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libqpid-proton10-0.34.0-bp155.2.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.5 for armv7hl

Name: libqpid-proton10 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5
Version: 0.34.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp155.2.2 Build date: Thu Jul 21 18:45:39 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild01
Size: 482268 Source RPM: qpid-proton-0.34.0-bp155.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: C library for Qpid Proton
Proton is a messaging library. It can be used in brokers, client
libraries, routers, bridges and proxies. Proton is based on the AMQP
1.0 messaging standard.






* Fri May 14 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Disable tests for the while as a stopgap solution for python
    integration test looping
* Mon May 03 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - avoid fdupes -s as it causes symlinks between python36 and python38
  - remove python2 subpackage (it is beyond 2020)
* Fri Apr 30 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 0.34:
    * [python] reconnect/failover is a bit of a mess
    * [python] BlockingConnection has no way to allow failover
    * Allow access to link properties in cpp binding
    * Allow proactor raw connections to be half closed
    * Introduce 'Drain buffers' event to proactor raw connection
    * Simplify and clean up build flag selection for different
    * [c] receiver cannot settle an incomplete incoming message
    * [c] Codec pn_data_vfill() method doc has symbol and string
      types interchanged
    * [cpp] If reconnect is on client responds to a forced close
      from server by only closing the socket
    * Fixed epoll proactor bug in tracking previous task used
      by a thread
    * Fixed incorrect handling of commandline options in
      ssl.cpp example
    * Fix some proactor raw connection issues found with TSAN
    * Fixed memory leak and close_waits in qpid-proton-c when
      dropping timeouted connection
* Thu Mar 25 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Can't assume non-existence of python38 macros in Leap.
    Test for suse_version instead. Only Tumbleweed has and needs the
    python_subpackage_only support.
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 0.33:
    * improved timers implementation with single timerfd kernel resource
    * Option to skip building examples
    * Tidy up and finalise the SASL plugin API
    * [c] Epoll proactor debug assistance
    * [c] Proactor: psocket has an unnecessary back pointer to the proactor
    * cmake -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF does not disable building all tests
    * pn_data_t initialization lead to low performance
    * Problem building c examples with qpid-proton 0.31.0
    * [c] Need ability to add an authorization id in the SASL exchange
    * Threadercizer causes warnings on BSD based platforms
    * Threaderciser test does not honor ctest '--timeout' switch
    * [c] Threadercizer build causes warnings and hence build failures on 32 bit builds
    * [c] Raw connection API trying to give back buffers after emitting the PN_RAW_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED event
    * [cpp][tests] cpp_connect_config_test fails on Fedora 32 with 'tls_post_process_client_hello:no shared cipher'
    * [c] Proactor: pn_raw_connection_close() doesn't drain already written buffers
    * [c] Proactor: TSAN failure in pni_timer_manager
    * [c] Proactor: Raw connection wakes can crash the application
    * [go] Go 1.15.3 failure in macOS CI; panic: can't call pointer on a non-pointer Value
    * Need a means of specifying and reading link properties
    * Change Minimum supported Visual Studio compiler to 2015
    * Change base C language/compiler requirements to C99 or equivalent
    * Restructure pn_netaddr_* implementation
    * [c] Proactor API to support 'raw' TCP connections using the proactor event loop
    * Simplify the locking inside the proactor epoll implementation
    * Mark the Proton work list as deprecated
    * cc1plus: warning: -Wformat-security ignored without -Wformat [-Wformat-security]
    * memory leak in c++ object inspect
    * Windows build fails if CMAKE_MODULE_PATH is not empty
    * Undefined variable x in scripts/
    * [proton-c] Assert in pni_add_work during pn_proactor_done
    * Epoll proactor listener leaks file descriptors on close
    * [Proton-c] Encoder error for array of lists where first list in array is empty
    * Coverity warning of buffer overrun in pn_proactor_addr
    * Build fails with older CMake version 2.8.12
* Wed Jan 13 2021 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Remove explicit python runtime requirements on full standard lib
* Sun Nov 22 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Fix the python multiflavor subpackage generation
* Fri Nov 06 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Add qpid-proton-rpmlintrc to filter devel file warning in test
  - qpid-pythonbuild.patch do not compile during cmake phase with
    wrong interpreter. Expanded python install will do it
    for the correct flavors. Avoids packaging python2 cache files
    into python3 flavors
  - Prepare python singlespec mutltiflavor feature for upcoming
    multiple python3 flavors -- gh#openSUSE/python-rpm-macros#66
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim bias/conjecture from description. Fixup RPM groups.
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Update to 0.31.0
    * No changelog available
  - Drop deprecated perl bindings package
  - Enable tests
  - Drop obsolete patches:
    * qpid-proton-fix-dh-openssl-1.1.0.patch
    * qpid-proton-fix-session-resume-openssl-1.1.0.patch
    * reproducible.patch
    * catch-by-const-reference.patch
    * qpid-proton-0.16.0-gcc7.patch
    * qpid-proton-0.9-pthread.patch
    * qpid-proton-cmake-fixes.patch
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Fix build with OpenSSL 3.0.0 (bsc#1172267)
    * add qpid-proton-openssl-3.0.0.patch
* Fri Jan 11 2019 Jonathan Brownell <>
  - Ignore redundant files generated during builds on Red Hat
* Tue Oct 23 2018 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort linked .o files
    to make package build reproducible (boo#1041090)
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - Added oatch:
    * catch-by-const-reference.patch
      + Fix build with gcc8 (bsc#1084627)
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - Define %python_module macro if not already availble
    This fixes:
      nothing provides %{python_module, nothing provides devel}, \
      nothing provides xml}
* Wed Nov 15 2017
  - update BuildRequires macros to use the %python_module call
  - conditional build of python2 packages
  - do not package Python API docs, drop epydoc requirement
* Thu Aug 24 2017
  - Modify openssl DH code to work with openssl 1.1.0
    * Added patch qpid-proton-fix-dh-openssl-1.1.0.patch
  - Rework Openssl session resume code to work with openssl 1.1.0
    * Added patch  qpid-proton-fix-session-resume-openssl-1.1.0.patch
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - Add qpid-proton-cmake-fixes.patch to fix build
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - Rename python package to python-python-qpid-proton to follow the
    naming policy. For python packages, that is python-$pypi_name and
    the name on pypi is python-qpid-python.
  - Build a python2 and python3 package. The python2 package provides
    the non-versioned python package for now.
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - update to 0.17.0:
    * Full text
    * PROTON-1312 - BlockingConnection leaks Proton-C memory
    * PROTON-1376 - [C, windows] Release 0.16 build fail - src/protocol.h clobbered
    * PROTON-1377 - proton-c core library was not installed
    * PROTON-1378 - Two reactor final events generated
    * PROTON-1379 - Compile without warnings under g++ 7.0
    * PROTON-1380 - Cyrus SASL accesses strings that have been freed
    * PROTON-1382 - Remove bit fields initialization for bool fields
    * PROTON-1383 - Add missing includes to fix Solaris compilation
    * PROTON-1388 - client fails to decrypt after sasl encryption is negotiated with qpidd
    * PROTON-1389 - PROTON-1325: Repair broken fix for python "buffer" type.
    * PROTON-1390 - Go fixes to build with gccgo
    * PROTON-1391 - Passing NULL as a SASL selected mechanism is crashing pn_do_error on Solaris
    * PROTON-1392 - SWIG doesn't define how to export symbols on Solaris
    * PROTON-1395 - go: testing with -race fails on some platforms
    * PROTON-1385 - make proton-j independently releasable
    * PROTON-1386 - disable the PHP binding build by default
    * PROTON-1396 - 0.17.0 release tasks
  - Install libqpid-proton-core files
* Tue Feb 21 2017
  - Added patch:
    * qpid-proton-0.16.0-gcc7.patch
      + fix build with gcc7 boo#1025889
* Tue Feb 21 2017
  - Upgrade to version 0.16.0
    * Full text
    * Bugs fixed
    + PROTON-241 - proton-c: mark old transport interfaces 'deprecated'
    + PROTON-623 - Add missing error check to pn_string_inspect
    + PROTON-1012 - Unable to build python-qpid-proton when behind a proxy server
    + PROTON-1292 - errno not thread-safe on Solaris
    + PROTON-1311 - [proton-c] Accessors for max-message-size on link
    + PROTON-1324 - Interpretation of "int8_t" on Solaris using SunStudio is different from GCC one
    + PROTON-1325 - Python "buffer" type in Message body should map to a known encoding type
    + PROTON-1330 - Include the C sources in the python source distribution
    + PROTON-1331 - go: electron.Container.Dial returning (nil, nil)
    + PROTON-1332 - go: electron client leaking links/sessions in long lived connection
    + PROTON-1333 - CMake error if no C++ compiler avaliable.
    + PROTON-1336 - [Proton-c 0.14.0][Visual Studio 2013] Failing ssl unit test only in Debug mode
    + PROTON-1346 - [proton-j] reactor exit when UnresolvedAddressException is thrown during connect
    + PROTON-1366 - Reactor Python - segfault when out of file descriptors
    + PROTON-1371 - proton::container::schedule crashes when mixing different language versions
    + PROTON-1372 - Use PIMPL, not an interface, for event_loop
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - This library is needed for latest rsyslog 8.24.0(fate#320546)
* Tue May 03 2016
  - Upgrade to version 0.12.2
    * Bugs fixed
    - PROTON-1171 - [proton-j] transport SSL wrapper does not flush
      all decoded bytes to the underlying input
* Thu Mar 31 2016
  - Upgrade to version 0.12.1 (bsc#973343, CVE-2016-2166)
    * New features and improvements
      + PROTON-948 - remove deprecated methods on the Message
      + PROTON-964 - Proton-J extensible event types
      + PROTON-972 - Support the heartbeat option in
      + PROTON-980 - Enable handler processing the event after child
      handlers have processed it
      + PROTON-981 - Make JythonTest extendable
      + PROTON-982 - Make proton python tests compatible with unittest
      + PROTON-984 - Document proton-j time units
      + PROTON-997 - Allow proton-j handler to be extended by a jython
      + PROTON-1011 - Go example of plain event-driven broker.
      + PROTON-1016 - Jython implements long with a BigInteger
      + PROTON-1036 - c++: engine API for integration with external IO
      + PROTON-1037 - Add support for setting/getting message
      + PROTON-1039 - Add support for setting/getting transport headers
      + PROTON-1047 - go: improved ack handling in electron API, add to
      broker example
      + PROTON-1048 - Proton-C ssl tests on Windows with SChannel
      + PROTON-1052 - SSL support in C++ reactor client
      + PROTON-1053 - SASL support in C++ reactor client
      + PROTON-1054 - Add acceptor context to incoming reactor
      + PROTON-1062 - proton::engine as a client example
      + PROTON-1066 - Connection options for C++ binding
      + PROTON-1068 - c++ remove counted_ptr and context types from
      public API
      + PROTON-1076 - C++ binding acceptor context
      + PROTON-1082 - add ability to specify and inspect properties
      for link attach frames
      + PROTON-1083 - [C++] Simplify the messaging events
      + PROTON-1085 - c++ improve message interface and dynamic value
      + PROTON-1088 - Add convenience functions to obtain the client
      certificate fingerprint, subject subfields
      + PROTON-1089 - C++ binding link options
      + PROTON-1092 - c++: improve proton::message API
      + PROTON-1095 - Error handling
      + PROTON-1096 - [proton-j] enable set/get of MessageFormat on
      the Delivery being sent/received
      + PROTON-1102 - C++ binding remove _t suffix for types
      + PROTON-1103 - C++ binding rename xxx_domain to ssl_xxx_options
      + PROTON-1108 - Change DISCONNECT event to be called
      + PROTON-1109 - Improve the C++ binding documentation
    * Bugs fixed
      + PROTON-713 - TransportImpl#setChannelMax does not enforce
      legal value range, may cause unexpected results
      + PROTON-829 - Possible reference counting bug in pn_clear_tpwork
      + PROTON-892 - pn_data_t capacity does not grow above 32768 items
      + PROTON-937 - LinkImpl.localOpen() does not initialize source
      and target
      + PROTON-949 - proton doesn't build with ccache swig
      + PROTON-952 - Building Proton with python 2.6 and python 3.4 on
      Travis CI finds and links wrong libpython
      + PROTON-971 - [proton-j] multi-frame deliveries may be broken
      when sent if buffered along with a futher delivery for the
      same link
      + PROTON-974 - single symbol for mechanisms in sasl-mechanisms
      not recognised
      + PROTON-977 - handler appears to get ignored
      + PROTON-990 - [C++ binding] Examples fail to link in Visual
      Studio 2012, 2015
      + PROTON-995 - Url fails to parse URL
      + PROTON-1000 - Connection leak on heartbeat-timeouted
      + PROTON-1003 - ssl transport layer does not define an error
      + PROTON-1006 - Sending pre-settled messages over the python
      blocking api waits indefinetly
      + PROTON-1008 - Using a blank mech_list disables authentication
      + PROTON-1010 - BlockingConnection leaks sockets after close()
      is called
      + PROTON-1013 - Documentation: CyruSASL missing as an optional
      + PROTON-1015 - Documentation: typos in the C++ tutorial
      + PROTON-1018 - Crash in pn_transport_finalize(transport.c) when
      logging level set to PN_TRACE_DRV
      + PROTON-1019 - Documentation: typos in the C++ API documentation
      + PROTON-1020 - Typos in the error messages
      + PROTON-1023 - Incorrect handling of failed attach for
      + PROTON-1024 - Disconnect during close not handled correctly in
      + PROTON-1026 - Invalid queue/destination causes a segmentation
      + PROTON-1027 - Incorrectly handling of invalid addresses
      + PROTON-1028 - BlockingConnection leaks due to cyclical
      + PROTON-1029 - Do not fail hard if strerror_r fails.
      + PROTON-1030 - Reactor never freed if handler/global_handler
      + PROTON-1031 - [python] Bump the module version to 0.11.0
      + PROTON-1033 - Update the revision of the libqpid-proton
      library to 4
      + PROTON-1034 - [Go binding] Windows build fails if Go language
      is installed but no gcc tool kit
      + PROTON-1035 - [proton-c] Python binding mishandles connection
      close event
      + PROTON-1040 - BlockingConnection fails to send heartbeats if
      timeout is None and no local idle time is specified
      + PROTON-1042 - Can't distinguish between null target and null
      address on a target
      + PROTON-1044 - Create/Delete of BlockingConnection leaks file
      + PROTON-1045 - Use of callbacks to handle accepted endpoints
      violates design goals.
      + PROTON-1049 - Reactor needs an alternative to using the URL to
      pass user authentication information.
      + PROTON-1055 - Username sent twice during SASL AUTH
      + PROTON-1056 - Attempting to print an ApplicationEvent raises a
      + PROTON-1059 - ruby: ruby binding broken in 0.11 release and on
      + PROTON-1060 - [Python Binding] API call types for some message
      properties do not match AMQP specification
      + PROTON-1065 - dbgheap.c assertion when adding types to message
      body (through proton::value)
      + PROTON-1067 - python messenger: cannot acknowledge messages,
      messenger forces auto-ack or pre-settled.
      + PROTON-1069 - Windows schannel ssl hang in shutdown sequence
      + PROTON-1074 - C++ cbinding SSL core dump
      + PROTON-1075 - Data races detected in go_test_electron
      + PROTON-1077 - receiver link and transport view of credit can
      become disjoint when sending link sends flow frames
      + PROTON-1080 - have container attribute on any relevant event
      + PROTON-1090 - BlockingConnection client spins at 100% cpu on
      + PROTON-1093 - [proton-c++] pragma to hide a warning in GCC
      introduces a warning in Windows
      + PROTON-1100 - [proton-j] the transport should not emit other
      frames before the Open frame has been sent
      + PROTON-1101 - Proton build broken on Visual Studio 10
      + PROTON-1104 - reactor hangs on reconnect
      + PROTON-1105 - enable EventImpl#getTransport() to succeed in
      more situations
      + PROTON-1107 - [proton-j] only create the attachments Record
      on a Delivery if it actually gets used
      + PROTON-1110 - [proton-j] allow suppressing the synthentic flow
      event when sending transfers
      + PROTON-1114 - [proton-j] the transport should not emit other
      frames after the Close frame has been sent
      + PROTON-1116 - Potential infinite recursion detected by VC++14
      + PROTON-1118 - python build fails if run from git repo
      + PROTON-1120 - Memory leak using proton.utils
      + PROTON-1121 - Zero pointer derefence in
      + PROTON-1123 - cmake fails under python3 when
      + PROTON-1125 - c++: core dump on empty address in link options
      + PROTON-1127 - [Windows] qpid-proton-cpp.dll not installed by
      "make install" target
      + PROTON-1157 - Reactor sends messages in the clear if ssl is
      requested but not available.
    * Tasks
      + PROTON-973 - various javadoc errors when building with Java 8
      + PROTON-1084 - [cpp binding] Add message annotation support
      + PROTON-1113 - tidy up some descriptive detail around running
      the python tests
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Upgrade to version 0.10
    * New features and improvements
    - PROTON-490 - [proton-c] Python binding fails to link with
      Python 3 libraries
    - PROTON-518 - Add SASL hostname getter/setter
    - PROTON-781 - Implement the Reactive APIs in Ruby
    - PROTON-799 - Provide the engine APIs in Ruby
    - PROTON-857 - reduce memory usage for the TransportSession link
      handle tracking
    - PROTON-873 - Convert use of Object.send to Object.__send__ for
      Ruby bindings
    - PROTON-880 - make Array iterable
    - PROTON-881 - Proton-j reactor implementation
    - PROTON-882 - it should be possible to override logging from
    - PROTON-883 - Return the raw bytes from a transport buffer in
    - PROTON-885 - Allow to bundle qpid-proton
    - PROTON-897 - Enhance the Ruby examples
    - PROTON-903 - UUID version should be in sixth octet
    - PROTON-906 - Would be nice to make durable subscriptions
    - PROTON-919 - make C impl behave like java wrt channel_max error
    - PROTON-932 - Document platform-specific usage of certificates
      and trust stores.
    - PROTON-944 - add ability to set a default state for settling
      received deliveries
    - PROTON-956 - [proton-j] avoid some overhead when sending frames
      if the trace logging isnt enabled and there is no frame tracer
    - PROTON-957 - [proton-j] make trace logging of transfer frames
      more useful
    * Bugs fixed
    - PROTON-109 - Proton should handle inbound max-frame size
    - PROTON-707 - Valgrind 'invalid read' errors in
      proton_tests.message.LoadSaveTest tests
    - PROTON-842 - proton-c should honor channel_max
    - PROTON-843 - proton-j: Transport advertises idle timeout as-is
      whereas proton-c halves it before
    - PROTON-844 - proton-j: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception if
      remote peer sends a handle >1024
    - PROTON-845 - Proton-J: Potential NPE in proton-jms outbound
      native transformer
    - PROTON-848 - [proton-j] TransportSession state is never
    - PROTON-849 - [proton-j] TransportLink state is never discarded
    - PROTON-850 - inconsistent state when reusing link name
    - PROTON-853 - [proton-j] the transport emitted a new attach
      frame for a link in the process of being closed
    - PROTON-854 - [proton-j] ConnectionImpl retains all created
      Sessions until the Connection is freed
    - PROTON-858 - unbalanced maps can get corrupted
    - PROTON-859 - cyrus sasl not compatible with pre 2.1.24 versions
    - PROTON-861 - need to get at aspect of the client certificate
      when for authenticated clients
    - PROTON-864 - don't crash when channel number goes high
    - PROTON-868 - Make Pipelined ANONYMOUS authentication work with
      fallback SASL implementation
    - PROTON-874 - PN_VERSION only supports major and minor versions
    - PROTON-877 - proton-c sasl client hangs on server pipeline
    - PROTON-878 - Python wrapper mixes up 'user' and 'password'
      configuration API
    - PROTON-879 - null initial response makes cyrus challenge when
      it probably shouldn't
    - PROTON-887 - Windows SSL implementation needs working version
      of pn_ssl_get_remote_subject()
    - PROTON-895 - Rely on python to build the downloaded tarball
    - PROTON-898 - Ruby Messenger using pn_selectable_fd and not
    - PROTON-899 - Unnecessary relative path in include
    - PROTON-901 - No constants defined for Terminus.expiry_policy
    - PROTON-904 - Remove dependency on libuuid
    - PROTON-907 - Qpid Proton Point to Point Hang on CentOS 6
    - PROTON-908 - Use swig as a build dependency when possible
    - PROTON-913 - Calling allow_unsecured_client() on
      SSLDomain.MODE_CLIENT causes client segfault
    - PROTON-914 - SSL.peer_hostname does not return the proper value.
    - PROTON-915 - Incompatible protocol header handled incorrectly
    - PROTON-916 - [SASL] pn_sasl_config_name - name gets overwritten
      in python binding
    - PROTON-917 - [SASL] buffer underrun if no mechs specified by
    - PROTON-920 - frames on invalid channel crash proton
    - PROTON-922 - [python] fails to build bindings if
      qpid-proton-c-devel installed
    - PROTON-923 - [SASL] PN_TRANSPORT_ERROR event not raised
    - PROTON-925 - proton-c seems to treat unspecified channel-max
      as implying 0
    - PROTON-929 - [SASL] If both client and server specify ANONYMOUS
      mech connection setup does not complete
    - PROTON-931 - proton-j: unable to determine if
      LINK_REMOTE_DETACH happened in response to a local detach
    - PROTON-933 - Cyrus SASL GSSAPI plugin can error if sent long
    - PROTON-934 - Build tests fail if Java is not available
    - PROTON-935 - drop Java 6 support and move to targetting Java 7
    - PROTON-936 - update session outgoing window handling
    - PROTON-939 - [SSL] Regression: binding a transport erases the
      configured peer name
    - PROTON-940 - provide the session initial incoming window via
      Begin rather than sending a separate Flow
    - PROTON-947 - deprecate stale methods on the Message
    - PROTON-950 - SASL PLAIN over cleartext should be supported
    - PROTON-954 - miscelaneous cleanup
    - PROTON-955 - [proton-j] only the payload for the current frame,
      and not the entire remainder for the delivery, should be handed
      to the trace logging / frame tracer
    - PROTON-958 - [python] pip installed binding fails to find
    - PROTON-959 - On error Proton can send an open and a close frame
      before sending the AMQP header
    - PROTON-960 - On error Proton can send an open and a close frame
      during the SASL negotiation (before sending the AMQP header)
    - PROTON-961 - messenger doesn't handle received multi-frame
    - PROTON-962 - heartbeat/empty frame trace has spurious newline
    - PROTON-963 - [SASL] Raise PN_TRANSPORT_ERROR events with
      correct condition for authentication failure
    - PROTON-965 - [proton-j] freed receiver link may cause a removal
      from the wrong collection in the session
    - PROTON-966 - [proton-j] empty frames are logged/traced when
      sent but not when received
    - PROTON-967 - [proton-j] make empty frame logging actually
      mention that it is an empty frame.
    - PROTON-975 - connecting with DIGEST-MD5 fails if buffer
      containing outcome and first encrypted frame is received
    - PROTON-976 - pn_read_frame does not validate frame offset
    - PROTON-978 - Framing errors after SASL exchange when
      max-frame-size is configured
    * Tasks
    - PROTON-943 - Bump library (.so) major version for proton-c libraries
  - Removed patches:
    * 0001-NO-JIRA-Fix-install-of-Perl-bindings.patch
    * 0002-PROTON-582-Added-in-missing-is_float-method-to-Perl-.patch
    - Integrated upstream
* Mon Jun 01 2015
  - Upgrade to version 0.9.1
    * New features and improvements
      + PROTON-857 - reduce memory usage for the TransportSession
      link handle tracking
    * Bugs fixed
      + PROTON-843 - proton-j: Transport advertises idle timeout
      as-is whereas proton-c halves it before
      + PROTON-844 - proton-j: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception if
      remote peer sends a handle >1024
      + PROTON-845 - Proton-J: Potential NPE in proton-jms outbound
      native transformer
      + PROTON-848 - [proton-j] TransportSession state is never
      + PROTON-849 - [proton-j] TransportLink state is never
      + PROTON-850 - inconsistent state when reusing link name
      + PROTON-853 - [proton-j] the transport emitted a new attach
      frame for a link in the process of being closed
      + PROTON-854 - [proton-j] ConnectionImpl retains all created
      Sessions until the Connection is freed
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - Upgrade to version 0.9
    * Build Perl binding too
  - Added patches:
    * 0001-NO-JIRA-Fix-install-of-Perl-bindings.patch
    * 0002-PROTON-582-Added-in-missing-is_float-method-to-Perl-.patch
    - Fix issues with Perl bindings
    * qpid-proton-0.9-pthread.patch
    - Fix undefined symbols when linking Perl bindings
  - Remove unneeded patch:
    * 0001-PROTON-731-Installing-Python-requires-Proton-be-inst.patch
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - Upgrade to version 0.8
  - Add new patch
    * 0001-PROTON-731-Installing-Python-requires-Proton-be-inst.patch
    - Allow the building and installing of the python bindings



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