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fcitx-table- RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for ppc64le

Name: fcitx-table Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.5 Build date: Fri Jan 18 11:34:44 2019
Group: System/I18n/Chinese Build host: obs-power8-07
Size: 392571 Source RPM: fcitx-
Summary: Table engine for fcitx
Table engine for Fcitx input method framework.

It's the basic component for other users except some Chinese.






* Thu Mar 29 2018
  - update
    * [ipcportal] close connection first
    * [gtk] workaround libreoffice surrounding text issue
    * decrease the length of clipboard limit to 256 bytes
    * [gtk] use symbolic color name to lookup selected color
  - change fcitx-gtk2 and fcitx-qt4 from Requires to Recommends
  - add fcitx-cmake-3.1.patch, downgrade cmake requirement to 3.1
    again for Leap
* Tue Feb 27 2018
  - Add pkgconfig(xkbfile) BuildRequires: in the past, this used to
    be pulled in by libqt4, but since our own code depends on it, and
    not Qt4, it is our own duty to request our build dependencies.
  - Package COPYING is %license, not as %doc.
* Sat Nov 11 2017
  - update
    * [qt] remove quickphrase editor, moved to qt5
    * [misc] forget to remove the add_directory for quickphrase editor
    * fcitx-configtool.desktop: Remove MimeType entry
    * [frontend] add a compatibility layer for ofd.portal.Fcitx
    * [gtk] run clang-format on gtk libraries
    * [gclinet] remove a undefined function
    * set display for fcitx and harden dbus frontend with sender verification
    * extend dbus module to be able to accept external dbus connection
    * [ipcportal] fix signal sending in portal
    * [qt] delay the recheck on availability, but does do the recheck
    * [portal] put ipc portal in queue
    * [qt] do the real unwatch
    * [misc] make more optional disabled option for easier flatpak
    * [table] make sure we don't download table data if we disable table
  - changes in
    * [gtk, kimpanel] add relative coordinate support
    * [kimpanel] check null before use ic
    * [kimpanel] correctly reset relative spot state
    * [notificationitem] Reply event method call
  - changes in
    * [core] Make sure when RealEnd is called, instance->destroy == true
  - changes in
    * [notificationitem] avoid unnecessary xembed tray icon fallback
    * [classicui] give tray icon a default size
    * [qt] fix inconsistency when handling qstring and ucs4 string
    * [classicui] Watch for dockWindow visual property change
    * [qt] fromUcs4 expect a nul terminated string by default, give it a size
    * [core] Expose internal show input speed function
    * logging should not include the build path(boo#951602)
    * autostart desktop file should not be shown(boo#968486)
    * [qt] replace QPointer with raw pointer in icdata
    * [notificationitem] display layout under unity
    * [diagnose] Print info about dbus name owner
    * Include emoji short codes ("emoji alpha codes")
    * [notificationitem] Fix a bug in plugin entry
    * [core] Add a new hook to watch ui status changed
    * [xim] handle reset ic
    * [utils] Improve process name detection on *BSD
    * [quickphrase] use some different character, original one looks bad under noto
    * [misc] use RTLD_NODELETE for all dlopen
    * Call sem_post() only on valid semaphore
    * [unicode] Update Unicode 9.0 descriptions
    * [classicui] Check XShape version before using it
    * [remote] exit the loop after trying 20 times
    * Require bash in
    * [xim] fix a memset
    * [pinyin] fix missing files
    * [dbus] fix a wrong dbus destruct order that my cause deadlock on exit
    * [xkb] handle some corner case for any evil third party that override layout
    * [xkb, xkbdbus] add support for our gnome-shell kimpanel dbus helper
    * [xkb] fix circular deps between xkb and xkbdbus
    * [gclient] try to eliminate a warning for configtool
    * [misc] enforce c99 for compiler
    * [core] call backtrace() ahead to let it finish init()
    * [misc] remove a dup define
    * [unicode] enable prev/next key and enter to choose for unicode
    * [gtk] fix wrong gobject add weak pointer
    * [misc] use unsigned int instead for portability
    * Remove deprecated api in enchant so we can also support 2.1.0.
    * Fix bashism/use correct shebang
  - drop fcitx-autostart-desktop-no-display.patch, upstreamed
  - drop fcitx-use-basename-for-log.patch, upstreamed
  - drop boo954623.patch, upstreamed
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - Clean up .spec file:
    * Remove KDE4 parts (install custom systray icon)
    * Remove checks for obsolete distro versions
* Sun Nov 13 2016
  - Fix language code for fcitx-table-cn-wubi and
    fcitx-table-cn-wubi-pinyin: zh-cn --> zh_CN
* Tue Aug 09 2016
  - fix Leap 42.2 build
    * fcitx switched to DBus mechanism to select systray icon
      which made it impossible to customize systray icon in
      fcitx's themes. When the KDE default keyboard icon was
      used, it was ugly-looking and invisible on small screens.
      So we appended icons to openSUSE default Plasma themes
    * in Leap 42.2 and Tumbleweed, our KDE team decided not to
      provide any customization of the themes from kdebase4-openSUSE
      package, so the customizations of systray icons are useless
      in those systems.
* Fri Mar 04 2016
  - backport a upstream fix:
    * boo#954623: fcitx prevents dropbox system tray
      loading in KDE Plasma 5
    * commit#c73761 : avoid unnecessary xembed tray
      icon fallback, try harder to avoid touch tray
      protocol related code when notification is
      available or kimpanel is available.
    * add patch boo954623.patch, delete next update
* Sun Feb 28 2016
  - Add NoDisplay=true in autostart desktop file so that it won't be
    shown (boo#968486):
* Thu Feb 11 2016
  - Due to changes in kdebase4-openSUSE in Tumbleweed
    are no longer available. Actually those icon tweaks
    are not needed too.
* Tue Dec 22 2015
  - update version
    * support QPlatformInputContext::locale()
    * correctly set input window position on scaled gtk3 application
    * support unicode 8.0 in unicode module
    * qt input context is not recreated correctly when fcitx restarts
  - drop patch: fcitx-, upstreamed
* Mon Nov 30 2015
  - Remove # fix desktop file script in fcitx.spec:
    Upstream fixed.
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - Fix logging not to include the build path (boo#951602):
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - Several fixes and cleanup for starting fcitx on GNOME on Leap
    * Remove the superfluous manual dbus-launch from xim script
    * Use xdg autostart for GNOME, KDE, LXDE and XFCE;
      fcitx-autostart script is also modified to check $INPUT_METHOD:
    * Delay start of fcitx daemon a bit, too
* Fri Oct 02 2015
  - drop xinput-fcitx, which is not used by openSUSE
  - simplify xim.d-fcitx again
    * do not define shell functions for success/failure, because
      previous x11-tools change has been reverted, we can use
      bash again.
    * do not detect existence for fcitx itself, because this
      scriptlet is installed with fcitx.
    * drop usage of GTK3_IM_MODULE/QT4_IM_MODULE, the former
      doesn't exist while the later is covered by QT_IM_MODULE
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Add missing post/postun macro calls for updating desktops and
    icons (boo#947842)
  - Remove superfluous ldconfig calls from the main package
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Use lua 5.2+, fix build in openSUSE_Factory
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - fix boo#941052: /etc/X11/xim is broken: input methods
    (Fcitx, IBus and etc) do not start at all
  - fix bashism in xim.d-fcitx
    * "return 0" can only be used in function or sourcing,
      so define functions
    * "type -p" command is not available in sh builtins,
      change to "-x"
    * other minor stuff
* Sat May 30 2015 Led <>
  - fix BuildRequires
* Sat May 30 2015
  - update version 4.2.9
    * [qt,core]use xkbcommon for compose
    * [qt,keyboard]use xkbcommon better by checking return value
    * [qt, core] adjust xkb context log level
    * [qt,core] adjust init order to ensure set log level works
    * [unicode] fix decimal unicode search
    * [qt] fix compose when fcitx is not running
    * [gtk] use xkbcommon also for gtk im context
    * [gtk] reset xkb compose state when context reset
    * [gtk, gclient] make connection and xkb context/table of
      fcitxclient shared
    * [gclient] fix some gtk-doc comment
    * [qt] disable qt lib by option
    * [core] fix invalid global imname
  - clean specfile, drop fedora support
* Thu Apr 02 2015
  - update version
    * add kf5 kcm support
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - update version of opencc to 1.0.2
* Mon Nov 17 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashism in script
  - add patches:
    * fcitx-
* Sun Nov 09 2014
  - fix Harlequin menu color, it should be greenish
* Sun Nov 09 2014
  - update themes
    * reworked Dartmouth & New Air
    * added Harlequin
  - droped input.svgz
    * new input-Dartmouth/Harlequin.svgz are in openSUSE-themes.tar.gz
      refers to Dark/Light versions of openSUSE
* Sat Sep 20 2014
  - update version
    * bugfix release
* Sat Aug 09 2014
  - add baselibs.conf to SOURCE99
* Fri Aug 08 2014
  - Fix default category for fcitx (ensure it doesn't go to Other on
    GNOME Classic)
* Tue Aug 05 2014
  - Build with RPM_OPT_FLAGS
  - Don't strip binaries
* Sat Jun 07 2014
  - update version
    * Fix github issue fcitx/fcitx#134,137,153,154
    * Fix google code issue 728
    * Implement close event when close input method
    * Restart from menu should be faster (but who cares :P).
  - remove patch: fcitx-context-variable-disable-punc-on-the-fly.patch
    * upstreamed
  - remove patch: fcitx-password-visible-on-clutter-entry.patch
    * upstreamed
  - tweak New_Air theme's color to increase contrast in darker
    plasma themes.
* Wed May 07 2014
  - Add fcitx-password-visible-on-clutter-entry.patch (bnc#875890)
    Update the patch, back port from upstream
* Thu May 01 2014
  - Fix bnc#851983: "fcitx tray icon is incompatible with other
    systray icons" by refreshing input.svgz
  - Fix environment variables: QT_IM_MODULE supports Qt4 & Qt5 now
    we need a new QT4_IM_MODULE variable set to prepare for the
  - new skin: New Air. Idea from KDE Air theme.
* Thu Apr 17 2014
  - add patch: fcitx-context-variable-disable-punc-on-the-fly.patch
    * To support the recently released Sogou Pinyin, we need this
      patch to allow Sogou to disable punc on the fly.
* Fri Feb 14 2014
  - Ensure COPYING is installed.
* Fri Feb 14 2014
  - Fix *-32bit post and postun calls for gtk-query-immodules-2 on
    openSUSE 13.1 and later (bnc#845860)
* Sat Dec 07 2013
  - fix fcitx can't input in gnome-terminal
* Sat Nov 02 2013
  - fix bnc#848694: fcitx still use the old gtk_immodule_post/postun
* Sat Sep 28 2013
  - update version
    * fix for non-utf8 env
    * fix for classic UI cursor position
* Thu Sep 26 2013
  - update version
    * a bug fix release with some small new features
    * implement preedit blacklist, and gvim preedit is now blacklisted by
    default (thanks to lilydjwg)
    * add more unicode support to unicode addon (thanks to jimmyxu)
    * more fix on xmodmap loading, now we only load it if we did a layout reset.
    * fix some table punctuation related bug
    * install a dbus activatation file by default.
    * install more library based on prefix.
    * fix table configuration parsing
    * fix trigger on release
* Sat Jul 13 2013
  - update version
    * udpate default skin
    * Merge pull request #119 for fixing Libkvm detection with cmake 2.8.11
    * add support for using @ to escape icon name
    * remove an icon to support icon fallback in glib
    * Check window size to avoid BadWindow caused by invalid skin
    * Fix Issue #118
    * Fix some memory leak in Issue #117
    * Fix table punctuation ignore list
    * Fix Pinyin Remind mode
    * Fix behavior of trigger key with modifier
  - fix systray icon in Dartmouth
* Sun Jun 30 2013
  - update version 4.2.8
    * New Default Theme
    * Add modifier only key support to trigger keys
    * New DBus based Tray Icon support
    * Desktop Notification Support
    * First time start will only choose language in current locale
    * Use first keyboard input method as default keyboard layout for most case
    * fcitx-qt supports a key grab widget forked from KDE, and Qt <-> Fcitx Key
    * Multi file quickphrase Support.
    * Ship with some default quick phrase
    * quickphrase editor support
  - drop all old patches: upstream absorbed.
  - add new patch: fcitx-4.2.8-freedesktop-notify.c-DBUS_TIMEOUT_USE_DEFAULT.patch
    * DBUS_TIMEOUT_USE_DEFAULT is undefined in src/module/freedesktop-notify/freedesktop-notify.c
  - add new patch: fcitx-4.2.8-arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share.patch
    * don't install fcitx-po-parser,fcitx-scanner,comp-spell-dict into
* Fri Apr 26 2013
  - in baselibs.conf, obsoletes "libfcitx-<targettype> < <version>"
    instead of "=".
* Thu Mar 28 2013
  - add more locales into xim.d
  - some Taiwan users reported that after installation,
    they can't have input panel because we don't start it
    and export environments by default.
* Fri Feb 08 2013
  - disable DENABLE_DEBUG to avoid polluting .xsession-errors. (bnc#802866)
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - fix typo in specfile
* Mon Feb 04 2013
  - remove BuildRequires: intltool, fcitx no longer use intltool
    to parse translations.
  - query immodules for gtk*-32bit subpackages.
  - explicitly add enchant, presage, opencc requirements, fcitx use
    dlopen to detect them, ld can't fulfill its needs.
* Wed Jan 30 2013
  - fix bnc#801318: xkeyboard-config symlink breaks fcitx in detecting xkb rule files.
    * bnc801318-fcitx-4.2.7-xkb-rule-symlink-detection.patch
    * remove next release
  - fix bnc#801319: invalid /etc/xdg/autostart/fcitx-autostart.desktop breaks ibus
    * leave fcitx-autostart.desktop only for fedora.
* Wed Jan 30 2013
  - fix the permissions of the .directory file in the openSUSE themeing
* Sat Jan 26 2013
  - update to 4.2.7
    * new feature for user:
      + qt im module support per window input context.
      + quickphrase add new custom ui editor.
      + all pinyin now support stroke.
      + add clipboard input support (Ctrl + ; to use it)
      + fcitx-diagnose script for diagnose the problem
      + new dark skin which can also work for non-composite window manager (though
      looks not the same)
      + Helping xmodmap user to correct loading ~/.Xmodmap by default
      + Bind one input method with specific key.
      + Translation update (German, and some spanish).
      + Add "up" and "down" to paging key by default
      + fcitx-config now will comment out the value which is same as the default
      value upon save, so default value can be controlled by upstream fcitx change.
      + reload only one addon configuration
    * new feature for developer:
      + Big build system improvement
      + remove intltool dependency
      + auto-codegen tool for cross module function.
      + add libfcitx-qt, containing dbus stuff and provides custom ui plugin
      + candidate window can be overriden to use horizontal / vertical by input
      method. (kimpanel need KDE 4.10 to use this feature)
      + paging can be override by custom function
    * bug fix:
      + fix for xim restart.
      + add more locale to xim by default.
      + compatible with lua 5.2
      + some other misc bugfix
  - added patches
    * fcitx-4.2.7-compat-12.2.patch
      + fix 12.2 and below builds, remove next release
    * fcitx-4.2.7-compat-qt474.patch
      + fix qt 4.7 builds with 12.1 and below
      + remove next release
    * fcitx-4.2.7-compat-gcc46.patch
      + fix gcc 4.6 builds with 12.1 and below
      + remove next release
* Thu Oct 11 2012
  -  update to
    * a bugfix release, fix including:
      + FreeBSD xlib path detection
      + A few crash related bug
      + reduce remove call that save profile
      + Workaround a bug for qt older than 4.8.0
      + fcitx-config-gtk3 will not be called under KDE.
      + fcitx-table-emoji not usable under 4.2.6
      + IM switchkey will not be captured if there is only one im or no im at all.
      + A bunch of fix for gtk im module.
* Sun Sep 23 2012
  - fix openSUSE 12.1 and below build
    * 4.2.6 uses a Qt 4.8+ only function (QDBusConnection) so it fails on 12.1 and below.
    * weng fix it.
* Sat Sep 15 2012
  - update to 4.2.6
    * Add a private dbus service for Fcitx IM Module, simplify the setup on some light weight Desktop
    * Improve “Select Character From Phrase” and Pinyin Symbol (typing special symbols in pinyin input
      methods) as well as move them to a new Pinyin Enhance module, so that these features can now be
      used in other pinyin input methods as well (previous just the builtin one).
    * Move spell hint to a new module. Add a new spell hint backend using a builtin dictionary. Load
      enchant and presage at runtime using dlopen() so that they are not link dependencies anymore.
    * Spell hint for pinyin/AutoEng/QuickPhrase
    * Bug fixes for Gtk IM Module
    * Add more compile options so it is possible to compile a more simplified Fcitx if necessary
    * Add long description (show as tooltip) and hidden options in configure files for a more user
      friendly configure interface
    * Add global font setting for classical UI
    * Fix xkb support on BSD
    * Other bug fixes
* Fri Sep 07 2012
  - fix libfcitx Provides, which can't drop old libraries.
  - fix 32bit baselib name.
* Sun Aug 26 2012
  - add openSUSE-branding theme for 12.2
* Thu Aug 16 2012
  - add Dependency: libpresage-devel, which will provide word prediction
    for keyboard users.
* Sun Jul 22 2012
  - add Provides to libfcitx as AJ suggested.
* Sat Jul 21 2012
  - update to 4.2.5
    * For user:
    1. Default 3 skin change to support a new feature that respect the DPI on the screen.
    2. Display current input method after switch the input method, and the hint window will disappear after a while.
    3. fcitx-keyboard wordhint now is a per input context option, not a global one.
    4. fcitx-xkb support loading custom xmodmap script when needed.
    5. fcitx-xkb support assign a default layout when there is no input method.
    6. fcitx-pinyin support fix like “jv -> ju”
    7. fcitx-pinyin add xiaohe support.
    8. fcitx-pinyin now can use “v” to trigger quick-phrase
    9. change zh_HK punctutation map for “$” from ¥ to $.
    10. support typing unicode character via “ctrl+shift+alt+u”
    11. shift for default “active-inactive” switch, and can be only used after switch from “active to inactive” by default.
    12. safer for handling signal and exit.
    13. restart is displayed on the UI (both classic and kimpanel)
    14. log message now includes pid.
    * For API:
    1. add timeout support.
    2. add per-inputcontext data support
    3. move all keysym to fcitx-utils.
    * For module:
    1. Quickphrase can be triggered via cross module call.
* Sat Jun 16 2012
  - fix memory overflow, thanks to reporter dieter.
  - support fedora builds.
  - further split packages by input engines and tables, no longer a big mess.
* Tue Jun 12 2012
  - update to
    * urgent fix for compose key.
  - use new xim.d-fcitx.
* Sun Jun 03 2012
  - update to 4.2.4
    * fix some xim problem
    * add fcitx-gclient for glib and gir binding, can be used to control fcitx or implement fcitx client.
    * merge fcitx-keyboard into fcitx
    * bind specific keyboard layout with inputmethod
      (you need up to date fcitx-configtool,gtk3 ver or kcm-fcitx to configure this feature)
    * adjust some default hotkey setting.
  - drop openSUSE 11.4 lua51 patch. upstream fixed.
  - drop downgrade gio version patch. upstream fixed.
  - add SUSE_ASNEEDED=0 macro to avoid a gobject-introspection bug as vuntz suggested. thanks!
* Sun Jun 03 2012
  - fix sles builds.
    * add version tags.
    * changed source compression.
    * add a patch to downgrade gio's version.
    * use xim instead of qt im module.
* Sat May 12 2012
  - bring fcitx in as default IM in DVD.
  - add Provides(en;ko;zh_CN;zh_SG).
* Mon May 07 2012
  - enable lua by default
* Sun May 06 2012
  - update to 4.2.3
    * Lua extension support, same interface with Googlepinyin.
    * super can be used in hotkey again
    * fixes Trad-Simp native engine in chttrans.
    * Update fcitx-pinyin algorithm
    * txt2mb and mb2txt support new English format
    * Fix a crash when enable share status.
    * Add surrounding text support.
    * Commit input when unfocus.
    * Classic UI improvement, including trayicon, menu.
* Tue Apr 10 2012
  - added baselibs.conf to build 32bit im modules and libraries.
* Sun Apr 08 2012
  - update to 4.2.2
    * Can use text as classic UI icon.
    * Add more key can be used as hotkey.
    * Fixes 536(trayicon),538(enter as submit).
    * Make tray icon has a maximum size, so it will looks good under other tray.
* Fri Mar 09 2012
  - update to 4.2.1
    * Changes related to API:
      Cleanup Unused macro and API
      Some new FcitxInputState series API for get the origin key event
      for frontend.
      Portable with custom path, hide two path related API that may
      break portable.
      Make FcitxHotkeyGetKey process latin letter and strip shift
      modifier for them.
      Ability to bind menu with a status.
      Ability to update client preedit with formatted string.
    * Change related to user:
      Update Taiwan punctuation
      Quick Phrase can use grave as trigger key.
      ctrl rshift can switch input method in reverse order.
      2nd 3rd candidate choosing key will not conflict with same
      switch key.
      AutoEng can accept upper case english key which is not the
      initial key.
      Add Zenkaku_Hankaku and Hangul as default trigger key when
      locale is ja and ko.
      Add Symbolic icon for gnome-shell’s kimpanel.
* Wed Feb 29 2012
  - update source from git.
  - to keep source in the same state as modules submited,
    as upstream suggested.
* Thu Feb 02 2012
  - merge changelogs.
* Wed Feb 01 2012
  - spec clean to make it pure openSUSE to submit to M17N.
  - set _service to localonly.
  - server deleted openSUSE unused sources.
* Mon Jan 30 2012
  - Upstream fix issue 511, now builds on 11.4.
  - Change pyphrase.mb back upon Upstream request.
* Tue Jan 24 2012
  - Fix local resolv error because of #GFW.
  - Change pyphrase.mb to Sougou's Dict.
* Mon Jan 23 2012
  - Update source to git, enable opencc for Traditional & Simplified Chinese Switch.
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0+
    GPL is not a recognised license and is not in SPDX format. Going on an
    analysis of the source files GPL-2.0+ seems to be the best choice"
* Fri Oct 07 2011
  - csslayer provided a better way to fix the dbus bug.
* Wed Oct 05 2011
  - Fixed a bug for type words in comment box of facebook while using
    firefox visit facebook. Thanks to CSSlayer.
* Mon Oct 03 2011
  - Fixed a bug with dbus.
* Sun Oct 02 2011
  - upstream version 4.1.2
    * Add ABI check.
    * Fix table order bugs.
    * other bug fixes.
* Tue Sep 13 2011
  - im-modules packaged. Thanks to hillwood (!
  - xim is still the default method.
* Fri Sep 09 2011
  - update to 4.1.1
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - upstream version 4.1.0
    * support im-module (gtk2, gtk3 and qt), not packaged yet
* Tue Jun 14 2011
  - Add start up script, README and template
* Tue May 17 2011
  - add gtk-immodule-xim require
* Sat Sep 18 2010
  - Make it works with newest



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