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qtractor-0.8.5-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: qtractor Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.8.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 23:40:09 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Editors and Convertors Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 7335229 Source RPM: qtractor-0.8.5-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application
written in C++ around the Qt4 toolkit using Qt Designer.

The initial target platform will be Linux, where the Jack Audio
Connection Kit (JACK) for audio, and the Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI, are the main infrastructures to
evolve as a fairly-featured Linux Desktop Audio Workstation GUI,
specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.






* Tue Dec 05 2017
  - Update to 0.8.5
    * Audio clip gain and panning properties are now taken into
      consideration when hash-linking (aka. ref-counting) their
      backend buffers.
    * New out-of-process plug-in inventory scan and cache option,
      replacing the old (aka. dummy) VST plug-in scan option and
      extending its function to all other plug-in types: LADSPA,
      DSSI and also LV2 (cache only).
    * A File System browser and tree-view is finally integrated as a
      dockable-widget on the main application window (cf. main menu
      View / Window / File System).
    * Drag-and-dropping of session, audio and MIDI files over the
      main track-list (left pane) is now possible, allowing for yet
      another quick means to open a new session or add new tracks to
      the current session.
    * MIDI input/capture time-stamping has been fixed as much to
      avoid missing inbound events, when play-head is near the loop
      end point and the loop-start is set below the absolute first
      half-a-second (<0.5sec).
    * LV2 Time/Transport speed information is now set on rolling when
      in audio export aka freewheeling mode.
    * Added *.SF3 to soundfont instrument files filter, on the
      View Instruments... > Import... file dialog.
    * A brand new View/Options.../Display/Meters/Show meters on
      track list/left pane option has been added.
  - use new official url
  - binary removed: qtractor_vst_scan
  - binary added:   qtractor_plugin_scan
* Fri Nov 03 2017
  - Update to 0.8.4
    - Assigned MIDI Controllers to plug-in's Activate switch are now
      finally saved and (re)loaded properly across sessions.
    - Audio clip panning option property is now being introduced.
    - Out-of-process (aka. dummy) VST plug-in inventory scanning now
      restarts automatically and resumes processing in case of a
      premature exit/crash; VST plug-in inventory scan/cache
      persistency is now in place.
    - Desktop entry specification file is now finally independent
      from build/configure template chains.
    - Updated target path for's AppStream metainfo
      file (formerly AppData).
    - Changing the View/Options.../Display/Custom/Style theme takes
      effect immediately unless it's back to "(default)".
    - Slightly slower but better approximation to IEEE 32bit
      floating point cubic root ie. cbrtf().
  - remove qtractor-remove_path_from_exec_in_desktop_file.patch
    (fixed upstream)
  - Lint spec file
  - appdata xml is moved to the appropriate folder
* Fri Aug 25 2017
  - Enable mad and Qt5 unconditionally
* Sun Jul 02 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.3
  - Upstream changes:
    * Make sure any just recorded clip filename is not reused
    while over the same track and session. (CRITICAL)
    * LV2 Plug-in worker/schedule interface ring-buffer sizes
    have been increased to 4KB.
    * Fixed track-name auto-incremental numbering suffix when
    modifying any other track property.
    * WSOLA vs. (lib)Rubberband time-stretching options are now
    individualized on a per audio clip basis.
    * Long overdue, some brand new and fundamental icons revamp.
    * Fixed a tempo-map node add/update/remove rescaling with
    regard to clip-lengths and automation/curve undo/redo.
    * Fixed a potential Activate automation/curve index clash,
    or aliasing, for any plug-ins that change upstream their
    parameter count or index order, on sessions saved with
    the old plug-in versions and vice-versa.
* Thu May 11 2017
  - Update to 0.8.2
    - Track-name uniqueness is now being enforced, by adding an
      auto-incremental number suffix whenever necessary.
    - Attempt to raise an internal transient file-name registry to
      prevent automation/curve files to proliferate across several
      session load/save (re)cycles.
    - Track-height resizing now meets immediate visual feedback.
    - A brand new user preference global option is now available:
      View/Options.../Plugins/Editor/Select plug-in's editor (GUI)
      if more than one is available.
    - More gradient eye-candy on main track-view and piano-roll
      canvases, now showing left and right edge fake-shadows.
    - Fixed the time entry spin-boxes when changing time offset or
      length fields in BBT time format that goes across any
      tempo/time-signature change nodes.
    - French (fr) translation update (by Olivier Humbert, thanks).
* Mon Feb 20 2017
  - Update to 0.8.1
  - Removed qtractor-nodatetime.patch, no trace of __DATE__ or
    __TIME__ anymore.
  - Upstream changes:
  - The View/Options.../Display/Dialogs/Use native dialogs
    option is now set initially off by default.
  - All tempo and time-signature labels are now displayed
    with one decimal digit, as it was in mostly everywhere
    else but the time ruler/scale headers.
  - JACK transport tempo and time-signature changes are now
    accepted, even though playback is not currently rolling;
    also, changing (JACK) Timebase master setting (cf.View/
    Options.../General/Transport/Timebase) will take effect
    immediately, not needing nor warning for session restart
  - Track/Navigate/Next and Previous menu commands, finally
    fixed to wrap around the current track list.
  - Current session (JACK) transport mode option switching is
    now being made accessible, from the main menu and drop-down
    toolbar buttons, as well as user configurable PC-keyboard
    and/or MIDI controller shortcuts (cf. Transport/Mode/None,
    Slave, Master, Full).
  - Fixed some auto-backward play-head position flip-flopping,
    when opening a new session while the previous was still on
    rolling/playing state, hopefully.
  - Added French man page (by Olivier Humbert, thanks).
  - MIDI clip changes are now saved unconditionally whenever
    the editor (piano-roll) is closed or not currently visible.
  - Audio clip peak/waveform files re-generation performance,
    scalability and resilience have been slightly improved.
  - Some sanitary checks have been added to audio clip peak/
    waveform re-generation routine, as much to avoid empty,
    blank, zero or negative-width faulty renderings.
  - Do not reset the Files tree-view widgets anymore, when
    leaving any drag-and-drop operation (annoyingly, all
    groups and sub-groups were being closed without appeal).
  - Make builds reproducible byte for byte, by getting rid of
    the configure build date and time stamps.
  - For more changes since 0.7.8 see:
* Thu Aug 04 2016
  - Use buildconditional for mad support
* Fri Jun 24 2016
  - Update to release 0.7.8 and fix gcc6 build see boo#985243
  - refresh qtractor-nodatetime.patch
  - Upstream changes:
    * MIDI file track names (and any other SMF META events) are now
    converted to and from the base ASCII/Latin-1 encoding, as much to
    prevent invalid SMF whenever non-Latin-1 UTF-8 encoded MIDI track
    names are given.
    * MIDI file tempo-map and location markers import/export is now
    hopefully corrected, after almost a decade in mistake, regarding
    MIDI resolution conversion, when different than current
    session's setting (TPQN, ticks-per-quarter-note aka.
    ticks-per-beat, etc.)
    * Introducing LV2 UI Show interface support for other types than
    Qt, Gtk, X11 and lv2_external_ui.
    * Prevent any visual updates while exporting (freewheeling) audio
    tracks that have at least one plugin activate state automation
    enabled for playback (as much for not showing messages like
    "QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type 'QVector'"
    ... anymore).
    * The common buses management dialog (View/Buses...) sees the
    superfluous Refresh button finally removed, while two new button
    commands take its place: (move) Up and Down.
    * LV2 plug-in Patch support has been added and LV2 plug-ins
    parameter properties manipulation is now accessible on the
    generic plug-in properties dialog.
    * Fixed a recently introduced bug, that rendered all but one
    plug-in instance to silence, affecting only DSSI plug-ins which
    implement DSSI_Descriptor::run_multiple_synths() eg.
    fluidsynth-dssi, hexter, etc.
* Thu Apr 28 2016
  - update to 0.7.7
    - LV2 UI Touch feature/interface support added.
    - MIDI aware plug-ins are now void from multiple or parallel
    - MIDI tracks and buses plug-in chains now honor the number of
      effective audio channels from the assigned audio output bus;
      dedicated audio output ports will keep default to the stereo
      two channels.
    - Plug-in rescan option has been added to plug-ins selection
      dialog (yet another suggestion by Frank Neumann, thanks).
    - Dropped the --enable-qt5 from configure as found redundant
      given that's the build default anyway
    - Immediate visual sync has been added to main and MIDI clip
      editor thumb-views
    - Fixed an old MIDI clip editor contents disappearing bug,
      which manifested when drawing free-hand
      (ie. Edit/Select Mode/Edit Draw is on) over and behind its
      start/beginning position (while in the lower view pane).
* Wed Apr 06 2016
  - update to 0.7.6
    - Plug-ins search path and out-of-process (aka. dummy) VST
      plug-in inventory scanning has been heavily refactored.
    - Fixed and optimized all dummy processing for plugins with more
      audio inputs and/or outputs than channels on a track or bus
      where it's inserted.
    - Fixed relative/absolute path mapping when saving/loading
      custom LV2 Plug-in State Presets.
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - update to 0.7.5
    - Beat unit divisor, aka. the denominator or lower numeral in the
      time-signature, have now a visible and practical effect over
      the time-line, even though the standard MIDI tempo(BPM) is
      always denoted in beats as quarter-notes (1/4, crotchet,
      seminima) per minute.
    - Fixed an old hack on LV2 State Files abstract/relative
      file-path mapping when saving custom LV2 Presets (after a
      related issue on Fabla2, by Harry Van Haaren, thanks).
    - Default PC-Keyboard shortcuts may now be erasable and re-
      assigned (cf. Help/Shortcuts...).
    - New option on the audio/MIDI export dialog, on whether to
      add/import the exported result as brand new track(s).
    - Introducing brand new track icons property.
    - Old Dry/Wet Insert and Aux-send pseudo-plugin parameters are
      now split into separate Dry and Wet controls, what else could
      it possibly be? :)
    - Brand new MIDI Insert and Aux-Send pseudo-plugins are now
      implemented with very similar semantics as the respective and
      existing audio counterparts.
    - Implement LV2_STATE__loadDefaultState feature (after pull
      request by Hanspeter Portner aka. ventosus, thanks).
    - Plug-ins search paths internal logic has been refactored; an
      alternative file-name based search is now in effect for LADSPA,
      DSSI and VST plug-ins, whenever not found on their original
      file-path locations saved in a previous session.
    - Finally added this brand new menu Clip/Cross Fade command,
      aimed on setting fade-in/out ranges properly, just as far to
      (auto)cross-fade consecutive overlapping clips.
* Sat Jan 30 2016
  - update to 0.7.4
    - Eye-candy warning: muted/non-soloed tracks are now shaded over
      the main thumb-view.
    - Faster and crispier VST plugin editor (GUI) idle cycles.
    - Fixed all core processing when any plugin has more audio
      outputs than channels on a track/bus where it's inserted.
    - Added one decimal digit to all percentage input spin-boxes on
      the MIDI Tools dialog.
    - Added brand new and global option to disable the so called
      "catch-up" default behavior (cf. View/Controllers.../Sync).
    - Fixed some track control issues related to MIDI Controllers
      generic mapping (cf. View/Controllers...).
    - Try making Help/Shortcuts... dialog window modeless, as far as
      under MIDI Controller, Inputs/Outputs Connections window also
      gets accessible enough.
    - Fixed some vertical scrolling and play-head line re-drawing
      glitches introduced by the recent unlimited slack to editing
      beyond current contents length on main tracks view.
    - Added one decimal digit to the Pitch-shift spin-box on audio
      Clip/Edit... properties dialog window.
    - Added application keywords to's AppData.
    - Fixed local keyboard shortcuts on the Files organizer widget
      actions and context-menu.
    - Improved Mixer multi-row layout (patch by Holger Marzen aka.
      bluebell, thanks).
    - Fixed the Ctrl+drag/cloning left of a clip when towards near
      the beginning of session.
* Wed Dec 30 2015
  - update to 0.7.3
    - Slight increase on the number of decimal digits for the plugin
      parameters while on the generic plugin properties dialog. Also
      applied to automation curve node value editing.
    - Unlimited slack is now in effect on editing over and beyond
      the current session or clip contents length, on both the main
      tracks and MIDI clip editor (piano-roll) views.
    - Ctrl+click and dragging the left or right edges of a clip will
      now make it spill over and replicate as many clip clones as it
      fits in the left or right horizontal extent.
    - Added View/Note Type and Value Type command menus to the MIDI
      clip editor (aka. piano-roll) which opens the possibility for
      discrete shortcuts to switching views eg. Note Velocity and
      Controller views (after a kind request by yubatake, thanks).
    - Fixed the conversion and/or override of MIDI clip offsets when
      moving and copy/pasting across tempo/time-signature changes.
    - Fixed MIDI file track/channel duration estimator, which was
      giving quite wrong and way too short reads.
    - Fixed a drag-and-drop bug over the main tracks view, when new
      tracks were being inserted at the top and not to the bottom as
    is normally indicated by the floating visual placeholder.
    - Fixed LV2UI_Resize handle from extension_data(LV2_UI__resize),
      now passing LV2UI_Handle in first argument to ui_resize(), as
      found correct and needed for resizable/scaleable LV2 UI's, most
      specially to ssj71's so called Infamous Plugins, thanks.
* Sun Dec 13 2015
  - Refreshed patches and add conditional buildrequires.
* Fri Dec 11 2015
  - update to 0.7.2
    - Yet another audio/MIDI time drift correction fix, now giving it
      some slack while turnaround looping on tempo changes.
    - Prevent x11extras module from use on non-X11/Unix platforms.
    - MIDI Track/Instrument cascading pop-up menus have been added,
      to main and MIDI clip editor windows.
    - VST Plugin preset/bank files support (FXB/FXP) is now being
      integrated to the generic Plugin/Properties widget dialog.
    - Added new Track/Duplicate menu command.
    - Added simple XRUN red indicator to status bar.
    - Make sure program change/presets are not selected on possibly
      multi-timbral instrument plugins when inserted on a MIDI bus.
    - Prefer Qt5 over Qt4 by default with configure script.
    - Fixed a potential crash-bug on first enabling either once the
      audio or MIDI metronomes.
  - remove non-atomic-arches.patch because changes now in source
* Sun Oct 11 2015
  - update to 0.7.1
    - Fixed an ages old MIDI track/channel instrument mapping (bank,
      program) issue that prevented normal all-shut-up messages from
      being sent to MIDI output buses/ports on playback stop.
    - Messages standard output capture has been improved again, now
      in both ways a non-blocking pipe may get.
    - Fixed port on MIDI 14-bit controllers input caching.
    - Fixed false value readings on the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano
    - roll) tool-tips, when dragging a note velocity or controller
      value outside the acceptable nominal range (eg. 0-127).
    - Added LV2_BUF_SIZE__nominalBlockLength option support (patch
      by falktx aka. Filipe Coelho, thanks).
    - Fixed wrong initial tempo/time-signature display when session
      is loaded from command line.
    - LV2 plug-in UI GTK2 and X11 in Qt5 host native support added.
    - Transport/Auto Backward feature now honoring (auto return) to
      same current location precedence as Transport/Backward.
    - Single/unique application instance control adapted to Qt5/X11
      (cf. configure --enable-xunique).
    - MIDI Tools/Transpose, Resize duration display format (frames,
      time or BBT) have been fixed.
    - Build fix for Qt5.5 (patch by KaOS, thanks).
    - MIDI Tools/Quantize et al. are tentatively being corrected
      to take event times as relative to THE beginning of session,
      instead of MIDI clip start location.
  - update to 0.7.0
    - Complete rewrite of Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
    - Revised MIDI Controlllers catch-up algorithm.
    - Mixer multi-row layout gets a little bit of a fairness fix.
    - Non-continuous MIDI Controllers now have their Hook and Latch
      options disabled as those are found not applicable,
    - As an alternative to PC-keyboard shortcuts, MIDI controllers
      are now also assignable and configurable for any of the main
      menu command actions, all from the same old configuration
      dialog (Help/Shortcuts...).
    - Fixed missing Track and Clip sub-menus from Edit/context-menu
      that were found AWOL ever since after the Lazy Tachyon beta
      release (> 0.6.6).
    - An off-by-one bar position (as in BBT, bar, beat and ticks)
      has been purportedly fixed as long as LV2 Time/Position atom
      event transfer goes.
    - French (fr) translation line to desktop file added (patch by
      Olivier Humbert, thanks).
    - A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore
      sub-routine is now in effect.
    - Improved MIDI clip editor resilience across tempo and time-
      signature changes.
    - Keyboard shortcuts configuration (Help/Shortcuts...) now
      lists complete menu/action path where available.
    - Fixed in-flight VST plugin editor (GUI) resizing.
    - Added support to LV2UI_portMap extension, found really handy
      for the cases where you have multiple plugins with different
      port configurations and a single common UI to drive them all
      (pull request by Hanspeter Portner aka. ventosus, thanks).
* Thu May 28 2015
  - update to 0.6.7
    * MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) position, size, and view
      /event type criteria are now persistent, across session and
      user preferences application state.
    * Generic plugin form widget position is now also preserved
      across open/save session cycles.
    * MIDI clip editor resilience is about to get an improvement,
      fe. it doesn't close on stopping record/overdub anymore.
    * Introducing (JACK) Timebase master setting as an option to
      Transport mode (cf. View/Options.../General/Transport
    * LV2 plug-in MIDI/Event support now slanted for deprecation.
    * Spanish (es) translation added, by avid Reyes Pucheta.
    * It's live: audio track export (cf. Track/Export Tracks/ Audio.)
      has been deeply refactored to finally include MIDI t
      rack/instrument plugins rendering (aka. freeze) on selected
      audio output buses on mix-down. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    * MIDI file player now does (N)RPN 14-bit controller events.
    * Track properties dialog output bus switch fix/optimization;
      also fixed multiple DSSI instance reference count on close.
    * Fixed for some strict tests for Qt4 vs. Qt5 configure builds.
    * German (de) translation update (by Guido Scholz, thanks).
* Sat Apr 04 2015
  -   add non-atomic-arches.patch: build for arches other than x86
* Sat Apr 04 2015
  - update to 0.6.6:
    * MIDI clip record/reopen to/from SMF format 0 has been fixed.
    * LV2 and VST plugins GUI editor widget position is preserved
      across hide/show cycles.
    * Added application description as's AppData.
    * Added a "Don't ask this again" prompt option to zip/archive
      extrated directory removal/replace warning messages.
    * MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) gets lingering notes
      properly shown while on record/overdubbing.
    * Current highlighted client/port connections are now drawn
      with thicker connector lines.
    * Fixing segfaults due to QClipboard::mimeData() returning an
      invalid null pointer while on Qt5 and Weston.
    * Return of an old hack/fix for some native VST plugins with
      GUI editor, on whether to skip the explicit shared library
      unloading on close and thus avoid some mysterious crashes
      on session and/or application exit.
    * Force reset of plugin selection list when any of the plugin
      search paths change (in View/Options.../Plugins/Paths).
    * Recursive VST plugin search is now in effect for inventory
      and discovery on path sub-directories (VST only).
    * Non-dummy scannig for regular VST, non-shell plugins, were
      doomed to infinite-loop freezes on discovery, now fixed.
  - changes from 0.6.5:
    * Connections lines now drawn with anti-aliasing; connections
      splitter handles width is now reduced; the MIDI connections
      splitter pane sizes are now saved and restored properly.
    * Extended multi-selection is now featured on the track-list
      (main left-pane), primarily allowing for group mute/solo
      (and monitor) switching.
    * Track-list (left pane) header column widths are now saved
      and made persistent across application power cycle (double
    - click reverts to the old original default).
    * Minor fixes on the MIDI clip event list editor, also making
      sure the current event is visible on the piano-roll view.
    * As long to prevent asynchronous mistakes to JACK transport
      state changes, an internal slack-delay is now introduced
      after self-initiated transport commands (eg. start/stop).
    * The MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) was missing to
      clear or reset the current selection when no shift/ctrl
      keyboard modifier is in effect.
    * VST-shell sub-plugins are now supported (as suggested by
      abique aka. Alexandre Bique, thanks).
    * MIDI clip record/overdubbing is now possible (Clip/Record
      on the main menu or File/Record from the MIDI clip editor.
    * Make sure some audio sample file encodings (eg. old Ogg
      Vorbis) does not head-start on audio peak generation.
  - changes from 0.6.4:
    * Fixed some old loop-recording clip drawing glitches.
    * Current assigned track/channel instrument definition
      names for MIDI controllers, note keys, RPN and NRPN,
      are now in effect on the MIDI clip editor drop-down
      lists, whether available.
    * Clip/Take/Range... input dialog values are now properly
      sanitized as long to prevent invalid take/folding ranges.
    * Audio capture/export file type default now set to "wav".
    * Extending punch-in/out over loop-recording/takes modes.
    * Make audio tracks monitoring always flow while playback
      is rolling, independently of their mute/solo state.
    * Fixed undo/redo conversion of audio clip offsets under
      (automatic) time-stretching eg. due on tempo changes.
      (ticket by Holger Marzen, thanks).
    * Latch/momentary MIDI Controllers toggle mode introduced
      (a request by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
    * JACK client/port pretty-name (metadata) support is being
      seamlessly introduced. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    * Audio frame/MIDI time drift correction is now an option on
      View/Options.../MIDI/Playback/Enable MIDI queue time drift
    * Transport auto-backward feature now honoring last position
      playback was started.
    * Introducing brand new application user preferences on
      View/Options.../Display/Options/Custom style and color
      themes (eg. "KXStudio", by Filipe Coelho aka. falkTX).
    * Mixer widget gets automatic multi-row strip layout.
    * Clip fade-in/out now follows time-stretch resizing, via
      shift/ctrl+click and drag one of its edges.
    * Fixed a typo causing FTBFS when VST plug-in support is
      explicity disabled (./configure --disable-vst).
  - refresh qtractor-nodatetime.patch: line numbers changed
  - add qtractor.appdata.xml to the package
* Fri Sep 26 2014
  - update to 0.6.3
    * Make the mouse-wheel to scroll the plugin list views, when
      not hovering a direct-access parameter slider.
    * Mixer widget gets (un)dockable Inputs and Outputs panels,
      also with their respective title captions.
    * Plugin instantiation is now constrained as much to prevent
      any audio channel output overriding.
    * Existing plugin presets may now be selected right(-click)
      from plugin list context-menu (ticket by Harry van Haaren,
    * So-called "painting" over multiple selected event values,
      while on the MIDI clip editor view pane below the main
      piano-roll (eg. note velocities, controller values, etc.)
      is now split into two similar painting modes, whether the
      sub-menu Edit/Select Mode/Edit Draw is set on (free-hand)
      or off (linear).
    * Drag-and-copy of plug-in instances across tracks or buses
      (ie. cloning) now also copies the direct access parameter
      setting (ticket by Holger Marzen, thanks).
    * File/Save As... now prompts and suggests an incremental
      backup name for existing sessions files.
    * Zooming in/out increment is now augmented by whether shift
      /ctrl keyboard modifiers are set (on a ticket request by
      Holger Marzen, thanks).
    * LV2 Time position event messages for plugin atom ports that
      support it is now being implemented.
    * Attempt to break extremely long audio file peak generation
      on session close or program exit (as reported by EternalX,
      thanks again).
    * MIDI Controllers Hook and Invert properties are now properly
      saved for tracks (after bug report by Nicola Pandini, thanks).
    * A segmentation fault when closing with VST plugins open has
      been hopefully fixed (after a patch by EternalX, thanks).
    * Messages standard output capture has been slightly improved
      as for non-blocking i/o, whenever available.
    * Automation curve node editing has been slightly improved
      in regard to time positioning and resolution.
  - changes from 0.6.2
    * Prevent linear and spline automation curve modes for all
      integer valued subjects. Also, make sure those values are
      rounded to the nearest integer away from zero.
    * Fixed save of LV2 Presets for plugins with state files.
    * A man page has beed added (making up Gürkan Sengün's work
      on debian, thanks).
    * When moving plugins by eg. drag-and-dropping across tracks,
      automation curves were being left behind, maybe leading to
      unpredictable mistaken behavior. Hopefully, not anymore.
    * Translations install directory change.
    * Automation curves are now automatically re-adjusted to tempo
      map node changes (after a ticket by Holger Marzen, thanks).
    * Audio/MIDI files or plugins found missing on session load
      are now subject for an explicit modal warning message and
      prompt for an immediate session backup salvage.
    * Changing instrument plugin programs is now an undo/redo-able
      command operation, especially for DSSI but also for plugins
      that come with the LV2 Programs interface extension support
    * Drawing, selecting and/or resizing of MIDI note events that
      extend across tempo/time-signature changes is now made a bit
      more correctly over the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll),
      especially regarding to current snap-to-beat setting (after
      an outstanding ticket by yubatake, thanks).
    * Once again, audio frame/MIDI time drift correction has been
      slightly refactored to improve MIDI input monitor and timing.
    * Discrete automation curve node values may now be edited via
      a numerical entry floating spin-box on double-click (as yet
      another request by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
    * Pressing shift/ctrl keyboard modifiers while double-clicking
      on a plugin list entry now briefly reverses the current View
      /Options.../Plugins/Editor/Open plugin's editor (GUI) by
      default option preference.
    * Fixed an old crash lurker when switching output buses that
      implied a change on the number of audio channels, while on
      tracks that have (auto-)monitor turned on and at least one
      active plugin in chain (yet another ticket by AutoStatic
      aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
    * MIDI Controller assignment (aka MIDI learn) and/or automation
      of plugins (de)activation state has been added (as requested
      by AutoStatic aka. Jeremy Jongepier, thanks).
    * LV2 UI Idle and Show interfaces support added.
    * Allow the build system to include an user specified LDFLAGS
      (patch by Alessio Treglia aka. quadrispro, thanks).
  - changes from 0.6.1
    * New user preference option added as View/Options.../Display
      /Transport/Hold auto-scrolling (follow play-head) on edits
      (after requests by Holger Marzen and Louigi Verona, thanks).
    * All color chooser dialogs were missing proper titles.
    * Audio peak file re-generation and clean-up has been hopefully
      fixed and cache optimized (re. drawing audio clip waveforms).
    * Fixed initial session snap-per-beat setting on main toolbar.
    * Clip/Export...'ed files are now made persistent, no questions
      asked (after a ticket by Oliver Kester, thanks).
    * Portuguese (pt) translation added (by Esteban Viveros, thanks).
  - changes from 0.6.0
    * New user option added: on whether to save plugins automation
      values with higher resolution as possible, using 14-bit NRPN:
      cf. View/Options.../Plugins/Experimental/High resolution
      plugin automation (default=off).
    * Generic native plugin dialogs now shows an additional "About"
      last page where authorship credits are due.
    * A new user preference option is now in place for whether to
      use desktop environment's own native file requester/browser
      dialogs (View/Options.../Display/Dialogs/Use native dialogs).
    * A bit of slack have been introduced to put "Follow Playhead"
      (aka. auto-scroll view mode) on hold, while doing in-flight
      selection edit moves.
    * Fixed some user interface related annoyances while on the MIDI
      Controllers mappings (ie. View/Controllers...).
    * Fixed port origin on MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controllers input.
    * A discretionary plug-in unique identifier have been devised for
      when more than one from the same type are inserted on a bus or
      track chain, avoiding destructive clashing of automation data.
    * Horizontal scrolling shift+mouse-wheel direction now reversed.
    * LV2 Dyn(amic)-manifest support is now optional (default=off);
      cf. View/Options.../Plugins/Experimental/LV2 Dynamic Manifest
    * The following options, although decieved on View/Options... as
      global configuration options, were always and still are proper
      session instance properties: (JACK) Transport mode, MMC mode,
      MMC device, MIDI SPP and MIDI Clock modes, are now shown there
      reflecting the current open session state.
    * A couple of run-time circumventions have been hacked in, both
      strictly related to when NSM session management is in charge:
      1) the new session template feature is disabled (was aborting
      initial NSM new client additions); 2) the native (as from the
      desktop environment eg. KDE) file browser/requester dialogs are
      disabled (were taking too long to list the current directory on
      first time invocation).
    * Update current automation/curve nodes selection while changing
      horizontal (time axis) zoom levels.
    * One liner's attempt to make it consistent behaviour on resizing
      and moving multiple selected notes or events while on the MIDI
      clip editor (aka. piano-roll; after a ticket request from Daniel
      MacDonald aka. danboid, thanks).
    * Introducing tiny quarter-note/crotchet/seminima/beat icon on all
      snap-to-beat selection items get a new icon :).
    * Corrected some audio buffering boundary conditions that were
      causing dead-loops/freezes while merging some audio clips.
    * Session auto-save period was chronically reduced to one third
      of its user setting; non critical but fixed now.
* Fri Jan 03 2014
  - package changes:
    * removed patch, merged upstream: qtractor-0.5.10-cflags.patch
    * added patch: qtractor-remove_path_from_exec_in_desktop_file.patch
      (fixes warning in build because the .desktop file uses the fully-qualified
      path to /usr/bin/qtractor)
  - update to 0.5.12:
    * fixed another off-by-one MIDI plugin chain timing bug, delaying the actual
      playback of the first MIDI event, whenever it started at the same and as
      long as the initial play-head position
    * a new LV2 host convention is in effect on plugins that expose multiple
      AtomPort's in either direction: only the first input or output declared
      AtomPort is eligible to convey regular MIDI data events
    * zooming with shift/ctrl+mouse-wheel and pointing over the main tracks view
      or MIDI clip editor time ruler header's now fixed
    * a rare freezing loop condition has been fixed on the oldest of MIDI file
      save/write routines
    * copy/paste now preserving clip names
    * scaling of whole tempo map with a given factor has been added, through a
      spin-box and button in Tempo Map / Markers dialog
    * when issued from main tracks view (ie. Clip/Tools menu) MIDI clip tools are
      now a bit more crash-resilient re. undo/redo- ability
    * session auto-save / crash-recovery support is now on trial as in
      View/Options.../General/Session/Auto-save current working session every 10
      minutes (default on)
    * plugin-list chain context-menu now includes MIDI instrument audio output
      options to existing non-dedicated output buses, any other than the previous
      hard-wired default (eg. Master)
    * tracks export now allows for the mix-down/merge of multiple audio/MIDI
      output buses (Track/Export Tracks)
    * when adding new tracks, try preserving the last selected bus names, while
      not the default Master ones
    * brand new thumb-(over)view toolbar widget added to MIDI clip editor window
      (aka. piano-roll overview)
    * general MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controller support is now being introduced on
      real-time MIDI input parsing, on standard MIDI file I/O, on MIDI Controller
      options and, of course, on MIDI clip and event list editor
  - changes from 0.5.11
    * adding a track now inserts it after the current one, if any; one can also
      drag and move a track below the last one in the track list (main view left
    * extended Edit/Select Mode/Automation: multi-selection mode, cut, copy,
      paste and delete of current track's automation curve nodes, now reached
      implementation ready status
    * another old silent bug bites the dust: changing track names were dropping
      any track gain/volume and panning automation curves when saving the session
    * a primeval processing bug has been sorted out: aux-sends to audio output
      buses that just appear to be after the input bus where they're inserted
      were being left muted and silent
    * fixed a sure crash bug exposed when processing of aux-send plugins when
      inserted too early on audio input buses chain
    * Shift/Ctrl keyboard modifiers now set to extend current clip selection
      while in main track view's Edit/Select Mode/Range, Rectangle modes
    * main Edit/Select Mode/Automation icon retouched to look a bit more obvious
      and intuitive, hopefully
    * allow to change the velocities/values of the current selected events which
      have the exact same onset times and hide beyhond each other on the MIDI
      clip editor's pane below the main view piano-roll (ie. the one that
      represents MIDI event values as a bar chart)
    * fixed some problematic playback/export muting and annoying cleanup
      freezing, due on audio tracks with too many clips eg. more than hundred
      clip splits
    * LV2 UI resize feature support/control added
    * fixed dedicated MIDI control and MIDI metronome port connection restore
    * new user preference option added: reverse middle-button role to Shift/Ctrl
      keyboard state, in special regard to edit-head/tail vs. play-head
      positioning while on the main track and MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll)
* Fri Sep 13 2013
  - Fix build on powerpc (qtractor-powerpc.patch)
* Sat Sep 07 2013
  - Add qtractor-0.5.10-cflags.patch: Use RPM_OPT_FLAGS.
  - Remove qtractor--fix_desktop_file.patch: No longer needed patch
  - Add LV2 support (BuildRequires: pkgconfig(lilv-0))
  - Add --disable-sse configure option.
  - Add %icon_theme_cache, %mime_database and %desktop_database scriplets
  - Add SVG icons to file list
  - Run %make_install with STRIP=:
* Sat Aug 24 2013
  - update to 0.5.10: see ChangeLog
* Fri Dec 28 2012
  - update to 0.5.7: see ChangeLog
* Wed Mar 07 2012
  - updated to 0.5.4
    * Direct access plugin/insert parameter changing tool-tip added.
    * A Transport/Panic action enters the scene, in a nostalgic attempt
      to emulate the all-MIDI-track-shut-off command of those drop-dead
      and primordial MIDI sequencers of all time. Now finally a keyboard
      shortcut and mouse click-away ;)
    * MIDI editor command redo/undo adjustment now effective on all other
      channel events besides notes, which overlap at the same event time.
    * A new File/Unlink menu action is now made available from the MIDI
      clip editor (aka. piano-roll) for detaching the current linked/ref-
      counted MIDI clip into a new auto-incremented SMF filename.
    * Some audio/MIDI content/media-file resource management is entering
      the scene, taking care of some file-system house-keeping, this gets
      evident on unsaved/dead recorded files being automaticaly removed
      from the file-system, on session close.
    * Killed the old and entirely deprecated LV2 Save/Restore and Persist
      feature/extensions support.
    * Auto-monitored MIDI events are now merged/queued correctly into
      the instrument plugin playback queue, avoiding sudden crashes, hopefully.
    * Awesome patch from Albert Graef, thanks, which makes most MIDI SysEx
      to get through MIDI instrument plugins at last; applies to DSSI and
      LV2 plugins only.
    * LV2 URID map/unmap feature support added.
    * Plugin parameter value redo/undo command aliasing fix.
    * Double-clicking in plugin list item now show/activates the plugin's
      editor window (was toggling visibility/activation).
    * Plugin path settings have been fixed again, with special regards to an
      effective LV2_PATH environment variable settlement.
    * Session properties dialog now asks to create a new session directory
      if the given one does not currently exist.
    * MIDI note names and their respective octave numbers are now compliant
      with the ISO standard where middle C (60) is now C4 (was C3).
    * Fixed audible glitch/pop at the beginning of an audio clip with long
      quadratic or cubic shaped fade-in (reported by Lougi Verona, thanks).
    * MIDI Controller Auto-Hook patch by Alessandro Preziosi, thanks.
    * Make sure all MIDI note-off are always queued after their respective
      note-on events when buffering for MIDI input of instrument plugins,
      event though for zero duration MIDI note events (hopefully fixing
      the hanging notes bug #3476124, as reported by Albert Graef, thanks).
    * LV2 MIDI-fx plugin support has been repaired.
    * Single-track clip selection logic corrected again, fixing multi-clip
      selection drag/move across an odd number of distinct tracks (after
      a bug report by Louigi Verona, on linux-audio-dev, thanks).
    * MMC Locate time-code hour bit-field fix; MMC Locate now also on loop
      turnarounds (patches by Albert Graef, thanks).
    * Looping across multiple linked/ref-counted audio clips was incredibly
      broken with complete out-of-sync playback. Hopefully fixed now, with
      auto-unlinking/cloning all the affected audio clip buffers.
    * Audio clip overlapping detection off-by-one(-frame) fix.
    * MIDI Tools/Resize value ramp mode has been added (mocking the 'resize
      to range' feature request #3467894, by Daniel MacDonald aka. danboid).
* Sun Jan 08 2012
  - updated to 0.5.3
    * Fixed initial LV2 plugin UI widget/window titles.
    * Attempt to get any brand new LV2 plugins Qt4 enabled UI's
      working on either slv2 and lilv build modes ;)
      (nailed by falkTX, thanks).
    * Current clip is ultimately inferred from the one under
      the play-head position and current selected track;
      the last one clicked over and/or selected still has precedence
      (following request by Loiugi Verona).
    * Drag-moving clips horizontally with the keyboard arrow-keys
      just got a step better with a fixed minimum of one pixel,
      depending still on the current snap-per-beat setting and
      horizontal zoom level (as suggested by Louigi Verona, thanks).
    * Get maximum and minimum peak values back when drawing audio waveforms.
    * Automation play/feedback has been missed to show on those
      plugins that provide their own GUI, now on par with all the rest
      'homebrew' widgets (eg. generic plugin properties dialog).
    * All plugin parameters automation and selection were left
      inaccessible until the generic native plugin dialog is eventually
      shown, now fixed (re. bug #3463916).
* Sun Jan 08 2012
  - updated to 0.5.2
    * Fixed a probably old lurking destructive bug, which was incidental
      to when an invalid or non audio file is imported, intentionally
      or by mistake, into new or existing audio clips (eg. importing
      a MIDI file where an audio file is expected).
    * Force audio file closing to occur on the very same disk-write (sync)
      thread, possibly mitigating an old random crash issue lurking
      in the vorbis reference encoder (recording) re. the non thread-safeness
      of the vorbis_analysis() final call.
    * Fixed extraordinary shadow-playback of audio clips which extent
      were longer than the respective audio file length.
    * Default session file format option now promoted
      (see View/Options.../General/Session) in the way of whether
      file suffix gets honored upon session open or save (.qtr, .qts or .qtz).
      This brand new option also applies for default state file format
      on a JACK-session salvage context.
    * The View/Options... (aka. user preferences) dialog sees a new
      arranjement in layout, with some options moving into this
      brand new tab page called General.
    * LV2 State extension support has been added, which shall replace old LV2
      Persist extension interface in the near future. It also replaces
      the LV2 Files extension from now on (thanks to Dave Robillard).
    * Dirty MIDI clips are now auto-saved when MIDI track properties
      get changed through its own dialog.
    * Fixed one probable too old crash when canceling a new/add track dialog.
    * MIDI SysEx event list editing is now fixed.
    * Once again, make sure all recorded clips start and end at the very
      same position when multiple track recording is turned on/off,
      while playback is still rolling.
    * Fixed handling installation directories to the configure
      script eg. --datadir, --localedir.
    * Possible attempt to improve in-flight recording clip display,
      especially when looping and MIDI clips are involved.
    * MIDI clip revision (re)numbering paranoia has been improved as much
      to avoid MIDI file clashes as much as possible while editing multiple
      MIDI clips which reference the same SMF and track/channel.
    * Creating new or updating existing buses with exact same names of any
      current dedicated inputs/outputs (which are implemented as special
      covert buses) is now disallowed (preventing bug #3430406).
    * Loop-recording/takes functionality is now ready for the masses and
      accessible from brand new Clip/Take menu (Select, First, Previous,
      Next, Last, Reset and Range...; the latter is actually being provided
      as bonus feature :) as to fold any given clip into so-called takes,
      simulating loop-recording mode over an arbitrary range).
    * Loop-recording/takes infrastructure integration is sneaking in:
      all clips recorded under a loop/cycle range may now get split (folded)
      into one or more so-called takes. A new option is now provided,
      as to select which take is about to retain after the recording ends,
      either the First or the Last one. Just turn this mode off (None)
      and keep with the old recording behavior, where clips are laid out
      unfolded through the timeline, as usual
      (see menu View/Options.../Display/Loop recording mode).
    * Improved robustness in face of disabled audio buses when global maximum
      number of JACK (audio) ports is surpassed (mitigating bug #3421911).
    * Improved single-track clip selection status logic, (possibly fixing
      bug #3419141).
    * Clip/Unlink action is now available for detaching linked/ref-counted
      MIDI clips, renaming and saving into auto-incremental SMF filenames.
    * Temporary session archive directory now (pre)fixed with program name
      (eg. /tmp/qtractor).
    * Fixed VST GUI editor window title on first show.
    * Fixed build for ancient VST-SDK 2.3 (32bit only).
* Wed Oct 12 2011
  - update to 0.5.1
    - More LADISH support: SIGTERM signal is now trapped for graceful
      application close.
    - Improved paste-repeat snap precision when dealing with large
      repeat counts.
    - Czech (cs) translation added, by Pavel Fric.
    - Added a few snap-to-beat divisors (unusual Beat/5, Beat/7,
      Beat/9 and Beat/10) for completeness sake.
    - Such a simple change of mind with a visual twist: the "A" track
      automation button/menu has now been
    - moved to the right-most, as it belongs ;)
    - Auto-connection of dedicated audio outputs is now optional
      for default audio master bus, metronome, player and MIDI
      instrument plugin dedicated audio outputs.
    - Finally, after a pitiful large brain-dead period, generic plugin
      forms are now showing all possible controllable plugin
      parameters featuring a paged, tabbed dialog, whenever applicable.
    - Special hack/fix for JUCE based native VST plugins, which are
      the most actually found with a GUI editor, skipping explicit
      shared library unloading and thus avoiding some mysterious
      crashes on session close and/or application exit.
    - Support for MIDI-fx plugins (native VST and/or LV2) is now
      implemented and functional (intra-chain only).
    - Instrument plugin bank/program selection was found broken or
      dead in the water, specially on VSTi, now finally fixed again.
    - VST plugin parameter value display on generic form is now
      back in business (were dead regarding value changes).
    - All plugin's provided GUI editors are now honored by being
      popped up first, instead of the usual but good old generic
      plugin form.
    - Long overdue implementation of a dedicated MIDI file player is
      now accessible from the MIDI files widget; one can play the
      whole SMF or just a single track or channel.
    - Update to a newer VeSTige header, probably fixing an old 32 vs. 64
      bit mismatch.
    - Avoid JACK session filenames/paths to be ever shown; also avoid
      all buses ports (re)connections when JACK sessions are (re)loaded,
      given the fact that session management will take care of just that;
      more also, untitled/default session names are now also picked up to
      match current LADISH project name, obviously given by LADISH_PROJECT_NAME
      environment variable, whenever present (as suggested by Nedko Ardaunov).
    - Paste-repeat floating selection has been fixed (was showing only the
      last repeated selection).
    - Coherence of tempo changes on audio and MIDI clips, whether automatic
      time-stretching is in effect, has been slightly improved, hopefully fixed.
    - Bold attempt to get linked (aka. ref-counted) audio and MIDI
      clips into practice (EXPERIMENTAL).
    - Main track view now showing all clips above the grid.
    - Added support for both new and older (deprecated URI) lv2_external_ui
      extension (by Nedko Ardaunov).
    - Following yet another great idea, and implementation, by Holger
      Dehnhardt, who already brought us the new aux-send insert plugin,
      thanks again, the so-called direct access control option is now
      featured for any plugin parameter right from plugin listings eg. mixer strips.
    - General resource consumption and management has been slightly
      improved, due to internal buses allocation optimization.
    - Fixed nasty crash-bug that was severely affecting all sessions
      that had at least one insert (pseudo-)plugin on any audio input bus.
    - All automation curve nodes are now relocated whenever disparate
      session sample-rate is detected on load.
    - New aux-send/insert pseudo-plugin is now introduced, allowing to
      route any track audio output to any other audio output bus
      besides the nominal one -- thanks to an original implementation from Holger Dehnhardt.
    - New immediate edit/loop-range settings from current clip extents,
      accessible on the main menu (Clip/Range Set, Loop Set) and from
      MIDI clip editor menu as well (File/Range Set, Loop Set).
    - MIDI Names XML files (*.midnam) may now be imported into MIDI
      instrument definitions. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Avoid cursor reset while editing MIDI events list (fixes bug #3380259,
      reported by Frank Neumann).
    - Just some typos fixing (patch #3378382 by c-korn).
    - Track view automation curve editing mode has been slightly fixed,
      now allowing for other previously existing point-and-click mouse operations.
    - Default automation curve mode is now preserved (following a
      suggestion by Alexandre Prokoudine, thanks).
* Fri Aug 05 2011
  - update to 0.5.0
    - MIDI controller learn/catch-up sees the way in:
      MIDI controller changes are now only effective
      after catching-up with their respective program
      parameters, avoiding abrupt jumps and keeping a
      safe and continuous behavior. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Track/Height menu is now featured, giving access
      to Increase, Decrease or Reset the current track
    - All changes to audio gain and panning on tracks
      and buses are now applied following a piece-wise
      linear ramp, reducing the old nasty clicks, pops
      or zipper artifacts that might be awfully audible
      on some situations, most specially on automation.
    - All zooming in/out is now relative to either the
      viewport center or current mouse cursor position
      if found laying inside.
    - TYOQA! the underground sources have emerged:...
      after years in the making, track automation, or
      dynamic curves as some like to call, is finally
      a reality, tricky but real ;)
    - Audio clip anti-glitch/ramp-smoothing effect is
      now slightly independent of current buffer-size
      period (mitigating bug #3338113 effect).
    - Once buried under the Edit menu, Clip menu has
      been finally promoted to top main menu.
    - Debugging stacktrace now applies to all working
    - Fixed muted loop playback on audio clips ending
      coincidentally with the loop-turn/end point.
    - Old/deprecated JACK port latency support added
      to audio recording latency compensation.
    - Audio clip merge/export lock-ups now untangled
      (fixes bug #3308998).
    - LV2 extension headers update.
    - Fixed configure of newer LV2 host implementation
      stack (LILV) when older (SLV2) is not present.
  - see
    for all changes since 0.4.7
* Sun Oct 03 2010
  - Applied patch - qtractor- from upstream to fix 11.2
* Sat Oct 02 2010
  - Update to version 0.4.7
  - Upstream changes are too numerous to list for changes go to
* Wed Jun 16 2010
  - Update to version 0.4.6
  - Introducing a non-painting edit sub-mode on the MIDI clip
    editor's piano-roll (see Edit/Select Mode/Edit Draw menu).
  - The MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll) is now a lot more
    quiet about saving its own dirty content, delegating all
    salvage questions to main session control.
  - Don't show session restart message box when changing JACK
    transport mode option anymore.
  - Dedicated MIDI control bus switching fixed. Was closing
    the wrong bus eventually and crashing the whole show with
    it (fixes bug #2989590).
  - MIDI bank/program backout has been corrected on MIDI track
    properties dialog rejection (ie. user cancellation).
  - MIDI bank select method has been corrected for tracks with
    no instrument defined (probably fixing bug #2987071).
  - LV2 UI Instance and Data Access extension support added;
    reduce LV2 external UI parameter value update flickering.
  - JACK session infrastructure support. (EXPERIMENTAL)
  - Initial widget geometry and visibility persistence logic
    has been slightly revised as much to avoid crash failures
    due to wrong main widget hidden state.
  - Initial mixer widget extents are now set reasonably larger.
  - General source tree layout and build configuration change.
  - See /usr/share/doc/packages/qtractor/ChangeLog for more.
* Mon Jan 25 2010
  - updated to version 0.4.5
    - Changing loop points while playback is rolling, with the
      play-head any near, was leaving audio clips out-of-sync.
    - MIDI event list view was missing some selected items with
      the very same onset time, now fixed.
    - When failing to detect a SSE enabled build, the CFLAGS
      variables are now properly restored to their previous
      sane state, preventing all subsequent dependency tests
      from false positives (bug#
    - MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll) multiple selection has
      been fixed (again) re. move/paste-snapping consistency.
* Mon Jan 18 2010
  - updated to version 0.4.4
    - For all the DSSI plugins that have output control ports,
      a host feedback/update process cycle is now being finally
      provided: all output control ports are now marshaled to
      their respective GUI process, rather often and when found
    - MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll) snap-to-beat behavior on
      edit mode is now kind of more like 'filling-in-the-blanks'
      (as Frank Neumann et al. wishes ;)
    - Fixed MIDI clip editor mistake when reverting to initial
      clip length, before closing and discard changes (thanks
      to Frank Neumann, for spotting this one).
    - LADISH Level 1 support has been added: SIGUSR1 signal trap
      just makes it a shortcut to File/Save.
    - Avoid parameter value flickering, due to duplicate command
      invocation, most evident when changing values massively on
      native Linux VSTi plugin editor GUIs (thanks to a detailed
      report on this odd behavior, from Mike of
    - Another TODO item bites the dust: MIDI event list editor,
      now acessible from the MIDI clip editor menu (View/Events)
    - Last used session directory is now made current on startup
      only when no filename is given on the command line (solving
      bug #2920244).
    - Current snap-to-beat setting (time quantization) now affects
      the anchor event only, while dragging, moving and/or pasting
      multiple events over the MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll).
    - Make anti-glitch audio clip micro fade-in/outs independent
      from current buffer size as much as possible.
    - Audio/MIDI engine drift correction gets really sophisticated,
      with the help of (now old) ALSA MIDI tempo skew facility.
    - Edit/Clip/Import... menu option is now available for expedite
      clip insertion from audio and MIDI file requesters.
    - Set default session directory effective to file's location.
    - Audio track/clip recording process has been target to special
      refactorization across the internal audio engine process cycle,
      in a late attempt to get self-bounce/recording effective and
      working consistently for all track layouts.
    - All session related dialogs are now set to window modality,
      (were set to default application modality before) allowing
      for continued input focus and interaction on all plugin/tool
    - An off-by-one nasty old bug fixed in audio clip drawing, was
      causing instant crashes on certain zoom levels of the main
      track view.
    - Graphical MIDI clip representation regarding note/pitch range is
      now kept as much as possible across clip edits (cut, copy, paste,
      drag, move, delete, etc.)
    - LV2 plug-in hosting has finally come into actual implementation;
      only some and the most basic LV2 plug-in features are supported
      at the moment; probably there's no big advantage against the old
      LADSPA ones; there's some support for external UIs though; also,
      LV2 MIDI/Event bare-bones support is included but chances are it
      won't build nor work right on most of the setups out there. It's
      a WIP host implementation anyways, as is the whole LV2 spec. for
      that matter ;)
    - Connections filter is now reset when widget is shown through the
      View/Connections main menu or toolbar button.
    - Audio bus auto-connection option is now applied when creating or
      updating, newer or existing buses, respectively.
    - Global configuration state is now explicitly saved/committed to
      disk whenever View/Options... dialog changes are applied or when
      a session is loaded or saved.
    - Audio ramping spin-locking makes its smooth stuff, in an attempt
      to reduce glitching and crackling when editing (due to its own
      pseudo spin-locking) and toggling playback states.
    - JACK Transport, MMC Device, and MIDI Song Position pointer (SPP)
      control modes are now made optional (View/Options...), allowing
      for discretionary configuration: None/Disabled, Slave/Input,
      Master/Output or Full/Duplex (default).
    - Session files may now be dragged and dropped over the main track
      view and get loaded for business as usual (once quietly ignored).
    - In an attempt to mitigate potential stack corruption and sudden
      crashes, old commented out session pseudo-locks are now back in
      business while executing clip editing commands (cut, paste, drag,
      move, insert, delete) and playback is currently rolling.
    - Adjusted first-time application window size to fit into 800x600
      screen size and with reasonable initial dockables layout.
    - Avoid duplicate snap-to-grid effect when changing the length of
      MIDI clip editor events across non-zero clip offsets (after a
      glitch reported by Ralf Mardorf).
    - Late audio track processing optimization, suppressing all plugin,
      mixer and monitor pass-through activity when given track is muted,
      either explicitly or implicitly (ie. other track is in solo state).
    - Entering System Exclusive events (SysEx) on the MIDI clip editor
      (aka matrix/piano-roll widget), yet something not fully supported
      anyway, even though allowed in edit mode, doesn't crash the whole
      damn thing anymore, while saving the clip to a file.
    - Strict aliasing avoidance, with plain and demanded use of 'union',
      as much as to stop nagging warnings from gcc >= 4.4.1 (last seen
      on src/qtractorMidiEvent.h hackery).
    - Visual correct play-head position while changing zoom levels,
      applicable to both main track and MIDI clip editor views.
* Thu Nov 05 2009
  - updated to 0.4.3
    * External preset files are not removed nor deleted from the file-system anymore.
    * Connections support for UTF-8 encoded client/port names.
    * Force track and clip properties dialog widget to be modal as it should from their beginning dawn.
    * Audio effect send/return aux. inserts are implemented as special pseudo-plugins (Plugins/Inserts).
    * Reset play-head position on auto-backward and keep playback rolling when continue past end transport option is not set.
    * MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll/matrix aditor) gets better on the virtual piano keyboard eye-candy side of things ;).
    * Plugins are now also referenced by label, avoiding plugin index clash/misses eg. when plugin object file/path changes or is moved externally.
    * Keyboard focus is now cleared/reset from the main toolbar time and tempo spin-boxes when editing gets finished (eg. Enter key is pressed).
    * First audio metronome beat/bar now played back correctly (fixes bug #2841437).
    * Client to/from port (dis)connections now found consistent as good ol'QjackCtl behavior (fixes bug #2834657).
    * All dirty open MIDI clip editors are now prompted to save before the main application closes (fixes bug #2835516).
    * Mixer level meters get their long deserved gradient look.
    * Fixed any ghost clip selections that were haunting the main track view, specially after undo/redo.
    * Increased tolerance on reading corrupt MIDI files (SMF).
    * A MIDI SysEx manager is being finally introduced, in some primordial rather basic form though.
    * A default MIDI instrument name may now be assigned to any MIDI output bus (see View/Buses.../MIDI).
    * More legacy headers, stdio.h and stdlib.h, are yet again necessary to build with gcc/g++ >= 4.4 (as patch noted by Alexis Ballier on Gentoo bug report #274168, thanks).
    * Bus manager dialog (View/Buses...) gets new columns on the left pane buses list as for displaying number of channels and bus mode.
    * Crash when updating bus probably fixed (bug #2811630).
    * Fixed glitch displaying beat snap/grid lines on MIDI clip editor, incidental to clips located at absolute zero time.
    * Overlapped MIDI clips were rendering garbled note events to DSSI/VSTi plugins, now fixed.
    * New MIDI Playback/Queue timer (resolution) option is now available (see View/Options.../MIDI).
    * MIDI instrument definitions may now be imported from plain SoundFont files.
* Tue Oct 06 2009
  - updated to 0.4.2
    * External preset files are not removed nor deleted from the file-system anymore.
    * Connections support for UTF-8 encoded client/port names.
    * Force track and clip properties dialog widget to be modal as it should from their beginning dawn.
    * Audio effect send/return aux. inserts are implemented as special pseudo-plugins (Plugins/Inserts).
    * Reset play-head position on auto-backward and keep playback rolling when continue past end transport option is not set.
    * MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll/matrix aditor) gets better on the virtual piano keyboard eye-candy side of things ;).
    * Plugins are now also referenced by label, avoiding plugin index clash/misses eg.
    when plugin object file/path changes or is moved externally.
    * Keyboard focus is now cleared/reset from the main toolbar time and tempo spin-boxes
    when editing gets finished (eg. Enter key is pressed).
    * First audio metronome beat/bar now played back correctly (fixes bug #2841437).
    * Client to/from port (dis)connections now found consistent as good ol'QjackCtl behavior (fixes bug #2834657).
    * All dirty open MIDI clip editors are now prompted to save before the main application closes (fixes bug #2835516).
    * Mixer level meters get their long deserved gradient look.
    * Fixed any ghost clip selections that were haunting the main track view, specially after undo/redo.
    * Increased tolerance on reading corrupt MIDI files (SMF).
    * A MIDI SysEx manager is being finally introduced, in some primordial rather basic form though. MIDI System
    Exclusive (SysEx) event strings may now be freely assigned to MIDI output buses only, allowing for proper
    setup of external outboard MIDI equipment. Each bus may have an unlimited SysEx queue that gets sent out on every
    connection change (see View/Buses.../MIDI/SysEx...).
    * A default MIDI instrument name may now be assigned to any MIDI output bus (see View/Buses.../MIDI).
    * More legacy headers, stdio.h and stdlib.h, are yet again necessary to build with gcc/g++ >= 4.4 (as patch noted
    by Alexis Ballier on Gentoo bug report #274168, thanks).
    * Bus manager dialog (View/Buses...) gets new columns on the left pane buses list
    as for displaying number of channels and bus mode.
    * Crash when updating bus probably fixed (bug #2811630).
    * Fixed glitch displaying beat snap/grid lines on MIDI clip editor, incidental to clips located at absolute zero time.
    * Overlapped MIDI clips were rendering garbled note events to DSSI/VSTi plugins, now fixed.
    * New MIDI Playback/Queue timer (resolution) option is now available (see View/Options.../MIDI).
    * MIDI instrument definitions may now be imported from plain SoundFont files.
* Mon Aug 31 2009
  - added jack to Requires section
* Fri Jul 31 2009
  - added librubberband2-devel to buildrequires (for 11.2 and higher)
* Fri Jul 24 2009
  - fix buildrequires: dssi -> dssi-devel
* Tue Jun 09 2009
  - updated to version 0.4.2
    * The MIDI clip editor (piano-roll/matrix editor), the main track
    view as well, have been subject to usability fixing.
    * MIDI tracks channel bank/program and controller stuff are now
    only issued when the respective bus connections have changed,
    seldom on every playback start.
    * MIDI controller mapping infrastructure, with file based
    configuration management (see View/Controllers...), is now
    in place, following an original contribution from gizzmo aka Mathias Krause.
    * Plugin chain buffer reset on playback start/stop is not
    guarded by a momentary plugin de/activation anymore.
    * Clip export may now be applied to multiple clips, sharing
    common refactored code and same semantics as merging of
    current selected clips.
    * Improved, may be just fixed yet again, audio track export
    synchronization and reliability.
    * Clip merge is now featured both for audio and MIDI tracks.
    * Fixed the precision of multi-clip final positioning as result
    of drag/move and paste operations in main track view (as in bug #2741611).
    * MIDI track program number is now listed in 1-128 range.
    * MIDI editor snap grid lines get slight different color
    then regular beat divisions.
    * Reset local tempo map cursor on newer MIDI file imports
    in a tentative to fix incidental but random crashes.
* Thu May 07 2009
  - updated to 0.4.1



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