fix error return code in cachefiles_ondemand_copen()
  - cachefiles: make on-demand request distribution fairer
  - mlxbf_gige: compute MDIO period based on i1clk (bsc#1012628).
  - kcm: fix strp_init() order and cleanup (bsc#1012628).
  - sch_cake: Return __NET_XMIT_STOLEN when consuming enqueued skb
  - tcp: annotate data-race around challenge_timestamp
  - Revert "sch_cake: Return __NET_XMIT_STOLEN when consuming
    enqueued skb" (bsc#1012628).
  - net/smc: Remove redundant refcount increase (bsc#1012628).
  - soundwire: qcom: fix device status array range (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/slab_common: Deleting kobject in kmem_cache_destroy()
    without holding slab_mutex/cpu_hotplug_lock (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/mellanox: mlxreg-lc: Fix coverity warning
  - platform/mellanox: mlxreg-lc: Fix locking issue (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: fsl_lpuart: RS485 RTS polariy is inverse (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: serial: atmel: Preserve previous USART mode if RS485
    disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: rtl8712: fix use after free bugs (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: r8188eu: Add Rosewill USB-N150 Nano to device tables
  - staging: r8188eu: add firmware dependency (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "powerpc: Remove unused FW_FEATURE_NATIVE references"
  - powerpc: align syscall table for ppc32 (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/rtas: Fix RTAS MSR[HV] handling for Cell (bsc#1012628).
  - vt: Clear selection before changing the font (bsc#1012628).
  - musb: fix USB_MUSB_TUSB6010 dependency (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: serial: lpuart: disable flow control while waiting for
    the transmit engine to complete (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: iforce - wake up after clearing IFORCE_XMIT_RUNNING flag
  - iio: light: cm3605: Fix an error handling path in cm3605_probe()
  - iio: ad7292: Prevent regulator double disable (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: mcp3911: correct "microchip,device-addr" property
  - iio: adc: mcp3911: use correct formula for AD conversion
  - misc: fastrpc: fix memory corruption on probe (bsc#1012628).
  - misc: fastrpc: fix memory corruption on open (bsc#1012628).
  - firmware_loader: Fix use-after-free during unregister
  - firmware_loader: Fix memory leak in firmware upload
  - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add Omron CS1W-CIF31 device id
  - landlock: Fix file reparenting without explicit
    LANDLOCK_ACCESS_FS_REFER (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: core: Fix UHS-I SD 1.8V workaround branch (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: core: Fix inconsistent sd3_bus_mode at UHS-I SD voltage
    switch failure (bsc#1012628).
  - binder: fix UAF of ref->proc caused by race condition
  - binder: fix alloc->vma_vm_mm null-ptr dereference (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: fix small mempool leak in SMB2_negotiate() (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: VMX: Heed the 'msr' argument in msr_write_intercepted()
  - riscv: kvm: move extern sbi_ext declarations to a header
  - clk: ti: Fix missing of_node_get() ti_find_clock_provider()
  - drm/i915/reg: Fix spelling mistake "Unsupport" -> "Unsupported"
  - clk: core: Honor CLK_OPS_PARENT_ENABLE for clk gate ops
  - Revert "clk: core: Honor CLK_OPS_PARENT_ENABLE for clk gate ops"
  - clk: core: Fix runtime PM sequence in clk_core_unprepare()
  - Input: rk805-pwrkey - fix module autoloading (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/papr_scm: Fix nvdimm event mappings (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: bcm: rpi: Fix error handling of raspberrypi_fw_get_rate
  - clk: bcm: rpi: Prevent out-of-bounds access (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: bcm: rpi: Add missing newline (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (gpio-fan) Fix array out of bounds access (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: pca953x: Add mutex_lock for regcache sync in PM
  - gpio: realtek-otto: switch to 32-bit I/O (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Mask off unsupported and unknown bits of
    IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/papr_scm: Ensure rc is always initialized in
    papr_scm_pmu_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/grants: prevent integer overflow in gnttab_dma_alloc_pages()
  - mm: pagewalk: Fix race between unmap and page walker
  - xen-blkback: Advertise feature-persistent as user requested
  - xen-blkfront: Advertise feature-persistent as user requested
  - xen-blkfront: Cache feature_persistent value before
    advertisement (bsc#1012628).
  - thunderbolt: Use the actual buffer in tb_async_error()
  - thunderbolt: Check router generation before connecting xHCI
  - usb: dwc3: pci: Add support for Intel Raptor Lake (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mceusb: Use new usb_control_msg_*() routines
  - xhci: Add grace period after xHC start to prevent premature
    runtime suspend (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: disable USB core PHY management (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Avoid duplicate requests to enable Run/Stop
  - usb: dwc3: fix PHY disable sequence (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: ch341: fix lost character on LCR updates
  - USB: serial: ch341: fix disabled rx timer on older devices
  - USB: serial: cp210x: add Decagon UCA device id (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: option: add support for OPPO R11 diag port
  - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM060K modem (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion MV32-WA/WB
    RmNet mode (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: altmodes/displayport: correct pin assignment for
    UFP receptacles (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: intel_pmc_mux: Add new ACPI ID for Meteor Lake
    IOM device (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: tcpm: Return ENOTSUPP for power supply prop writes
  - usb: dwc2: fix wrong order of phy_power_on and phy_init
  - usb: cdns3: fix issue with rearming ISO OUT endpoint
  - usb: cdns3: fix incorrect handling TRB_SMM flag for ISOC
    transfer (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: cdc-acm: Add Icom PMR F3400 support (0c26:0020)
  - usb-storage: Add ignore-residue quirk for NXP PN7462AU
  - s390/hugetlb: fix prepare_hugepage_range() check for 2 GB
    hugepages (bsc#1012628).
  - s390: fix nospec table alignments (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: core: Prevent nested device-reset calls (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: xhci-mtk: relax TT periodic bandwidth allocation
  - usb: xhci-mtk: fix bandwidth release issue (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: f_uac2: fix superspeed transfer (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: mass_storage: Fix cdrom data transfers on MAC-OS
  - USB: gadget: Fix obscure lockdep violation for udc_mutex
  - dma-buf/dma-resv: check if the new fence is really later
  - arm64/kexec: Fix missing extra range for crashkres_low
  - driver core: Don't probe devices after bus_type.match() probe
    deferral (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: Don't finalize CSA in IBSS mode if state is
    disconnected (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: Fix UAF in ieee80211_scan_rx() (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: fix triggering of 'icmp redirect' (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Use u64_stats_fetch_begin_irq() for stats fetch
  - net: mac802154: Fix a condition in the receive path
  - ALSA: memalloc: Revive x86-specific WC page allocations again
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add speaker AMP init for Samsung laptops
    with ALC298 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: seq: oss: Fix data-race for max_midi_devs access
  - ALSA: seq: Fix data-race at module auto-loading (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/backlight: Disable pps power hook for aux based
    backlight (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/guc: clear stalled request after a reset (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/glk: ECS Liva Q2 needs GLK HDMI port timing quirk
  - drm/i915: Skip wm/ddb readout for disabled pipes (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: add sanity check for gsm->receive in
    gsm_receive_buf() (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: initialize more members at gsm_alloc_mux()
  - tty: n_gsm: replace kicktimer with delayed_work (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: avoid call of sleeping functions from atomic context
  - commit 0330383
* Thu Sep 08 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream info.
  - commit 9b6c180
* Wed Sep 07 2022
  - Revert "Revert "btrfs: check if root is readonly while setting security" (bsc#1203114)
    This reverts commit 2b3da4915c03713f32e48582d3a1130238586489.
    iWe can revert it as microos-tools are fixed now:
  - commit 9291084
* Tue Sep 06 2022
  - vduse: prevent uninitialized memory accesses (CVE-2022-2308
  - commit 70d9c50
* Mon Sep 05 2022
  - Refresh
    Make it really create the file. Sometimes, quilt is confused.
  - commit 11a0be1
* Mon Sep 05 2022
  - Revert "btrfs: check if root is readonly while setting security
    xattr" (bsc#1203114).
  - commit 2b3da49
* Mon Sep 05 2022
  - Linux 5.19.7 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: cacheinfo: Fix incorrect assignment of signed error
    value to unsigned fw_level (bsc#1012628).
  - net: neigh: don't call kfree_skb() under spin_lock_irqsave()
  - net/af_packet: check len when min_header_len equals to 0
  - android: binder: fix lockdep check on clearing vma
  - btrfs: tree-checker: check for overlapping extent items
  - btrfs: fix lockdep splat with reloc root extent buffers
  - btrfs: move lockdep class helpers to locking.c (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Support new Dolphin Variants (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: serial-multi-instantiate: Add CLSA0101 Laptop
  - testing: selftests: use random netns names
  - netfilter: conntrack: NF_CONNTRACK_PROCFS should no longer
    default to y (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix interrupt handling on ih_soft ring
  - drm/amdgpu: Add secure display TA load for Renoir (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Add decode_iv_ts helper for ih_v6 block
  - drm/amd/display: avoid doing vm_init multiple time
  - drm/amd/display: Fix plug/unplug external monitor will hang
    while playback MPO video (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Increase tlb flush timeout for sriov (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix pixel clock programming (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: add missing ->fini_xxxx interfaces for some SMU13
    asics (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: add missing ->fini_microcode interface for Sienna
    Cichlid (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: disable 3DCGCG/CGLS temporarily due to stability
    issue (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: don't remove dos attribute xattr on O_TRUNC open
  - s390/hypfs: avoid error message under KVM (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirks for ASUS Zenbooks using CS35L41
  - neigh: fix possible DoS due to net iface start/stop loop
  - net: lan966x: fix checking for return value of
    platform_get_irq_byname() (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: return STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME error status if share
    is not configured (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: Fix a potential gpu_metrics_table memory leak
  - drm/amdkfd: Handle restart of kfd_ioctl_wait_events
  - drm/amd/pm: skip pptable override for smu_v13_0_7 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix TDR eDP and USB4 display light up issue
  - drm/amd/display: clear optc underflow before turn off odm clock
  - drm/amd/display: For stereo keep "FLIP_ANY_FRAME" (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix HDMI VSIF V3 incorrect issue (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Avoid MPC infinite loop (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Device flash garbage before get in OS
  - drm/amd/display: Add a missing register field for HPO DP stream
    encoder (bsc#1012628).
  - rtla: Fix tracer name (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rt5640: Fix the JD voltage dropping issue (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: sh: rz-ssi: Improve error handling in rz_ssi_probe()
    error path (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: Fix work with fragmented xattr (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-of-dwcmshc: Re-enable support for the BlueField-3
    SoC (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-of-dwcmshc: rename rk3568 to rk35xx (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-of-dwcmshc: add reset call back for rockchip Socs
  - mmc: mtk-sd: Clear interrupts when cqe off/disable
  - HID: intel-ish-hid: ipc: Add Meteor Lake PCI device ID
  - HID: thrustmaster: Add sparco wheel and fix array length
  - HID: nintendo: fix rumble worker null pointer deref
  - HID: asus: ROG NKey: Ignore portion of 0x5a report
  - HID: Add Apple Touchbar on T2 Macs in hid_have_special_driver
    list (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: AMD_SFH: Add a DMI quirk entry for Chromebooks
  - HID: add Lenovo Yoga C630 battery quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: input: fix uclogic tablets (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for LH Labs Geek Out HD Audio 1V5
  - mm/rmap: Fix anon_vma->degree ambiguity leading to double-reuse
  - bpf: Don't redirect packets with invalid pkt_len (bsc#1012628).
  - ftrace: Fix NULL pointer dereference in is_ftrace_trampoline
    when ftrace is dead (bsc#1012628).
  - fbdev: fb_pm2fb: Avoid potential divide by zero error
  - net: fix refcount bug in sk_psock_get (2) (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: hidraw: fix memory leak in hidraw_release() (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: gadget: Fix use-after-free Read in usb_udc_uevent()
  - media: pvrusb2: fix memory leak in pvr_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - udmabuf: Set the DMA mask for the udmabuf device (v2)
  - HID: steam: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in
    steam_{recv,send}_report (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "PCI/portdrv: Don't disable AER reporting in
    get_port_device_capability()" (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix build errors in some archs (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: errata: Add Cortex-A510 to the repeat tlbi list
  - Update config files.
    Set CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_2441009=y as per default.
  - docs: kerneldoc-preamble: Test xeCJK.sty before loading
  - crypto: lib - remove unneeded selection of XOR_BLOCKS
  - firmware: tegra: bpmp: Do only aligned access to IPC memory area
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Depends on CONFIG_PM (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Rework power up (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 6d5067d
* Sun Sep 04 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc4
  - refresh configs
  - commit c26d0f0
* Thu Sep 01 2022
  - rpm/ simplify finding of broken symlinks
    "find -xtype l" will report them, so use that to make the search a bit
    faster (without using shell).
  - commit 13bbc51
* Thu Sep 01 2022
  - Linux 5.19.6 (bsc#1012628).
  - NFS: Fix another fsync() issue after a server reboot
  - audit: fix potential double free on error path from
    fsnotify_add_inode_mark (bsc#1012628).
  - cgroup: Fix race condition at rebind_subsystems() (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Make CONFIG_64BIT available for ARCH=parisc64 only
  - parisc: Fix exception handler for fldw and fstw instructions
  - kernel/sys_ni: add compat entry for fadvise64_64 (bsc#1012628).
  - kprobes: don't call disarm_kprobe() for disabled kprobes
  - mm/uffd: reset write protection when unregister with wp-mode
  - mm/hugetlb: support write-faults in shared mappings
  - mt76: mt7921: fix command timeout in AP stop period
  - xfrm: fix refcount leak in __xfrm_policy_check() (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "xfrm: update SA curlft.use_time" (bsc#1012628).
  - xfrm: clone missing x->lastused in xfrm_do_migrate
  - af_key: Do not call xfrm_probe_algs in parallel (bsc#1012628).
  - xfrm: policy: fix metadata dst->dev xmit null pointer
    dereference (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: require CAP_SYS_ADMIN in target namespace for idmapped
    mounts (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "net: macsec: update SCI upon MAC address
    change." (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.2 fix problems with __nfs42_ssc_open (bsc#1012628).
  - SUNRPC: RPC level errors should set task->tk_rpc_status
  - mm/smaps: don't access young/dirty bit if pte unpresent
  - ntfs: fix acl handling (bsc#1012628).
  - rose: check NULL rose_loopback_neigh->loopback (bsc#1012628).
  - r8152: fix the units of some registers for RTL8156A
  - r8152: fix the RX FIFO settings when suspending (bsc#1012628).
  - nfc: pn533: Fix use-after-free bugs caused by pn532_cmd_timeout
  - ice: xsk: prohibit usage of non-balanced queue id (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: xsk: use Rx ring's XDP ring when picking NAPI context
  - net/mlx5e: Properly disable vlan strip on non-UL reps
  - net/mlx5: LAG, fix logic over MLX5_LAG_FLAG_NDEVS_READY
  - net/mlx5: Eswitch, Fix forwarding decision to uplink
  - net/mlx5: Disable irq when locking lag_lock (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Fix cmd error logging for manage pages cmd
  - net/mlx5: Avoid false positive lockdep warning by adding
    lock_class_key (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Fix wrong application of the LRO state (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Fix wrong tc flag used when set hw-tc-offload off
  - net: dsa: microchip: ksz9477: cleanup the ksz9477_switch_detect
  - net: dsa: microchip: move switch chip_id detection to ksz_common
  - net: dsa: microchip: move tag_protocol to ksz_common
  - net: dsa: microchip: move vlan functionality to ksz_common
  - net: dsa: microchip: move the port mirror to ksz_common
  - net: dsa: microchip: update the ksz_phylink_get_caps
  - net: dsa: microchip: keep compatibility with device tree blobs
    with no phy-mode (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ipa: don't assume SMEM is page-aligned (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: Don't WARN for PHY_READY state in
    mdio_bus_phy_resume() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: moxa: get rid of asymmetry in DMA mapping/unmapping
  - bonding: 802.3ad: fix no transmission of LACPDUs (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ipvtap - add __init/__exit annotations to module init/exit
    funcs (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: ebtables: reject blobs that don't provide all entry
    points (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nft_tproxy: restrict to prerouting hook
  - bnxt_en: Use PAGE_SIZE to init buffer when multi buffer XDP
    is not in use (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: set missing reload flag in devlink features
  - bnxt_en: fix NQ resource accounting during vf creation on
    57500 chips (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: fix LRO/GRO_HW features in ndo_fix_features callback
  - netfilter: nf_tables: disallow updates of implicit chain
  - netfilter: nf_tables: make table handle allocation per-netns
    friendly (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nft_payload: report ERANGE for too long offset and
    length (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nft_payload: do not truncate csum_offset and
    csum_type (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: do not leave chain stats enabled on error
  - netfilter: nft_osf: restrict osf to ipv4, ipv6 and inet families
  - netfilter: nft_tunnel: restrict it to netdev family
  - netfilter: nf_tables: disallow binding to already bound chain
  - netfilter: flowtable: add function to invoke garbage collection
    immediately (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: flowtable: fix stuck flows on cleanup due to pending
    work (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_[rw]mem_(max|default)
  - net: Fix data-races around weight_p and dev_weight_[rt]x_bias
  - net: Fix data-races around netdev_max_backlog (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around netdev_tstamp_prequeue (bsc#1012628).
  - ratelimit: Fix data-races in ___ratelimit() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_optmem_max (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tstamp_allow_data
  - net: Fix a data-race around sysctl_net_busy_poll (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix a data-race around sysctl_net_busy_read (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix a data-race around netdev_budget (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_max_skb_frags (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix a data-race around netdev_budget_usecs (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_fb_tunnels_only_for_init_net
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_devconf_inherit_init_net
  - net: Fix a data-race around gro_normal_batch (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix a data-race around netdev_unregister_timeout_secs
  - net: Fix a data-race around sysctl_somaxconn (bsc#1012628).
  - ixgbe: stop resetting SYSTIME in ixgbe_ptp_start_cyclecounter
  - i40e: Fix incorrect address type for IPv6 flow rules
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: enable rx cksum offload for
    MTK_NETSYS_V2 (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix hw hash reporting for
    MTK_NETSYS_V2 (bsc#1012628).
  - rxrpc: Fix locking in rxrpc's sendmsg (bsc#1012628).
  - ionic: clear broken state on generation change (bsc#1012628).
  - ionic: fix up issues with handling EAGAIN on FW cmds
  - ionic: VF initial random MAC address if no assigned mac
  - net: stmmac: work around sporadic tx issue on link-up
  - net: lantiq_xrx200: confirm skb is allocated before using
  - net: lantiq_xrx200: fix lock under memory pressure
  - net: lantiq_xrx200: restore buffer if memory allocation failed
  - btrfs: fix silent failure when deleting root reference
  - btrfs: replace: drop assert for suspended replace (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: add info when mount fails due to stale replace target
  - btrfs: fix space cache corruption and potential double
    allocations (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: check if root is readonly while setting security xattr
  - btrfs: fix possible memory leak in
    btrfs_get_dev_args_from_path() (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: update generation of hole file extent item when merging
    holes (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/boot: Don't propagate uninitialized
    boot_params->cc_blob_address (bsc#1012628).
  - perf/x86/intel: Fix pebs event constraints for ADL
  - perf/x86/lbr: Enable the branch type for the Arch LBR by default
  - x86/entry: Fix entry_INT80_compat for Xen PV guests
  - x86/unwind/orc: Unwind ftrace trampolines with correct ORC entry
  - x86/sev: Don't use cc_platform_has() for early SEV-SNP calls
  - x86/bugs: Add "unknown" reporting for MMIO Stale Data
  - x86/nospec: Unwreck the RSB stuffing (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/PAT: Have pat_enabled() properly reflect state when running
    on Xen (bsc#1012628).
  - loop: Check for overflow while configuring loop (bsc#1012628).
  - writeback: avoid use-after-free after removing device
  - audit: move audit_return_fixup before the filters (bsc#1012628).
  - asm-generic: sections: refactor memory_intersects (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/damon/dbgfs: avoid duplicate context directory creation
  - s390/mm: do not trigger write fault when vma does not allow
    VM_WRITE (bsc#1012628).
  - bootmem: remove the vmemmap pages from kmemleak in
    put_page_bootmem (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/hugetlb: avoid corrupting page->mapping in
    hugetlb_mcopy_atomic_pte (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/mprotect: only reference swap pfn page if type match
  - cifs: skip extra NULL byte in filenames (bsc#1012628).
  - s390: fix double free of GS and RI CBs on fork() failure
  - fbdev: fbcon: Properly revert changes when vc_resize() failed
  - Revert "memcg: cleanup racy sum avoidance code" (bsc#1012628).
  - shmem: update folio if shmem_replace_page() updates the page
  - ACPI: processor: Remove freq Qos request for all CPUs
  - nouveau: explicitly wait on the fence in nouveau_bo_move_m2mf
  - smb3: missing inode locks in punch hole (bsc#1012628).
  - ocfs2: fix freeing uninitialized resource on ocfs2_dlm_shutdown
  - xen/privcmd: fix error exit of privcmd_ioctl_dm_op()
  - riscv: signal: fix missing prototype warning (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: traps: add missing prototype (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: dts: microchip: correct L2 cache interrupts
  - io_uring: fix issue with io_write() not always undoing
    sb_start_write() (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/hugetlb: fix hugetlb not supporting softdirty tracking
  - Revert "md-raid: destroy the bitmap after destroying the thread"
  - md: call __md_stop_writes in md_stop (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: Fix match_list for erratum 1286807 on Arm Cortex-A76
  - binder_alloc: add missing mmap_lock calls when using the VMA
  - x86/nospec: Fix i386 RSB stuffing (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: Fix isa version for the GC 10.3.7 (bsc#1012628).
  - Documentation/ABI: Mention retbleed vulnerability info file
    for sysfs (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-mq: fix io hung due to missing commit_rqs (bsc#1012628).
  - perf python: Fix build when PYTHON_CONFIG is user supplied
  - perf/x86/intel/uncore: Fix broken read_counter() for SNB IMC
    PMU (bsc#1012628).
  - perf/x86/intel/ds: Fix precise store latency handling
  - perf stat: Clear evsel->reset_group for each stat run
  - arm64: fix rodata=full (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64/signal: Flush FPSIMD register state when disabling
    streaming mode (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64/sme: Don't flush SVE register state when allocating SME
    storage (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64/sme: Don't flush SVE register state when handling SME
    traps (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ufs: core: Enable link lost interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: storvsc: Remove WQ_MEM_RECLAIM from storvsc_error_wq
  - scsi: core: Fix passthrough retry counter handling
  - riscv: dts: microchip: mpfs: fix incorrect pcie child node name
  - riscv: dts: microchip: mpfs: remove ti,fifo-depth property
  - riscv: dts: microchip: mpfs: remove bogus card-detect-delay
  - riscv: dts: microchip: mpfs: remove pci axi address translation
    property (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Don't use tnum_range on array range checking for poke
    descriptors (bsc#1012628).
  - Delete
  - commit 9e364bb
* Wed Aug 31 2022
  - mkspec: eliminate @NOSOURCE@ macro
    This should be alsways used with @SOURCES@, just include the content
  - commit 403d89f
* Wed Aug 31 2022
  - kernel-source: include the kernel signature file
    We assume that the upstream tarball is used for released kernels.
    Then we can also include the signature file and keyring in the
    kernel-source src.rpm.
    Because of mkspec code limitation exclude the signature and keyring from
    binary packages always - mkspec does not parse spec conditionals.
  - commit e76c4ca
* Wed Aug 31 2022
  - kernel-binary: move @NOSOURCE@ to @SOURCES@ as in other packages
  - commit 4b42fb2
* Wed Aug 31 2022
  - dtb: Do not include sources in src.rpm - refer to kernel-source
    Same as other kernel binary packages there is no need to carry duplicate
    sources in dtb packages.
  - commit 1bd288c
* Tue Aug 30 2022
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - wifi: mt76: mt7921e: fix crash in chip reset fail (bsc#1201845).
    Update to upstream versions and shuffle in series.
  - commit b7da698
* Tue Aug 30 2022
  - Update
    (bsc#1012628 bsc#1202369).
    Add a bsc#.
  - commit 86a8641
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - Revert "block: freeze the queue earlier in del_gendisk"
    (bsc#1202534 bsc#1202589).
  - commit 157e5ea
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - Delete
    The test was disabled in python-eventlet. The code is correct, unlike
    the test.
  - commit 22072b3
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - kbuild: dummy-tools: avoid tmpdir leak in dummy gcc
  - Linux 5.19.5 (bsc#1012628).
  - Refresh
  - commit 8b6f0a1
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - Refresh
    Reenable the patch after fixing it (missing plugin-version.h in the
  - commit 2ea108c
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc3
  - eliminate 2 patches
    - patches.suse/0001-scsi-sd-Revert-Rework-asynchronous-resume-support.patch
    - patches.suse/Revert-zram-remove-double-compression-logic.patch
  - commit 824e6f8
* Sat Aug 27 2022
  - Disable aac289653fa5adf9e9985e4912c1d24a3e8cbab2.
    It breaks with dummy tools.
  - commit 15b473a
* Sat Aug 27 2022
  - Update config files.
  - Linux 5.19.4 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "ALSA: hda: Fix page fault in snd_hda_codec_shutdown()"
  - scsi: ufs: ufs-mediatek: Fix build error and type mismatch
  - f2fs: fix null-ptr-deref in f2fs_get_dnode_of_data
  - f2fs: revive F2FS_IOC_ABORT_VOLATILE_WRITE (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: tlbex: Explicitly compare _PAGE_NO_EXEC against 0
  - video: fbdev: i740fb: Check the argument of i740_calc_vclk()
  - venus: pm_helpers: Fix warning in OPP during probe
  - powerpc/64: Init jump labels before parse_early_param()
  - smb3: check xattr value length earlier (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to do sanity check on segment type in
    build_sit_entries() (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to avoid use f2fs_bug_on() in f2fs_new_node_page()
  - ALSA: control: Use deferred fasync helper (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: pcm: Use deferred fasync helper (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: timer: Use deferred fasync helper (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: core: Add async signal helpers (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/ioda/iommu/debugfs: Generate unique debugfs entries
  - ovl: warn if trusted xattr creation fails (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: va-macro: use fsgen as clock (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/32: Don't always pass -mcpu=powerpc to the compiler
  - powerpc/32: Set an IBAT covering up to _einittext during init
  - powerpc/pseries/mobility: set NMI watchdog factor during an LPM
  - powerpc/watchdog: introduce a NMI watchdog's factor
  - watchdog: export lockup_detector_reconfigure (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Intel: sof_nau8825: Move quirk check to the front in
    late probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Intel: sof_es8336: ignore GpioInt when looking for
    speaker/headset GPIO lines (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Intel: sof_es8336: Fix GPIO quirks set via module option
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: add sanity check on SSP index reported
    by NHLT (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable speaker and mute LEDs for HP laptops
  - RISC-V: Add fast call path of crash_kexec() (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: mmap with PROT_WRITE but no PROT_READ is invalid
  - ASoC: nau8821: Don't unconditionally free interrupt
  - riscv: dts: canaan: Add k210 topology information (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: dts: sifive: Add fu740 topology information
  - ASoC: rsnd: care default case on rsnd_ssiu_busif_err_irq_ctrl()
  - ASoC: SOF: sof-client-probes: Only load the driver if IPC3 is
    used (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda-ipc: Do not process IPC reply before
    firmware boot (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: cnl: Do not process IPC reply before firmware
    boot (bsc#1012628).
  - modules: Ensure natural alignment for .altinstructions and
    __bug_table sections (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Fix page fault in snd_hda_codec_shutdown()
  - ASoC: Intel: avs: Set max DMA segment size (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/io-pgtable-arm-v7s: Add a quirk to allow pgtable PA up
    to 35bit (bsc#1012628).
  - mips: cavium-octeon: Fix missing of_node_put() in
    octeon2_usb_clocks_start (bsc#1012628).
  - vfio: Clear the caps->buf to NULL after free (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix "rm_exit" entry in debugfs timings
  - tty: serial: Fix refcount leak bug in ucc_uart.c (bsc#1012628).
  - lib/list_debug.c: Detect uninitialized lists (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: avoid resizing to a partial cluster size (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: block range must be validated before use in
    ext4_mb_clear_bb() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: avoid remove directory when directory is corrupted
  - drivers:md:fix a potential use-after-free bug (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet-tcp: fix lockdep complaint on nvmet_tcp_wq flush during
    queue teardown (bsc#1012628).
  - md/raid5: Make logic blocking check consistent with logic that
    blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - md: Notify sysfs sync_completed in md_reap_sync_thread()
  - phy: samsung: phy-exynos-pcie: sanitize init/power_on callbacks
  - openrisc: io: Define iounmap argument as volatile (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "RDMA/rxe: Create duplicate mapping tables for FMRs"
  - dmaengine: sprd: Cleanup in .remove() after
    pm_runtime_get_sync() failed (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: tegra: Add terminate() for Tegra234 (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/kprobe: Do not test for GRP/ without event failures
  - csky/kprobe: reclaim insn_slot on kprobe unregistration
  - RDMA/rxe: Limit the number of calls to each tasklet
  - ACPI: PPTT: Leave the table mapped for the runtime usage
  - mmc: renesas_sdhi: newer SoCs don't need manual tap correction
  - dmaengine: dw-axi-dmac: ignore interrupt if no descriptor
  - dmaengine: dw-axi-dmac: do not print NULL LLI during error
  - of: overlay: Move devicetree_corrupt() check up (bsc#1012628).
  - um: add "noreboot" command line option for PANIC_TIMEOUT=-1
    setups (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI/ACPI: Guard ARM64-specific mcfg_quirks (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl: Fix a memory leak in an error handling path (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: intel: Check against matching data instead of ACPI
    companion (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ufs: ufs-exynos: Change ufs phy control sequence
  - mmc: tmio: avoid glitches when resetting (bsc#1012628).
  - habanalabs/gaudi: mask constant value before cast (bsc#1012628).
  - habanalabs/gaudi: fix shift out of bounds (bsc#1012628).
  - habanalabs/gaudi: invoke device reset from one code block
  - habanalabs: add terminating NULL to attrs arrays (bsc#1012628).
  - coresight: etm4x: avoid build failure with unrolled loops
  - gadgetfs: ep_io - wait until IRQ finishes (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Fix possible memory leak when failing to issue
    CMF WQE (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Prevent buffer overflow crashes in debugfs with
    malformed user input (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: clk-alpha-pll: fix clk_trion_pll_configure
    description (bsc#1012628).
  - zram: do not lookup algorithm in backends table (bsc#1012628).
  - uacce: Handle parent device removal or parent driver module
    rmmod (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: ipq8074: dont disable gcc_sleep_clk_src
  - vboxguest: Do not use devm for irq (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc2: gadget: remove D+ pull-up while no vbus with
    usb-role-switch (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: iscsi: Fix HW conn removal use after free (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: renesas: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: host: ohci-ppc-of: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: mux: Add CONFIG guards for functions (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ufs: ufs-mediatek: Fix the timing of configuring device
    regulators (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: ti: Stop using legacy clkctrl names for omap4 and 5
  - drm/meson: Fix overflow implicit truncation warnings
  - irqchip/tegra: Fix overflow implicit truncation warnings
  - scsi: ufs: core: Add UFSHCD_QUIRK_HIBERN_FASTAUTO (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ufs: core: Add UFSHCD_QUIRK_BROKEN_64BIT_ADDRESS
  - PCI: aardvark: Fix reporting Slot capabilities on emulated
    bridge (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: call uvc uvcg_warn on completed status
    instead of uvcg_info (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: calculate the number of request depending
    on framesize (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: cdns3 fix use-after-free at workaround 2 (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: r8188eu: add error handling of rtw_read32
  - staging: r8188eu: add error handling of rtw_read16
  - staging: r8188eu: add error handling of rtw_read8 (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec_proto: don't show MKBP version if
    unsupported (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: Add ACS quirk for Broadcom BCM5750x NICs (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: multitouch: new device class fix Lenovo X12 trackpad sticky
  - thunderbolt: Change downstream router's TMU rate in both TMU
    uni/bidir mode (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/kvm: Fix "missing ENDBR" BUG for fastop functions
  - x86/ibt, objtool: Add IBT_NOSEAL() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mscc: ocelot: report ndo_get_stats64 from the
    wraparound-resistant ocelot->stats (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mscc: ocelot: make struct ocelot_stat_layout array
    indexable (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mscc: ocelot: fix race between ndo_get_stats64 and
    ocelot_check_stats_work (bsc#1012628).
  - net: mscc: ocelot: turn stats_lock into a spinlock
  - KVM: arm64: Reject 32bit user PSTATE on asymmetric systems
  - KVM: arm64: Treat PMCR_EL1.LC as RES1 on asymmetric systems
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix use-after-free on amdgpu_bo_list mutex
  - drm/sun4i: dsi: Prevent underflow when computing packet sizes
  - drm/bridge: lvds-codec: Fix error checking of
    drm_of_lvds_get_data_mapping() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Avoid another list of reset devices (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/ttm: don't leak the ccs state (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: Fix refcount bugs in
    meson_vpu_has_available_connectors() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/imx/dcss: get rid of HPD warning message (bsc#1012628).
  - can: j1939: j1939_sk_queue_activate_next_locked(): replace
    WARN_ON_ONCE with netdev_warn_once() (bsc#1012628).
  - gcc-plugins: Undefine LATENT_ENTROPY_PLUGIN when plugin disabled
    for a file (bsc#1012628).
  - kbuild: fix the modules order between drivers and libs
  - igb: Add lock to avoid data race (bsc#1012628).
  - stmmac: intel: Add a missing clk_disable_unprepare() call in
    intel_eth_pci_remove() (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: display: sun4i: Add D1 TCONs to conditionals
  - fec: Fix timer capture timing in `fec_ptp_enable_pps()`
  - tools/rtla: Fix command symlinks (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-mq: run queue no matter whether the request is the last
    request (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix to stop tx_timeout recovery if GLOBR fails
  - regulator: pca9450: Remove restrictions for regulator-name
  - i40e: Fix tunnel checksum offload with fragmented traffic
  - i2c: imx: Make sure to unregister adapter on remove()
  - modpost: fix module versioning when a symbol lacks valid CRC
  - ice: Ignore error message when setting same promiscuous mode
  - ice: Fix clearing of promisc mode with bridge over bond
  - ice: Ignore EEXIST when setting promisc mode (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix double VLAN error when entering promisc mode
  - ice: Fix VF not able to send tagged traffic with no VLAN filters
  - ice: Fix call trace with null VSI during VF reset (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix VSI rebuild WARN_ON check for VF (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: sja1105: fix buffer overflow in
    sja1105_setup_devlink_regions() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: don't warn in dsa_port_set_state_now() when driver
    doesn't support it (bsc#1012628).
  - net: genl: fix error path memory leak in policy dumping
  - net: mscc: ocelot: fix address of SYS_COUNT_TX_AGING counter
  - net: mscc: ocelot: fix incorrect ndo_get_stats64 packet counters
  - net: dsa: felix: fix ethtool 256-511 and 512-1023 TX packet
    counters (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: microchip: ksz9477: fix fdb_dump last invalid entry
  - net: sched: fix misuse of qcpu->backlog in
    gnet_stats_add_queue_cpu (bsc#1012628).
  - net: rtnetlink: fix module reference count leak issue in
    rtnetlink_rcv_msg (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fix potential refcount leak in ndisc_router_discovery()
  - net: moxa: pass pdev instead of ndev to DMA functions
  - mlxsw: spectrum: Clear PTP configuration after unregistering
    the netdevice (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio_net: fix endian-ness for RSS (bsc#1012628).
  - net: qrtr: start MHI channel after endpoit creation
  - net: dsa: mv88e6060: prevent crash on an unused port
  - net/sunrpc: fix potential memory leaks in
    rpc_sysfs_xprt_state_change() (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: meson-spicc: add local pow2 clock ops to preserve rate
    between messages (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pci: Fix get_phb_number() locking (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: check NFT_SET_CONCAT flag if field_count
    is specified (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: disallow NFT_SET_ELEM_CATCHALL and
    NFT_SET_ELEM_INTERVAL_END (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END requires concat
    and interval flags (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: validate NFTA_SET_ELEM_OBJREF based on
    NFT_SET_OBJECT flag (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: fix scheduling-while-atomic splat
  - netfilter: nf_tables: really skip inactive sets when allocating
    name (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: possible module reference underflow in
    error path (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_ct_irc: cap packet search space to 4k
  - netfilter: nf_ct_ftp: prefer skb_linearize (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_ct_h323: cap packet size at 64k (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_ct_sane: remove pseudo skb linearization
  - netfilter: nf_tables: disallow NFTA_SET_ELEM_KEY_END with
    NFT_SET_ELEM_INTERVAL_END flag (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: uninitialized variable in ntfs_set_acl_ex()
  - netfilter: nf_tables: use READ_ONCE and WRITE_ONCE for shared
    generation id access (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nfnetlink: re-enable conntrack expectation events
  - RDMA/cxgb4: fix accept failure due to increased
    cpl_t5_pass_accept_rpl size (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/mlx5: Use the proper number of ports (bsc#1012628).
  - IB/iser: Fix login with authentication (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codec: tlv320aic32x4: fix mono playback via I2S
  - ASoC: tas2770: Fix handling of mute/unmute (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2770: Drop conflicting set_bias_level power setting
  - ASoC: tas2770: Allow mono streams (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2770: Set correct FSYNC polarity (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: DPCM: Don't pick up BE without substream (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Fix potential buffer overflow by
    snprintf() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: debug: Fix potential buffer overflow by snprintf()
  - ASoC: Intel: avs: Fix potential buffer overflow by snprintf()
  - iavf: Fix deadlock in initialization (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix reset error handling (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix NULL pointer dereference in iavf_get_link_ksettings
  - iavf: Fix adminq error handling (bsc#1012628).
  - nios2: add force_successful_syscall_return() (bsc#1012628).
  - nios2: restarts apply only to the first sigframe we
    build.. (bsc#1012628).
  - nios2: fix syscall restart checks (bsc#1012628).
  - nios2: traced syscall does need to check the syscall number
  - nios2: don't leave NULLs in sys_call_table[] (bsc#1012628).
  - nios2: page fault are *not* restartable
    syscalls.. (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: Fix missing i_op in ntfs_read_mft (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: Do not change mode if ntfs_set_ea failed
  - fs/ntfs3: Fix double free on remount (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: Don't clear upper bits accidentally in log_replay()
  - fs/ntfs3: Fix NULL deref in ntfs_update_mftmirr (bsc#1012628).
  - fs/ntfs3: Fix using uninitialized value n when calling indx_read
  - dpaa2-eth: trace the allocated address instead of page struct
  - perf tests: Fix Track with sched_switch test for hybrid case
  - perf parse-events: Fix segfault when event parser gets an error
  - i2c: qcom-geni: Fix GPI DMA buffer sync-back (bsc#1012628).
  - perf probe: Fix an error handling path in
    'parse_perf_probe_command()' (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-fc: fix the fc_appid_store return value (bsc#1012628).
  - geneve: fix TOS inheriting for ipv4 (bsc#1012628).
  - fscache: don't leak cookie access refs if invalidation is in
    progress or failed (bsc#1012628).
  - atm: idt77252: fix use-after-free bugs caused by tst_timer
  - tsnep: Fix tsnep_tx_unmap() error path usage (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/xenbus: fix return type in xenbus_file_read() (bsc#1012628).
  - nfp: ethtool: fix the display error of `ethtool -m DEVNAME`
  - NTB: ntb_tool: uninitialized heap data in tool_fn_write()
  - tools build: Switch to new openssl API for test-libcrypto
  - kbuild: dummy-tools: avoid tmpdir leak in dummy gcc
  - tools/testing/cxl: Fix cxl_hdm_decode_init() calling convention
  - vdpa_sim_blk: set number of address spaces and virtqueue groups
  - vdpa_sim: use max_iotlb_entries as a limit in vhost_iotlb_init
  - clk: imx93: Correct the edma1's parent clock (bsc#1012628).
  - ceph: don't leak snap_rwsem in handle_cap_grant (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/vm/slabinfo: use alphabetic order when two values are
    equal (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/testing/cxl: Fix decoder default state (bsc#1012628).
  - ceph: use correct index when encoding client supported features
  - spi: dt-bindings: qcom,spi-geni-qcom: allow three interconnects
  - dt-bindings: opp: opp-v2-kryo-cpu: Fix example binding checks
  - spi: dt-bindings: zynqmp-qspi: add missing 'required'
  - spi: dt-bindings: cadence: add missing 'required' (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: PCI: qcom: Fix reset conditional (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: clock: qcom,gcc-msm8996: add more GCC clock sources
  - dt-bindings: arm: qcom: fix MSM8994 boards compatibles
  - dt-bindings: arm: qcom: fix MSM8916 MTP compatibles
  - dt-bindings: arm: qcom: fix Longcheer L8150 compatibles
  - dt-bindings: gpio: zynq: Add missing compatible strings
  - vsock: Set socket state back to SS_UNCONNECTED in
    vsock_connect_timeout() (bsc#1012628).
  - vsock: Fix memory leak in vsock_connect() (bsc#1012628).
  - plip: avoid rcu debug splat (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv6: do not use RT_TOS for IPv6 flowlabel (bsc#1012628).
  - mlx5: do not use RT_TOS for IPv6 flowlabel (bsc#1012628).
  - vxlan: do not use RT_TOS for IPv6 flowlabel (bsc#1012628).
  - geneve: do not use RT_TOS for IPv6 flowlabel (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: property: Return type of acpi_add_nondev_subnodes()
    should be bool (bsc#1012628).
  - octeontx2-af: Fix key checking for source mac (bsc#1012628).
  - octeontx2-af: Fix mcam entry resource leak (bsc#1012628).
  - octeontx2-af: suppress external profile loading warning
  - octeontx2-af: Apply tx nibble fixup always (bsc#1012628).
  - octeontx2-pf: Fix NIX_AF_TL3_TL2X_LINKX_CFG register
    configuration (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: input: iqs7222: Extend slider-mapped GPIO to
    IQS7222C (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: input: iqs7222: Correct bottom speed step size
  - dt-bindings: input: iqs7222: Remove support for RF filter
  - Input: iqs7222 - remove support for RF filter (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: iqs7222 - handle reset during ATI (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: iqs7222 - acknowledge reset before writing registers
  - Input: iqs7222 - protect volatile registers (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: iqs7222 - fortify slider event reporting (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: iqs7222 - correct slider event disable logic
  - Input: mt6779-keypad - match hardware matrix organization
  - Input: exc3000 - fix return value check of
    wait_for_completion_timeout (bsc#1012628).
  - rtc: spear: set range max (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: qcom: sm8250: Fix PDC map (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: pinctrl: mt8186: Add and use
    drive-strength-microamp (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: sunxi: Add I/O bias setting for H6 R-PIO (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: pinctrl: mt8195: Add and use
    drive-strength-microamp (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: pinctrl: mt8195: Fix name for
    mediatek,rsel-resistance-in-si-unit (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: amd: Don't save/restore interrupt status and wake
    status bits (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: qcom: msm8916: Allow CAMSS GP clocks to be muxed
  - pinctrl: nomadik: Fix refcount leak in
    nmk_pinctrl_dt_subnode_to_map (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: pinctrl: mt8192: Use generic bias instead of
    pull-*-adv (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: pinctrl: mt8192: Add drive-strength-microamp
  - pinctrl: renesas: rzg2l: Return -EINVAL for pins which have
    input disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: arm: qcom: fix Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 compatibles
  - selftests: forwarding: Fix failing tests with old libnet
  - net: atm: bring back zatm uAPI (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bgmac: Fix a BUG triggered by wrong bytes_compl
  - net: dsa: felix: suppress non-changes to the tagging protocol
  - net: phy: c45 baset1: do not skip aneg configuration if clock
    role is not specified (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bcmgenet: Indicate MAC is in charge of PHY PM
  - net: phy: Warn about incorrect mdio_bus_phy_resume() state
  - devlink: Fix use-after-free after a failed reload (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio-blk: Avoid use-after-free on suspend/resume
  - virtio_net: fix memory leak inside XPD_TX with mergeable
  - virtio: VIRTIO_HARDEN_NOTIFICATION is broken (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: qdsp6: q6apm-dai: unprepare stream if its already prepared
  - SUNRPC: Don't reuse bvec on retransmission of the request
  - SUNRPC: Reinitialise the backchannel request buffers before
    reuse (bsc#1012628).
  - SUNRPC: Fix xdr_encode_bool() (bsc#1012628).
  - sunrpc: fix expiry of auth creds (bsc#1012628).
  - m68k: coldfire/device.c: protect FLEXCAN blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - net: atlantic: fix aq_vec index out of range error
  - can: j1939: j1939_session_destroy(): fix memory leak of skbs
  - can: mcp251x: Fix race condition on receive interrupt
  - bpf: Check the validity of max_rdwr_access for sock local
    storage map iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Acquire map uref in .init_seq_private for sock{map,hash}
    iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Acquire map uref in .init_seq_private for sock local
    storage map iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Acquire map uref in .init_seq_private for hash map iterator
  - bpf: Acquire map uref in .init_seq_private for array map
    iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Don't reinit map value in prealloc_lru_pop (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Disallow bpf programs call prog_run command (bsc#1012628).
  - BPF: Fix potential bad pointer dereference in bpf_sys_bpf()
  - selftests: mptcp: make sendfile selftest work (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: do not queue data on closed subflows (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: move subflow cleanup in mptcp_destroy_common()
  - mptcp, btf: Add struct mptcp_sock definition when CONFIG_MPTCP
    is disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4/pnfs: Fix a use-after-free bug in open (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.1: RECLAIM_COMPLETE must handle EACCES (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4: Fix races in the legacy idmapper upcall (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSv4.1: Handle NFS4ERR_DELAY replies to OP_SEQUENCE correctly
  - NFSv4.1: Don't decrease the value of seq_nr_highest_sent
  - net: tap: NULL pointer derefence in dev_parse_header_protocol
    when skb->dev is null (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: fix crash when nf_trace is enabled
  - Documentation: ACPI: EINJ: Fix obsolete example (bsc#1012628).
  - apparmor: Fix memleak in aa_simple_write_to_buffer()
  - apparmor: fix reference count leak in aa_pivotroot()
  - apparmor: fix overlapping attachment computation (bsc#1012628).
  - apparmor: fix setting unconfined mode on a loaded profile
  - apparmor: fix aa_label_asxprint return check (bsc#1012628).
  - apparmor: Fix failed mount permission check error message
  - apparmor: fix absroot causing audited secids to begin with =
  - apparmor: fix quiet_denied for file rules (bsc#1012628).
  - can: ems_usb: fix clang's -Wunaligned-access warning
  - dt-bindings: usb: mtk-xhci: Allow wakeup interrupt-names to
    be optional (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda: Fix crash due to jack poll in suspend (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: More comprehensive mixer map for ASUS ROG
    Zenith II (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing: Have filter accept "common_cpu" to be consistent
  - tracing/probes: Have kprobes and uprobes use $COMM too
  - tracing/eprobes: Have event probes be consistent with kprobes
    and uprobes (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/eprobes: Fix reading of string fields (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/eprobes: Do not hardcode $comm as a string
  - tracing/eprobes: Do not allow eprobes to use $stack, or %
    for regs (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/perf: Fix double put of trace event when init fails
  - x86/kprobes: Fix JNG/JNLE emulation (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: Fix memory leak on the deferred close (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915: pass a pointer for tlb seqno at vma_invalidate_tlb()
  - drm/i915/gt: Batch TLB invalidations (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gt: Skip TLB invalidations once wedged (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gt: Invalidate TLB of the OA unit at TLB invalidations
  - drm/i915/gt: Ignore TLB invalidations on idle engines
  - drm/amdgpu: change vram width algorithm for vram_info v3_0
  - btrfs: fix warning during log replay when bumping inode link
    count (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix lost error handling when looking up extended ref
    on log replay (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: reset RO counter on block group if we fail to relocate
  - btrfs: unset reloc control if transaction commit fails in
    prepare_to_relocate() (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: meson-gx: Fix an error handling path in meson_mmc_probe()
  - mmc: pxamci: Fix an error handling path in pxamci_probe()
  - mmc: pxamci: Fix another error handling path in pxamci_probe()
  - ata: libata-eh: Add missing command name (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/ap: fix crash on older machines based on QCI info missing
  - drm/amd/display: Check correct bounds for stream encoder
    instances for DCN303 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Only disable prefer_shadow on hawaii (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/ttm: Fix dummy res NULL ptr deref bug (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/nouveau: recognise GA103 (bsc#1012628).
  - locking/atomic: Make test_and_*_bit() ordered on failure
  - drm/i915/gem: Remove shared locking on freeing objects
  - rds: add missing barrier to release_refill (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/mm: Use proper mask when setting PUD mapping (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: Unconditionally get a ref to /dev/kvm module when creating
    a VM (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA: Handle the return code from dma_resv_wait_timeout()
    properly (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NS50PU, NS70PU
  - ALSA: info: Fix llseek return value when using callback
  - commit 631b6cd
* Thu Aug 25 2022
  - series.conf: cleanup
  - move recently added patches to "almost mainline" section
    - patches.suse/Revert-zram-remove-double-compression-logic.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8821-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8824-Fix-semaphore-unbalance-at-error-paths.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8824-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8825-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
    - patches.suse/ASoC-nau8540-Implement-hw-constraint-for-rates.patch
  - commit 18ca0fb
* Thu Aug 25 2022
  - Refresh USB type-C workaround patch (bsc#1202386)
    It landed in the upstream subsystem repo; also correct the bug reference
  - commit bf02544
* Thu Aug 25 2022
  - ASoC: nau8540: Implement hw constraint for rates (bsc#1201418).
  - ASoC: nau8825: Implement hw constraint for rates (bsc#1201418).
  - ASoC: nau8824: Implement hw constraint for rates (bsc#1201418).
  - ASoC: nau8824: Fix semaphore unbalance at error paths
  - ASoC: nau8821: Implement hw constraint for rates (bsc#1201418).
  - commit ef72ecc
* Wed Aug 24 2022
  - Update
    references (add CVE-2022-2588 bsc#1202096).
  - Update
    references (add bsc#1202393).
  - commit cc8e6d6
* Mon Aug 22 2022
  - scsi: sd: Revert "Rework asynchronous resume support"
    (rc1 testing).
  - commit 4aad010
* Mon Aug 22 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc2
  - drop upstreamed patch
    - patches.rpmify/kbuild-dummy-tools-pretend-we-understand-__LONG_DOUB.patch
  - refresh configs
  - commit 712f762
* Sun Aug 21 2022
  - Linux 5.19.3 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: kexec_file: use more system keyrings to verify kernel
    image signature (bsc#1012628).
  - kexec, KEYS: make the code in bzImage64_verify_sig generic
  - btrfs: raid56: don't trust any cached sector in
    __raid56_parity_recover() (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: only write the sectors in the vertical stripe which
    has data stripes (bsc#1012628).
  - net_sched: cls_route: disallow handle of 0 (bsc#1012628).
  - tee: add overflow check in register_shm_helper() (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "mm: kfence: apply kmemleak_ignore_phys on early
    allocated pool" (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 0140109
* Fri Aug 19 2022
  - Revert "usb: typec: ucsi: add a common function
    ucsi_unregister_connectors()" (bsc#120238).
  - commit 46d0607
* Thu Aug 18 2022
  - Update config files (bsc#1201361 bsc#1192968
    ppc64: NVRAM=y
  - commit e3d4124
* Thu Aug 18 2022
  - Update config files: CONFIG_SPI_AMD=m on x86 (bsc#1201418)
  - commit 017ef8a
* Thu Aug 18 2022
  - Workaround for missing HD-audio on AMD platforms (bsc#1202492).
  - commit 60e6173
* Thu Aug 18 2022
  - Linux 5.19.2 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "pNFS: nfs3_set_ds_client should set NFS_CS_NOPING"
  - scsi: Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix disk failure to rediscover"
  - pNFS/flexfiles: Report RDMA connection errors to the server
  - nfsd: eliminate the NFSD_FILE_BREAK_* flags (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Behringer UMC202HD (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: bcd2000: Fix a UAF bug on the error path of probing
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NV45PZ (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for HP Spectre x360 15-eb0xxx
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Lenovo Yoga9 14IAP7
  - ASoC: amd: yc: Update DMI table entries (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (nct6775) Fix platform driver suspend regression
  - wifi: mac80211_hwsim: fix race condition in pending packet
  - wifi: mac80211_hwsim: add back erroneously removed cast
  - wifi: mac80211_hwsim: use 32-bit skb cookie (bsc#1012628).
  - add barriers to buffer_uptodate and set_buffer_uptodate
  - lockd: detect and reject lock arguments that overflow
  - HID: hid-input: add Surface Go battery quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: nintendo: Add missing array termination (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: wacom: Only report rotation for art pen (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: wacom: Don't register pad_input for touch switch
  - KVM: nVMX: Snapshot pre-VM-Enter BNDCFGS for !nested_run_pending
    case (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Snapshot pre-VM-Enter DEBUGCTL for
    !nested_run_pending case (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: SVM: Don't BUG if userspace injects an interrupt with GIF=0
  - KVM: s390: pv: don't present the ecall interrupt twice
  - KVM: Drop unused @gpa param from gfn=>pfn cache's
    __release_gpc() helper (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: Put the extra pfn reference when reusing a pfn in the
    gpc cache (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: Fully serialize gfn=>pfn cache refresh via mutex
  - KVM: Fix multiple races in gfn=>pfn cache refresh (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: Do not incorporate page offset into gfn=>pfn cache user
    address (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Split kvm_is_valid_cr4() and export only the
    non-vendor bits (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Let userspace set nVMX MSR to any _host_ supported
    value (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Account for KVM reserved CR4 bits in consistency
    checks (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Inject #UD if VMXON is attempted with incompatible
    CR0/CR4 (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Mark TSS busy during LTR emulation _after_ all fault
    checks (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Set error code to segment selector on LLDT/LTR
    non-canonical #GP (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/mmu: Treat NX as a valid SPTE bit for NPT
  - KVM: SVM: Disable SEV-ES support if MMIO caching is disable
  - KVM: x86: Tag kvm_mmu_x86_module_init() with __init
  - KVM: x86/mmu: Fully re-evaluate MMIO caching when SPTE masks
    change (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: do not report preemption if the steal time cache is
    stale (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: revalidate steal time cache if MSR value changes
  - KVM: x86/xen: Initialize Xen timer only once (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/xen: Stop Xen timer before changing IRQ (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/conexant: Add quirk for LENOVO 20149 Notebook model
  - ALSA: hda/cirrus - support for iMac 12,1 model (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for another Asus K42JZ model
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add a quirk for HP OMEN 15 (8786) mute LED
  - LoongArch: cpuinfo: Fix a warning for CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK
  - tty: 8250: Add support for Brainboxes PX cards (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: vt: initialize unicode screen buffer (bsc#1012628).
  - vfs: Check the truncate maximum size in inode_newsize_ok()
  - fs: Add missing umask strip in vfs_tmpfile (bsc#1012628).
  - thermal: sysfs: Fix cooling_device_stats_setup() error code path
  - fbcon: Fix boundary checks for fbcon=vc:n1-n2 parameters
  - fbcon: Fix accelerated fbdev scrolling while logo is still shown
  - usbnet: Fix linkwatch use-after-free on disconnect
  - usbnet: smsc95xx: Fix deadlock on runtime resume (bsc#1012628).
  - fix short copy handling in copy_mc_pipe_to_iter() (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: ccp - Use kzalloc for sev ioctl interfaces to prevent
    kernel memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - ovl: drop WARN_ON() dentry is NULL in ovl_encode_fh()
  - parisc: Fix device names in /proc/iomem (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Drop pa_swapper_pg_lock spinlock (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Check the return value of ioremap() in
    lba_driver_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: io_pgetevents_time64() needs compat syscall in 32-bit
    compat mode (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv:uprobe fix SR_SPIE set/clear handling (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: lib: uaccess: fix CSR_STATUS SR_SUM bit (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: riscv: fix SiFive l2-cache's cache-sets
  - riscv: dts: starfive: correct number of external interrupts
  - RISC-V: cpu_ops_spinwait.c should include head.h (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: Declare cpu_ops_spinwait in <asm/cpu_ops.h>
  - RISC-V: kexec: Fixup use of smp_processor_id() in preemptible
    context (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: Fixup get incorrect user mode PC for kernel mode regs
  - RISC-V: Fixup schedule out issue in machine_crash_shutdown()
  - RISC-V: Add modules to virtual kernel memory layout dump
  - RISC-V: Fix counter restart during overflow for RV32
  - RISC-V: Fix SBI PMU calls for RV32 (bsc#1012628).
  - RISC-V: Update user page mapping only once during start
  - wireguard: selftests: set CONFIG_NONPORTABLE on riscv32
  - rtc: rx8025: fix 12/24 hour mode detection on RX-8035
  - drm/gem: Properly annotate WW context on
    drm_gem_lock_reservations() error (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/shmem-helper: Add missing vunmap on error (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Disable audio if dmas property is present but
    empty (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/ingenic: Use the highest possible DMA burst size
  - drm/fb-helper: Fix out-of-bounds access (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/hyperv-drm: Include framebuffer and EDID headers
  - drm/dp/mst: Read the extended DPCD capabilities during system
    resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/nouveau: fix another off-by-one in nvbios_addr
  - drm/nouveau: Don't pm_runtime_put_sync(), only
    pm_runtime_put_autosuspend() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/nouveau/acpi: Don't print error when we get -EINPROGRESS
    from pm_runtime (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/nouveau/kms: Fix failure path for creating DP connectors
  - drm/tegra: Fix vmapping of prime buffers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: Check BO's requested pinning domains against its
    preferred_domains (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Fix KASAN use-after-free Read in compute_effective_progs
  - btrfs: reject log replay if there is unsupported RO compat flag
  - mtd: rawnand: arasan: Fix clock rate in NV-DDR (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: arasan: Update NAND bus clock instead of system
    clock (bsc#1012628).
  - um: Remove straying parenthesis (bsc#1012628).
  - um: seed rng using host OS rng (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: fix iio_format_avail_range() printing for none IIO_VAL_INT
  - iio: light: isl29028: Fix the warning in isl29028_remove()
  - scsi: lpfc: Remove extra atomic_inc on cmd_pending in
    queuecommand after VMID (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: sg: Allow waiting for commands to complete on removed
    device (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect display of max frame size
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Zero undefined mailbox IN registers
  - soundwire: qcom: Check device status before reading devid
  - ksmbd: fix memory leak in smb2_handle_negotiate (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: prevent out of bound read for SMB2_TREE_CONNNECT
  - ksmbd: prevent out of bound read for SMB2_WRITE (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: fix use-after-free bug in smb2_tree_disconect
  - ksmbd: fix heap-based overflow in set_ntacl_dacl()
  - fuse: limit nsec (bsc#1012628).
  - fuse: ioctl: translate ENOSYS (bsc#1012628).
  - fuse: write inode in fuse_release() (bsc#1012628).
  - fuse: fix deadlock between atomic O_TRUNC and page invalidation
  - serial: mvebu-uart: uart2 error bits clearing (bsc#1012628).
  - md-raid: destroy the bitmap after destroying the thread
  - md-raid10: fix KASAN warning (bsc#1012628).
  - mbcache: don't reclaim used entries (bsc#1012628).
  - mbcache: add functions to delete entry if unused (bsc#1012628).
  - media: isl7998x: select V4L2_FWNODE to fix build error
  - media: [PATCH] pci: atomisp_cmd: fix three missing checks on
    list iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - ia64, processor: fix -Wincompatible-pointer-types in
    ia64_get_irr() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc: Restore CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in defconfigs (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/64e: Fix early TLB miss with KUAP (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/fsl-pci: Fix Class Code of PCIe Root Port (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/ptdump: Fix display of RW pages on FSL_BOOK3E
  - powerpc/powernv: Avoid crashing if rng is NULL (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: cpuinfo: Fix a warning for CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK
  - coresight: Clear the connection field properly (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: ucsi: Acknowledge the GET_ERROR_STATUS command
    completion (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: HCD: Fix URB giveback issue in tasklet function
  - Revert "net: usb: ax88179_178a needs FLAG_SEND_ZLP"
  - ARM: dts: uniphier: Fix USB interrupts for PXs2 SoC
  - arm64: dts: uniphier: Fix USB interrupts for PXs3 SoC
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: refactor dwc3_repare_one_trb (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: fix high speed multiplier setting
  - netfilter: nf_tables: do not allow SET_ID to refer to another
    table (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: do not allow CHAIN_ID to refer to another
    table (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: do not allow RULE_ID to refer to another
    chain (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: upfront validation of data via
    nft_data_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: disallow jump to implicit chain from
    set element (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: fix null deref due to zeroed list head
  - epoll: autoremove wakers even more aggressively (bsc#1012628).
  - x86: Handle idle=nomwait cmdline properly for x86_idle
  - arch: make TRACE_IRQFLAGS_NMI_SUPPORT generic (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: kasan: do not instrument stacktrace.c (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: stacktrace: use non-atomic __set_bit (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: Do not forget syscall when starting a new thread
  - arm64: fix oops in concurrently setting insn_emulation sysctls
  - arm64: kasan: Revert "arm64: mte: reset the page tag in
    page->flags" (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: errata: Remove AES hwcap for COMPAT tasks (bsc#1012628).
  - ext2: Add more validity checks for inode counts (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/fair: Introduce SIS_UTIL to search idle CPU based on
    sum of util_avg (bsc#1012628).
  - genirq: Don't return error on missing optional
    irq_request_resources() (bsc#1012628).
  - irqchip/mips-gic: Only register IPI domain when SMP is enabled
  - genirq: GENERIC_IRQ_IPI depends on SMP (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/fair: fix case with reduced capacity CPU (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/core: Always flush pending blk_plug (bsc#1012628).
  - irqchip/mips-gic: Check the return value of ioremap() in
    gic_of_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: add missing properties for sram (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: change operating-points to uint32-matrix
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: fix keypad compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: fix csi node compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: fix lcdif node compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx6ul: fix qspi node compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: BCM5301X: Add DT for Meraki MR26 (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: ux500: Fix Janice accelerometer mounting matrix
  - ARM: dts: ux500: Fix Codina accelerometer mounting matrix
  - ARM: dts: ux500: Fix Gavini accelerometer mounting matrix
  - arm64: dts: qcom: timer should use only 32-bit size
  - spi: synquacer: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare()
  - ARM: OMAP2+: display: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: OMAP2+: pdata-quirks: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: EC: Remove duplicate ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th entry from
    DMI quirks (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: EC: Drop the EC_FLAGS_IGNORE_DSDT_GPE quirk (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: PM: save NVS memory for Lenovo G40-45 (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: LPSS: Fix missing check in register_device_clock()
  - ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: Fix the IRQ trigger type for UART
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Rename sar sensor labels
  - arm64: dts: qcom: add missing AOSS QMP compatible fallback
  - arm64: dts: qcom: ipq8074: fix NAND node name (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: orangepi-win: Fix LED node name
  - ARM: shmobile: rcar-gen2: Increase refcount for new reference
  - firmware: tegra: Fix error check return value of
    debugfs_create_file() (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (dell-smm) Add Dell XPS 13 7390 to fan control whitelist
  - PM: EM: convert power field to micro-Watts precision and align
    drivers (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: video: Use native backlight on Dell Inspiron N4010
  - hwmon: (sht15) Fix wrong assumptions in device remove callback
  - PM: hibernate: defer device probing when resuming from
    hibernation (bsc#1012628).
  - selinux: fix memleak in security_read_state_kernel()
  - selinux: Add boundary check in put_entry() (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix io_uring_cqe_overflow trace format (bsc#1012628).
  - kasan: test: Silence GCC 12 warnings (bsc#1012628).
  - wait: Fix __wait_event_hrtimeout for RT/DL tasks (bsc#1012628).
  - meson-mx-socinfo: Fix refcount leak in meson_mx_socinfo_init
  - arm64: dts: renesas: beacon: Fix regulator node names
  - spi: spi-altera-dfl: Fix an error handling path (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: bcm: Fix refcount leak in bcm_kona_smc_init (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: processor/idle: Annotate more functions to live in
    cpuidle section (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx7d-colibri-emmc: add cpu1 supply (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: overhaul display/touch functionality
  - ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: add usb dual-role switching using extcon
  - ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: improve wake-up with gpio key
  - ARM: dts: imx7-colibri: move aliases, chosen, extcon and
    gpio-keys (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: imx7-colibri-eval-v3: correct can controller comment
  - soc: renesas: r8a779a0-sysc: Fix A2DP1 and A2CV[2357] PDR values
  - soc: amlogic: Fix refcount leak in meson-secure-pwrc.c
  - arm64: dts: renesas: Fix thermal-sensors on single-zone sensors
  - Revert "ARM: dts: imx6qdl-apalis: Avoid underscore in node name"
  - x86/pmem: Fix platform-device leak in error path (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: ast2500-evb: fix board compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: ast2600-evb: fix board compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: ast2600-evb-a1: fix board compatible (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: mt8192: Fix idle-states nodes naming scheme
  - arm64: dts: mt8192: Fix idle-states entry-method (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: select TRACE_IRQFLAGS_NMI_SUPPORT (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: cpufeature: Allow different PMU versions in ID_DFR0_EL1
  - locking/lockdep: Fix lockdep_init_map_*() confusion
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7180: Remove ipa_fw_mem node on trogdor
  - soc: fsl: guts: machine variable might be unset (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: s3c64xx: constify fsd_spi_port_config (bsc#1012628).
  - block: fix infinite loop for invalid zone append (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-akatsuki: Round down l22a regulator
    voltage (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: qcom: mdm9615: add missing PMIC GPIO reg
  - ARM: OMAP2+: Fix refcount leak in omapdss_init_of (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: OMAP2+: Fix refcount leak in omap3xxx_prm_late_init
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm630: disable GPU by default (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm630: fix the qusb2phy ref clock
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm630: fix gpu's interconnect path
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm636-sony-xperia-ganges-mermaid: correct
    sdc2 pinconf (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: zynq: Fix refcount leak in zynq_get_revision
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r8a779m8: Drop operating points above
    1.5 GHz (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: renesas: r9a07g054l2-smarc: Correct SoC name in
    comment (bsc#1012628).
  - regulator: qcom_smd: Fix pm8916_pldo range (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: APEI: Fix _EINJ vs EFI_MEMORY_SP (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: qcom: replace gcc PXO with pxo_board fixed clock
  - ARM: dts: qcom-msm8974: fix irq type on blsp2_uart1
  - soc: qcom: ocmem: Fix refcount leak in of_get_ocmem
  - soc: qcom: aoss: Fix refcount leak in
    qmp_cooling_devices_register (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: qcom: msm8974: add required ranges to OCMEM
  - ARM: dts: qcom: pm8841: add required thermal-sensor-cells
  - bus: hisi_lpc: fix missing platform_device_put() in
    hisi_lpc_acpi_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - lib: overflow: Do not define 64-bit tests on 32-bit
  - stack: Declare {randomize_,}kstack_offset to fix Sparse warnings
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8916: Fix typo in pronto remoteproc node
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: add required ranges to OCMEM
  - perf/x86/intel: Fix PEBS memory access info encoding for ADL
  - perf/x86/intel: Fix PEBS data source encoding for ADL
  - arm64: dts: exynosautov9: correct spi11 pin names (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: VIOT: Fix ACS setup (bsc#1012628).
  - m68k: virt: Fix missing platform_device_unregister() on error
    in virt_platform_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm6125: Move sdc2 pinctrl from seine-pdx201
    to sm6125 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm6125: Append -state suffix to pinctrl nodes
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: correct #clock-cells for QMP PHY
    nodes (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: drop PCIe PHY clock index
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: add missing PCIe PHY clock-cells
  - arm64: dts: mt7622: fix BPI-R64 WPS button (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: tegra: Mark BPMP channels as no-memory-wc (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: tegra: Fix SDMMC1 CD on P2888 (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: fix PCIe clock reference
  - erofs: wake up all waiters after z_erofs_lzma_head ready
  - erofs: avoid consecutive detection for Highmem memory
  - spi: Return deferred probe error when controller isn't yet
    available (bsc#1012628).
  - blk-mq: don't create hctx debugfs dir until q->debugfs_dir is
    created (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: dw: Fix IP-core versions macro (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: Fix simplification of devm_spi_register_controller
  - spi: tegra20-slink: fix UAF in tegra_slink_remove()
  - hwmon: (sch56xx-common) Add DMI override table (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (drivetemp) Add module alias (bsc#1012628).
  - blktrace: Trace remapped requests correctly (bsc#1012628).
  - PM: domains: Ensure genpd_debugfs_dir exists before remove
  - dm writecache: return void from functions (bsc#1012628).
  - dm writecache: count number of blocks read, not number of read
    bios (bsc#1012628).
  - dm writecache: count number of blocks written, not number of
    write bios (bsc#1012628).
  - dm writecache: count number of blocks discarded, not number
    of discard bios (bsc#1012628).
  - regulator: of: Fix refcount leak bug in
    of_get_regulation_constraints() (bsc#1012628).
  - soc: qcom: Make QCOM_RPMPD depend on PM (bsc#1012628).
  - soc: qcom: socinfo: Fix the id of SA8540P SoC (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8998: Make regulator voltages multiple
    of step-size (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: qcs404: Fix incorrect USB2 PHYs assignment
  - ARM: dts: qcom: msm8974: Disable remoteprocs by default
  - irqdomain: Report irq number for NOMAP domains (bsc#1012628).
  - perf: RISC-V: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of
    for_each_of_cpu_node() (bsc#1012628).
  - drivers/perf: arm_spe: Fix consistency of SYS_PMSCR_EL1.CX
  - nohz/full, sched/rt: Fix missed tick-reenabling bug in
    dequeue_task_rt() (bsc#1012628).
  - sched: only perform capability check on privileged operation
  - sched/numa: Initialise numa_migrate_retry (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/extable: Fix ex_handler_msr() print condition (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: move to separate directory (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: define a 'prep' and 'issue' handler for each opcode
  - io_uring: Don't require reinitable percpu_ref (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/seccomp: Fix compile warning when CC=clang
  - thermal/tools/tmon: Include pthread and time headers in tmon.h
  - tools/power turbostat: Fix file pointer leak (bsc#1012628).
  - dm: return early from dm_pr_call() if DM device is suspended
  - pwm: sifive: Simplify offset calculation for PWMCMP registers
  - pwm: sifive: Ensure the clk is enabled exactly once per running
    PWM (bsc#1012628).
  - pwm: sifive: Shut down hardware only after pwmchip_remove()
    completed (bsc#1012628).
  - pwm: lpc18xx: Fix period handling (bsc#1012628).
  - erofs: update ctx->pos for every emitted dirent (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: display: bridge: ldb: Fill in reg property
  - drm/i915: remove unused GEM_DEBUG_DECL() and GEM_DEBUG_BUG_ON()
  - drm/rockchip: vop2: unlock on error path in
    vop2_crtc_atomic_enable() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: DRM_FSL_LDB should depend on ARCH_MXC
  - drm/bridge: anx7625: Use DPI bus type (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mgag200: Acquire I/O lock while reading EDID (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: Fix refcount leak in meson_encoder_hdmi_init
  - drm/dp: Export symbol / kerneldoc fixes for DP AUX bus
  - drm/bridge: tc358767: Handle dsi_lanes == 0 as invalid
  - drm/bridge: tc358767: Make sure Refclk clock are enabled
  - ath10k: do not enforce interrupt trigger type (bsc#1012628).
  - ath11k: Fix warning on variable 'sar' dereference before check
  - ath11k: Init hw_params before setting up AHB resources
  - drm/edid: reset display info in drm_add_edid_modes() for NULL
    edid (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: lt9611: Use both bits for HDMI sensing
  - drm/st7735r: Fix module autoloading for Okaya RH128128T
  - drm/panel: Fix build error when
    CONFIG_DRM_DISPLAY_HELPER=m (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: adv7511: Move CEC definitions to adv7511_cec.c
  - wifi: rtlwifi: fix error codes in rtl_debugfs_set_write_h2c()
  - wifi: wilc1000: use correct sequence of RESET for chip
    Power-UP/Down (bsc#1012628).
  - ath11k: fix netdev open race (bsc#1012628).
  - ath11k: fix IRQ affinity warning on shutdown (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mipi-dbi: align max_chunk to 2 in spi_transfer
  - drm/ssd130x: Only define a SPI device ID table when built as
    a module (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/bpf: Fix test_run logic in fexit_stress.c
  - sample: bpf: xdp_router_ipv4: Allow the kernel to send arp
    requests (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/bpf: Fix tc_redirect_dtime (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Fix is_pow_of_2 (bsc#1012628).
  - ath11k: fix missing skb drop on htc_tx_completion error
  - ath11k: Fix incorrect debug_mask mappings (bsc#1012628).
  - ath11k: Avoid REO CMD failed prints during firmware recovery
  - drm/radeon: fix potential buffer overflow in
    ni_set_mc_special_registers() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mediatek: Modify dsi funcs to atomic operations
  - drm/mediatek: Separate poweron/poweroff from enable/disable
    and define new funcs (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mediatek: Add pull-down MIPI operation in mtk_dsi_poweroff
    function (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: encoder_cvbs: Fix refcount leak in
    meson_encoder_cvbs_init (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/meson: encoder_hdmi: Fix refcount leak in
    meson_encoder_hdmi_init (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: lt9611uxc: Cancel only driver's work (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: fix scratch register access method in SRIOV
  - drm/amdgpu/display: Prepare for new interfaces (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: npcm: Remove own slave addresses 2:10 (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: npcm: Correct slave role behavior (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mxs: Silence a clang warning (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio-gpu: fix a missing check to avoid NULL dereference
  - drm/virtio: Fix NULL vs IS_ERR checking in
    virtio_gpu_object_shmem_init (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Fix uprobe symbol file offset calculation logic
  - drm: adv7511: override i2c address of cec before accessing it
  - crypto: sun8i-ss - fix error codes in allocate_flows()
  - crypto: sun8i-ss - Fix error codes for dma_mapping_error()
  - crypto: sun8i-ss - fix a NULL vs IS_ERR() check in
    sun8i_ss_hashkey (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fix sk_wmem_schedule() and sk_rmem_schedule() errors
  - can: netlink: allow configuring of fixed bit rates without
    need for do_set_bittiming callback (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vkms: check plane_composer->map[0] before using it
  - can: netlink: allow configuring of fixed data bit rates without
    need for do_set_data_bittiming callback (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: anx7625: Zero error variable when panel bridge
    not present (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/bridge: it6505: Add missing CRYPTO_HASH dependency
  - i2c: Fix a potential use after free (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: Fix internal USDT address translation logic for shared
    libraries (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/bpf: Don't force lld on non-x86 architectures
  - tcp: fix possible freeze in tx path under memory pressure
  - crypto: sun8i-ss - fix infinite loop in sun8i_ss_setup_ivs()
  - net: ag71xx: fix discards 'const' qualifier warning
  - ping: convert to RCU lookups, get rid of rwlock (bsc#1012628).
  - raw: use more conventional iterators (bsc#1012628).
  - raw: convert raw sockets to RCU (bsc#1012628).
  - raw: Fix mixed declarations error in raw_icmp_error()
  - media: atmel: atmel-sama7g5-isc: fix warning in configs without
    OF (bsc#1012628).
  - media: camss: csid: fix wrong size passed to
    devm_kmalloc_array() (bsc#1012628).
  - media: tw686x: Register the irq at the end of probe
  - media: amphion: return error if format is unsupported by vpu
  - media: Hantro: Correct G2 init qp field (bsc#1012628).
  - media: imx-jpeg: Correct some definition according specification
  - media: imx-jpeg: Leave a blank space before the configuration
    data (bsc#1012628).
  - media: imx-jpeg: Align upwards buffer size (bsc#1012628).
  - media: imx-jpeg: Implement drain using v4l2-mem2mem helpers
  - media: rcar-vin: Fix channel routing for Ebisu (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: set STA deflink addresses (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: iwlegacy: 4965: fix potential off-by-one overflow in
    il4965_rs_fill_link_cmd() (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtw89: 8852a: rfk: fix div 0 exception (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/radeon: fix incorrrect SPDX-License-Identifiers
  - drm/amd: Don't show warning on reading vbios values for SMU13
    3.1 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: correct sdma queue number of sdma 6.0.1
  - torture: Adjust to again produce debugging information
  - rcutorture: Fix ksoftirqd boosting timing and iteration
  - test_bpf: fix incorrect netdev features (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/display: Fix build error without CONFIG_OF (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/bpf: Fix rare segfault in sock_fields prog test
  - crypto: ccp - During shutdown, check SEV data pointer before
    using (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: adv7511: Add check for mipi_dsi_driver_register
  - media: imx-jpeg: Disable slot interrupt when frame done
  - media: amphion: output firmware error message (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mcde: Fix refcount leak in mcde_dsi_bind (bsc#1012628).
  - media: hdpvr: fix error value returns in hdpvr_read
  - media: v4l2-mem2mem: prevent pollerr when last_buffer_dequeued
    is set (bsc#1012628).
  - media: sta2x11: remove VIRT_TO_BUS dependency (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: Initialize decoder parameters after
    getting dec_capability (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: Skip SOURCE_CHANGE & EOS events for
    stateless (bsc#1012628).
  - media: driver/nxp/imx-jpeg: fix a unexpected return value
    problem (bsc#1012628).
  - media: tw686x: Fix memory leak in tw686x_video_init
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: Fix non subdev architecture open
    power fail (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: kms: Use maximum FIFO load for the HVS clock rate
  - drm/vc4: plane: Remove subpixel positioning check (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: plane: Fix margin calculations for the right/bottom
    edges (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Release workaround buffer and DMA (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Correct DSI divider calculations (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Correct pixel order for DSI0 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Register dsi0 as the correct vc4 encoder type
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Fix dsi0 interrupt support (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: dsi: Add correct stop condition to
    vc4_dsi_encoder_disable iteration (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Add all the vc5 HDMI registers into the debugfs
    dumps (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Clear unused infoframe packet RAM registers
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Avoid full hdmi audio fifo writes (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Reset HDMI MISC_CONTROL register (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Switch to pm_runtime_status_suspended
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Move HDMI reset to pm_resume (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Fix timings for interlaced modes (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Force modeset when bpc or format changes
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Correct HDMI timing registers for interlaced
    modes (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/vc4: hdmi: Move pixel doubling from Pixelvalve to HDMI block
  - mm: Account dirty folios properly during splits (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: arm64/gcm - Select AEAD for GHASH_ARM64_CE
  - selftests/xsk: Destroy BPF resources only when ctx refcount
    drops to 0 (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: felix: update base time of time-aware shaper when
    adjusting PTP time (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: felix: keep reference on entire tc-taprio config
  - net: dsa: felix: drop oversized frames with tc-taprio instead
    of hanging the port (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: net: fib_rule_tests: fix support for running
    individual tests (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/rockchip: vop: Don't crash for invalid duplicate_state()
  - drm/rockchip: Fix an error handling path rockchip_dp_probe()
  - drm/mediatek: dpi: Remove output format of YUV (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mediatek: dpi: Only enable dpi after the bridge is enabled
  - drm/msm/dpu: move intf and wb assignment to
    dpu_encoder_setup_display() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dpu: fix maxlinewidth for writeback block (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dpu: remove hard-coded linewidth limit for writeback
  - drm/msm/hdmi: fill the pwr_regs bulk regulators (bsc#1012628).
  - drm: bridge: sii8620: fix possible off-by-one (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm: Fix fence rollover issue (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sched: provide shim definitions for
    taprio_offload_{get,free} (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: felix: build as module when tc-taprio is module
  - hinic: Use the bitmap API when applicable (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hinic: fix bug that ethtool get wrong stats (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hinic: avoid kernel hung in hinic_get_stats64()
  - drm/bridge: anx7625: Fix NULL pointer crash when using edp-panel
  - drm/msm: Avoid unclocked GMU register access in 6xx gpu_busy
  - libbpf, riscv: Use a0 for RC register (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/mdp5: Fix global state lock backoff (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/radeon: avoid bogus "vram limit (0) must be a power of 2"
    warning (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: hisilicon/sec - don't sleep when in softirq
  - crypto: hisilicon - Kunpeng916 crypto driver don't sleep when
    in softirq (bsc#1012628).
  - media: platform: mtk-mdp: Fix mdp_ipi_comm structure alignment
  - media: amphion: release core lock before reset vpu core
  - drm/msm/dpu: Fix for non-visible planes (bsc#1012628).
  - media: atomisp: revert "don't pass a pointer to a local
    variable" (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: decoder: Fix 4K frame size enumeration
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: decoder: Fix resolution clamping in
    TRY_FMT (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: decoder: Skip alignment for default
    resolution (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: decoder: Drop max_{width,height}
    from mtk_vcodec_ctx (bsc#1012628).
  - media: mediatek: vcodec: Initialize decoder parameters for
    each instance (bsc#1012628).
  - media: amphion: defer setting last_buffer_dequeued until
    resolution changes are processed (bsc#1012628).
  - media: hantro: Be more accurate on pixel formats step_width
    constraints (bsc#1012628).
  - media: hantro: Fix RK3399 H.264 format advertising
  - media: amphion: sync buffer status with firmware during abort
  - media: amphion: only insert the first sequence startcode for
    vc1l format (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: mt7915: fix endianness in mt7915_rf_regval_get
  - mt76: mt76x02u: fix possible memory leak in
    __mt76x02u_mcu_send_msg (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: mt7915: fix endian bug in mt7915_rf_regval_set()
  - mt76: mt7921s: fix firmware download random fail (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: mt7921: not support beacon offload disable command
  - wifi: mac80211: reject WEP or pairwise keys with key ID > 3
  - wifi: cfg80211: do some rework towards MLO link APIs
  - wifi: mac80211: move some future per-link data to bss_conf
  - mt76: mt7615: do not update pm stats in case of error
  - mt76: mt7921: do not update pm states in case of error
  - mt76: mt7921s: fix possible sdio deadlock in command fail
  - mt76: mt7921: fix aggregation subframes setting to HE max
  - mt76: mt7921: enlarge maximum VHT MPDU length to 11454
  - mt76: mt7921: rely on mt76_dev in mt7921_mac_write_txwi
    signature (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: mt7915: rely on mt76_dev in mt7915_mac_write_txwi
    signature (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: connac: move mac connac2 defs in mt76_connac2_mac.h
  - mt76: connac: move connac2_mac_write_txwi in mt76_connac module
  - mt76: mt7915: fix incorrect testmode ipg on band 1 caused by
    wmm_idx (bsc#1012628).
  - mt76: mt7615: fix throughput regression on DFS channels
  - mediatek: mt76: mac80211: Fix missing of_node_put() in
    mt76_led_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - mediatek: mt76: eeprom: fix missing of_node_put() in
    mt76_find_power_limits_node() (bsc#1012628).
  - skmsg: Fix invalid last sg check in sk_msg_recvmsg()
  - drm/exynos/exynos7_drm_decon: free resources when
    clk_set_parent() failed (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf, x64: Add predicate for bpf2bpf with tailcalls support in
    JIT (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf, x86: fix freeing of not-finalized bpf_prog_pack
  - tcp: make retransmitted SKB fit into the send window
  - libbpf: Fix the name of a reused map (bsc#1012628).
  - kunit: executor: Fix a memory leak on failure in
    kunit_filter_tests (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: timers: valid-adjtimex: build fix for newer
    toolchains (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: timers: clocksource-switch: fix passing errors from
    child (bsc#1012628).
  - bpf: Fix subprog names in stack traces (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: nl80211: acquire wdev mutex for dump_survey (bsc#1012628).
  - media: v4l: async: Also match secondary fwnode endpoints
  - media: ov7251: add missing disable functions on error in
    ov7251_set_power_on() (bsc#1012628).
  - fs: check FMODE_LSEEK to control internal pipe splicing
  - media: cedrus: h265: Fix flag name (bsc#1012628).
  - media: uapi: HEVC: Change pic_order_cnt definition in
    v4l2_hevc_dpb_entry (bsc#1012628).
  - media: cedrus: h265: Fix logic for not low delay flag
  - wifi: wil6210: debugfs: fix info leak in wil_write_file_wmi()
  - wifi: p54: Fix an error handling path in p54spi_probe()
  - wifi: p54: add missing parentheses in p54_flush() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: use the same HDP flush registers for all nbio 7.4.x
  - drm/amdgpu: use the same HDP flush registers for all nbio 2.3.x
  - drm/amdgpu: restore original stable pstate on ctx fini
  - bpf: fix potential 32-bit overflow when accessing ARRAY map
    element (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: make RINGBUF map size adjustments more eagerly
  - selftests/bpf: fix a test for snprintf() overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - libbpf: fix an snprintf() overflow check (bsc#1012628).
  - can: pch_can: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: rcar_can: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: sja1000: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: hi311x: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: sun4i_can: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: kvaser_usb_hydra: do not report txerr and rxerr during
    bus-off (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb_leaf: do not report txerr and rxerr during
    bus-off (bsc#1012628).
  - can: usb_8dev: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
  - can: error: specify the values of data[5..7] of CAN error frames
  - libbpf: Fix str_has_sfx()'s return value (bsc#1012628).
  - can: pch_can: pch_can_error(): initialize errc before using it
  - Bluetooth: hci_intel: Add check for platform_driver_register
  - Bluetooth: When HCI work queue is drained, only queue chained
    work (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: mgmt: Fix refresh cached connection info
  - Bluetooth: hci_sync: Fix resuming scan after suspend resume
  - Bluetooth: hci_sync: Fix not updating privacy_mode
  - Bluetooth: Add default wakeup callback for HCI UART driver
  - i2c: cadence: Support PEC for SMBus block read (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: qcom-geni: Use the correct return value (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: update stripe_sectors::uptodate in steal_rbio
  - ip_tunnels: Add new flow flags field to ip_tunnel_key
  - bpf: Set flow flag to allow any source IP in bpf_tunnel_key
  - bpf: Fix bpf_xdp_pointer return pointer (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mux-gpmux: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of loop
  - wifi: ath11k: Fix register write failure on QCN9074
  - wifi: wil6210: debugfs: fix uninitialized variable use in
    `wil_write_file_wmi()` (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: iwlwifi: mvm: fix double list_add at
    iwl_mvm_mac_wake_tx_queue (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: libertas: Fix possible refcount leak in if_usb_probe()
  - media: cedrus: hevc: Add check for invalid timestamp
  - hantro: Remove incorrect HEVC SPS validation (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: fix signedness bug in
    execute_synaptics_rc_command() (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Remove WARN_ON when trying to offload an unsupported
    TLS cipher/version (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: TC, Fix post_act to not match on in_port metadata
  - net/mlx5e: Fix the value of MLX5E_MAX_RQ_NUM_MTTS (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: xsk: Account for XSK RQ UMRs when calculating ICOSQ
    size (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5e: Fix calculations related to max MPWQE size
  - net/mlx5e: Modify slow path rules to go to slow fdb
  - net/mlx5: Adjust log_max_qp to be 18 at most (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: DR, Fix SMFS steering info dump format (bsc#1012628).
  - net/mlx5: Fix driver use of uninitialized timeout (bsc#1012628).
  - ax25: fix incorrect dev_tracker usage (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: hisilicon/hpre - don't use GFP_KERNEL to alloc mem
    during softirq (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: inside-secure - Add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE for of
  - crypto: hisilicon/sec - fix auth key size error (bsc#1012628).
  - net: allow unbound socket for packets in VRF when
    tcp_l3mdev_accept set (bsc#1012628).
  - netdevsim: fib: Fix reference count leak on route deletion
    failure (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: rtw88: check the return value of alloc_workqueue()
  - iavf: Fix max_rate limiting (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix 'tc qdisc show' listing too many queues (bsc#1012628).
  - netdevsim: Avoid allocation warnings triggered from user space
  - net: rose: fix netdev reference changes (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ice: fix error NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_CTAG_FILTER check in
    ice_vsi_sync_fltr() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ionic: fix error check for vlan flags in
    ionic_set_nic_features() (bsc#1012628).
  - dccp: put dccp_qpolicy_full() and dccp_qpolicy_push() in the
    same lock (bsc#1012628).
  - net: usb: make USB_RTL8153_ECM non user configurable
  - net/mlx5e: xsk: Discard unaligned XSK frames on striding RQ
  - wireguard: ratelimiter: use hrtimer in selftest (bsc#1012628).
  - wireguard: allowedips: don't corrupt stack when detecting
    overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: amd_sfh: Don't show client init failed as error when
    discovery fails (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: renesas: r9a06g032: Fix UART clkgrp bitsel (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: maps: Fix refcount leak in of_flash_probe_versatile
  - mtd: maps: Fix refcount leak in ap_flash_init (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: rawnand: meson: Fix a potential double free issue
  - clk: renesas: rzg2l: Fix reset status function (bsc#1012628).
  - of: check previous kernel's ima-kexec-buffer against memory
    bounds (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce Initiator-Initiator thrashing
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: bsg refactor (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Wait for app to ack on sess down
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Add bsg interface to read doorbell events
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix potential stuck session in sa update
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Synchronize NPIV deletion with
    authentication application (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Add retry for ELS passthrough
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix n2n discovery issue with secure target
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix n2n login retry for secure device
  - KVM: SVM: Unwind "speculative" RIP advancement if INTn injection
    "fails" (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: SVM: Stuff next_rip on emulated INT3 injection if NRIPS
    is supported (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/mmu: Drop RWX=0 SPTEs during ept_sync_page()
  - phy: samsung: exynosautov9-ufs: correct TSRV register
    configurations (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: microchip: Fix refcount leak in mc_pcie_init_irq_domains()
  - PCI: tegra194: Fix PM error handling in tegra_pcie_config_ep()
  - HID: cp2112: prevent a buffer overflow in cp2112_xfer()
  - mtd: sm_ftl: Fix deadlock caused by cancel_work_sync in
    sm_release (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: partitions: Fix refcount leak in parse_redboot_of
  - mtd: parsers: ofpart: Fix refcount leak in
    bcm4908_partitions_fw_offset (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: spear_smi: Don't skip cleanup after mtd_device_unregister()
    failed (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: st_spi_fsm: Add a clk_disable_unprepare() in .probe()'s
    error path (bsc#1012628).
  - mtd: spear_smi: Drop if with an always false condition
  - mtd: st_spi_fsm: Warn about failure to unregister mtd device
  - mtd: st_spi_fsm: Disable clock only after device was
    unregistered (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: mediatek-gen3: Fix refcount leak in
    mtk_pcie_init_irq_domains() (bsc#1012628).
  - fpga: altera-pr-ip: fix unsigned comparison with less than zero
  - usb: host: Fix refcount leak in ehci_hcd_ppc_of_probe
  - usb: cdns3: fix random warning message when driver load
  - usb: gadget: uvc: Fix comment blocks style (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: ohci-nxp: Fix refcount leak in ohci_hcd_nxp_probe
  - usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: Fix error check in
    tegra_xudc_powerdomain_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - usbip: vudc: Don't enable IRQs prematurely (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: host: ohci-at91: add support to enter suspend using SMC
  - usb: xhci: tegra: Fix error check (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: dw: dmamux: Export the module device table
  - dmaengine: dw: dmamux: Fix build without CONFIG_OF
  - netfilter: xtables: Bring SPDX identifier back (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Send LOGO for unexpected IKE message
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce disruption due to multiple app start
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix no login after app start (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Tear down session if keys have been removed
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix session thrash (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix no logout on delete for N2N
  - scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce N2N thrashing at app_start time
  - iio: accel: bma400: Fix the scale min and max macro values
  - platform/chrome: cros_ec: Always expose last resume result
  - iio: sx9324: Fix register field spelling (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: bma400: Reordering of header files (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: bma400: conversion to device-managed function
  - iio: accel: bma400: Add triggered buffer support (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: core: Fix IIO_ALIGN and rename as it was not sufficiently
    large (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: adxl313: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: adxl355: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: adxl367: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: bma220: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: sca3000: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: accel: sca3300: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7266: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7280a: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7292: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7298: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7476: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7606: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7766: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7768-1: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7887: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7923: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ad7949: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: hi8435: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ltc2496: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ltc2497: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: max1027: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: max11100: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: max1118: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: max1241: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: mcp320x: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ti-adc0832: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-adc084s021: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-adc108s102: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-adc12138: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-adc128s052: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-adc161s626: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-ads124s08: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-ads131e08: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-ads7950: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-ads8344: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-ads8688: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: adc: ti-tlc4541: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: addac: ad74413r: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: amplifiers: ad8366: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: common: ssp: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5064: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5360: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5421: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5449: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5504: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5592r: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5686: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5755: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5761: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5764: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5766: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5770r: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad5791: Fix alignment for DMA saftey (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad7293: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad7303: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ad8801: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ltc2688: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: mcp4922: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: dac: ti-dac082s085: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: dac: ti-dac5571: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: dac: ti-dac7311: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: dac: ti-dac7612: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: ad9523: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: adf4350: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: adf4371: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: admv1013: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: admv1014: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: admv4420: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: frequency: adrf6780: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: gyro: adis16080: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: gyro: adis16130: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: gyro: adxrs450: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: gyro: fxas210002c: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: imu: fxos8700: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: imu: inv_icm42600: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: imu: inv_icm42600: Fix alignment for DMA safety in buffer
    code (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: imu: mpu6050: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: potentiometer: ad5110: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: potentiometer: ad5272: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: potentiometer: max5481: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: potentiometer: mcp41010: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: potentiometer: mcp4131: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: proximity: as3935: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: resolver: ad2s1200: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: resolver: ad2s90: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - iio: temp: ltc2983: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: temp: max31865: Fix alignment for DMA safety (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: temp: maxim_thermocouple: Fix alignment for DMA safety
  - clk: mediatek: reset: Fix written reset bit offset
  - clk: imx93: use adc_root as the parent clock of adc1
  - clk: imx93: correct nic_media parent (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: imx: clk-fracn-gppll: fix mfd value (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: imx: clk-fracn-gppll: Return rate in rate table properly
    in ->recalc_rate() (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: imx: clk-fracn-gppll: correct rdiv (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: fix xa_alloc_cycle() error return value check again
  - lib/test_hmm: avoid accessing uninitialized pages (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/memremap: fix memunmap_pages() race with get_dev_pagemap()
  - KVM: Don't set Accessed/Dirty bits for ZERO_PAGE (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: selftests: Convert s390x/diag318_test_handler away from
    VCPU_ID (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: selftests: Use vm_create_with_vcpus() in
    max_guest_memory_test (bsc#1012628).
  - devcoredump: remove the useless gfp_t parameter in dev_coredumpv
    and dev_coredumpm (bsc#1012628).
  - mwifiex: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by
    dev_coredumpv (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: iscsi: Allow iscsi_if_stop_conn() to be called from kernel
  - scsi: iscsi: Add helper to remove a session from the kernel
  - scsi: iscsi: Fix session removal on shutdown (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: dw-edma: Fix eDMA Rd/Wr-channels and DMA-direction
    semantics (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Fix errant brace in KVM capability handling
  - mtd: hyperbus: rpc-if: Fix RPM imbalance in probe error path
  - mtd: dataflash: Add SPI ID table (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: camcc-sm8250: Fix halt on boot by reducing driver's
    init level (bsc#1012628).
  - misc: rtsx: Fix an error handling path in rtsx_pci_probe()
  - driver core: fix potential deadlock in __driver_attach
  - clk: qcom: clk-krait: unlock spin after mux completion
  - coresight: configfs: Fix unload of configurations on module exit
  - coresight: syscfg: Update load and unload operations
  - usb: gadget: f_mass_storage: Make CD-ROM emulation works with
    Windows OS (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: gcc-msm8939: Add missing SYSTEM_MM_NOC_BFDCD_CLK_SRC
  - clk: qcom: gcc-msm8939: Fix bimc_ddr_clk_src rcgr base address
  - clk: qcom: gcc-msm8939: Add missing system_mm_noc_bfdcd_clk_src
  - clk: qcom: gcc-msm8939: Point MM peripherals to system_mm_noc
    clock (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: host: xhci: use snprintf() in xhci_decode_trb()
  - RDMA/rxe: Add a responder state for atomic reply (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix deadlock in rxe_do_local_ops() (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: ipq8074: fix NSS core PLL-s (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: ipq8074: SW workaround for UBI32 PLL lock
  - clk: qcom: ipq8074: fix NSS port frequency tables (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: ipq8074: set BRANCH_HALT_DELAY flag for UBI clocks
  - clk: qcom: camcc-sdm845: Fix topology around titan_top power
    domain (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: camcc-sm8250: Fix topology around titan_top power
    domain (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Fail Duty-Cycle configuration if MND
    divider is not enabled (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Make sure to not write d=0 to the NMD
    register (bsc#1012628).
  - kernfs: fix potential NULL dereference in __kernfs_remove
  - mm: rmap: use the correct parameter name for
    DEFINE_PAGE_VMA_WALK (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/migration: return errno when isolate_huge_page failed
  - mm/migration: fix potential pte_unmap on an not mapped pte
  - mm: introduce clear_highpage_kasan_tagged (bsc#1012628).
  - kasan: fix zeroing vmalloc memory with HW_TAGS (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/mempolicy: fix get_nodes out of bound access (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: ti: tusb1210: Don't check for write errors when powering on
  - phy: rockchip-inno-usb2: Sync initial otg state (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: dwc: Stop link on host_init errors and de-initialization
  - PCI: dwc: Add unroll iATU space support to dw_pcie_disable_atu()
  - PCI: dwc: Disable outbound windows only for controllers using
    iATU (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: dwc: Set INCREASE_REGION_SIZE flag based on limit address
  - PCI: dwc: Deallocate EPC memory on dw_pcie_ep_init() errors
  - PCI: dwc: Always enable CDM check if "snps,enable-cdm-check"
    exists (bsc#1012628).
  - soundwire: bus_type: fix remove and shutdown support
  - soundwire: revisit driver bind/unbind and callbacks
  - KVM: arm64: Don't return from void function (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: sf-pdma: Add multithread support for a DMA channel
  - PCI: endpoint: Don't stop controller when unbinding endpoint
    function (bsc#1012628).
  - phy: qcom-qmp: fix the QSERDES_V5_COM_CMN_MODE register
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Check correct variable in qla24xx_async_gffid()
  - scsi: lpfc: Revert RSCN_MEMENTO workaround for misbehaved
    configuration (bsc#1012628).
  - intel_th: Fix a resource leak in an error handling path
  - intel_th: msu-sink: Potential dereference of null pointer
  - intel_th: msu: Fix vmalloced buffers (bsc#1012628).
  - binder: fix redefinition of seq_file attributes (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: rtl8192u: Fix sleep in atomic context bug in
    dm_fsync_timer_callback (bsc#1012628).
  - rtla/utils: Use calloc and check the potential memory allocation
    failure (bsc#1012628).
  - habanalabs: fix double unlock on error in map_device_va()
  - dt-bindings: mmc: sdhci-msm: Fix issues in yaml bindings
  - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: Fix refcount leak in
    esdhc_signal_voltage_switch (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: mxcmmc: Silence a clang warning (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: renesas_sdhi: Get the reset handle early in the probe
  - memstick/ms_block: Fix some incorrect memory allocation
  - memstick/ms_block: Fix a memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-of-at91: fix set_uhs_signaling rewriting of MC1R
  - of: device: Fix missing of_node_put() in
    of_dma_set_restricted_buffer (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: block: Add single read for 4k sector cards (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: s390: pv: leak the topmost page table when destroy fails
  - PCI/portdrv: Don't disable AER reporting in
    get_port_device_capability() (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: qcom: Set up rev 2.1.0 PARF_PHY before enabling clocks
  - scsi: smartpqi: Fix DMA direction for RAID requests
  - xtensa: iss/network: provide release() callback (bsc#1012628).
  - xtensa: iss: fix handling error cases in iss_net_configure()
  - usb: gadget: udc: amd5536 depends on HAS_DMA (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: aspeed-vhub: Fix refcount leak bug in ast_vhub_init_desc()
  - usb: dwc3: core: Deprecate GCTL.CORESOFTRESET (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: core: Do not perform GCTL_CORE_SOFTRESET during
    bootup (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: qcom: fix missing optional irq warnings
  - eeprom: idt_89hpesx: uninitialized data in idt_dbgfs_csr_write()
  - phy: stm32: fix error return in stm32_usbphyc_phy_init
  - phy: rockchip-inno-usb2: Ignore OTG IRQs in host mode
  - interconnect: imx: fix max_node_id (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: arm64: Fix hypervisor address symbolization (bsc#1012628).
  - um: random: Don't initialise hwrng struct with zero
  - mm: percpu: use kmemleak_ignore_phys() instead of
    kmemleak_free() (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Fix a window for use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Fix VLAN connection with wildcard address
  - RDMA/irdma: Fix setting of QP context err_rq_idx_valid field
  - RDMA/rtrs-srv: Fix modinfo output for stringify (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rtrs-clt: Replace list_next_or_null_rr_rcu with an inline
    function (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/qedr: Fix potential memory leak in __qedr_alloc_mr()
  - RDMA/hns: Fix incorrect clearing of interrupt status register
  - RDMA/siw: Fix duplicated reported IW_CM_EVENT_CONNECT_REPLY
    event (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix BUG: KASAN: null-ptr-deref in rxe_qp_do_cleanup
  - iio: cros: Register FIFO callback after sensor is registered
  - clk: qcom: Drop mmcx gdsc supply for dispcc and videocc
  - clk: qcom: gdsc: Bump parent usage count when GDSC is found
    enabled (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: qcom: gcc-msm8939: Fix weird field spacing in
    ftbl_gcc_camss_cci_clk (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/hfi1: fix potential memory leak in setup_base_ctxt()
  - gpio: gpiolib-of: Fix refcount bugs in of_mm_gpiochip_add_data()
  - iio: adc: max1027: unlock on error path in
    max1027_read_single_value() (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: mcp2221: prevent a buffer overflow in mcp_smbus_write()
  - HID: amd_sfh: Add NULL check for hid device (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: imx-dma: Cast of_device_get_match_data() with
    (uintptr_t) (bsc#1012628).
  - scripts/gdb: fix 'lx-dmesg' on 32 bits arch (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix mw bind to allow any consumer key portion
  - mmc: core: quirks: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of loop
  - mmc: cavium-octeon: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of loop
  - mmc: cavium-thunderx: Add of_node_put() when breaking out of
    loop (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: alps: Declare U1_UNICORN_LEGACY support (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: For invalidate compare according to set keys in mr
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix rnr retry behavior (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: tegra194: Fix Root Port interrupt handling (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: tegra194: Fix link up retry sequence (bsc#1012628).
  - HID: amd_sfh: Handle condition of "no sensors" (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: fix tty-port initialized comments (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: xhci_plat_remove: avoid NULL dereference (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: cdns3: change place of 'priv_ep' assignment in
    cdns3_gadget_ep_dequeue(), cdns3_gadget_ep_enable()
  - mtd: spi-nor: fix spi_nor_spimem_setup_op() call in
    spi_nor_erase_{sector,chip}() (bsc#1012628).
  - staging: fbtft: core: set smem_len before fb_deferred_io_init
    call (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Set UMIP bit CR4_FIXED1 MSR when emulating UMIP
  - tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select: Fix off by one check
  - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Match all Lex BayTrail boards with
    critclk_systems DMI table (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/mellanox: mlxreg-lc: Fix error flow and extend
    verbosity (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/olpc: Fix uninitialized data in debugfs write
  - RDMA/srpt: Duplicate port name members (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/srpt: Introduce a reference count in struct srpt_device
  - RDMA/srpt: Fix a use-after-free (bsc#1012628).
  - android: binder: stop saving a pointer to the VMA (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/mmap.c: fix missing call to vm_unacct_memory in mmap_region
  - selftests/vm: fix errno handling in mrelease_test (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/testing/selftests/vm/hugetlb-madvise.c: silence
    uninitialized variable warning (bsc#1012628).
  - selftest/vm: uninitialized variable in main() (bsc#1012628).
  - rtla: Fix Makefile when called from -C tools/ (bsc#1012628).
  - rtla: Fix double free (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio: replace restricted mem access flag with callback
  - xen: don't require virtio with grants for non-PV guests
  - selftests: kvm: set rax before vmcall (bsc#1012628).
  - of/fdt: declared return type does not match actual return type
  - RDMA/mlx5: Add missing check for return value in get namespace
    flow (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/rxe: Fix error unwind in rxe_create_qp() (bsc#1012628).
  - block/rnbd-srv: Set keep_id to true after mutex_trylock
  - null_blk: fix ida error handling in null_add_dev()
  - nbd: add missing definition of pr_fmt (bsc#1012628).
  - mtip32xx: fix device removal (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: use command_id instead of req->tag in
    trace_nvme_complete_rq() (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: define compat_ioctl again to unbreak 32-bit userspace
  - nvme: catch -ENODEV from nvme_revalidate_zones again
  - block/bio: remove duplicate append pages code (bsc#1012628).
  - block: ensure iov_iter advances for added pages (bsc#1012628).
  - jbd2: fix outstanding credits assert in
    jbd2_journal_commit_transaction() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: recover csum seed of tmp_inode after migrating to extents
  - jbd2: fix assertion 'jh->b_frozen_data == NULL' failure when
    journal aborted (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: cdns3: Don't use priv_dev uninitialized in
    cdns3_gadget_ep_enable() (bsc#1012628).
  - opp: Fix error check in dev_pm_opp_attach_genpd() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cros_ec_codec: Fix refcount leak in
    cros_ec_codec_platform_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: samsung: Fix error handling in aries_audio_probe
  - ASoC: imx-audmux: Silence a clang warning (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mediatek: mt8173: Fix refcount leak in
    mt8173_rt5650_rt5676_dev_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: max98390: use linux/gpio/consumer.h to fix build
  - ASoC: mt6797-mt6351: Fix refcount leak in
    mt6797_mt6351_dev_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: da7210: add check for i2c_add_driver
  - ASoC: mediatek: mt8173-rt5650: Fix refcount leak in
    mt8173_rt5650_dev_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: pic32: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error
    in pic32_uart_startup() (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250: Create serial_lsr_in() (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250: Get preserved flags using serial_lsr_in()
  - serial: 8250_dw: Use serial_lsr_in() in dw8250_handle_irq()
  - serial: 8250_dw: Store LSR into lsr_saved_flags in
    dw8250_tx_wait_empty() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: make ctx_store and ctx_restore as optional
  - ASoC: codecs: msm8916-wcd-digital: move gains from SX_TLV to
    S8_TLV (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: wcd9335: move gains from SX_TLV to S8_TLV
  - ASoC: cs35l45: Add endianness flag in snd_soc_component_driver
  - rpmsg: char: Add mutex protection for rpmsg_eptdev_open()
  - rpmsg: mtk_rpmsg: Fix circular locking dependency (bsc#1012628).
  - remoteproc: k3-r5: Fix refcount leak in k3_r5_cluster_of_init
  - selftests/livepatch: better synchronize test_klp_callbacks_busy
  - profiling: fix shift too large makes kernel panic (bsc#1012628).
  - remoteproc: imx_rproc: Fix refcount leak in imx_rproc_addr_init
  - KVM: PPC: Book3s: Fix warning about xics_rm_h_xirr_x
  - rpmsg: Fix possible refcount leak in
    rpmsg_register_device_override() (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/powerpc: Skip energy_scale_info test on older firmware
  - ASoC: samsung: h1940_uda1380: include proepr GPIO consumer
    header (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/perf: Optimize clearing the pending PMI and remove
    WARN_ON for PMI check in power_pmu_disable (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: soc-core.c: fixup snd_soc_of_get_dai_link_cpus()
  - ASoC: samsung: change gpiod_speaker_power and rx1950_audio
    from global to static variables (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250_dw: Take port lock while accessing LSR
  - ASoC: codecs: wsa881x: handle timeouts in resume path
  - vfio/mlx5: Protect mlx5vf_disable_fds() upon close device
  - vfio: Split migration ops from main device ops (bsc#1012628).
  - net/ice: fix initializing the bitmap in the switch code
  - tty: n_gsm: fix user open not possible at responder until
    initiator open (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix tty registration before control channel open
  - tty: n_gsm: fix wrong queuing behavior in gsm_dlci_data_output()
  - tty: n_gsm: fix missing timer to handle stalled links
  - tty: n_gsm: fix non flow control frames during mux flow off
  - tty: n_gsm: fix packet re-transmission without open control
    channel (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix race condition in gsmld_write() (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix deadlock and link starvation in outgoing data
    path (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix resource allocation order in gsm_activate_mux()
  - ASoC: qcom: Fix missing of_node_put() in
    asoc_qcom_lpass_cpu_platform_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - MIPS: Loongson64: Fix section mismatch warning (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: imx-card: Fix DSD/PDM mclk frequency (bsc#1012628).
  - remoteproc: qcom: wcnss: Fix handling of IRQs (bsc#1012628).
  - vfio/ccw: Remove UUID from s390 debug log (bsc#1012628).
  - vfio/ccw: Fix FSM state if mdev probe fails (bsc#1012628).
  - vfio/ccw: Do not change FSM state in subchannel event
  - ASoC: audio-graph-card2.c: use of_property_read_u32() for rate
  - serial: 8250_fsl: Don't report FE, PE and OE twice
  - tty: n_gsm: fix wrong T1 retry count handling (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix DM command (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix flow control handling in tx path (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: n_gsm: fix missing corner cases in gsmld_poll()
  - MIPS: vdso: Utilize __pa() for gic_pfn (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: mediatek: fix mt8195 StatvectorSel wrong setting
  - swiotlb: fail map correctly with failed io_tlb_default_mem
  - lib/bitmap: fix off-by-one in bitmap_to_arr64() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: ipc3-topology: Prevent double freeing of
    ipc_control_data via load_bytes (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: mediatek: fix error return code in
    mtk_cpu_dvfs_info_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoc: audio-graph-card2: Fix refcount leak bug in
    __graph_get_type() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mt6359: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: ipc-msg-injector: fix copy in
    sof_msg_inject_ipc4_dfs_write() (bsc#1012628).
  - serial: 8250_bcm7271: Save/restore RTS in suspend/resume
  - iommu/exynos: Handle failed IOMMU device registration properly
  - 9p: Drop kref usage (bsc#1012628).
  - 9p: Add client parameter to p9_req_put() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: 9p: fix refcount leak in p9_read_work() error handling
  - MIPS: Fixed __debug_virt_addr_valid() (bsc#1012628).
  - rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix refcount leak in qcom_smd_parse_edge
  - leds: pwm-multicolor: Don't show -EPROBE_DEFER as errors
  - kfifo: fix kfifo_to_user() return type (bsc#1012628).
  - lib/smp_processor_id: fix imbalanced instrumentation_end()
    call (bsc#1012628).
  - proc: fix a dentry lock race between release_task and lookup
  - remoteproc: qcom: pas: Check if coredump is enabled
  - remoteproc: sysmon: Wait for SSCTL service to come up
  - mfd: t7l66xb: Drop platform disable callback (bsc#1012628).
  - mfd: max77620: Fix refcount leak in max77620_initialise_fps
  - ASoC: amd: yc: Decrease level of error message (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/arm-smmu: qcom_iommu: Add of_node_put() when breaking
    out of loop (bsc#1012628).
  - perf tools: Fix dso_id inode generation comparison
  - riscv: spinwait: Fix hartid variable type (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/crash: fix incorrect number of bytes to copy to user space
  - s390/zcore: fix race when reading from hardware system area
  - perf test: Fix test case 83 ('perf stat CSV output linter')
    on s390 (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: fsl_asrc: force cast the asrc_format type (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: fsl-asoc-card: force cast the asrc_format type
  - ASoC: fsl_easrc: use snd_pcm_format_t type for sample_format
  - ASoC: imx-card: use snd_pcm_format_t type for asrc_format
  - ASoC: qcom: q6dsp: Fix an off-by-one in q6adm_alloc_copp()
  - fuse: Remove the control interface for virtio-fs (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: audio-graph-card: Add of_node_put() in fail path
  - ASoC: audio-graph-card2: Add of_node_put() in fail path
  - watchdog: f71808e_wdt: Add check for platform_driver_register
  - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Fix a memory leak of EFCH MMIO resource
  - watchdog: armada_37xx_wdt: check the return value of
    devm_ioremap() in armada_37xx_wdt_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Intel: sof_rt5682: Perform quirk check first in card
    late probe (bsc#1012628).
  - video: fbdev: amba-clcd: Fix refcount leak bugs (bsc#1012628).
  - video: fbdev: sis: fix typos in SiS_GetModeID() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: mchp-spdifrx: disable end of block interrupt on failures
  - powerpc/32: Call mmu_mark_initmem_nx() regardless of data
    block mapping (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/32s: Fix boot failure with KASAN + SMP +
  - powerpc/32: Do not allow selection of e5500 or e6500 CPUs on
    PPC32 (bsc#1012628).
  - video: fbdev: offb: Include missing linux/platform_device.h
  - pseries/iommu/ddw: Fix kdump to work in absence of
    ibm,dma-window (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/iommu: Fix iommu_table_in_use for a small default DMA
    window case (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pci: Prefer PCI domain assignment via DT
    'linux,pci-domain' and alias (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/powerpc: Fix matrix multiply assist test
  - serial: 8250_bcm2835aux: Add missing clk_disable_unprepare()
  - tty: serial: qcom-geni-serial: Fix get_clk_div_rate() which
    otherwise could return a sub-optimal clock rate (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: correct the count of break characters
  - s390/smp: enforce lowcore protection on CPU restart
  - perf stat: Revert "perf stat: Add default hybrid events"
  - f2fs: fix to invalidate META_MAPPING before DIO write
  - f2fs: fix to check inline_data during compressed inode
    conversion (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: fix to remove F2FS_COMPR_FL and tag F2FS_NOCOMP_FL at
    the same time (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: Fix memory leak when using fscache (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/spufs: Fix refcount leak in spufs_init_isolated_loader
  - powerpc/xive: Fix refcount leak in xive_get_max_prio
  - powerpc/cell/axon_msi: Fix refcount leak in
    setup_msi_msg_address (bsc#1012628).
  - perf symbol: Fail to read phdr workaround (bsc#1012628).
  - kprobes: Forbid probing on trampoline and BPF code areas
  - x86/bus_lock: Don't assume the init value of
    DEBUGCTLMSR.BUS_LOCK_DETECT to be zero (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pci: Fix PHB numbering when using opal-phbid
  - genelf: Use HAVE_LIBCRYPTO_SUPPORT, not the never defined
    HAVE_LIBCRYPTO (bsc#1012628).
  - scripts/faddr2line: Fix vmlinux detection on arm64
  - tty: serial: qcom-geni-serial: Fix %lu -> %u in print statements
  - powerpc/64e: Fix kexec build error (bsc#1012628).
  - sched, cpuset: Fix dl_cpu_busy() panic due to empty
    cs->cpus_allowed (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/numa: Use cpumask_available instead of hardcoded NULL check
  - video: fbdev: arkfb: Fix a divide-by-zero bug in
    ark_set_pixclock() (bsc#1012628).
  - tools/thermal: Fix possible path truncations (bsc#1012628).
  - sched: Fix the check of nr_running at queue wakelist
  - sched: Remove the limitation of WF_ON_CPU on wakelist if wakee
    cpu is idle (bsc#1012628).
  - sched/core: Do not requeue task on CPU excluded from cpus_mask
  - x86/entry: Build thunk_$(BITS) only if CONFIG_PREEMPTION=y
  - f2fs: do not allow to decompress files have FI_COMPRESS_RELEASED
  - video: fbdev: vt8623fb: Check the size of screen before
    memset_io() (bsc#1012628).
  - video: fbdev: arkfb: Check the size of screen before memset_io()
  - video: fbdev: s3fb: Check the size of screen before memset_io()
  - scsi: ufs: core: Correct ufshcd_shutdown() flow (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: zfcp: Fix missing auto port scan and thus missing target
    ports (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix imbalance vha->vref_count (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix discovery issues in FC-AL topology
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Turn off multi-queue for 8G adapters
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash due to stale SRB access around I/O
    timeouts (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix excessive I/O error messages by default
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix erroneous mailbox timeout after PCI error
    injection (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Wind down adapter after PCIe error (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing FCP-2 targets on long port disable
    with I/Os (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing target when it reappears during delete
  - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing FCP-2 targets during port perturbation
    tests (bsc#1012628).
  - cifs: fix lock length calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/bugs: Enable STIBP for IBPB mitigated RETBleed
  - ftrace/x86: Add back ftrace_expected assignment (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/kprobes: Update kcb status flag after singlestepping
  - x86/olpc: fix 'logical not is only applied to the left hand
    side' (bsc#1012628).
  - SMB3: fix lease break timeout when multiple deferred close
    handles for the same file (bsc#1012628).
  - posix-cpu-timers: Cleanup CPU timers before freeing them during
    exec (bsc#1012628).
  - Input: gscps2 - check return value of ioremap() in
    gscps2_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - __follow_mount_rcu(): verify that mount_lock remains unchanged
  - spmi: trace: fix stack-out-of-bound access in SPMI tracing
    functions (bsc#1012628).
  - csky: abiv1: Fixup compile error (bsc#1012628).
  - drivers/base: fix userspace break from using bin_attributes
    for cpumap and cpulist (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/mediatek: Keep dsi as LP00 before dcs cmds transfer
  - crypto: blake2s - remove shash module (bsc#1012628).
  - firmware: arm_scpi: Ensure scpi_info is not assigned if the
    probe fails (bsc#1012628).
  - intel_th: pci: Add Meteor Lake-P support (bsc#1012628).
  - intel_th: pci: Add Raptor Lake-S PCH support (bsc#1012628).
  - intel_th: pci: Add Raptor Lake-S CPU support (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: set_msr_mce: Permit guests to ignore single-bit ECC errors
  - KVM: x86: Signal #GP, not -EPERM, on bad WRMSR(MCi_CTL/STATUS)
  - iommu/vt-d: avoid invalid memory access via
    node_online(NUMA_NO_NODE) (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI/AER: Iterate over error counters instead of error strings
  - PCI: qcom: Power on PHY before IPQ8074 DBI register accesses
  - dm writecache: set a default MAX_WRITEBACK_JOBS (bsc#1012628).
  - kexec_file: drop weak attribute from functions (bsc#1012628).
  - kexec: clean up arch_kexec_kernel_verify_sig (bsc#1012628).
  - kexec, KEYS, s390: Make use of built-in and secondary keyring
    for signature verification (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing/events: Add __vstring() and __assign_vstr() helper
    macros (bsc#1012628).
  - dm thin: fix use-after-free crash in
    dm_sm_register_threshold_callback (bsc#1012628).
  - net/9p: Initialize the iounit field during fid creation
  - ARM: Marvell: Update PCIe fixup (bsc#1012628).
  - timekeeping: contribute wall clock to rng on time change
  - locking/csd_lock: Change csdlock_debug from early_param to
    __setup (bsc#1012628).
  - block: don't allow the same type rq_qos add more than once
  - btrfs: tree-log: make the return value for log syncing
    consistent (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: ensure pages are unlocked on cow_file_range() failure
  - btrfs: fix error handling of fallback uncompress write
  - btrfs: reset block group chunk force if we have to wait
  - btrfs: properly flag filesystem with
  - block: add bdev_max_segments() helper (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: revive max_zone_append_bytes (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: replace BTRFS_MAX_EXTENT_SIZE with
    fs_info->max_extent_size (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: convert count_max_extents() to use
    fs_info->max_extent_size (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: let can_allocate_chunk return error (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: finish least available block group on data bg
    allocation (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: disable metadata overcommit for zoned
  - btrfs: store chunk size in space-info struct (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: introduce space_info->active_total_bytes
  - btrfs: zoned: activate metadata block group on flush_space
  - btrfs: zoned: activate necessary block group (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: write out partially allocated region
  - btrfs: zoned: wait until zone is finished when allocation
    didn't progress (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: join running log transaction when logging new name
  - intel_idle: make SPR C1 and C1E be independent (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: CPPC: Do not prevent CPPC from working in the future
  - powerpc/powernv/kvm: Use darn for H_RANDOM on Power9
  - s390/unwind: fix fgraph return address recovery (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/pmu: Introduce the ctrl_mask value for fixed counter
  - KVM: VMX: Mark all PERF_GLOBAL_(OVF)_CTRL bits reserved if
    there's no vPMU (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/pmu: Ignore pmu->global_ctrl check if vPMU doesn't
    support global_ctrl (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86/pmu: Accept 0 for absent PMU MSRs when host-initiated
    if !enable_pmu (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "KVM: x86/pmu: Accept 0 for absent PMU MSRs when
    host-initiated if !enable_pmu" (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: VMX: Add helper to check if the guest PMU has
    PERF_GLOBAL_CTRL (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: nVMX: Attempt to load PERF_GLOBAL_CTRL on nVMX xfer iff
    it exists (bsc#1012628).
  - dm raid: fix address sanitizer warning in raid_status
  - dm raid: fix address sanitizer warning in raid_resume
  - dm: fix dm-raid crash if md_handle_request() splits bio
  - mm/damon/reclaim: fix potential memory leak in
    damon_reclaim_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - hugetlb_cgroup: fix wrong hugetlb cgroup numa stat
  - batman-adv: tracing: Use the new __vstring() helper
  - tracing: Use a struct alignof to determine trace event field
    alignment (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix reading leftover inlined symlinks (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: update s_overhead_clusters in the superblock during an
    on-line resize (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix extent status tree race in writeback error recovery
    path (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: add EXT4_INODE_HAS_XATTR_SPACE macro in xattr.h
  - ext4: fix use-after-free in ext4_xattr_set_entry (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: correct max_inline_xattr_value_size computing
  - ext4: correct the misjudgment in ext4_iget_extra_inode
  - ext4: fix warning in ext4_iomap_begin as race between bmap
    and write (bsc#1012628).
  - Documentation: ext4: fix cell spacing of table heading on
    blockmap table (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: check if directory block is within i_size (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: make sure ext4_append() always allocates new block
  - ext4: remove EA inode entry from mbcache on inode eviction
  - ext4: unindent codeblock in ext4_xattr_block_set()
  - ext4: fix race when reusing xattr blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - KEYS: asymmetric: enforce SM2 signature use pkey algo
  - tpm: eventlog: Fix section mismatch for DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH
  - tpm: Add check for Failure mode for TPM2 modules (bsc#1012628).
  - xen-blkback: fix persistent grants negotiation (bsc#1012628).
  - xen-blkback: Apply 'feature_persistent' parameter when connect
  - xen-blkfront: Apply 'feature_persistent' parameter when connect
  - powerpc: Fix eh field when calling lwarx on PPC32 (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc64/ftrace: Fix ftrace for clang builds (bsc#1012628).
  - net_sched: cls_route: remove from list when handle is 0
  - Revert "drm/bridge: anx7625: Use DPI bus type" (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: fix over estimation in sk_forced_mem_schedule()
  - crypto: lib/blake2s - reduce stack frame usage in self test
  - raw: remove unused variables from raw6_icmp_error()
  - raw: fix a typo in raw_icmp_error() (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "mwifiex: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by
    dev_coredumpv" (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "devcoredump: remove the useless gfp_t parameter in
    dev_coredumpv and dev_coredumpm" (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: refine memory scheduling (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: cfg80211: handle IBSS in channel switch (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: nl80211: hold wdev mutex for tid config (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: nl80211: relax wdev mutex check in wdev_chandef()
  - wifi: nl80211: acquire wdev mutex earlier in start_ap
  - wifi: cfg80211: remove chandef check in cfg80211_cac_event()
  - tracing: Use a copy of the va_list for __assign_vstr()
  - net: dsa: felix: fix min gate len calculation for tc when its
    first gate is closed (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "s390/smp: enforce lowcore protection on CPU restart"
  - powerpc/kexec: Fix build failure from uninitialised variable
  - io_uring: mem-account pbuf buckets (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix l2cap_global_chan_by_psm regression
  - ASoC: Intel: avs: Use lookup table to create modules
  - geneve: Use ip_tunnel_key flow flags in route lookups
  - vxlan: Use ip_tunnel_key flow flags in route lookups
  - Update config files.
  - commit 6c252ef
* Tue Aug 16 2022
  - rpm/ move vdso to a separate package (bsc#1202385)
    We do the move only on 15.5+.
  - commit 9c7ade3
* Tue Aug 16 2022
  - rpm/ simplify find for usrmerged
    The type test and print line are the same for both cases. The usrmerged
    case only ignores more, so refactor it to make it more obvious.
  - commit 583c9be
* Tue Aug 16 2022
  - x86: link vdso and boot with -z noexecstack
    - -no-warn-rwx-segments (binutils 2.39).
  - commit 4fdb301
* Tue Aug 16 2022
  - Makefile: link with -z noexecstack --no-warn-rwx-segments
  - commit 7c9d0cf
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - config.conf: reenable armv7hl configs
  - Update config files for armv7hl (following x86_64 settings,
    compiling as module unless DEBUG or DEPRECATED)
  - commit 0329b6a
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 8711731
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - armv7hl: rebuilt as an overlay over default config
    generated automatically with scripts/config-diff
  - commit 1d75725
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - armv6/v7: enable BT_VIRTIO
  - commit ba8dcca
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - Refresh and re-apply i8042 quirk patch for ASUS ZenBook (bsc#1190256)
  - commit aeed1e4
* Mon Aug 15 2022
  - Update to 6.0-rc1
  - eliminate 4 patches (all mainline)
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-Always-warn-if-user-defined-modes-are-not-suppor.patch
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-client-Don-t-add-new-command-line-mode.patch
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-client-Look-for-command-line-modes-first.patch
    - patches.suse/ath9k-fix-use-after-free-in-ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb.patch
  - disable
    - patches.suse/Input-i8042-Apply-probe-defer-to-more-ASUS-ZenBook-m.patch
  - refresh
    - patches.suse/add-suse-supported-flag.patch
    - patches.suse/add-product-identifying-information-to-vmcoreinfo.patch
    - patches.suse/vfs-add-super_operations-get_inode_dev
    - patches.suse/Revert-zram-remove-double-compression-logic.patch
  - disable ARM architectures (need config update)
  - new config options
    - General setup
    - Power management and ACPI options
    - Networking support
    - File systems
    - Security options
    - IMA_KEXEC=n
    - Cryptographic API
    - CRYPTO_FIPS_NAME="Linux Kernel Cryptographic API"
    - CRYPTO_HCTR2=m
    - Kernel hacking
    - RV=n
    - PCI support
    - PCI_EPF_VNTB=m
    - Block devices
    - BLK_DEV_UBLK=m
    - NVME Support
    - NVME_AUTH=n
    - Network device support
    - TXGBE=m
    - CAN_CAN327=m
    - CAN_ESD_USB=m
    - Sound card support
    - SND_SOC_AMD_ST_ES8336_MACH=m
    - SND_SOC_TAS2780=n
    - SND_SOC_WSA883X=n
    - USB support
    - UCSI_STM32G0=m
    - TYPEC_ANX7411=m
    - Microsoft Surface Platform-Specific Device Drivers
    - Industrial I/O support
    - VF610_ADC=n
    - Misc devices
    - TCG_TIS_I2C=m
    - SENSORS_LT7182S=m
    - VIDEO_AR0521=m
    - LEDS_IS31FL319X=m
    - PWM_CLK=m
    - RESET_TI_TPS380X=n
    - OF dependent (i386, ppc64/ppc64le, riscv64)
    - DRM_PANEL_EBBG_FT8719=n
    - DRM_TI_DLPC3433=n
    - I2C_HID_OF_ELAN=m
    - RTC_DRV_NCT3018Y=m
    - ppc64(le), s390x and riscv64
    - ppc64le and riscv64
    - ppc64 / ppc64le
    - s390x
    - riscv64
    - SND_SOC_HDA=m
  - commit c35dc38
* Fri Aug 12 2022
  - drm/amd/display: Removing assert statements for Linux
  - drm/amd/display: Add SMU logging code (bsc#1202366).
  - commit 9b717b4
* Fri Aug 12 2022
  - Refresh patches.suse/iwlwifi-module-firmware-ucode-fix.patch.
    Now iwlwifi queries *-72.ucode, but again, this is non-existing version.
    Correct to the existing *-71.ucode
  - commit 58a95c5
* Thu Aug 11 2022
  - Linux 5.19.1 (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/speculation: Add LFENCE to RSB fill sequence (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/speculation: Add RSB VM Exit protections (bsc#1012628).
  - macintosh/adb: fix oob read in do_adb_query() function
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Realtek RTL8852C support ID 0x13D3:0x3586
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Realtek RTL8852C support ID 0x13D3:0x3587
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Realtek RTL8852C support ID 0x0CB8:0xC558
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Realtek RTL8852C support ID 0x04C5:0x1675
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Realtek RTL8852C support ID 0x04CA:0x4007
  - Bluetooth: btusb: Add support of IMC Networks PID 0x3568
  - dt-bindings: bluetooth: broadcom: Add BCM4349B1 DT binding
  - Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add DT compatible for CYW55572
  - Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add BCM4349B1 variant (bsc#1012628).
  - Bluetooth: hci_qca: Return wakeup for qca_wakeup (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: set UXN on swapper page tables (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: sata_mv: Fixes expected number of resources now IRQs are
    gone (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: arm64/poly1305 - fix a read out-of-bound (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: APEI: Better fix to avoid spamming the console with old
    error logs (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: video: Shortening quirk list by identifying Clevo by
    board_name only (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: video: Force backlight native for some TongFang devices
  - tools/vm/slabinfo: Handle files in debugfs (bsc#1012628).
  - block: fix default IO priority handling again (bsc#1012628).
  - commit a5bf6c0
* Thu Aug 11 2022
  - mm/mprotect: fix soft-dirty check in can_change_pte_writable()
    (bsc#1202013 CVE-2022-2590).
  - commit 46cb433
* Thu Aug 11 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit e707d80
* Thu Aug 11 2022
  - mm/gup: fix FOLL_FORCE COW security issue and remove FOLL_COW
    (bsc#1202013 CVE-2022-2590).
  - commit cbcf3e8
* Wed Aug 10 2022
  - config: Disable reiserfs kernel module (bsc#1202309).
    Future access of reiserfs file systems can be done by using the FUSE
    implementation of reiserfs that ships with GRUB.
    $ grub2-mount <dev> /path/to/mountpoint
  - commit db8891f
* Wed Aug 10 2022
  - kbuild: dummy-tools: pretend we understand __LONG_DOUBLE_128__
    (ppc config fix).
  - Update config files.
    This sets PPC_LONG_DOUBLE_128 automatically and allows us to set
    DRM_AMD_SECURE_DISPLAY too. I set it to y to copy other architectures.
  - commit 48dfdff
* Tue Aug 09 2022
  - Update config files -- set SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VALUE=0 (bsc#1202280)
  - commit 6a791bc
* Tue Aug 09 2022
  - Revert "zram: remove double compression logic" (bsc#1202203).
  - commit 9739fe2
* Tue Aug 09 2022
  - mt76: mt7921e: fix crash in chip reset fail (bsc#1201845).
  - commit 6263241
* Tue Aug 09 2022
  - tools bpftool: Don't display disassembler-four-args feature test
  - tools bpftool: Fix compilation error with new binutils
  - tools bpf_jit_disasm: Don't display disassembler-four-args
    feature test (bsc#1202195).
  - tools bpf_jit_disasm: Fix compilation error with new binutils
  - tools perf: Fix compilation error with new binutils
  - tools include: add dis-asm-compat.h to handle version
    differences (bsc#1202195).
  - tools build: Don't display disassembler-four-args feature test
  - tools build: Add feature test for init_disassemble_info API
    changes (bsc#1202195).
  - commit fa8853d
* Tue Aug 09 2022
  - series.conf: remove blank line from sorted section
    It causes troubles when adding multiple patches -- the current ones are
    duplicated then.
  - commit 309e362
* Sat Aug 06 2022
  - Update
    Add a reference and refresh.
  - commit 5ea3c65
* Sat Aug 06 2022
  - Revert "Revert "tcp: change pingpong threshold to 3"" (eventlet
    tests fix).
  - commit 8268096
* Fri Aug 05 2022
  - series.conf: cleanup
  - update upstream references and resort:
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-Always-warn-if-user-defined-modes-are-not-suppor.patch
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-client-Don-t-add-new-command-line-mode.patch
    - patches.suse/0001-drm-client-Look-for-command-line-modes-first.patch
  - update upstream references and move into sorted section:
    - patches.suse/ath9k-fix-use-after-free-in-ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb.patch
  - commit 35466a9
* Wed Aug 03 2022
  - Update config files (bsc#1184924).
    This is set on all other platforms in Tumbleweed, and only on ARM in
    Leap. The ARM platform is unique in that it can have random source
    defined in EFI firmware as well as device tree, and we don't test this
    configuration in Factory because of the inverted config situation
    betwween Tumbleweed and Leap.
  - commit 1275841
* Tue Aug 02 2022
  - Fix parsing of rpm/macros.kernel-source on SLE12 (bsc#1201019).
  - commit 9816878
* Sun Jul 31 2022
  - Update to 5.19 final
  - refresh configs
  - commit e9f89c9
* Sat Jul 30 2022
  - Linux 5.18.15 (bsc#1012628).
  - watch-queue: remove spurious double semicolon (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: disable IMR boot when resuming from ACPI S4
    and S5 states (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: pm: add definitions for S4 and S5 states
  - ASoC: SOF: pm: add explicit behavior for ACPI S1 and S2
  - watchqueue: make sure to serialize 'wqueue->defunct' properly
  - x86/alternative: Report missing return thunk details
  - x86/amd: Use IBPB for firmware calls (bsc#1012628).
  - exfat: use updated exfat_chain directly during renaming
  - exfat: fix referencing wrong parent directory information
    after renaming (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - re-enable registration of algorithms
  - crypto: qat - add param check for DH (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - add param check for RSA (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - remove dma_free_coherent() for DH (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - remove dma_free_coherent() for RSA (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - fix memory leak in RSA (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - add backlog mechanism (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - refactor submission logic (bsc#1012628).
  - crypto: qat - use pre-allocated buffers in datapath
  - crypto: qat - set to zero DH parameters before free
  - dlm: fix pending remove if msg allocation fails (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: lan966x: Fix the lan966x clock gate register address
  - x86/bugs: Warn when "ibrs" mitigation is selected on Enhanced
    IBRS parts (bsc#1012628).
  - perf/x86/intel/lbr: Fix unchecked MSR access error on HSW
  - sched/deadline: Fix BUG_ON condition for deboosted tasks
  - bpf: Make sure mac_header was set before using it (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/mempolicy: fix uninit-value in mpol_rebind_policy()
  - KVM: Don't null dereference ops->destroy (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: bcm2835: bcm2835_spi_handle_err(): fix NULL pointer deref
    for non DMA transfers (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: selftests: Fix target thread to be migrated in rseq_test
  - gpio: gpio-xilinx: Fix integer overflow (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: gpio: fix include path to kernel headers for out
    of tree builds (bsc#1012628).
  - net/sched: cls_api: Fix flow action initialization
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_max_reordering
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_abort_on_overflow
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_rfc1337 (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_stdurg (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_retrans_collapse
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_slow_start_after_idle
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_thin_linear_timeouts
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_recovery (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_early_retrans
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl knobs related to SYN option
  - udp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_udp_l3mdev_accept
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_prot_sock (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv4: Fix data-races around sysctl_fib_multipath_hash_fields
  - ipv4: Fix data-races around sysctl_fib_multipath_hash_policy
  - ipv4: Fix a data-race around sysctl_fib_multipath_use_neigh
  - can: rcar_canfd: Add missing of_node_put() in rcar_canfd_probe()
  - drm/imx/dcss: Add missing of_node_put() in fail path
  - drm/panel-edp: Fix variable typo when saving hpd absent delay
    from DT (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: do not use amt->nr_tunnels outside of lock (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: drop unexpected multicast data (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: drop unexpected query message (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: drop unexpected advertisement message (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: add missing regeneration nonce logic in request logic
  - amt: use READ_ONCE() in amt module (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: remove unnecessary locks (bsc#1012628).
  - amt: use workqueue for gateway side message handling
  - net: dsa: vitesse-vsc73xx: silent spi_device_id warnings
  - net: dsa: sja1105: silent spi_device_id warnings (bsc#1012628).
  - be2net: Fix buffer overflow in be_get_module_eeprom
  - gpio: pca953x: use the correct register address when regcache
    sync during init (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: pca953x: use the correct range when do regmap sync
  - gpio: pca953x: only use single read/write for No AI mode
  - net: stmmac: remove redunctant disable xPCS EEE call
  - net: dsa: fix NULL pointer dereference in
    dsa_port_reset_vlan_filtering (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: move reset of VLAN filtering to
    dsa_port_switchdev_unsync_attrs (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: fix dsa_port_vlan_filtering when global (bsc#1012628).
  - ixgbe: Add locking to prevent panic when setting sriov_numvfs
    to zero (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix erroneous adapter reinitialization during recovery
    process (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Fix usage of lan966x->mac_lock when used by FDB
  - net: lan966x: Fix usage of lan966x->mac_lock inside
    lan966x_mac_irq_handler (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Fix usage of lan966x->mac_lock when entry is
    removed (bsc#1012628).
  - net: lan966x: Fix usage of lan966x->mac_lock when entry is added
  - net: lan966x: Fix taking rtnl_lock while holding spin_lock
  - pinctrl: armada-37xx: make irq_lock a raw spinlock to avoid
    invalid wait context (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: armada-37xx: Reuse GPIO fwnode in
    armada_37xx_irqchip_register() (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: CPPC: Don't require flexible address space if
    X86_FEATURE_CPPC is supported (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix missing state logs (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix handling of dummy receive descriptors (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Disallow changing rx/tx-frames and rx/tx-frames-irq
  - iavf: Fix VLAN_V2 addition/rejection (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_fastopen_blackhole_timeout
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_fastopen (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_max_syn_backlog (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_tw_reuse (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_notsent_lowat
  - tcp: Fix data-races around some timeout sysctl knobs
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_reordering (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_migrate_req (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_syncookies (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_syn(ack)?_retries
  - tcp: Fix data-races around keepalive sysctl knobs (bsc#1012628).
  - igmp: Fix data-races around sysctl_igmp_qrv (bsc#1012628).
  - igmp: Fix data-races around sysctl_igmp_max_msf (bsc#1012628).
  - igmp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_igmp_max_memberships
  - igmp: Fix data-races around sysctl_igmp_llm_reports
  - net: prestera: acl: use proper mask for port selector
  - net/tls: Fix race in TLS device down flow (bsc#1012628).
  - net: stmmac: fix dma queue left shift overflow issue
  - pinctrl: ocelot: Fix pincfg (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: ocelot: Fix pincfg for lan966x (bsc#1012628).
  - perf tests: Fix Convert perf time to TSC test for hybrid
  - perf tests: Stop Convert perf time to TSC test opening events
    twice (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: cadence: Change large transfer count reset logic to be
    unconditional (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: mlxcpld: Fix register setting for 400KHz frequency
  - tcp/udp: Make early_demux back namespacified (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: microchip: ksz_common: Fix refcount leak bug
  - net: stmmac: fix unbalanced ptp clock issue in suspend/resume
    flow (bsc#1012628).
  - net: stmmac: fix pm runtime issue in stmmac_dvr_remove()
  - stmmac: dwmac-mediatek: fix clock issue (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_probe_interval
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_probe_threshold
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_mtu_probe_floor
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_min_snd_mss (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_base_mss (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_mtu_probing (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_l3mdev_accept
  - tcp: sk->sk_bound_dev_if once in inet_request_bound_dev_if()
  - tcp/dccp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_fwmark_accept
  - ip: Fix a data-race around sysctl_fwmark_reflect (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: Fix a data-race around sysctl_ip_autobind_reuse
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_nonlocal_bind (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_fwd_update_priority
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_fwd_use_pmtu (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_no_pmtu_disc (bsc#1012628).
  - igc: Reinstate IGC_REMOVED logic and implement it properly
  - Revert "e1000e: Fix possible HW unit hang after an s0ix exit"
  - e1000e: Enable GPT clock before sending message to CSME
  - perf/core: Fix data race between perf_event_set_output()
    and perf_mmap_close() (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: sunplus: Add check for kcalloc (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: ralink: Check for null return of devm_kcalloc
  - pinctrl: ralink: rename pinctrl-rt2880 to pinctrl-ralink
  - pinctrl: ralink: rename MT7628(an) functions to MT76X8
  - RDMA/irdma: Fix sleep from invalid context BUG (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/irdma: Do not advertise 1GB page size for x722
  - power/reset: arm-versatile: Fix refcount leak in
    versatile_reboot_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - power: supply: ab8500_fg: add missing destroy_workqueue in
    ab8500_fg_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - xfrm: xfrm_policy: fix a possible double xfrm_pols_put()
    in xfrm_bundle_lookup() (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_default_ttl (bsc#1012628).
  - r8152: fix a WOL issue (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: hv: Fix interrupt mapping for multi-MSI (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: hv: Reuse existing IRTE allocation in compose_msi_msg()
  - PCI: hv: Fix hv_arch_irq_unmask() for multi-MSI (bsc#1012628).
  - PCI: hv: Fix multi-MSI to allow more than one MSI vector
  - bus: mhi: host: pci_generic: add Telit FN990 (bsc#1012628).
  - bus: mhi: host: pci_generic: add Telit FN980 v1 hardware
    revision (bsc#1012628).
  - net: usb: ax88179_178a needs FLAG_SEND_ZLP (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/scheduler: Don't kill jobs in interrupt context
  - drm/amd/display: Fix new dmub notification enabling in DM
  - drm/ttm: fix locking in vmap/vunmap TTM GEM helpers
  - mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Set WAIT_FOR_READY timeout based on
    program/erase times (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-omap: Fix a lockdep warning for PM runtime init
  - lockdown: Fix kexec lockdown bypass with ima policy
  - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Fix IPv4 nexthop gateway indication
  - riscv: add as-options for modules with assembly compontents
  - pinctrl: stm32: fix optional IRQ support to gpios (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: armada-37xx: use raw spinlocks for regmap to avoid
    invalid wait context (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 0b7935a
* Tue Jul 26 2022
  - armv7hl: Update config files. (bsc#1201857)
    Unify IWLWIFI debug options with other archs.
  - armv7hl: Update config files. (bsc#1201857)
    Enable PCI wifi chips
  - commit 0cc672e
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - config: riscv64: Enable DRM stack for early-boot graphics (boo#1201833)
    Replace fbdev's generic drivers with DRM-based simpledrm. Enables the
    DRM graphics stack for early-boot graphics, recovery and unsupported
  - commit b8947d7
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - config: armv7hl: Enable DRM stack for early-boot graphics (boo#1193475)
    Replace fbdev's generic drivers with DRM-based simpledrm. Enables the
    DRM graphics stack for early-boot graphics, recovery and unsupported
  - commit 374bc62
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - config: armv6hl: Enable DRM stack for early-boot graphics (boo#1193475)
    Replace fbdev's generic drivers with DRM-based simpledrm. Enables the
    DRM graphics stack for early-boot graphics, recovery and unsupported
  - commit 07f549a
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - config: arm64: Enable DRM stack for early-boot graphics (boo#1193475)
    Replace fbdev's generic drivers with DRM-based simpledrm. Enables the
    DRM graphics stack for early-boot graphics, recovery and unsupported
  - commit 146fbca
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - Update to 5.19-rc8
  - update configs
    - PINCTRL_AMD=y (arm64 only, no longer allowed to be a module)
  - commit 96ba878
* Sun Jul 24 2022
  - config: update and enable armv6hl
    Config option values were taken from global 5.19 updates while armv6hl
    configs were disabled, arm64 updates in commit 14beb34d0af9 ("config:
    update and enable arm64") and armv7hl config updates in commit 36833cf30926
    ("config: update and enable armv7hl").
  - commit de516ba
* Sun Jul 24 2022
  - config: update and enable armv7hl
    The list below omits config options update globally while armv7hl configs
    were disabled and config options updated on arm64 for 5.19 in commit
    14beb34d0af9 ("config: update and enable arm64").
  - new config options
    - ARCH_HPE=y
    - ARCH_HPE_GXP=y
    - ARM_ERRATA_764319=y
    - GVE=m
    - PINCTRL_IMXRT1170=y
    - MEDIA_CEC_RC=y
    - COMMON_CLK_EN7523=y
  - new config options in armv7hl/lpae
  - commit 36833cf
* Sun Jul 24 2022
  - config: update and enable arm64
    The list below omits config options updated globally while arm64 configs
    were disabled.
  - new config options
    - ARM64_SME=y
    - MTK_ADSP_IPC=m
    - NVME_APPLE=m
    - SPI_MTK_SNFI=m
    - PINCTRL_IMXRT1170=m
    - PINCTRL_MT6795=y
    - DRM_MSM_MDP4=y
    - DRM_MSM_MDP5=y
    - DRM_MSM_DPU=y
    - DRM_MSM_HDMI=y
    - DRM_FSL_LDB=m
    - DRM_LONTIUM_LT9211=m
    - DRM_SSD130X_SPI=m
    - SND_SOC_MT8195_MT6359=m
    - SND_SOC_SOF_MT8186=m
    - TEGRA186_GPC_DMA=m
    - COMMON_CLK_MT8186=y
    - SC_GCC_8280XP=m
    - SC_LPASS_CORECC_7280=m
    - APPLE_SART=m
    - PWM_XILINX=m
    - HTE_TEGRA194=m
    - HTE_TEGRA194_TEST=n
  - commit 14beb34
* Sat Jul 23 2022
  - riscv: enable CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
  - new config options
  - commit 2477a0c
* Sat Jul 23 2022
  - riscv: enable CONFIG_FTRACE
    - new config options
  - commit 9875d6f
* Sat Jul 23 2022
  - Linux 5.18.14 (bsc#1012628).
  - objtool: skip non-text sections when adding return-thunk sites
  - x86/speculation: Use DECLARE_PER_CPU for x86_spec_ctrl_current
  - efi/x86: use naked RET on mixed mode call wrapper (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: emulate: do not adjust size of fastop and setcc subroutines
  - tools arch x86: Sync the msr-index.h copy with the kernel
    sources (bsc#1012628).
  - tools headers cpufeatures: Sync with the kernel sources
  - um: Add missing apply_returns() (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 847b26a
* Sat Jul 23 2022
  - Linux 5.18.13 (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add Belimo device ids (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: add missing uevent when partner support PD
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix event pending check (bsc#1012628).
  - gpio: sim: fix the chip_name configfs item (bsc#1012628).
  - tty: serial: samsung_tty: set dma burst_size to 1 (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/xen: Use clear_bss() for Xen PV guests (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda - Add fixup for Dell Latitidue E5430 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/conexant: Apply quirk for another HP ProDesk 600 G3
    model (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix headset mic for Acer SF313-51
  - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix headset mic problem for a HP machine
    with alc671 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: fix mute/micmute LEDs for HP machines
  - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix headset mic problem for a HP machine
    with alc221 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable the headset-mic on a Xiaomi's laptop
  - xen/netback: avoid entering xenvif_rx_next_skb() with an empty
    rx queue (bsc#1012628).
  - fix race between exit_itimers() and /proc/pid/timers
  - mm: userfaultfd: fix UFFDIO_CONTINUE on fallocated shmem pages
  - mm: sparsemem: fix missing higher order allocation splitting
  - mm: split huge PUD on wp_huge_pud fallback (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/damon: use set_huge_pte_at() to make huge pte old
  - tracing/histograms: Fix memory leak problem (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sock: tracing: Fix sock_exceed_buf_limit not to dereference
    stale pointer (bsc#1012628).
  - ip: fix dflt addr selection for connected nexthop (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9213/1: Print message about disabled Spectre workarounds
    only once (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9214/1: alignment: advance IT state after emulating Thumb
    instruction (bsc#1012628).
  - wifi: mac80211: fix queue selection for mesh/OCB interfaces
  - cgroup: Use separate src/dst nodes when preloading css_sets
    for migration (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: return -EAGAIN for NOWAIT dio reads/writes on compressed
    and inline extents (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: zoned: fix a leaked bioc in read_zone_info (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/panfrost: Put mapping instead of shmem obj on
    panfrost_mmu_map_fault_addr() error (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/panfrost: Fix shrinker list corruption by madvise IOCTL
  - fs/remap: constrain dedupe of EOF blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - nilfs2: fix incorrect masking of permission flags for symlinks
  - sh: convert nommu io{re,un}map() to static inline functions
  - Revert "evm: Fix memleak in init_desc" (bsc#1012628).
  - reset: Fix devm bulk optional exclusive control getter
  - arm64: dts: ls1028a: Update SFP node to include clock
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-ts7970: Fix ngpio typo and count
  - riscv: dts: microchip: hook up the mpfs' l2cache (bsc#1012628).
  - spi: amd: Limit max transfer and message size (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9209/1: Spectre-BHB: avoid pr_info() every time a CPU
    comes out of idle (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9210/1: Mark the FDT_FIXED sections as shareable
  - net/mlx5e: kTLS, Fix build time constant test in TX
  - net/mlx5e: kTLS, Fix build time constant test in RX
  - net/mlx5e: Fix enabling sriov while tc nic rules are offloaded
  - net/mlx5e: CT: Use own workqueue instead of mlx5e priv
  - net/mlx5e: Fix capability check for updating vnic env counters
  - net/mlx5e: Ring the TX doorbell on DMA errors (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: keep fbdev buffers pinned during suspend
  - drm/amdgpu/display: disable prefer_shadow for generic fb helpers
  - drm/i915: fix a possible refcount leak in
    intel_dp_add_mst_connector() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/guc: ADL-N should use the same GuC FW as ADL-S
  - ima: Fix a potential integer overflow in
    ima_appraise_measurement (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix noise on shutdown/remove (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2764: Add post reset delays (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2764: Fix and extend FSYNC polarity handling
  - ASoC: tas2764: Correct playback volume range (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: tas2764: Fix amp gain register offset & default
  - ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Correct the ssp rate discovery in
    skl_get_ssp_clks() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Correct the handling of fmt_config
    flexible array (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: ecache: move to separate structure (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: conntrack: split inner loop of list dumping to own
    function (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: ecache: use dedicated list for event redelivery
  - netfilter: conntrack: include ecache dying list in dumps
  - netfilter: conntrack: remove the percpu dying list
  - netfilter: conntrack: fix crash due to confirmed bit load
    reordering (bsc#1012628).
  - net: stmmac: dwc-qos: Disable split header for Tegra194
  - net: ethernet: ti: am65-cpsw: Fix devlink port register sequence
  - net: ocelot: fix wrong time_after usage (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_douintvec() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec_minmax() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_douintvec_minmax() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_doulongvec_minmax()
  - sysctl: Fix data races in proc_dointvec_jiffies() (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_max_orphans
  - inetpeer: Fix data-races around sysctl (bsc#1012628).
  - net: Fix data-races around sysctl_mem (bsc#1012628).
  - cipso: Fix data-races around sysctl (bsc#1012628).
  - icmp: Fix data-races around sysctl (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv4: Fix a data-race around sysctl_fib_sync_mem (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2: Fix typo in i2s1 node (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: sunxi: Fix SPI NOR campatible on Orange Pi Zero
  - arm64: dts: broadcom: bcm4908: Fix timer node for BCM4906 SoC
  - arm64: dts: broadcom: bcm4908: Fix cpu node for smp boot
  - netfilter: nf_log: incorrect offset to network header
  - nfp: fix issue of skb segments exceeds descriptor limitation
  - vlan: fix memory leak in vlan_newlink() (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: replace BUG_ON by element length check
  - RISC-V: KVM: Fix SRCU deadlock caused by
    kvm_riscv_check_vcpu_requests() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gvt: IS_ERR() vs NULL bug in
    intel_gvt_update_reg_whitelist() (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/gntdev: Ignore failure to unmap INVALID_GRANT_HANDLE
  - mptcp: fix subflow traversal at disconnect time (bsc#1012628).
  - NFSD: Decode NFSv4 birth time attribute (bsc#1012628).
  - lockd: set fl_owner when unlocking files (bsc#1012628).
  - lockd: fix nlm_close_files (bsc#1012628).
  - net: marvell: prestera: fix missed deinit sequence
  - ice: handle E822 generic device ID in PLDM header (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: change devlink code to read NVM in blocks (bsc#1012628).
  - tracing: Fix sleeping while atomic in kdb ftdump (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/selftests: fix a couple IS_ERR() vs NULL tests
  - drm/i915/ttm: fix sg_table construction (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gt: Serialize GRDOM access between multiple engine
    resets (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gt: Serialize TLB invalidates with GT resets
  - drm/i915/selftests: fix subtraction overflow bug (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: reclaim max resources if sriov enable fails
  - bnxt_en: Fix bnxt_reinit_after_abort() code path (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: fix livepatch query (bsc#1012628).
  - bnxt_en: Fix bnxt_refclk_read() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data-races in proc_dou8vec_minmax() (bsc#1012628).
  - sysctl: Fix data-races in proc_dointvec_ms_jiffies()
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_max_tw_buckets (bsc#1012628).
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_all
  - icmp: Fix data-races around sysctl_icmp_echo_enable_probe
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around
    sysctl_icmp_ignore_bogus_error_responses (bsc#1012628).
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around
    sysctl_icmp_errors_use_inbound_ifaddr (bsc#1012628).
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_icmp_ratelimit
  - icmp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_icmp_ratemask (bsc#1012628).
  - raw: Fix a data-race around sysctl_raw_l3mdev_accept
  - tcp: Fix data-races around sysctl_tcp_ecn (bsc#1012628).
  - tcp: Fix a data-race around sysctl_tcp_ecn_fallback
  - ipv4: Fix data-races around sysctl_ip_dynaddr (bsc#1012628).
  - nexthop: Fix data-races around nexthop_compat_mode
  - net: ftgmac100: Hold reference returned by
    of_get_child_by_name() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: stmmac: fix leaks in probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ima: force signature verification when CONFIG_KEXEC_SIG is
    configured (bsc#1012628).
  - ima: Fix potential memory leak in ima_init_crypto()
  - drm/amd/display: Ignore First MST Sideband Message Return Error
  - drm/amdkfd: correct the MEC atomic support firmware checking
    for GC 10.3.7 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Only use depth 36 bpp linebuffers on DCN
    display engines (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/pm: Prevent divide by zero (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Ensure valid event timestamp for cursor-only
    commits (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: workaround negprot bug in some Samba servers
  - sfc: fix use after free when disabling sriov (bsc#1012628).
  - netfs: do not unlock and put the folio twice (bsc#1012628).
  - seg6: fix skb checksum evaluation in SRH encapsulation/insertion
  - seg6: fix skb checksum in SRv6 End.B6 and End.B6.Encaps
    behaviors (bsc#1012628).
  - seg6: bpf: fix skb checksum in bpf_push_seg6_encap()
  - sfc: fix kernel panic when creating VF (bsc#1012628).
  - net: atlantic: remove deep parameter on suspend/resume functions
  - net: atlantic: remove aq_nic_deinit() when resume (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: x86: Fully initialize 'struct kvm_lapic_irq' in
    kvm_pv_kick_cpu_op() (bsc#1012628).
  - net/tls: Check for errors in tls_device_init (bsc#1012628).
  - mm: sysctl: fix missing numa_stat when !CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE
  - ARM: 9211/1: domain: drop modify_domain() (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: 9212/1: domain: Modify Kconfig help text (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: dt-bindings: Fix description for msm8916 (bsc#1012628).
  - tee: tee_get_drvdata(): fix description of return value
  - s390/nospec: build expoline.o for modules_prepare target
  - scsi: megaraid: Clear READ queue map's nr_queues (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ufs: core: Drop loglevel of WriteBoost message
  - nvme: fix block device naming collision (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: use SOCK_NONBLOCK type for kernel_accept() (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/xive/spapr: correct bitmap allocation size
  - vdpa/mlx5: Initialize CVQ vringh only once (bsc#1012628).
  - vduse: Tie vduse mgmtdev and its device (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: intel/pmc: Add Alder Lake N support to PMC core
    driver (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio_mmio: Add missing PM calls to freeze/restore
  - virtio_mmio: Restore guest page size on resume (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_tables: avoid skb access on nf_stolen
  - netfilter: br_netfilter: do not skip all hooks with 0 priority
  - scsi: hisi_sas: Limit max hw sectors for v3 HW (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: pmac32-cpufreq: Fix refcount leak bug (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: thinkpad-acpi: profile capabilities as integer
  - platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: do not use PSC mode on Intel
    platforms (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Ignore Sanitization Mode event
  - net: tipc: fix possible refcount leak in tipc_sk_create()
  - NFC: nxp-nci: don't print header length mismatch on i2c error
  - nvme-tcp: always fail a request when sending it failed
  - nvme: fix regression when disconnect a recovering ctrl
  - net: sfp: fix memory leak in sfp_probe() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: ops: Fix off by one in range control validation
  - pinctrl: aspeed: Fix potential NULL dereference in
    aspeed_pinmux_set_mux() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: Realtek/Maxim SoundWire codecs: disable pm_runtime on
    remove (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rt711-sdca-sdw: fix calibrate mutex initialization
  - ASoC: Intel: sof_sdw: handle errors on card registration
  - ASoC: rt711: fix calibrate mutex initialization (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rt7*-sdw: harden jack_detect_handler (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: rt700/rt711/rt711-sdca: initialize workqueues
    in probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda-dsp: Expose hda_dsp_core_power_up()
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda-loader: Make sure that the fw load
    sequence is followed (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda-loader: Clarify the cl_dsp_init() flow
  - ASoC: wcd9335: Remove RX channel from old list before adding
    it to a new one (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: wcd9335: Fix spurious event generation (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: wcd938x: Fix event generation for some controls
  - ASoC: Intel: bytcr_wm5102: Fix GPIO related probe-ordering
    problem (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: wm_adsp: Fix event for preloader (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: wm5110: Fix DRE control (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs35l41: Correct some control names (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rt711-sdca: fix kernel NULL pointer dereference when IO
    error (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: dapm: Initialise kcontrol data for mux/demux controls
  - ASoC: cs35l41: Add ASP TX3/4 source to register patch
  - ASoC: cs47l15: Fix event generation for low power mux control
  - ASoC: madera: Fix event generation for OUT1 demux (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: madera: Fix event generation for rate controls
  - irqchip: or1k-pic: Undefine mask_ack for level triggered
    hardware (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: imx: Add the zero base flag for imx93 (bsc#1012628).
  - x86: Clear .brk area at early boot (bsc#1012628).
  - soc: ixp4xx/npe: Fix unused match warning (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: stm32: use the correct clock source for CEC on
    stm32mp151 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "can: xilinx_can: Limit CANFD brp to 2" (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirks for MacroSilicon MS2100/MS2106
    devices (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Fiero SC-01 (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Fiero SC-01 (fw v1.0.0)
  - nvme-pci: phison e16 has bogus namespace ids (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: use struct group for generic command dwords (bsc#1012628).
  - wireguard: selftests: set fake real time in init (bsc#1012628).
  - wireguard: selftests: always call kernel makefile (bsc#1012628).
  - signal handling: don't use BUG_ON() for debugging (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: video: Fix acpi_video_handles_brightness_key_presses()
  - vt: fix memory overlapping when deleting chars in the buffer
  - s390/ap: fix error handling in __verify_queue_reservations()
  - ACPI: CPPC: Fix enabling CPPC on AMD systems with shared memory
  - serial: 8250: fix return error code in
    serial8250_request_std_resource() (bsc#1012628).
  - power: supply: core: Fix boundary conditions in interpolation
  - serial: stm32: Clear prev values before setting RTS delays
  - serial: pl011: UPSTAT_AUTORTS requires .throttle/unthrottle
  - serial: 8250: Fix PM usage_count for console handover
  - serial: mvebu-uart: correctly report configured baudrate value
  - x86/pat: Fix x86_has_pat_wp() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/ttm: fix 32b build (bsc#1012628).
  - Refresh patches.suse/x86-mm-Simplify-RESERVE_BRK.patch.
  - commit b66ab1b
* Thu Jul 21 2022
  - arm64: Update config files. (bsc#1198737)
    Enable RTC_DRV_RX8025 to support RX-8035 on Traveres Ten64 board.
  - commit 74f2920
* Wed Jul 20 2022
  - kernel-obs-build: include qemu_fw_cfg (boo#1201705)
  - commit e2263d4
* Wed Jul 20 2022
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 6a770c6
* Wed Jul 20 2022
  - Delete
    No traces of the objtool patch in upstream whatsoever, so drop that.
    The rest: move out of as it hasn't landed there yet.
    Place the patches into sorted section instead where they belong.
  - commit 3415e51
* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Input: i8042 - Apply probe defer to more ASUS ZenBook models
  - commit 6307fb1
* Mon Jul 18 2022
  - config: i386: Enable DRM stack for early-boot graphics (boo#1193474)
    Replace fbdev's generic drivers with DRM-based simpledrm. Enables the
    DRM graphics stack for early-boot graphics, recovery and unsupported
  - commit 3305623
* Mon Jul 18 2022
  - x86/bugs: Remove apostrophe typo (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - commit 34930df
* Mon Jul 18 2022
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit fcd7336
* Sun Jul 17 2022
  - Update to 5.19-rc7
  - drop obsolete patches
    - patches.suse/tty-extract-tty_flip_buffer_commit-from-tty_flip_buf.patch
    - patches.suse/tty-use-new-tty_insert_flip_string_and_push_buffer-i.patch
  - update configs (x86 only)
    - RETHUNK=y
  - commit 900302b
* Fri Jul 15 2022
  - Linux 5.18.12 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix setting busy timeout setting"
  - commit 3198c22
* Fri Jul 15 2022
  - Refresh
    Update upstream status.
  - commit 4fcb983
* Fri Jul 15 2022
  - x86/mm: Simplify RESERVE_BRK() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - commit da1381f
* Fri Jul 15 2022
  - x86/entry: Remove UNTRAIN_RET from native_irq_return_ldt
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - commit ce3ce6a
* Fri Jul 15 2022
  - Refresh
    Update to upstream version.
  - commit 3f7e318
* Thu Jul 14 2022
  - rpm/ Require dwarves >= 1.22 on SLE15-SP3 or newer
    Dwarves 1.22 or newer is required to build kernels with BTF information
    embedded in modules.
  - commit ee19e9d
* Thu Jul 14 2022
  - x86/asm/32: Fix ANNOTATE_UNRET_SAFE use on 32-bit (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
    Update upstream status.
  - commit eae54b1
* Thu Jul 14 2022
  - tty: use new tty_insert_flip_string_and_push_buffer() in
    pty_write() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
  - tty: extract tty_flip_buffer_commit() from
    tty_flip_buffer_push() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
  - tty: use new tty_insert_flip_string_and_push_buffer() in
    pty_write() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
  - tty: extract tty_flip_buffer_commit() from
    tty_flip_buffer_push() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
  - commit cec52d3
* Thu Jul 14 2022
  - x86/kvm: fix FASTOP_SIZE when return thunks are enabled
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - commit 86ef7b4
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - x86/asm/32: fix ANNOTATE_UNRET_SAFE use on 32bit (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/static_call: Serialize __static_call_fixup() properly
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Disable RRSBA behavior (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/kexec: Disable RET on kexec (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/bugs: Do not enable IBPB-on-entry when IBPB is not supported
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/entry: Move PUSH_AND_CLEAR_REGS() back into error_entry
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Add Cannon lake to RETBleed affected CPU list
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - commit 834606b
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - x86/retbleed: Add fine grained Kconfig knobs (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - Update config files.
  - commit 9dbc2f6
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - x86/cpu/amd: Enumerate BTC_NO (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/common: Stamp out the stepping madness (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - KVM: VMX: Prevent RSB underflow before vmenter (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Fill RSB on vmexit for IBRS (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - KVM: VMX: Fix IBRS handling after vmexit (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - KVM: VMX: Prevent guest RSB poisoning attacks with eIBRS
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - KVM: VMX: Convert launched argument to flags (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - KVM: VMX: Flatten __vmx_vcpu_run() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - objtool: Re-add UNWIND_HINT_{SAVE_RESTORE} (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Remove x86_spec_ctrl_mask (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Use cached host SPEC_CTRL value for guest
    entry/exit (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Fix SPEC_CTRL write on SMT state change
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Fix firmware entry SPEC_CTRL handling
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/speculation: Fix RSB filling with CONFIG_RETPOLINE=n
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/cpu/amd: Add Spectral Chicken (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - objtool: Add entry UNRET validation (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/bugs: Do IBPB fallback check only once (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Add retbleed=ibpb (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/xen: Add UNTRAIN_RET (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/xen: Rename SYS* entry points (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - objtool: Update Retpoline validation (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - intel_idle: Disable IBRS during long idle (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Report Intel retbleed vulnerability (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Split spectre_v2_select_mitigation() and
    spectre_v2_user_select_mitigation() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/speculation: Add spectre_v2=ibrs option to support Kernel
    IBRS (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Optimize SPEC_CTRL MSR writes (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/entry: Add kernel IBRS implementation (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Keep a per-CPU IA32_SPEC_CTRL value (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bugs: Enable STIBP for JMP2RET (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - commit 023a0b9
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - x86/bugs: Add AMD retbleed= boot parameter (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - Update config files.
  - commit a4a04c4
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - x86/bugs: Report AMD retbleed vulnerability (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86: Add magic AMD return-thunk (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - objtool: Treat .text.__x86.* as noinstr (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/entry: Avoid very early RET (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86: Use return-thunk in asm code (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/sev: Avoid using __x86_return_thunk (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/vsyscall_emu/64: Don't use RET in vsyscall emulation
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/kvm: Fix SETcc emulation for return thunks (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/bpf: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/ftrace: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86,static_call: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - objtool: skip non-text sections when adding return-thunk sites
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86,objtool: Create .return_sites (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86: Undo return-thunk damage (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/retpoline: Use -mfunction-return (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/retpoline: Swizzle retpoline thunk (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/retpoline: Cleanup some #ifdefery (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/cpufeatures: Move RETPOLINE flags to word 11 (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/kvm/vmx: Make noinstr clean (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/entry: Remove skip_r11rcx (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
  - x86/entry: Don't call error_entry() for XENPV (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/entry: Move PUSH_AND_CLEAR_REGS out of error_entry()
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/entry: Switch the stack after error_entry() returns
    (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - x86/traps: Use pt_regs directly in fixup_bad_iret() (bsc#1199657
    CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
  - commit bc4fd7c
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - config: riscv: disable RISCV_BOOT_SPINWAIT
    We now rely on the SBI HSM extension which is provided by openSBI 0.7 or
  - commit 8752291
* Wed Jul 13 2022
  - config: riscv: disable RISCV_SBI_V01
    The SBI v0.1 API is obsolete.
  - commit 44178e7
* Tue Jul 12 2022
  - Linux 5.18.11 (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix provided buffer import (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: usb-audio: Workarounds for Behringer UMC 204/404 HD
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo L140PU (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: cs46xx: Fix missing snd_card_free() call at probe error
  - can: bcm: use call_rcu() instead of costly synchronize_rcu()
  - can: grcan: grcan_probe(): remove extra of_node_get()
  - can: gs_usb: gs_usb_open/close(): fix memory leak (bsc#1012628).
  - can: m_can: m_can_chip_config(): actually enable internal
    timestamping (bsc#1012628).
  - can: m_can: m_can_{read_fifo,echo_tx_event}(): shift timestamp
    to full 32 bits (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb: replace run-time checks with struct
    kvaser_usb_driver_info (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: fix CAN clock frequency
    regression (bsc#1012628).
  - can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: fix bittiming limits
  - can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_regmap_crc_read(): improve workaround
    handling for mcp2517fd (bsc#1012628).
  - can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_regmap_crc_read(): update workaround
    broken CRC on TBC register (bsc#1012628).
  - can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_stop(): add missing hrtimer_cancel()
  - bpf: Fix incorrect verifier simulation around jmp32's jeq/jne
  - bpf: Fix insufficient bounds propagation from
    adjust_scalar_min_max_vals (bsc#1012628).
  - usbnet: fix memory leak in error case (bsc#1012628).
  - net: rose: fix UAF bug caused by rose_t0timer_expiry
  - net: lan966x: hardcode the number of external ports
  - netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: release elements in clone from
    abort path (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/net: fix section name when using xdp_dummy.o
  - can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_register_get_dev_id(): use correct
    length to read dev_id (bsc#1012628).
  - can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_register_get_dev_id(): fix endianness
    conversion (bsc#1012628).
  - can: rcar_canfd: Fix data transmission failed on R-Car V3U
  - ASoC: qdsp6: q6apm-dai: unprepare stream if its already prepared
  - iommu/vt-d: Fix PCI bus rescan device hot add (bsc#1012628).
  - iommu/vt-d: Fix RID2PASID setup/teardown failure (bsc#1012628).
  - cxl/mbox: Use __le32 in get,set_lsa mailbox structures
  - cxl: Fix cleanup of port devices on failure to probe driver
  - fbdev: fbmem: Fix logo center image dx issue (bsc#1012628).
  - fbmem: Check virtual screen sizes in fb_set_var() (bsc#1012628).
  - fbcon: Disallow setting font bigger than screen size
  - fbcon: Prevent that screen size is smaller than font size
  - PM: runtime: Redefine pm_runtime_release_supplier()
  - PM: runtime: Fix supplier device management during consumer
    probe (bsc#1012628).
  - memregion: Fix memregion_free() fallback definition
  - video: of_display_timing.h: include errno.h (bsc#1012628).
  - fscache: Fix invalidation/lookup race (bsc#1012628).
  - fscache: Fix if condition in fscache_wait_on_volume_collision()
  - powerpc/powernv: delay rng platform device creation until
    later in boot (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: qca8k: reset cpu port on MTU change (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: meson: Fix refcount leak in meson_smp_prepare_cpus
  - pinctrl: sunxi: a83t: Fix NAND function name for some pins
  - srcu: Tighten cleanup_srcu_struct() GP checks (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: rt711: Add endianness flag in snd_soc_component_driver
  - ASoC: rt711-sdca: Add endianness flag in
    snd_soc_component_driver (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: codecs: rt700/rt711/rt711-sdca: resume bus/codec in
    .set_jack_detect (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: ipc3-topology: Move and correct size checks in
    sof_ipc3_control_load_bytes() (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Fix compressed stream position tracking
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sm8450: fix interconnects property of UFS node
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix CPU6/7 reg values (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: use dispcc AHB clock for mdss node
  - ARM: mxs_defconfig: Enable the framebuffer (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct mmc pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct the uart2 pinctl value
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct gpio-led pad settings
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct vbus pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct eqos pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C5 pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C1 pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C3 pad settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct uart pad
    settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct eqos pad
    settings (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct i2c2 & mmc
    settings (bsc#1012628).
  - pinctrl: sunxi: sunxi_pconf_set: use correct offset
  - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8992-*: Fix vdd_lvs1_2-supply typo
  - ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatible for sama5d2's rtc
  - ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatibles for sam9x60's rtc and rtt
  - ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatibles for sama7g5's rtc and rtt
  - ARM: dts: at91: sam9x60ek: fix eeprom compatible and size
  - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_icp: fix eeprom compatibles
  - ARM: at91: fix soc detection for SAM9X60 SiPs (bsc#1012628).
  - xsk: Clear page contiguity bit when unmapping pool
  - i2c: piix4: Fix a memory leak in the EFCH MMIO support
  - i40e: Fix dropped jumbo frames statistics (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix VF's MAC Address change on VM (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: stm32: add missing usbh clock and fix clk order on
    stm32mp15 (bsc#1012628).
  - ibmvnic: Properly dispose of all skbs during a failover
  - selftests: forwarding: fix flood_unicast_test when h2 supports
    IFF_UNICAST_FLT (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: forwarding: fix learning_test when h1 supports
    IFF_UNICAST_FLT (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: forwarding: fix error message in learning_test
  - ACPI: CPPC: Check _OSC for flexible address space (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: bus: Set CPPC _OSC bits for all and when CPPC_LIB is
    supported (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: CPPC: Only probe for _CPC if CPPC v2 is acked
  - ACPI: CPPC: Don't require _OSC if X86_FEATURE_CPPC is supported
  - net/mlx5e: Fix matchall police parameters validation
  - mptcp: Avoid acquiring PM lock for subflow priority changes
  - mptcp: Acquire the subflow socket lock before modifying MP_PRIO
    flags (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: fix local endpoint accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - r8169: fix accessing unset transport header (bsc#1012628).
  - i2c: cadence: Unregister the clk notifier in error path
  - net/sched: act_api: Add extack to offload_act_setup() callback
  - net/sched: act_police: Add extack messages for offload failure
  - net/sched: act_police: allow 'continue' action offload
  - dmaengine: imx-sdma: Allow imx8m for imx7 FW revs (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: imx-sdma: only restart cyclic channel when enabled
  - misc: rtsx_usb: fix use of dma mapped buffer for usb bulk
    transfer (bsc#1012628).
  - misc: rtsx_usb: use separate command and response buffers
  - misc: rtsx_usb: set return value in rsp_buf alloc err path
  - dmaengine: dw-axi-dmac: Fix RMW on channel suspend register
  - dt-bindings: dma: allwinner,sun50i-a64-dma: Fix min/max typo
  - ida: don't use BUG_ON() for debugging (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: pl330: Fix lockdep warning about non-static key
  - dmaengine: lgm: Fix an error handling path in intel_ldma_probe()
  - dmaengine: at_xdma: handle errors of at_xdmac_alloc_desc()
    correctly (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: ti: Fix refcount leak in ti_dra7_xbar_route_allocate
  - dmaengine: qcom: bam_dma: fix runtime PM underflow
  - dmaengine: ti: Add missing put_device in
    ti_dra7_xbar_route_allocate (bsc#1012628).
  - dmaengine: idxd: force wq context cleanup on device disable path
  - commit 0e7e901
* Sun Jul 10 2022
  - Update to 5.19-rc6
  - update configs
    - s390x/zfcpdump
    - CRC32_S390=n
    - SHA512_S390=n
    - SHA1_S390=n
    - SHA256_S390=n
    - SHA3_256_S390=n
    - SHA3_512_S390=n
    - GHASH_S390=n
    - AES_S390=n
    - DES_S390=n
    - CHACHA_S390=n
    - KEXEC_FILE=n
  - commit 5477bdd
* Fri Jul 08 2022
  - Linux 5.18.10 (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/arm: Fix race in RB-tree based P2M accounting (bsc#1012628).
  - xen-netfront: restore __skb_queue_tail() positioning in
    xennet_get_responses() (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/blkfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
  - xen/netfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
  - xen/netfront: fix leaking data in shared pages (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/blkfront: fix leaking data in shared pages (bsc#1012628).
  - hwmon: (ibmaem) don't call platform_device_del() if
    platform_device_add() fails (bsc#1012628).
  - net: sparx5: mdb add/del handle non-sparx5 devices
  - net: sparx5: Add handling of host MDB entries (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/fourcc: fix integer type usage in uapi header (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: filter out duplicate volume
    up/down/mute keypresses (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: don't report duplicate
    brightness key-presses (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: revert "Resolve hotkey double
    trigger bug" (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: sort includes alphabetically
  - platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: de-obfuscate button codes
  - drivers: cpufreq: Add missing of_node_put() in qoriq-cpufreq.c
  - drm/msm/gem: Fix error return on fence id alloc fail
  - drm/i915/dgfx: Disable d3cold at gfx root port (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/gem: add missing else (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: ideapad-laptop: Add allow_v4_dytc module parameter
  - drm/msm/dpu: Increment vsync_cnt before waking up userspace
  - cifs: fix minor compile warning (bsc#1012628).
  - net: tun: avoid disabling NAPI twice (bsc#1012628).
  - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Fix rollback in tunnel next hop init
  - ipv6: fix lockdep splat in in6_dump_addrs() (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv6/sit: fix ipip6_tunnel_get_prl return value (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet: add a clear_ids attribute for passthru targets
  - fanotify: refine the validation checks on non-dir inode mask
  - tunnels: do not assume mac header is set in
    skb_tunnel_check_pmtu() (bsc#1012628).
  - ACPI: video: Change how we determine if brightness key-presses
    are handled (bsc#1012628).
  - nvmet-tcp: fix regression in data_digest calculation
  - tcp: add a missing nf_reset_ct() in 3WHS handling (bsc#1012628).
  - cpufreq: qcom-hw: Don't do lmh things without a throttle
    interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - epic100: fix use after free on rmmod (bsc#1012628).
  - tipc: move bc link creation back to tipc_node_create
  - NFC: nxp-nci: Don't issue a zero length i2c_master_read()
  - nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
  - platform/x86: ideapad-laptop: Add Ideapad 5 15ITL05 to
    ideapad_dytc_v4_allow_table[] (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Fix a memory leak of EFCH MMIO
    resource (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/memhotplug: Add add_pages override for PPC
  - Update config files.
  - net: dsa: felix: fix race between reading PSFP stats and port
    stats (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bonding: fix use-after-free after 802.3ad slave unbind
  - selftests net: fix kselftest net fatal error (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: ax88772a: fix lost pause advertisement configuration
  - net: bonding: fix possible NULL deref in rlb code (bsc#1012628).
  - net: asix: fix "can't send until first packet is send" issue
  - net/sched: act_api: Notify user space if any actions were
    flushed before error (bsc#1012628).
  - net/dsa/hirschmann: Add missing of_node_get() in
    hellcreek_led_setup() (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nft_dynset: restore set element counter when failing
    to update (bsc#1012628).
  - s390: remove unneeded 'select BUILD_BIN2C' (bsc#1012628).
  - vdpa/mlx5: Update Control VQ callback information (bsc#1012628).
  - lib/sbitmap: Fix invalid loop in __sbitmap_queue_get_batch()
  - PM / devfreq: exynos-ppmu: Fix refcount leak in
    of_get_devfreq_events (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: ensure that send/sendmsg and recv/recvmsg check
    sqe->ioprio (bsc#1012628).
  - caif_virtio: fix race between virtio_device_ready() and
    ndo_open() (bsc#1012628).
  - vfs: fix copy_file_range() regression in cross-fs copies
  - NFSv4: Add an fattr allocation to _nfs4_discover_trunking()
  - NFSD: restore EINVAL error translation in nfsd_commit()
  - NFS: restore module put when manager exits (bsc#1012628).
  - net: ipv6: unexport __init-annotated seg6_hmac_net_init()
  - hwmon: (occ) Prevent power cap command overwriting poll response
  - selftests: mptcp: Initialize variables to quiet gcc 12 warnings
  - mptcp: fix conflict with <netinet/in.h> (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: mptcp: more stable diag tests (bsc#1012628).
  - mptcp: fix race on unaccepted mptcp sockets (bsc#1012628).
  - usbnet: fix memory allocation in helpers (bsc#1012628).
  - net: usb: asix: do not force pause frames support (bsc#1012628).
  - linux/dim: Fix divide by 0 in RDMA DIM (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/cm: Fix memory leak in ib_cm_insert_listen (bsc#1012628).
  - RDMA/qedr: Fix reporting QP timeout attribute (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dp83822: disable rx error interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dp83822: disable false carrier interrupt (bsc#1012628).
  - net: fix IFF_TX_SKB_NO_LINEAR definition (bsc#1012628).
  - net: tun: stop NAPI when detaching queues (bsc#1012628).
  - net: tun: unlink NAPI from device on destruction (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: force pause link settings (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/net: pass ipv6_args to udpgso_bench's IPv6 TCP test
  - virtio-net: fix race between ndo_open() and
    virtio_device_ready() (bsc#1012628).
  - net: usb: ax88179_178a: Fix packet receiving (bsc#1012628).
  - net: rose: fix UAF bugs caused by timer handler (bsc#1012628).
  - SUNRPC: Fix READ_PLUS crasher (bsc#1012628).
  - dm raid: fix KASAN warning in raid5_add_disks (bsc#1012628).
  - dm raid: fix accesses beyond end of raid member array
  - cpufreq: amd-pstate: Add resume and suspend callbacks
  - powerpc/bpf: Fix use of user_pt_regs in uapi (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/book3e: Fix PUD allocation size in map_kernel_page()
  - powerpc/prom_init: Fix kernel config grep (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc/unaligned: Fix emulate_ldw() breakage (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Fix vDSO signal breakage on 32-bit kernel (bsc#1012628).
  - ceph: wait on async create before checking caps for syncfs
  - nvdimm: Fix badblocks clear off-by-one error (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme-pci: add NVME_QUIRK_BOGUS_NID for ADATA IM2P33F8ABR1
  - nvme-pci: add NVME_QUIRK_BOGUS_NID for ADATA XPG SX6000LNP
    (AKA SPECTRIX S40G) (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/archrandom: simplify back to earlier design and initialize
    earlier (bsc#1012628).
  - net: phy: Don't trigger state machine while in suspend
  - ipv6: take care of disable_policy when restoring routes
  - ksmbd: use vfs_llseek instead of dereferencing NULL
  - ksmbd: check invalid FileOffset and BeyondFinalZero in
    FSCTL_ZERO_DATA (bsc#1012628).
  - ksmbd: set the range of bytes to zero without extending file
    size in FSCTL_ZERO_DATA (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdgpu: To flush tlb for MMHUB of RAVEN series
  - Revert "drm/amdgpu/display: set vblank_disable_immediate for DC"
  - drm/amdgpu: fix adev variable used in
    amdgpu_device_gpu_recover() (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 97c4fd2
* Tue Jul 05 2022
  - drm/aperture: Run fbdev removal before internal helpers (boo#1193472)
  - commit aff8e8a
* Tue Jul 05 2022
  - netfilter: nf_tables: stricter validation of element data
    (CVE-2022-34918 bsc#1201171).
  - commit a1fda0d
* Mon Jul 04 2022
  - fbdev: Disable sysfb device registration when removing conflicting (boo#1193472)
  - commit c76a69f
* Mon Jul 04 2022
  - firmware: sysfb: Add sysfb_disable() helper function (boo#1193472)
  - commit 6072450
* Mon Jul 04 2022
  - firmware: sysfb: Make sysfb_create_simplefb() return a pdev pointer (boo#1193472)
  - commit 326d1c1
* Mon Jul 04 2022
  - Update to 5.19-rc5
  - update contigs
  - commit 59940d4
* Sun Jul 03 2022
  - Linux 5.18.9 (bsc#1012628).
  - clocksource/drivers/ixp4xx: Drop boardfile probe path
  - bcache: memset on stack variables in bch_btree_check() and
    bch_sectors_dirty_init() (bsc#1012628).
  - hinic: Replace memcpy() with direct assignment (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/ftrace: Remove ftrace init tramp once kernel init is
    complete (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix not locked access to fixed buf table
  - commit 0e67dc1
* Fri Jul 01 2022
  - tick/nohz: unexport __init-annotated tick_nohz_full_setup()
    (tick_nohz_full_setup fix).
  - commit 296483f
* Wed Jun 29 2022
  - Linux 5.18.8 (bsc#1012628).
  - random: schedule mix_interrupt_randomness() less often
  - random: quiet urandom warning ratelimit suppression message
  - ALSA: memalloc: Drop x86-specific hack for WC allocations
  - ALSA: hda/via: Fix missing beep setup (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/conexant: Fix missing beep setup (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute LED quirk for HP Omen laptop
  - ALSA: hda/realtek - ALC897 headset MIC no sound (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply fixup for Lenovo Yoga Duet 7 properly
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo PD70PNT (bsc#1012628).
  - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NS50PU (bsc#1012628).
  - net: openvswitch: fix parsing of nw_proto for IPv6 fragments
  - ipv4: ping: fix bind address validity check (bsc#1012628).
  - 9p: Fix refcounting during full path walks for fid lookups
  - 9p: fix fid refcount leak in v9fs_vfs_atomic_open_dotl
  - 9p: fix fid refcount leak in v9fs_vfs_get_link (bsc#1012628).
  - 9p: fix EBADF errors in cached mode (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix hang during unmount when block group reclaim task
    is running (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: prevent remounting to v1 space cache for subpage mount
  - btrfs: add error messages to all unrecognized mount options
  - scsi: ibmvfc: Store vhost pointer during subcrq allocation
  - scsi: ibmvfc: Allocate/free queue resource only during
    probe/remove (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: sdhci-pci-o2micro: Fix card detect by dealing with
    debouncing (bsc#1012628).
  - mmc: mediatek: wait dma stop bit reset to 0 (bsc#1012628).
  - xen/gntdev: Avoid blocking in unmap_grant_pages() (bsc#1012628).
  - MAINTAINERS: Add new IOMMU development mailing list
  - mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix setting busy timeout setting
  - ata: libata: add qc->flags in ata_qc_complete_template
    tracepoint (bsc#1012628).
  - dm era: commit metadata in postsuspend after worker stops
  - dm: do not return early from dm_io_complete if BLK_STS_AGAIN
    without polling (bsc#1012628).
  - dm mirror log: clear log bits up to BITS_PER_LONG boundary
  - tracing/kprobes: Check whether get_kretprobe() returns NULL
    in kretprobe_dispatcher() (bsc#1012628).
  - filemap: Handle sibling entries in filemap_get_read_batch()
  - mm/slub: add missing TID updates on slab deactivation
  - drm/i915: Implement w/a 22010492432 for adl-s (bsc#1012628).
  - amd/display/dc: Fix COLOR_ENCODING and COLOR_RANGE doing
    nothing for DCN20+ (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Fix typo in override_lane_settings
  - USB: serial: pl2303: add support for more HXN (G) types
  - USB: serial: option: add Telit LE910Cx 0x1250 composition
  - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: option: add Quectel RM500K module support
  - drm/msm: Ensure mmap offset is initialized (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm: Fix double pm_runtime_disable() call (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: use get_random_u32 instead of prandom (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: scsi_debug: Fix zone transition to full condition
  - drm/msm: Switch ordering of runpm put vs devfreq_idle
  - scsi: iscsi: Exclude zero from the endpoint ID range
  - xsk: Fix generic transmit when completion queue reservation
    fails (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm: use for_each_sgtable_sg to iterate over scatterlist
  - bpf: Fix request_sock leak in sk lookup helpers (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/sun4i: Fix crash during suspend after component bind failure
  - bpf, x86: Fix tail call count offset calculation on bpf2bpf call
  - selftests dma: fix compile error for dma_map_benchmark
  - scsi: storvsc: Correct reporting of Hyper-V I/O size limits
  - phy: aquantia: Fix AN when higher speeds than 1G are not
    advertised (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: arm64: Prevent kmemleak from accessing pKVM memory
  - net: fix data-race in dev_isalive() (bsc#1012628).
  - veth: Add updating of trans_start (bsc#1012628).
  - tipc: fix use-after-free Read in tipc_named_reinit
  - block: disable the elevator int del_gendisk (bsc#1012628).
  - rethook: Reject getting a rethook if RCU is not watching
  - igb: fix a use-after-free issue in igb_clean_tx_ring
  - bonding: ARP monitor spams NETDEV_NOTIFY_PEERS notifiers
  - ethtool: Fix get module eeprom fallback (bsc#1012628).
  - net/sched: sch_netem: Fix arithmetic in netem_dump() for 32-bit
    platforms (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/mdp4: Fix refcount leak in mdp4_modeset_init_intf
  - drm/msm/dp: check core_initialized before disable interrupts
    at dp_display_unbind() (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/msm/dp: force link training for display resolution change
  - net: phy: at803x: fix NULL pointer dereference on AR9331 PHY
  - perf test: Record only user callchains on the "Check Arm64
    callgraphs are complete in fp mode" test (bsc#1012628).
  - perf test topology: Use !strncmp(right platform) to fix guest
    PPC comparision check (bsc#1012628).
  - perf arm-spe: Don't set data source if it's not a memory
    operation (bsc#1012628).
  - ipv4: fix bind address validity regression tests (bsc#1012628).
  - erspan: do not assume transport header is always set
  - net/tls: fix tls_sk_proto_close executed repeatedly
  - udmabuf: add back sanity check (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests: netfilter: correct PKTGEN_SCRIPT_PATHS in (bsc#1012628).
  - netfilter: nf_dup_netdev: do not push mac header a second time
  - netfilter: nf_dup_netdev: add and use recursion counter
  - xen-blkfront: Handle NULL gendisk (bsc#1012628).
  - x86/xen: Remove undefined behavior in setup_features()
  - MIPS: Remove repetitive increase irq_err_count (bsc#1012628).
  - afs: Fix dynamic root getattr (bsc#1012628).
  - block: pop cached rq before potentially blocking
    rq_qos_throttle() (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: ignore protocol field in GTP offload (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix switchdev rules book keeping (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: ethtool: advertise 1000M speeds properly (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: ethtool: Prohibit improper channel config for DCB
  - io_uring: fail links when poll fails (bsc#1012628).
  - regmap-irq: Fix a bug in regmap_irq_enable() for type_in_mask
    chips (bsc#1012628).
  - regmap-irq: Fix offset/index mismatch in read_sub_irq_data()
  - iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Fix compatible for rcar-gen4 (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd: Revert "drm/amd/display: keep eDP Vdd on when eDP
    stream is already enabled" (bsc#1012628).
  - net: dsa: qca8k: reduce mgmt ethernet timeout (bsc#1012628).
  - igb: Make DMA faster when CPU is active on the PCIe link
  - virtio_net: fix xdp_rxq_info bug after suspend/resume
  - Revert "net/tls: fix tls_sk_proto_close executed repeatedly"
  - sock: redo the psock vs ULP protection check (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: move the Samsung X5 quirk entry to the core quirks
  - gpio: winbond: Fix error code in winbond_gpio_get()
  - s390/cpumf: Handle events cycles and instructions identical
  - filemap: Fix serialization adding transparent huge pages to
    page cache (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: SEV: Init target VMCBs in sev_migrate_from (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: mma8452: fix probe fail when device tree compatible is used
  - iio: magnetometer: yas530: Fix memchr_inv() misuse
  - iio: adc: xilinx-ams: fix return error variable (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: vf610: fix conversion mode sysfs node name
  - io_uring: make apoll_events a __poll_t (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix req->apoll_events (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: typec: wcove: Drop wrong dependency to INTEL_SOC_PMIC
  - io_uring: fix wrong arm_poll error handling (bsc#1012628).
  - vmcore: convert copy_oldmem_page() to take an iov_iter
  - s390/crash: add missing iterator advance in copy_oldmem_page()
  - s390/crash: make copy_oldmem_page() return number of bytes
    copied (bsc#1012628).
  - xhci: turn off port power in shutdown (bsc#1012628).
  - xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Raptor
    Lake xHCI (bsc#1012628).
  - xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Meteor
    Lake xHCI (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: uvc: fix list double add in uvcg_video_pump
  - usb: gadget: Fix non-unique driver names in raw-gadget driver
  - USB: gadget: Fix double-free bug in raw_gadget driver
  - usb: chipidea: udc: check request status before setting device
    address (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: usb: ohci: Increase the number of PHYs
  - dt-bindings: usb: ehci: Increase the number of PHYs
  - btrfs: fix race between reflinking and ordered extent completion
  - btrfs: don't set lock_owner when locking extent buffer for
    reading (bsc#1012628).
  - btrfs: fix deadlock with fsync+fiemap+transaction commit
  - f2fs: attach inline_data after setting compression
  - f2fs: fix iostat related lock protection (bsc#1012628).
  - f2fs: do not count ENOENT for error case (bsc#1012628).
  - iio:humidity:hts221: rearrange iio trigger get and register
  - iio:proximity:sx9324: Check ret value of
    device_property_read_u32_array() (bsc#1012628).
  - iio:chemical:ccs811: rearrange iio trigger get and register
  - iio:accel:kxcjk-1013: rearrange iio trigger get and register
  - iio:accel:bma180: rearrange iio trigger get and register
  - iio:accel:mxc4005: rearrange iio trigger get and register
  - iio: accel: mma8452: ignore the return value of reset operation
  - iio: gyro: mpu3050: Fix the error handling in mpu3050_power_up()
  - iio: trigger: sysfs: fix use-after-free on remove (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: stm32: fix maximum clock rate for stm32mp15x
  - iio: imu: inv_icm42600: Fix broken icm42600 (chip id 0 value)
  - iio: afe: rescale: Fix boolean logic bug (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: test: fix missing MODULE_LICENSE for IIO_RESCALE=m
  - iio: adc: aspeed: Fix refcount leak in aspeed_adc_set_trim_data
  - iio: adc: stm32: Fix ADCs iteration in irq handler
  - iio: adc: stm32: Fix IRQs on STM32F4 by removing custom spurious
    IRQs message (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: stm32: fix vrefint wrong calibration value handling
  - iio: adc: axp288: Override TS pin bias current for some models
  - iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: add missing fwnode_handle_put() in
    rzg2l_adc_parse_properties() (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: adi-axi-adc: Fix refcount leak in
    adi_axi_adc_attach_client (bsc#1012628).
  - iio: adc: ti-ads131e08: add missing fwnode_handle_put() in
    ads131e08_alloc_channels() (bsc#1012628).
  - xtensa: xtfpga: Fix refcount leak bug in setup (bsc#1012628).
  - xtensa: Fix refcount leak bug in time.c (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc/stifb: Fix fb_is_primary_device() only available with
    CONFIG_FB_STI (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Fix flush_anon_page on PA8800/PA8900 (bsc#1012628).
  - parisc: Enable ARCH_HAS_STRICT_MODULE_RWX (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: ti: k3-j721s2: Fix overlapping GICD memory region
  - powerpc/microwatt: wire up rng during setup_arch()
  - powerpc: Enable execve syscall exit tracepoint (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/rtas: Allow ibm,platform-dump RTAS call with null
    buffer address (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/powernv: wire up rng during setup_arch (bsc#1012628).
  - mm/memory-failure: disable unpoison once hw error happens
  - mm: lru_cache_disable: use synchronize_rcu_expedited
  - ARM: dts: imx7: Move hsic_phy power domain to HSIC PHY node
  - ARM: dts: imx6qdl: correct PU regulator ramp delay
  - arm64: dts: ti: k3-am64-main: Remove support for HS400 speed
    mode (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: exynos: Fix refcount leak in exynos_map_pmu (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: dts: exynos: Correct UART clocks on Exynos7885
  - soc: bcm: brcmstb: pm: pm-arm: Fix refcount leak in
    brcmstb_pm_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: Fix refcount leak in axxia_boot_secondary (bsc#1012628).
  - memory: mtk-smi: add missing put_device() call in
    mtk_smi_device_link_common (bsc#1012628).
  - memory: samsung: exynos5422-dmc: Fix refcount leak in
    of_get_dram_timings (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: cns3xxx: Fix refcount leak in cns3xxx_init (bsc#1012628).
  - modpost: fix section mismatch check for exported init/exit
    sections (bsc#1012628).
  - ARM: dts: bcm2711-rpi-400: Fix GPIO line names (bsc#1012628).
  - smb3: fix empty netname context on secondary channels
  - random: update comment from copy_to_user() -> copy_to_iter()
  - perf build-id: Fix caching files with a wrong build ID
  - smb3: use netname when available on secondary channels
  - dma-direct: use the correct size for dma_set_encrypted()
  - kbuild: link vmlinux only once for CONFIG_TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS
    (2nd attempt) (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/pseries: wire up rng during setup_arch() (bsc#1012628).
  - commit 4e30480
* Mon Jun 27 2022
  - Update to 5.19-rc4
  - update configs
  - commit c256fc8
* Sun Jun 26 2022
  - Linux 5.18.7 (bsc#1012628).
  - s390/mm: use non-quiescing sske for KVM switch to keyed guest
  - zonefs: fix zonefs_iomap_begin() for reads (bsc#1012628).
  - fsnotify: introduce mark type iterator (bsc#1012628).
  - fsnotify: consistent behavior for parent not watching children
  - bpf: Fix calling global functions from BPF_PROG_TYPE_EXT
    programs (bsc#1012628).
  - selftests/bpf: Add selftest for calling global functions from
    freplace (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: nvmem: sfp: Add clock properties (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: use original request task for inflight tracking
  - commit 531894c
* Fri Jun 24 2022
  - config: enable MLX90614
    MLX90614 is I2C (SMBus) remote temperature sensor.
    The boards are available for SBCs:
    Enable the driver for potential users.
  - commit 1a61419
* Thu Jun 23 2022
  - Linux 5.18.6 (bsc#1012628).
  - Revert "drm/amd/display: Fix DCN3 B0 DP Alt Mapping"
  - arm64: dts: imx8mm-beacon: Enable RTS-CTS on UART3
  - arm64: dts: imx8mn-beacon: Enable RTS-CTS on UART3
  - io_uring: reinstate the inflight tracking (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/kasan: Silence KASAN warnings in __get_wchan()
  - ASoC: nau8822: Add operation for internal PLL off and on
  - ASoC: qcom: lpass-platform: Update VMA access permissions in
    mmap callback (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amd/display: Read Golden Settings Table from VBIOS
  - drm/amdgpu: Resolve RAS GFX error count issue after cold boot
    on Arcturus (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/amdkfd: Use mmget_not_zero in MMU notifier (bsc#1012628).
  - dma-debug: make things less spammy under memory pressure
  - ASoC: Intel: cirrus-common: fix incorrect channel mapping
  - ASoC: cs42l52: Fix TLV scales for mixer controls (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs35l36: Update digital volume TLV (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs53l30: Correct number of volume levels on SX controls
  - ASoC: cs42l52: Correct TLV for Bypass Volume (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs42l56: Correct typo in minimum level for SX volume
    controls (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: cs42l51: Correct minimum value for SX volume control
  - drm/amdkfd: add pinned BOs to kfd_bo_list (bsc#1012628).
  - ata: libata-core: fix NULL pointer deref in
    ata_host_alloc_pinfo() (bsc#1012628).
  - quota: Prevent memory allocation recursion while holding dq_lock
  - ASoC: wm8962: Fix suspend while playing music (bsc#1012628).
  - ASoC: es8328: Fix event generation for deemphasis control
  - ASoC: wm_adsp: Fix event generation for wm_adsp_fw_put()
  - ALSA: hda: MTL: add HD Audio PCI ID and HDMI codec vendor ID
  - Input: soc_button_array - also add Lenovo Yoga Tablet2 1051F
    to dmi_use_low_level_irq (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: vmw_pvscsi: Expand vcpuHint to 16 bits (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Resolve NULL ptr dereference after an ELS LOGO is
    aborted (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Fix port stuck in bypassed state after LIP in
    PT2PT topology (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: lpfc: Allow reduced polling rate for
    nvme_admin_async_event cmd completion (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix out-of-bounds compiler warning (bsc#1012628).
  - scsi: ipr: Fix missing/incorrect resource cleanup in error case
  - scsi: pmcraid: Fix missing resource cleanup in error case
  - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add HW8326 support (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio-mmio: fix missing put_device() when vm_cmdline_parent
    registration failed (bsc#1012628).
  - nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix memory leak in nfcmrvl_play_deferred
  - ipv6: Fix signed integer overflow in __ip6_append_data
  - ipv6: Fix signed integer overflow in l2tp_ip6_sendmsg
  - net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix misuse of mem alloc interface
    netdev[napi]_alloc_frag (bsc#1012628).
  - mellanox: mlx5: avoid uninitialized variable warning with gcc-12
  - MIPS: Loongson-3: fix compile mips cpu_hwmon as module build
    error (bsc#1012628).
  - random: credit cpu and bootloader seeds by default
  - gpio: dwapb: Don't print error on -EPROBE_DEFER (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86/intel: Fix pmt_crashlog array reference
  - platform/x86/intel: pmc: Support Intel Raptorlake P
  - platform/x86: gigabyte-wmi: Add Z690M AORUS ELITE AX DDR4
    support (bsc#1012628).
  - platform/x86: gigabyte-wmi: Add support for B450M DS3H-CF
  - platform/x86/intel: hid: Add Surface Go to VGBS allow list
  - staging: r8188eu: fix rtw_alloc_hwxmits error detection for now
  - staging: r8188eu: Fix warning of array overflow in ioctl_linux.c
  - pNFS: Don't keep retrying if the server replied
  - pNFS: Avoid a live lock condition in pnfs_update_layout()
  - sunrpc: set cl_max_connect when cloning an rpc_clnt
  - clocksource: hyper-v: unexport __init-annotated
    hv_init_clocksource() (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix adding ADQ filter to TC0 (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix calculating the number of queue pairs (bsc#1012628).
  - i40e: Fix call trace in setup_tx_descriptors (bsc#1012628).
  - iavf: Fix issue with MAC address of VF shown as zero
  - Drivers: hv: vmbus: Release cpu lock in error case
  - tty: goldfish: Fix free_irq() on remove (bsc#1012628).
  - misc: atmel-ssc: Fix IRQ check in ssc_probe (bsc#1012628).
  - riscv: dts: microchip: re-add pdma to mpfs device tree
  - io_uring: fix races with file table unregister (bsc#1012628).
  - io_uring: fix races with buffer table unregister (bsc#1012628).
  - drm/i915/reset: Fix error_state_read ptr + offset use
  - net: hns3: set port base vlan tbl_sta to false before removing
    old vlan (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hns3: don't push link state to VF if unalive (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hns3: restore tm priority/qset to default settings when
    tc disabled (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hns3: fix PF rss size initialization bug (bsc#1012628).
  - net: hns3: fix tm port shapping of fibre port is incorrect
    after driver initialization (bsc#1012628).
  - nvme: add device name to warning in uuid_show() (bsc#1012628).
  - mlxsw: spectrum_cnt: Reorder counter pools (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix PTP TX timestamp offset calculation (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Sync VLAN filtering features for DVM (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix queue config fail handling (bsc#1012628).
  - ice: Fix memory corruption in VF driver (bsc#1012628).
  - net: bgmac: Fix an erroneous kfree() in bgmac_remove()
  - net: remove noblock parameter from skb_recv_datagram()
  - net: ax25: Fix deadlock caused by skb_recv_datagram in
    ax25_recvmsg (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: ftrace: fix branch range checks (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: ftrace: consistently handle PLTs (bsc#1012628).
  - certs/blacklist_hashes.c: fix const confusion in certs blacklist
  - init: Initialize noop_backing_dev_info early (bsc#1012628).
  - block: Fix handling of offline queues in
    blk_mq_alloc_request_hctx() (bsc#1012628).
  - faddr2line: Fix overlapping text section failures, the sequel
  - x86/ftrace: Remove OBJECT_FILES_NON_STANDARD usage
  - i2c: npcm7xx: Add check for platform_driver_register
  - irqchip/gic/realview: Fix refcount leak in realview_gic_of_init
  - irqchip/apple-aic: Fix refcount leak in build_fiq_affinity
  - irqchip/apple-aic: Fix refcount leak in aic_of_ic_init
  - irqchip/gic-v3: Fix error handling in
    gic_populate_ppi_partitions (bsc#1012628).
  - irqchip/gic-v3: Fix refcount leak in gic_populate_ppi_partitions
  - irqchip/realtek-rtl: Fix refcount leak in map_interrupts
  - sched: Fix balance_push() vs __sched_setscheduler()
  - i2c: designware: Use standard optional ref clock implementation
  - i2c: mediatek: Fix an error handling path in mtk_i2c_probe()
  - mei: hbm: drop capability response on early shutdown
  - mei: me: add raptor lake point S DID (bsc#1012628).
  - comedi: vmk80xx: fix expression for tx buffer size
  - crypto: memneq - move into lib/ (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion MV31 with new
    baseline (bsc#1012628).
  - USB: serial: io_ti: add Agilent E5805A support (bsc#1012628).
  - arm64: mm: Don't invalidate FROM_DEVICE buffers at start of
    DMA transfer (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc2: Fix memory leak in dwc2_hcd_init (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: cdnsp: Fixed setting last_trb incorrectly (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix IN endpoint max packet size allocation
  - usb: dwc3: pci: Restore line lost in merge conflict resolution
  - usb: gadget: u_ether: fix regression in setting fixed MAC
    address (bsc#1012628).
  - usb: gadget: lpc32xx_udc: Fix refcount leak in lpc32xx_udc_probe
  - usb: gadget: f_fs: change ep->status safe in ffs_epfile_io()
  - usb: gadget: f_fs: change ep->ep safe in ffs_epfile_io()
  - tty: n_gsm: Debug output allocation must use GFP_ATOMIC
  - serial: 8250: Store to lsr_save_flags after lsr read
  - bus: fsl-mc-bus: fix KASAN use-after-free in fsl_mc_bus_remove()
  - md/raid5-ppl: Fix argument order in bio_alloc_bioset()
  - dm: fix race in dm_start_io_acct (bsc#1012628).
  - dm mirror log: round up region bitmap size to BITS_PER_LONG
  - drm/amdgpu: Fix GTT size reporting in amdgpu_ioctl
  - drm/amd/display: Cap OLED brightness per max frame-average
    luminance (bsc#1012628).
  - audit: free module name (bsc#1012628).
  - cfi: Fix __cfi_slowpath_diag RCU usage with cpuidle
  - fs: account for group membership (bsc#1012628).
  - selinux: free contexts previously transferred in
    selinux_add_opt() (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: fix super block checksum incorrect after mount
  - ext4: fix bug_on ext4_mb_use_inode_pa (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: make variable "count" signed (bsc#1012628).
  - ext4: add reserved GDT blocks check (bsc#1012628).
  - KVM: arm64: Always start with clearing SVE flag on load
  - KVM: arm64: Don't read a HW interrupt pending state in user
    context (bsc#1012628).
  - virtio-pci: Remove wrong address verification in vp_del_vqs()
  - drm/i915/uc: remove accidental static from a local variable
  - bpf: Use safer kvmalloc_array() where possible (bsc#1012628).
  - powerpc/book3e: get rid of #include <generated/compile.h>
  - dt-bindings: mfd: bd9571mwv: update rohm,bd9571mwv.yaml
    reference (bsc#1012628).
  - dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: update brcm,l2-intc.yaml
    reference (bsc#1012628).
  - dm: fix bio_set allocation (bsc#1012628).
  - clk: imx8mp: fix usb_root_clk parent (bsc#1012628).
  - Delete
  - Update config files.
  - commit 5aa0763
* Wed Jun 22 2022
  - Update config files.
    Run oldconfig which unsets CC_NO_ARRAY_BOUNDS as dummy tools emulate gcc
    20. We are ignoring it thanks to update in packaging, so that real
    compilation sets this right later.
  - commit e4ff964
* Wed Jun 22 2022
  - rpm/check-for-config-changes: ignore GCC12/CC_NO_ARRAY_BOUNDS
    Upstream commit f0be87c42cbd (gcc-12: disable '-Warray-bounds'
    universally for now) added two new compiler-dependent configs:
    Ignore them -- they are unset by dummy tools (they depend on gcc version
    == 12), but set as needed during real compilation.
  - commit a14607c
* Tue Jun 21 2022
  - ath9k: fix use-after-free in ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb (CVE-2022-1679
  - commit f4c43ea
* Tue Jun 21 2022
  - ALSA: hda: Fix discovery of i915 graphics PCI device
  - commit ef301cb
* Tue Jun 21 2022
  - netfs: Fix gcc-12 warning by embedding vfs inode in
    netfs_i_context (gcc 12 warnings).
  - netfs: gcc-12: temporarily disable '-Wattribute-warning'
    for now (gcc 12 warnings).
  - gcc-12: disable '-Warray-bounds' universally for now (gcc
    12 warnings).
  - Update config files.
    CC_NO_ARRAY_BOUNDS=y is manually selected, see commit b2fb712ddc6e.
  - gcc-12: disable '-Wdangling-pointer' warning for now (gcc
    12 warnings).
  - wifi: r