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ksh-93vu-bp154.1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: ksh Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 93vu Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.1 Build date: Thu Jul 15 04:28:12 2021
Group: System/Shells Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 2717473 Source RPM: ksh-93vu-bp154.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Korn Shell
The original Korn Shell.  The ksh is an sh-compatible command
interpreter that executes commands read from standard input or from a

    David Korn <>
    Glenn Fowler <>
    Phong Vo <>




CPL-1.0 AND EPL-1.0


* Wed Mar 31 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove BuildRequires: bind-libs. Requiring libs this way
    is just wrong.
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
  - clean up SLE11 compat sections
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - remove pwdutils buildrequires, it's not needed and pwdutils got
    dropped many years ago
* Fri Nov 13 2020
  - remove sys/sysctl.h include as it no longer exists in linux
    new patch: ksh93-no-sysctl.dif
* Fri Sep 06 2019
  - fix build by removing -Werror=return-type and using
    - ffat-lto-objects
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - fix build with new glibc versions
    new patch: ksh93-filedefined.dif
* Wed Oct 12 2016
  - fix locking error in spawn implementation [bnc#988213]
    new patch: ksh93-spawnlock.dif
  - make patch ordering the same as in sle-11
* Tue Jul 05 2016
  - own the ksh files in /etc/alternatives [bnc#987362] [bnc#962069]
  - fix leak in optimize processing [bnc#982423]
    new patch: ksh93-optimizeleak.dif
  - fix editor prediction code garbling input [bnc#964966]
    new patch: ksh93-edpredict.dif
* Wed Dec 16 2015
  - add ast suffix to optbin manpages to prevent file conflicts
  - fix fd leak when doing redirects in a subshell [bnc#954856]
    new patch: ksh93-redirectleak.dif
  - rewrite ksh93-backtick.dif to a more correct version
    [bnc#953533] [bnc#955221]
  - also tweak ksh93-backtick.dif so that the pipe is drained after
    io_restore is called.
* Tue Sep 15 2015
  - fix freeing memory twice if an array is turned into an
    compound variable and then unset [bnc#924043]
    new patch: ksh93-nvtree-free.dif
  - backport fix for segmentation fault with 'typeset -RF'
    new patch: ksh93-int16double.dif
  - backport hanging command substitution with large output fix from
    upstream [bnc#887320] [bnc#926172] [bnc#934437]
    new patch: ksh93-backtick.dif
  - backport job list corruption fix from ksg93v [bnc#924318]
    new patch: ksh93-jpold.dif
* Fri Jun 12 2015
  - go back to ksh93u to have a stable version in SLE-12
    use 93vu as version so that the software stack sees this
    as an update. (FATE#319107, bsc#939252)
  - add back the following patches:
    * astksh_builtin_poll20120806_001.diff
    * ksh93-backticks.dif
    * ksh93-crashes.dif
    * ksh93-dttree-crash.dif
    * ksh93-fdstatus.dif
    * ksh93-heredoclex.dif
    * ksh93-jobs.dif
    * ksh93-sfio.dif
    * ksh93-uninitialized.dif
  - fix stk aliasing code [bnc#844071]
    new patch: ksh93-stkalias.dif
  - fix stk restoration in sh_exec [bnc#844071]
    new patch: ksh93-stkfreeze.dif
  - make a unknown location fatal in stkset so that we get a core
    dump right away instead of later in an unrelated part of code
    new patch: ksh93-stkset-abort.dif
  - fix build with std malloc
    new patch: ksh93-malloc-hook.dif
  - backport job locking code fix
    new patch: ksh93-joblock.dif
  - disable vfork, use fork instead
    new patch: ksh93-disable-vfork.dif
  - fix crash when the subshell number overflows [bnc#893031]
    new patch: ksh93-longenv.dif
  - fix path normalization in cd command [bnc#867401]
    new patch: ksh93-cdpwd.dif
  - fix segfault in dirname when cwd is gone [bnc#852160]
    new patch: ksh93-subshellpwd.dif
  - Fix ksh using wrong files is some elements in the path do not
    exist [bnc#899014]
    new patch: ksh93-path-skip.dif
* Thu Jun 11 2015
  - cpp.patch: fix use of cc -E without -P



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