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soundtouch-1.8.0-lp150.1.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: soundtouch Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.8.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.3 Build date: Wed May 9 00:27:21 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Editors and Convertors Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 127138 Source RPM: soundtouch-1.8.0-lp150.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Audio Processing Library
SoundTouch is an open source audio processing library that allows
changing the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate parameters
independently from each other.
*Easy-to-use implementation of time-stretch, pitch-shift and sample
 rate transposing routines.
*High-performance object-oriented C++ implementation.
*Clear and easy-to-use programming interface via a single C++ class.
*Supported audio data format : 16Bit integer or 32bit floating point
 PCM mono/stereo
*Capable of real-time audio stream processing:
 input/output latency max. ~ 100 ms.
 Processing 44.1kHz/16bit stereo sound in realtime requires a 133 Mhz
 Intel Pentium processor or better.
*Additional assembler-level and Intel-MMX instruction set optimizations
 for Intel x86 compatible processors, offering several times increase
 in the processing performance.






* Sun Apr 05 2015
  - Add baselibs.conf in sources list; fix for Factory
* Wed Mar 25 2015
  - Update to version 1.8.0
    * Added support for multi-channel audio processing
    * Added support for cubic and shannon interpolation for rate and
      pitch shift effects besides the original linear interpolation,
      to reduce aliasing at high frequencies due to interpolation.
      Cubic interpolation is used as default for floating point processing,
      and linear interpolation for integer processing.
    * Fixed bug in anti-alias filtering that limited stop-band attenuation
      to -10 dB instead of <-50dB, and increased filter length from 32 to 64
      taps to further reduce aliasing due to frequency folding.
    * Performance improvements in cross-correlation algorithm
    * Other bug and compatibility fixes
  - Remove obsolete AUTHORS and %clean sections
* Fri Jan 25 2013
  - Update to version 1.7.1:
    * Added files for Android compilation
    * Sound quality improvements
    * Improved flush() to adjust output sound stream duration to
      match better with ideal duration
    * Rewrote x86 cpu feature check to resolve compatibility problems
    * Configure script automatically checks if CPU supports mmx & sse
      compatibility for GNU platform, and the script support now
      "--enable-x86-optimizations" switch to allow disabling
      x86-specific optimizations.
    * Revised #define conditions for 32bit/64bit compatibility
    * gnu autoconf/automake script compatibility fixes
    * Tuned beat-per-minute detection algorithm
  - Updated man page from Debian unstable.
* Sun Nov 20 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Wed Aug 10 2011
  - New upstream version 1.6.0.
  - Changes:
    * Added automatic cutoff threshold adaptation to beat detection
      routine to better adapt BPM calculation to different types of
    * Retired 3DNow! optimization support as 3DNow! is nowadays
      obsoleted and assembler code is nuisance to maintain
    * Retired "configure" file from source code package due to
      autoconf/automake versio conflicts, so that it is from now on to
      be generated by invoking "boostrap" script that uses locally
      available toolchain version for generating the "configure" file
    * Resolved namespace/label naming conflicts with other libraries by
      replacing global labels such as INTEGER_SAMPLES with more
    * Updated windows build scripts & project files for Visual Studio
      2008 support
    * Updated SoundTouch.dll API for .NET compatibility
    * Added API for querying nominal processing input & output sample
      batch sizes
* Thu Apr 14 2011
  - added 32bit compatibility libraries
* Thu Dec 09 2010
  - Update to version 1.5.0, added manpage for sounstrech
  - Upstream changes :
    * Added normalization to correlation calculation and improvement
    automatic seek/sequence parameter calculation to improve sound
    * Fixes in compilation scripts for non-Intel platforms
    * Added Dynamic-Link-Library (DLL) version of SoundTouch library
    build, provided with Delphi/Pascal wrapper for calling the dll
    * Added #define PREVENT_CLICK_AT_RATE_CROSSOVER that prevents a
    click artifact when crossing the nominal pitch from either
    positive to negative side or vice versa
    * Other minor fixes & code cleanup
  - Bugfixes :
    * Fixed negative array indexing in quick seek algorithm
    * FIR autoalias filter running too far in processing buffer
    * Check against zero sample count in rate transposing
    * Fix for x86-64 support: Removed pop/push instructions from the
    cpu detection algorithm.
    * Check against empty buffers in FIFOSampleBuffer
* Thu Dec 09 2010
  - Fixed rpmlint warnings and error.
* Thu Dec 09 2010
  - drop bogus libstdc++ BuildRequires
* Thu Oct 01 2009
  - fix library package to not depend on main package and glibc-devel
* Thu May 07 2009
  - Updated to version 1.4.0:
    * Improved sound quality by automatic calculation of time stretch
      algorithm processing parameters according to tempo setting
    * Moved BPM detection routines from SoundStretch application into
      SoundTouch library
    * Bugfixes: Usage of uninitialied variables, GNU build scripts,
      compiler errors due to 'const' keyword mismatch.
    * Source code cleanup
  - Split according to shared library packaging policy.
* Sat Apr 04 2009
  - use --enable-shared and disable static libraries



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