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lftp-4.8.4-5.4.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.3 for armv7hl

Name: lftp Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 4.8.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.4.1 Build date: Fri May 7 04:29:58 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Ftp/Clients Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 2624587 Source RPM: lftp-4.8.4-5.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Command Line File Transfer Program
LFTP is a reliable shell-like command line FTP client. It can retry
operations and does reget automatically. It can do several transfers
simultaneously in the background. With LFTP, you can start a transfer
in the background and continue browsing that FTP site or another one.
This is all done in one process. Background jobs are completed in nohup
mode if you exit or close the modem connection. LFTP has reput, mirror,
and reverse mirror among its features. Since version 2.0, it also
supports the HTTP protocol. Other features include IPV6 support,
context sensitive completion, output redirection to files or to pipe,
FTP and HTTP proxy support, transfer rate throttling for each
connection and for all connections in sum, job queueing, job execution
at specified times, opie and skey support in the FTP protocol, SSL for
HTTP and FTP, and FXP transfers.






* Wed Jan 20 2021
  - Add "relax-ssh-password-prompt-recognition-some-more.patch" to
    synchronize the code in src/ with the upstream code
    from lftp-4.9.2. This change further improves the prompt
    recognition algorithm and makes it more robust. [bsc#1179669]
  - Install COPYING file via %license macro rather than %doc.
* Tue Mar 19 2019
  - Refresh "relax-ssh-password-prompt-recognition.patch" to the
    solution upstream chose in commit 0bcd1d2d6bfb9d53. The previous
    patch assumed incorrectly that the underlying buffer would always
    contain a NUL-terminated string. [bsc#1120946]
* Wed Feb 27 2019
  - Add "relax-ssh-password-prompt-recognition.patch" to make sure
    the SSH login handling code detects password prompts more
    reliably. [bsc#1120946]
* Thu Oct 04 2018
  - Update to version 4.8.4
    * Fixed a security vulnerability with "file:" file names.
      CVE-2018-10916 bsc#1103367
    * Fixed mirror --flat.
    * http: extract links from <source> tags.
    * Fixed upload of zero-length files over ftps.
    * Fixed assert on "mput -d".
    * Fixed a core dump.
    * Avoid multiple backup files of DHT cache.
    * Translations updated (uk, zh_CN).
  - Remove upstream patch:
    * fix-zero-byte-file-upload-via-ssl.patch
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - Added openSUSE-specific patches that implement a wrapper script
    called "ftp" on top of the lftp command that is compatible to
    lukemftp. Those patches are maintained in a fork of the upstream
    project at [bsc#1083331]
    * 0001-Add-content-of-the-SUSE-lftp-vi-1.1-archive.patch
    * 0002-Add-content-of-lftp-compat-addfiles.patch.patch
    * 0003-Add-content-of-lftp-completion.patch.patch
    * 0004-Include-config.h-to-detect-gnulib-macros.patch
    * 0005-Add-the-wrapper-code-to-the-Makefile-in-order-to-bui.patch
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - fix-zero-byte-file-upload-via-ssl.patch: fix a bug that caused
    lftp to break the TLS protocol and lose the connection when
    trying to upload a 0 byte length file. [bsc#1079168]
* Sat Nov 11 2017
  - update to 4.8.3:
    * fixed 2 other core dumps on exit (incorrect order of deallocation).
    * fixed compilation with older C++ compilers.
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - update to 4.8.2:
    * fixed a memory leak
    * fixed a core dump on exit
  - includes changes from 4.8.1:
    * improved rate limiting to allow per-host limits
    * ftp: make prefer-epsv default "no"
    * ftp: fixed quote command and ftp:use-stat-for-list setting
    * switched to libidn2
    * fixed configure --disable-rpath
    * fixed coredump when a parent directory was deleted
  - includes changes from 4.8.0:
    * mirror: improved performance of --scan-all-first for big trees
    * mirror: new --flat option to flatten the target directory structure
    * mmv: new command for file moving; redirect mv to mmv in certain cases
    * fixed compilation with newer openssl (1.1.0 and later)
    * du: allow multiple --exclude options to be combined
    * new setting cmd:nullglob for `glob' command prefix
    * http: use proppatch to set last-modified property
    * new settings net:connection-limit-timer and ftp:too-many-re
    * ftp: dynamically ajust connection limit
    * ftp: fixed core dump on LINK/SYMLINK when the command is not supported
    * get1: fixed -o option
    * sftp,fish: connect-program setting is now passed to the shell for execution
    * get/mget/put/mput: add -P option for parallel transfers and long options
    * fixed "local glob"
  - build with libidn2
  - package desktop file
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Version update to 4.7.7:
    * License has changed from GPL-2.0+ to GPL-3.0+
    * Various small fixes all around
  - Remove all internal patches, if the ftp compat is needed we need
    to upstream it on github:
    * lftp-autoconf-req.patch
    * lftp-compat-addfiles.patch
    * lftp-completion.patch
    * lftp-config_h.patch
    * lftp-stdio.h.patch
    * lftp-vi.1.1.tar.gz
    * lftp-wrapper+edit+compat-modify.patch
  - Pass all the configure arguments to ensure nothing gets automagically
  - Remove unused dependencies
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Fork lftp in SLE-12-SP3 to use the version from Factory to enable
    support for OpenSSL as requested in fate#321022. That change also
    obsoletes the following patches, which SLE previously required:
    * lftp-deal-gracefully-with-ipv6-failures.patch corresponds to
      upstream commit 58bfcfc2b00c and has been included since
      release 4.7.2 [bnc#975913].
    * lftp-ca-bundle-path.patch is necessary only when lftp was
      compiled against GNUTLS, but we use OpenSSL now [bnc#792456].
  - Normalize spec file with spec-cleaner.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - lftp 4.7.4:
    * mirror: new option --directory (-F) for source directories
      glob pattern.
    * mirror: fixed coredump with --depth-first + --recursion=newer.
    * mirror: create inaccessible directories anyway.
    * pget, torrent: avoid long delays in posix_fallocate(3) call.
    * new setting dns:name for host aliases.
    * ftp: allow SSL after certain types of ftp proxy.
    * http: fixed interpretation of links without a protocol.
    * cls: fixed glob metacharacter unquoting.
    * sftp: fixed mirroring of files with a leading tilde.
    * fixed transfer logging.
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - lftp 4.7.3:
    * mirror: don't add source directory base name to the target if
      the source ends with a slash.
    * mirror: fixed transfer count tracking in --scan-all-first mode.
    * new setting file:use-fallocate.
    * fixed "kill all" to remove queued commands.
    * fixed xfer:log-file setting to a writable file in a protected
    * fixed xfer:clobber to allow output to non-plain files.
    * fixed mirror --Move to really keep source dir if it ends with a
    From 4.7.2:
    * ftp: fixed loss of 17th file from MLSD listing.
    * new setting xfer:timeout.
    * ssl: improved ssl performance for small read sizes.
    * pget: allocate all needed disk space at once.
    * http: new settings http:use-range and hftp:use-range.
    * http: fixed setting http:authorization.
    * http: resolve redirections when getting files information.
    * http: include X-OC-MTime header in PUT requests for OwnCloud.
    * mirror: changed --Move option to keep source dir if it ends
      with a slash.
    * mirror: fixed timestamp mirroring when the source site sends
    * mirror: don't report errors when the target does not support
    * torrent: discard cached data after validating.
    * torrent: fixed a coredump on a file read error.
    * torrent: fixed closing oldest cached FD.
    * torrent/DHT: fixed our external IP voting.
    * torrent/DHT: black-list nodes which change node_id often.
    * torrent/DHT: black-list nodes which report many bad nodes.
    * torrent/DHT: ignore nodes with our own ID.
    * torrent/DHT: made node search more robust.
    * torrent/DHT: mark new nodes as questionable.
    * translations updated (zh_TW, ru).
  - Added new build requirements libexpat-devel, libidn-devel and
  - Fixes for update-alternatives usage.
  - Rebased lftp-wrapper+edit+compat-modify.patch to apply cleanly.
* Wed May 11 2016
  - lftp 4.7.0:
    * ftp: add MODE Z support.
    * ftp: new settings ftp:use-mode-z, ftp:compressed-re, ftp:mode-z-level.
    * ftp: add MFF support for chmod.
    * ftp: prefer EPSV by default.
    * ftp: prefer CWD-relative paths.
    * ftp: enable MLSD by default (when supported).
    * ftp: assume AUTH is supported based on other newer features.
    * http: add support for digest authentication.
    * http: fixed webdav directory listing.
    * http: fixed a coredump when using a proxy for https.
    * sftp: fixed mirror to sftp with xfer:use-temp-file set.
    * ssl: optimized ssl for speed and lower syscall count.
    * ssl: log server's certificate fingerprint.
    * ssl: allow disabling certificate verification by its fingerprint.
    * get: rename backup file back if new file cannot be retrieved.
    * get: new settings xfer:backup-suffix and xfer:keep-backup.
    * get/put/mget/mput/pget/get1: add -q (quiet) option.
    * edit: allow creating a new file.
    * new debug option -T (truncate output file).
    * new mirror options: --{in,ex}clude-{rx,glob}-from.
    * new mirror options: --Remove-source-dirs, --Move.
  - lftp 4.7.1:
    * http: fixed authentication for proxy, transient errors, max-retries=1.
    * http: fixed put with authentication not to use HEAD request.
    * translations updated (cs, ru).
* Mon Dec 14 2015
  - lftp 4.6.5:
    * sftp: fixed handling of out-of-order replies.
    * fixed futex_wait issue in SIGCHLD handler.
    * ftp: fixed ls freezing with unstable server connection.
    * torrent: show more correct ETA on the status line.
    * fixed gnutls priority string.
    * mirror: fixed excessive stack usage on large directories.
    * documented some hard to fix bugs.
    * improved man page on open command and cmd:prompt setting.
    * translations updated (zh_TW).
* Fri Aug 21 2015
  - lftp 4.6.4:
    * mirror: new option --transfer-all.
    * torrent: new setting torrent:timeout to limit time without any progress.
    * torrent: fixed handling of udp tracker without explicit port number.
    * torrent: improved transfer start time after metadata download.
    * improved sftp put -c to use a single FSETSTAT.
    * mirror --skip-noaccess now uses user name to check for permissions.
    * don't rename temporary file to the target name when transfer fails.
    * new cmd:prompt escapes \l and \L for local working directory.
* Fri Jun 19 2015
  - update to 4.6.3a
    * new mirror setting mirror:overwrite and options
    - -overwrite/--no-overwrite.
    * new mirror option --upload-older.
    * new mirror option --recursion={always,never,missing,newer}.
    * try to download zero sized files as they may be non-empty.
    * torrent: new options --only-new, --only-incomplete.
    * torrent: fixed endless loop in FD deallocation.
    * fixed a memleak when parsing a directory listing with special
    * fixed one byte buffer overflow in cls.
    * fixed cmd:fail-exit description in the man page.
    * fixed large stack usage when parsing fish directory listings.
  - refresh lftp-stdio.h.patch
  - use spec-cleaner
* Thu May 28 2015
  - Update to version 4.6.2:
    * new command "edit" instead of the edit alias.
    * new setting ssl:priority for disabling selected protocols.
    * new settings fish:auto-confirm and sftp:auto-confirm.
    * new setting file:use-lock to lock local files before accessing.
    * ftp: fixed disconnecting on timeout (broken in 4.6.0).
    * http: enclose ipv6 address in brackets in URLs and Host header.
    * fixed mirror for http protocol with redirections.
    * fixed `bookmark edit' to use correct XDG path if XDG is used.
    * fixed a wildcard certificate validation vulnerability (CVE-2014-0139).
    * fixed proxy authentication for CONNECT method.
    * fixed exit code of `help' command.
    * fixed sftp to show file names with slashes.
    * fixed pget status display when all chunks are done except the first one.
  - Drop lftp-CVE-2014-0139.patch, fixed upstream.
  - Refresh lftp-default-ssl-cipher.patch
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - lftp 4.6.1:
    * new mirror option --scan-all-first.
    * mirror --Remove-source-files now removes files already present
      at the target.
    * added a workaround for FUSE with HadoopFS I/O error during
    * fixed du to round file size up to block size.
    * fixed compilation with libressl.
    * fixed OPTS MLST, removed trailing semicolon.
    * fixed put to sftp with special files (like /dev/stdin).
    * fixed ftp to copy SID properly with GnuTLS
    * fixed mirror to follow redirections to files
* Thu Dec 11 2014
  - build with openssl instead of gnutls as suggested in bnc#792456
    * don't default to /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem (bnc#907803)
    * drop lftp-ca-bundle-path.patch
  - fix a "curl" vulnerability CVE-2014-0139
    * that's because lftp uses code borrowed from curl 7.21.3 which
      contains this incorrect wildcard certificate validation
    * added lftp-CVE-2014-0139.patch
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Fix the update-alternatives to be up-par
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Fully remove sle10 support.
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Version bump to lftp 4.6.0:
    * new torrent --share option.
    * new setting mirror:require-source.
    * new settings xfer:use-temp-file and xfer:temp-file-name.
    * ftp: wait for QUIT reply before closing control socket.
    * display valid IDN in URLs without percent encoding.
    * ftp: shutdown SSL connection before closing control socket.
    * ftp: avoid duplication of PROT command.
    * fixed debug -o to append to the log file.
    * fixed compilation without SSL.
    * http: don't uncompress files ending with .gz, .Z or .tgz
    * http: fixed inflation of some files.
    * minor fixes in torrent protocol.



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