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pragha-1.3.3-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: pragha Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.3.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 23:24:07 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 750947 Source RPM: pragha-1.3.3-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Lightweight Music Player
A Lightweight Music Player for GNU/Linux, based on Gtk, sqlite, and
completely written in C, constructed to be fast, light, and
simultaneously complete without obstructing the daily work.

Pragha was originally derived of Consonance Music Manager
(, discontinued by the
original author.

Some of the features are:
* Library management using sqlite3.
* Versatile Amarok-style play queue.
* Multiple views.
* OSD support with Libnotify.
* Id3 tag editing.
* mp3, ogg, flac, modplug, wav, asf, wma, mp4, m4a, MonkeyAudio and
  Audio CD support.
* scrobbling, get cover art, get artist information, append
  similar songs, love, unlove, etc.
* Playlist management (M3U Exporting).
* DBUS management interface.
* MPRIS2 Support.
* Search/Filterin the current playlist.
* Search lyrics.






* Sun Aug 21 2016
  - Do not use grilo BuildRequires for Leap 42.2, as it has grilo
* Thu Apr 07 2016
  - BuildRequires: pkgconfig(grilo-0.2) for oS <= 13.2. The program
    isn't ready for grilo-0.3 yet.
* Mon Jan 18 2016
  - Add pragha-gtk_switch_set_state.patch: fix build for openSUSE
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Update to 1.3.3.
    * Rework the interface of equalizer and adds the preamplifier.
    * Add a switch for disabling the equalizer preset easily.
    * Add option to use small icons on tool/headerbar.
    * Change "Use Gnome 3 HIG" option to "Use system title bar and
    * Don't use icons on menubar.
    * Fixes undefined symbols of devices plugin.
    * Use uri instead filename to save playlist with TotemPlPlarser.
    * Add all songs when import online playlists.
    * Expand widgets if added as wide control.
    * New Lithuanian and Polish translation.
    * Update translations: French, German, Portuguese, Russian,
      Bulgarian, Swedish.
  - Don't install ChangeLog (it is outdated).
  - Add an rpmlintrc file.
* Sun Aug 16 2015
  - Remove BuildRequires: rygel-devel because of hardcoded version,
    see gh#pragha-music-player/pragha#82.
* Sun Jun 21 2015
  - Update to
    * Fixed: Not save state album_art_in_osd=false.
    * Provide more app icons size.
    * Set expand comment entry on tag dialog.
    * Ensure menu size and fallback to 16 on library and playlist
    * Updated translations: German, Ukrainian, Czech.
    * New Bulgarian translation.
  - Correct the project URL.
  - Doesn't buildrequires fdupes.
* Sun Feb 22 2015
  - Update to
    * Disable libtool versioning for plugins.
    * Not remember visibility of the second siderbar when init.
    * Fix icon size on preferences dialog on Gtk 3.14.
    * Try to fix the small progress bar on gtk 3.14, but finally just
      center it.
    * Disable popover on gear menu!. It is just horrible!!, and pior
      on 3.14.
    * Fix size of Gear menu.
    * Add Castillan translation to the install list.
    * Updates translations: Russian, Korean, French.
  - Drop pragha-fix-plugin-linking.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Feb 17 2015
  - Add pragha-fix-plugin-linking.patch in order to remove versioning
    and soname from plugins (gh#pragha-music-player/pragha#74)
  - Enable compiler output
* Sat Jan 17 2015
  - Update to 1.3.2.
    * Add optional client-side-decorators support trying to follow
      GNOME 3 HIG.
    * Can hide menubar and then append a gear menu on toolbar.
    * Add a infobar when some change on prefrences need restart.
    * Except activation of plugins must accept the preferences dialog
      for the changes to take effect.
    * A lot of margins and sizes were stylized to improve the design.
    * Acrivate mpris2 and show lyrics sidebar by default.
    * Devices plugin: Fix remove library and drop database when eject
      any usb mass storage.
    * Devices plugin: Show a message when fails to mount a usb.
    * Devices plugin: Properly handles devices that are mounted by
      the desktop before than by Pragha.
    * Devices plugin: Fix format not a string literal and no format
    * arguments [-Werror=format-security].
      Check existence of the files before import any playlist. So..
      never more import empty playlists.
    * Fix change library when old list is empty.
    * Insensitive some playback actions on toolbar, menubar and
      systray when startup.
    * Lastfm: Be a little more careful with PraghaMusicobject
    * Remove useless option to setting gstreamer version con
    * Remove preferences (including passwords) when plugins are
    * Don't use deprecated GtkArrow.
    * New Castillan translation.
    * Update German, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish
  - Move Korean locale from ko_KR to ko.
  - Correct the source URL.
* Sat Oct 04 2014
  - Replace BuildRequires: pkgconfig(rygel-core-2.2),
    pkgconfig(rygel-server-2.2) with rygel-devel because they are
  - Remove BuildRequires: appdata-tools; %{_datadir}/appdata/ is
    owned by filesystem.
* Sun Aug 03 2014
  - Update to 1.3.1.
    * New TuneIn plugin. Allow search on TuneIn and append first
    * New DLNA server plugin. Allow share playlist to a DLNA server
      using Rygel.
    * New DLNA renderer plugin. Allow play music on a DLNA server
      using Grilo.
    * New AcousticId plugin. Get metadata of current song on AcoustID
    * Port to GtkApplication.
    * Return a basic support to MOD files.
    * Allow playback music on MTP devices.
    * The CD-ROM support became a plugin.
    * The support became a plugin.
      + Better protect tags and time_t on threads.
      + Use diferents time_id to scrobble and update now playing.
      + Fix submits multiple entries of one song to LastFM.
      + Betters function names and declare a lot as static.
    * Song-info plugin: don't delay searching and cancel if song was
    * Allow recursive playlist disabled.
    * Reduce track progress bar size. (A regresion since Gtk+-2).
    * Split Devices plugin. Devices, MTP, Removable, and CDROM.
    * PraghaMusicobject/Database: file_type coverted to mime_type.
    * PraghaMusicobject: Add source property, to differentiate local
      files, of http, or plugins.
    * GUI: Show Mimetype on Playlist and tags properties dialog.
    * Set <Control>O as acceletator to open files dialog.
    * Enable the Notify and Song Info plugins on first run.
    * Fix Segfault when edit song tags from systray menu.
    * Playlist: fix memory leak.
    * Fix compilation without libpeas.
    * Fix some segfault when use Glib >= 2.40.
    * Create cache folders when init it.
    * Show album arts in cache to all songs.
    * Not import empty playlists when scan the library.
    * Update the menubar and playlist submenu when change any
      playlists saved.
    * Fix never change album on playlist when update tags.
    * Fix bad update of title on playlist when update tags.
    * Notify Plugin: Remove custom timeout.
    * Notify plugin: Check new song before sending a notification.
    * Lastfm Plugin: Fix warning when user or password in empty.
    * Lastfm Plugin: No start new sessions every time that close the
      configuration dialog.
    * Add licence to xml_helper.c/.h files.
    * Fix opening folder with images.
    * Some improvements to English source file strings.
    * Update Chinese, Czech, French, Portuguese translation.
  - Changes in 1.3.0.
    * Depends completely on Gtk+3 >= 3.2 and Glib >= 2.32, Gstreamer1
      and libcdio_paranoia >= 0.90.
    * Add support to plugins, depending on libpeas >= 1.2.
      + Port gnome-media-keys, keybinder, mpris2, notify, and
      + Still pending rewrite the lastfm plugin.
      + Add SOO-EXPERIMENTAL and INCOMPLET devices plugin.
    * Add a second sidebar on right.
      + Just used by the plugin song-info to show lyrics.
    * Continued with the cleaning, writing, and conversion to
    * GObjects
      + PraghaArtCache, PraghaSidebar, and every plugins.
      + PraghaApplication now is based on GtkApplication.
    * Fix many bugs in gtk+3 interface, and fixes deprecations prior
  - Add/changes BuildRequires: appdata-tools (for oS > 13.2),
    pkgconfig(glib-2.0) >= 2.32, pkgconfig(grilo-0.2),
    pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) >= 3.4.0, pkgconfig(gudev-1.0),
    pkgconfig(libcdio_paranoia) >= 0.90, pkgconfig(libmtp),
    pkgconfig(libpeas-1.0), pkgconfig(libpeas-gtk-1.0),
    pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4), pkgconfig(rygel-core-2.2),
    pkgconfig(rygel-server-2.2), pkgconfig(keybinder-3.0),
  - Split off -plugins subpackage and add it to Recommends.
  - Build -plugins-devel subpackage.
  - Correct URL.
* Sat Jul 05 2014
  - Update to 1.2.2.
    * Fix some segfault when use Glib >= 2.40. (Change requirements
      to Glib >= 2.32).
    * Fix segfault when change preferences and mpris2 is disabled.
    * Fix segfault when close Pragha and Mpris2 is disabled.
  - Add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(glib-2.0) >= 2.32.
* Wed Apr 30 2014
  - Update to 1.2.1.
    * Create cache folders when init album-art-cache.
    * Lastfm: Backport some changes from Pragha 1.3.1.
      + Better protect tags and time_t on threads.
      + Use diferents time_id to scrobble and update now playing.
      + Fix submits multiple entries of one song to LastFM.
      + Betters function names and declare a lot as static.
    * Show album arts in cache to all songs. But search in folders
      only to local songs.
    * Fix Segfault when edit song tags from systray menu.
    * Not import empty playlists when scan the library.
* Sun Feb 09 2014
  - Update to 1.2.
    * Highlight the headers on library view.
    * Disable all video features of playbin.
    * Add support for embedded album art.
    * Add simple appdata.xml to gnome-software.
    * Continued with the cleaning, writing, and conversion to
      + PraghaToolbar, PraghaLibraryPane, PraghaPlaylist, etc.
      + PraghaApplication is based on GApplication, controlling
      single instance, and dbus messages.
    * All preferences have been ported to PraghaPreferences.
    * Require by default Gstreamer >= 1.0.
    * Fix unable to automatically play another song in pragha.
    * Art-cache: fix for case artist or album cointains slash.
    * Fix regression on 1.1.2: Return to import playlists.
    * Fix save fuse_folders option when not set folder structure
    * No insensitive albumart_in_osd toggle button when change show
      sytray option.
    * Fix wrong min glib version. g_thread_unref need 2.31.
    * Fix updating library view after rescan.
    * Dbus: fix crash on get current state.
    * Fix some coverity defects:
      + Unused pointer value (UNUSED_VALUE).
      + Uninitialized scalar variable (UNINIT).
      + Division or modulo by zero (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO).
      + Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN).
      + Unchecked return value from library (CHECKED_RETURN).
      + Dereference before null check (REVERSE_INULL).
      + Resource leak (RESOURCE_LEAK).
      + Explicit null dereferenced (FORWARD_NULL).
    * Fix thread safety when reading tags.
    * Explicitly specified use normal fonts in the library.
    * Fix segfault when disable and enable again mpris2.
    * Add Korean and Vietnamese translations.
    * Many other updates.
  - Drop pragha-1.0.2-pixdir.patch (keep as is).
  - Drop pragha-1.1.2-russian.patch (fixed upstream).
  - Change the source URL.
* Sun Mar 24 2013
  - Switch to GStreamer 1.0:
    + Change pkgconfig(gstreamer-0.10*) BuildRequires to
    + Replace gstreamer-0_10-* Requires with gstreamer-*.
    + Pass --with-gstreamer=1.0 to configure.
* Thu Feb 21 2013
  - Update to 1.1.2.
    * Improved indexing of the library. Also allows continue
      listening music while analyzing.
    * The database uses prepared statements, improving the general
      performance of Pragha.
    * A general cleaning of the code.
    * Now add, remove or rename playlist and radios is super fast.
    * Now select the content of the "Track No" and "Year" in "Edit
      tags" window after focusing or clicking into them.
    * Now you can drag songs from the library to any file manager to
      copy or burn with brasero.
    * Now you can add playlists using command line or file managers.
    * Save and restore menu accelerators edited.
    * Now whenever you add songs, select the first song added.
    * Bugs fixed:
      + glyr-related.c: Use lang autodetection to get artist bio
      + mpris: fix problems with long tracks
      + translations: fix plural forms
      + add workaround for crash in taglib
      + fix a deadlock on adding to current playlist
    * Updated translations.
  - Change source URL.
  - Update russian.patch.
  - BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gthread-2.0) >= 2.32, intltool.
* Thu Aug 23 2012
  - Update to 1.1.1.
    * Add a button to close the sidebar.
    * Use toolbar style to playback controls.
    * Add an option to hide the icon in the notification area.
    * Depend on gtk+2.24 and glib 2.28.
    * Modularization/Refactoring/Cleanup of a lot of code.
    * Support global hotkeys with keybinder and gtk3 if detect
    * Various improvements in gstreamer.
    * Enable MusicBrainz to download cover art.
    * Sanitize artist and title when append from lastfm.
    * Fix equalizer dialog in gtk3 interface.
    * Fix tag dialog in gtk3 interface.
    * equalizer: fix GObject leak.
    * Not refresh the library view if the radio added is not saved.
    * Fix read after free. See Github issue #20.
    * Not forget the previous songs when queue songs.
    * Not forget the previous songs when play songs activating
    * Removes a lot of unused variables and functions.
    * Updates translations.
  - Drop pragha- (fixed upstream).
  - Build requires pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) >= 2.24.
* Wed Jun 20 2012
  - Add pragha- also search covers in
    MusicBrainz (
* Wed Jun 20 2012
  - Add pragha- correct Russian translation.
* Wed Jun 20 2012
  - Update to
    * Bugs fixed:
      + Fix crash when try to crop playlist with accelerator.
      + GUI: take ownership of images in the right way.
      + Fix build on i586.
      + MPRIS: fix crash in Player.Seek.
      + MPRIS: don't use constants from libdbus.
    * Update German translation.
  - Drop pragha-1.1.0-i586.patch (fixed upstream).
* Sat Jun 16 2012
  - Update to 1.1.0.
    * Suggest import XDG_MUSIC_DIR to library on first start.
    * Merge playlist and radios on unique library view pane.
    * Add option to make aproximate searchs using a levenshtein
    * Add a new menu option to copy tags of selection in current
    * mpris: partially implement AddTrack.
    * Add support for gstreamer 1.0.
    * F9 to show/hide the sidepane.
    * Add --log-file/ -l command line option to log debug to a file.
    * Follow fdo Icon Naming Specification.
    * Reorganization of the main menu.
      + File menu change to Playback and adds the random and repeat
      + Edit menu change to Playlist, and adds the options to add
      files, audio CD and locations.
      + Preferences are now found in tools.
    * The initial window size and cols width is set dynamically
      according to the screen size.
    * Fixed bugs (see NEWS file).
  - Add pragha-1.1.0-i586.patch: fix build in i586
* Sat May 26 2012
  - BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libcdio_paranoia).
* Thu May 03 2012
  - Update to 1.0.2.
    * Use totem-pl-parser to open playlists when is available.
      + With this can open internet radios playlist.
      + Supports many more formats.
    * Imports playlists when update the library.
    * Use libxfce4ui instead of libexo-1 to session management.
    * In/Sensitive menus according playback and lastfm status.
    * Allow displaying length and progress of remote files.
    * Fixed bugs (see NEWS file).
    * Updated translations.
  - Dropped "optflags", "desktop", "russian" patches (fixed
  - Updated "pixdir" patch.
* Tue Mar 13 2012
  - Update to 1.0.1.
    * Added Get lyrics, Get artist info to the selection on current
    * Added Love, Unlove, and Get similar options to the selection on
      current playlist.
    * Add an icon in the panel to suggest tag corrections of lastfm
      when update now_playing.
    * Added tootips to show equalizer bands values.
    * Select last track when append new songs.
    * Also append radios when restore session.
    * Append Hz, kbps, and Channels string to file properties dialog.
    * Check status of network manager when launch pragha. If is
      online, init lastfm, otherwise wait 30 seconds.
    * Removed search album art option in menu.
    * Only search covers art in lastfm temporarily. Returns better
    * Updated translations: German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian.
    * A lot of bugs fixed (see NEWS).
  - Depends on libclastfm >= 0.5.
  - Updated "russian" patch.
* Fri Feb 03 2012
  - Patch to update Russian translation.
* Fri Feb 03 2012
  - Added GStreamer plugins to dependencies.
* Thu Feb 02 2012
  - Update to 1.0.
    * Add a classic 10-band software equalizer.
    * Save the m3u playlists with relative paths when stored in the
      same directory that the audio files.
    * Bugs fixed:
      + Emit album art URL on MPRIS2 when is available.
      + Emit new metadata when edit tag of current track.
      + Fix try to edit some tags of radio stream with taglib.
      + Add playlists mime on desktop file.
      + Use autoaudiosink as default audiosink.
      + Update notifications instead of show one for each song
      + Set Next as default button when show a playback error.
      + Do not allow change song from mpris/keybinder/systray when
      show a playback error.
      + Can open playlists with relative paths.
      + Save radio stream when press enter on name.
      + Fix compilation without exo-1.
      + Confirm with an dialog before delete any radio/playlist item.
      + Fixes some memory leaks.
    * Added Italian translation.
    * Updated German, Portuguese, Russian translations.
  - Patch to remove Unity shortcuts from desktop file (lp#789867).
  - Split off language package.
* Mon Dec 19 2011
  - Patch to use default openSUSE optimization flags.
  - Add autoconf as buildrequire.
* Thu Dec 15 2011
  - Initial package created - 0.99.3 (1.0.RC3).
  - Patch to fix pixmaps directory.



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