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libdtkwidget2-2.1.1-lp152.1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for armv7hl

Name: libdtkwidget2 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.1.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.1 Build date: Mon Mar 23 07:43:58 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild26
Size: 2185976 Source RPM: dtkwidget-2.1.1-lp152.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Libraries for dtkwidget
The dtkwidget-devel package contains the header files and developer
docs for dtkcore.






* Sun Aug 04 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 2.1.1
    * Update translations.
    * Fix crashes dock in Qt5.11.3
    * Add ThemeType for DThemeManager
    * Add DPalette and DFontSizeManager
    * Reset tx config file
    * Add dbackgroundgroup
    * DSwitchButton send checked on mouse release
    * Update style after apply dtk stylesheet
    * Fix FramelessWindowHint caused qss won't apply
  - Slit language package.
* Tue Jul 16 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to
    * feat: add property "full" "blurEnabled" for DBlurEffectWidget
    * Fix: update style after apply dtk stylesheet
    * Fix FramelessWindowHint caused qss won't apply
    * Fix: don't full blur background of window if the DBlurEffectWidget::maskPath
    * refactor: use commit count for the package version
    * Fix build failures with Qt 5.13
* Sun Jul 07 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 2.0.15
    * Fix repaint widget mask color when the color changed
    * Fix always show menu button
    * Fix always show button on none linux
    * Fix hide the non-window type window titlebar menu button on initialize
* Fri Apr 19 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to
    * Add interfaces for custom qt theme config file path
    * Add signal "screenDevicePixelRatioChanged" for DApplication
    * Fix the dialog size abnormally on multi-screen
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 2.0.10
    * Fix crash at DApplicationPrivate::cancelNotification
    * Fix cursor is always in busy state sometimes
    * Fix wrong register ddesktopservices enum type
    * Register qmetatype for SystemSoundEffect
    * Fix minimize buttons of fix sized windows are disabled
    * Fix build failed on Qt 5.6.x
    * Move Q_DECL_DEPRECATED to front
    * Fix titlebar not shown in some case
    * add groupLeaderId/clientLeaderId interfaces for DWindowGroupLeader
    * support all sound effect
    * change permissions of DStackWidget's function
    * Fix can not hide the window menu button
    * Fix keep old enum order
    * Fix can not scroll view on DSettingDialog by touchscreen
    * Support touchscreen for DSettingDialog  * Move settings dialog radio to left
    * Support connan build
    * Fix doc for DTextButton
    * Fix doc for DExpandGroup
    * Fix return currentWorkspaceWindows is empty
* Thu Dec 20 2018
  - Update version to
    * allowed set a expected icon size for DDialog
    * DWindowManagerHelper: return all windowId and current workspace windowId
    * Fix the dialog type window will be closed after pressing Super+D
    * Fix workaround QTapAndHoldGesture comes late than right press in dde-daemon
    * DPasswdEditAnimated: modify parent for tip widget
    * dtabbar: horizontal dragging delays.
    * set QTapAndHoldGesture::timeout in DApplication
    * DWindowManagerHelper: add inteface: "windowManagerName"
    * DPasswdEditAnimated: add updateAlertPosition() func.
    * DTickEffect: change scroll speed
    * Fix passwdeditanimated: hide alert flash.
* Fri Nov 09 2018
  - Update version to
    * Fixd bugs
    * Updated features
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - Update version to
    * Add DAbstractDialog::move(int, int) and
      DAbstractDialog::setGeometry(int, int, int, int)
    * Move the DAbstractDialog window is invalid
    * Can not auto adjust dialog position
    * Wait dbus call return
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Update version to
    * control single instance by env
    * support hide group
    * add DFileDialog
    * dynamic website info in about dialog
    * create cmake file by dtk_cmake
    * support qt module
    * update password edit style
    * auto scroll when move/drag tab
    * support new and legacy dman interface
    * support set combobox data with QMap
    * fixed the QPrintDialog theme to dlight
    * support dynamic property
    * fixed the width of the DTabBar add button to 48
    * add buildDtkVersion/runtimeDtkVersion to DApplication
    * parser correctly when version has '.is.'
    * follow parent/toplevelWidget flags
    * support configurable whether to redefine the window content when dxcb is
      turned on
    * add "target" argument for DTabBar::tabDroped
    * auto hide title when fullscreen
    * add propertys maskColor and flashColor of DTabBar
    * support drag tab to other for DTabBar
    * add DToast
    * add window title
    * not set AA_DontCreateNativeWidgetSiblings if dxcb version greater then 1.1.5
    * set version form changelog
    * add property "realWindowId" for DPlatformWindowHandle
    * add the property of the menu
    * add initialize text parameter.
    * Fix reset short cut not show
    * please read to get more changes
  - Add dtkwidget-fix-lost-pkgconfig.patch, fix lost pkgconfig settings.
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Split cmake-dtkwidget.
* Thu Mar 01 2018
  - Update version to
    * Fix bugs
    * support new dman interface
    * add DSuggestButton and DStyleOption
    * not fixed font size of DDialog
    * DTabBar add scroll buttons
    * add the "dtkwidget_global.h" header file
    * add the "DtkWidgets" header file
    * add animation for DTabBar on drag move tabs
    * support dual-click to make crumb
    * add the DTabBar widget
* Thu Nov 30 2017
  - Update to
    * add bordless window on mac
    * support DTK_TITLE_DRAG_WINDOW on mac
    * add DFileChooserEdit light theme
    * show system menu on right mouse button press of DTitlebar
    * Fix window motif hints is error of DMainWindow
    * fix macos build failed
    * Fix popup system menu in window content
    * Fix correct typos in multiple files
    * Fix windows build failed
    * Fix add DTK_DMAN_PORTAL support
    * change the QGuiApplication::platformName() to "xcb" on dxcb platform
    * isDXcbPlatform for new version dxcb plugin ([d8b5c040](d8b5c040))
    * DRegionMonitor: properly handle scale ([95766b45](95766b45))
    * DRegionMonitor: possible double freed object ([708a5fbe](708a5fbe))
    * add shortcut to DMainWindow ([5e9d5b6c](5e9d5b6c))
    * add F1 shortcut ([7e311564](7e311564))
    * add setState to DImageButton ([fcf9c3ef](fcf9c3ef))
    * optimize shift up/down keypress for DSimpleListView ([7019967f](7019967f))
    * DTitlebar add disable API ([ea92fae9](ea92fae9))
    * add embed mode ([266f4337](266f4337))
    * add trash dbus interface ([b88efbb8](b88efbb8))
    * change productIcon to QIcon ([2a914b51](2a914b51))
    * Add DHiDPIHelper class ([0fdbcf60](0fdbcf60))
    * daboutdialog deepin logo support hidpi ([405352f0](405352f0))
    * Set AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps on DApplication ([e9fb9fcf](e9fb9fcf))
    * add svgc ([fedb3860](fedb3860))
    * lineedit support hidpi ([026ecb65](026ecb65))
    * titlebar buttons support hidpi ([56b11074](56b11074))
    * titlebar support hidpi ([dd537c17](dd537c17))
    * add dbus singleton ([6ae2978f](6ae2978f))
    * dpicturesequenceview support @2x files ([a299ef09](a299ef09))
    * dvideowidget support set device ratio ([74eaa1d6](74eaa1d6))
    * add DWaterProgress::setTextVisible ([a61d2e88](a61d2e88))
    * add DSettingsWidgetFactory ([f14ff92f](f14ff92f))
    * add radius set interface to pageindicator ([7bc360c0](7bc360c0))
    * add border and shadow to DWaterProgress ([ecc4ba17](ecc4ba17))
    * DWaterProgress support hidpi ([94350b7f](94350b7f))
    * DArrowRectangle support hidpi ([d7d6a876](d7d6a876))
    * Fix windows build failed ([1b40d6a7](1b40d6a7))
    * Fix disable _q_onTopWindowMotifHintsChanged when use DTitlebar::setWindowFlags
    * Fix draw pixmap size error on DTitlebar ([228fd523](228fd523))
    * Fix DTitlebar button is hidden on the non DMainWindow windows
    * Fix paint DBlurEffectWindow error if device pixel ratio is not 1
    * Fix min/maximize button is hidden on DMainWindow ([89279ac4](89279ac4))
    * fix hidpi load icon size ([79e81f94](79e81f94))
    * update DDialog message style ([2c6133c1](2c6133c1))
    * Fix crash on multiple apps registered xmouseare ([dea8651f](dea8651f))
    * Fix icon of DSearchEdit not clear on hidpi ([6ebada94](6ebada94))
    * DSimpleListview arrow isn't visible ([b08e7f1c](b08e7f1c))
    * DAboutDialog icon not supporting hidpi ([6ec60734](6ec60734))
    * fix dtk-svgc crash if no font init ([83857265](83857265))
    * fix settings dialog style ([797c3e35](797c3e35))
    * dialog use same style as light ([9d7d4a61](9d7d4a61))
    * fix windows build failed ([7f31ea48](7f31ea48))
    * fix dialog size error on hidpi ([b9273c72](b9273c72))
    * update translation ([0045c39e](0045c39e))
    * crash if setIcon with svg ([9b577be3](9b577be3))
    * remove useless image ([10c9607c](10c9607c))
    * remove private header file ([61b375b2](61b375b2))
    * dswitchbutton error calculation radius ([d742b169](d742b169))
    * dimagebutton private not initialized ([146d893e](146d893e))
    * DArrowRectangle: arrow position error ([592187fb](592187fb))
    * DPasswordEdit: password edit icon out of content ([c1fe173a](c1fe173a))
* Fri Nov 03 2017
  - Set Group for shared library package to 'System/Libraries'.
* Thu Nov 02 2017
  - Update to 2.0.2
    * Use librsvg-2.0
    * Use dframeworkdbus
    * Use QML
* Tue Oct 03 2017
  - Change Group tag.
* Wed Sep 27 2017
  - Initial package.



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