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umoci-0.3.1-lp150.2.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: umoci Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.3.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.3 Build date: Wed May 9 23:04:33 2018
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 5401208 Source RPM: umoci-0.3.1-lp150.2.3.src.rpm
Summary: Open Container Image manipulation tool
umoci modifies Open Container images. umoci is a manipulation tool for OCI
images. In particular, it is a more complete alternative to oci-image-tools
provided by the OCI.






* Thu Feb 01 2018
  - do not build on s390, only on s390x (no go on s390)
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Update to umoci v0.3.1. Upstream changelog:
    - Fix several minor bugs in `hack/` that caused the release artefacts
    to not match the intended style, as well as making it more generic so other
    projects can use it. openSUSE/umoci#155 openSUSE/umoci#163
    - A recent configuration issue caused `go vet` and `go lint` to not run as part
    of our CI jobs. This means that some of the information submitted as part of
    [CII best practices badging][cii] was not accurate. This has been corrected,
    and after review we concluded that only stylistic issues were discovered by
    static analysis. openSUSE/umoci#158
    - 32-bit unit test builds were broken in a refactor in [0.3.0]. This has been
    fixed, and we've added tests to our CI to ensure that something like this
    won't go unnoticed in the future. openSUSE/umoci#157
    - `umoci unpack` would not correctly preserve set{uid,gid} bits. While this
    would not cause issues when building an image (as we only create a manifest
    of the final extracted rootfs), it would cause issues for other users of
    `umoci`. openSUSE/umoci#166 openSUSE/umoci#169
    - Updated to [v0.4.1 of `go-mtree`][gomtree-v0.4.1], which fixes several minor
    bugs with manifest generation. openSUSE/umoci#176
    - `umoci unpack` would not handle "weird" tar archive layers previously (it
    would error out with DiffID errors). While this wouldn't cause issues for
    layers generated using Go's `archive/tar` implementation, it would cause
    issues for GNU gzip and other such tools.
    - `umoci unpack`'s mapping options (`--uid-map` and `--gid-map`) have had an
    interface change, to better match the [`user_namespaces(7)`][user_namespaces]
    interfaces. Note that this is a **breaking change**, but the workaround is to
    switch to the trivially different (but now more consistent) format.
    - `umoci unpack` used to create the bundle and rootfs with world
    read-and-execute permissions by default. This could potentially result in an
    unsafe rootfs (containing dangerous setuid binaries for instance) being
    accessible by an unprivileged user. This has been fixed by always setting the
    mode of the bundle to `0700`, which requires a user to explicitly work around
    this basic protection. This scenario was documented in our security
    documentation previously, but has now been fixed. openSUSE/umoci#181
  - Remove patch that has been applied upstream.
    - i586-0001-fix-mis-usage-of-time.Unix.patch
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - Add backport of, to fix i586
      + i586-0001-fix-mis-usage-of-time.Unix.patch
* Sat Jul 22 2017
  - Update to umoci v0.3.0. Upstream changelog:
    - `umoci` now passes all of the requirements for the [CII best practices bading
    program][cii]. openSUSE/umoci#134
    - `umoci` also now has more extensive architecture, quick-start and roadmap
    documentation. openSUSE/umoci#134
    - `umoci` now supports [`1.0.0` of the OCI image
    specification][ispec-v1.0.0] and [`1.0.0` of the OCI runtime
    specification][rspec-v1.0.0], which are the first milestone release. Note
    that there are still some remaining UX issues with `--image` and other parts
    of `umoci` which may be subject to change in future versions. In particular,
    this update of the specification now means that images may have ambiguous
    tags. `umoci` will warn you if an operation may have an ambiguous result, but
    we plan to improve this functionality far more in the future.
    openSUSE/umoci#133 openSUSE/umoci#142
    - `umoci` also now supports more complicated descriptor walk structures, and
    also handles mutation of such structures more sanely. At the moment, this
    functionality has not been used "in the wild" and `umoci` doesn't have the UX
    to create such structures (yet) but these will be implemented in future
    versions. openSUSE/umoci#145
    - `umoci repack` now supports `--mask-path` to ignore changes in the rootfs
    that are in a child of at least one of the provided masks when generating new
    layers. openSUSE/umoci#127
    - Error messages from `` actually
    make sense now. openSUSE/umoci#121
    - `umoci unpack` now generates `config.json` blobs according to the [still
    proposed][ispec-pr492] OCI image specification conversion document.
    - `umoci repack` also now automatically adding `Config.Volumes` from the image
    configuration to the set of masked paths.  This matches recently added
    [recommendations by the spec][ispec-pr694], but is a backwards-incompatible
    change because the new default is that `Config.Volumes` **will** be masked.
    If you wish to retain the old semantics, use `--no-mask-volumes` (though make
    sure to be aware of the reasoning behind `Config.Volume` masking).
    - `umoci` now uses [`SecureJoin`][securejoin] rather than a patched version of
    `FollowSymlinkInScope`. The two implementations are roughly equivalent, but
    `SecureJoin` has a nicer API and is maintained as a separate project.
    - Switched to using `` over `syscall` where possible,
    which makes the codebase significantly cleaner. openSUSE/umoci#141
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - remove the go_arches macro because we are using go1.7 which
    is available in all archs
* Wed Apr 12 2017
  - Update to umoci v0.2.1. Upstream changelog:
    * `hack/` automates the process of generating all of the published
    artefacts for releases. The new script also generates signed source code
    archives. openSUSE/umoci#116
    * `umoci` now outputs configurations that are compliant with [`v1.0.0-rc5` of
    the OCI runtime-spec][rspec-v1.0.0-rc5]. This means that now you can use runc
    v1.0.0-rc3 with `umoci` (and rootless containers should work out of the box
    if you use a development build of runc). openSUSE/umoci#114
    * `umoci unpack` no longer adds a dummy linux.seccomp entry, and instead just
    sets it to null. openSUSE/umoci#114
  - Add umoci.keyring to check signed archives on check-in and submission.
* Mon Apr 10 2017
  - Update to umoci v0.2.0. Upstream changelog:
    * `umoci` now has some automated scripts for generated RPMs that are used in
    openSUSE to automatically submit packages to OBS. openSUSE/umoci#101
    * `--clear=config.{cmd,entrypoint}` is now supported. While this interface is a
    bit weird (`cmd` and `entrypoint` aren't treated atomically) this makes the
    UX more consistent while we come up with a better `cmd` and `entrypoint` UX.
    * New subcommand: `umoci raw runtime-config`. It generates the runtime-spec
    config.json for a particular image without also unpacking the root
    filesystem, allowing for users of `umoci` that are regularly parsing
    `config.json` without caring about the root filesystem to be more efficient.
    However, a downside of this approach is that some image-spec fields
    (`Config.User`) require a root filesystem in order to make sense, which is
    why this command is hidden under the `umoci-raw(1)` subcommand (to make sure
    only users that understand what they're doing use it). openSUSE/umoci#110
    * `umoci`'s `oci/cas` and `oci/config` libraries have been massively refactored
    and rewritten, to allow for third-parties to use the OCI libraries. The plan
    is for these to eventually become part of an OCI project. openSUSE/umoci#90
    * The `oci/cas` interface has been modifed to switch from `*ispec.Descriptor`
    to `ispec.Descriptor`. This is a breaking, but fairly insignificant, change.
    * `umoci` now uses an updated version of `go-mtree`, which has a complete
    rewrite of `Vis` and `Unvis`. The rewrite ensures that unicode handling is
    handled in a far more consistent and sane way. openSUSE/umoci#88
    * `umoci` used to set `process.user.additionalGids` to the "normal value" when
    unpacking an image in rootless mode, causing issues when trying to actually
    run said bundle with runC. openSUSE/umoci#109
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Update to umoci v0.1.0. Upstream changelog:
    * `` has now been added. openSUSE/umoci#76
    * `umoci` now supports `v1.0.0-rc4` images, which has made fairly minimal
    changes to the schema (mainly related to `mediaType`s). While this change
    * *is** backwards compatible (several fields were removed from the schema, but
    the specification allows for "additional fields"), tools using older versions
    of the specification may fail to operate on newer OCI images. There was no UX
    change associated with this update.
    * `umoci tag` would fail to clobber existing tags, which was in contrast to how
    the rest of the tag clobbering commands operated. This has been fixed and is
    now consistent with the other commands. openSUSE/umoci#78
    * `umoci repack` now can correctly handle unicode-encoded filenames, allowing
    the creation of containers that have oddly named files. This required fixes
    to go-mtree (where the issue was). openSUSE/umoci#80
* Tue Feb 07 2017
  - Trim irrelevant parts from description.
    Replace %__macros by their simpler commands.
    fdupes should respect partition boundaries.
* Mon Feb 06 2017
  - Switch upstream channel to openSUSE's GitHub (where the project has been
  - Update to umoci v0.0.0. Upstream changelog:
    This is the first beta release of umoci, and it includes very few
    changes from v0.0.0-rc3. However, at this point the UX is effectively
    stable and umoci is properly tested. The (small) list of changes in this
    release from -rc3 is:
    * Static compilation now works properly. openSUSE/umoci#64
    * 32-bit builds have been fixed, and now umoci works on 32-bit
    architectures. openSUSE/umoci#70
    * The unit tests can now be run inside the %check section of an rpmbuild
    script, allowing for proper testing of packages when they are built on
    openSUSE (and Fedora). openSUSE/umoci#65
    * Unit tests have been massively expanded, as have the integration
    tests. In addition, full coverage profiles (both unit and integration)
    are generated to fully understand how much of the code is properly
    tested. Currently it is at ~80%. openSUSE/umoci#68 openSUSE/umoci#69
    * The logging output has been cleaned up to be much better for end-users
    to read. It's also a lot less chatty now. openSUSE/umoci#73
    * This project has now been moved to become an openSUSE project.
* Fri Dec 30 2016
  - Remove patch already merged upstream.
    - make-local-unit-tests-work-as-non-root.patch
  - Switch to running hack/ in %check.
* Tue Dec 20 2016
  - Add patch to allow running upstream's unit tests in a %check section. This
    has already been merged upstream, this is just a backport. cyphar/umoci#65
    + make-local-unit-tests-work-as-non-root.patch
  - Run upstream's unit tests in a %check section.
* Mon Dec 19 2016
  - Update to umoci 0.0.0~rc3. Upstream changelog:
    umoci has now gone a large amount of cleanup, and included the addition
    of a few previously missing features. The main thing blocking a full
    release is that manifest lists are still unsupported, and there are some
    upstream PRs that define some of umoci's operations that need to be
    merged before umoci can be considered a compliant implementation. In
    addition, the logging library needs to be swapped (and the amount of
    output reduced).
    Here's a short list of features added:
    * xattr support for both packing and unpacking was added, in particular
    this code also handles the issue of security.selinux. More policy
    decisions need to be added, but those are being discussed upstream.
    cyphar/umoci#52 cyphar/umoci#49
    * Ensure that environment variables have no duplicates. This ensures
    that umoci won't duplicate environment variables in either Config.Env
    or the extracted process.env. cyphar/umoci#30
    * Add support for read-only CAS operations with a read-only filesystem.
    Previously, attempting to open an OCI image on a read-only filesystem
    would fail miserably, now you can do read-only operations without
    issue. cyphar/umoci#47
    * Garbage collection now also garbage collects old tmpdirs, and other
    garbage from inside an image layout. cyphar/umoci#17
    * Output a helpful comment about --rootless if you're getting EPERMs.
    * Enable stack traces from an error if the --debug flag was applied to
    umoci. This is a feature that hopefully will be added to pkg/errors
    * Cleanups to vendoring of go-mtree so that it's much more
* Tue Dec 13 2016
  - Add support for building on s390x and similar architectures, by conditionally
    compiling man pages. In the case where a platform won't get man pages, we
    include the Markdown documentation so at least they get _some_ information.
* Sun Dec 11 2016
  - Update to umoci 0.0.0-rc2. Upstream changelog:
    umoci now has a stable UX, as well as proper documentation for the UX in
    the form of generated man pages. Here's the full list of cool features:
    * umoci v0.0.0-rc2 has support for rootless unpacking and repacking!
    * It also has support for regular UID and GID mapping! cyphar/umoci#26
    * Symlinks and other similarly tricky unpacking problems have been
    resolved. All symlink path components are resolved inside the root
    filesystem of the container during unpacking. cyphar/umoci#27
    * Tag modification commands (such as umoci-tag(1), umoci-rm(1),
    umoci-ls(1)) have been implemented. cyphar/umoci#6 cyphar/umoci#40
    * umoci-stat(1) has been implemented. Currently it only outputs history
    information, but this will change in the future. It has stable JSON
    output. cyphar/umoci#38
    * umoci-init(1) and umoci-new(1) have been implemented, allowing for the
    creation of entirely new images from scratch. cyphar/umoci#5
    * umoci-repack(1) and umoci-config(1) now automatically generate history
    entries (since the history is actually used by tooling like skopeo). In
    addition, the history mutation from umoci-config(1) has been removed
    because it was just unsafe. In order for users to be able to configure
    history entries' values, --history.* flags have been introduced.
    * umoci-unpack(1) now saves all of the important argument metadata
    provided to it inside the generated bundle. These saved arguments are
    loaded by umoci-repack(1) to make the workflow much more sane.
    * --image and --from arguments have been combined into skopeo-style
    <path>[:<tag>] arguments to --image. cyphar/umoci#39
    * Errors encountered during generation of a delta layer now are
    correctly propagated. cyphar/umoci#33
    * Hardlinks are now correctly unpacked as bone-fide hardlinks.
    * Support for unpacking and configuring annotations (which is a
    v1.0.0-rc3 feature of the OCI image specification). There's still some
    work to be done upstream in making the unpacking procedure specified
    but this is as good as you're going to get for a while.
    * umoci has full integration and unit testing. cyphar/umoci#12
    * umoci now has validation integration tests to ensure that at every
    stage of a test we could stop and still have a completely valid OCI
    image and that every extracted bundle is a valid OCI runtime bundle.
* Sun Dec 11 2016
  - Update to a45b47efb370469642a478ae687da8c9b015e537.
* Wed Nov 09 2016
  - Initial import of omoci 0.0.0-rc1 (proof of concept).



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