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osmo-trx-1.0.0-lp151.1.2 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for aarch64

Name: osmo-trx Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.0.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.1.2 Build date: Tue Apr 23 01:56:03 2019
Group: Productivity/Telephony/Servers Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 45037 Source RPM: osmo-trx-1.0.0-lp151.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS
OsmoTRX is a software-defined radio transceiver that implements the Layer 1
physical layer of a BTS comprising the following 3GPP specifications:

TS 05.01 "Physical layer on the radio path"
TS 05.02 "Multiplexing and Multiple Access on the Radio Path"
TS 05.04 "Modulation"
TS 05.10 "Radio subsystem synchronization"

In this context, BTS is "Base transceiver station". It's the stations that
connect mobile phones to the mobile network.

3GPP is the "3rd Generation Partnership Project" which is the collaboration
between different telecommunication associations for developing new
generations of mobile phone networks. (post-2G/GSM)






* Tue Jan 29 2019
  - Update to new upstream release 1.0.0
    * Introduce OsmoTRX user manual
    * Direct support of LimeSuite as osmo-trx-lms without the detour
      of uhd+soapy-uhd+soapysdr
    * split device-specific parts into their own classes + binaries:
    * make better use of diferent logging sub-systems / log levels
    * Full changelogs since 0.2.0:
  - Create dedicated subpackages for each supported device-type
    * lms
    * uhd
    * usrp1
* Thu Dec 28 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 0.2.0
    * No changelog was provided
  - Specfile cleanup
* Wed Mar 22 2017
  - Update to version 0.0.0.git1490207482.38b6987:
    * uhd: Add support for UHD-3.11 logging control
    * uhd: Increase MC-BTS FPGA clock rate to 51.2 MHz
    * Add autoconf-archive to dependencies
    * CommonLibs: Remove unused files.
    * sigProcLib: Typo sybols -> symbols
    * radioBuffer: Remove extra ; at the end of inline function definitions.
    * sigProcLib: Fix documentation, sync argument names in .cpp and .h files.
    * sigProcLib: make energyDetect() simpler by returning actual energy.
    * sigProcLib: Rename demodulateBurst() to demodGmskBurst() for clarity.
    * sigProcLib: Slice SoftVector instead of signalVector for GMSK demod.
    * Call vectorSlicer() right before packing bits for transmission to osmo-bts.
    * CommonLibs: Print soft bits with less confidence to console when printing a soft vector.
    * BitVector: Remove convolutional codec - we don't use it in osmo-trx.
    * BitVector: Convert SoftVector from 0..1 to -1..+1 soft bits.
* Fri Mar 03 2017
  - Update to version 0.0.0.git1485446766.2dee3e9:
    * uhd: Add X300 sample timing for 4 SPS
    * Revert "uhd: Set minimum supported version to 3.9.0"
    * debian: Require fftw3 header files for osmo-trx
    * Add gerrit settings
    * Integrate Debian packaging changes
    * Do not embed sqlite3 when building
    * Remove embedded sqlite3
    * Fix building against sqlite3
* Wed Dec 28 2016
  - initial package



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