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tar-1.34-3.23.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: tar Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 1.34 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.23.1 Build date: Thu Dec 1 10:38:45 2022
Group: Productivity/Archiving/Backup Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 532990 Source RPM: tar-1.34-3.23.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU implementation of ((t)ape (ar)chiver)
GNU Tar is an archiver program. It is used to create and manipulate files
that are actually collections of many other files; the program provides
users with an organized and systematic method of controlling a large amount
of data. Despite its name, that is an acronym of "tape archiver", GNU Tar
is able to direct its output to any available devices, files or other programs,
it may as well access remote devices or files.






* Mon Oct 31 2022
  - Fix unexpected inconsistency when making directory, bsc#1203600
    * tar-avoid-overflow-in-symlinks-tests.patch
    * tar-fix-extract-unlink.patch
  - Update race condition fix, bsc#1200657
    * tar-fix-race-condition.patch
  - Refresh bsc1200657.patch
* Wed Aug 17 2022
  - bsc1200657.patch was previously incomplete leading to deadlocks
    * bsc#1202436
    * bsc1200657.patch updated
* Mon Jun 20 2022
  - Fix race condition while creating intermediate subdirectories,
    * bsc1200657.patch
* Thu Oct 14 2021
  - tests-skip-time01-on-32bit-time_t.patch: Add patch to skip test
    'tests/' on platforms with 32-bit time_t for now.
  - tar.spec: Reference it.
    (%check): Output the testsuite.log in case the testsuite failed.
* Fri Oct 08 2021
  - The following issues have already been fixed in this package but
    weren't previously mentioned in the changes file:
    * bsc#1181131, CVE-2021-20193
    * bsc#1120610
* Wed Jun 09 2021
  - Link /var/lib/tests/tar/bin/genfile as Position-Independent Executable
    + tar-PIE.patch
* Sun Feb 14 2021
  - GNU tar 1.34:
    * Fix extraction over pipe
    * Fix memory leak in read_header
    * Fix extraction when . and .. are unreadable
    * Gracefully handle duplicate symlinks when extracting
    * Re-initialize supplementary groups when switching to user
* Sat Jan 09 2021
  - GNU tar 1.33:
    * POSIX extended format headers do not include PID by default
    * --delay-directory-restore works for archives with reversed
      member ordering
    * Fix extraction of a symbolic link hardlinked to another
      symbolic link
    * Wildcards in exclude-vcs-ignore mode don't match slash
    * Fix the --no-overwrite-dir option
    * Fix handling of chained renames in incremental backups
    * Link counting works for file names supplied with -T
    * Accept only position-sensitive (file-selection) options in file
      list files
  - remove deprecated texinfo packaging macros
* Mon Oct 19 2020
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Fri Apr 03 2020
  - Drop Requires(pre) info in the preamble: the main package does
    not contain any info files, and has not even a pre script. The
    - doc subpackage already has the correct deps.
* Fri Jan 31 2020
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use.
* Mon Mar 25 2019
  - update to version 1.32
    * Fix the use of --checkpoint without explicit --checkpoint-action
    * Fix extraction with the -U option
    * Fix iconv usage on BSD-based systems
    * Fix possible NULL dereference (savannah bug #55369)
      [bsc#1130496] [CVE-2019-9923]
    * Improve the testsuite
  - remove tar-1.31-tests_dirrem.patch and
    tar-1.31-racy_compress_tests.patch that are no longer needed
    (applied usptream)
* Fri Mar 15 2019
  - Remove libattr-devel from buildrequires, tar no longer uses
    it but finds xattr functions in libc.
* Thu Feb 14 2019
  - update to version 1.31
    * Fix heap-buffer-overrun with --one-top-level, bug introduced
      with the addition of that option in 1.28
    * Support for zstd compression
    * New option '--zstd' instructs tar to use zstd as compression
      program. When listing, extractng and comparing, zstd compressed
      archives are recognized automatically. When '-a' option is in
      effect, zstd compression is selected if the destination archive
      name ends in '.zst' or '.tzst'.
    * The -K option interacts properly with member names given in the
      command line. Names of members to extract can be specified along
      with the "-K NAME" option. In this case, tar will extract NAME
      and those of named members that appear in the archive after it,
      which is consistent with the semantics of the option. Previous
      versions of tar extracted NAME, those of named members that
      appeared before it, and everything after it.
    * Fix CVE-2018-20482 - When creating archives with the --sparse
      option, previous versions of tar would loop endlessly if a
      sparse file had been truncated while being archived.
  - remove the following patches (upstreamed)
    * tar-1.30-tests-difflink.patch
    * tar-1.30-tests_dirrem_race.patch
  - refresh add_readme-tests.patch
  - add tar-1.31-tests_dirrem.patch to fix expected output in dirrem
  - add tar-1.31-racy_compress_tests.patch to fix compression tests
* Fri May 11 2018
  - add tar-1.30-tests_dirrem_race.patch to fix race in dirrem01 and
    dirrem02 tests that were passing/failing randomly because of that
  - run spec-cleaner
  - renumber patches
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Thu Jan 04 2018
  - add tar-1.30-tests-difflink.patch to fix test
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - GNU tar 1.30:
    * Member names containing '..' components are now skipped when
    * Report erroneous use of position-sensitive options.
    * --numeric-owner now affects private headers too.
    * Fixed the --delay-directory-restore option
    * The --warnings=failed-read option
    * The --warnings=none option now suppresses all warnings
    * Fix reporting of hardlink mismatches during compare
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - switch all urls to https
  - drop upstreamed patches
    * add-return-values-to-backup-scripts.patch
    * tar-1.29-extract_pathname_bypass.patch
  - rebase add_readme-tests.patch
* Thu Apr 20 2017
  - remove tar-1.26-remove_O_NONBLOCK.patch as this issue was fixed
    in tar 1.27 (commit 03858cf583ce299b836d8a848967ce290a6bf303)
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - Use update-alternatives according to current documentation
* Mon Mar 27 2017
  - Disable tar-1.26-remove_O_NONBLOCK.patch - this issue has been
    fixed in tar-1.27
  - backup-scripts subpackage change to noarch
  - Change rpm group of tar-tests to Development/Tools/Other
  - Enable rmt building, change package description
  - Switch rmt to alternatives system
  - Separate rmt subpackage - it can be used by different archiving
    tools as a dedicated program
  - Change rmt path to /usr/bin folder - it can be used by non privileged
    users for backup purposes. Security is controlled by access rights to
    the targets and remote shell.
  - Separate doc subpackage
  - Remove conditions for old SUSE builds and lang subpackage
  - Rename restore script to for avoiding file conflicts
    with dump/restore
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - move binaries from /bin to /usr/bin [bsc#1029977]
    * refresh tar-backup-spec-fix-paths.patch to change path of the
      tar binary from TAR=/bin/tar to TAR=/usr/bin/tar
  - use spec-cleaner
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - update tar-1.29-extract_pathname_bypass.patch to the upstream
    one that fixes POINTYFEATHER issue but it doesn't limit append or
    create operations as the initial patch did [bsc#1012633]
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - add tar-1.29-extract_pathname_bypass.patch to fix POINTYFEATHER
    vulnerability - GNU tar archiver can be tricked into extracting
    files and directories in the given destination, regardless of the
    path name(s) specified on the command line [bsc#1007188]
* Sat May 28 2016
  - GNU tar 1.29:
    * New options: --verbatim-files-from, --no-verbatim-files-from
    * --null option reads file names verbatim
    * New options: --owner-map=FILE and --group-map=FILE
    * New option --clamp-mtime
    * Deprecated --preserve option removed
    * Sparse file detection - now uses SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE on
      systems that support it. This allows for considerable speed-up
      in sparse-file detection. New option --hole-detection for
      algorithm selection.
* Wed Mar 23 2016
  - Add add-return-values-to-backup-scripts.patch
* Mon Apr 13 2015
  - Revert tar-recursive--files-from.patch because it causes regression
    (bnc#918487, bnc#919233)
* Mon Feb 09 2015
  - extract files recursively with --files-from (bnc#913058)
    * added tar-recursive--files-from.patch
  - call autoreconf in %prep
* Sun Dec 21 2014
  - build with PIE
* Thu Nov 20 2014
  - compile in ACLs, Xattr and selinux support [boo#906413]



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