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libhugetlbfs-2.20-3.4.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.3 for armv7hl

Name: libhugetlbfs Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 2.20 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.4.1 Build date: Tue May 4 14:08:37 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild18
Size: 416344 Source RPM: libhugetlbfs-2.20-3.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Helper library for the Huge Translation Lookaside Buffer Filesystem
The libhugetlbfs package interacts with the Linux hugetlbfs to
make large pages available to applications in a transparent manner.






* Wed Apr 21 2021
  - Hardening: Link as PIE (bsc#1184123).
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Run `make install-perlmod` to install/satisfy Perl modules
    required by /usr/bin/cpupcstat, itself installed by just
    `make install` [boo#1057963]
* Thu Apr 20 2017
  - Update summary and descriptions a bit
  - Move development manpages (*.3) to development subpackage
  - Avoid ||/&& in %install because it can leave $? at non-zero
    (unlike, and %install is run with sh -x.
* Thu Mar 09 2017
  - Update to 2.20
  - Bug Fixes:
    * Fix keyword collisions and warnings from GCC 5
    * hugeadm output is parsed for default size in huge_page_setup_helper
    * Testsuite: fallocate tests
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Add zero_filesize_segment.patch to fix testcase on s390x
  - Fixes bnc#919680
  - Patches already included mainline and now deleted:
    D libhugetlbfs-2.18-restrict-is-a-reserved-word.patch
    D fix_plt_extrasz_always_returning_0_on_ppc64le.patch
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Latest version from git next branch
* Tue Jun 23 2015
  - Add libhugelbfs-2.18-restrict-is-a-reserved-word.patch which
    fixes compilation with GCC 5 (and C99/C11 in general).
    * Add libhugetlbfs-2.18-restrict-is-a-reserved-word.patch
* Fri Feb 20 2015
  - update to 2.18
    to solve build failures for ppc/ppc64.
    remove following patches now included in 2.18:
  - Add fix_plt_extrasz_always_returning_0_on_ppc64le.patch
    already upstream.
* Wed Mar 26 2014
  - update to 2.17:
    * PPC segement alignment restrictions can be disabled
    * Added Aarch64 support
    * Allow compiler overrides for 64 and 32 bit builds
    * hugeadm now handles /etc/mtab being a simlink properly
    * ppc64 fixes
  - remove libhugetlbfs.ia64-libdir.patch:
    ia64 is no longer supported by openSUSE
  - add ignore-perl-modules.diff: do not install perl modules, unused
    and are installed in the wrong place to be found anyway
  - add ARM support
  - add disable-rw-on-non-ldscripts.diff: Skip rw tests
  - Do not install tests anymore
* Tue Feb 11 2014
  - Tests compile fine for s390(x), also include them in the package, the same
    way it is done for other archs as well.



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